The Bakersfield Condors won a huge game (late) last night and play the Stockton Heat this evening in AHL play. Lineups in a minute, but let’s start by posting the boxcars since January 1. I often find that players spike in performance, and that teams give more opportunity to young players, after Christmas.


  1. R Taylor Beck 19, 4-14-18
  2. C Anton Lander 8, 7-7-14
  3. R Jesse Puljujarvi 18, 6-8-14
  4. L Joey Laleggia 18, 10-2-12
  5. L Ryan Hamilton 18, 6-6-12
  6. LD Jordan Oesterle 13, 0-11-11
  7. C Josh Currie 19, 5-5-10
  8. RD Mark Fayne 19, 2-7-9
  9. LD Griffin Reinhart 16, 6-2-8
  10. L Scott Allen 14, 3-3-6
  11. LD David Musil 19, 1-4-5
  12. C Jere Sallinen 18, 2-3-5
  13. LD Dillon Simpson 12, 1-4-5
  14. R Greg Chase 16, 0-4-4
  15. R Patrick Russell 19, 3-0-3
  16. C Kyle Platzer 18, 0-2-2
  17. R Jaedon Descheneau 14, 0-2-2
  18. L Braden Christoffer 11, 0-1-1
  19. C Henrik Samuelsson 5, 0-0-0

Prospects of note in bold, interesting to see who may be emerging in the back half of the AHL season. One other note: Nick Ellis has played 10 games since January first going .916 in those games. Jonas Gustavsson has played in eight games since his demotion, going .901. I think the Oilers should try to find an additional AHL center at the deadline, perhaps trade away one of these lefty blue.


  • Joey Laleggia—Anton Lander—Jesse Puljujarvi
  • Greg Chase—Josh Currie—Taylor Beck
  • Jere Sallinen—Kyle Platzer—Jaedon Descheneau
  • Zach Pochie—Brodie Dupont—Patrick Russell
  • Griffin Reinhart—Mark Fayne
  • Jordan Oesterle—David Musil
  • Mark Fraser—Dillon Simpson
  • Nick Ellis (Jonas Gustavsson)

A nice push for Greg Chase, and good to see Puljujarvi up on the Lander line. Brodie Dupont is up from the ECHL, and Ellis gets the start. I will update scores in the comments section.

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54 Responses to "CONDORS V. HEAT"

  1. OriginalPouzar says:

    My goodness Anton Lander – why can’t any of this offence translate to the next level?

    I really would like to see if Anton could produce at all at the NHL level with a stretch of solid 3rd line linemates – the only time he hasn’t played with fourth liners is when he was with Hall under Nelson and he produced (including on the PP).

  2. OriginalPouzar says:

    It would be great to have the Condors make the playoffs – part of me wants to see what JP might be able to do in the last month of the season but I think its smart if he continues to get as many games in at the AHL level as he can.

    Also, it would be cool to sear Bear and/or Jones assigned to Bakersfield after they are done in the WHL playoffs – I wonder if they’d actually get legit minutes? This organization has not been kind to rookie pros in the AHL.

  3. stevezie says:

    OriginalPouzar: My goodness Anton Lander – why can’t any of this offence translate to the next level?

    Definition of a player who needs a second opinion.

    H’s so good at so many little things. I think he plays a few hundred games somewhere.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Zach Nagelvoort with a shutout today for Michigan. Crazy result after his season so far.

  5. JDï™ says:

    Original Pouz? Woodguy2.0?

    I can’t wait for Hightide.

  6. Rich M says:

    Sorry for going off thread here.

    Just got back from the WAS vs. NASH game tonight. Scored tickets for this and am going to the game Oilers game tomorrow too.

    Caps were in complete control in the first period. Preds did a lot of D2D passing and had trouble getting out of their zone, and could not break Washington down in the offensive zone.

    In the 2nd period they went to what they do in almost every game – vertical stretch passing, deliberately releasing forwards early or just taking a nine iron shot to get pucks out against the Caps forecheck and it was very effective. Call it tired legs, but they had the them on the run all period. Key was to get pucks behind their defense or get it in on a d-man and pressure the passer.

    With the 2 goal lead in the 3rd they went back to conservative play but did a better job breaking pucks out as one forward would come back and one stayed high to try and create space. Or they’d go D2D and then up, and tip it in to get pucks deep and set the forecheck.

    Found it interesting that James Neal was on the 4th line w/2 boat anchors (Fiddler and some guy I’ve never seen before). Forsberg had a rocket for a goal. We’ll see Rinne tomorrow in net who was awful against Calgary Tues (got pulled), better against Colorado Thursday. He’s had a lot of tough bounces go against him – and we need to get traffic in front and create our own breaks tomorrow.

