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The Edmonton Oilers are 2-4-1 and have an excellent chance to win three in a row and settle down their season during this 7-game homestand. Carolina played the Flames last night, and they look ass (in the words of my son) in all areas. The Oilers should win this game handily. If they exit tonight 3-4-1, the club will be on pace to finish with 72 points—a disappointment, I had them pegged at 87—and return to “Tom Renney in year two” levels. As important, their overall possession numbers are stronger this fall and sustaining them through the year may end up being the best part of 2014-15. The corgi’s should be barking at the Hurricanes tonight.

nichols dreger draisaitl

Leon is counting down to the end of his 9-game window and frankly based on performance he should be going back to junior. This report from Dreger is the strongest evidence yet to suggest MacT is casting about looking for solutions. It’s an encouraging thing. It suggests, and I hate to say it, balance is the goal.



The Oilers are actually close to optimum (based on available talent in the organization) at this point, we could argue about Klefbom being better than Ference and or Nikitin (I’d agree, but could find 100 quotes from coaches in the past expressing their undying love for experienced blue) but this lineup is close enough for jazz—this is the best roster available inside the organization at this time.

  • Hall—Nuge—Eberle
  • Purcell—Draisaitl—Perron
  • Pouliot—Arcobello—Yakupov
  • Hendricks—Gordon—Joensuu
  • Marincin—Fayne
  • Ference—Petry
  • Nikitin—Schultz
  • Scrivens (Bachman)

The club needs help at center, and better health on the wings (Perron, Eberle) but beyond that they’re jamming good with Weird and Gilly. At some point they’ll bring Klefbom up to play with Petry, move Ference to Schultz and Nikitin to 7D. Klefbom’s early performance in Oklahoma City perhaps merits consideration of this move sooner than later, and the exit of a defender may be connected to the current search for a center.

No, that isn’t the “balance” photo I’ve been saving.


  • Darren Dreger: ” (Leon is) Coming off a great game against the Washington Capitals, a game he helped the Oilers win. We like to count the games, the benchmark being 9 that burns off a year of eligibility. The Oilers aren’t overly concerned with it, that doesn’t mean that if they were to land a center they wouldn’t reevaluate his status, either prior to or after the 9 game threshold. We know that MacTavish is scouring the NHL looking for a bit more depth up the middle of the ice, so there could be some impact for Draisaitl in the near future.”
  • Bob McKenzie: “That 9-game threshold is becoming less important for teams in the NHL. The one that really matters to most teams now is the 39-game threshold, that is you can play 39 games in a year, but as soon as it goes to 40 it counts as a year toward unrestricted free agency.”

Interesting stuff from TSN’s Insiders last night. I think an organization that just lived through Sam Gagner never turning the corner and enduring the botched Anton Lander developmental procedure might consider 9 games enough, but these quotes suggest another 30 are possible or even likely.

I still maintain that Craig MacTavish needs to explore every avenue to improve the team and am encouraged that he’s apparently doing so as we speak. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security with a two game winning streak in your back pocket and Carolina stumblin’ in. These team isn’t good enough by plenty.


This is Pavel Zacha. He’s a 6.03, 203 pound Czech forward currently impressing with the Sarnia Sting of the OHL. He plays center or wing, and is currently 10GP, 4-6-10 in the world’s best junior league. Brock Otten from OHL Prospects has him No. 3 in his first ranking of the OHL’s 2015 eligibles (here) and has this to say:

  • I had seen him play internationally before, but he’s actually been more impressive than I expected.  That’s mainly because he’s been surprisingly physical. He plays the game hard and at a very high tempo. Once he gets going, he’s so hard to defend off the rush because of his size and ability to carry the puck. But he’s also proven to be very effective along the boards and is setting up shop behind the net and winning battles on the forecheck. At the beginning of the year, he looked hesitant to shoot and was playing more of a pass first game. But he’s starting to really come around and is taking more chances in shooting the puck. Just a fun player to watch.

I’ll have an early look at the 2015 draft first of the month and it’ll spend significant time on guys like Zacha who lack the fame of McDavid, Eichel and Hanifin but are most certainly top drawer talent. I think we’ll see a player taken by the Oilers from the OHL next summer if they draft inside the top 10.



