Holy crap. Jeez Alou. Hoochie Mama! Hallelujah! This landslide makes Nixon ’72 look close! Connor McDavid took this season’s NHL equivalency race out back and shot it. It never had a chance and it hasn’t moved since.


  1. Connor McDavid 62 points
  2. Mitch Marner 49 points
  3. Dylan Strome 46 points
  4. Timo Meiere 31 points
  5. Evgeny Svechnikov 30 points


  1. Sam Bennett 39 points
  2. Sam Reinhart 37 points
  3. Nikolaj Ehlers 35 points
  4. Leon Draisaitl 34 points
  5. Robby Fabri 36 points
  6. Michael Dal Colle 34 points
  7. Nikolai Goldobin 34 points
  8. Ivan Barbashev 30 points
  9. Josh Ho-Sang 31 points
  10. Brendan Perlini 30 points

These NHLE’s are via CHL stats and differ from Gabe’s and Rob Vollman’s (I’ll have those numbers up later and I’m sure other blogs will post them as we roll along). It shows McDavid towering over the competition, plus the three OHL kids (McDavid with Marner and Strome) are well better than the top end group of one year ago. The Toronto Maple Leafs are going to get a better offensive player than Sam Bennett if they choose Mitch Marner or Dylan Strome (and I think they will). It’s a wonderful time to  be alive!

McDavid makes the All-Freak team no matter the measure, just a ridiculous hockey player. Our man Draisaitl shows up in this look as well, and once again I’m impressed with Timo Meier. I’ll have the top 100 up tomorrow, there may be a tweak inside the top 10 overall.

The Oklahoma City Barons had several successful European kids who impacted the team during their history. Teemu Hartikainen, Linus Omark, but there seemed to be a disconnect between draft, development and leap to the NHL. It’s understandable that people blame the scouts, or the kids, or both, but for me there is substantial evidence to show that Edmonton—just as happened when MacT was coach—never put minor league players in a position similar to their role with their AHL team. Todd Nelson used Anton Lander in Edmonton the same way he used him in Oklahoma City—and success followed.

If the Oilers handled Jani Rita, or Marc Pouliot, or Rob Schremp, or Teemu Hartikainen in that manner? Maybe you have a solid LW behind Hall and Pouliot port side on the depth chart in the GM’s office this morning. Gunnar Svensson is right, if things had stayed the way they were Lander probably does an Atlantic crossing this summer.

The Edmonton Oilers owe Todd Nelson far more than a ‘here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?’ and I hope he gets it.

lucic capture

We talked about the Bruins as a trade partner here and there are some nice things on that Bruins roster. I wouldn’t trade for Milan Lucic (the odds of the next seven years being far less than the last seven are extremely high) but only a fool would pass on the opportunity to acquire some of their quality talent.

  • D Dougie Hamilton: Turns 22 in June and he’s not going anywhere. However, this would be a perfect fit for the Oilers.
  • D Torey Krug: 24-year old puck-moving defender, he would solve some problems, specifially on the PP. He also scored 10 EV goals.
  • L Brad Marchand: An agitator of considerable talent, he would change to look and style of the team immediately.
  • L Milan Lucic: He’s a splendid forward but the miles and miles are fading him already.
  • C Carl Soderberg: Free agent. Wonderful fit.
  • C David Krejci: Fine two-way playmaking C with age and miles. Great fit, but not for the Oilers.
  • C Patrice Bergeron: Cadillac two-way C, top drawer but too old for the Oilers journey.
  • L Loui Eriksson: Two-way W had a nice recovery year, could be the Pisani solution. Good offense too.
  • G Tuukka Rask. He would be a grand solution in goal.

There are solutions there but the price would be dear, very dear. As much as I would love to see Bruins by the dozen head to Edmonton, there isn’t a really good match. Hamilton, Marchand, Lucic, Krejci, Bergeron, Rask. The price point would be so high and much of the career has been spent in Boston (save Hamilton), it just isn’t meant to be. Would love to see Soderberg signed.


Now that we have the selections (pretty much) finalized, let’s see what the draft might look like for the Oilers, if they keep their picks. I’m choosing players in the range from this list, which is not meant to be representative of the actual draft order or Bob McKenzie’s predicted draft order.

  • No. 1 overall: C Connor McDavid. King McDavid is less than 50 days away.
  • No. 16 overall: C Jansen Harkins. Too much skill to pass on, wide range of skills.
  • No. 33 overall: D Jakub Zboril. Quality two-way prospect. Interesting interview.
  • No. 57 overall: D Vincent Dunn. Smart offensive defender.
  • No. 79 overall: C Alexander Dergachyov. Giant center with skill.
  • No. 86 overall: G Adin Hill. Big. Good.
  • No. 117 overall: C Anthony Richard. Small skill forward had a big season.
  • No. 124 overall: C Ethan Szypula. Don’t know much about him, skilled.
  • No. 154 overall: R Jonathan Davidsson. Skill winger.
  • No. 184 overall: L Braylon Shmyr. Small, skilled, good.

Heavy on center and defense, with two goalies thrown in. I don’t think Edmonton picks at No. 16 and they may not choose No. 33 either, but even with that it’s absolutely possible to have a stellar draft. Make the BCJHL Area 51 for the scouts and proceed with caution and a calculator.



10 this morning, much to get to, TSN1260.

  • Steve Lansky, Big Mouth Sports. We’ll talk Habs future, Leafs and Oilers coaching, and the semifinals.
  • Ron Soreanu, Director, Coca Cola Canada. We’ll talk about the FIFA Women’s World Cup and events that kick off this weekend (Trophy Tour).
  • Antony Bent, FC Edmonton. A big week for the Eddies, two matches of great importance in the next six days.
  • Alex Thomas, Oilers Rig. Chiarelli’s off season, how to fix the cap issues, the blue and the G, all at the same time.
  • Paul Almeida, Saturday Sports Extra. McLellan likely to be named the next coach, what happens after that?

10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter.

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  1. Rip Fan Winkle "OilOnslaught" says:


    Subban is cap cancer.He’ll never, EVER give value on that contract.

    Subban is great to watch, on the other team, getting destroyed by McD #because chaos.

  2. RexLibris says:

    Lowetide: Hmmm. It sounds like something I could pull off.

    Maybe we’ll all chip in and buy you one.

    Get it monogrammed as well. AM. Seems appropriate given that radio gig you have going.

  3. Really? says:


    Totally agree with your comment. There is a good chance that Strome does not live up to this year’s statistics when he gets to the NHL. In fact, I have been watching him at every opportunity in the playoffs and been very disappointed. He has shown little to nothing positive and is not dynamic in any way. Strome looks like a typical Leafs pick. All hype and no humph.

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