by Lowetide

The 3-4-0 Edmonton Oilers have a chance to get back to .500 for the first time since opening night. It’s been an exciting week for fans, as the team delivered two terrific games and won a game in which they were clearly out of fuel and survived on guile—another indication this may actually be a brand new day. This season isn’t about the playoffs, so weeks like this one represent the best of 2015-16. It was a joy.


oil f oct 22What a fun set of numbers with a delightful group at the top. This is sorted by 5×5/60 and features a line with three men over 2.00/60 that isn’t the Hall—Nuge line! It’s enough to give us the vapors, this fantastic new trio doing so well in such a difficult situation. Sure they got the zone-start push and certainly McLellan found them clean air when possible, but we’ve seen this opportunity given in the past without the kind of numbers we see here.

The emergence of Yakupov gives Edmonton a strong bat beyond the heart of the order. When Eberle returns, Edmonton’s 1-6 slots in the order should be top drawer, and that’s formidable. There may be another gear (Leon awaits) but for this season two scoring lines gives the team far more opportunity to win every night.

Taylor Hall isn’t getting the ZS push and he (along with Nuge) isn’t delivering the kind of 5×5 offense we’re used to seeing, but it’s also true Jordan Eberle is out and the Oilers haven’t been able to find a suitable option for RW on the line since opening night. The Nuge-Hall duo has been doing a lot of heavy lifting and that has extreme value and will continue to have great importance. Matt Hendricks and Rob Klinkhammer have played on the line, and it looks like Todd McLellan would like a gritty type as the third man.

  • Todd McLellan: “I didn’t think that line (Miller with RNH and Hall) connected as well as I hoped. I don’t know if that’s Miller’s responsibility or not but I went back to a bigger body and liked Klink’s size and work on the boards.” Source

I take that to mean that we may well see Klinkhammer tonight, although Pakarinen is also an option. It’s also possible Pakarinen sits out and gets some practice time before being inserted into the lineup. One thing is becoming fairly clear: The offense stops after the top two lines, and McLellan’s Oilers are running two lines whose goal is to play the opposition to a standstill while the jacks and kings get a breather. Some of that may have to do with the faceoff issues and we may see Edmonton make a move in that regard during the year.


oil d oct 22This is sorted by Corsi for % 5×5 (I’m using hockeyanalysis and behind the net, as usual) and shows (I believe) the continuing emergence of young Mr. Klefbom. He leads in possession (Ference has been in only two games), has the toughest ZS and leads in 5×5/60. I don’t expect a lot of offense from the dream weaver, but that’s a nice start. His partner Justin Schultz is getting a far more difficult ZS than a year ago and the numbers are better than I would have thought—although the offense is off 5×5. Interesting pairing for sure, I wonder if we see a Klefbom—Sekera pairing if this team feels they have a chance to have a more substantial season.

Mark Fayne is a veteran defender but I get the feeling he’s the Ringo Starr of the top 4D. Tough ZS’s and opposition make these numbers better than they appear, but he’s not a puck mover and it limits his usefulness. Andrej Sekera struggled in early games, but I think he’s starting to find the range. Reasonable offense from the veteran as well, he’s my No. 2 D on this team (behind Klefbom) if there’s an expansion draft.

The final four (when healthy) appears to be ranked thusly: Gryba, Reinhart, Ference, Davidson. Reinhart is out for tonight according to Matty, so expect Andrew Ference.


My Top 20 Prospects list will kick off about one month from now, and there are enough games played in most leagues to start the discussion. The last major look we had at the group is here. Players who will be moving up are underlined, those who may move down are in italics. Still lots of time for players to move up and down, I’ll start the proceedings with No. 1 on this list (who will it be???) last week of November.

