It’s lottery night! Scott Howson represents the Oilers, he’s up against other men in suits! The Oilers will end the night with either the first, third or fourth selection in the Entry Draft.

Work it!

  1. C Sam Reinhart, Kootenay Ice (WHL). I think he punched his ticket for #1 overall with a terrific finish to the regular season. In his final 20 games, Reinhart posted 12-28-40 boxcars, and then he started killing giant bears with a pocketknife in the playoffs.
  2. D Aaron Ekblad, Barrie Colts (OHL). He was rolling at a point per game pace until the final 20 games, but his overall talent level includes terrific defensive value. I’m not sure he’s going to improve a lot from this moment on, but Ekblad is clearly a top flight prospect.
  3. C Sam Bennett, Kingston Frontenacs (OHL). This is a really good NHL prospect. Although he lacks size (6.00, 181), he plays with an edge and finished the season very well. In Bennett’s final 16 games, he scored 9-14-23 with Kingston. He possesses a wide range of skills.
  4. C Leon Draisaitl, Prince Albert Raiders (WHL). In his final 21 regular season games, he went 19-26-45. He plays on a good not great club and his team needed outstanding performances just to get into the playoffs.
  5. L Nikolaj Ehlers, Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL): Nikolaj Ehlers is a skilled winger with exceptional hands. He’s a fine passer and a pure goal scorer. Trending prospect, he could go anywhere from #3-#15.

If the Oilers don’t win the lottery tonight, Leon Draisaitl will be the pick. Book it.

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  1. slopitch says:

    MacT is right that its the player personnel issues that matter. If you upgrade Bucky with a better assistant coach and the same team, there is no point. The team needs to be upgraded. A revolving door of coaches did nothing but blur the messages.

    If Ryan Smyth were named assistant coach, people would love it I’m sure. Bucky was also a heart and soul player and while he maybe had less heart (whatever that means) and wasnt as good of a player, he comes with years of coaching experience. That is worth something.

    I guess what I’m saying is that because Sam Gagner hasn’t figured out d coverage at this point in his career, is that on him or the fact that he’s learned 4 different coaching systems or on the assistant coach. Of the 3 answers, its not Bucky IMO.

  2. theres oil in virginia says:

    gvblackhawk: It just seemed his overall assessment was “No major problems; the team just needs to keep developing” and “the team was getting much better toward the end of the season”, to paraphrase. That does not jive with the underlying metrics. Is the team doomed?

    That’s not the message I came away with. Sounded more like “We’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re more than halfway there, but we’re not going to starting throwing away assets in a panic to try to speed things along.

  3. Woodguy says:

    book¡je: MacT Paraphrased “I want this to be absolutely clear,any decisions about the assistant coaches are Dallas’ to make.He has full autonomy there.With that said, he would be a total idiot to replace Bucky or Smith because those guys are simply awesome assistant coaches.”


  4. theres oil in virginia says:

    MacT also said that he and Eakins were on the same page, so is it possible that Eakins feels the same way about the assistants that he does?

  5. G Money says:

    Woodguy: Off the top of my head Petry is 6’3, Klef 6’3 and Marincin is 6’4, so I think you’re off a bit.

    You’re correct, I just checked my roster size spreadsheet:

    Average height w/o Klefbom = 6’2.25″, with Klefbom = 6’2.4″

    Average weight of Top 4 w/o Klef = 189.5 lbs, with Klefbom = 194.2 lbs

    So our Top 4 defenders are 2″ taller than the average Jr!

    And 1.5 lbs heavier – 6 lbs if you add Klefbom.

  6. commonfan14 says:


    That game went to a shoot-out, and it’s the shoot-out that people lament them winning.

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