10 this morning, TSN 1260 we countdown to the weekend and what should be a fun night for Oilers fans. There’s plenty of Oiler chatter including Leon, Nail, the blue and more:

  • Steve Lansky from Big Mouth Sports hits the air at 10:05. Check out his site, and the Stanley Cup boxscores too!
  • Open line at 10:25, your chance for input. @Lowetide_ on twitter, 10-1260 text and of course you can call 780.444.1260. Leaving comments here on the blog is also cool.
  • Alex Thomas from The Oilers Rig will stop in at 11:05 to talk about the Oilers-Hurricanes, defense, Leon and more.
  • Paul Almeida will have very little to get huffy about at 11:25 but my money is on him finding something.
  • Dave Jamieson helps preview the weekend CFL action at 11:45.

See you on the radio!

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  1. delooper says:

    Eventually Yakupov’s going to have to be traded to a good team.

    In four more year, the Oilers might be good.

  2. RexLibris says:

    Now don’t freaking waste it. Win this damn game and be done with it.

    Or, to put it in Star Wars parlance: Now let’s blow this thing and go home!

  3. Pouzar says:

    cue the tying goal in 3-2-1

  4. tcho says:

    Is the sky no longer falling? 😉

  5. striatic says:

    Perron made a gorgeous move on that assist.

  6. G Money says:


    Ha! Nicely done!

  7. Bling says:

    Taylor Hall just hit a guy while he was stick handling at full speed.

  8. Pouzar says:

    Perron made a gorgeous move on that assist.

    Indeed. He has some sick mitts

  9. delooper says:

    Is the sky no longer falling?

    The sky is always falling. Einstein’s general principle of relativity.

  10. wintoon says:

    If Scrivens leaves his net again this year Eakins should emasculate him. He is an absolute disaster every times he goes behind the net. Jackass.

  11. RexLibris says:

    Oilers sitting at 56.16 Fen%.

  12. Lowetide says:

    Draisaitl’s goal was terrific. The Frenchman did a lot to help him, might want to go easy in the next war. 🙂

  13. thepeetso says:

    Looks like the ‘Canes forgot about Drai….


  14. G Money says:


    Makes sense, actually, they are behind on the shot clock but missing a TON of shots.

  15. leadfarmer says:

    Good thing for Draisatl hes not russian otherwise Don Cherry would criticize his celebration.

    Congratulations to the kid

  16. G Money says:

    Ebs has never had a career hattrick??? Seriously?

  17. Pouzar says:

    JJ with a game. Any doubt he was hurt last year?

  18. khildahl says:

    Did JJ just Horcoff-block that shot?

  19. G Money says:

    Fuckin’ Ference is amazing. One guy at the blueline and Ference fires it right at him.

  20. RexLibris says:

    Starting to love this team again.

  21. hunter1909 says:

    We’re all happy now.

  22. oliveoilers says:

    Looks like the ‘Canes forgot about Drai….

    oh clay, you’ve just been waiting to drop that like a kid needing a piss on a road trip,

  23. geowal says:


  24. G Money says:

    FUCKIN A. That line needs to work like that every night. Man, the jets on Hall, whew.

  25. Bling says:

    Man Taylor Hall is a beast

  26. hunter1909 says:

    Beliveau nearly gets another goal.

  27. leadfarmer says:

    Is Nuge really bigger than Hall or is the beer getting to me.

  28. hunter1909 says:

    Canes broadcast raving about Drai

  29. striatic says:

    I really hope Joensuu can put together an entire season like the one he’s played so far. His play has completely transformed the bottom of the lineup from an extreme liability to a consistent strength.

  30. G Money says:

    Canes spirits should be starting to flag and legs starting to burn. Do not give them hope.

  31. BeerMe says:

    Guys… is it safe to be an Oilers fan yet?

  32. Lucinius says:

    Such an Oiler game.

    Still, getting it done when it matters..

    Nice game by Eberle, which he sorely needed.

  33. leadfarmer says:

    Looks like another win, but man o man this team is not very good.

  34. G Money says:

    My wife has a very strange fetish for Keanu.

  35. Clay says:

    The Canes PBP guys praising RNH for the work he did in the off-season, and how much bigger / stronger he is.

    Also lots of love for Draisaitl.

  36. Pouzar says:

    Never a doubt.

  37. Marcus Oilerius says:

    Oh Hendy, Eberle wanted a hatty!

    Oh well, we win and stuff.

  38. hunter1909 says:

    Let’s pretend this is game 7, 2006.

  39. Rebilled says:

    Eakins stewing mad.

