Get yer Ya-Ya’s out, it’s time to turn left. Up the ladder to the roof, climb that big rock candy mountain, travel river deep, mountain high, take it to the limit, out of your brain on the 5:15. Music! Oh, and by the way? Still plenty of pain.


  • Oilers in October 2014: 4-5-1
  • Oilers in October 2015: 4-8-0
  • Oilers in November 2014: 2-9-3
  • Oilers in November 2015: 3-4-1
  • Oilers Goal Differential in 2014 Oct/Nov: -34
  • Oilers Goal Differential in 2015 Oct/Nov: -8

This is a better team but the won-loss record has been lagging. The goaltending/defense isn’t where it should be (55 GF is a solid total, but 63 GA is death valley again so far). The 55 goals for are one behind the division lead in that category. Todd McLellan’s Oilers are going to score goals.

I was going to write “we’re seeing something special” about Leon’s 10 games but the NHL PR folks drive home the point better than anyone could with only words. Lordy. If you can write a song, rhyme “Draisaitl” with “fantastical” and you’ll sell a million in this city alone—if it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. Simply incredible talent, his goals are a wonder and come in packs of six and a dozen. It’s so easy to fall in love! Stunning. Stunning.


Just before midnight, in the comments section of this blog, the following appeared from Saddleblazer:

  • One September afternoon in 2004 I knocked on my neighbour’s door and introduced myself. She was a lovely young lady who, like me, came to Edmonton from the North for university. We became friends over games of cribbage and putting together 1000 piece puzzles.
  • We started dating and once 2005 rolled along, she learned that I was a big hockey fan and I learned that HER MOTHER HAD CORPORATE SEASON TICKETS IN ROW 4 OF REXALL. No joke, I went to around 30 home games that magical season. I shouted “I LOVE YOU” to Chris Pronger a hundred times and hung his life sized poster in my home (it was under the seats one home game that year). I was at game 3 of the cup final when Smytty banged home the winner.
  • Needless to say, I married that girl and moved back North with her. We are expecting our second child in February. We are in Edmonton for the weekend and just returned home from the game. Terrific performance by our boys. I purchased a Draisaitl 29 jersey and wore it proudly when he was announced the game’s first star. I am happy that this was the last game I’ll see them play in that old barn. Farewell, Rexall Place.


It’s kind of weird reading twitter these days. Even though we can all agree that young players—especially defensemen—do not develop in a straight line, there are factions forming behind all of the rookie blue in Edmonton this season, for and agin. From “I saw him play table hockey at seven, made the call that day” to “He’s the first defenseman I’ve ever seen get walked by Patrick Kane” the hyperbole is rich, splendid and not particularly helpful to the modern fan. Here’s the actual state of affairs, accept no substitutes.

  • Darnell Nurse is an exceptional talent who is learning quickly but is not yet fully completely. No sin in that, and we’re looking at a very nice range of skills and all he lacks is the sorties. There are going to be nights of ‘also in photo’ but there’s already moments of real contribution. Already. Dynamite hockey player. 11GP, 1-4-5 ranks No. 4 in the NHL among rookie defensemen. He’s also third in the NHL among rookie D in TOI per game, 19:09.
  • Brandon Davidson also has a nice range of skills, and the minor league experience so few of these young men get in the modern world. A cup of coffee in the ECHL and basically two full seasons in the AHL have given Davidson a chance to learn the trade. A lesson here, methinks. We should also allow for the usual ups and downs and agree that we don’t actually know what the Oilers have in Davidson. A very low draft pick (No. 162 in 2010, he’s the last NHL piece standing from the Lubo for Ryan Whitney deal) who has shown extremely well in limited play this year, one hopes we hold back from gushing too much and allow the young man to find his place on the roster. He’s 23 games into his NHL career folks. Early days indeed. Still, very encouraging and it behooves the Oilers to play him every night until he’s either established or finds his way to the pressbox due to his own play. 11GP, 2-2-4 and his 17:24 ranks him No. 8 among rookie defensemen in TOI.
  • Griffin Reinhart is perhaps the most dividing defender on this year’s roster (until JSchultz returns, anyway) and a lot of that has to do (imo) with the price paid. Reinhart is 19 games into his NHL career and is learning on the job. He doesn’t have Nurse’s wheels and that’s going to cost him (we saw examples last night) but I do think he’s far better away from Gryba and we’re going to have to judge him over a longer term. It is unfair to compare him to Nurse, and if I’m Chiarelli there has to be at least the thread of an idea rumbling around my brain to trade him out. 11GP, 0-0-0 and his 16:29 ranks him No. 13 among rookie defensemen in TOI.

A lock for the top four, a riddle that needs repeating and a former lottery pick trying to catch a fast train. This situation SO reminds me of those late 1960s and early 1970s Leafs teams, it’s incredible. Who is the Dorey, who is the Pelyk, who is the Glennie, who is the Ley? There’s no McKenny I can see and these youngsters will make themselves known eventually. Until then, I advise a strict adherence to the following: NO grand statements about rookie defensemen, especially in an era when google search can find you. No one knows, people. They are defensemen, and they develop and slide back and get hurt and lose some speed and God knows what else. If you really want to know the state of affairs, ask Mr. McLellan:


  • Ryan Rishaug: “His (Leon Draisaitl) emergence, simply put, gives them some options. When Connor McDavid comes back, if Draisaitl is playing at something close to this level, that gives them a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl one-two-three punch. All kinds of depth down the middle. As we know, the Oilers are a team that needs help on the blue line. Should they decide to ‘rob Peter and pay Paul a little bit, and move a forward to bring in a high-end defensemen, well now the potential to move a player like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins doesn’t sound quire so ridiculous. Something they’re going to take their time and think a long time about. Draisaitl needs to show he can do it over the long haul, but his emergence gives the Edmonton Oilers brain trust options.”

