During last night’s game, John Shannon mentioned a conversation with Craig MacTavish involving what the GM learned during his trip behind the bench.

  • Shannon: “I talked to Craig MacTavish before the game, and about the five or six games behind the bench. I said you know size doesn’t matter anymore and he said oh no, one thing I learned is that size matters more than ever. Size and quickness.

Interesting insight. If we apply that statement to the top 30 (we’ll use mine because I’m lazy) what would the Edmonton list look like?

  1. (1) C Connor McDavid, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.075, 195.
  2. (2) C Jack Eichel, Boston U (NCAA) 6.02, 196.
  3. (5) R Mitch Marner, London Knights (OHL) 5.11, 155.
  4. (4) C Dylan Strome, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.03, 187.
  5. (3) D Noah Hanifin, Boston College (NCAA) 6.02, 205.
  6. (10) D Oliver Kylington, Farjestad (SHL) 6.0, 180.
  7. (6) D Zach Werenski, Michigan (NCAA). 6.02, 206.
  8. (9) R Mikko Rantanen, TPS Turku (SML). 6.035, 211.
  9. (11) D Ivan Provorov, Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL) 6.0, 191
  10. (17) Evgeni Svechnikov, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL). 6.02, 199
  11. (7) C Nick Merkley, Kelowna (WHL). 5.1075, 191
  12. (16) C Jansen Harkins, Prince George Cougars (WHL) 6.075, 177.
  13. (13) C Mathew Barzal, Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL) 5.1125, 175.
  14. (8) C Pavel Zacha, Sarnia Sting (OHL) 6.03, 210.
  15. (18) D Jeremy Roy, Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL) 5.1175, 189.
  16. (25) C Filip Chlapik, Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL).6.075, 194.
  17. (23) C Anthony Beauvillier, Shawinigan Cataractes (QMJHL). 5.1025, 173.
  18. (12) R Nikita Korostelev, Sarnia Sting (OHL). 6.125, 195.
  19. (15) R Daniel Sprong, Charlettown Islanders (QMJHL) 6.0, 189.
  20. (26) L Jake Debrusk, Swift Current (WHL)5.1175, 171.
  21. (NR) D Mitchell Vande Sompel, Oshawa (OHL) 5.10, 182.
  22. (14) L Lawson Crouse, Kingston Frontenacs (OHL). 6.04, 211.
  23. (28) R Jens Looke, Brynas (SHL). 6.005, 180.
  24. (20) C Travis Konecny, Ottawa 67’s (OHL). 5.0975, 174.
  25. (24) D Jakub Zboril, Saint John Seadogs (QMJHL). 6.075, 184.
  26. (19) C Jeremy Bracco, USND (USHL). 5.0925, 173.
  27. (21) L Dennis Yan, Shawinigan Cataractes (QMJHL). 6.125, 180.
  28. (29) C Kyle Connor, Youngstown (USHL). 6.01, 177.
  29. (27) L Ryan Gropp, Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL). 6.02, 184.
  30. (30) R Brock Boeser, Waterloo Blackhawks (USHL). 6.005, 191.

Okay.  There’s some randomness in there but we’ve taken out the small guys and weeded out a few ‘in the range’ men and now have tall trees. I’m not saying Edmonton will pass on the crossed out list, just that ‘size’ means you’re likely going to pass on Nick Merkley. It gives me no pleasure to say that, I like Nick Merkley and Travis Konecny and a bunch of others. Now, let’s take that list and add in ‘quickness’ which I take to be somewhat skilled and can move and see what’s left of the first round and how Edmonton may view it.

  1. C Connor McDavid, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.075, 195.
  2. C Jack Eichel, Boston U (NCAA) 6.02, 196.
  3. D Noah Hanifin, Boston College (NCAA) 6.02, 205.
  4. C Pavel Zacha, Sarnia Sting (OHL) 6.03, 210.
  5. C Dylan Strome, Erie Otters (OHL) 6.03, 187.
  6. L Lawson Crouse, Kingston Frontenacs (OHL). 6.04, 211.
  7. D Zach Werenski, Michigan (NCAA). 6.02, 206.
  8. R Mikko Rantanen, TPS Turku (SML). 6.035, 211.
  9. Evgeni Svechnikov, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (QMJHL). 6.02, 199
  10. R Nikita Korostelev, Sarnia Sting (OHL). 6.125, 195.
  11. C Filip Chlapik, Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL).6.075, 194.
  12. R Daniel Sprong, Charlettown Islanders (QMJHL) 6.0, 189.

That’s my guess. Thoughts? Here are mine.


I absolutely buy that you need an assortment of players in your lineup but they have to be skilled. When we look at a player like Milan Lucic and try to project him onto our prospects or a player in this draft, we’re projecting miles past reasonable. Lucic, aside from being a physical force, can take a pass and make a pass, has decent to good hands and is playing in an ideal situation with tremendous linemates. Chances are he’ll be shy on his next team and chances are that team resides in the Canadian west.

Back to this draft. If they’re not going to take Mitch Marner (there’s no evidence of that, this is me making assumptions) is there a player at No. 3 who could cover the bet? Yes, I think so.

  • D Noah Hanifin: The scouting report on Hanifin says “world-class wheels, elite offensive skills, can run a power play and use his size effectively to play physically when it’s required” and we’ve heard comparisons to Jay Bouwmeester. His size may make the difference for the Oilers and the club may see this as an opportunity to seal the future on defense. Hanifin added to Nurse, Klefbom and a few others would be a going concern in a few years.
  • C Pavel Zacha: He’s at about a point-per-game now in the OHL and the man is absolutely the perfect fit for MacT’s description above. Size, speed and a willingness to enter the physical part of the game by rote, the only downside is there are better offensive players available.
  • C Dylan Strome: Big, strong, skilled and with ‘projectable size’ that should mean he plays north of 205. I think we’re a little shy on him as a fanbase because of the Kane—Gagner zoom but this fellow appears to be a better specimen. Has a great shot, the reason I’ve placed Marner ahead on my list is Marner and Strome’s speed worries.
  • L Lawson Crouse: I think he’s going to be Ethan Moreau. In his 17-year old season, Moreau went 65gp, 32-41-73 and Crouse is at 30gp, 16-7-23. I can see why any team likes him, he’s absolutely dominant physically and appears to be defensively aware at a young age. On the other hand, he’s projected to go in the same part of the draft as Moreau did and that’s bad news for value. I have him late first round and may be punishing him there. I’m confident he doesn’t belong in the top five overall.

So it may come down to choosing between:

  • The new Hemsky=Marner type
  • The new Hanifin=Bouwmeester type
  • The new Handzus (with speed)=Zacha
  • The new Strome=Strome
  • The new Moreau=Crouse

Which would you choose? In a move that should surprise no one, I call Hemsky’s name again. Who will the Oilers choose? I think they do pass on Marner because the club is looking for a specific player type but I don’t think all is lost. MacT and Green have mentioned analytics and there may be something in Hanifin’s game or birthdate the model identifies as a riser. Or they may decide Strome’s talent is too much to pass on. I’m fairly confident the Oilers won’t draft Crouse, less so on Zacha.

I’m betting the conversation on draft morning, if the Oilers are at 3, revolves around Hanifin, Strome and Zacha. I’d be fine with any of them.

hurdle gif


10 this morning, TSN 1260. Scheduled to appear (Friday!)

  • Steve Lansky, Big Mouth Sports. Diving for No. 1: Unseemly or the right thing to do?
  • Corey Pronman, ESPN. At 11, we’ll talk about the Top Prospects game, Crouse and where he might go and the draft in general.
  • Paul Almeida, SSE. Oilers, preview Saturday show.
  • Dave Jamieson, TSN 1260. Preview All-Star and Pro Bowl weekend, likely the crappiest of the year.

10-1260 text, @Lowetide_ on twitter. Talk soon!

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  1. Ben says:

    If they go Strome at 3-4 (and I think they will), how far can they move up using Pitt’s 1st and their high 2nd to pick up a Crouse or a D?

  2. John Chambers says:

    Oh it’s got to be Hanifin.

    It’s got to be Hanifin, or the pick has to be traded for a player 22-28 years old with a few good years left on a digestible contract. Preferably with Nikitin joining the pick somewhere the fack else.

  3. Jon K says:

    “I talked to Craig MacTavish before the game, and about the five or six games behind the bench. I said you know size doesn’t matter anymore and he said oh no, one thing I learned is that size matters more than ever. Size and quickness.“

    Sometimes I hate cheering for this team. To prevent myself from saying that I simply hate the team, I’ve had to stretch my interpretation of the word sometimes to last 8.5 years.

    I really don’t know what will happen if the Oilers reach to take size over skill in the top 5. I might seriously consider following the Jets for a few years. I enjoy following their scouting and prospects.

  4. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    The new Hanifin=Bouwmeester type

    Was there an old Hanifin?

    But Strome yesterday did look pretty sluggish compared to a lot of the other high end guys. Just one game, but something to keep an eye on. I think he is fine, and his brother is a good player and everyone says Dylan > Ryan. So I’d be ok with that pick, but I’m with Pouzar/Ricki/Godot: Hanifin, Marner at 3 or 4 if that’s where we draft and that’s who is available for me. If they’re both gone and we’re at 5, happily take Strome there.

