A great trade for Toronto and I believe Marincin will have a real chance in a new city. I’m disappointed in his leaving but wish him well. Edmonton needed to add a pick to the group because of the dealing, but there’s still plenty of talent left on the board. Edmonton may have some picks (unless they deal them too!) in this round.

Ross is not a player of note, he was part of that difficult second round in 2010. It’s a roster spot moved for Toronto.

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  1. Younger Oil says:


  2. zatch says:

    Brad Ross used steroids and was still only an ECHLer. And he’s signed in Europe. This is Marincin for a goddamn 4th round pick.

    Chia has lost me. He’s better than MacT, but he is still pretty worthless.

  3. Marc says:


  4. Rondo says:

    Talent Analysis

    Ross plays a hard-nosed style but has struggled to produce offensively at the minor league level. His foot speed has been an issue and to date he has seen mostly lower line roles during his professional career.

  5. Chamucks says:

    Is Brad Ross turning north??
    This has been the most up and down 24 hours I’ve ever had in sports.

  6. fifthcartel says:

    Very bad.

  7. smellyglove says:

    The Talbot trade takes some of the edge off the awful Reinhart deal. Cam is the cream of the goaltending crop as far as what’s available.

    On Reinhart again, I’m sorry, I can’t stop flogging this. Will he be better than Marincin? I DON’T KNOW, stats seem to indicate otherwise.

    A 16 + 33 could probably be parlayed for a ~10 pick, at least the value is close. A top 10 in this draft is probably the equal of a top 5 selection in a regular draft.

    I would have been OK trading an incredibly valuable asset like that for an established, but young, veteran Defenseman (perhaps like an Edler), but instead the Oilers went for the D-prospect that’s trending down, or at least treading water and being passed. From scouting and fan reports, it’s not like he has top pairing potential either.

    I’m not ignoring the benefits, but this is why the trade bothers me:

    – Defensive d-men can be signed in free agency, or established ones can be picked up for 2nd or 3rd round picks–that’s not the player you give up gold for.

    – It’s not even certain that Reinhart will crack the roster next year. It’s not bad having depth, but I would argue that none of Nurse, Klef, or Reinhart have top pairing chops-I’m not sure about their PP work, dynamic abilities, offense in general.

    – There were great players on the board at both 16 and 33, you better hope the hell that 16-20 and 33-37 don’t pan out. The way that kids are used in the NHL these days, it’s not hard to imagine a Draft+1 or +2 player from those ranges becoming an impact player.

    – The Oilers’ braintrust has been in love with Reinhart since the beginning. Good player, but you become attached the players you watch routinely. They’ve had a track record of nepotism or shopping and picking the first thing they see. Green has deep attachments to Reinhart. This year was supposed to be all about change, but we see the entire OBC+Katz at the draft table and Oilers do an Oilers move. Where’s our analytics? Where’s the out of the box thinking? Where’s the creative trades or shopping niches that an outside GM could bring?

  8. Oddspell says:

    Less than 24 hours ago we got Connor McDavid. It’s early now but all in all this draft somehow manages to feel like a failure.

  9. Lucinius says:

    This trade.. I just don’t even know. If you combine this trade with the Griffin trade (and I think you have to, as Griffin replaces Marincin) it turns the Griffin trade into one that could go either way into one I think is a bad trade, because this trade is just god awful. Horrible, horrible trade and Chia and Co. deserve to be mocked and derided for it. You sent away an NHL d-man for nothing.

  10. russ99 says:

    Well that’s just a huge disappointment.

    We better see some FA signings on D and Nikitin or Ference dumped.

  11. Bos8 says:


  12. Traktor says:

    Ross basically zero zero value so its MM for a 4th rounder after paying 16 and 33 for Reinhart.

    Just wow.

  13. F-76 says:


  14. Visually better says:

    This is a trade im okay with. Ewanyk and 107 for GRyba

  15. Younger Oil says:

    What did we get from OTT?

  16. Snowman says:

    Yeah this just got disappointing…

  17. Visually better says:

    So Marincin for Gryba, thoughts?

  18. Younger Oil says:

    Gryba and Ewanyk, I can live with that.

    Big RHD.

    Would prefer Marincin, but oh well.

  19. leadfarmer says:

    Like I said a few days ago, a little early to claim Chiarreli is fixing this team. If we didn’t win the lottery I think most of us would be pretty pissed. Reinhart is not much better than Marincin. A defenseman that doesn’t move well is not someone you trade for and then give up a defenseman that does move well for scraps, And to make things worse the Phlegms won the draft.

  20. smellyglove says:


    “The Oilers trade 2007 first round draft pick (21st overall) Riley Nash to the Carolina Hurricanes for the 46th overall pick, which they used to select Martin Marincin.”

    Great, the Oilers took a #21 from 2007, spent eight years developing Nash and Marincin, and then traded it for a 4th rounder.


  21. Traktor says:

    MM + 16 + 33 for Reinhart and Gryba



  22. Surly says:

    Going to the Leafs…that’ll teach Martin for having those ridiculous sideburns!

    Gryba…I’m not as much of a fancy stats guru as others but his Corsi line on hockey analysis.com does not look that attractive???

  23. Younger Oil says:

    MM + 16 + 33 or Reinhart and Gryba



    Yeah one could argue that’s basically a 16th and a 33rd for Gryba and a possible marginal upgrade over our 3rd best prospect LHD.