    Go Oil!

  7. flyfish1168 says:

    My goodness Anton Lander – why can’t any of this offence translate to the next level?

    I really would like to see if Anton could produce at all at the NHL level with a stretch of solid 3rd line linemates – the only time he hasn’t played with fourth liners is when he was with Hall under Nelson and he produced (including on the PP).

    I feel the Oilers can use Lander at the very least on the 2nd PP.

    I’m surprised that Samuelsson hasn’t done much. Hoping can start producing.

  8. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Original Pouz? Woodguy2.0?

    I can’t wait for Hightide.

    Just wait for TokEdVanNewYantaFeCson Oil

    Will be at Roadrunners vs. Barracudas (Yotes vs Sharks AHL) game tonight Will report from there if people are interested.

    If not, I will go back to my “Garden of Earthly Delights” painting.

  9. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:


    Don’t be surprised. Samuelsson has been a mediocre checker at the AHL level all year.

  10. Glass says:

    I feel like the moment Lander leaves this organization he’ll find success on another NHL club.

  11. kooler says:

    Apparently Schultz with the best +/- on Pittsburg…he only gets to play when Crosby is on the ice?

    And how do you get Wayne Simmonds?

  12. Lowetide says:

    Boxscore for Nagelvoort, 42-save shutout win

  13. spoiler says:

    For those of you Ryan Jones-ing for some Diggity Dank Dellow:

    Comes in at about the 10 minute mark.

    Some interesting comments about Burns and the SJS powerplay.

  14. JDï™ says:

    Awesome Matthews.

    Glad that young man is in the east.

  15. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Moroz is not a good hockey player.

    Edit- I guess he is in the AHL so he is good in one sense but he doesn’t play well vs. his peers.

  16. JDï™ says:

    NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker": I guess he is in the AHL

    Like Oilers from the lost decade, once they moved on from Edmonton, most of them were out of the league. So they were NHLers, but only on a technicality. Teddy Burgers, for example.

  17. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:


    Huggy Bear Stortini is playing for the Barracuda.

  18. JDï™ says:

    NYCOIL “Gentleman Backpacker”,

    Was it Ian Laperriere who laughed him off the ice after a ‘fight’, taunting him with a hugging gesture?

  19. Diablo says:

    LA won tonight with Quick back in net – I hate to say it but I’m hoping for the Flames to make the playoffs – a rejuvenated Kings team could be a deadly opponent, whereas we owned the Falmes this year.

    Lander – I feel bad for the guy, with his newborn back in Finland, and him bouncing up and down. Chia should do him a solid and trade him to LV – otherwise, he’ll probably head back home in the summer.

  20. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:


    Think so. I actually respect the hell out of guys like him who keep hanging on for the love of the game but it made me smile to see him.

  21. JDï™ says:

    NYCOIL “Gentleman Backpacker”,

    I respect him for even trying to do that job. It’s crazy.

    But he just wasn’t any good at it. If I recall, Lappy was a weight class below Storts, and schooled him. And that wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for Zachary.

  22. Lowetide says:

    Brodie Dupont scored for Bakersfield, assists to Musil and Pochiro 1-0 Bakersfield.

  23. JDï™ says:

    Lowetide: Brodie Dupont

    I really have to accustom myself with the Condors’ roster. It’s just that danged security camera video…

  24. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Timo Meier looks like the best player on the ice for both teams tonight between Tucson and San Jose. Duclair looks disinterested these days.

    Tucson missing DeAngelo’s puck-moving and Fischer’s scoring and speed up front as they are in the Show now.

    The Tinordi kid looks more comfortable on D. Still not impressed with Kyle Wood.

  25. JDï™ says:

    Leaves lose, but Shaw wins it. So conflicted.

  26. LubeOil says:

    LT, I’m curious to know how many Sail On posts you have queued up in waiting right now? I can think of six, maybe seven, that you might have ready to go “just in case”, but I wonder how many you actually prepare. 🙂

    Another day gone by and no trade from Chiarelli. I hope he is grinding down the deals and getting the best bang for the buck. The team has needs, but there should be very little desperation at this point.

  27. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    And Moroz scores on a tap-in at the goalmouth. LOL. I am the reverse jinx.

  28. JDï™ says:

    NYCOIL “Gentleman Backpacker”: I am the reverse jinx.

    Maybe put a good word in for the Flames then?

  29. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Jaxon commented on other thread.