  40. RexLibris says:

    Hendricks: Hey, Taylor, here’s how you score from the blueline.


  41. Pouzar says:

    I miss Hendricks contract talk.

  42. khildahl says:

    But… But… We don’t score EN goals. Somebody hold me; I’m scared.

  43. G Money says:

    Nice bonus goal for the hardest working man on the ice.

  44. leadfarmer says:

    That Gordon line is such an great throwback late 90s oilers line

  45. RexLibris says:

    G Money:
    My wife has a very strange fetish for Keanu.

    Show her this:

    All I’ll say is I work with some very strange people.

  46. G Money says:

    Hendricks on pace for 20 goals!

  47. Marcus Oilerius says:

    Remember during the summer when it looked like the Sabres were built to be the best Dishonor for Connor team?

    The Hurricanes are on another level.

  48. dawgtoy says:

    Habs will be a very tough test. Oilers will be rested, but need to take it to them early.

  49. RexLibris says:

    Oilers finish 55.75% in the Corgis per WoI

  50. 106 and 106 says:

    3 wins in a row – yahoo!

  51. VanOil says:

    Guys… is it safe to be an Oilers fan yet?

    No absolutely not. Maybe next year. Even then it would be safer to wait until Nurse is 25.

  52. G Money says:

    The final score was about what it should have been, but the process to getting there was not comfortable.

    Then again, how many times have we seen the Oilers keep it close with a team only to give up three late goals and lose big? Or even dominate and lose big cough – Calgary – cough

  53. RexLibris says:

    Marcus Oilerius:
    Remember during the summer when it looked like the Sabres were built to be the best Dishonor for Connor team?

    The Hurricanes are on another level.

    The Hurricanes didn’t plan on losing their top two players to start the season.

    That being said, the Hurricanes may give the Sabres a run for their money in the draft race. And let’s not count out the Jets.

  54. Gerta Rauss says:

    Well that barely qualified as NHL hockey but I’ll take the 2 points. Lots of room for improvement prior to the Montreal game.

  55. leadfarmer says:

    Marcus Oilerius,

    Missing your top two centers will do that to a poor team. Imagine this team without RNH or Gordon. Center depth would be Draisatl, Arco, Acton, Lander

  56. Hammers says:

    Well Leon got 1 and I hoped for 2 . Really though we must admit Carolina is getting one of the first 2 picks .Win is a win .

  57. thepeetso says:

    That always felt like a game the Oilers were going to lose.

    Eakins better give them the what for, over the next couple of days.

  58. leadfarmer says:


    Thats not a number good enough to be proud of given the lineup the Canes had. This team really needs to start playing better.

  59. oliveoilers says:

    The worst 9 goal game ever?

  60. "Frank The Dog" says:

    At last, Steve Smith’s D helped us win a close game. 🙂

  61. icecastles says:

    G Money:
    Ebs has never had a career hattrick???Seriously?

    Never. Funnily enough at the beginning of this game I was having a weird fantasy of Eberle one day going into the HHOF as the only top 50 NHL points leaders without scoring a hat trick his entire career.

  62. B S says:

    The Canes PBP guys praising RNH for the work he did in the off-season, and how much bigger / stronger he is.

    Also lots of love for Draisaitl.

    Also lots of complaints about the officiating, as if the dozen plus non-calls for the ‘canes never happened.

  63. G Money says:


    Ha, she loves it, and is just happy/relieved there are other Keanuists out there. She’s wondering if you made it!

  64. striatic says:

    It is good to see the Oilers establishing that they can routinely beat Eastern Conference teams at home.

    Now, they just need to beat the Habs and solidify that reputation.

    Either way, playing on on the road against Western Conference teams will be the truest test of wether this team has a shot at coming back or not.

  65. RexLibris says:

    G Money:

    Ha, she loves it, and is just happy/relieved there are other Keanuists out there.She’s wondering if you made it!

    I did not.

    Had it sent to me a while ago as part of a “bad Christmas video” throwdown at work.

  66. wheatnoil says:

    I wonder if this how good teams played the Oilers in the last few years. Have an off game but the score stays close, then turn on the jets for a bit in the 3rd and take the win.

    Good for Draisaitl! I can’t imagine moving to a new country when you’re 16, going from Germany to PA, and it was all for a moment like that… game winning NHL goal on home ice. I’m happy for the kid!

  67. []JUST[]KEEP[]CALM[]AND[]CORSI[]ON[] says:

    Pouzar: I miss Hendricks contract talk.