  5. Lowetide says:

    If you missed it, I’ve had to disable a few things on the blog this morning. GoDaddy is switching me over to their WordPress section (I have no idea what I’m talking about) and we should be importing the new improved blog this afternoon. It’ll look the same but have miles fewer problems.

  6. russ99 says:

    Great. The Lucic hunt is back on…

    Some things never change.

  7. Pouzar says:

    MacT doesn’t hide his intentions very well. So given that, I think it’s Hanifin/Strome.

  8. Ca$h-Money! says:

    What’s with the over reaction to a statement of the obvious? Who doesn’t think we need more size in our top 6? Has anyone noticed how effective a line Pouliot/Nuge/Eberle was, given the disparity in skill between Pouliot and Hall? This is not an argument against Hall, it’s an argument in favour of at some point injecting some size into the lineup.

    There is zero discussion from what I can tell that they are talking about using a first round pick on this year’s Liam Coughlin. We’re talking about Zacha or Strome, who are big and skilled.

    The argument around BPA with blinders on requires a 100% willingness to trade assets to attain the proper asset mix, rather than relying on the draft to do so. That’s all well and good, except it’s not that easy. If it were we would have traded Eberle or Yakupov for an equal value but larger player by now.

    BPA makes sense, but for the love take the blinders off and realise that life isn’t that simple. You know who almost always drafts big players? The Ducks. You know who’s in first right now? The Ducks. The caveat here is that they don’t draft big players that aren’t good at hockey… which is the point of Hanifin/Strome et. al.

  9. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:


    Yup, they’re migrating you on to better hosting I presume. I’ve just done that on my site as well. It will be much better afterwards and your analytics should be cleaner and easier to parse. Well worth it.

    Right now, we can’t reply or quote. But small inconvenience given what you provide for us.

    Thank you.

  10. dustrock says:

    Long time, first time. I wonder if the pick at 3 depends on what action Mac T gets on players like Eberle, Yakupov and Schultz You maybe pick Marner at 3 if you decide to give up on Eberle or Yak City.

  11. linkfromhyrule says:

    I’m not sure MacT understands what this team lacks based off those comments. Size and speed are great, but without skill they’re useless. The desired end result is to either put the puck in the oppositions net or to prevent them from doing the same to you. Luke Gazdic can do neither. Luke Gazdic has size and decent speed, and he can fight! Doesn’t mean he’s a good hockey player.

    How can you watch this team play and not think, “man, this defense is atrocious” or wonder how much better the record would be with competent goaltending. Big forwards are great, but what happens if we take Crouse and he turns into Ethan Moreau? No disrespect to Moreau, but there are MUCH better players available when we are drafting.

    Has to be Hanifin. If we draft Hanifin suddenly our D is an area of strength, which we can parlay to strengthen the other parts of our roster.

    as an aside: are there any decent goalie prospects available in the later rounds?

  12. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    Would everyone be happy with a draft that had:

    #3 overall: Hanifin

    #14 overall: Zacha (Pittsburgh’s #26 + #33 + the extra third rounder MacT mistakenly thinks he has that really belongs to Anaheim for Fasth. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone)

  13. Lowetide says:

    Dustrock: Welcome! Your first post is intelligent and well thought out. You’ll never last! 🙂

  14. Lowetide says:

    NYCOIL: God yes.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Boho: Yep. Hanifin, Strome and Zacha are all better fits.

  16. bendelson says:

    If Zacha is available at #14, I would be very surprised.
    But what do I know – I consider Lehner a future #1 goalie worth trading for…

  17. Ralph_u says:

    I don’t see anyone with Marner’s skill set in that 3-4. I hope your right that they don’t draft Crouse. The Big D man Halifan second choice.

  18. Showerhead says:

    Great post, LT.

    Prospects are witchcraft to me – I would draft the player with the highest even strength pts/60, use age as a tiebreaker, and then drink whiskey until I needed another whiskey – so take my thoughts with a lump of salt.

    I worry whenever ideology starts trumping BPA but if ever there were a situation where Edmonton was a bit idiot-proofed, it would be drafting #3 this June, no? McDavid and Eichel are gone and there are so many nearly level players left over that are all supposed to project well. Hanifin, Strome, Marner, Zacha – take one as fast as you please and then get your shit together for the Pittsburgh pick where the real problem solving begins.

    A quick thought on Marner – when I watch him play (sample size: highlight clips) I see a guy whose vision and playmaking I have all the faith in the world about. He will make plays and rack up assists at the NHL and I am confident in saying that. I don’t see an NHL+ shot though, so I worry about his ability to find space in the house to score goals. Guy looks brilliant, maybe more clever but with less dangle than Hemsky, and I would draft a guy like that without hesitation.

    In the end though, I’m sure you’re right. BPA is out this year and, at #3, it will probably work out just fine.

  19. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Strome is the guy I’m targeting lately… So, if the Oilers’ assessment ends up merging with mine, I won’t cry about it.

    That said,

    1. never shy away from offence. To ignore Marner is just stupid.
    2. Stay away from D. Just walk away.
    3. When using comparables, turn that part of your brain off that makes Hanifin actually turn into a fully formed JBow. The aspirational comparable is simply a matter of stating for the record two things: a style of play comp; and, a home-run development curve.

  20. TheOtherJohn says:

    You draft for skill, quickness and creativity.I’d take Hanifan at 3 and Marner at 4. If you draft the new Ethan Moreau at #4 you and your entire scouting group are Complete morons.

    Reason size is so important to MacT is he has a roster completely lacking in it. It’s also why Winnipeg had no hesitation in drafting Nick Petan. Roster of big bodies can afford super skilled creative C, we have a small roster.

    Expect Marner is 3″ and 35lbs bigger than Gaudreau who is at the all star game

    Disagree with Rom on the stay away from D man high in the draft. It was a factor in shying away from Ekblad last year.

  21. dustrock says:

    Thanks LT. Yeah getting Hanifin & Zacha is a nice dream. Gotta go with skill. Mac needs to realize outside of McEichel, nobody is helping the Oilers make the playoffs next year. Unless you think Zacha is this year’s Pastrnak.

    It’s the same argument for those wanting Werenski over Hanifin b/c he’s RHD. By the time the properly developed player is ready, your team might look very different.

  22. LMHF#1 says:

    “Quickness” still ain’t it.

    Best player, period.

    If we want to talk about how they move on the ice, the question is skating ability/technique. If you’re efficient and strong on your skates, you’ll beat people to pucks and keep them. It’s not about raw quickness.

  23. Dee Dee says:

    I guess someone forgot to tell Montreal and Chicago that they are supposed to suck cause they are loaded with small players.

    Ditto for Marchand, and Perron, and St Louis, etc.

    While I understand the the logic of Bigger > Smaller, please look at other factors when evaluating players in addition to size.

    Or maybe I am just wrong and the new moneyball just requires a measuring tape and visits to every high school in the country on the search for over sized people.

    I’d much rather have a small player that played big then a big player who played small, Dustin “Delicious Fluffy Pancakes” Penner is a perfect example of that.

  24. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    6’2″ 205 (Hanifin)

    That’s big… but it’s not colossal.

    For a fan base that routinely questions whether Draisaitl is big enough as a forward, they are going to think Hanifin is tiny.

  25. PhrankLee says:

    I left it late on the last post but this is a cool NHL chemistry graphic for each team done by some U of T student.

    I think it really speaks to the philosophy of duos being the key element to a line.

  26. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:


    Would be a little surprised, too, but given his NHLEs are a bit shy of some of the other guys, we could see him slide. Similar things happened to bigger, offensive guys who lacked a bit of scoring.

    Someone always slides a bit further than expected, be it a Forsberg, a Couturier, etc.

    Never say never.

  27. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    “GoDaddy is switching me over to their WordPress section (I have no idea what I’m talking about)”


    I add these kinds of caveats to most things.

    “The power source on this turntable is intermittent (I have no idea what I’m talking about).”

  28. frjohnk says:

    Ran the peak point numbers we could expect for the bigger guys you mentioned. Of course there is variance but its a guideline.

    C Connor McDavid 125
    C Jack Eichel 104
    C Dylan Strome 93
    D Noah Hanifin 38
    C Pavel Zacha 46
    L Lawson Crouse 43
    D Zach Werenski 65
    R Mikko Rantanen 50
    W Evgeni Svechnikov 59
    R Nikita Korostelev 54
    C Filip Chlapik 66
    R Daniel Sprong 57

    Some small sample sizes for the guys who are not in the CHL. So Hanifans number could be low while Werenski’s could be high. They have both played less than 20 games, small sample size

    And need to see more games from Zacha. I actually think he will be a faster more offensive Martin Hanzel.

    If you are drafting big, make sure the guy can skate. Majority of big guys drafted in the top 10 over the last decade that busted or at least did not cover the bet have a common theme. Below average skating.

    If you are big, skilled with mediocre skating, you can thrive in junior.
    That same player will have trouble in the NHL.

  29. judgedrude says:

    That McDavid guy doesn’t look very big. If we win the lottery, do we pass on him? Maybe drop down one for Meyers and Eichel?

  30. sliderule says:

    Mact from time to time says some pretty stupid things.He spent I think six years behind bench and didn’t notice size..He then has six GAMES behind the bench and has a revelation about size.

    I hope he is setting us up for Hanifin because we already have a Strome type in Leon.Good size so so quickness and not Aggresive.

    Or as they did with Moroz they could pick Crouse because they will tell us the rumor was he won’t be there for Pens pick.

