The role of the farm team is to send useful players to the major league club. Take talented kids, grind the mistakes out of their game, allow them to grow into men and then call them up for role-playing at the NHL level. Todd Nelson has been in OKC since 2010 producing useful players.


  • Goal (2): Richard Bachman (starter), Olivier Roy
  • Defense (8): Martin Marincin-Taylor Fedun; Brandon Davidson-Oscar Klefbom; Brad Hunt-Martin Gernat; David Musil-Joey Leach
  • Center (5): Mark Arcobello; Andrew Miller; Will Acton; Travis Ewanyk; CJ Stretch
  • Left Wing (6): Toni Rajala; Ryan Hamilton; Ben Eager; Ryan Martindale; Curtis Hamilton; Kale Kessy
  • Right Wing(5): Derek Nesbitt; Matthew Ford; Tyler Pitlick; Erick Lizon; Cameron Abney

This was the estimated lineup when we talked about it in August 2013. Let’s have a look at how many NHL games this group played during the season:

  1. D Martin Marincin 44GP, 0-6-6
  2. C Mark Arcobello 41GP, 4-14-18
  3. C Will Acton 30GP, 3-2-5
  4. D Oscar Klefbom 17GP, 1-2-3
  5. R Tyler Pitlick 10GP, 1-0-1
  6. L Ben Eager 7GP, 0-1-1
  7. D Taylor Fedun 4GP, 2-0-2
  8. G Richard Bachman 3GP, 3.02 .916
  9. D Brad Hunt 3GP, 0-0-0
  10. L Ryan Hamilton 2GP, 0-0-0

That’s 10 players from the group expected to play with the Barons, and a few of them are prospects. Certainly Marincin & Klefbom are part of the future, and Arcobello has forced his way into the picture as well. Tyler Pitlick has a chance to make the jump, but must stay healthy, and that’s something he hasn’t been able to manage thus far. Let’s look at the rest of the group who ended up playing in OKC and Edmonton:

  1. D Phil Larsen 30GP, 3-9-12
  2. C Anton Lander 27GP, 1-0-1
  3. R Steve Pinizzotto 6GP, 0-2-2
  4. C Roman Horak 2GP, 1-0-1

Larsen and Lander played depth roles with the NHL team, and the other two were mid-season pickups. That’s a lot of callups/minor league usage over the season—I bet you most NHL teams who have that many at-bats from their AHL group have an awful record over the years. This is us.

RFA’S + actions (so far)

  • C Anton Lander signed a very Oiler-friendly contract and one imagines he’ll be part of the bottom 6F group. $600,000. That’s a very good deal.
  • R Tyler Pitlick is likely to get a two-way contract (he made $67,500 in the AHL a year ago) and a chance to make the team.
  • L Roman Horak has already bolted, disappointing considering his skills and the teams needs.
  • L Curtis Hamilton had pretty much the same deal as Pitlick, and like Pitlick, has not yet re-signed with the team. As a fan, I hope they sign him to a two-way deal, but if they step away no fan can bitch about it. Injuries were an issue before his draft, and injuries have certainly been a part of his pro career.
  • R Andrew Miller is very likely to get a contract, he was a MacT find one year ago. Speed and some skill.
  • G Richard Bachman had a wonderful run with the big club during some dark days, I’d guess they try to bring him back for 14-15.


  • R Steve Pinizzotto was acquired by MacT (bet you can’t remember how they got him). He looked good in a limited role, bet he gets a two-way deal.
  • R Steve MacIntyre retired. I worry about these guys, with all the hammers they take to the noggin. MacIntyre was a terrific fighter though.
  • C Mark Arcobello could have gotten more than $600,000 (in my opinion), but signed with the Oilers not long ago. One-way deal, he’s a lock for the roster and I do think they will use him more this coming year. One of the curious things about this past season was shoving him to OKC for no good reason.
  • D Taylor Fedun has done everything asked of him. I don’t think they’ll re-sign him, but that’s a guess.



