The Edmonton Oilers took care of some business before the break (hockey slumbers now, mostly) by signing No. 1 overall pick Connor McDavid today. The contract is for $11.325M over three years, all in. For our purposes, it’s best to assume he’ll max out on everything, meaning $3.775M per annum for cap purposes. The world, as we know it, changed on lottery night. That is for sure.


  1. G Cam Talbot (No. 1)
  2. G Ben Scrivens (On the way out of town?)
  3. G Laurent Brossoit (AHL starter)
  4. G Eetu Laurikainen (A great damn bet)
  5. D Andrej Sekera (A massive add, Herculean add)
  6. D Mark Fayne (A big part of next year’s team)
  7. D Oscar Klefbom (The future and the present)
  8. D Justin Schultz (newly qualified)
  9. D Nikita Nikitin (He’ll make $4.5M, he owes Oilers $9M)
  10. D Eric Gryba (Another D-zone blue with NHL experience to help Fayne, Ference)
  11. D Andrew Ference (It’s possible he won’t play a lot)
  12. D Brandon Davidson (Could be No. 7 or first callup)
  13. D Griffin Reinhart (I predict he’ll play 49 NHL games in 2015-16)
  14. D Darnell Nurse (I predict he’ll play 70 NHL games in 2015-16)
  15. D Brad Hunt (He’ll see NHL time)
  16. D David Musil (Could get some NHL time)
  17. D Jordan Oesterle (Fast and skilled, could surprise)
  18. D Dillon Simpson (Probably a full season in Bakersfield)
  19. D Martin Gernat (They may try to get him off the roster)
  20. D Ben Betker (May need to spend some time in the ECHL if it gets crowded)
  21. D Joey Laleggia (Can learn plenty from Hunt and Oesterle in Bakersfield)
  22. C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (He’ll be a fantastic mentor for McDavid)
  23. C Connor McDavid (Franchise)
  24. C Anton Lander (With Gordon’s exit, more will go to Lander)
  25. C Mark Letestu (Strong option at C, he can play other positions)
  26. C Leon Draisaitl (Man amongst boys in Memorial Cup)
  27. C Bogdan Yakimov (Big C still developing, factor down the line)
  28. C Jujhar Khaira (Solid checker, offense may keep him from NHL career)
  29. C Kyle Platzer (New pro has two-way skills)
  30. L Taylor Hall (Things are lining up for a big season)
  31. L Benoit Pouliot (Important player for next season)
  32. L Lauri Korpikoski (Fast winger with experience, two-way skills. Mentor)
  33. L Matt Hendricks (May see minutes on skill line)
  34. L Luke Gazdic (How much will he play?)
  35. L Ryan Hamilton (he’ll be the veteran hand in the  minors helping to guide the kids)
  36. L Anton Slepyshev (Can’t wait to see him in TC)
  37. L Mitch Moroz (Should see way more action in Bakersfield in 2015-16)
  38. L Kale Kessy (Lost season to injury, another chance in 2015-16)
  39. R Jordan Eberle (Top RW primed for a big year)
  40. R Nail Yakupov  (He’s still here, people!)
  41. R Teddy Purcell (May lose minutes on skill line to Korpikoski, because speed)
  42. R Rob Klinkhammer (4line RW, crash and bang)
  43. R Tyler Pitlick (Newly qualified)
  44. R Iiro Pakarinen (Has a chance to make the team)
  45. R Andrew Miller (A strong option for NHL time in 2015-16)
  46. R Greg Chase (His game should flourish in pro’s)

PC is almost done, I’d bet. He might change out backup goalies and sign a defenseman like Ehrhoff if prices get silly good, but he’d have to cut bait on Nikitin or other. Chiarelli’s first lash at improving the roster has been fascinating.

Winquist went 3-3-6 in five games during January 2015, when the Barons used him heavily. There’s real talent here, and the young man delivered again later when he got a push (3-5-8 in nine March contests). He didn’t get an NHL contract but he’s 21 and has a future in pro hockey. I’m cheering for him.

I’ll have complete NHLE’s up tomorrow for every AHL, ECHL, college, junior and Euro prospect from 2014-15 and will finish up the RE series with some inflammatory prose that’s sure to piss you off. Drop in as you can, enjoy the warmth of the summer sun and the company of a good woman (or man) and drop in as you can.


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  1. pocession charge says:

    borisnikov: My wife’s aunt is an Endocrinologist. She recently penned a blog post about a lecture she recently attended. The takeaway, if you don’t care to click the link, is pretty simple.

    “Dr. Caulfield advocates the following 5 simple steps to better health (which I mostly like by the way):
    1.Don’t smoke
    2.Participate in vigorous exercise
    3.Eat real food
    4.Control your weight
    5.Love someone”

    She’d change #4 to Adequate Sleep, based on numerous reasons, but what I discern from it all is that there is no magic pill, fad diet or slickly marketed fitness program that will, on its own, lead to true health.

    My 2¢.

    The head cardiovascular surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic wrote a book a few years ago that also advocated five measures to take to maximize overall health and longevity. They were:
    1. Reduce stress
    2. Stop smoking
    3. Regular moderate exercise that increased heart rate for at least 20 minutes
    4. A vegan diet
    5. Daily flossing

  2. dustrock says:

    I believe that DSF is a troll in the original sense of the word in the first 10 years of the Internet, where sometimes it was a clever and sometimes positive thing, in that he’d expose newbies or people who got too emotionally involved.

