I’ll admit my brain was off the grid for most of last night and into the early hours of morning. I am smart enough to realize that last night was a major event but it’s difficult to grasp the enormity of the situation in a single breath. The Edmonton Oilers went to the draft lottery expecting to get a major piece of the puzzle, and instead received a franchise-altering gift only the hockey Gods can bestow—and even then it’s a once in a generation thing. This is mind boggling, this is incredible.

It’s going to take some time, this time.

  • Hall—McDavid—Yakupov
  • Pouliot—Nuge—Eberle
  • Pisani type—Lander—Purcell
  • Hendricks—Gordon—Klinkhammer

Is that about right? You could hire Derek Roy and have him play 3C on a line with Yakupov and maybe play Purcell on another line but I like the dynamite combination of the top two lines. Oh well. We have plenty of time. Needless to say, the RE series (back up tomorrow) will take on some new meaning. Holy hell.

We’re going to have to have another glance at the free-agent list, one suspects there may be a few people interested in catching a ride on the Oilers rocket in the next few months. Hell boys, I don’t know how much torque this ramrod will have when it comes to procurement, but a call that includes ‘we’re looking for someone to pass the puck to Hall and McDavid’ probably gets attention.


The Oilers’ winning of the lottery means that second pick in Round 1—and all other picks this and next year—need to be made available to address the following:

  • Puck-moving defensemen with significant NHL experience
  • A starting goaltender who is a lock for success in 2015-16

What does that look like? I don’t know those answers but MacT has to find them. The hockey Gods gave him the biggest gift in a decade and wasting it means professional exile.


  1. A No.1 goaltender. (Michal Neuvirth).
  2. A veteran top-pairing defenseman. (Andrej Sekera).
  3. A replacement for Jeff Petry.
  4. A 2line C with experience and the ability to play a two-way game. (Carl Soderberg).
  5. Win the lottery. (check mark).

I added that last one for fun, but there’s still plenty of work to be done and no time to waste. The defense is so much worse than the forward group it’s absolutely incredible. You could justifiably turf everyone but Klefbom, Fayne and Marincin in my opinion, bringing in capable veterans if available. Goalie too, badly need a real one (I have Neuvirth here based on miles of conversation on this blog, your mileage may vary).

I’ve kept the 2C on this list because, despite McDavid’s presence, a two-way C like Soderberg would come in handy and he can play the wing. I had Cody Franson as the Petry replacement but someone (bookje?) made some solid comments on Franson so I’m going with Nikitin as a placeholder—this should inspire us to find a better name.


OILERS PROJECTED DEPTH CHART 2015-16Oilers fans are going to be universally hated online because of last night, but that was the case in the 1980’s and frankly I enjoyed it. Screw ’em. We were this little northern town that SOMEHOW bilked the NHL out of a brilliant kid from Toronto’s own backyard (similar to Orr and Boston a dozen year’s before) and even when he entered the NHL, 99 had some naysayers. So, let them talk, the Oilers won this lottery over incredible odds. Let them make all the snide remarks they want, because none. of. it. matters. The war is over. Leafs fans have been quite vocal in the last 12 hours (from what I’m seeing and reading), but they’re going to get a fantastic player and their build is just beginning. I would submit to you that Edmonton is in fact a better spot for McDavid, as he’ll step onto the ice with two quality linemates (Hall and someone) from the start. The Oilers have work to do but it’s focused in two specific areas, which (hopefully) cuts down on the mistakes by management.

And you’re damn friggin’ right management has made mistakes, they’re all over hell’s half acre, but that doesn’t mean the fanbase should be made to suffer. Bask in the warmth of the sun, ladies and men. As it turns out, No. 97 is in fact available. It’s a beautiful Sunday.

This is luck, there’s no other way to explain it. The kind of luck the hockey Gods bestow after a long period of kicking a fanbase squarely in the nuts repeatedly and with extreme prejudice, I’d guess. My WORD everything feels better this morning.

Music! Stand back, I don’t know how big this thing is going to get. We are so much closer to returning to the days when giants once again walk among us. Some sweet day just got one helluva lot closer.


  • McDavid: “It would be a dream come true. It would be a great situation to be in. They’ve had a couple tough years but the support they receive is amazing and I think that speaks volumes to the fans support they have in Edmonton. And obviously the group of guys they have there is pretty special. If it happens to be me they select with the pick, it would be a tremendous honour to step in with a group of talent like that.
  • More McDavid: “If I’m selected there it would be amazing. It would be a an absolute honour. Why would there be any disappointment. Edmonton won and it would be an absolute honour. I guess if it is Edmonton I’ll be getting a coat.” Source

You are already adored on all the avenues in Edmonton, young man. We cannot wait to see you in orange and blue. And for God sakes someone tell Darnell to play nice in that big series between SSM and Erie. I still can’t believe this. What’s better than this? Seriously. I’m at a loss. THIS is as good as it could possibly get for long suffering Oilers fans. Drink deep. Enjoy. Go a little loopy. You, Oilers fan, have every right to enjoy your good fortune.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. Evilas says:


    PRV it is then!

  2. Gally says:


    The Hockey Reference one? Yes.

  3. striatic says:

    Bag of Pucks: Guys, you have to stop thinking of McDavid as a conventional player with conventional expectations. He ‘s not Hall or Nuge or Seguin or Kane. He’s in Crosby/Lemieux/Yzerman territory. Elite with a capital E. He may be the best skater this league has seen since Bobby Orr.