This is from Mr. Rishaug last night, and he’s right. Not now, not this season and I’d argue next as well, but at some point Edmonton is going to make a move and it might be the Nuge. Would I do it? No. I’d move a winger and place Leon on RW until both McDavid and Draisaitl are mature. Strength up the middle is too precious to abandon. I think Peter Chiarelli is contemplating things though, suspect Rishaug is spot on about the options opening up. Interesting times. I still think Yakupov will be odd man out when push comes to shove, Schultz too.

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  1. Factotum says:

    G Money,

    Really enjoying your post-game analyses. The CF% trend is encouraging. Do you know if anyone has gone so far as to calculate expected goals for and against on a per-game basis and do a similar trend chart?

    The DFA60 numbers matched my eye pretty closely. I don’t know what more Gryba can do to earn a little press box time.

    BTW, I watched the last 23 mins or so of the Canadiens-Islanders game last night. Hamonic mostly played with Leddy and Boychuk played with DeHaan, so Hamonic certainly seemed to be on the top pairing. I saw Hamonic very good indeed last night. It wasn’t a physical game by any stretch – at least not the part I saw – but Hamonic showed excellent, smooth skating, nice puck handling, and decisive, accurate passing. I thought of Jay Bouwmeester while I was watching him, which might explain why Capuano trusts him to munch the tough minutes. I think Hamonic may have more offense, though – imagine Justin Schultz with NO lollygagging, better passing accuracy, and a decent point shot.

    I watched quite a few Islanders games last year but wasn’t watching Hamonic in particular and didn’t really notice him much. I’m going to make a point of watching the Islanders/Habs rematch tomorrow night as well, but my limited viewing last night suggested that your analysis of TH is better than mine. If so, acquiring him may be just what the Oilers need most.

  2. Water Fire says:

    Beware Josi, partner effects.

    I caught the Seattle game last night. Bear looked good, mobile, booming shot, responsible. He’ll be eating Schultz lunch in 2 years, similar player.

    A surprise seeing Savhan? Khaira playing, also right D. He’s big, very mobile and responsible, and more aggressive than Bear. I think he has a great shot at the bigs with that package.

  3. Bruce McCurdy says:

    Water Fire:
    Beware Josi, partner effects.

    I caught the Seattle game last night. Bear looked good, mobile, booming shot, responsible. He’ll be eating Schultz lunch in 2 years, similar player.

    A surprise seeing Savhan? Khaira playing, also right D. He’s big, very mobile and responsible, and more aggressive than Bear. I think he has a great shot at the bigs with that package.

    I saw JarJar’s “little” brother p,ay when Seattle was in Edmonton. Wasnt watching for him particularly but he did some things to stand out for sure. Big, fast, aggressive are 3 nice tools in anybody’s tool box, especially a d-man.

  4. MrEd says:

    Chara. Massive goal for a true beast. Wow.

  5. rickithebear says:

    Oilers looking for a top pairing Dman?

    I think one of them has arrived.

    D men this year who have played more than 100 mins.5 on 5.


    He is 7th in points/60 with 1.46.

    He is tied for 60th in creating individual scoring chances with 12.

    He is tied for 65th in creating individual corsi attempts with 48.


    He is playing the toughest competition on the oilers back end.

    He is 59th in the league with a Corsi against/60 with a 50.43.League average is 53.39

    He is 27th in the league with a scoring chance against/60 with 21.85.league average is 25.66.

    He is 48th in the league with a high danger scoring chance against/60 with 9.1.League ave is 10.45.

    The list of D men who are top 70 offensively AND defensively in those metrics above, is only a couple of handfuls.

    Klefbom has arrived people.And at 22, he is only going to get better.

    You get how to look at Dmen!

    many on here just listen to there head telling them:
    TSN said!
    Sportsbet Said!

    Meant to post this after the game.
    After i got home from sailine and cotizon injection to the left shoulder.

    Right in 2 weeks:

    Hall (5yr @ 6M) – Draisatl (2yr @ 3.4M)-XXX
    He will get a 2,6M bump in 17-18

    XXX-RNH (6yr @6M) – Eberle (4yr @ 6M)
    Good till Mcdavid needs his bump.

    Pullout (4yr @ 4M) – Mcdavid (3yr @ 3.775M) – XXX
    Mcdavid will get a 4.5M ish bump in 18-19

    Keeping all 6:
    15-16 29.175
    16-17 29.175
    17-18 31.775
    18-19 36.5M

    Purcell (1yr @ 4.5M)
    Yak (2yr 2 2.5M)
    korpikoski (2yr@ 2.5M)
    Hendricks (2yr @ 1.85M)
    Letestu (3yr @ 1.85M)
    Lander (2yr @ .988M)

    Sekera (6yr @ 5.5M)
    Klefbom (1yr1@ 1.244; 7yr @ 4.167M)
    Schultz (1yr @ 3.9M)
    Fayne (3yr @ 3.625M)
    Nikitin (1yr 3.55M)
    Ference (2yr @ 3.25M)
    Reinhaart (2yr @ 3.221M)
    Nurse (3yr @ 1.773)
    Gryba (1yr @ 1.25M)
    Davidson (1yr @ .585M)

    Next year:
    Sekera 5.5m
    Klefbom 4.167M
    Fayne 3.625m
    Reinhardt 3.22M
    Nurse 1.744M
    Ference 1.083M
    16-17 19.369M 2 D needed one likely davidson on contract with term.

  6. matt says:

    If Myers and Spurgeon and Hamilton and Brodie are not options in return for Hamonic, then does Yak+Schultz work for Snow? Or the 2016 1st? What else would have to be going back and forth to make either deal work?

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