The Edmonton Oilers signed Andrew Miller earlier today. Miller was signed by GM Craig MacTavish out of  Yale last summer, receiving a $70,000 AHL salary and a $92,500 signing bonus. Terms of today’s deal were not announced, but they’ll be along shortly. Miller had some wrist issues this season, but managed to score 52GP, 8-26-34 with the Barons. Neal Livingston notes that he can play center, but spent much of his time with the Barons on the wing—something we’ll probably see again this season with the incoming tall tree pivots like Jujhar Khaira and Bogdan Yakimov.


  • Corey Pronman: The 24 year old center is a classic small, skilled college player. Miller displays above-average qualities in terms of his speed, puck skills and overall offensive instincts. In his Senior season especially he showed the ability to consistently create scoring chances and keep the play flowing in the right direction.
  • United States of Hockey: The captain of the newly-crowned national champions, Miller has had success at just about every level he has played. Downgraded because of his size over the years, Miller never got picked up in the draft despite being a consistent offensive producer. He never finished with fewer than 35 points in a season over his four year career in Yale and is a former USHL MVP, having posted 82 points in his last season in the top junior circuit in the U.S. At 5-8, 170, his size may concern some NHL GMs, but his outstanding offensive capabilities could make him a savvy pickup for Edmonton. He scored a career best 18 goals, including the overtime game-winner in the national semifinal against UMass-Lowell. He also added 23 assists to tie for the team lead with 41 points.

Jonathan Willis took note of him during the season, saying Miller is the purest offensive talent on the list, small and fast and with good vision.”Miller turns 26 in September, and his NHL equivalencies (this is the Vollman) suggest he will need to improve his number to have a future.


  1. C Mark Arcobello 25-44-69
  2. C Anton Lander 17-32-49
  3. L Roman Horak 17-22-39
  4. R Tyler Pitlick 9-16-25
  5. R Andrew Miller 6-18-24
  6. C Will Acton 9-9-18
  7. R Matt Ford 9-8-17
  8. L Curtis Hamilton 8-8-16
  9. R Steve Pinizzotto 5-11-16
  10. D Martin Marincin 6-7-13
  11. C Travis Ewanyk 4-4-8

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16 Responses to "MILLER’S CROSSING"

  1. VanOil says:

    Underwhelmed, is that a word? It is a great song though.

  2. Yak2 says:

    If he can pull an Arcobello, that would be awesome. I like those boxcars he had last year 8-26-34, especially in his first pro season. If he can double it, that would be even better, as it gives the Barons some extra scoring, especially after Horak dipped, and with Lander and Arcobello up in EDM.

  3. Ducey says:

    The Barons #1 C?

  4. godot10 says:

    The Barons #1 C?

    The Barons are likely to run with no clear #1.


    Khaira pushed Ewanyk to left wing in the playoffs last year. Ewanyk could conceivably be played there this season to get him into the top nine.

    I think they are pretty happy with Miller on wing.

  5. raventalon40 says:

    I’m a big fan of the player type. The Arcbollo/Miller type.

    Wishing him luck because he’s the underdog!

  6. kb says:

    didn’t catch this article yet….

    Has anyone took a look at this?
    With the names on this list it seems Schultz should be happy with 4 or 5 x 4MM?
    Not a giant raise from what he’s making, but lock him up long term? Not sure how Schultz’s side woudl argue this unless he wants a short term deal (which he would have to take a pay cut if the Oil was smart?)

  7. Marcus Oilerius says:

    Off-topic, but…

    Islanders have 26 players signed for just under $59M. I really feel like there could have been a trade opportunity involving Gagner there.

    That said, they still need to shed 3 guys while adding $3m in salary. Ference?

  8. Deadman Waiting says:

    Underwhelmed, is that a word?

    Wrong question. How about asking whether “whelm” is a word?

    And indeed it is: to engulf or submerge with water. With water, it’s either too little (underwhelm) or too much (overwhelm) and rarely just right (nailerwhelm).

    Tubbywhelm: When the soap line ringing the bathtub exactly graces the outstretched tips of one’s buoyant belly hair.

  9. Ducey says:

    Marcus Oilerius: Off-topic, but… have 26 players signed for just under $59M. I really feel like there could have been a trade opportunity involving Gagner there.That said, they still need to shed 3 guys while adding $3m in salary. Ference?

    They just waive 3 of TJ Brennan, Cory Conacher, Eric Boutlon or Colin McDonald. Most, if not all of those guys should clear waivers.

    3 of those guys are worth about $1.8 M combined. Their current cap is $58 M and the floor is $51 M

    Doesn’t seem to be a problem, does it?

  10. Woodguy says:


    Administrator please report for Spam.

  11. Marcus Oilerius says:


    Oh, I thought floor was $61m. Thanks for the correction.

  12. nycoil says:


    Yup, Isles are in a sweet position. They just cut Kabanov to get down to 49 contracts. They can waive and send out whoever as necessary, while having a very stiff competition in camp for jobs. If anything they probably make a trade for a vet top 4D because their blue line is young. What veteran top 4 D do the Oilers have to offer other than UFA-to-be Petry? I don’t see a fit there, unfortunately.

  13. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    The Isles are so damn weird. Horribly managed and yet… there they are, looking ok. just bizarre.

  14. nycoil says:

    Romulus Apotheosis,

    Well, here we go with that judging a draft 5 years after thing again.

    Their top pair on the blue = de Haan (1st round, 12th ov 2009), Hamonic (2nd round, 53rd ov 2008)

    Their young prospects up front = Strome (1st round, 5th ov 2011- didn’t make debut until 3 years after draft)–and they break him in on the WING, Nelson (1st round, 30th ov 2010–didn’t make debut until 4 years after draft)–and they break him in on the WING. Okposo (1st round, 7th ov 2006–they nearly messed him up bringing him up a bit early even though all he got in draft +2 year was a 9 game look and then came up in draft +3 year as a regular), but WING.

    To their credit, other than Tavares, the Islanders have taken their time developing guys in their minor leagues before bringing them up. Their futility of late has largely been due to the lack of proper veteran NHL talent to hold the fort until their arrival. That’s all going to change with the move to Brooklyn. Look at Halak, Grabo and Kulemin. The Vanek trade was foolish as it was plain to everyone in the hockey world he was headed home to Minny to take Heatley’s money. I’d also say the Nino for Clutterbuck trade was short-sighted.

    But the slow development of their prospects has been good and well done. If Snow can stay out of his own way, they’re doing great.

  15. Big Dan says:


    What about Greg Chase as the Barons’ 1C? He played in the AHL late last year and good arrows were coming from Nelson in terms of comments and ice time, considering he was fresh out of junior.

    I was thinking that perhaps he and Miller would be on the 1st line. Unlike Chase, I don’t think Miller will make it to the NHL despite being very entertaining (according to my friend down south) … but will have a lucrative career in the minors and Europe.

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