He arrived in the weeks after the Edmonton Oilers fell just short of glory and honestly there wasn’t much on him draft day. Petry was not among the 100 most heralded projections on any of the lists I could find at the time and there was precious little on him in the early days.

  • Guy Flaming at Hockey’s Future: “Petry is a smart two-way defenseman who is an excellent skater with good mobility, which he uses to shut down opponents. The 6’2.5, 176-pound Petry plays with an edge and can lay out some good hits. He also doesn’t mind battling in front of the net. Offensively, Petry has a cannon for a point shot, but often uses a wrist shot as well so that it does not get blocked and does not allow the goaltender to set up. Petry also uses his skating and stick skills to make accurate passes out of the zone or to skate the puck up himself, which he has the speed and stickhandling to do.”

Petry would spend one more year at Des Moines of the USHL and then play three seasons at Michigan State. By the time he turned pro, there was a lot in his game to suggest he would deliver on promise and become an NHL player. He spent fewer than 50 games in the minors and then moved up to the NHL, where he developed into a useful defenseman over 295 games in the show.

Today, Edmonton’s best defenseman—age 27—is down the road and into the playoffs for the first time. Oilers fans knew this day was coming the moment David Perron was dealt and the return on both trades tells us the rebuild has no plan to turn north. Craig MacTavish could cash some of these picks acquired today in order to acquire a useful player for next season but the tragedy is that useful player’s profile would look identical to that of Jeff Petry.

Those discussions will wait for a later hour. Sail on, Jeff Petry. You came to us in a time of addled thinking wrapped around a ball of confusion. You left us in the same state but gave Oilers fans many great memories. Godspeed, win a Stanley and enjoy your life young man.

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  1. TemujinBC says:

    “…gave Oilers fans many great memories.”

    This, over and over.

    o7 Onward o7

  2. p3rsonman says:

    What’s another word for failure that rhymes with Matthews?

  3. leadfarmer says:

    As much as I enjoyed watching and the memories of the 2006 run, I think it would have been best long term if they got swept by Detroit in the first round. I think Lowe and MacT would have been a distant memory by now.

  4. wheatnoil says:

    Sail on Petry. I hope you never again have to play for a team that doesn’t appreciate your worth.

  5. OilSafety says:

    Is it possible the deal has been on reserve(as some had suggested on Twitter), and they had until end of business yesterday to find a better offer, or they had to pull the trigger? Sure happened fast this morning.

    I will definitely be following Montreal in the playoffs this year, and not because of the conditional pick.
    Tom Gilbert and Jeff Petry, Jeez, has anyone mentioned this managements inability to assess defensemen? This is why we cant have nice things? Get good players keep good players? BECAUSE OILERS!

    Sail on!

    PS, if he resigns with the Oil in the off season, I reserve the right to change my opinion totally.

  6. Bad Seed says:

    Just another bungled asset by our dream team.

  7. kinger_OIL says:

    Isn’t this return almost exactly the same as Philly got for a 40 year D, who didn’t play a game this year?

  8. flyfish1168 says:

    Good luck Jeff. May you score many goals against us like all previous Oiler players do.

  9. Lois Lowe says:

    To be fair to the Oilers, if they had Subban and Markov to push Gilbert and Petry down the depth chart, there is a chance they would have actually recognized their actual value.

  10. slopitch says:

    FFS Oilers Management. Your time should be done. You prove over and over you are outclassed (MB is a wizard by the way). Katz has to fire everyone. Just like Chicago did when they all gave credit to Dave Tallon, the new management team can make the old Oilers management look like heros in 3 years when the team is a perennial contender. The Oilers are setup nicely for the future but its these small loses every year where they dont get value that continually set the franchise back. Too many years of losing is rotting the core. Its time for a new perspective. Lets face it, next year is another wasted season. They might as well keep the picks and hope for a home run draft. There just isnt enough NHL players on this roster. If your gonna turn Hemsky, Perron and Petry into Klinkhammer and picks, your not playing for next year. Your playing for 2-3 years down the road. If the Oilers can find a way to move Ference Id like the cap space but when your this shitty you have to overpay so dearly that UFA shopping is a fools game.

