Goalies are often more famous than warranted, and Jonas Gustavsson is way more famous than his actual NHL production has earned him. Part of it came from the team who originally signed him—Toronto—and part of it came from the press release. Brian Burke: “Jonas is considered by many to be the best goaltender not playing in the NHL today. He has a unique combination of size and agility and we’re excited to add a player with his potential to our roster.” Source (My Way)

JONAS GUSTAVSSON 15-16: 24GP, 2.72 .908

  1. Well. Yep. Pretty famous goalie.
  2. Why is he famous? Why is he famous?
  3. Why did they sign him? Probably because he is 6.04 and they thought the new goalie pads would be part of the 2016-17 season. This is the bookend decision to the Taylor Chorney draft pick—you may recall Edmonton picked Chorney at a time when the NHL general managers all agreed that holding and interference would be called all the time. Small D like Chorney would flourish!
  4. Didn’t work out that way? Uh, no.
  5. Do you know why they signed him? No. There is no obvious reason one can point to at this time. His .908SP trails NHL average (.915) by quite a bit and he is 32 in October.
  6. What about even-strength save percentage? He was at .914, that trails Talbot’s .920. Talbot finished No. 20 among goalies with 40 or more starts, Gustavsson finished No. 22 among goalies who started between 20 and 39 times.
  7. That isn’t terrible. Sure, but who builds their team on that mission statement? There were better options available to the Oilers—in fact, Jhonas Enroth was available until recently.
  8. So what are they up to? Well, they clearly like the Monster.
  9. You don’t like the Monster? I don’t really understand the Monster.
  10. Cover. Cover? There is no cover here
  11. Gustavsson can cover for Talbot struggling!!!! I am not certain Gustavsson is a better goalie than Brossoit, let alone being able to cover for Talbot. This is a bit of a head scratcher for me.
  12. Why? The numbers have never been crazy good for this player.
  13. Do the Oilers know something? I don’t think so, no. They don’t have a hidden card trick here, pretty sure.
  14. You are being harsh about this player. I mean, there has to be something in the resume for us to suggest he is going to be a substantial player in Edmonton. It isn’t there. His NHL resume is not outstanding, and I wonder how long he would have had to wait if the Oilers didn’t sign him.
  15. You think they like Brossoit enough to sign a lesser backup? I think we could be seeing that exact scenario play out this fall. Yes. Glad you mentioned it.
  16. Someone in the organization likes Brossoit that much? I think Brossoit would have been up by Christmas if MacT was still in charge.
  17. And MacT has Chiarelli’s ear? We have no way to know.
  18. Is he better than Nilsson? No proof.
  19. Is he better than Fasth? No proof.
  20. Is he better than Brossoit? I don’t believe there is any evidence.
  21. Then why do you have Gustavsson playing 19 games? The general manager chose him for a reason. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean the Oilers haven’t found something they like about him. The one thing I will say is this: I doubt they flush the season on this bet. They will find a replacement if this goes sideways.
  22.  Did they sign him because size and new equipment and Lou was rumored to like him? Yeah. Probably.
  23. Will Chiarelli add a goalie early if Gustavsson struggles? Yes. I believe he will.
  24. Why? The Oilers organization has to turn north. Go down gambling.
  25. Why this song? It fits him. He isn’t Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr, but he is kind of a guy who ran with the Rat Pack and maybe had a role in Ocean’s 11. Yeah. That’s it. He is Peter Lawford. I don’t really know why he is so famous, but he is. It begins to occur and then Angie Dickonson shows up and the mind wavers. As an aside, Paul Anka can write a song.

RE 16-17: 19GP, 2.95 .905


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15 Responses to "RE 16-17 JONAS GUSTAVSSON: MY WAY"

  1. D says:

    Well Peter Lawford was the brother-in-law to President Kennedy. I wonder if the Monster has any famous relations?

  2. Raider Jesse says:

    Oilers being smartest guys in the room again! New goal equipment means agility matters more! Or they’ve kept making room for prospects who have no business having room made for them.

    I think they cost themselves 3 wins with Gust vs Enroth let alone Johnson types.

    But hey we need 3M in cap space for unachieved bonuses for guys like Reinhart.

  3. dustrock says:

    Hate to keep repeating it but Talbot will be the proud father of twins in November.

    Might be a month to avoid, Oilers fans.

  4. Quinlan says:


    Just trying to provide balance here 😉

    Fatherhood is sometimes what brings the most out of a man. Maybe Talbot responds very well to it. To be honest, I value his mental makeup more than Dubnyk’s.

    Hopefully they’ll have plenty of help though, because it’ll be a challenge, no doubt.

  5. Stelio Kontos says:

    Are you sure? I seem to remember Gustafson being the best goalie ever a few years ago. He played in for the same team that had the almighty Kaberle.

  6. Quinlan says:

    Brossoit’s inability to stop James Neal towards the end of last year was troubling to me. Has got to show he can stop NHL shooters before I’m on board. Neal is a good one, but you have to stop those.

    Would have preferred a better backup because of it.

    I don’t put the Monster higher than LaBarbera during his EDM stint. Actually, LaBarbera was a better bet.

    Only way this works out is if Brossoit or Gus perform at much higher levels than they have thus far in their careers.

    In other words, only way this works out is a fluke. Bad way to manage.

  7. OF17 says:

    Hey LT, small mistake, but at the top you have Gustavsson playing 24 games, and in the article you mention 19.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Hey LT, small mistake, but at the top you have Gustavsson playing 24 games, and in the article you mention 19.

    He played 24 games last year, I have projected 19 for this coming year.

  9. leadfarmer says:

    Prediction for this year: in 3 months Chia is going to overpay for a goalie.

    I think Brossoit is going to be hit hard by any equipment changes. He has great positioning but really lacks in lateral movement and reaction.

  10. OF17 says:

    Lowetide: He played 24 games last year, I have projected 19 for this coming year.

    Ah, gotcha. Sorry for the mixup.

  11. Pouzar says:

    Brossoit is really really good. He is technically sound and very athletic. The guy’s skills jump off the screen for me. He just needs the reps imo.

  12. Pouzar says:

    leadfarmer: but really lacks in lateral movement and reaction.

    Absolutely untrue.

  13. Lowetide says:

    OF17: Ah, gotcha. Sorry for the mixup.

    No worries. I screw up a lot and do appreciate people pointing mistakes out. The surprise here is that I got this one right.

  14. Water Fire says:

    I would have been critical of the team had they not been pro active about the equipment changes. However, if we knew that was stalling, they have no excuse to not alter course for what we know is going to happen now.

    It perplexes me how the decision makers are all different, but the results are the same. Obvious and critical errors in judgement. I can’t fathom another lost season. Is there a real hotshot RHD in the 2017 draft?

    Must be the air in the offices. When do they move?

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