  31. flyfish1168 says:

    This draft could be moving the core back and help control the CAP. If they draft Marner either Yak or Eberle will be available when Mitch is ready for he NHL. That would also be the same if the draft Hanifan, schultz should be expendable. Out side of Mcdavid and Eichel whoever they draft they should go back to junior or NCAA

  32. boneshj says:

    These comments have me terrified going into one of the supposed deepest drafts in the last few years. The last real deep draft was the 2003 draft, and we all recall Parise for Pouliot and JFJ in the name of size and quickness resulting in Edmonton really being one of the few teams to not gain a significant asset from that draft. I really do fear them trading back to get someone like Crouse and an additional pick for another coke machine with wheels but no hands. Someone needs to save this franchise from these clowns.

  33. TheOtherJohn says:

    No clue how anyone thinks Chicago has small forwards. None. In their top 6 Toews is 210 lbs, Hossa 215, Saad and Patrick Sharp are both Halls size 200 lbs. In the playoffs Bickel at 230lbs plays more minutes. That they have a small team is a fiction

  34. Kosmo Kraemer says:

    So lets move the discussion along . Oilers draft third and they pick Hanafin. Is Hanafin committed to Boston College next year or is he moveable from that location?

    I’ve read(but don’t remember where) the age thing, that is McEichel were both not in this draft, then Hanafin would be a number one overall pick.

    Considering thos points, does Hanafin stay at Boston College, maybe transfer him to junior, or do the Oilers play him on their roster?


  35. slopitch says:

    This summer is gonna be fun. In my mind, the Oilers should be moving 1 (or 2) of the first round pick, Hall, or Eberle to improve the D. If the Oilers get McDavid or Eichel, keep the pick. Full stop. I like Strome plenty. I like Hanifan too. But Im a firm believer of building from the D out and Hanifan is on the wrong side of the development in order to be a factor. The top 3 teams in the league by goal differential are Chicago, St Louis and Nashville. Keith, Seabrook, Shattenkirk, JBo, Petranegelo, Weber, Josi, Jones we have not. The next 2 best by goal diff are TBL and NY Rangers – we don’t have a Hedman or McDonough either. Other then Chicago, the other teams that have won cups in the last 5 years have Chara and Doughty. Pittsburgh has the top 2 players in the world and hasn’t make it past the 1st round in 3 of the last 5 years (2013 conference final they were swept). Why? To make my argument look good and because Fleury. On the other side, teams like Dallas and Colorado cant seem to do anything because while they have quality forwards, their D is piss poor. Calgary is over performing with garbage forwards and a elite top paring D.

    Size matters. Skill matters. Agreed. Id add to MacT’s point that size, skill on defence matters more then ever.

    As for the Oilers, they appear to be trading their best damn (a #3 on most teams) and arent a top UFA destination.

  36. oliveoilers says:

    Sounds like they’re talking themselves into a very silly decision regarding either a Lucic type or Crouse. Kind of like the person who’s broke talking themselves into buying something they really can’t afford because it’s on sale at a good price they still can’t afford: “I can’t afford NOT to buy this!”

    I just hope Lucic knows that if he comes here and starts shit, nobody outside Pou is coming to help. No Big Bad Boston Bruins coming to the rescue.

    Still, a line of Hanzal, Lucic and Pou (wish it could have been Perron) should get someone’s attention.

    I can’t help thinking that the Oilers still can’t decide what they want to be when they grow up. A train driving astronaut stunt man spy!

  37. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:


    I feel like there are exceptions on the don’t draft D in the top 10.

    You definitely hope you get Doughty or Pietrangelo and not Bogosian, but Hanifin is in the class of Seth Jones. I know where you’re coming from, but I don’t think the Oilers will regret taking him.

    If they leave Marner on the table in favour of another forward, they *may* regret it.

  38. Jon K says:

    Hanifin: I really wonder if there is any hesitation on the part of the Oilers to take this particular player. He’s a finesse college defender who isn’t a pure powerplay QB. In many ways he’s cut from the same mould as Petry and Gilbert and Poti and…

    CA$H-MONEY!: Respectfully, I disagree with much of what you’re saying. Just because the Oilers are incapable of making timely trades from positions of strength doesn’t mean that BPA isn’t the best drafting strategy. Contemplate this: if Yakupov was the BPA (which was consensus), would the Oilers have been better able to trade him for need after the draft, or now?

    You offer the example of the Ducks but I don’t think there’s much value to their comparison. The Ducks are one of the best drafting organizations in the league, in my opinion. The Oilera trying to emulate their drafting model would require some degree of drafting effectiveness.

  39. TheOtherJohn says:


    Stop with the straw men. Do not know anyone credible that questions LD’s size. Nor his skill. Only question with him becoming a strong NHL player is first step quickness.and he is not Yet fully grown and that should come with Physical training

    Hanifin at 6’2″ 208 is real good sized for an 18 yr old D

  40. Clay says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I’m worried about Hanifin, if for no other reason than the whole “taking dmen in the top 5 is risky” narrative.

    The knock I’ve heard on him is that he’s shy offensively (NHLE would seem to back this up), and I just don’t think that you spend a pick that high on a dman if he doesn’t project to be at least a 40 point, all-situations guy.

    That said, I am a proponent of BPA, so if Hanifin is it, then so be it.

    It won’t stop me from daydreaming of a C depth chart of RNH – Saddle – Strome – Lander though. That lineup cuts piss in a major way starting fall 2017.

  41. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:


    Thanks for re-posting.
    This is why if Zacha is one of their guys (big man who can skate really well but a tad shy on offense), they may have a chance because his offense is shy of a lot of players around him.

    Now I’ve asked this here a few times, but does this concern anyone? That he isn’t scoring enough? For every Hanzal you find you could wind up with three mediocre 3Cs instead.

  42. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Stop with the straw men. Do not know anyone credible that questions LD’s size. Nor his skill. Only question with him becoming a strong NHL player is first step quickness.and he is not Yet fully grown and that should come with Physical training

    This has happened here. Repeatedly. By some credible, non-crazy folks.

    Just the other day smart LTers had a debate here about whether he was even average NHL size.

    Besides, I’m talking about the general fanbase… and since we routinely hear arguments (like from Rishaug) that the Oilers can’t keep Petry because the fanbase will hate him and his style of play… well… it seems worth noting.

    And, really, with these comments and others, the Oilers’ brass have shown that they don’t disagree with the fanbase on this. Size matters to them a damn lot.

  43. Snowman says:

    So MacT figures size and speed are what matters most now? That fits with the Perron trade (who is not that fast and not that big). How do those criteria fit with the players we have?

    LT I’d be interested to here your breakdown of current Oilers who fit with this new MacT model on the current roster and who doesn’t fit and is expendable?

  44. LMHF#1 says:

    Snowman – note he didn’t say speed. He said quickness. A good example is Draisaitl. Not quick at all, but very fast.

    Thing is, Leon has pretty good technique. Once he learns NHL positioning he’ll look damn quick even though he isn’t.

  45. oliveoilers says:

    The whole point of drafting BPA over organisational need is that you trade the BPA for need if the BPA doesn’t work for you. The Oilers seem to get attached to their shiny new toys.

    I’ve always thought drafting for need a bit of a red herring in that most players are, or should be, a few years away. You might not need them then. However, good players are good players. A perfect world would have you identifying probable need two or three years down the line and using lower picks to fill the roster. Higher picks? Pick ’em or trade ’em at will.

    We seem to draft according to what we needed on the team two or three years ago.

    Like any good fighter pilot, we have to get inside the loop where we are causing the reaction in the other pilot, not him causing us to react to him. I think this is what good team do.

    Get good players, keep good players. Trade Gordon.

  46. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    I do kind of doubt MacT wants to draft Hanifin.

    He probably sees all the LHD he has and decides he can’t wait 3 years for Hanifin to arrive.

    I’d hope he has a conversation with Hextall before he makes the pick to see if he can get a king’s ransom for him, though.

  47. Taro Tsujimoto says:

    Red Wing forwards who are big:

    Franzen, Sheahan, Abdelkader, Jurco, Andersson.

    Red Wing forwards who are big and “physical”:

    Abdelkader, Jurco.

    Red Wing forwards who are big and “physical” and legit top-six scorers at this time:


    Teams that are second in the Atlantic Division at this time:

    Red Wings.

  48. oliveoilers says:


    Besides, I’m talking about the general fanbase… and since we routinely hear arguments (like from Rishaug) that the Oilers can’t keep Petry because the fanbase will hate him and his style of play… well… it seems worth noting.

    I noticed this the other day. I don’t like being told who I can hate! Thought it was a strange statement indeed.

  49. Jon K says:

    Doubting Draisaitl’s size strikes me as being silly. He’s an extremely thick fellow. Barrel-chested might be the term used by OTC (R.I.P.).

    If anything, Draisaitl could use to lose some weight to gain quickness, which remains the true issue. If he can’t improve his quickness it’s going to hurt his effectiveness at the NHL level greatly. My memory is fading, but wasn’t that one of the issues for Jani Rita?

  50. Zack says:

    Watching McDavid is truly something special. You see good players every year, sometimes you see great players and then you see players like McDavid.

    The team that lands this kid, wow.

    On topic though, if the player called at the draft isn’t McDavid or Eichel no matter who they draft, they better send him back for seasoning.

    Based from what I’ve read and what I’ve seen I would go….

