The Oilers got their man tonight, as Leon Draisaitl goes right to the top of the list headed “big men with skill” on the organizational depth chart at center. It’s a short list, I’d estimate it’s Leon, Bogdan Yakimov and Jujhar Khaira at this point.

  • Leon Draisaitl (6.01, 209) WHL—64GP, 38 G, 67 A
  • Bogdan Yakimov (6.05, 202) KHL—33GP, 7 G, 5 A
  • Jujhar Khaira (6.04, 215 WHL—59GP, 16 G, 27 A

That’s some nice size, MacT has added two of the three since arriving. Khaira and Yakimov were taken in about the area of the draft you’d expect a 25% (or so) success rate—meaning you need four of them to get one actual NHL player of 200 games of more. Draisaitl of course is a different item altogether—in fact, with Draisaitl joining the Nuge, these other fellows may well be doomed to spending their careers on the wing, on checking lines, in the AHL, or, if they’ve extremely unlucky, playing for the Calgary Flames.

Tomorrow is another day, we’ll tackle it early. Remember we shouldn’t expect much based on the draft picks owned by the Oilers, but today was a very fine one for the Edmonton Oilers. The Dangler is in the house!

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  1. Gordies Elbow says:

    From what I heard during the draft show, they’re looking for a nickname for him.

    I’d suggest “Panzer.”

    From Wiki, it’s a german language word that means either tank (the military vehicle) or armour.

    Sounds about right.

  2. gangplank says:

    Finally Leon

    And can someone explain to me why Pens had to deal Neal? A team which is low on quality wingers just traded their best. Why?

  3. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    “if they’ve extremely unlucky, playing for the Calgary Flames.”

    for shame!

  4. Lowetide says:

    Panzer is excellent. Also Autoban and and Joe the Lion.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Finally Leon

    And can someone explain to me why Pens had to deal Neal? A team which is low on quality wingers just traded their best. Why?

    Money and to ‘change things up’

  6. Lowetide says:

    Romulus Apotheosis:

    That’s one of my favorite songs. When I met my wife, she was looking through my record collection (that was one of the ways you got to know someone back then) and was thrilled to find it.

    Keeper. Great song.

  7. Younger Oil says:

    Assuming no bigger names fall down in the rankings, an ideal tomorrow for me would be:

    91: Best RHD available.
    111: Best G available.
    130: Pavel Kraskovski (Yakimov 2.0)
    153: Best winger available
    183: Greg Chase 2.0

    Trying hard to get Barbashev would also be great to see. Sabres might need someone like Gagner to reach the cap floor.

  8. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Lowetide: That’s one of my favorite songs. When I met my wife, she was looking through my record collection (that was one of the ways you got to know someone back then) and was thrilled to find it.

    Keeper. Great song.

    When I met my wife she was wearing a bowie shirt.


    to the wives!

  9. rickithebear says:

    Das Butt!

  10. gogliano says:

    Really pleased they took the center and this pick looks like one that’ll help this team become a possession team as the kids mature. Hall/RNH and Perron/Draisaitl has the look of two pairs who can control the puck in different ways and then you add the Eberle/Yakupov finish on the RW.

  11. haters says:

    The drone from cologne .
    Who’s on the hit list for the oil at 91?
    Fancy stats don’t fail me now

  12. Lowetide says:

    Das Butt!

    Oh now that one has legs.

  13. IBleedOilBlu says:

    My vote for a nickname is: Leonidas

  14. eidy says:

    Happy to have Leon. Sad I don’t get to feed my inner draft nerd with no picks in round 2 or 3. Barbashev or Kamenev would have been delightful. Interested to see who is available at 91.

    I prefer they go with D and down the middle, but because I said that I expect nothing but goalies and wingers now.

    69 mil cap hit helps oil as well. Free agency should be interesting.

  15. PerryK says:

    Someone on Twitter suggested:

    Drai Ice.

    I like it!

  16. Gret99zky says:

    After years of tanking we get a Panzer.

  17. striatic says:

    I’m going to keep calling him Panzer but King Leonidas is pretty damn good, and Das Butt is inspired.

    Hockey players can have multiple nicknames, right?

    Anyway, still really interested by Mac T talking about playing Panzer and Perron together as a possession pairing. Presumably that would mean Panzer playing second line minutes or Perron dominating a 3rd line soft parade role. Since second line C for a rookie isn’t something to bank on, is there room on the roster for a high end LW?

  18. Yak2 says:


    Yakimov’s going to be our 3rd line C. Khaira will play on the wing, and be that versatile player who can play any of the three forward positions. So you have Nuge as 1C, Draisaitl as 2C, and Yakimov as 3C. What a triple threat.

    As for Leon’s nickname, how about “King of Leon”? I heard an announcer for the PA Raiders, I believe, mention it. Sounds pretty awesome. Even King Leonidas

  19. eidy says:

    Bob McKenzie list is amazing. Got 27/30. 2/3 he missed ranked 31 and 32. Going to miss him next year for the coverage, but his list is Gold

  20. striatic says:

    Also, Radim Vrbata would make an excellent Hemsky replacement at RW.