    Good luck Petry. Im cheering for the Habs now in the playoffs. I have a trip to Montreal in May and we might as well make that conditional pick as good as possible.

  11. Chris says:

    The sad thing is I was underwhelmed by the tsn alert on my phone of a second and two thirds. Then I find out that we got even less than that. We’ve now spent a decade trading away real NHL players for magic beans and a decade of futility is what we have to show for it. They’ve blamed the players, the coaches, the scouts, Tambellini restrospectively but really at this point its the whole organizations fault from the owner on down.

    The Oilers appear to have next to know idea what a good hockey player looks like and how much one should pay such a player over various stages of his career.

  12. Ontario Oilers Fan says:

    This Oilers organization is extremely creative at being inept.
    What will Mact do with all those picks he has been accumulating? A new rebuild? His scouting staff are a collective stinky joke, they have no player of significance on the roster from later rounds. So those picks will be wasted as well.
    At this point in time, I talk to Toronto for Phaneuf vs picks and maybe Kessel for something more considerable…

  13. frjohnk says:

    Ryan Rishaug @TSNRyanRishaug
    Oilers did make a long term offer to Petry, but he wanted to go to market.

    Ryan Rishaug @TSNRyanRishaug
    · 29m 29 minutes ago
    Market for Petry was fairly cool, and at no point was a first round pick a possibility in return.

    This is what I think, on how some teams see Petry, as some of the hubbub is that Oilers did not get many calls on Petry.

    -Petry has never really put up much for points.

    -He is among the worst in plus minus over the last two years ( teams still value this even if it is a flawed stat)

    -The teams that were willing to overpay for rentals had other defencemen higher in the pecking order.

    -The teams that were interested probably were only going to give up picks like Montreal.

    ( Just trying to make sense of it)

  14. Jon K says:

    I honestly cannot reconcile the prices we are seeing this deadline with the return for Petry.

    I’m led to believe either two things are true:

    1. Teams around the league think very little of Petry, or

    2. Teams around the league think very little of the Oilers manamhent group.

  15. slopitch says:

    Im highly negative of the trade. I do think the only option to save his job is for MacT to make a couple Nick Leddy or Johny Boychuk type trades this offseason. He has the assets to make it happen now.

  16. bcoil says:

    Mc T walks in to Bergevin’s office to do a deal and comes out wearing nothing but his Skivvies.

  17. TemujinBC says:

    So Yakupov and Roy in a package deal with Fasth in exchange for ???

    Three for One!

  18. Ontario Oilers Fan says:

    I am very confident that Petry will sign long term with Habs after he sees that he is part of a winning organization that can contend for the Cup.
    On the other hand I am also very confident that the Oilers are an organization that is mismanaged. Kids like Hall are probably very tired of playing for a loser team… There is no f@cking way that the Oilers make the playoffs in 2015-16 or even 2017-18.
    The Oilers simply suck.

    Good job to Darryl Katz, KLown, Howson & MacT. Well done, morons.

  19. Clay says:

    Arguably the worst defensive corps in the league gets worse today.

    The team now needs three new actual NHL defensemen if they hope to improve next year. Good luck and godspeed, MacT.

  20. frjohnk says:

    Ryan Rishaug @TSNRyanRishaug
    · 7m 7 minutes ago
    Offer to Petry was around 4 million a year for four years. He wanted to go to market.

    Well no wonder why he wanted to go to market.

  21. wordbird says:

    “FREE TO A GOOD HOME” is probably not the best trade deadline philosophy, MacT.