    1) McDavid
    2) Eichel
    3) Hanifin
    4) Strome

  51. oliveoilers says:

    Jon K,

    It is a misconception that you need to lose weight to become quicker. There is a world of difference between a 200lb+ muscle mass and 200lb+ obesity. Quickness comes from specific training and bio-mechanics.

    For instance:

    Jonah Lomu,
    BMI 31 (Clinically obese)
    Wing for various Rugby Union teams, including the New Zealand All Blacks

    100m sprint PB: 10.7secs

  52. bendelson says:


    Interesting, but can he skate?

  53. LadiesloveSmid says:

    let’s not forget that when Hanifin settles into his ceiling, oiler fans and management will say he’s not physical enough and will inevitably be the whipping boy. I thought we said EDM mgmt shouldn’t even bother drafting college Dmen anymore with their track record

  54. B S says:

    Assuming they don’t do something out of character like trade the picks for actual competent NHL players, I think the Oilers should take Hanifan with the 3rd OV*. top flight D just aren’t available. If we have a problem in a few years on the left either move someone over, or trade from a position of strength, but don’t pass on the hardest asset to obtain in the NHL (1st pairing D) unless you think he’s going to fail.

    Also, the D taken in the top 5 is probably going to develop faster than the D taken later. I’m not suggesting rush him, but I’d rather get a D out of this draft in 2 years rather than 3 or 4. On the other side, I then use the 2nd first round pick to take the most skilled forward available, size be damned. With proper team depth (call me unbelievably optimistic) the forward will be 3+ years from the NHL, properly developed, and arrive when the core is either broken up, or men big enough and tough enough to cover for him.

    *my opinion on Hanifan could change if I go watch a Boston College game next month (I like to form lasting opinions on single viewings). I won’t be taking notes, as I’m mostly there to enjoy the game but is there anything people want me to watch for if I go?

  55. B S says:


    US College Dmen no-less. I’ve seriously wondered about that. And I doubt he’ll be ‘physical’ enough since reffing tends to be tighter in the college games. When I suggest Hanifan I assume The Oilers won’t piss all over him 3 years down the road like they did with Petry, Gilbert, anyone else I’m not thinking of…

  56. DenverOilFan says:

    Completely random question and off topic to this thread, but I haven’t noticed Nelson wearing the same earpiece that Eakins had. If not, anyone know of Rocky Thompson’s fate? Sorry if this has already been asked and answered in previous threads, I tried to Google first to make sure to nothing was already mentioned on lowetide.

  57. Unicorns says:

    I don’t think Marner has displaced Hanifin at 3. Hanifin is a more sure bet and as elite, probably more than Marner. Hanifin’s chances of having a greater impact are also far higher. Hanifin may be similar to Petry but has a higher ceiling, and I think more offense. He may not be high scoring, but I have a lot of time for really good mobile smart players that make the ice quiet.

    I also have concerns with Nurse becoming a high end first pairing because of decision making. It may take him quite a while to become steady, and that is really key for defensemen for me. The chaos matters less in regular season which is long and the brain farts washout. It’s killer in the short term of the playoffs.

    As has been gone over many times, the traded or missed on 1 and 2 rounders have really hurt the roster. They have to keep their own 1 unless a GM loses his mind and is actually trading an elite player, to the Oilers I mean.

    I also didn’t like trading picks for more lower picks. The success averages are informative but you can take that too far. They should always be looking for the BPA which increases the odds of success and those guys are going to be higher up the batting order more often than not. In the lower rounds where it harder to tell the long term difference in players needs can be addressed while looking for the best players.

    Keep the first two rounds for sure and maybe the third always unless a valuable player is coming back, which would be more than a role player or unestablished goalie. I would trade all of 4-7 before a 2.

  58. oliveoilers says:


    As a south pacific islander, I’m pretty sure the only ice he’s seen is in a drink? Would have made a great center….

  59. Jon K says:

    Oliveoilers: I agree that losing weight doesn’t always means gaining quickness. No doubt, Draisaitl may be able to improve his quickness by gaining muscle and strength in his lower body. In his specific case though, I would suggest Draisaitl doesn’t have the prototypical hockey build as he is quite “top heavy”. Losing some weight might be able to help him. Of course I’m just speculating as a fan of the sport here.

    BMI as I’m sure you are aware has absolutely no value when it comes to professional athletes. Someone like Zdeno Chara would also be considered obese according to BMI.

  60. rickithebear says:

    Once again:
    Marner’s mom 5’10”
    Marners Brother 6’2″
    He is 5’10.5″ 167LB at 17yr 8 months

    Players control (contract/Rights)
    Hall 6’1″ 200lb 2.74 lb/in 1PPG top 10 PPG
    Pouliot 6’3″ 193lb 2.57 lb/in tall and Fast
    HENDRICKS 6’0″ 211lb 2.93 lb/in
    C. HAMILTON 6’2″ 212lb 2.87 lb/in
    Slepyshev 6’1.5″ 195lb 2.65 lb/in curently .8 EVP/gm KHL
    Khaira 6’3″ 214lb 2.85 lb/in
    Moroz 6’2″ 214lb 2.89 lb/in
    Campbell 6’1″ 195lb 2.67 lb/in
    Muir 6’4″ 212lb 2.79 lb/in

    Eberle 5’10.5″ 182lb 2.62 lb/in top 30 G scorer since lockout.
    Purcell 6’2″ 198lb 2.68 lb/in
    Yak 5’11” 197lb 2.78 LB/in
    PAKARINEN 6’1″ 215lb 2.95lb/in
    Chase 6’0″ 189lb 2.63 lb/in

    RNH 6’0.5″ 190lb 2.62 lb/in
    Lander 6’0″ 186lb 2.58 lb/in
    GORDON 6’0″ 200lb 2.78 lb/in
    DRAISATL 6’1″ 210lb 2.88 lb/in
    YAKIMOV 6’5″ 232lb 3.01 lb/in
    Ewanyk 6’1″ 202lb 2.77 lb/in
    Center size comming
    Klinkhammer 6’3″ 215lb 2.85 LB/in

    when you look at top 15 centrs in WC Reg season
    8 average 6′ 1/3″ 2.63lb/in

    7 Playoff success centers
    AVG 6′ 3.5″ 2.90 lb/in

    Size is important up the Middle.

    Will check Wings later

  61. oliveoilers says:

    Jon K

    That’s why I put ‘clinically’! Let’s not forget who won the fastest skater as well.

    The young man is built more like a swimmer, though.

  62. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    Lomu was in that “generational” talent group. People like James in the NBA and Calvin Johnson/Terrell Owens in the NFL. Or Usain Bolt. Combinations of size, strength, athleticism and speed that you cannot really use as a benchmark example.

    Jonah Lomu was big, strong and fast so you don’t have to be smaller to be faster just doesn’t hold up. He was a freak of nature.

    Now, I agree, Olive, that you DON’T have to be necessarily super fit in terms of BMI to have certain speed attributes. But holding up Lomu as an example is like taking one of the biggest outliers of all time as your example.

  63. sliderule says:

    The oilers if they pick a forward have to get some scoring out of them .

    If you look at to ten in scoring in NHL four of them are under 6 foot.

    Johnson Giroux and Kane would be considered as small.

    If you want scoring the first thing you want is scoring at amateur level.

    All those players were big scorers at amateur level.

    The oilers drafting problem hasn’t been picking small scorers like Eberle.

    The oilers problem is picking big players like MPS and Pitlick who didn’t have much scoring in amateur and couldn’t ramp it up in the pro’s.

  64. Racki says:


    Agree with you. Anyone that thinks size in the NHL doesn’t matter clearly hasn’t been watching Western conference hockey. It’s important as hell. The thing though is you can go ahead and read that as MacT saying “we don’t want small players”, but I don’t think that’s the case. What I’d read that as is they should be trying to acquiring their skill guys with size if they don’t have to give up much skill to do it. Edmonton’s skill is mostly made up of guys that aren’t all that strong compared to the Getzlafs and Kopitars of the league and they need to work on that. Some small sacrifice in skill level may need to be made sometimes in order to compete in the West. But they aren’t going to likely pass on a highly skilled player if the gap is large.. Just if it’s narrow.

    Tkachev types have no trouble fitting in on teams that have more size to play with. He might work here too, but it’s definitely a lot easier to hide that size weakness on a team with big center/wings to play with. I don’t think there is a problem with picking small skill guys, but just make sure you surround them with some good size that also is talented. The Oilers have failed there. Their big players that were drafted also haven’t been very skilled guys… There is still there, but not on the same plain as an Eberle. Drafting guys like that are no better than drafting Omarks.

    Also the original post mentions Strome with the caveat of Kane/Gagner, but from what I understand, not only did McDavid miss lots of hockey this year with his broken hand, but the two don’t play on the same line (Strome is the 2nd line C). So that seems like an unnecessary warning.

  65. 106 and 106 says:

    Like bigfoot, the legendary search for the Coke Machines continue in Oil Country.

    Crause projecting as Ethan Moreau leaves alot to be desired in a deep draft on a 1st rounder.

    How many goalies do the Oilers draft this year? Over/Under 2?

  66. vinotintazo says:

    MacT’s way:

    2014: Draft 18 y/o Centre. to replace Gagner, play him as your 2C right away.

    2015: Draft 18 y/o Defense to replace Petry, play him as your top 2D right away.

    what could go wrong next season?