    As noted above, he rarely sinks to personal attacks, and sometimes I wonder if the “troll” epithet isn’t simply an ad hominen attack because people don’t want to believe Calgary might be better off than Edmonton.

    I realize that he has a long history, and he’s gone from HFB, which is where I originally knew him from. But can you really ban him right now? If it affects the blog to such an extent, it may be in the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one”

    Honestly, wish the blog had an “ignore user” function because that would be the cleanest solution.

  3. Lowetide says:

    Here’s the thing about DSF: I’ve banned him in the past, and then received all kinds of feedback to bring him back. So, if we do it again, it’s final final and no bitching. Seriously. I’m not going to ban the guy and then bring him back. He does bring something to our group, that’s a fact. So, make your decision but understand I’m not going to go back this time.

    It’s a long trip so if you have to pee, do it now. I’m not stopping! 🙂

  4. pocession charge says:

    Here’s the thing about DSF: I’ve banned him in the past, and then received all kinds of feedback to bring him back. So, if we do it again, it’s final final and no bitching. Seriously. I’m not going to ban the guy and then bring him back. He does bring something to our group, that’s a fact. So, make your decision but understand I’m not going to go back this time.

    It’s a long trip so if you have to pee, do it now. I’m not stopping!

    Lol. I just used that line on my girls as we are getting ready to leave for the Okanagan. I vote to keep him — he does make regular inflammatory statements but some of the responses to him are the best comments on the site.

  5. Магия 10 says:

    Lowetide: It’s a long trip so if you have to pee, do it now. I’m not stopping!


    No fuss. No muss. No bans No call backs. Just a simple month off for him and some relief for readers. Even 1 thread jack a month would be an epic improvement.

  6. maudite says:

    Leave dsf. He’s fine. At times he does have relevant points. Most should be well aware by now that it’s pitching a tent in quicksand when you try to pin him to solidly to anything and just disengage instead of getting consumed by it.

    He’s not abusive, never disrespectful. Intelligent but somewhat disengeniously conducting oneself in intellectual debate is no reason to get so crazy. Engage or don’t well aware of outcome of bothering to do so. Counter the rabbit all you like just stop chSing it at some point is all that is required.

  7. rickithebear says:

    I was really pissed when calgary got hamilton.
    until i looked at his performance against SJS; LAK; VCR; ANA.
    He was -1 per gm
    worse than schultz and Klef!

  8. Soup Fascist says:

    As followers of the site we ALLOW DSF to derail it at times. I have been guilty of being sucked into that in the past, too. Like any good book – even THE Good book – there is the good guy and bad guy / the yin and the yang / the hero and the heel. Is the site better if everyone is patting each other on the back about being Oilers fans?

    If MacT had one great contribution to this organization it was the “fire hose” comment. And that is the way to treat an intelligent, yet ill-intentioned poster, IMO. Consider the reasonable points and ignore the Bennett = McDavid type lunacy that is geared solely to illicit a response. Easier said than done I realize.

    Point is, banning the guy, likely only feeds his ego. Unless he starts being abusive – what is the harm? I know many feel he is disruptive and untracks threads, but it takes two to tango.

    Plus free speech and all that stuff. My two bits.

  9. Halfwise says:

    Credit to DSF: He recognized poor leadership atop the Oiler organization very early. I think his feelings went from doubt to disappointment to contempt in fairly short order, and the contempt endured.

    When it comes to the Oilers, I’m more of a run-with-the-pack type, and it bugged me when someone pointed out that the pack is headed in a direction that takes us over a cliff (Funny, at work I am that someone). Eventually even I had to agree – the BOTB were terrible at running a hockey team.

    Credit to DSF for bringing facts that supported his contempt for Oiler management. Shame on DSF for being so blatantly selective in those facts that he undermined his own credibility.

    Credit DSF for being a contrarian, but shame on him for bringing his schtick to our Christmas party and office BBQ where as a pack we’re kicking back and enjoying something for a change.

    There are times to just leave it alone, DSF. You’ll still be just as right as you were before (i.e. not bad, far from perfect). But learn when to give it a break and stop twisting the knife.

  10. Johnny Larue says:

    Keep DSF without some controversy life would be pretty boring

  11. pts2pndr says:

    I am a new guy to the site and I love it. I find I learn something on a regular basis. DSF is to this site as satin is to Christianity. The necessary evil to make it all work. He will never admit defeat but is always trying for oiler fan souls! Good triumphs over evil on a regular basis. It never hurts to have our beliefs tested! Stay strong the promised land is on the horizon.

  12. Maggie the Monkey says:

    I have read this site religiously for years and rarely comment, yet feel the need to contribute to the conversation about banning DSF.

    His voice is pretty consistently in opposition to most others commenting on this blog, reflecting his opinions. I cannot recall him ever writing anything substantially offensive, however, and wonder what the point of a space like this is if someone can’t express dissension.

    I do not want to pass a broad moral judgement but will say this: if he is banned, I will not visit this space anymore. Any blog that is so intolerant that it cannot accept different opinions is not a community that I want to be a part of.

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