by Lowetide

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted (like these gadgets that can be found on the Coolest Gadgets website) plus a little bit more, and that you find yourself in a good place today. If that isn’t the case this year, I sincerely hope doors open soon and things are brighter when we talk again next Christmas.

The family are all here again this year, Mom and I keep getting lucky despite the urge to roam from the younger set. I don’t know how many more Christmas Eves we have in this amalgamation, but Dad loves it this way so I am talking mental snapshots like a lunatic.

We had a great night, the traditions that we had when the kids were small (search for gifts, games like Sponge Bob Monopoly, Barrel of Monkeys, Sorry, Pick Up Sticks) have been replaced by truly bizarre Christmas traditions (Poker-MOM WON! plus Taboo, Pictionary, played Truth or Dare for the first time in 30 years-DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOUR CHILDREN!!!!). We played music, the kids chose, and surprisingly it was Christmas music for the first time in the five years or so they have been picking.

This morning, the house is quiet and cold (for really the first time all winter) so I turned up the heat, made the coffee, took the dog out, and now I am writing this Christmas post.

Ziggy is four, she isn’t a puppy anymore but these little dogs have motors that just don’t quit so it is sometimes easy to forget her age-I’m sure she appreciates it. Ziggy barks at our neighbor when he is in the kitchen, goes crazy and makes a big fuss. Now, it is HIS kitchen, but Ziggy doesn’t like it one damn bit. She chases rabbits in our backyard whenever she gets a chance (before she got here I built a little shelter for the locals and they use it every winter) so I have to play traffic cop on winter mornings and keep the Ziggster from that area of the yard. I love this dog, we will get her a partner in crime by this time next year, don’t think the rabbits will be happy but what the hell. I love dogs and I can’t imagine my life without a dog in it. Ziggy has been feeling a little under the weather recently and I’ve been trying to find ways to make her feel better. A friend of mine was telling me about the benefits of cbd for dogs so I might explore that option a bit further. I know that CBD is great for relieving the symptoms of arthritis so it’s probably worth trying. I just want her to feel better for Christmas!

Michael is going to NAIT, doing extremely well and enjoys the experience. He will get his degree in computer engineering in the future (GPA is outstanding-math is not my strong suit), so if you see a resume posted here in the future, pass it along. He is a fine young man with a good heart and he is a great poker player. Maybe he regularly practices Judi Online in his spare time to brush up on his poker skills and that’s why he’s so good at it. Whatever he does, Mom and I are proud of him.

Chelsea is working very hard in retail now, we barely see the girl and I miss her a lot. She and I watch hockey a lot, she is a blast because everything is new to her (she is so impatient for the playoffs, it reminds me of just how long the season is when you think about it). One of my real joys these days is to see her view of the game and what matters to her. She has two favorite teams (Ottawa and Philadelphia) and two favorite players (Eric Karlsson and Claude Giroux) and is driven by a blind hatrd for Pittsburgh and Montreal (family tradition). She is hilarious. A couple of months ago she asked me ”Dad, which is the better Denning, Glen or Clen?” and I laughed until I cried. God that was funny. Chelsea is enjoying work, I keep hoping she uses her artistic side (she drew a lemon last night in pictionary that was so good) but Dad has to learn to back off a little on the career advice so I will. 🙂

Jo-Anne has had a really good year. With the kids getting older and relying less on us, she is spending more time talking and visiting her sisters in Medicine Hat. They are a close family, time and distance (and me) took her away from them, I think (sister) Karen’s passing in 2014 impacted them greatly and brought them closer. It is funny how life works. I think they are still healing.

We just opened the gifts! I got Oilers tickets (Florida game!) from Chelsea so we are going to see Jagr! Hell, maybe one of the Denning’s will be on the team by then!

The career is going well, thanks so much for your kindness over the years (and yesterday!) and I am grateful for all we have been blessed with this year. Jo-Anne will make turkey soon, if she refused to do it I would cry like a baby. I am going to have a coffee (Irish!) and then I will have another one. Merry Christmas!


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Just got back from my parents’ where I left my brood to sleep over with my brother’s kids. Best Christmas gift ever.

Happy Christmas LT. I’m glad it is a good day for you and thank you very much for creating this wonderful little corner of the internet for us.

Soup Fascist

stush18: If you ever make it to the town office in Macklin, mention it to the people there. Haha

It’s a running joke and a bit of a sore spot lol

Drove by the Bunnock virtually every day for 3 years. Great people in Macklin.


Soup Fascist: In the right lighting conditions the bunnock in Macklin looks just like a …… but, that is probably a discussion for a better time and place.