  67. oliveoilers says:


    Agreed, I was just trying to point out that people aren’t sports cars; stripping out grams here and there doesn’t necessarily make us faster.

    I would suggest that Drai hasn’t yet fully developed his leg muscles or stride, and that my friend is genetics and bio-mechanics. We, of all fans in the NHL, know about the non-linearity of physical and professional development of young players.

    One of the things I fully agree with TCAF is that the Oilers have mistaken time for development, as if we’re making a cake that must be cooked for this long, at this temperature, to guarantee success.

    It’ll come.

  68. Auston Matthews '16 says:

    Supposedly Franson will hit the UFA market, and the Leaves are going to rent him out before the deadline. And thescore figures that prices will be high for RHD rentals.

  69. TheOtherJohn says:

    To the extent ANYONE suggest that Draisatl lacks the requiste size to be a big body 2C, that is simply crazy. You are entitled to your own opnion, just not your own facts. Draisatl will play a 400+ game career in the NHL at 215 lbs. That is in the ballpark of Kopitar and Getzlaf.

  70. Racki says:


    Your cynicism with this team is well warranted, but I think directing the push to have young drafted players in the NHL might be a little misdirected. This predates MacT’s management and since he’s been here, the only player he’s drafted that’s playing in the NHL right now is Yakupov. The Oilers definitely rush players here, but I’d speculate a lot of that has to do with Katz, since he’s been known to be pushing “hope” here. It’s definitely not good, but I was happy to see Nurse sent back after just a couple games, and Draisaitl after 40 some (should have been earlier but it’s a small crime compared to what we are used to).

  71. McSorley33 says:

    Reading up on Strome and skating is a BIG issue with his game…

    One scout – he has to work on his skating. Not explosive.

    Erie coach Kris Knoblauch sees skating as the only real weak part of Strome’s game.

    Noah Hanifan – already has NHL speed.

  72. PunjabiOil says:

    Would avoid Strome if he has skating issues. Marner is the guy over him IMO.

    I’d adverse to taking D, but Hanifin is doing good things in the NCAA at 17. Those doubting his offensive numbers – the team scoring leader has 19. He has 14.

    At 17.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with selecting him if he develops into what he was advertised. That’s a strong uptrending D-core in Nurse, Hanifin, Marincin, Klefbom and Fayne locked up for another 3 years.

    Finishing 29th isn’t out of realm of possibility either. Then have a 33% chance at drafting one of McEichel.

  73. McSorley33 says:

    There is an NHL team actually paying Andrew Ference, NN and Justin Schultz to play defense for them……..

    Yet, people are still nervous about taking a d-men high in the draft…..

    I think it is Hanifan who at 17 is sometimes forced to practice with his stick upside down against his older teammates….

    If Hanifan was to break his leg – he still might be faster than Ference and Niky…

    Like the 2013 draft – some people may have to brace for the possibility of the Oilers drafting a high end d-men…..imagine the Oilers D – depth chart if Mac T did not select Nurse. Ugly.

  74. Bruce McCurdy says:

    “I really don’t know what will happen if the Oilers reach to take size over skill in the top 5. I might seriously consider following the Jets for a few years. I enjoy following their scouting and prospects.

    Ironic choice, given:

    Dustin Byfuglien, 6’5, 265
    Zach Bogosian, 6’3, 215
    Blake Wheeler, 6’5, 205
    Andrew Ladd, 6’3, 205
    Adam Lowry, 6’4, “187”

    …plus a host of plumbers, pluggers & thuggers like Harrison, Pardy, Chiarot, Thorburn, Peluso.

    That team is massive.

    UNRELATED: That team is doing very well.

  75. Pouzar says:

    Here is a wonderful montage of Slepyshev’s goals in the KHL.

    The guy absolutely knows how to get open.
    No cheapies here.

  76. Unicorns says:

    I am not sure that drafting goalies and D high is completely wrong headed. I think it is possible to put value on the wrong things more easily than with forwards. I just looked through drafts post 04-05 and after the very top forwards the bets on the D are pretty much as good as the other forwards and that’s with hindsight.

    Mistakes happen when objectivity is gone like Plante for the Oilers, J Johnson, Schenn. The decisions lost focus on the facts. If a goalie or D is easily discernable as quality I don’t think it is wrong to take them. There haven’t been a lot of goalies taken first round but from 05-10

    3 quality starters out of 9 selections, a 33% success rate. One is the best in the world. Campbell is still promising, others may still make it. I agree a team has to be completely objective and more careful but to have a blanket statement that you don’t take D or G high is a mistake. If your pick comes and there is a really strong player there you take them, and no it won’t often be a goalie.

    Looking at the Dubnyk selection, it wasn’t that out to lunch when you look at his SV% and the team he was getting shell shocked on. The rest of the first round has Zajac, Corey Schneider and Mike Green that turned out, but I don’t see that they were clearly better on the day, and Dubnyk body slams the Schremp choice. It wasn’t a deep year beyond Ovi and Malkin.

  77. McSorley33 says:

    TSN Article:

    “There’s not a huge gap between McDavid or Eichel and Hanifin but there is, to start the season anyway, a gap between those top three and everyone else,” said one head scout of an NHL team. “(Hanifin) is at a disadvantage simply because he’s a defenceman and the other two guys are centres. But (Hanifin) could be Scott Niedermayer. ***He skates like him.”***

    Hanifin is a shade under 6-foot-3 and weighs 205 pounds. The scouting report says he has world-class wheels, elite offensive skills, can run a power play and use his size effectively to play physically when it’s required. He’s not quite as big as Nashville Predator Seth Jones, the last prospect, before Hanifin, who went into his NHL draft year billed as the next great American defenceman. ***Some scouts like Hanifin better than Jones*** at the same stage of development. Others think the jury is still out on that. Regardless, Hanifin is certainly viewed as being in the same universe as the top defenceman from the 2013 NHL draft, who was ranked No. 1 much of his draft year before going fourth overall to Nashville.

  78. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    I’m posting this here yet again.

    The name thrown out there for Hanifin in this article is Niedermayer. I do think that’s excessive, of course, but I do think he has a real shot at being better than Bouwmeester.

    It also says he is 6’3″, not 6’2″.

    So MOAR BIGGER works here, no? 😉

    Edit-McSorley just posted the excerpt. Ha ha. Well done.

  79. Bruce McCurdy says:

    “Get good players, keep good players. Trade Gordon.”

    Did Gordon stop being a good player since Tuesday?

  80. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    Question for you Edmonton folks. Is Bryan Hall at CHED a reliable source?

    Says the Oilers have two deals in the works.

  81. kinger_OIL says:

    Auston – This is what I’m talking about: why get worked up over Petry leaving, at this point he just costs money: you use his cash for another comparable D: Cody Franson is a great replacement for Petry for example… And you get a magic bean or two for Petry…Spend the same cash, get the same player, and draft picks: nothing wrong with that.

  82. spoiler says:


    Dan Marr, head of CSS said on Stauffer’s show a couple of days ago that he projects Hanifin to be better offensively than J-Bo. Bob specifically asked him about that comp.

  83. book¡je says:

    LT – the site transfer appears to have removed Reply and Quote.

  84. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    Mr. McCurdy, FYI. When I click on your name (website link) here on LT’s site, I get led to an error page on Cult of Hockey. Maybe double check your link, sir?

  85. sliderule says:

    At the WJC I saw Hanifin skating sideways faster than at least three of the oiler D can skste forwards.

    He will anchor a power play and get lots of points wherever he goes in draft.

  86. Oddspell says:


    Thanks for the Slepy video. He and Draisaitl (or Nuge) might just be a devastating combination.

  87. Auston Matthews '16 says:


    Auston – This is what I’m talking about: why get worked up over Petry leaving

    Because Petry is the bird in the hand, and there are 29 other bushes out there. But yeah, Franson might sign in Edmonton.

    Hopefully LT’s new site has a thingamajig for replying to other comments…

  88. spoiler says:


    I’d have to contemplate signing Jeff Petry.

    I’m not sure they can really afford to trade Petry.

    Would have to retain salary to get better than a 3rd for him.

    Believes management is having discussions on what to do about Petry but have not come forward and discussed anything with the Petry camp yet.

  89. Heinz 57 says:

    McCurdy’s link still points to the old cult-4. CoH cleaned that up not long after they won their award. Whoever set up the site originally obviously took a few mulligans. More than once working in Eclipse I’ve wound up with “MyNewProject-13” before I finally find the right wizard with the right magic with the right tick boxes all aligned under the right sign of the Zodiac.

    It’s a personal bugaboo of mine that so many installation forms neglect to inform you about he visibility of the values entered. You think some field is just internal, then it shows up on your birth certificate twenty days later.

    I get a great kick out of software installers maliciously designed—this couldn’t possibly be laziness or stupidity—to ensure that all the landed gentry in cyberspace (i.e. the site owners) end up walking around in cyberspace with labels hanging out of their electronic threads.


    America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise

    Volkswagen uses what’s called a “Soundaktor,” a special speaker that looks like a hockey puck and plays sound files in cars such as the GTI and Beetle Turbo.

    This is an interesting hockey puck.

    Based on the size of your wind-up, it either pretends to be a Mustang, Miata, or a muffin car.

  90. oliveoilers says:

    Hey Bruce,

    Just a little cheeky comment about the recent baffling comments from some posters since the Perron trade. I have noticed that some have been saying “get good players, keep good players” in one breath and saying “we can trade Gordon, MacT can find this player anywhere” in the next breath.

