Happy Mother’s Day, the 24 hours put aside each year to do the impossible: thank Mom. Impossible because how DO you thank someone for setting aside their own lives one trillion times to spend it with you. Spend it with you in the pursuit of your happiness, your success, your peace of mind.

Our home is the damndest house in the world. If you ask my kids, the rooms in the house are the following:

  • their rooms
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • Mom’s room
  • family room
  • laundry room
  • spare room

See how that works? I’ve been in “Mom’s Room” since they were born!!! Why in HELL isn’t it Dad’s room? Because. Because because because. Because when homework was a hassle, or school kids were teasing, or cuts needed mending, or hugs were in short supply, it’s off to Mom’s room. The best thing about my life is that my children have the best Mom ever, which makes today a very good day for me.

The WORST club in the world to be part of is a world without Mom. Take it from someone who knows: It’s as awful as you imagine, plus a two day drive from there. I don’t really tell people what to do on this blog, but today I’ll make an exception. Call your Mom, drive over to Mom’s house and give her a hug. Get mushy. Have one of those awkward moments (I’m speaking to the gents here, mostly) where you let your guard down and say it out loud. Love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

I’d give a lot to do that today, but I cannot. So you do it for me. Thanks.

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  1. kosiork says:

    Well said. After working in the game for a while, you develop a tendency to view players as a commodity. But then you see a player (high school, AAA, junior, etc.) come off the ice after a good game and give their Mom a hug, and it reminds you that these are good kids with Moms who love them.

    Good day to thank the ladies who make all of this possible.

  2. HBomb says:

    I’m taking my mom (and my dad) to the Oil Kings game today.

    And my mother is thrilled about it. This is why she is awesome.

  3. eidy says:

    Well written and said LT. My wife looks forward to this post every year (also Nov 11 and a few others).

    Usually I just wait til she is finished reading and give her a hug. Now I just have to get mom to read this….

  4. Spydyr says:

    Damn onions……Thank you Allan for putting life in perspective.

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