Thanks LT for making every day that the Oilers have not occupied a playoff spot over the last several years a little brighter. The end of that trend is nigh.

Merry Christmas.

If you ever make it to the town office in Macklin, mention it to the people there. Haha

It’s a running joke and a bit of a sore spot lol


Quite a 24 yrs:

Chris Eve everyone left work at 2pm
I finalized an equipment package for audit til 5pm.
Went to local liquor store for friday wine clearance.
full case orders for local collectors.
Remaining single bottle non movers can be purchased for 25 to 60 cents on dollar.
Got 2007; 2009; 2011; 2013; Plantaze Pro corde Vranac for $6.
Drove home with 10 new single bottles. 4 Vranac (87-89 PT) ; 2 92pt $7 2011 rompicollo; 2 (92pt) SA Pinotage ; 2 Gruner veitliner (90+)

– went for a 6:30PM turkey diner
– played pool with friends garage man cave sharing this years beer advent between 4 of us.
– kids in bed by 10 PM
– helped santa till 12:00

– woken at 6.
kids gifts unwrapped:
Air hogs: X-wing; millennium falcon
Interactive :
Darth Vader; Storm trooper
RC R2d2
AP controlled BB-8
zoomed kitty
little live pet parrot.

i do not get gifts !
but this year the kids went to my wife.
said dad never gets gifts.
Crap did they nail it!
5yr daughter got me: Hall authentic jersey
7 yr son got me : RNH authentic jersey
11 yr son got me Eberle authentic jersey
Wife: Mcdavid authentic jersey and DEC 31 vs ANA ticket.
I keep looking at the closet with the jersey like a 5 yr old.

11pm Annual turkey diner at community center.
Had my annual mid season talk with Dean Vistey Spokane’s local region scout.
They are using him as a counter voice to regional scouts in
Pacific:14-15 yr old players
AK: 495 14-15
CAL: 1645 14-15
OR: 110 14-15
WSH: 465 14-15

US rocky mountain:
ARZ; 420 14-15
COL 1460 14-15
ID: 240 14-15
NM: 100 14-15
TX: 850 14-15
Utah: 380 14-15

northern plains:
MT: 220
WY: 175

2pm helped clean-up.

5pm family Turkey Xmas diner
3 turkey diners in 24 yr.
drop 30 lb in last 3 months
and put on 7 in 24hr.
2 more Turkey Diners tomorrow!

7:00 PM Glass of Vranac and prospects 21-30

LT: have a good end to holiday season!
A thank you for this site!

8:00 pm Pour another glass of 2011 Vranac and Prospects 31-40

G Money

Merry Xmas all, from the Far East. (Though being the Far East it is Boxing Day morning here)

Soup Fascist

geowal: Macklin! I just saw the Bunnock for the first time a couple weeks ago, quite the sight…we did a team picture, naturally.

In the right lighting conditions the bunnock in Macklin looks just like a …… but, that is probably a discussion for a better time and place.

Thanks LT for making every day that the Oilers have not occupied a playoff spot over the last several years a little brighter. The end of that trend is nigh.

Merry Christmas.


Hey All,

I’m late in posting today. It’s been a busy day as the kids were up at 6am and opening and then we hosted dinner so it’s been pretty steady.

Merry Christmas all!

Merry Christmas LT!

Thanks for the second home online.


Merry Christmas to all!

And LT – a big thank you for the gift you’ve been giving to us all year long.


geowal: Macklin! I just saw the Bunnock for the first time a couple weeks ago, quite the sight…we did a team picture, naturally.

I’ve played every year now for like 10 years maybe. It’s an absolute blast. Highly recommend it to anyone if they have nothing to do on August long



The force is strong with her…choose well, did she.

Gerta Rauss

Merry Christmas everyone, best wishes in 2016 (and good hockey)

I’ve always found my favorite Denning was Kat, but I may be a little biased


Merry Christmas, everyone. Dawn of a new year and a new future for the Oil.


stush18: back to Macklin for my family and having my Christmas, and heading up to eddy for a game. Can’t wait.

Macklin! I just saw the Bunnock for the first time a couple weeks ago, quite the sight…we did a team picture, naturally.


“Steve Smith”,

And an extra special ‘best wishes’ to you as well “Steve Smith”. You are one-of-a-kind my friend, and thank Gord for that…


Merry Christmas all!

Made the trip out to langenburg to visit my girlfriend again this year for Christmas. Ended up tying one on with her family last night and I think we outlasted Santa himself.