    To me, like the Perron trade, the current state of the team does not allow us the luxury of making wrong decisions, even ones made for the right reasons.

    People need to differentiate between want and need, and more importantly, value and worth. Semantics, I know, but important.

    Want and need are easy: Ask your wife if she wants those new shoes, or does she need them?

    Worth and value are a little trickier: Perron and Gordon aren’t worth a lot on the market. I suspect we got fair market value for Perron. Their VALUE to this team, starved of good NHL players, was way more.

  91. Ice Sage says:

    Slepy reminds me of the Traktor, feasting on some easy D and G. Russian rinks look like Florida.

    Hanafin it is then, since we’re resigned to picking 3rd. I like what I’m hearing about his all-round game and the fact that he can incubate a bit longer in college.

  92. ashley says:

    I don’t know how guys like Shannon can look in the mirror. If we travel back in time 365 days, I can hear him at the first intermission, already down 3-0 saying “The Oilers have to get heavier. They will not be able to compete in the Western Conference with this roster as it is”. He said it so many times I had to stop watching the intermissions. Now one year later size doesn’t matter?

    I agree, obviously. Skill is the key to the kingdom. But I just can’t have any respect for someone who can state their opinion with such authority and certainty only to do a 180 a year later. Zero credibility left.

  93. PhrankLee says:

    Ice Sage:

    I fear this Todd Nelson monkey business will slot us to picking 5-7.

  94. ashley says:

    A new size recipe. Size plus…..quickness. Um, ok. This is different from size with speed somehow. But it still sounds like JFJ.

    The biggest problem for me is not that this unusual combination typically produces a pick that is rated higher than he should be based on skill and production (as irritating as it is to be THE team that hits this pitfall), but that we have to suffer through years of watching this prospect flail at various levels including an undeserved shot a the NHL for a few years before the team finally flushes him 9 years post draft and he is never heard from again.

    The top 5 pick will net us a good player regardless of this strategy, unless they do something really foolish. Otherwise, we’re looking to draft JFJ types thereafter by the sounds of things.

    Good grief.

  95. ashley says:

    Has Dylan McIlrath played an NHL game yet? There is a pitfall Sather saved us from.

  96. stush18 says:

    Continuing from last thread,

    I dont think there is anything wrong with taking a player like crouse or bittner. All the recent championship teams have players like him. Problem is you dont want to waste a top end pick for him. But the good teams pick up these players at the middle and end of the draft because they always finish better (worse?) then us.

    Look at how effective pouliot is when playing with nuge and ebs. Imagine if all our lines had players like him to create space? Rhe problem is other then our fourth line, he is the only player capable of playing this way.

    So heres a crazy idea. Talk to teams. See who wants crouse. Then trade down for 8ov and the 38ov. Take crouse at 8 (or wherever), and trade up with pitts and one of your seconds so you can grab one of the skilled dmen (werenski,kylington,provorov) and say a third?

    We have our big skilled two way forward that we are never able to deaft because we are always at the end of the draft. We also grab a skill dman, something this team hasnt had in forever.

    If this is truly the deepest draft since 2003, we should be able to trade down and pick up players. If we miss on mceichel, this is what im doing.

  97. spoiler says:

    Dustrock said…

    It’s the same argument for those wanting Werenski over Hanifin b/c he’s RHD. By the time the properly developed player is ready, your team might look very different.

    Those people making that argument are going to be real upset when they find out he shoots left, lol.

  98. Bruce McCurdy says:

    McCurdy’s link still points to the old cult-4. CoH cleaned that up not long after they won their award. Whoever set up the site originally obviously took a few mulligans.

    Yes, that has been the source of some frustration for us. The URL got changed on at least two occasions if not three, and every time there was a cascade of bad links, lost comments, and various other things that either didn’t get considered or were considered of secondary importance. Can’t speak to what went on, other than I wrote to LT and a few other blogs asking them to fix our links more than once.

    Right now today the blogroll link above works for me, but maybe LT or his cyber-angel just fixed it.

  99. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: No, I changed it last time you mentioned it and it has remained the same. There are some links that don’t work or are links to blogs that are not active, so I have to clean that up. someday. 🙂

  100. kinger_OIL says:

    Auston – This is what I’m talking about: why get worked up over Petry leaving
    Because Petry is the bird in the hand, and there are 29 other bushes out there. But yeah, Franson might sign in Edmonton.

    But that’s the thing. The rules are the rules: Petry at the end of the year, like all UFA’s are not “birds in hand”. They just cost money to whatever club signs them. They are no longer controlled by the team that drafted them. So all things being equal, a team should be indifferent to paying someone they developed and is now UFA, or spending that money on another similar player. (unless the player is willing to sign for a home-team discount). Who a UFA plays for doesn’t matter. Any pending UFA is not a bird in hand to any team. Now of course, you could talk all day about how you should be buying UFA years when you control them, asset management, etc, but that’s a different conversation. Petry at end of year is a freely-tradeable stock: not subject to any hold period. You can buy him on the market, or buy someone else on the market.

  101. stush18 says:

    I sont think there is an issue with taking marner at number three overall. But only if we werent the oilers.

    I dont have the math, but we have to have one of, if not the smallest team in nhl. If you remove our defense,(which is actually a not bad size) we get even smaller. There is no way we can continue to put small forwards into our lineup and win.

    The key is to be big up middle, and on defense. Win the puck in the corners, send it up to the wingers with speed. Can small players play and excel in this league? Of course. But i would argue they all play with bigger players.

    Take strome or hanifin. Continue to take big and skilled. When we stop finishing in the bottom three, start looking at the small skilled wingers.

  102. boneshj says:

    @ PhrankLee

    Relax. In order to have a greater than 50% chance of picking outside the top 5 (i.e. 5th seed or higher) requires a 19-11-5 record or better from here on out. The odds on that at Sports Club stats is just a little higher than 1%.

    A record of 3-4 games over .500 is a more realistic optimistic range (which they still only have about 9% odds of achieving) and that gets them greater than 50-50 odds of being bottom 3, thus picking fourth or better with about a 45% change of staying in the top three (and 11.5% of getting first). “Craig’s on it”. Enjoy the wins where you can get them. The team’s actual skill level should keep them in range for one of the top 3.

  103. Lowetide says:

    I spoke to Pronman today. He wouldn’t be shocked if Strome or Marner go No. 3 but still believes it’s Hanifin as most likely. Fascinating conversation.

  104. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    Sir. No, I am talking about the link in your name/log-in for commenting on LT’s site. It’s a matter of going to your profile page and updating your website URL in there.

    That way, as Rom and others who have sites have done, we can click on your name to go to your CoH page without going back up to the blogroll.


  105. rickithebear says:

    @20 .906 SV% AHL
    @20-25 .915 SAVE% NHL
    @26-27 .928 SAVE% NHL
    @20 .905 SV% AHL
    @21.920 SV% AHL
    @22 -23 .924 SAVE% NHL
    @24-26 .929 SAVE% NHL
    @20 .920 SV% AHL
    @21 .933 SV% AHL
    @22-24 .912 SV% NHL
    @25-26 .926 SV% NHL
    Schnieder #26 2004
    @20 NCAA .925 SV%
    @21 .916 SV% AHL
    @22 -23 .922 SV% AHL
    @24-26 .931 SV% VCR
    @27-28 .920 SV% NJD

    L. Brossoit
    @21 .915 SV% AHL

  106. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    Brossoit is tracking pretty well, agreed. However, I don’t believe in putting all our eggs in one basket, especially a goalie basket. Having at least one more strong candidate for the future #1 position would be preferable.

  107. Unicorns says:


    You’re argument has truths but assumes a large enough inventory of available assets which isn’t the case in the NHL. There are not a lot of RHD available at all, especially proven. Extending Petry would almost certainly be less costly than winning a bidding war for Boychuk or Franson.

    Turning good players over is pointless. Good teams keep their good if flawed players because until an improvement is available to acquire or you grow one the team has a better chance of being worse than better. Also, playing a system over a few years is when teams get really stable and make less mistakes.

    The Oilers constant turnover contributes to the weak team play. Turning over players for the sake of it or impatience is a hindrance not a help.

    Also, even if Hanifin is the pick, the team isn’t set on D. The team is set on LD, but right is still weaker. Hanifin and Nurse need good partners, and just moving a guy to the other side isn’t always a sure thing.

    Hanifin Petry
    Nurse Fayne
    Klefbom Schultz

    Take Petry out of that and it’s not good. You’d have Ference or Nikitin playing wrong side or even worse a young guy.

  108. Pouzar says:

    Bryan Hall @Hallsy_ched · 25m 25 minutes ago

    Oilers working on 2 deals..getting ready to beef up backend and that includes next training camp will look like “New” team..

  109. rich says:

    @ Pouzar:

    You think one of them could be they are going to re-sign Petry, or is it more likely Petry is finally traded?

  110. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:


    How about Pittsburgh’s 1st + something for Adam Larsson? If Marincin is indeed on the outs as Jon Willis says, Pittsburgh’s 1st + Marincin to New Jersey for Larsson + 2nd or something like that?
    Might be the last chance to get Larsson before he breaks out. May already be too late.

    Simpson/Oesterle/Hunt/Laleggia/Musil/Lagesson to compete to move on up and displace some of these guys.