    Julius Bergman looks pretty good out there. PP assist. Good skater.

    Kyle Wood still plays zero 4v5 time, gets PP time and lots of ozone starts at home. He isn’t bad but if he was 6′ no one would be touting him, imo.

  30. spoiler says:

    NYCOIL “Gentleman Backpacker”:
    And Moroz scores on a tap-in at the goalmouth. LOL. I am the reverse jinx.

    Lol. Fate with her good old stab in the back.

  31. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    spoiler: Lol. Fate with her good old stab in the back.

    haha. yup. serves me right. although it was a wide open cage on a broken play one foot shot. To sum it up I could have scored 😉

  32. LubeOil says:


    Love that song, and many others of theirs. Cheers to that!

  33. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    I see an Alberta flag in the arena tonight. Anyone from here?

  34. flyfish1168 says:

    Coming up for a game against the Avs. Is there a hotel that let pets stay by Rogers Place that someone would recommend?

  35. Todd Macallan says:

    WOW Puju, what a set up and equally impressive bar down snipe for Anton.

  36. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    There ya go, Jaxon. Wood scores on the power play.
    Nice one-timer from the hashmarks.

  37. Lowetide says:

    Lander from Puljujarvi 2-0

  38. Lowetide says:

    Puljujarvi from Reinhart and Lander. 3-0

  39. Rake 2.0 says:

    Puljujarvi from Lander 3-1 condors

  40. Centre of attention says:

    jee wow look you put him on the top line consistently and he scores who would have thunk?

    it’s almost like he should have been there from the start 🙁

  41. NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker" says:

    Good to see awful reffing exists in the AhL too

  42. --hudson-- says:

    Tonight the Caps gave up a goal very similar to the one Williams scored

    No chance for Grubauer. Caps must kick themselves for giving away Forsberg

  43. JDï™ says:

    NYCOIL “Gentleman Backpacker”,

    Would be better, and more reasonable, if it only existed in the AHL.

  44. "Steve Smith" says:

    Odd question for anybody who can answer it – I just arranged to buy Oilers tickets off of Kijiji for the first time in my life (next Saturday against Detroit – a friend from Windsor is in town). The seller will e-mail the tickets to me. My question, as I am a dinosaur, is what measures I can or should take to ensure the tickets’ authenticity?

    I’ve taken steps to verify the seller’s identity, so I assume that this is all above board (if it isn’t, I see very little standing in the way of a successful prosecution, and it’s my freakin’ job to see things standing in the way of a successful prosecution), but I’d still like to have some assurance from the tickets themselves.

  45. Evilas says:

    NYCOIL “Gentleman Backpacker”,

    I messaged you on FB last night, did you receive it?

  46. Roughneck says:

    “Steve Smith”,

    If the person you bought them from is the season seat holder they can’t print them to Pdf until 48 hours before the game. They could transfer them to you if you have a ticketmaster account and you would see them but you still won’t be able to claim them until inside the 48 hour window. Its kind of a weird system this year.

    If you do get screwed around reach out to me. (lowetide has my email)

    Ill hook you guys up.


  47. Mustard Tiger says:

    “Steve Smith”,

    Next time use stubhub or Ticketmaster resale.
    Can get good deals for low demand games, and the tickets are 100% guaranteed

  48. stevezie says:

    Sign on to your oilers account and you can quickly and easily transfer ticket to anyone.

  49. Marc says:

    NYCOIL "Gentleman Backpacker":
    Moroz is not a good hockey player.

    Edit- I guess he is in the AHL so he is good in one sense but he doesn’t play well vs. his peers.

    I was looking at the 2012 draft recently and it’s amazing how little talent was available in the second round. Moroz was a reach, and likely a failed pick in terms of producing an NHL player, but none of the ‘BPA’ that the Oilers should have taken with that pick ie. Collberg, Finn, Pokka, Aberg, Frk have turned into players either.

    Thus far the whole second round has produced just one good NHL player – Severson, and a couple of depth players – McCabe, McGinn, Sissons, TIerney and Martinook. That’s pretty poor.

  50. mit167 says:

    Pretty much what the guys said above… If you haven’t sent him the money yet, I would recommend NHL Ticket Exchange on the Oilers Site. Your buying from Season Seat holders through Ticket Master so you won’t get screwed. Prices are always decent and you get a better selection of seats.

  51. JDï™ says:

    THREE STARS: 1. Lander (BAK), 2. Puljujarvi (BAK), 3. Ellis (BAK)

    Nice. Lander with 12 points in 4 games against the little Flames.

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