The Oilers continued to load up on forwards at the 2016 draft, using their second-round selection on injury-plagued winger Tyler Benson. No player in this year’s draft fell farther than Benson, who was a projected top 10 pick back in the summer of 2016.

  • Bob McKenzie: No. 39
  • Craig Button: No. 44
  • Corey Pronman: No. 18
  • Black Book: No. 34
  • McKeens: No. 43
  • ISS: No. 55


  • Corey Pronman: Benson has great instincts, constantly finding seams to get the puck to his teammates or on net. “He never wows you,” said one scout, “but he’s always around the puck, making a good play.” Benson is a quality defensive forward with great work ethic in battles and solid overall positional play. He doesn’t shy away from throwing a hit, and is strong on the puck.
  • Black Book: Benson shows a strong compete level with a bulldog mentality. He’s the type who would rather go through you than around you. He plays with emotion and goes over the edge at times showing frustration. While we like him when he plays his power game, it was a somewhat inconsistent occurrence this season, something that was likely impacted by the nagging injuries.
  • Steve Kournianos, The Draft Analyst: He is a nightmare to defend because he is as physically punishing with the puck as he is without it. Benson is very shifty with tremendous balance, meaning he can continue to move if he gets hit at the same time he decides to change direction. Possessing the kind of vision and IQ he owns makes it no surprise the CHL came close to giving him “exceptional” status to play a full season as a 15 year old (cut short by a knee injury). And while some felt his production last season (45 points in 62 games) was unbecoming of a CHL’er almost honored in the same manner as John Tavares and Connor McDavid, his ability to swarm the puck and do something with it thereafter makes him a highly-dangerous prospect to overlook. We’re still not sure whether to classify him as a playmaker or a scorer because he can be both, sometimes off the same cycle, when he will either create quality chances for others, or grab the puck and wire a heavy, accurate shot with a quick release. The sky’s the limit for the Edmonton native, and as far as the CHL is concerned, we think he’s almost there. Source

Pronman is the one draft guru who had Benson as a first round player, I think the others would have save for the injuries. A risk pick for sure, Peter Chiarelli continues his work on the wings that began at the NHL level with Zack Kassian and Patrick Maroon, continued into college spring signing with Drake Caggiula and Patrick Russell, and now lands on draft weekend with Jesse Puljujarvi and Benson.

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  1. Woodguy says:

    Mr DeBakey: According to Elite Prospects , he’s a giant LHD who can’t score.

    Yeah, Bob said he was RH on the radio, but hockeydb disagrees so I deleted it.

  2. Shizuka says:

    Younger Oil:
    Can he skate?

    Decent skater, good lateral mobility for such a big frame.

  3. jonrmcleod says:

    If you want to look on the bright side, the Oilers took 3 guys who were rated by some as first rounders.

  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    npanciroli: I’m OKAY with it. Don’t like the lack of offence.

    1 ES goal this season!

  5. PokeCheck says:

    Jesus Arizona is killing it.

    ^ THIS

  6. doritogrande says:

    Chayka being brilliant again. AGAIN.

  7. Younger Oil says:

    He’s young too, June Bday.

  8. stephen sheps says:

    Ice Sage: why you heff to be so reasonable?


  9. Chris says:


    Oops! Big Nordic defenseman anyhow.

  10. Professor Q says:

    Although Benson does look like Hemsky…

  11. Chachi says:

    Woodguy: 0.41pts/gm doesn’t project well, but he was a euro-rookie and there is a factor you can add to his numbers to account for that.I forget what it is, but ~10% iirc

    Doesn’t move the dial much, but hey, BIG FIN.

    Chia is cornering the market on Giant Fins

    2nd on his team in scoring for defencemen. Turned 18 two weeks ago.

  12. Nostradumbass says:

    Hey we got our Sami Helenius!!

  13. Alpine says:

    Didn’t niemelainen have really good ES numbers? Seems like good production for an OHL rookie.

  14. cabbiesmacker says:

    Need a Hedges to go with Benson. That’d be smoking.

    Jacket potentials are endless.

  15. Younger Oil says:

    2nd on his team in points by D to be fair.

  16. npanciroli says:

    If we make it through this round with Yakupov you have to think we keep him or trade for another player.

  17. Professor Q says:

    Daly finger-wagging Vancouver.

  18. SumOil says:


    Also just turned 18. So room to grow

  19. Pouzar says:

    Ranked 38th by TSN’s list. Good pick.