  111. AZOIL says:

    The Artist formerly known as “NYCOIL” says:
    January 23, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Mr. McCurdy, FYI. When I click on your name (website link) here on LT’s site, I get led to an error page on Cult of Hockey. Maybe double check your link, sir?


    NYCOIL, I didn’t know you could do that, cool! I just looked at your site, looks like you have traveled just a little. I love other countries, traveling, and the perspective that can be gained from doing so. Happy travels and all the best! So do you still work in Finance in NYC? Investment banking?

  112. frjohnk says:


    just listened to the podcast with Pronman

    Agree that Pronman is great for getting to know the prospects

    Sounds like Pronman has Crouse in the 5-10 group
    raves about his size, skating, best defensive forward in this draft and has some skill

    Zacha- big, fast, skilled, physical, too bad he is hurt, “in the upper end” which I believed he meant in the top 10. I could be wrong.

    Hanifan, Strome or Marner could go number 3.

    Great interview.

  113. vinotintazo says:


    w/o Petry it would look like this:

    we all know ference is not going anywhere (NMC)

    Hanifin – Fayne
    Klefb – Schultz
    Ference – Nikitin

    although I’ve read Hanafin is returning to college next season anyways. so TBD.

    unless we trade Marincin he’s on the 23 man roster (waiver elegible by then).

  114. Pouzar says:


    If I were a betting man I would say Petry is gone.

  115. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Sir. No, I am talking about the link in your name/log-in for commenting on LT’s site. It’s a matter of going to your profile page and updating your website URL in there.

    That way, as Rom and others who have sites have done, we can click on your name to go to your CoH page without going back up to the blogroll.

    I see. Thanks. My bad, but now good (I think).

    I didn’t know you could do that either.

  116. kinger_OIL says:

    UNICORNS – Good points. Petry though is just money. The OIL don’t have anymore claim to him at the end of the year than another team. If Petry takes $4.5MM/yr from another team, and the Oil were willing to pay the same amount, that’s on the OIL. If he gets $5.5MM and the OIL weren’t willing to pay, that’s the market bidding him up. But it’s just money, and while there aren’t many replacements for him, that’s likely why they lose him: others overvalue him. The OIL aren’t the worst team in league over the last 7 years because their UFA’s left for nothing (because there have been few of those departures), they are here because they trade away real NHL players for magic beans (and there have been lots of those departures)….

  117. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:

    @ Bruce McCurdy,

    Perfect! Saves a lot of time and hopefully helps increase your traffic because the clicks now lead to the right place!

  118. kooler says:

    CRAZY idea.

    WHAT happens if we lotto the 1st pick, Buffalo gets 2nd…….would Buffulo trade their 3 first round picks for Mcdavid and would you do take that deal?


    WHAT happens if we get 2nd pick…..would you trade 2nd for Ottawa’s 1st round and 2 2nd round picks? Tampa Bay also has 2 1st rounds picks.

    Too crazy?

  119. Auston Matthews '16 says:

    would Buffulo trade their 3 first round picks for Mcdavid and would you do take that deal?

    Buffalo would, but I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t trade McDavid for Buffalo’s next 10 1st rounders.

  120. dustrock says:

    I don’t get people saying shy away from taking the US College d-man Hanifin because Petry and Poti have been so bad(?). When Hanifin is the consensus #3 pick and they throw names like Niedermayer or Bouwmeester out there, I’m listening pretty hard.

    You make these draft picks, hoping to find franchise cornerstones at a variety of positions, arguably a true #1 d-man is the hardest to acquire. From my review of the available players, Hanifin seems to fit that bill. Everyone’s afraid because Werenski or Provorov or whoever could be better, but there has to be a reason why Hanifin is consistently ranked that high.

  121. The Artist formerly known as "NYCOIL" says:


    I’m temporarily in Toronto at the moment for work and due to some hiccups in life in NY. Hence “formerly known as ‘NYCOIL.'” I’m soon going to be taking an extended break from finance. I leave Toronto at the start of March and then I will be headed out to New Mexico for a photography class with Sam Abell, a 35-year National Geographic legend who is now retired and strictly teaches. I had to submit my work for acceptance to his highly competitive class so I am excited to have the chance to attend.

    I got this Toronto job as a sort-of “Mr. Fix-it” for some people I worked with in the US and Japan who are now here. I’m helping Canadian banks get up to speed with global peers in terms of quantitative trading, global equity trading strategies, etc. So maybe down the line, I can get some more temporary work doing that sort of thing, allowing me to travel in the mean time (I’ve been to 43 countries so far, but would like to see a lot more of the world before I’m done). I’ve been working in finance at the giant global investment banks in Tokyo and NYC (and now Toronto) for 15 years now so suffice it to say I’m a little burned out and a lot disillusioned. Ha ha.

    The Oilers are supposed to be a nice stress relief but instead they’ve been giving me extra grief for the last 5 years especially. Hopefully that ends soon.

  122. Ca$h-Money! says:

    I’m all for drafting Hanifin, but

    I’ve seen a few people put him on the top pair next year. Are you people insane?

    Hanifin appears to have legit upside. With that in mind, he isn’t better than Klefbom next year. He isn’t better than Marincin next year. I doubt he’s better than Nurse next year.

    5 years from now he’s a 1 D. Maybe as early as 2 years from now he’s top 4… maybe.

  123. oliveoilers says:

    @ Pouzer

    ‘Beef up’. Hmmmm. Fraser, Fistric, Aulie type beef, or Actual NHL 1/2 D-Man (TM)? Any link to the Boychuk talk stalls? AAA Alberta or Kobe or grass finished British Highland beef? ‘Beef up’ makes me nervous when spoken in context with the Oilers. I don’t think they think it means what we think it means.

  124. vinotintazo says:


    you are probably right, but you know we are talking about the oilers right? 🙂

  125. kinger_OIL says:

    Hey NYC – A good friend of mine took a course with him: but I believe @ Pacific Northwest Art School. Guy is a legend: you must have some great work. Our friend has given us some stuff which the only payment is bottles of expensive wine and dinners at our place. That will be an amazing experience. We should chat offline: I’ve been in Finance in London, NY and T-Dot: grinding it out here in this self proclaimed “world-class city”

  126. rickithebear says:

    Fistric is a top 15 PKGA D and has top 10 EVGA when facing 3rd comp.
    If your 3rd D pair is best in league AT Killing PK and EVEN.
    your 1st comp and 2nd comp Have more room to suck.

    compared to J. schultz 3.00+ EVGAat 3rd comp that requires your 1st comp and 2nd comp d to be better than 2.00 EVGA. which would cost 28M.

  127. oliveoilers says:

    Nice break down on Fistric, Ricki.

    Any idea why he was waived? I would suggest his overall play was lacking, or he was the odd man out. He wasn’t bad for us, at least not by eye.

  128. Pouzar says:

    @Cash $$

    I doubt Hanifin plays AHL next year let alone NHL. Just a guess on that but another year in the NCAA seems likely no?!?!?!

  129. spoiler says:


    Rumour is that Anaheim is preparing to make a couple of big time moves. They’re going for the whole enchilada this Spring.

  130. Jon K says:

    Bruce: how many of those guys were drafted by Winnipeg or Atlanta?

    What’s that, most of them were acquired by trade to help the team get bigger??


    Edit: I’d also add that I don’t believe any of them were reach picks taken in the top 5 of a deep draft.

  131. oliveoilers says:


    Ana will be after rentals though. That means draft picks and salary dumps of minor players. I think Hallsy is alluding to something a little more substantial coming back our way, in the way of roster players.

  132. Pouzar says:


    Did he mention the timeframe on such moves?

  133. oliveoilers says:


    No, just ‘in the works’ and ‘new looking team’. Didn’t catch OilersNow today, just going off the tweet.

  134. Lowetide says:

    My mid-season report cards. ON doesn’t like them so far!

  135. oliveoilers says:


    Yeah, saw them. All good. Little unfair on Drai, maybe should’ve given him a mulligan. That’s all on MacT. But hey ho, some people won’t understand that you graded on the role of the player and how they performed.

    Would have given Pou a solid B+. Those penalties hurt, man……

  136. spoiler says:


    I was referring to your Fistric question… why was he waived. Making roster space for something.

    Dunno if Edmonton would be into dealing with Anaheim, considering they’re in the same division.

    I think there’s a very good chance that you see a Maple Leaf transmogrified into a Duck in the near future though.

  137. spoiler says:

    There was nothing mentioned on OilersNow with regards to Hallsy’s tweet or comments.

    They did discuss the DVD article in The Sun though, and Bob stated that in his opinion most of the 5 guys listed might require Oilers retaining salary to get a decent return.

  138. blainer says:

    Hey Pouzar.. Just curious .. you have been watching the Ahl games lately.. How has Marincin been doing.. Is he still looking good as his box cars aren’t great.

  139. spoiler says:

    Auston Matthews ’16 says:

    would Buffulo trade their 3 first round picks for Mcdavid and would you do take that deal?


    Buffalo would, but I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t trade McDavid for Buffalo’s next 10 1st rounders.


    Good luck drafting yourself then! lol

  140. Unicorns says:

    The Artist formerly known as “NYCOIL”

    I like Larsson but if they had traded Perron for him I would think it would be Larsson plus coming back, although I’m not the trade value expert. Larsson is RFA next year so he’ll cost more. I’ve read they’re using him more but is he playing better? Is he ready for first pairing? I’m not sure.