  22. SwedishPoster says:

    Listening in on TSN tradecenter coverage, it’s kind of frustrating how every GM they interview sounds more competent and knowledgeable than the boys in Oiler management. Oh well. Makes you miss Jay Feaster.

  23. Ontario Oilers Fan says:

    I can see Leafs moving Phaneuf to the Oiler for a few 3rd 4th round picks today. Straight up for full contract. That’s the MacT bold way….

  24. Eastern Oil says:

    If the offer was around or at $4m for 4 years, that is an absolute joke. Even if the offer came last minute and was fair market value I would be less mad.

    We just drafted and developed a very good defenceman, played him above his ability level which drove down his value, traded him for magic beans, replaced him with no one and managed to low ball him all at the same time.

    Man oh man…

  25. Ontario Oilers Fan says:

    When will Kevin Lowe, Scott Howson, MacT, et al all be fired?
    That is so easy for the rebuild…… I guess I’m just too dumb & cannot comprehend the wiseness of those elite sports managers……. Fool I am.

  26. JJ says:

    How is a 32 year old Curtis Glencross worth more than a 27 year old Jeff Petry? Sigh! I guess this sad day has roots in that one year contract and the low ball rumoured $4 million x 4 years offer. I hope McTavish learns faster than he has shown so far. Hopefully Nelson has more say going forward. Tough day.

  27. HiddenDarts says:

    Sad day, but we knew it was coming. Now at least we have a real solid track record of obtaining almost nil value for assets. Go MacT!

    We’ll miss you, Jeff! Say hello to Tom for us!

  28. coolwasabi says:

    Jeff Petry enters the Montreal locker room. It’s empty. His new team hasn’t arrived yet.
    He sits down at his new stall and waits. He nervously looks around the room that’s draped in historic Canadiens Bleu, Blanc, and Rouge. Maybe this won’t be so bad he tries to convince himself.

    10 minutes pass. Nothing.
    20 minutes pass. Nothing.

    Finally. Members of his new team enter the room. They’re laughing. Joking about something that happened at the team breakfast. Something involving pancake syrup. Jeff Petry stands up and awkwardly begins to introduce himself just as PK Subban enters the room to loud commotion. Jeff Petry awkwardly sits back down without anyone noticing him. Jeff pretends to tape his stick (it’s already been taped) to make himself look busy…

    As he tapes his stick for a third time, Tom Gilbert (Jeff’s old teammate) walks into the room. Tom walks straight over to Jeff and introduces him to the rest of the team. The team cheers and warmly welcome Jeff to the team. “Are you ready for the playoffs Jeff? I hope you’re ready for the f-cking playoffs!”.

    Jeff looks at Tom. Tom nods. “It’s over Jeff. You’re not an Oiler anymore. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your fault.” As Jeff and Tom embrace in a hug, Jeff breaks down in tears of joy.

  29. Zack says:


    This is how imagine things will go. Sail on Jeff Petry, all the best!

  30. blainer says:

    Based on the trade value we just got and the fact we saw what other teams think of Petry coupled with the cap coming in at 71 or 72 million and based on how the dollar goes the cap may not even rise by much at all. It will be interesting to see what he gets in FA. Turning down 16 million dollars is very risky IMO. To me it just says how much the players really want to be out of this gong show.

  31. coolwasabi says:

    Based on the trade value we just got and the fact we saw what other teams think of Petry coupled with the cap coming in at71 or 72million and based on how the dollar goes the cap may not even rise by much at all. It will be interesting to see what he gets in FA. Turning down 16 million dollars is very risky IMO. To me it just says how much the players really want to be out of this gong show.

    Nikita Nikitin makes $4.5M.
    Petry will be fine.

  32. blainer says:

    coolwasabi: Nikita Nikitin makes $4.5M.
    Petry will be fine.

    Big difference between 9 million and 16 Million

  33. Numenius says:

    Sail on, Jeff. Thanks for all the hard work and sacrifice. It didn’t go unnoticed by everyone.

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