  1. C Connor McDavid NHLE: 82GP, 23-40-63 .768. Destination: NHL from opening night. So far, our man is 7GP, 4-2-6- in the NHL (.857), more in line with my RE projection (.886) but one gets the feeling this young man is going to post a special number.
  2. C Leon Draisaitl NHLE: 82GP, 15-26-41. Destination: NHL before Christmas. A strong training camp didn’t get him on the NHL roster, and he’s 4GP, 0-1-1 in the AHL currently. Leon’s arrival may be pushed back—they’ll want him to have success in the AHL before he gets the call—and one hopes he is getting substantial minutes in Bakersfield.
  3. D Darnell Nurse NHLE: 82GP, 7-16-23. Destination: NHL from opening night. Nurse didn’t make the opening night roster, as the team chose to run with Griffin Reinhart as their No. 5 defenseman. Based on reports from Bakersfield (4GP, 0-0-0), Nurse has been splendid there and in my opinion it’s only a matter of time.
  4. D Griffin Reinhart. NHLE: 82GP, 6-11-17. Destination: NHL by the trade deadline. He made the team out of camp (4GP, 0-0-0) and is injured currently. The Oilers are bringing him along in a rotation and it’ll be interesting to see how many games he plays in the first 20 this year.
  5. C Bogdan Yakimov. NHLE: 82GP, 10-13-23. Destination: AHL for 2015-16, with a cup of coffee in the NHL. Yakimov is 4GP, 1-0-1 entering this weekend’s AHL action and needs to improve on last year’s numbers (57GP, 12-16-28). It’s mighty crowded with Leon in Bakersfield, vital the Oilers make sure he’s getting the at-bats.
  6. W Iiro Pakarinen. NHLE: 82GP, 16-11-27. Destination: AHL to start, callups to the NHL early and often. Pakarinen’s combination of speed, skill and aggressiveness—plus a 4GP, 1-2-3 start—have him in the NHL tonight. He’s somewhat unique among the prospects and this is a major opportunity for him.
  7. C Kyle Platzer. NHLE: 82GP, 12-17-29. Destination: He’ll spend his rookie pro season in the AHL. He has started the season 4GP, 0-1-1 but is playing a secondary role based on (CHL stats estimates his ice time at less than 8 minutes per game) anecdotal evidence. He needs to play regularly.
  8. C-R Greg Chase. NHLE: 82GP, 8-16-24. Destination: AHL all year, with an NHL look-see possible. He’s off to a nice start in Norfolk (4GP, 2-1-3) of the ECHL and in my opinion Chase is in a much better spot than most of the Bakersfield kids who aren’t play much at all. Josh Winquist turned the same situation into a top 6F job in the AHL later in the season one year ago. Bet he passes Platzer at some point, these kids need to play.
  9. L Anton Slepyshev. NHLE: 82GP, 17-11-28. Destination: AHL marksman. One of the truly impressive stories this fall (6GP, 0-0-0), as he made the Oilers and has been impressive despite not playing a lot in most games. He’s averaging 8 minutes in those six games and has only three shots on goal so far. I expect he’ll see the lights of Bakersfield at some point—unless they find a way to use him more. We’re probably two weeks (or so) from Eberle’s return, so that might be the trigger.
  10. D Ethan Bear. NHLE: 82GP, 5-9-14. Destination: WHL all year, hopefully plenty of PP time. A fine start (8GP, 2-6-8, CHL Stats has his NHLE at 22 points) suggests a nice spike from last season’s point total may be on the way. Bear was great value where they got him in the draft, it’s nice to see a strong start.
  11. G Laurent Brossoit. Destination: A full season in Bakersfield as starter. Brossoit is 3, 3.24 .910 so far but the reports have been very strong on his overall performance. Edmonton’s goaltending woes have been covered off by outside procurement at the NHL level, but it’s going to be fun watching Brossoit push up from the minors. It’s been awhile since an Oilers AHL goalie had two good stoppers in front of him. I honestly can’t think of a recent example.