  24. Kitchener says:

    Ouch. On the bright side, I live an hour from Toronto.

    Makes me wonder what MM did/does off ice that’s considered so undesirable. From an outside perspective, this is just unbelievably bad asset management.

  25. Visually better says:

    MM + 16 + 33 for Reinhart and Gryba



  26. Chamucks says:


    Gryba is UFA next year as well. This was bad. Developed MM for the leafs basically.

  27. McSorley33 says:

    So, shall we continue to dismiss Mac T and Howson still with Oiler management?

  28. Lucinius says:

    I don’t know enough about Gryba to form an opinion. To me it seems like they moved Marincin out the door because of Griffin, then grabbed Gryba because he’s RHD and available? If the OIlers get Sekera.. maybe, I don’t know.

    I just don’t know anymore.

  29. leadfarmer says:


    No, waiver wire pickup for a fourth rounder, Chia showing he belongs with his predecessors

  30. russ99 says:

    Gryba’s ok if we buy out Nikitin.

    Seems like we’re trying to get a collection of bottom pairing defensemen.

    It does seem what’s available and that Boston doesn’t want to trade with him is limiting Chia’s moves.

  31. Marc says:

    Going to the Leafs…that’ll teach Martin for having those ridiculous sideburns!

    Gryba…I’m not as much of a fancy stats guru as others but his Corsi line on hockey analysis.com does not look that attractive???

    He had tougher zone starts than Phillips, Cowen and Ceci, but performed only marginally worse corsi. This really isn’t terrible.

  32. Chamucks says:

    Gryba is fine. A stop gap player it sounds like.
    Ewanyk and a 4th for this guy sounds like a decent get.
    I just cannot come to grips with that return on MM. There had to be another way.

  33. Pechetr says:

    Never understood the love for MM by this fan base. Lets try to keep in mind that Chia wants the team to play a heavier game. He said that all along. Reinhardt and Gryba fit that mould. Marincin does not. Softer than melted butter. Pick up a few in FA and we will be fine. Wait for the full picture to unfold before judging.

  34. McSorley33 says:

    On the bright side, Gryba will fill a HUGE need we had for a 3rd pairing d-man…..

  35. Ryan says:

    Ross basically zero zero value so its MM for a 4th rounder after paying 16 and 33 for Reinhart.

    Just wow.

    I’m at a loss here. Fuck

  36. McSorley33 says:

    Hopefully, we can now dip into the UFA market and get another 3rd pairing d-man….

  37. Dominoiler says:

    I like the phrase ‘hot garbage’.. Oilers deal Martin Marincin for steaming pile of hot garbage.. It has a certain quality that rings in your ears, while boiling your blood.. How the F! do you divorce yourself from this shit show of a sports team right as they draft a generational talent.. FFS.. Locked in the ever cycling ‘because oilers’ hampster wheel..

  38. Bos8 says:

    Great positonal trade. People probably don’t remember the Ellers hit.


    Chia is reworking the team – Notice to opponents, take heed.

    I’m a big MM fan but the Oilers definitely needed a Gryba. In Polish – mushroom grower. On a hit the victim sleeps with the mushrooms

  39. Hammers says:

    Stupid move . That makes 2

  40. russ99 says:


    Remember it took Chia a year to rework half the Bruins roster when he was hired.

    I’d suspect we’ll see the real results on D a year from now.

    The other thing about Marincin is that he’s a previous regime’s guy. Chia has nothing to go on than what he sees.

    I’m bummed we gave up on him early, but we can’t hold onto favorites without results when we’re doing a gut rehab. I just hope he doesn’t dump Yak and Schultz for so little.

  41. Bos8 says:


    As I said, “Big Marincin fan” but watching the Oilers back off and Ference yapping at the oppo really crisped my cookies. It’s called “needs must”.

    Marincin great potential but soft, no two ways about it. Gryba is a great deterrent. Huzzah!

  42. General Jultz says:

    Long-time reader first time poster here.
    I read blogs about the Oilers every day and I was so excited about us getting
    Connor McJesus just 24 hours ago.
    But these draft day deals are exactly the same kind of overpays and misevaluations that I’d expect MacT, Dithers , and Lowe.
    I thought things would be different with Chia but I find myself trying to justify these trades and tell myself “They’re not that bad” just I like when we traded Pronger, Smyth, Gilbert, Vishnovsky.
    I’m done with this, I’m out, I wish you all the best.

  43. Bos8 says:

    The Oiler stars just grew a couple of inches. They now have a “chop wood, carry water” guy.

    First you chop him and then you throw water on him. Keep well, Eako.

  44. dangilitis says:

    Well that’s just a huge disappointment.

    We better see some FA signings on D and Nikitin or Ference dumped.

    But this is still poor management decision regardless of those moves. Moving Marincin didn’t have to happen to make room for the dumps. Unless they flip gryba and Schultz. 3rd pair Dmen grow on trees though

  45. Bos8 says:

    For years I watched Hemsky getting laid out by the Regehrs of hockey. The came suicidal Hall. Gryba is an attention getting device. About f’n time.

  46. Bos8 says:


    Some 3rd pairing D are not like the others.

    Gryba and Nurse patrolling the D zone just giddies me no end.

  47. oilerman1000 says:

    At the end of the day we traded a fringe NHL defensemen for an actual one. That qualifies as a good trade in my books. Oilers need actual NHL players now- not future maybes.

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