    I hope that Hendricks doesn’t contract any communicable diseases.

  68. RexLibris says:

    I’m not enthusiastic about the Oilers’ chances against the Canadiens.

  69. nycoil says:

    The 3rd period was nice, but let’s face it, the Oilers played three periods in a row, going back to the 3rd period of the Washington game and the two to start this one, like an AHL team. Actually that might be insulting to the AHL.

    The positive is, in years past, or even earlier this year, the Oilers would find a way to lose. Here they found a way to win. The home stand is 3-1 now, hopefully they play a complete game next time out because if they play the way they did to start this game against NSH, MTL, VAN, it isn’t going to be a tie game going into the 3rd.

    Still, a win’s a win. Even if it’s not a Rembrandt (apologies to MacT who prefers cubism).

  70. G Money says:


    Let’s not forget last years Sabres game, where the Oilers rode a 42 save game from Bryz to scrape out a victory in which they were BADLY outplayed by the worst team in the league.

    Victories for this team are NEVER assured. I’ll take a win, and outshoot, and a positive Corgi any day.

    Same effort will be a big loss against the Habs, but it’s better than a loss/moral victory.

  71. striatic says:

    RexLibris: I’m not enthusiastic about the Oilers’ chances against the Canadiens.

    Montreal may be 6-1-0 but they only have a goal differential of +1. That’s in part due to being blown out by Tampa Bay, and Montreal is probably a better team than the Oilers over the course of a season, but they are not as good as their record suggests.

    Plus they are built in that Eastern Conference mould that the Oilers can play effectively against.

    I wouldn’t call Edmonton favourites but there are a bunch of teams in the NHL that are better than the Habs are this year.

  72. Marcus Oilerius says:

    I’m not enthusiastic about the Oilers’ chances against the Canadiens.

    You’re not the only one.

    I’m not expecting the Kings, but it’s probably going to be like a visit from the Stars.

  73. Lois Lowe says:


    Let’s stay in touch.

    Skill on technical ice opens up so much more in the alpine. 😉 I am rehabbing a pretty serious back injury from the summer so I’m taking it slowly, but I fully expect to be cranking hard by the end of the winter.

    I was on Boundary Peak in early September and was shocked to see how many new cracks I saw on the North Glacier. Granted, it was right after a hot summer, but that place is changing so fast. It’s completely changing the nature of the classics too; the crux on the North Face has completely melted out 90% of the time, same with the Shooting Gallery and Humble Horse.

    If you’re interested in the fitness side of things, check out Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House. It’s a phenomenal resource.

  74. Genjutsu says:

    Man that was an exciting game of hockey.

    Maybe it was against the worst team in the NHL, who were playing their second game in two nights.

    Maybe they didn’t play as well as one would hope.

    But I love this hockey team.

    I don’t care what anyone says.

    I love this team.

  75. Marcus Oilerius says:

    My goodness, the Oilers are 9th in the West right now.

    I think I’m starting to get the vapors at these lofty heights.

  76. VOR says:

    ice castles,

    I think I should try to inject a little adult advice into the responses you got about the cramping. Cramps that bad are not something you should ignore. They can be a warning sign of other problems. See a doctor and get a proper evaluation, blood work, ultrasound, etc.

    Climbers tend to think they are indestructible. But think of it this way, if you go into kidney failure as a result of dehydration on Mt. Athabasca a couple of wardens and probably a helicopter pilot are going to have to risk their lives to get you down. It doesn’t matter much what route you are on if you have to be extracted they are all a bitch. So on behalf of all my former colleagues with Parks Canada I urge you, don’t climb until you have been properly checked out.

  77. JAG-041 says:

    I want to be on record saying
    “Eins, zwei, Draisaitl!”

  78. JAG-041 says:

    Also, after all that time worrying about how much of a mineshaft the fourth line is now that we have a bonafide one and it’s amazing

  79. bendelson says:

    I purpose awarding an NYCOIL point on Eberle’s 2nd goal tonight.
    (a brutal offensive zone penalty by Pouloit NOT called that leads directly to an Oiler goal)
    They may be rare, but I’ll enjoy each and every one.

  80. nycoil says:


    Ha ha ha. Yeah, the luck definitely was on the home team’s side tonight.

  81. Adam Wu says:

    Good teams don’t play down to the opposition.
    Bad teams play down to the opposition and lose games they should have won.