  12. D Joey Laleggia. NHLE: 82GP, 14-23-37. Destination: Full AHL season, possible recall if he flourishes. Laleggia is 4GP, 0-0-0 and has played a lot with Darnell Nurse, although that appears to have ended at some point last weekend (Musil). It would be interesting to see how much PP time he’s getting, that is a lot of his value.
  13. D Dillon Simpson. NHLE: 82GP, 2-9-11. Destination: Full AHL season. He spent the entirety of training camp injured, and hasn’t yet played a game. That is likely to change in the next couple of weeks, as reports have him in Bakersfield and soon ready. It’s a big season for Simpson, he has shown great year over year improvement in the past.
  14. G Eetu Laurikainen. Destination: Minor leagues for sure. He’s 1GP, 4.02 .818 so far, not great but one game is a wildly unfair measurement. I think the Oilers like him, their goalie situation has changed so much since the Oilers signed him.
  15. R Andrew Miller. NHLE: 82GP, 16-19-35. Destination: AHL to start, significant NHL time possible. Miller is off to a nice start in Bakersfield (4GP, 1-2-3) and got a one game look-see from Todd McLellan this week. I think he’ll get more recalls this year, his time is now and Miller is as ready as he’ll ever be.
  16. D Jordan Oesterle. NHLE: 82GP, 6-12-18. Destination: AHL all year, with a callup possible. Oesterle is 4GP, 0-1-1 and appears to be getting lots of playing time in Bakersfield. His speed keeps him in the prospect conversation and he could be the Condor who gets a call this year.
  17. D Caleb Jones. NHLE: 82GP, 2-5-7. Destination: Feature role in WHL with Portland. He’s 8GP, 1-3-4 (NHLE: 11 points according to CHL Stats) and based on TC this is a very mobile player. He was miscast (imo) by some pre-draft scouting reports, there’s more potential in Jones than was first implied.
  18. C Jujhar Khaira. NHLE: 82GP, 4-5-9. Destination: Full AHL season. He’s 4GP, 0-2-2 in Bakersfield and the organization appears to be higher on him now than in the past (and they liked him in the past). If Khaira can give this team any offense at all, he might have an NHL career in a bottom 6F role. This is an important year for him.
  19. R Tyler Pitlick. NHLE: 82GP, 8-16-24. Destination: NHL all season or the waiver wire/AHL. He played two games in Bakersfield before a concussion derailed him. Pitlick’s playing style fits Todd McLellan but he didn’t impress in TC (was given opportunities) and now we are here. Injuries have marred the young man’s career and he never did bring the offense from junior.
  20. D William Lagesson. NHLE: 82GP, 1-6-7. Destination: UMass and college hockey. He’s 3GP, 0-1-1 in college and reports have him off to a fine start. The college route means he’s tucked away for as many as four seasons, which will give the Oilers a chance to suss out all the other blue.
  21. D Ziyat Paigin. NHLE: 82GP, 2-2-4. Destination: KHL with more playing time. He played 9 minutes a night in 33 KHL games a year ago. This year, he’s been traded to Sochi, has played 10 games between two teams and is averaging 7:28 a night. He’s in the KHL, that’s good. Needs to play more.
  22. G Anders Nilsson. Destination: Backup goalie in the NHL. A strong start to his Oilers career (2GP, 1.98 .953) has fans buzzing—and for good reason! Obviously going to see a spike up the winter rankings, and points out the silliness of ranking goalies. Voodoo!
  23. D Ben Betker. NHLE: 82GP, 2-10-12. Destination: Full AHL season. He ended up in the ECHL (4GP, 0-0-0) and that’s good for the same reasons it benefits Greg Chase. Betker is a long ranger in terms of prospects, his combination of size and speed means the organization will be very patient with him.
  24. D Brandon Davidson. NHLE: 82GP, 3-4-7. Destination: AHL to start but could see significant NHL time. Davidson made the NHL roster and has played just one game. He looked good in it, has a nice range of skills without possessing any dominant trait. I suspect the Oilers see him as a solid 7D on their team beginning next year, so have him around because of waivers. He’ll get some action but it could be awhile before we see him two games in a row.
