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Kyle Platzer is a two-way forward with some of the resume bullet points we saw from Kyle Brodziak: Late pick, good offensively and a solid checker.

  • Kyle Brodziak final year junior: 70, 39-54-93 1.33 points-per-game
  • Kyle Platzer final year junior: 68, 34-47-81 1.19 points-per-game

Brodziak delivered a slightly higher point total, but this is across a one-decade gap so it isn’t an apples to apples comparison.

  • Kyle Brodziak first year pro: 56, 6-26-32 .571 points-per-game
  • Kyle Platzer first year pro: 20, 2-4-6 .300 points-per-game


  • December 2004: R Zack Stortini (257) (GM: Kevin Lowe)
  • December 2005: D Taylor Chorney (85) (GM: Kevin Lowe)
  • December 2006: C Kyle Brodziak (649) (GM: Kevin Lowe)
  • December 2007: D Cody Wild (0) (GM: Kevin Lowe)
  • December 2008: L Bryan Lerg (8) (FA signing by Kevin Lowe)
  • December 2009: R Ryan Stone (35) (Trade by Steve Tambellini)
  • December 2010: C Chris VandeVelde (146) (GM: Kevin Lowe)
  • December 2011: D Jeremie Blain (0) (GM: Steve Tambellini)
  • December 2012: G Olivier Roy (0) (GM: Steve Tambellini)
  • December 2013: D David Musil (4) (GM: Steve Tambellini)
  • December 2014: D Joey Laleggia (0) (GM: Steve Tambellini)

These are the kinds of players you would expect to emerge from the lower register of a prospect list designed to value offense and top 6F/top 4D potential. Brodziak has enjoyed a solid career, Edmonton traded him miles too early.


  • Brock Otten, OHL Prospects: Platzer did absolutely everything London’s coaching staff asked him to do this year, including seeing some time on the blueline to cover for injuries. That’s why he managed to (mostly) avoid the carousel many of London’s other younger players had to ride (like Jammes, Liberati, Pawley, etc) in 2013. His numbers don’t jump out at you, and they won’t with the barely 10 minutes of ice time he saw a game. But you have to assess him based on what he was able to do with that ice time (similar to Remi Elie who’s rated higher). Platzer may not be huge (pushing 5’11), but he’s a skilled player who also can provide energy and persistence away from the puck. You might notice Platzer outworking opposing defenses along the boards, or beating them to loose pucks, but he’s also clearly a very intelligent offensive player who is capable of putting up higher point totals. He did lead his Waterloo GOJHL team in scoring as a 16 year old in 2012. The one thing I admire about London is their ability to make younger players work hard to stay in the line-up. Ice time is earned, not given. And Platzer earned every second of time he received this year.
  • Red Line Report: Platzer, while not as big and strong around the net as Elie, recorded five points (2G, 3A) in his first five playoff games, to go along with a +6 in the plus/minus category. Platzer, who had five goals all season in his 4th line role, uses speed and instincts around the offensive end to pop into openings and create dangerous chances.


  • Summer 2013: No. 20
  • Winter 2013: No. 21
  • Summer 2014: No. 30
  • Winter 2014: No. 9
  • Summer 2015: No. 7
  • Winter 2015: No. 14


  • Brock Otten, OHL Prospects (February 2015): Platzer has most definitely taken his game to the next level this year. He looks considerably stronger on the puck and it’s helped to give him more time to operate and use his high end vision/hockey sense to make plays. He’s also been more aggressive in playing in traffic and along the boards. He’ll end up doubling his own personal best in points. Source
  • My comment on cut down day TC 2013: Kyle Platzer: In some ways, the most impressive player among today’s cuts. I have no idea what he is, and am not going to add to the confusion. He sure scored a lot for a guy no one talks about, though.
  • My comment on cut down day TC 2014: Kyle Platzer: AGAIN this TC he impresses more than a few other 2013’s. I’m going to like him more if he scores in the OHL this season.
  • Source for both


  • Kyle Platzer: “Some people need to work on their skill. My needs were definitely that physical maturity. I added some mobility to my workouts so I wasn’t just a big guy that couldn’t move. When you put on that much weight you still want to keep your speed.” Source
  • Peter Chiarelli: “He has a good shot. He’s very athletic. Good shot and goes to the spots. His skating seems to be improving from July so he’s on an upward trend.” Source
  • Kady Hobbins: Platzer is in his first full professional season with the Bakersfield Condors, and seems to be adjusting well to the change of pace. Currently playing in a bottom-six role, Platzer has found a way to contribute some secondary offense for the Condors, and has had some strong, consistent performances as of late. Source


We are well past the ‘complete’ prospects and the kids who have a nice range of skills. From here on, we are talking about (for the most part, certainly among players procured 2014 and before) about young men with some things to work on. There is no sin in that, Kyle Brodziak had a similar pedigree and he made it work.