    You’re probably right, that looks like a losing season to me. Yuck.


    Petry at 5.5 is still less than Boychuk would be and he’s younger. Maybe more than Franson, but would Franson sign, and can he yet play the comp that we know Petry can? I can’t see given what’s out there how it isn’t a fail losing him. Unless those trades brewing are like Pietrangelo for Yak and Pitts 1st or something.

  141. sliderule says:

    Staples has a post on Marner on the cult of hockey.

    He pretty much agrees with what I saw.

    If Marner gets 140 pts about the same as Kane did and the oilers don’t pick him this draft could end up looking similar to 2003.

    Don’t laugh a lot of the same actors are in place and the mindset of value big before skill is back big time.

  142. spoiler says:

    If Hallsy’s right and we’re on the verge of “beefing up” netminding, then he must be talking Lehner and that doesn’t make me very happy. Although I do believe he is beefier than either of our present netminders.

    Unless it’s something like Fasth straight across or with a poorer pick/prospect, just so that Ottawa can get out of their backup contract a couple of years earlier.

  143. Unicorns says:


    I have no problem with the hockey side of a player like Kane. Scoring the same points though isn’t the same as having the same skill set that will transfer. Kane is an exceptional skater, that to me is key especially for little guys. It’s what kills Gagner. He tries like crazy but can’t separate and can’t shoot.

    Does Marner skate like Kane? Does he have a strong shot? I don’t know. Without those things he’ll be more like Eberle than Kane, non-physical, good but not elite and complimentary not play driving. The Oilers need that not. If the Oilers draft small it has to be a firecracker type who plays big.

  144. spoiler says:


    Marner is excellent on his skates. LT used Hemsky as a comp for him and it’s as good as any. Great vision and playmaking skills.

  145. Ca$h-Money! says:

    @Sliderule… and everyone else that seems to be having a JFJ inspired panic attack.

    No one is saying big before skill. People are noticing that we have lots of skill and are a terrible hockey team.

    No one is advocating drafting Crouse before Marner. I haven’t seen anyone suggest that (maybe Ricki, I can’t tell). Let’s all collectively calm down.

    Just because Strome is big, and plays on the same team as McDavid, doesn’t mean he somehow doesn’t have skill. He’s got lots; he’s projected to be better than his older brother, and I’d take him on this team in a heartbeat.

    Hanifin looks to be an exceptional talent. I know, I know, D in the top 5 is risky… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. Hanifin could be as good as Jones or Ekblad, and if that’s the case there is a strong argument that he’s worth a third overall pick.

    Can everyone please stop hyperventilating about drafting big strong shitty hockey players already? We have 0 evidence to suggest that we’re somehow avoiding skill this draft.

  146. Lowetide says:

    Sliderule: I absolutely agree Marner is the third best player in the draft (as things stand). However, I don’t think the Oilers would be out of their minds if they go Hanifin or Strome.

  147. rickithebear says:

    I am all for Drafting CHL players that the nath says are Awesome.

    Hertl 6’2″ mid nov birth 54% CHL #17 2012
    38gm 12 13A 25p .66PPG CZECH is 2.13 times better than CHL
    That translates to .76 PPG
    hetrl should be a 30G 32A player.

    Perron may birth .67 translate
    1.2PPG X .48 NHLE 22g 26A

    Yakupov oct .52 translate
    42gm 31G 38A 69P
    1.64 PPG .853 NHLE 30G 38A
    19 Yr season was a 29G 24A -7 season
    Eakins f……..D him up.

    Meier 6’1″ 208lb Oct 96 .52 translation
    #12 NA CSB
    #31 Craig TSN
    ISS top 30 NR
    37gm 25g 31A 56 pp
    1.51 PPG .785 NHLE 28g 36A 64P this guy is

    Svechnikov 6’2″ 200lb End OCT .53 translate
    #21 NA CSB
    #20 Craig TSN
    #18 ISS
    34gm 17g 28A 45P
    1.32 PPG .701 NHLE 22G 36A 58p

    Sprong 6’1″ 190lb Mar .62 translate
    41gm 22G 29A 51P
    1.11 PPG .687 NHLE 24G 32A 56P
    #19 Craig TSN
    #20 NA CSB
    ISS NR

    Korostolev 6’1.25″ 195lb feb .60 Translate
    34gm 16 G 20A 36P
    1.06 PPG .635 NHLE 23g 29A 52P
    #46 Craig TSN
    #41 NA CSB
    #23 ISS

    Chlapik 6′ 0.75′ 195lb june .71 Translate
    42gm 22G 29A 51p
    1.21 PPG .862 NHLE 30G 41A71P
    #29 Craig TSN
    #17 NA CSB
    ISS NR

    Senyshyn 6’1″ 195 Mar .62 Translate
    4th line role in SSM first 28 Gm
    More time Last 18gm
    18Gm 6 EVG 1PPG 8 EVA 2 PPA +6
    .95 PPG .585 NHLE 20g 28A 48P
    .78 EVP/gm EVNHLE 17 EVG 23 EVA
    4 EVP player is top 60 NHL
    #92 Craig TSN
    #56 NA CSB
    As we watch Nurse Maybe he ends up Beingour scouts Steal?

  148. rickithebear says:

    No i am not a Crouser Guy but the Math Says 26- 28 EVG for a winger.
    With size.
    Some teams Chase Goals
    Some Chase points
    Some Chase Assists

    Not in a draft were guys ranked in the 40’s are showing top 10 Math from other drafts
    Chlapik ranjked 17; 29 OR Not top 30
    who’s math says top 3 in some drafts.and bettter than Yak.
    At 30


  149. oliveoilers says:

    @ CA$H MONEY

    “Can everyone please stop hyperventilating about drafting big strong shitty hockey players already? We have 0 evidence to suggest that we’re somehow avoiding skill this draft.”

    Incorrect. The best evidence we have would be MacT tweeting out who he intends to pick. Seeing as he won’t be doing that, at least I hope not, we revert to past drafting as a guide to how we will draft this year; what values do the Oilers value and so forth.

    So, based on past drafting, what do you think the Oilers do? Obviously they pick McEichel if they can. But if we’re 3rd to 5th? The Oiler’s past record is less than stellar, as MacT has admitted. But has he learnt? Will he practice what he preaches, or is the second coming of Lucic, a player type which we know they covet, be too big a temptation?

    That’s what has people worried. As LT has put so eloquently: The Oilers can be trusted to do the wrong thing, every time. (Paraphrasing.)

  150. Unicorns says:


    Does Marner have more upside than Hanifin to you? I see the opposite but you follow A LOT more closely.

    The Oilers need a dominant defenseman and for many teams that has come through a high draft pick. I think that will be the case for the Oilers – I don’t think they necessarily have one in the system (although Nurse and Klef are great) and a winning trade is unlikely. I’d go McDavid, Eichel, Hanifin.

    If anyone would take Eberle plus for a top 5 depending on the board I’d do that too. I think Yak can take his place and playing with quality would get his act together soon enough.

  151. frjohnk says:


    I’m using same ballpark numbers for projecting players.

    Curious what you have for Draisaitl as 17 yearold
    and as a 18 yearold.


  152. Lowetide says:

    Unicorns: I haven’t seen Hanifin enough to say. He doesn’t look like he has a monster shot but he’s also a kid so there’s that. I think Hanifin is the safest pick at No. 3 but would take Marner because scoring goals is the toughest thing to do in hockey.

  153. spoiler says:

    I will hazard a guess that if Arizona picks ahead of Edmonton, they will take Marner… even over Eichel.

  154. spoiler says:

    They might also be willing to trade back one to take Marner instead of Eichel. But of course then you have to call their bluff, don’t you?

  155. Pouzar says:


    Marincin has neither looked bad nor outstanding. I haven’t noticed any egregious defensive errors or great offensive play. Just average overall. Oesterle is the guy that sticks out to me b/c he always has the puck but I couldn’t tell you a lick about his dzone play or coverage.

    The thing about the AHL to me is that it seems very much like rushing North and South skating game. It’s not a huge ozone possession type game to my eye. More run and gun and up and down. I could be way off on that but just what I see.

  156. Pouzar says:

    New post

  157. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Jon K:
    Bruce: how many of those guys were drafted by Winnipeg or Atlanta?

    What’s that, most of them were acquired by trade to help the team get bigger??

    Edit: I’d also add that I don’t believe any of them were reach picks taken in the top 5 of a deep draft.

    How many reach picks do Oilers have taken in the top 5 of a deep draft?


    Unless you think Leon?

    Why not at least wait for MacT to fuck up a pick before crucifying him for it?

  158. Are Oilers worthy of first pick? | Edmonton Journal says:

    […] This in from Sportsnet commentator John Shannon:  “I talked to Craig MacTavish before the game, and about the five or six games behind the bench. I said you know size doesn’t matter anymore and he said oh no, one thing I learned is that size matters more than ever. Size and quickness.” […]

  159. Mitchell Marner looks like the second coming of Denis Savard. Does his size make him wrong for the Edmonton Oilers? | Edmonton Journal says:

    […] This in from Sportsnet commentator John Shannon:  “I talked to Craig MacTavish before the game, and about the five or six games behind the bench. I said you know size doesn’t matter anymore and he said oh no, one thing I learned is that size matters more than ever. Size and quickness.” […]

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