  25. D Brad Hunt. NHLE: 82GP, 11-19-30. Destination: Impact AHL defender, with a chance for recall. He’s a house on fire (4GP, 0-6-6) in Bakersfield so far, but reports have him giving up the puck a lot and spreading offense at both ends.
  26. L Kale Kessy. NHLE: 82GP, 8-8-16. Destination: A full AHL season. 2GP, 0-0-0 so far, the Condors have been running Mitch Moroz as their everyday enforcer.
  27. D David Musil. NHLE: 82GP, 1-7-8. Destination: Full AHL season, with a chance to make an NHL appearance. Musil is 4GP, 0-0-0 in Bakersfield, and farther from the NHL than he was a year ago—although we could have said that exact thing before he was called up in 2014-15. He’s a good defenseman, smart player. Speed kills, as does lack of it.
  28. D John Marino. Destination: Another season with the South Shore Kings. He ended up in the USHL (7GP, 1-4-5) where Marino made an immediate impact. The D chosen at the 2015 draft are a varied and fascinating group. No idea who (if anyone) makes it.
  29. G Zach Nagelvoort. Destination: Another seasons in the NCAA. His SP was .929 in his draft year, then fell to .906, lost the starting job to Steve Racine and we’ll see about this year. He’s 1GP, 2.05 and .905 so far, we’re early days.
  30. C Alexis Loiseau. NHLE: 82GP, 12-20-32. Destination: AHL/ECHL and a big pro chance. Signed to an AHL deal, Loiseau is one of this year’s Winquist’s and a nice bet. He’s 4GP, 0-1-1 in Norfolk so far, miles to go and we’ll see.
  31. R Tyler Vesel. NHLE: 82GP, 7-13-20. Destination: Another full season of NCAA hockey in Omaha. Young skill forward has played in a couple of exhibition games and we’ll see if he can capitalize on a good NCAA season one year ago.
  32. L Mitch Moroz. NHLE: 82GP, 3-3-6. Destination: Full AHL season. He’s 4GP, 1-0-1 so far in Bakersfield, meaning he’s getting the playing time that should have been made available last year. Moroz has a somewhat unique skill set, so will get a fast track if he can prove capable.
  33. L Evan Campbell. NHLE: 82GP, 7-8-15. Destination: UMass-Lowell and another NCAA season. Now 22, he’s 3GP, 1-3-4 and impressing in his junior year. His shot gets mentioned a lot, could be a key to his success in pro hockey.
  34. L Josh Winquist. NHLE: 82GP, 8-11-19. Destination: AHL all year, possibly ECHL if numbers dictate. He’s 1GP, 0-0-0 in Bakersfield and losing playing time to veterans like Ryan Hamilton and Matt Ford. Winquist showed great progress a year ago, needs at-bats.
  35. G Miroslav Svoboda. Destination: Somewhere in Czech Republic. He’s 7GP, 4.42 .867 in the Czech2 league, doesn’t look fabulous but who the hell knows. Best to assume we’ll never see him and then be pleasantly surprised if something moves.
  36. L Connor Rankin. NHLE: 82GP, 11-16-27. Destination: AHL/ECHL contract. Scoring winger is in Norfolk (ECHL) and hasn’t played yet.
  37. L Braden Christoffer. NHLE: 82GP, 9-11-20. Destination: AHL/ECHL contract. He’s now on a full NHL contract and 4GP, 0-1-1 in the AHL. The Oilers have a need for this kind of player and Christoffer has a big opportunity. He’s a pain in the neck, agitator. Bruins always have these guys, Oilers used to.
  38. L Aidan Muir. NHLE: 82GP, 4-6-10. Destination: Another NCAA season in Western Michigan. Big forward hasn’t played yet this year.
  39. G Ty Rimmer. Destination: Whatever’s left. He’s 4GP, 2.77 .925 in Norfolk, those are fabulous numbers. No idea if he gets anywhere but he can play.
  40. G KevEN Bouchard. Destination: Another QMJHL season with a SP in the .880s.  Bouchard is 6GP, 3.72 .874 so far, his best effort since being drafted came about two weeks ago. Had a shutout until late, couldn’t keep it.
  41. D Martin Gernat NHLE: 82GP, 1-7-8. Destination: ECHL, AHL or Europe. Just back skating after recovering from surgery, expect he’ll be in Norfolk when he’s ready to play.