Kyle Platzer is a ‘draft and follow’ type and so far he has some of the things we associate with a future NHL player: He spiked offensively in junior after not playing much in his draft year. He has a range of skills, so could succeed as something less than an offensive player should his bat turn out shy.

There is no hurry for Platzer, this is his rookie pro season. That said, Edmonton’s willingness to employ Jujhar Khaira after a 10-point rookie pro season suggests there is a chance to be recognized by the current management. Each fall, Kyle Platzer impressed. Now he must do it in pro hockey, this and next season. He has done some things that make him a prospect to follow.

  • 5.11, 185
  • Won an OHL championship in 2013 with London and had two points (1g-1a) in five games at the Memorial Cup
  • Signed a three-year entry deal with Edmonton April 2015
  • 20, 2-4-6 37SOG
  • 20, 0-3-3 EV
  • 20, 2-1-3 PP
  • Best game this year: Friday, December 4th

platzer capture 1


  • Darnell Nurse, No. 7 overall. A quality prospect who has delivered in the early days of his pro career. Has a range of skills and is attempting to make the NHL grade at 20. No. 3 prospect, Winter 2015.
  • Marco Roy, No. 59 overall. Didn’t earn an NHL deal, signed to a minor league contract and played early days in the ECHL. Recalled to the AHL, showing well.
  • Bogdan Yakimov, No. 83 overall. Mammoth Russian progressing, although he’s a little shy offensively this season in the AHL so far. No. 11 prospect, Winter 2015.
  • Anton Slepyshev, No. 88 overall. Slick Russian winger impressed in camp and won an NHL job. Currently in the minors, but he’s bona fide. No. 4 prospect, Winter 2015.
  • Jackson Houck, No. 94 overall. Unsigned, playing in junior. No longer in the organization.
  • Kyle Platzer, No. 96 overall. New pro playing well in Bakersfield, good results, although offense is shy. No. 14 prospect, Winter 2015.
  • Aidan Muir, No. 113 overall. College winger, not scoring. A candidate for the Winter top 20.
  • Evan Campbell, No. 128 overall. College winger with decent results so far this year. A candidate for the Winter top 20.
  • Ben Betker, No. 158 overall. First year pro in the ECHL currently. Big, strong and good speed. A project. A candidate for the Winter top 20.
  • Greg Chase, No. 188 overall. Turned pro but was sent to the ECHL. Performed well there and was recently called to the AHL. Showing well. A candidate for the Winter top 20.



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Agreed. Burns is my favorite non Oiler player bar none, but I tend to agree. Teams need to sign 30 year old players to big money deals for term, but we’re not yet at the stage where that’s true for us.

I don’t see SJ letting him walk, to be honest.


What if Chia pulls an AA and goes all-in for Burns or Byfuglien? What does that do for the confidence of the team?


Sather correcting Spector’s grammar during his media avail may be the best thing to happen all day.


Ryan: I love McLellan.Just an awesome guy.

It’s evident based on what we’ve observed this year that (a) Eakins was not an NHL coach, and (b) this is the best coach this team has had in at least 10 years and very likely longer. Definitely the best return on forfeited draft picks last year.


Oilers win 4 straight so flames have to win 4 straight pretty quick.

Why can’t we have nice things



Yeah, very cool stuff.

Thanks for reminding us to have a look!



Why can’t the Oilers mic that room so that we can make out the question as well as the answer? It can’t be that hard.


Once you get through the Leon love in there is some gold in McLellan’s avail today:


Some gold in the Leon stuff too, but the local media was heating up the oven to melt the bronze for his statue today.

I love McLellan. Just an awesome guy.


If anyone wants tickets to the game tomorrow i have a pair.

Section 132 Row 16 Seat #3#4


Trying to get my money back so willing to listen to offers around $440 need christmas money for family and friends…felt like this was a good community to ask


PhrankLee: I disagree there. It looks very strong to me.


That list is out of date (Seabrook, Johnson, Plekanec signed), and most of the interesting players (e.g. Staal, Backes, ) aren’t coming here.

Use this link



Yikes. That No. 2004 list is UGLY


Once you get through the Leon love in there is some gold in McLellan’s avail today:


Some gold in the Leon stuff too, but the local media was heating up the oven to melt the bronze for his statue today.

Centre of attention

Platzer is the Pisani. Skilled two-way RW/Center who can move up and down the line up? Yes please.


Obviously you can’t tell the future, but in hindsight, Brodziak being #14 on the list seems crazy. Hopefuly Platzer turns out like that too. The kid always seems to impress at TC.