  21. striatic says:

    After years of tanking we get a Panzer.

    ding ding ding!

  22. gangplank says:


    But how much is reasonable for a 30-35 goal scorer

  23. haters says:

    One word for today. Anticlimactic .
    I wonder if Benning lets the Sedins shake free . He says it’s not a full rebuild but he’s either lying to himself or the fanbase.
    If any lessons are to be learned from Calgary, it’s don’t hold onto a player/players because of a close call with Stanely. Holding on to Jerome till he walked free was the most bush league move I ever had the pleasure to watch.
    I am so relieved Dion is still a leaf today, that rumor made me physically ill.

  24. MrDooman says:

    Am I the only one who thinks of “Le Professional” when I think of Leon?

  25. OilLeak says:

    I think Levon would be a great name. Like the Elton John song.

  26. HallDown says:

    Nickname: The Terminator?

    Anyway, excellent player for Edmonton. Deeply needed in the lineup. Now we just need a winger for him to play with, on the 3rd line to break him in to the league properly.

    Might I suggest: Kulemin – Draisaitl – Yakupov
    This 3rd line could be be downright scary once Leon gets the hang of things, but I doubt Kulemin would agree to the assignment. Penner would be my 2nd choice but he would infuriate Eakins and we know how MacT feels about him. Still, Penner has better offensive skills than Kulemin, is a monster in front of the net, and he’d be cheap. Like $2MM cheap. On the other hand, he floats like a broken sailboat.

    The most important thing now is, MacT needs to find a legit 2C to hold the line until Draisaitl is ready. Just like the young D, we can’t rush him. With a thin FA market and Gagner the only trade-bait left, this is a tough one for Mac & Howson. But it’s essential. I would honestly let Gagner do the job again or let Arcobello have his shot if no other option was available. We’ve suffered this long, we may as well let the coaches do it right. The end is near!

  27. boopronger says:

    He reminds me of the Russian guy from rocky

  28. Lois Lowe says:

    I like what the Jets got with Ehlers. He’s quite a player IMO and likely to exceed his draft position.

  29. OilClog says:

    He reminds me of the Russian guy from rocky


  30. Hammers says:

    Lets just be happy . We got the player many of us wanted .How will McT use him , maybe 9 games to see dependent of coarse on preseason . Roll on 7/1 as tomorrow is anti climatic .

  31. Marcus Oilerius says:

    Checking in from vacation.

    Thrilled, and I mean absolutely thrilled we got Leon. I was worried he might go second to Buffalo with Ekblad going first. Panzer is a great nickname, btw.

    On the other hand, Bennett to Calgary was my nightmare and I really wish they’d had to settle for Milquetoast Reinhart. I wouldn’t want Bennett on the Oilers over Panzer simply because of size issues (though I think Bennett will probably score more), but Calgary is a good fit for him.

    I’m very worried at how obvious the Oilers made who they were going to choose. I don’t like how MacT leaks everything to Matheson. Say what you will about the Reign of Error under Tamby, one thing he did well was keep people guessing as to our picks. Taylor or Tyler? Nuge, Couturier, Larsson or Huberdeau? Yak or Murray? We guessed, but we didn’t know. MacT reduces the value of his pick by telegraphing to the whole world what he’s going to do. Florida did a great job keeping everyone guessing.

  32. Old School G says:

    Leon is a man already, what a brilliantly talented tank, he’s our instant 2C. That’s 2 down now, in my opinion.

  33. Wax Man Riley says:

    If all goes well we can call him “The Professional”

  34. Wax Man Riley says:


    Beat me to it :)

  35. BeerLeagueHero says:

    Where’s Draisaitl going to fit in to start next season. No doubt he should get a few regular season games before being sent back to PA?

    A nickname? The Kaiser

  36. longway says:

    don’t mention the war

  37. longway says:

    they’ll call him lead

  38. Numenius says:

    After years of tanking we get a Panzer.

    It’s over. You win the thread.

  39. Darrell says:

    I think the nickname is simple – we shall call him ‘Da German’ keeping in mind we must use the accent :). I was extremely nervous for the first four picks:
    - would the D-man go first
    - would Vancouver trade up and screw everything up
    - would Edmonton get Da German
    - would Calgary draft a better player.

    Such as life; 90% of the shit we worry about never happens!


  40. Pajamah says:


    You have to make it “Ze German”

    But then he’ll just be “Z” soon enough

  41. Clarkenstein says:

    The last C drafted from Prince Albert turned out to be a dandy didn’t he? I mean didn’t he? Hello? Anybody??

  42. Pajamah says:


    The last C drafted from Prince Albert turned out to be a dandy didn’t he?I mean didn’t he? Hello?Anybody??

    Its ok. I’ve spun around, went backwards under a ladder and fixed three cracked mirrors this morning.

    Seriously, though I am not superstitious, that little tidbit of information could not have been more a curse on this young mans career.

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