A lot (I mean A LOT) of chatter about the No. 1 PK in the NHL, but there are some things about this Oilers team people should know.

  • Corsi for 5×5 %: 45.5 (No. 28)
  • Fenwick for 5×5: 45.5 (No. 26)
  • PDO 5×5: 99.5
  • Shooting % 5×5: 6.9 (No. 20)
  • Save % 5×5: 92.57 (No. 19)
  • Goals for % 5×5: 43.5 (No. 21)
  • Shots for % 5×5: 45.3 (No. 25)
  • Source

hurdle gif


A fun morning with lots of chatter across the wide world of sports! 10 o’clock, TSN1260:

  • Steve Lansky, Big Mouth Sports. Jays! McDavid! Weird Messier commercials!
  • Antony Bent, FC Edmonton. Eddies season, EPL, international play.
  • Brian King, NonStopSportsPicks. Eskimos weekend and prepping the playoffs.
  • Paul Almedia, SSE. McLellan’s importance to the Oil, Eskimos weekend.

10-1260 text, @Lowetide twitter. Talk soon!


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Woodguy: MY LIST IS RIGHT!!!




Couldn’t resist using one of my favourite Simpsons quotes.

Poor effort from a lot of individuals during last nights game, but I really do enjoy having a quality coach who handles and says things properly.


böök¡je: BARNFIGHT!

Fuck you Bookije


Woodguy: MY LIST IS RIGHT!!!





The previous coach and GM were bad because they called out specific players in such situations. They were terrible because they ussully called out the wrong players.

I agree with others, I like TMac – he’s like a real coach. Chiarelli is a real GM as well.


“We overwhelmed ourselves tonight with our stupidity,” said McLellan.

I really like this coach.

theres oil in virginia

Pouzar: Nope. Had a worse outing than Nilsson

It happens. I’m sure he’ll need some time to collect himself. I don’t recall Dubnyk’s numbers during his AHL stint, but my guess is “not good”.


Edmonton Oilers ‏@EdmontonOilers 2h2 hours ago

Coach McLellan says he will be having individual meetings with several #Oilers players to address some of tonight’s shortcomings.

Love it. Didn’t call anyone out, but let it be known that dumb mistakes won’t be tolerated. I have my list, sure you have yours. It’s a year of growth.





I really think the difference between last night and the Detroit game is that we didn’t play as a team. Our defensive Achilles heel was exposed because the forwards were often in their own world.

For meetings tomorrow it’s gotta be Hall,RNH,Sekera,Fayne,Ference,Klefbom and Schultz.

I thought Klefbom and Schultz had adequate effort but no support and got isolated and overwhelmed, if they can defend against Zetterberg, there’s no reason why they can’t do better than they did against Kuznetzov and Ovechkin.

I won’t pile on against the former captain, since it’s clear to everyone he’s not the player he once was and is stopgap at best.


G Money:
Магия 10,

Unfortunately, the code is in R.I use Python for all my work …

Ah. The great R Python divide

Caps being tired or not, you could see this one coming. They’re just a higher calibre team than Detroit or Calgary or Vancouver. Expected loss and some guys were probably feeling good about themselves and didn’t bring their A game.

It’s a work in progress and this type of volatility is to be expected the first half of this season.

If you want less stress just temper the expectations, win or lose.



Yeah the Shultz play is way overambitious in that situation. I can live with risky plays like that if it’s late in the game and you’re chasing a goal. But at that point it’s a 3-3 game where the Oilers have been battling uphill all night. You have to make the simple, safe play.
Both Schultz and Klefbom overplayed a lot of situations and it kind of started with the late first period goal where Klefbom is too eager trying to win back the puck in the corner and the defensive structure falls apart. Again it’s a bad situation to try and be overambitious in getting the puck back with less than a minute left and the score is tied. Make sure to keep the tie alive and then restart for the second period. Especially since Oilers had pretty good momentum for the second half of the first period. Then they get back in the game early second period just to have Schultz lose his team the momentum again right away.



Agree with almost all of this.

By the way, did I mention puck management?

Agreed the forwards, especially the Cs had a rough night. It was butt ugly all over.

The best microcosm though had to be Schultz looking for the home run lateral move and then like a football receiver, running before he actualy catches the ball…

Make the safe easy play in that situation. Yes your talent could take advantage, but you have to consider the risks if it doesn’t work.

