I am going to hand it over to Brock Otten:

No doubt about it. Wells did not have a good year. Originally pegged to be the next star OHL goaltender, Wells struggled mightily this year. Of his 27 appearances this year, 16 of those saw him post a save percentage below .875. And he didn’t play for a weak team either. I managed to catch a few of those games this year and he really seemed to be fighting the puck, struggling with his positioning and rebound control in particular. Is there light at the end of the tunnel though? Absolutely. Wells remains a talented goalie. He was great at the Ivan Hlinka this past summer. He was excellent at the Top Prospect’s Game. I would have liked to have seen him at the U18’s instead of Stuart Skinner too. He’s got size and athleticism and he shows flashes of brilliance. Let me remind you that Matt Murray had a save percentage of .876 in his NHL draft year. Look at him now. I could see Wells turning the corner in similar fashion and that’s why I think he’ll still be a fairly high NHL draft pick. Check out Dylan’s interview from The Pipeline Show. Source

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56 Responses to "OILERS AT 123: DYLAN WELLS"

  1. PunjabiOil says:


  2. doritogrande says:

    Of note, PBO’s starter is aging out this year. Likely to step into the starter role. Definitely not good compared to the starter stats wise (2.97/ .910 versus 3.46/ .886)

    Good at Ivan Hlinka and Super Series.

    Give five years guys. Voodoo.

  3. Younger Oil says:

    Adam Werner, who the Avs just drafted looks so much better.

    Baffling. Absolutely baffling.

    I don’t know how you justify that pick.

    A homeless man could put up those numbers.

  4. doritogrande says:

    LT, jumping the gun here, but where would Benson rank in your top-20? Above Reinhart?

  5. Centre of attention says:

    OHL Prospects ‏@BrockOtten 10m10 minutes ago
    Dylan Wells goes to Edmonton. Great pick. Massive potential. Had a very tough year but has everything you look for in an NHL goalie today.

    From Brock himself.

    His Hlinka and Super series is encouraging.

  6. Gret99zky says:

    Just need to get the Penguins to develop him into Murray.

  7. Ben says:


    What? Stringent prognostication?

  8. Mr DeBakey says:

    I’m guessing he would’ve been available at 183.

  9. Soup Fascist says:


    Good point. Drafting goalies is pretty straightforward. All guys good in junior never miss in the NHL and guys who are dogs in Junior never make it.

    Goalies are voodoo.

  10. Richard S.S. says:

    Everytime Edmonton drafts a very good Goaltender he sucks. Let see how a not so good Goaltender does.

  11. Centre of attention says:

    Grant McCagg ‏@grantmccagg 11m11 minutes ago
    Thought the Habs would be getting Wells..another nice pick by the Oilers.

    Head scout for McKeens hockey adds his opinion on Wells.

    Apparently he’s highly underrated.

  12. Lenny says:

    The next Matt Murray!!!

  13. Tarkus says:

    Sambrook finally goes, 137 to DET.

  14. russ99 says:

    Really bummed at he lack of scoring forwards with all those picks.

    Seems like Tambellini fishing for a player type all over again.

  15. stephen sheps says:

    Reposting from the previous thread:

    Wells was the backup to Matt Mancina for the last 2 seasons.
    Of note, Mancina put up a .910 sv% and a 2.97GAA in front of the same mediocre Petes team.
    They were better last season than they were in 14/15 (the year I lived there)

    I saw him bad when I lived in Peterborough.
    While this is clearly the worst scouting report ever posted on this blog, the numbers clearly match my uninformed eye test.

    He may have looked good in a couple tournaments of small sample size, but he has not been consistent in his 2 years in Peterborough. Now that Mancina has aged out, it appears as though it’s Wells’ crease this upcoming season. Hopefully he builds on his Hlinka experience and turns his junior career around.

  16. Ducey says:

    Hmmm should I to Otton or people that KNOW NOTHING ABOUT this guy?

  17. Todd Macallan says:

    Fortier or Quenneville please.

  18. Centre of attention says:

    Ryan Yessie ‏@RyanHPscout 10m10 minutes ago
    Edmonton Oilers take Dylan Wells, he had a rough season but has excellent upside. Quick goaltender, good value early 5th

    Head scout for HockeyProspect.com adds his opinion on Wells.

    Again, I think we are underrating him.

  19. PunjabiOil says:

    Stupid may be harsh, and we’re at a stage in the draft where everyone is drafting for the home run.

    The math doesn’t reconcile however.