Many present today (my girlfriend got me the three original Star Wars movies, suspect I’ll keep her) , and supper is cooking and were on our way to her other grandparents tonight. Suspect we’ll have a late one tonight again. I love this time of year. Tomorrow we’ll head to yorkton for boxing sale days, and then come back and open up the skidoos while getting a fire going in the back forty.

Then it’s back to Macklin for my family and having my Christmas, and heading up to eddy for a game. Can’t wait.

Cheers to all, and have a merry Christmas once again. Thanks to all who post here and make it such a joyful place all year long.

"Steve Smith"


Merry Christmas, you sub-human garbage.

Merry Christmas to everyone else, too, especially to our host, to all those towards whom I’ve been intemperate during the last year, and to all those who have to hope for a better 2016. I can see a better time, when all our dreams come true.

Water Fire

We’re in Prince George and it’s chilly but not like it might be. It’s a dry house and I must admit I’m feeling a bit of Irish envy!

To those Hans Solo I wish you a day of contentment and peace, and to those with family I also wish you peace ?

Thanks again LT for what you do, all the best to you and yours



Funny you mention that, because one just crashed into a wall beside me.

Must be an invasion ?


Just another quick note before heading out today…

There’s a Millennium Falcon drone hovering over my house…
Should I be concerned?

Enjoy the day everyone!

Johnny Larue

Merry Christmas everyone just taking it easy today after the hectic gift opening the kids got a great haul their mother spoils them. I got my daughter a Taylor Hall jersy she literally screamed when she opened it so that was great .! Tonight our family is going to the MacDonald hotel for Christmas dinner never been so looking foward to it. Thanks LT for making a wonderful spot that I enjoy visiting daily I hope everyone has a great holiday


Merry Christmas LT and all who frequent here.

I haven’t been around as much as I’d like over the last couple months… this the longest I’ve gone without reading Lowetide’s blog daily in probably 7 or 8 years. Honestly, one of the things I’m looking forward to with this week off is cracking a beer or two catching up on a couple months of posts.

I always appreciate these holiday posts. Cheers, LT!


Merry Christmas LT.
Thank you for another season of thoughtful articles, balanced discussion, and an all-around positive outlook. This place is special.

Heading out to the brother-in-law’s farm today. It’s always fun, but alas, it will be a dry Christmas at the farm once again (the horror!). My side of the family celebrated before the parents headed south for the winter. My wife enjoys spending time with my family as WE drink and tend to be a merry bunch when we do… good times!

Note to Ziggy: Enjoy the run of the house while it lasts Zig! Changes are a coming…
If it’s anything like my house, you’ll go from young puppy to old curmudgeon in a blink of the eye but don’t fret, you’ll come to absolutely love having a pup following you around everywhere you roam… who wouldn’t?

Best to all.


Merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous
new year to you LT, and to all who frequent this blog!!

mumbai max

God Jul from my farm in Sweden. It is bizarrely warm here, I may even cut the lawn tomorrow, which is just not right. In spite of the April weather I am hunkered down in front of the fire place with a stack of books and a bottle of port. Looking forward to the WJC game tomorrow which thankfully is not on at 3 am as they sometimes are here! I wish everyone a great 2016, and just maybe a round or two of ‘meaningful’ playoff hockey!


LT: Thank you for the great articles, you give us fans a gift all year long.

All the best


Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve made the long drive north to the family farm, had breakfast and coffee, will Irish the next one, and finished with the presents (rather my nephews finished, what a haul!). Now on the couch catching up on the blog and pausing to look at the slow steady snow that’s been happening most of the week and especially today, watch deer wander through the pasture, robins on the deck, and just generally chill out and enjoy a nice break from Calgary, here up in the Peace.
Thanks for all your work on this LT and to all the great posters.


Gleðileg Jól Lowetide.


Happy Holidays everyone! I made the trip to the family farm full of Flames fans. I’ve successfully changed the wallpapers, screensavers and browser homepages to pictures of the Oilers on a laptop, one desktop and 3 cell phones.

After a few beverages I’m sure the cursing will turn to physical abuse, but I will soldier on.


Making the trip up from Taber to Calgary for Sundays game! Hopefully the boys arent too tired for the back to back and it will be fun to watch.

Its gonna be my 1st live game too.


Despite being amongst the group of educated labour that finds themselves staring at oblivion for the last while, due to collapse, this year has been just fine. Sitting here drinking an Irish coffee or two myself back on the farm. Still finding odd means of keeping the light and heat on, still spent 1/4 of the year abroad seeing new things and thankfully find it entertaining to remember growing up pretty poor and being fine without needing to always buy tuff you don’t really need. Life continues and you either laugh with it or it laughs at you. I can’t help but smile when I think of that. Happy holidays LT, thanks for another year of this and I’ll re-up on the PayPal when I’m back rolling again.