Unlike most, I don’t doubt Schultz’s skills, I doubt his brains. I do the same with Yakupov. and I’m the exact opposite with Lander. Doesn’t have the same reach or size or speed but is effin’ smart.

But experience can make up for a lack of genius in many areas.

There was a lot of trying to do too much from a lot of players tonight. I think the “individuals” remark by TMac was dead on.

You look at that Schultz play, countless Hall plays, not to pick on them, coz everybody not using their teammates and being individuals tonight.

No using your linemates, no keep it simple stupid.

Oiler hockey.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

The parts of the whole always look like shit. I’d like to see what the sum looks like before I judge any players. And if they don’t buy in, then we know too.

There have been signs of a sum….


Yeah the D-men deserves some crap tonight but man the defensive coverage from our forwards was dreadful tonight, the centers outside of Lander were all out to lunch defensively all game.

First goal, Hall and Klink puts themselves out of the play straight off the faceoff, then Nuge does the chicken without a head act in the defensive zone, giving Kuznetzov the little tap before going out of position towards Sekeras man as if the sticktap would take Kuznetzov out of the play. It didn’t.

Second goal, while Grybas positioning is iffy, he needs to recognize where the dangerous area is when Sekera follows his man, Klinkhammer needs to follow Bäckström better, at least get body position on him through the neutral zone so that he can’t just walk right in.

Third goal, again a bad play by the d-man, in this case Schultz, takes him out of the play but McDavid has body position and a clear defensive lane on Johansson, who isn’t exactly Big Buff strengthwise, but still fails to clear the puck and instead pokes it in to his own net. Nilsson overplays the situation as well but McDavid has to do better.

Fourth goal, yeah that one’s on Schultz all the way. Plain awful execution.

Fifth goal, Gryba effectively takes himself out of the play gliding out of position and then casually gliding back into another bad position, but Korpikoski needs to make himself more useful on the play and not let Williams school him on the screen like that. The team lines up with all four players in a straight line on the PK just before the play, terrible, didn’t count as a PP goal with McD just making his way out of the box but that was pure garbage PK against on the NHLs best PP teams several years running.

Sixth goal, Yak goes deer in headlights after Schultz slashes the stick out of Nilssons hands and completely loses position. McDavid doesn’t cover one single passing lane the entire shift.

Seventh goal, a gimme from Talbot but Korpikoski and Letestu shows off some lethargic PK work letting the Caps pass around the puck fully uncontested with every lane available eventually letting Kuznetzov walk in for the hatty.

And this was just the goals. I know the D-men were awful but too often we forget how much of the defensive zone coverage is dependent on the forwards and the centers in particular.

Klef-Schultz couldn’t move the puck up ice to save their lives tonight, I think they had a pretty good first period, Klefbom in particular, he had six puckgains in the first alone, before they started chasing. It was like the last minute goal in the first wrecked their structure and they just couldn’t get it done.

The PP really struggles with the entries. I don’t understand why the go to zone entry for the second PP isn’t McDavid with speed up the left side, he’s money there, doesn’t really matter if the other team knows it’s happening since he’s so good at avoidning pressure and hits. Just make sure you have guys covering behind him through the neutral zone for the rare occasion he loses the puck and make sure Yak goes full throttle on the right side if he has to dump it in. Too often it’s the other way around with Yak carrying the puck up the right boards which isn’t ideal.


Ice Sage:
Silver Lining – McD leading rookies in goals and scoring (well kinda tied).Kid’s on a steep upwards trajectory… good choice, Oilers.

And he is doing a lot with very little. I think he has received a breakout pass less than 5 times this year.

Ice Sage

Silver Lining – McD leading rookies in goals and scoring (well kinda tied). Kid’s on a steep upwards trajectory… good choice, Oilers.

Centre of attention


“We overwhelmed ourselves with our stupidity at times” was my favorite excerpt from Todd’s post-game comments.


Oh and Pouzar.. Scrivens isn’t getting back to the NHL letting in 5 at that level.. Just saying..