    It is rare to go from one to the other in a single macroevolutionary leap.

    Most of the time there are transitional forms.

    In this case, a team that plays down to the opposition but still manages to win and bank the points they were expected to get.

    Small steps….

  82. icecastles says:

    Lois Lowe: If you’re interested in the fitness side of things, check out Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House. It’s a phenomenal resource.

    I’ve had my eye on that one for a while. “Extreme Alpinism” by Marc Twight is a brilliant volume too. Twight is kind of like a demented, cursing, psychotic version of Uli Steck, or at least he was back in his prime in the 90s. Apparently he was hired as the lead trainer for the cast of 300.

    Met a couple gorgeous women from Montpellier, France last weekend when messing around on the Beehive Near Lake Louise, so I’m taking them on their first overnight hiking trip this weekend. But we should get together and plan some trips, for sure. There are still probably one or two shoulder season trips possible, especially in the front ranges.

  83. bendelson says:

    Regarding Eberle’s 1st goal: I found the time Hall and Eberle needed to turn that neutral zone turnover around into an open net goal completely remarkable. The relative simplicity of the play was a thing of beauty. Wow.

  84. bretskigretzky says:

    That 4th line is brilliant.

    Scribbles needs to go to puck handling school. Bring in Brodeur??

    Hall is the SauceBoss.

    Good to see Ebs get it going.

    Too much soft play and too many giveaways in the first 40. They looked on par with the Canes, that’s bad.

    Good to see them come together in the 3rd but they honestly played down to the Canes level. This team needs to play better.

    Ference needs to stop shooting the puck in and handing over possession when he’s got a reverse to his d-mate during a change. This guy is a dinosaur from the checking/trap era. Strip the C and toss him up to the pressbox. Bring in Klefbom.

  85. bretskigretzky says:

    Leon’s getting larger!!

  86. Stanley 2018 says:

    The team came out flat, created few scoring chances, and were just plain boring until that eventful 3rd. Seemed like the whole team came to life when Draisaitl scored. Thankfully the opponent played no better, and lacked any scorers to force The Professor to bail his team out again.

    If MacT is shopping for a C it’s not to replace Draisaitl, it’s to replace Arcobello. He’s doing some nice things, but he’s not a scoring threat and he’s not 2C material.

    Petry led the team in minutes tonight. Don’t think he’s going anywhere. Yet.

  87. 9,998,383,750,001 says:

    Eakins was coiled like a spring in the post-game presser, His shoulders were showing stage left the whole time. Perhaps he was biting down hard on “never critique a win” from the neck up, and looking for something to kick from the neck down.

    Or perhaps, after a home game W followed by an extra day off, it’s his only scheduled eight-hour sleep for the next four weeks—and he’s steaming mad because he’s going to toss and turn the whole night over dozens of small flubs that only add up to a W when a M*A*S*H unit rolls into town.

    “‘Never critique a win’ is hell on the pillows,” says his bleary wife.

  88. Woodguy says:

    5v5 TOI last night

    Jeff.Petry 20.2
    Andrew.Ference 19.2
    Martin.Marincin 16.9
    Mark.Fayne 16.8
    Justin.Schultz 13.2
    Nikita.Nikitin 12

    I like that distribution. Need to upgrade Petry’s partner.

    Jordan.Eberle 13.8
    David.Perron 13.4
    Taylor.Hall 13.1
    Ryan.Nugent-Hopkins 12.9
    Matt.Hendricks 12.8
    Leon.Draisaitl 12.7
    Teddy.Purcell 12.4
    Mark.Arcobello 12.3
    Nail.Yakupov 12.1
    Jesse.Joensuu 10.9
    Benoit.Pouliot 10.9
    Boyd.Gordon 10.8

    Pretty flat. Good to see.

  89. Woodguy says:

    Zone starts

    Baseline is Ben.Scrivens 48.48

    Leon.Draisaitl 100
    David.Perron 100
    Teddy.Purcell 100
    Taylor.Hall 83.33
    Jordan.Eberle 83.33
    Ryan.Nugent-Hopkins 83.33
    Mark.Arcobello 66.67
    Benoit.Pouliot 62.5
    Nail.Yakupov 62.5
    Jesse.Joensuu 7.14
    Boyd.Gordon 7.14
    Matt.Hendricks 7.14

    Martin.Marincin 61.54
    Mark.Fayne 61.54
    Nikita.Nikitin 50
    Justin.Schultz 50
    Andrew.Ference 35.71
    Jeff.Petry 35.71

    Love the forward deployment. Optimal. Very CHIesque.