Merry Christmas to all and sundry!

Beautiful morning today and I sit in the small quiet that exists after the last storm and before the next.

A wonderful letter, LT, my best to you and your family and very happy to hear that everyone is doing so well. Best of luck to your son and daughter in their pursuits this year.

I wish only the best for you and Jo-Anne this holiday season and new year.

And i have to say that it does not surprise me in the least that a Christmas letter should begin with an update on the dog.

This is natural and proper.

So some scratches for Ziggy as well, and good luck to her with those darn rabbits.


Merry Christmas LT!!
Excellent Christmas post as always. I enjoy reading it each year and often make my wife read it. Christmas is always a favourite time of year for me. Seems like the family slows down and actually enjoys a game of Monopoly on a week night.
It is our daughters second Christmas and she is so much fun to watch open gifts. We bought her an ikea toy kitchen this year and I get to experience true fatherhood….building of toys.
I am in Medicine Hat with the in laws again this year. Great people despite their passion for the Flames…I generally enjoy anothe glass of red wine when the hockey conversation comes up and am so happy when Boxing Day arrives and we can agree on Team Canada.

From our family to yours…Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas all!
McDavid’s first Christmas in the land of snow and ice


Merry Christmas everyone.

Excellent post as always LT.

My daughter picked out a Millennium Falcon remote control drone for me.

She picks well.


10 hours later…and that damn robot is finally put together.

Merry Xmas Lowetidians!


Good day all, Stopping in to echo all those thanking Mr. LT for all the hard work in making this the most awesome place on the interweb. Happy Xmas or whatever it may be to all my fellows on this site. B

Material Elvis

Merry Christmas everybody. Thank you Alan for another wonderful year of writing — it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. We are back in SK for another Christmas with our family. It is a sunny, cold day here with beautiful hoarfrost on the trees. We will brave the cold and head to the outdoor rink to play shinny very soon. I converted two nephews this morning with bright orange McDavid jerseys and now I’m the favorite uncle. Enjoy the day; savor the time with your families.

And go Oilers!


Merry Christmas LT and the same to everyone else!

It was a fantastic year for me in my own small circle of the world and this morning I find myself feeling truly grateful for the life I’ve lucked into. I hope everyone finds themselves something wonderful under the tree and something even better somewhere else in your life.

Thank you for this wonderful place LT. Truly my favorite place in all the internets. I hope you and your family have all the best of this season and every other.

Merry Christmas!

Found no Baileys in the house. Did find Kahlua. Kahlua and coffee and almond milk. Tastes good and does the trick.


Merry Christmas all.

May good health and prosperity be enjoyed by all there.

My kids got a load of gifts. I mean a load. Wife and I have decided they have so many toys, that for every toy they receive they need to donate one from now on.

My gift is Boxing day. World jrs and Oilers. Hoping for 2 wins.


Merry Christmas LT and to all the readers. I have just been reminded that I forgot to pour coffee before reading this. Cheers all as we wait for the official turn north. We won’t notice it tills it’s past us but I can’t wait.

And to my brother that reads this and be never comments (the poor guy lives in Calgary). Buah! Looking forward to oilers beating Canucks, Star Wars then oilers beating the shames 🙂


Merry christmass to all and hoping for Peace on Earth.



My stocking also contained tickets to the Panthers/Oilers game.
I’ll join you in celebrating with an Irish Coffee.
Merry Christmas!
See you at the game???


Mr DeBakey:
Yes its cold this morning
Just back from chaperoning the dog’s morning constitutional.
That over-played song that goes “Baby, its cold outside…” nails it today.

Merry Christmas Mr Tide, and to the family too

And, of course, to the regulars here.

I was disappointed to see that Jeff Petry wasn’t on your Top 20 list again.

I always found that to be a very creepy Christmas song.



my sis and I grew up in Davidson, Sk, and family farm is near Milestone. Folks took work here years back and have since more-or-less retired here. Wolseley is a cool town, still exploring it!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Mitchell. Enjoy that turkey and the time with the family. I wouldn’t say I ever took being with the family for the holidays for granted, but it is missed when it is not possible. So I hope you have a wonderful day with them.

And to everyone else: may you find your little slice of comfort and joy somewhere in this day, whatever form it may take. 🙂

Rube Foster

So this is Christmas.
Beauty post. Your Christmas musings have become one of my favorite staples of my own Christmas tradition. Thank you. Sincerely.
All the best to you and your family today… Think I’ll join you in an Irish Coffee.