Nope. Had a worse outing than Nilsson

G Money


Gryba spent most of the game with Ference.

When he was partnered with Ference or Jultz, the pairing was destroyed. (27.3 and 0.0 CF%)

When he was partnered with Fayne, Sekera, or Klefbom, he did fine. (57, 66, and 71 CF%)

He’s not good enough to cover for bad partners, but he’s OK as a complementary piece.


Oh and Pouzar.. Scrivens isn’t getting back to the NHL by letting in 5 at that level.. Just saying..


Thought Gryba was about as useful as nipples on men tonight as well.



, I don’t think Hall, Ference and Sekera

Hall and Sekera were among the best out there and it wasn’t particularly close.

Jultz, Klef, Ference, Korpse were my least favorite tonight.


Yup.. I’ve watched a lot too.. The only problem is the quality of the some of the streams .. but IMO LT is right when he argues he really should have made the team.. JJ is looking pretty good as well to me.. might have something there..

I guess it isn’t hurting Nurse’s development being there for confidence purposes but I just don’t see how they can keep him there if they are watching the games..



You are right. He needs to be brought up ASAP !


blainer: Absolutely agree.. he is not down there for much longer. Jeebus how can they with mess on the big team.. He is a big leaguer now.. I will be very surprised if he plays 12 games in Bakersfield..

Also with your comment on Tmac.. I don’t think we saw Eakins ever get to the place where Tmac is now.. Chia and Tmac are smart hockey people and I really believe the clock is ticking on a big trade..

My guess is they have a timeline for a trade and its close.. me thinks 20 games..

Nurse has everything the Oilers need right now in spades except the booming shot from the point.
It wouldn’t be rushing him at all imo ( see Peter Angelo). I’ve watched 90% of the action and I just don’t think the “A” is really going to do much for him at this point.

G Money

The Oilers need to scrape one point against either MIN or LAK in order to be on par for what I expected out of the first 10 games based on my competition weighted schedule.

It gets markedly easier for the second 10 games.

After that, there is no 10 or 11 game segment the rest of the season that is anywhere near as difficult as these first 10 games.


Pouzar: Nurse looks good too…should be up. His skills are too good not to be. I may get flamed here but I don’t think he’s learning sh!t in the A.

Absolutely agree.. he is not down there for much longer. Jeebus how can they with the mess on the big team.. He is a big leaguer now.. I will be very surprised if he plays 12 games in Bakersfield..

Also with your comment on Tmac.. I don’t think we saw Eakins ever get to the place where Tmac is now.. Chia and Tmac are smart hockey people and I really believe the clock is ticking on a big trade..

My guess is they have a timeline for a trade and its close.. me thinks 20 games..

G Money

Really?: As for the individual meetings with the Toddler tomorrow, I don’t think Hall, Ference and Sekera will enjoy the experience. Probably should add Schultz to that group as well.

That’s who you think will be meeting? One of our few plus forwards (Hall), and one half of the only effective D pairing (Sekera-Fayne and it wasn’t even close).

Schultz-Klefbom and Gryba-Ference got absolutely destroyed tonight. There are only smoking craters left in the ice. On an individual basis, Gryba looked OK, but the other three rotted to high heaven.

They better be in the meetings tomorrow, along with Teddy and Korpi, both of whom were incredibly bad. There’s your five. (Schu, Klef, Fer, Purcell, Korpi). Much of the rest of the team held their own, or at least played to a level expected.


Pouzar: Nurse looks good too…should be up. His skills are too good not to be. I may get flamed here but I don’t think he’s learning sh!t in the A.

Can’t tell much from boxcars but his +/- is even [highest among D] on a -37 team. 1 point in 5gp but he looks like he is not a defensive liability at the AHL level at least. The verbal is good.

There’s a strong argument for bringing him up sooner rather than later, just like there’s a strong argument for keeping Draisaitl down.

This is the problem with the AHL West schedule. It is light on games so it is difficult to get a sample size for these players this early. I’d say give him 20 games in the AHL before making the call, but that takes him to December 5th.