    No one here is on record expecting him to back check in his first season.

    I suggested he’ll need a back checking winger to help him out. That’s only reasonable.

  4. striatic says:

    Evilas: PRV it is then!

    The Oilers can do better.

  5. Bag of Pucks says:

    striatic: no one here is on record expecting him to back check in his first season.

    I suggested he’ll need a back checking winger to help him out. That’s only reasonable.

    Gotcha. I would agree that a line with a Hall and a speedy two way RW that can cash is the ideal linemate. Unfortunately neither Eberle or Yakupov project as that currently.

    Given his speed, McDavid, could dominate with the 200 ft game. I think they should look to mould him as a complete player asap rather than turning him loose and relying on the winger to cover. Good habits from the start?

    All that said, I do think we’re underating the pressure he’s going to put on the opposition. Players like Crosby and Ovechkin blew up very quickly. MacDavid will do the same.

    Btw, Nelson has one advantage over MacLellan. He knows these players and has shown the ability to get them to perform. Todd would be starting from square one.

  6. Ca$h-Money! says:

    I tweeted nurse yesterday to ask him to be nice to Connor. Because I love Nurse’s game…. Just not right now.

  7. speeds says:

    Dark Asia:
    Two birds with one stone by trading Eberle – you go a long way to solving the dman puzzle and you get bigger in the top 6. If you need to add to Eberle to get the right guy you do it. Shultz and the PIT pick should also be in play. But there is no reason to sit and wait any more – the GM has to make some smart moves that address holes and create balance now. History does not however suggest success.

    What do you make of the possibility that, even if you ultimately trade Eberle, he might carry more trade value a year from now, so why move him this summer (barring a great deal)?

  8. Unicorns says:

    I think the Oilers might have a dangerous PP next season. Imagine what a danger McD would be on the PK with his speed and brain. They’d try not to play it to the point. If he has any proficiency I’d play him there before he gets starts to get big EV minutes – no shot blocking though.

  9. Dark Asia says:

    speeds: What do you make of the possibility that, even if you ultimately trade Eberle, he might carry more trade value a year from now, so why move him this summer (barring a great deal)?

    Hey speeds – well he’s 25 and likely “is what he is” at this point – and obviously that is good. Drafting BPA is good but at some point you have to use excess assets to address holes – and the Oilers are now in a position where avoiding that is foolish. So I don’t see much upside from where Eberle is and he had a good 2nd half of the season. Clearly you don’t just give him away – he’s quality – but we have too many small top six forwards and if you get a shot at a top pair dman – then you consider moving him.

    Dealing Yak is the other option but the return is lower, upside higher, and salary better – but obviously Eberle is the better player right now. One need to be cashed to address defense – and the GM better make the right choice (confidence not high for obvious reasons).

  10. striatic says:

    Dark Asia: Dealing Yak is the other option but the return is lower, upside higher, and salary better – but obviously Eberle is the better player right now. One need to be cashed to address defense – and the GM better make the right choice (confidence not high for obvious reasons).

    Can’t move a RW. Not nearly enough depth there. Maybe if another quality RW comes back along with the D but that seems unlikely.

    LW and now, unbelievably if they can re-sign Roy, C are just deep enough to bear moving a player.

    I don’t think you make any trades this summer, but Pouliot is a perfect candidate for a pump and dump if Draisaitl proves he can slot in at LW.

  11. G Money says:


    Thanks mang!

    delooper: That would be really nice.But the data pile is pretty darn small.

    Indeed. That’s the flip side to trying to create a more specifically comparable dataset when looking a such a rare bird.

    Mind you, there are those who argue that the right comparable sample size for McDavid has n = 1!


    Heh heh! Just trying to bring a little of the math ruckus … G Money, or even G, is plenty!

  12. Heinz 57 says:

    Магия 10:
    Then the last step generating the odds of winning 1 through 6 times would just need a big Monte Carlo run.

    With just two or three or four possibilities in each of six years, it’s probably easiest to use an outer product iteration to enumerate the entire decision space.

    With Monte Carlo, you need to estimate your convergence. 10 million runs will get you three digits accuracy most of the time, but if rare nodes dominate, you can’t take that for granted.

  13. JohnnyRocket says:


    CMD 2015-16 re: 79gp 27g 55a 77pts

  14. GCW_69 says:

    Here is my line up for next year.

    Pouliot – Nuge – Eberle

    Hall – McDavid – Yakupov

    Roy – Lander – Purcell

    Hendricks – Gordon – Klinkhammer

    Sekera – Fayne

    Klefbom – Franson

    Marincin – Schultz



    Man I miss Capgeek to run that through a salary cap calculator.

    Note: Purcell and Yakupov might get flipped. Also, would see if the Blues would move MPS at a reasonable rate and if so I might try and flip Hendricks to save some cap space.

  15. Hot Eire says:


    CMD97RE: 28G 49A 77 PTS

  16. Kmart99 says:

    PhrankLee Entry
    CMD97RE 30g 58a 88pts

  17. Kmart99 says:


    CMD97RE: 79gp 27g 55a 77pts

  18. linkfromhyrule says:

    CMD97RE: 27g 50a 77pts

  19. SoCaloil says:

    What about silverberg. Idk how Anaheim doesn’t design him but that would be a worthy addition for that 3L role

  20. The McDavid Effect | The SuperFan says:

    […] Beautiful Sunday – Lowetide […]

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