  • Goal (4): Richard Bachman (starter), Laurent Brossoit, Tyler Bunz, Frans Tuohimaa
  • Defense (6): Brad Hunt, Brandon Davidson, David Musil, Martin Gernat, Dillon Simpson, Jordan Oesterle,
  • Center (4): Will Acton, Travis Ewanyk, Jujhar Khaira, Bogdan Yakimov
  • Left Wing (3): Ryan Hamilton, Kale Kessy, Mitch Moroz,
  • Right Wing(0):

They’re going to sign some wingers, but they can grab Curtis Hamilton, Andrew Miller, Tyler Pitlick and Steve Pinizzotto from last year’s team if they wish, or the Barons can sign veterans like Matt Ford (who had a nice season).

Either way, we’re off! It’s time to get started with our look at next season’s roster. I’m going to include Martin Marincin, Oscar Klefbom, Anton Lander and Mark Arcobello as NHL players for our purposes this summer. Pitlick and the rest will lag behind.

(Gernat photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

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32 Responses to "BARONS SNAPSHOT"

  1. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    came with Combs for Martindale

  2. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Romulus Apotheosis:
    came with Combs for Martindale

    hahah… mostly

    forgot about Nesbitt!

  3. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    “One of the curious things about this past season was shoving him to OKC for no good reason.”

    well, “no GOOD reason” may be so… but MacT gave a pretty clear reason for the decision.

    “They’re in a playoff race now, they’ve played very well the last little while so it really is a discussion on how long we’re going to let them try and keep themselves in the race or maybe get themselves in the playoffs and then the benefit of getting them ultimately up here and have a look and give them some experience.”

  4. onevoline says:

    Also, what about Mitch Holmberg? He was signed by OKC and seems likely to be a rw for them.

  5. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    For your projected lineup… Holmberg and the Jones twins are signed to AHL SPCs for next season.

    Winquist isn’t signed through next season… but may be. They seemed to like him at the end of the season.

    Of course, I’d expect we’ll see a lot more action between ECHL-AHL next season. all 3 of those guys probably start with the Condors.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Those are AHL deals, no? I think those players could make the Barons, but may also start in Bakersfield.

  7. Ducey says:

    I am betting that once the dust settles after training camp, that Joensuu is in OKC as a call up. Phil Larsen might be in the same boat.

  8. Yak2 says:

    I’d sign Larsen to another contract and put up at forward again. He seems to be a better player there than at D.

  9. BrazilianOil says:

    off topic:

    How can i find the RE series with Neil Young songs?

  10. Lowetide says:

    off topic:

    How can i find the RE series with Neil Young songs?

    That was the 11-12 series, here

  11. BrazilianOil says:


    Thank you! I was curious about who had ” Dont let bring you down” …

  12. Rondo says:


    Funny i was just listening to Neil Young

  13. BrazilianOil says:


    My father used to wake up me every sunday 08:00AM with the firsts notes of “Out on the weekend”, very loud…

  14. Rondo says:


    Its sublime

  15. Zangetsu says:

    Sorry, I just thought of this now, but was there a single bag skate last year? I can’t remember there being any, but there should have been.

  16. Lowetide says:

    Romulus Apotheosis:
    This might interest you all:

    Shanahan is pushing for more “risk” in the draft… in part less emphasis on “size”

    Ah, the Coke Machine era.

  17. Hammers says:

    All I can say is expect the unexpected as that’s what I see happening this coming year . Your damn near dead on the Okl players with maybe 1 exception . Unless we get that 3rd or 4th line winger I think Pitlick may get a good shot .

  18. Woodguy says:

    Lowetide: That was the 11-12 series, here


    I called Duey an Oiler PR flak in the Khabby thread and he said he was leaving.

    Oh, we were so young and no idea how bad it would get.