  20. Stelio Kontos says:

    Chalk me up as one who HATES the pick. Benson has Pitlick written all over him. This reeks of McTavish/Lowe. Would have much preferred DeBrincat or even Hart. We already have enough players like him. No question in my mind DeBrincat will have the better career. Dude has 100 goals in 2 years and has played with Connor?

    Mistake. Mistake. Mistake. DeBrincat is the perfect replacement for Eberle, an eventual top line player. Benson is another clone of Pitlick certainly doesn’t project top line. Travis Barron who we could get later will be better than Benson IMO. And where are the defensemen? Now I’m getting pissed off. Better if I show myself out…

    For the record, I will cheer like hell for him I just blame Chia for NOT making a better pick.

    Rule of thumb- If you agree with Kitty, you need to reassess your position.

  21. Pouzar says:

    Todd Cordell ‏@ToddCordell 7m7 minutes ago
    Like the Niemelainen pick for EDM. Very good skater for a defenseman of his stature. Think he has a lot of untapped offensive potential.

  22. Chris says:

    Dineen, Abramov and Sambrook are still around.

  23. Shizuka says:

    Niemelainen’s spoken English is very good, I wonder how long it took him to learn (he’s on CHED being interviewed right now)..

  24. Younger Oil says:

    108 on LT’s list.

  25. Tarkus says:

    Niemelainen was 28 on THN list.

  26. Pouzar says:

    Michael Parkatti ‏@mparkatti 22s22 seconds ago
    One thing I’d say: taking a slider from McKenzie’s list is generally a damn good strategy.

  27. SwedishPoster says:

    Don’t know much about Niemeläinen other than the fact he’s a tall one who skates well. Has had a pretty good hype around him in Finland for a few years.
    His numbers this year weren’t impressive but he was a rookie so some is forgiven but jus one goal tells me there isn’t a lot of offense at the next level. With the caveat that these tall, skinny kids sometimes find a different level once their muscle mass match their length.

  28. Kris11 says:

    Benson even has his own theme song!



  29. 719 says:


    I notice a trend

  30. Pouzar says:

    Niemelainen was 28 on THN list.

    A nice series of short clips. Can get a sense of his mobility and skating.


  31. JOFA says:

    I hope we shore up our need at LW and LD;)

  32. stephen sheps says:

    One other good point about Niemeläinen is that he was on loan to his OHL team – so that means he too could be sent to Bakersfield rather than back to HIFK.

    38 on the Bob list (actually one slot higher than Benson), Finn, big. Not a bad pick at all.

  33. Stelio Kontos says:

    I hope we shore up our need at LW and LD;)

    We don’t know what the need is 3-4 years down the line. How likely do you think it is that we have Hall Pouliot and Maroon after signing McDavid?

  34. Professor Q says:

    This draft has been all over the place. Predictions and projections weren’t of much use.

  35. rickithebear says:

    I’m OKAY with it. Don’t like the lack of offence.

    18 EVP age NHLE

    17 EVP Age NHLE

    21 EVP age NHLE

    24 EVP age NHLE

    14 EVp Age NHLE

  36. Clarkenstein says:

    Oil pick right up where they’ve left off the past 10 years with this pick. Maybe they should just trade all the rest of their picks for…. aw shit, who cares!!

  37. BlacqueJacque says:

    Welp, there goes any chance of Pysyk.

    Kulikov and #33 for Pysyk, #38 and #89

  38. stephen sheps says:

    Matthew Cairns at 84? Ok, now I am starting to worry a bit. Seems like a major reach and another LD. But then again, I know nothing about the player at all

  39. semi legendary rot lobster says:

    kilty r u also a lobster

    ur opinions suggest u r lobster

    if so please pass on tips for typing with claws

    fucking shift keys

  40. Professor Q says:

    Were people really pining for Pysyk?

  41. semi legendary rot lobster says:


    what is the source of your nhle

  42. Kiltymcbagpipes says:

    Stelio Kontos: Rule of thumb- If you agree with Kitty, you need to reassess your position.

    Why because I have my own opinion and don’t have blinders that have an Oilers logo on? You know, as a fan you don’t HAVE to applaud everything that management does. Should every single person here agree that Benson was a good pick? If they did would that make it right? Come on. I’m rooting for Benson just disappointed we didn’t take DeBrincat who IMO will have a much better career. So what?

  43. Ribs says:

    Cool that they picked this kid up as he’s been pretty legendary throughout minor hockey in Alberta for many years now. Rooting for him!

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