Every day I check the transactions, here and in Europe. Why? I’m waiting for the next chapter in the careers of Curtis Hamilton, Marco Roy and others like them. It’s also a time to search the Gregg Drinnan portions of the internet to find invites for Tyler Soy or Loik Leveille.  Is this important? Well, we could wait until the Oilers release their training camp list but it’s kind of cool to get the information early. Here are some questions I have currently.


He can post offense and is 20. He is 6.02, 190 and can skate (from what I’ve read). What am I missing? I think he might be a Josh Winquist from this past draft and would be interested in hearing opinions on him. WHY isn’t this man signed?


He had a solid if unspectacular year in OKC, one would hope he would get a chance to build on it. A small clue may have been dropped when Hamilton played in one NHL game, that sometimes gives a player much higher profile in Euro free agency (call it the Charles Linglet phenomenon). He’s 6.02, 212 that’s usually a ticket to at least an AHL job.


You know, his scoring didn’t spike but the young man was placed in a two-way role and from what we know performed well in it. I know he could skate, had an edge and the Q site had him at 6.0, 185. I’m surprised he isn’t signed by now.


He’s an interesting player. Six feet tall, around 200 pounds and posted 43 points in 71 games for Portland of the WHL last season. He went to my kid’s school so I’ve followed his career a little (my town has a BUNCH of kids either in pro hockey somewhere or headed) and suspect there’s enough offense for him to have a pro career at some point.


This is the group Edmonton signed to AHL contracts without investing a 50-man spot on them (this year’s Winquists). Here are my notes from Orientation camp:


  • L Braden Christoffer. Had the puck on his stick a lot and did good things with it.
  • C Alexis Loiseau. Really nice game. Skilled.
  • L Connor Rankin. Very involved, all of these older prospects were noticeable (and should have been).

Here are their NHLE’s:

  • Alexis Loiseau 82GP, 13-22-35
  • Connor Rankin 82GP, 11-16-27
  • Braden Christoffer 82GP, 9-11-20

Loiseau looks like a substantial player. Rankin is also interesting and Christoffer is going to drive people nuts. You’ll love him.





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10 Responses to "WAITING FOR THE UFO’S"

  1. speeds says:

    I check this link:


    every now and again, to see if the Oilers might have signed someone without the news having yet been released.

    Interestingly Horak is no longer listed, does that mean EDM didn’t retain his rights? For some reason I thought they had his rights throughout last year, is that incorrect?

  2. vishcosity says:

    Oilers can’t make NBC but the Eskimos are on ESPN?

    Its even in the first quarter.

  3. leadfarmer says:


    If you’re not Pittsburgh, Rangers, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Philly you don’t usually get a spot on NBC. If you’re a Canadian team, forget about it.

  4. vishcosity says:


    I thought McDavid changed everything.

    Maybe NBC is reprobate?

  5. Pretendergast says:

    Know Stadnyk, was in my grade, told a group of us on his beer league montreal camp was interested. Has a fluid stride, no real top gear. Thin frame. Great kid, would be so excited if the oil were interested.

  6. RexLibris says:

    Thought I’d heard that LT was going to the game tonight with Mrs. LT.

    If so, I hope that ride home wasn’t too long.

    B.C. next. Go Esks.

  7. Stelio Kontos (Formerly Zangetsu-Formerly Thinker) says:

    Give up on the kid you know. I was great friends with Cole Benson before he made the Oil Kings and switched schools. Sad that he never really took off. Our friends used to tease his brother on the bus. Jokes on us I guess.

  8. JD¡™ David O'Connor's Reel says:

    Is that a swarm defense that the Riders are playing?

  9. Rube Foster says:

    Layne Viveiros is a St. Albert kid AND an Austiran kid. I’ve heard that he’ll be playing pro in Austria next season. He’s a terrific young man by all accounts. I hope he can have at least half as good of a pro career as his Dad.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Rube Foster:
    Layne Viveiros is a St. Albert kid AND an Austiran kid. I’ve heard that he’ll be playing pro in Austria next season. He’s a terrific young man by all accounts.Ihope he can have at least half as good of a pro career as his Dad.

    Yep, me too. He was a good kid as a kid and that usually means they grow up just fine.

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