I had him No. 145 on my list:


  • No. 145—LD Matthew Cairns, Georgetown Raiders (OJHL). Smart defender with good size, mobility.

McKeens had him No. 100 overall.

  • Black Book: Matthew is a big defenseman with a good frame. His skating has experienced some improvements but his first few steps are still a little choppy. Simple has been the key for Cairns. He does a good job playing his man one on one letting the play come to him and attacking at the right time.


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25 Responses to "OILERS AT NO. 84: MATT CAIRNS"

  1. Younger Oil says:

    Not as happy with this one.

    Gotta be a RHD at 91….right?

    Bet it’s a goalie.

  2. stush18 says:

    Bit of a reach? Does he at least shoot right?

  3. Alpine says:

    Meh pick but not terrible. Some guys had him top 100. Wouldn’t consider him walkabout.

  4. Younger Oil says:

    Bit of a reach? Does he at least shoot right?


  5. Chris says:

    Apparently he was coached by Coffey.

  6. Tarkus says:

    Bit of a reach? Does he at least shoot right?



  7. SumOil says:

    berglund yyaay

  8. fifthcartel says:

    Good pick! Berglund.

  9. PDO says:

    “It’s an honour to be picked by them.” #Oilers 84th selection Matt Cairns, mentored by Paul Coffey #NHLDraft

    … and that’s probably why we picked him.

  10. Todd Macallan says:


  11. Ben says:

    This pick is an outrage because I know for a fact that this guy will be a failure and I know for a fact that guys they didn’t take will be wild successes. Or something.

  12. Professor Q says:

    Was Green already gone? Darn.

  13. Centre of attention says:

    Berglund!!!!! Wooooooot!!!!

    I’m happy again 🙂

  14. doritogrande says:

    I think LT has conditioned us with his year-long draft coverage and his preferences (he’s not a scout guys, just a very passionate fan) that a lot of people have adopted his feelings as doctrine.

    These picks aren’t coming out of left field (handedness pun intended). They’re in the range with the scout consensus picks.

    Thanks for all you do LT, just my opinion.

  15. Chris says:

    Hey we got Berglund too awesome!

  16. Younger Oil says:


  17. GBandQ says:


    Hmmmm… afraid of spiders…

  18. Evilas says:

    He was one of the top in grip strength with both hands, which is a good determination of overall upper body strength and in agility in both directions at the combine.


  19. Stelio Kontos says:

    Problem is never the player it’s all the other players. To Bill Burr “It’s not you vs. some slut, it’s you vs. all the sluts, see how that tips the scales?”

  20. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Yes! Candle worked (for Berglund). Happy camper. I am out. Have a good weekend!

  21. Professor Q says:

    Related to Patrik?

  22. Younger Oil says:

    Swiss and Poland going to a shootout if people want something to do until the next Oiler pick.

  23. Alpine says:

    B+ draft so far for us. Quite content so far. Added D depth, including a RH, and got two nice F prospects.

  24. rickithebear says:

    14 EVp age NHLE
    right side dominate in agility test.
    6,2″200 leverage frame.

  25. digger50 says:

    Just learned Psyk and DeAngelo were traded. Two potential targets and the price affordable. Little dissapointed, Oilers need one of these guys over all these picks.

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