Draisatl with 1 point in 5 games. That’s no where near good enough. If he doesn’t pick it up by the 10 game mark we’re going to have to start tempering our expectations. He needs to be at a point per game pace.

G Money

Магия 10,

Unfortunately, the code is in R. I use Python for all my work …


PokeCheck: It was definitely his best game of the season.

He’s a player. His giveashit/60 has been excellent.


blainer: By eye he looks good but he has to post some numbers.. I’m sure it will come but it is surprising he isn’t doing better..

Nurse looks good too…should be up. His skills are too good not to be. I may get flamed here but I don’t think he’s learning sh!t in the A.


Centre of attention:
Slepy had an assits and was +1 in 12 minutes, got that assist in just a few shifts with Nuge.

It was definitely his best game of the season.


Centre of attention: Any guess on who McLellan is talking about?

I’ve got two.


Pouzar: Coach McLellan says he will be having individual meetings with several #Oilers players to address some of tonight’s shortcomings

I am always disappointed to see Hall looking all pouty after a bad game like this. If he was a true leader, he would be thoroughly pissed and in the dressing room tearing the entire team a new ass.

As for the individual meetings with the Toddler tomorrow, I don’t think Hall, Ference and Sekera will enjoy the experience. Probably should add Schultz to that group as well.

Centre of attention

I wanna see Slepy with Hall and Nuge for a bit vs the Kings if Pakarinen isn’t a fit.

Slepy had an assits and was +1 in 12 minutes, got that assist in just a few shifts with Nuge.


Pouzar: Pretty meh tonight after a strong 3rd period last game.

By eye he looks good but he has to post some numbers.. I’m sure it will come but it is surprising he isn’t doing better..



Tied for 18th in scoring right now, among others: a 43 year old and someone legitimately old enough to be his son…


unca miltie: ageed

And the Boks are going to lose tomorrow. My libido’s sure taking a hit.


G Money:
Магия 10,

Cool, thanks, I’ll take a look – see if there’s anything I can implement, adapt, or outright steal.

I’ve never used a logistic regression, but I’ve seen it used in a handful of different calcs by some of the grand poobah #fancystat’ers, so I should probably dust off that section of my stats textbooks.

If their code is relevant it would be interesting to regress a year’s goal events for and against for 5×5 combinations on ice. And then do the same with fractional expected goals from each shot event (using various means including distance). Finally comparing each of these to assess their power to predict the following year’s goal differentials.

unca miltie

Brutal night.

Oilers lose.

Jays lose.

Flames win.

Fucking Brutal



Centre of attention: Klefbom only played 16:51

Klefbom Does not deserve that -4

Not one damn bit.

I find it totally baffling that sooo many coaches cannot see what us fans are watching with Jultz…. I also can’t believe that MacT is influencing the coach in any way here.

Agreed on Klef he deserves better than Shultz.. While Jultz has played ok at times he is obviously over his head against quality teams…

Ference should NEVER see the ice again as an oiler.. Period..


Schultz should never play another game ever again for the Oilers, full stop.
Same goes for Ference. Pay him out tomorrow morning, he serves utterly no purpose.
Admit it.
Beyond dispute.


blainer: Yup.. Not happy with Drai so far.. He is not making a case for himself.. Scrivens..5 goals on 27 shots..

Pretty meh tonight after a strong 3rd period last game.


schultz is not the answer on the PP, PK or defensive zone. Its time to move away from him. I don’t know of one d-man that patrols the blue on the PP without a slap shot.


5-3 after ONT

Yup.. Not happy with Drai so far.. He is not making a case for himself.. Scrivens..5 goals on 27 shots..


5-4 Final

Condors lose

Why not.

G Money

Centre of attention: Klefbom only played 16:51

Klefbom Does not deserve that -4

Not one damn bit.

By my numbers, Klef played 16:51 indeed, and his CF% was 45.8% which in theory wasn’t bad.

But his ‘danger adjusted’ Fenwick was 31.8%. That means in terms of the deadliness of the shots given up vs gotten, Klefbom got eaten alive. So the -4 was probably deserved.

Mind you, Schultz was at 28% DFF.

Sekera had a good night by the numbers.