    The only solace one can take is Matt Murray posted similar numbers before the draft

  20. 36 percent body fat says:

    this is a move you do at the end of the 7th

  21. Marc says:

    If you’re going to go with scouts’ views over numbers, I guess goalie is the position to do it.


  22. 36 percent body fat says:

    Sambrook would have been the final piece to solidifying the d pool, and balanced left and right handed shot with the majority of them big and a nice mix of skill, passing and stay at home D.

    We no longer have to draft like we did this year or last to balance or catch up. Just draft the best player going forward. and in the late rounds draft the most prolific scorers.

  23. Chris says:

    Apparently the nerds whom have actually watched him and not just google his stats think he has potential. Hopefully this kid does indeed have potential and is not just the hopeless case his stat line suggests.

  24. Tarkus says:

    Connor Bleackley goes 144 to the Blues.

  25. Woodguy says:

    Ryan Yessie ‏@RyanHPscout 15m15 minutes ago
    Edmonton Oilers take Dylan Wells, he had a rough season but has excellent upside. Quick goaltender, good value early 5th

    Ryan Yessie is Head Scout for http://HockeyProspect.com Independent Scouting Service. 6 years experience scouting the NHL and OHL Drafts. Living in London, Ontario

    h/t to Wheatnoil for RT’ing this

  26. Marc says:

    What could possibly go wrong with signing a bottom 6 player to a 5-7 yr extension?

    Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 2m2 minutes ago

    The Andrew Shaw negotiation with the Montreal Canadiens continues. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a 5-7 yr extension in days ahead.

  27. Mr DeBakey says:

    stephen sheps: Of note, Mancina put up a .910 sv% and a 2.97GAA in front of the same mediocre Petes team.

    Maybe Bakersfield should sign him.

  28. Chris says:

    I still want Kuznetsov.

  29. doritogrande says:

    Bleakley would have been a nice get. Too bad.

  30. Centre of attention says:


    I read the same. Encouraged that more than one OHL scout thinks its a good pick.

  31. Woodguy says:

    Graham McPhee

    No clue

  32. Centre of attention says:

    C’mon Bob Green!!!!

    Grab Quenville!!!


    Le sigh.

  33. doritogrande says:

    Graham McPhee? George’s kid maybe?

  34. Woodguy says:

    George McPhee’s kid, going to Boston College

  35. doritogrande says:

    Umm. I’ve got nothing on this one.

  36. Younger Oil says:

    Kid doesn’t like to pass I see.

  37. Chris says:

    McPhee’s stat line is hot garbage.

  38. gogliano says:

    17 year old, college bound. All I got.

  39. doritogrande says:

    Looks like another kid who showed well in a tournament of small sample sizes. 5 points in 7 games at U20s.

    Classic Phil Cornet tweener pick.

  40. Centre of attention says:

    *slams fist on table*


  41. Chris says:

    I guess we are spending a 5th round pick building a good relationship with Vegas’ probable GM.

  42. Oddspell says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing David Quenneville here.

  43. stephen sheps says:

    Centre of attention:

    I read the same. Encouraged that more than one OHL scout thinks its a good pick.

    I am too, especially since he was not great when I saw him play… but what do I know?

    the answer to my own question is – I know nothing

  44. Water Fire says:

    All these kids are long shots at this point. The goalie has a ton of upside, a smart chance to take IMO.

  45. Магия 10 says:

    I guess we are spending a 5th round pick building a good relationship with Vegas’ probable GM.

    Ah. future considerations.

  46. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Dunno Wells, Dunno McPhee. Dunno Shit from Shinola.

    Puljujarvi and Berglund! WOOT!

  47. JamesL says:

    Starting to feel like a classic Oilers tire fire of a draft in the later rounds. Sigh.

  48. PokeCheck says:

    Mr DeBakey: Maybe Bakersfield should sign him.

    Edmonton/Bakersfield could try grabbing Chase Marchand as a FA. He was the top goalie in the QMJHL last year, had a strong Memorial Cup and is AHL eligible.

  49. Woodguy says:

    Dustin Nielson
    Oilers take Aapeli Rasanen. Another Finn

    I see Chia subscribes to the Finns Winn philosophy as well.

  50. Chris says:

    Pelle Rosanen out of Finland? We are all in on Finns this year.

  51. stephen sheps says:

    another Finn


    RHC, fills a need, and Finns win

  52. Wonder Llama says:

    Can’t you feel ’em circling honey?
    Can’t you feel ’em swimming around?

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