  19. Woodguy says:

    Best thing about those old threads is a lot of posters saying the Oiler had a plan when a handful of us said, “no, they are incompetent”


  20. Woodguy says:


    You should put together a few posts of the best posts from the Tambo era crying for the Oilers to raise themselves out of them muck and achieve mediocrity.

    I just surfed a few and its interesting.

  21. Gerta Rauss says:


    New mock, Oiler surprise, slideshow, Scarlett Johansson.

    I agree with that mock-I think Ekblad will be there at 3

    I think Fla and Buf will defer taking a D that high in the draft,and take the forward, for no other reason than they can.

    I really want a C from this draft (I’m now on the Bennett bandwagon) but I don’t mind taking Ekblad at 3(I would not have taken him at 1 or 2)

    I like Draisaitl, but it’s pretty clear there is a top 3 in this draft, and then the rest, and taking the German at 3 isn’t good value for that pick in my opinion.

  22. commonfan14 says:

    New mock, Oiler surprise, slideshow, Scarlett Johansson.

    “tables, trays and hockey men” just became my new favourite phrase. I’m taking that instead of picking a new number for my handle if Eberle ever gets traded.

    Btw, any reason at all the Oilers can’t use those Barons colours as a third jersey? They’re amazing.

  23. Racki says:

    If Ekblad is there at 3, i will go on a door to door high five spree. I will be ecstatic. I don’t see it happening though. I see Buffalo going forward, but Florida? They have a bit more future there at F, IMHO. I hope I’m wrong tho. Bennett is the flashy, shiny toy this year, so they might be enamored by him.

    I think either way, the Oilers help address a major need here. I’m admittedly crazy about the idea of checking off the blueline rock though and think Ekblad will live up to the hype. I personally think as thin as the Oilers are at C, fixing the D is the highest priority, even if us fans have to wait a bit for more development

  24. Rondo says:


    I think you will find this article interesting

    “A ‘Close’ Analysis of Jason Spezza”

  25. Younger Oil says:

    If that mock draft scenario plays out the way in the article, with Draisaitl falling to NYI, assuming they keep the pick, I wonder if trading our 2015 1st for Draisaitl (add pieces to either side) could make sense. Drasiatl and Ekblad fill two massive holes for us (in the next few years), NYI gets a pick in the next draft, and a part in the McDavid sweepstakes.

    There would be torches and pitchforks around the city if that pick turned out to be McDavid, but a top pairing Dman and a seemingly Kopitar-esque #2C could really help turn this organization around.

    The Islanders have so many pieces that could be incredibly valuable to us, the #5 pick, Nelson, Bailey, Martin, Anders Lee…taking into account that they need to reach the cap floor, and could potentially have some use for Gagner, the Islanders are to me at least the most intriguing potential trade partner.

  26. Gerta Rauss says:

    Racki: I see Buffalo going forward, but Florida?

    The kicker though is FLA picks first.

    Is Ekblad a better fit for FLA than another forward..? Probably.

    Is FLA going to stand up there and take him at 1..?

    That’s the thing, imo

  27. Lowetide says:

    OKC Barons and Todd Nelson’s track record in sending quality to the NHL

  28. Hammers says:

    Gerta Rauss: The kicker though is FLA picks first.

    Is Ekblad a better fit for FLA than another forward..? Probably.

    Is FLA going to stand up there and take him at 1..?

    That’s the thing, imo

    No they won’t and in fact I see him going #4 to the Flames ..

  29. Gerta Rauss says:|EDM|home

    Gernat and his plans for the summer

  30. PerryK says:

    Spezza Perron Hemsky
    RNH Hall Eberle
    Arcobello Lander Yakupov
    Gordon Hendricks Pinizzoto


    I think you will find this article interesting

    “A ‘Close’ Analysis of Jason Spezza”


    I think you will find this article interesting

    “A ‘Close’ Analysis of Jason Spezza”

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