    Interesting to see Marincin-Fayne getting the OZS% push.

    I wonder if that has to do with their ability to defend the entry so well, so put them in a position to do it?

  90. Woodguy says:

    Fenclose for the game was 48-52 for CAR. Not a good result at all.

    Ben.Scrivens 48.28

    Jesse.Joensuu 58.33
    Taylor.Hall 57.89
    Leon.Draisaitl 57.14
    Jordan.Eberle 55
    Boyd.Gordon 53.85
    Teddy.Purcell 53.33
    David.Perron 52.94
    Ryan.Nugent-Hopkins 50
    Matt.Hendricks 41.18
    Benoit.Pouliot 28.57
    Nail.Yakupov 27.27
    Mark.Arcobello 25

    Nikita.Nikitin 66.67
    Andrew.Ference 50
    Justin.Schultz 50
    Jeff.Petry 44
    Martin.Marincin 41.18
    Mark.Fayne 33.33

    Best 4th line in hockey.
    I expect much more from the gifted line given their starts, same with 5-85.
    Nice result for 86-19 and 21-2 given their starts. Good to see
    Gotta find a C for Yak, Arco isn’t cutting it.

  91. Dicky94 says:


    Trade Ference to Boston for Kelly. Move Yak up with Drai and Purcell or use as a third line. Kelly, Pouliot and Perron would be a good line.

  92. 8p0intgame says:


    I am absolutely fed up with the Ference trade suggestions. Just done with them. Andrew Ference is 35 years old. He SHOULD be playing 3rd pairing minutes or, better yet, rotating in as the 7th D BUT instead he’s playing 1st pairing minutes and negatively impacting Jeff Petry. There is virtually no justification for playing Ference with Petry – unless you believe management is petty enough to throw another season just to devalue Petry. The only thing they are going to accomplish is selling low on Petry at the deadline and/or decrease the figures on his next contract if this continues (keep in mind, he is UFA next season so he can test the market; there is no guarantee devaluing Petry like this will benefit the Oilers at all).

    Furthermore, Ference to Boston? The team that didn’t want him anymore just over a year ago? WHY does Boston do that trade? Clearly they were aware of Ference’s declining play before the Oilers did, because MacTavish offered Ference 13 million over 4 years AND a No Movement Clause so even if Chiarelli has a psychotic break and agrees to trade away an overpaid, past-his-prime forward (which is effin’ useless to the Oilers anyhow) for an overpaid, past-his-prime d-man with a slightly longer contract that Chiarelli could have had for just money only a year ago (and probably less than the Oilers are paying too), Ference could just veto it.

    And compliance buyouts are done now and didn’t apply to contracts signed after the lockout anyway so that’s not a valid argument.

    The simple truth is Ference is overpaid and old and we’re stuck with him. Sorry…

    **I don’t mean to single you out. Just so sick of seeing Ference or Ference + b prospects and/or picks for good players. Your suggestion was somewhat reasonable. Trading trash for garbage, so to speak. It just ain’t happening.

  93. flyfish1168 says:

    Interesting 3 wins all against eastern teams. I hope this continues Monday

  94. nycoil says:

    I think the Oilers would be better served by sending Hunt down, recalling Klefbom, and rotating him with Ference. I’d be okay with Ference playing weak opposition like last night, but rather Klefbom slide in against the big boys of the West.

    As the ghost of Sam Gagner above said, Ference isn’t going anywhere. He has a NMC.

    Based on last night, I have accepted the fact that the Oilers are going to keep Draisaitl beyond game 9.

  95. Lois Lowe says:


    I’ve read Extreme Alpinism through and through. The advice on systems is still relevant but the fitness stuff is a bit dated. Twight was really into Crossfit at the time and he recants in House’s new book. Check Gym Jones for what Twight’s been up to recently. One of his acolytes, John Frieh, has taken much of his style and done some really impressive weekend trips in the Alaska ranges.

  96. Lowetide says:

    Fenclose for the game was 48-52 for CAR.Not a good result at all.




    Best 4th line in hockey.
    I expect much more from the gifted line given their starts, same with 5-85.
    Nice result for 86-19 and 21-2 given their starts.Good to see
    Gotta find a C for Yak, Arco isn’t cutting it.

    They played down to their competition. They’ve been doing it for a long time.

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