by Lowetide

Anton Slepyshev’s emergence over the season as a legit NHL option arrived like sunshine after the rain. A third-round pick, his combination of size, speed and skill stand out among recent Oilers selections outside the first round. If Slepyshev can fill a role on one of Edmonton’s top three lines over the next five years (or more), he would be regarded as a brilliant draft pick and reflect well on Craig MacTavish’s time at the draft table. (The Tourist)


  • 5×5 points per 60: 1.34 (7th among regular forwards)
  • 5×4 points per 60: 0.00
  • Corsi for 5×5 %: 46.0
  • Corsi Rel 5×5 %: -4.1
  • DFF Elite 5×5 %: 44.4
  • DFF Elite Rel 5×5 %: -10.3 (24 percent of TOI v. elites)
  • Shots on goal/percentage: 55 shots/7.3%
  • Boxcars: 41gp, 4-6-10
  • (All numbers via and hockey-reference)
  • Special thanks to GMoney and Woodguy for sharing the DFF’s


  • RE 16-17: 1gp, 0-0-0
  • Actual 16-17: 41gp, 4-6-10 0.244
  • Source
  1. How good was his season? Combined with his playoffs, it was a very important 12 months. Anton Slepyshev is on the verge of becoming an NHL regular. I projected him to play one game in August 2016, he ended up (including postseason) playing 53. Flew up the depth chart.
  2. Has his progression to the NHL been seamless? No, but few third-round picks develop in a straight line. Since his draft day, he went from one poor KHL season to an outstanding one—and then a surprising NHL job on opening night 2015-16, which was followed by a pedestrian AHL season. And last season he was in the NHL most of the time as a productive role player. All over the map but this past season was quite positive.
  3. What does he bring? Slepyshev has a nice range of skills, this is a substantial talent. He has size, skill and speed, plus he boasts a heavy shot. I’m not convinced he’ll be a 20-goal man annually but there are elements in his game that suggest he has a chance to become one.
  4. Do you have a draft day scouting report lying around? You know I do. Corey Pronman: “Slepyshev is an above-average skater who is tremendously agile and is also able to get up to a notable top gear. When you combine his great agility with the fact he has high-end puck skills, he really is a nuisance to check. Slepyshev is very effective at dodging opponents and creating space for himself. I’ve seen times on penalty kills where he would dance around the opposing zone for 15-25 seconds because several opponents keep missing him. Slepyshev has a plus if not near that shot and he knows it, as he has a shoot-first mentality with the ability to score from way out. He can still make plays and doesn’t have tunnel vision, but I wouldn’t classify him as a playmaker.”
  5. That’s pretty accurate. Pronman is an excellent source, and a good scouting report from draft day should have you nodding in agreement four years later.
  6. McLellan seems to like him. Yes. Slepyshev did sit when he wasn’t bringing enough offense (chances) down the stretch and in the playoffs, but those moments were few and far between. Slepyshev was playing well in big games.
  7. We don’t give extra credit for that. Sorry, forgot.
  8. What did his AHL coach have to say about him? Gerry Fleming: “He’s got good skill assets. He just has to bring it on a consistent basis. There’s times when he was caught just standing around but I think that was just getting used to the league and the way the North American game is compared to the KHL where a lot of guys showcase their talents individually. Here it’s a smaller area to work with so you’ve got to use your teammates and you’ve got to always come to the puck and play on the inside. It just took him a little while to understand but he’s starting to grasp the concept and as a result his play has been better.” Source
  9. Does Slepyshev adjust well to coaching? I think so. Here’s what he said about getting sent down to the minors in 2015-16:“When the Oilers management sent me down to the AHL to play in Bakersfield they clearly let me know what I did well and what I needed to work on. I have learned to think faster on the ice and make quicker decisions. I also learned how to play stronger and win battles against the boards. I now understand what a smart decision in this kind of hockey is and I understand what an unwise decision is. I am trying to find the keys to success in this league. I have been working on things that will translate into points. Points are what I really lack.”
  10. Who did he play well with? His possession numbers overall were not good, Edmonton’s fourth line had some issues all year. Once with skill, he played fairly well with Zack Kassian and the Nuge, but the sample sizes were not massive and I’d suggest the 4line minutes (Drake Caggiula, 44.3 Corsi for 5×5 and just one point in 201 minutes) are about all there is to discuss in terms of line chem.
  11. How was he away from Caggiula? Slepyshev scored 47.5 Corsi for 5×5 and 2.20/60 at 5×5. That’s a pretty good scoring total at even strength you can build on that a little for sure.
  12. What does he need to work on? If Slepyshev is going to be one of the six wingers working with McDavid, Draisaitl and Nugent-Hopkins, he’s going to need to shoot more.
  13. What are his numbers? He delivered 7.37 shots per 60 at 5×5, same as Patrick Maroon. Edmonton needs wingers who are going to shoot the puck a lot.
  14. Is that a good number? For a rookie, it’s pretty good. Nail Yakupov was 5.56/60 as a rookie, Jordan Eberle 7.75, Taylor Hall 9.24 as rookies.
  15. What about rookies this season in the same range as Slepyshev? Slepy was 7.37, Matt Tkachuk was 7.42, Ondrej Kase 7.50.
  16. Where is he on the current depth chart? I would have him 3R behind Leon Draisaitl and Jordan Eberle, 2R if Leon plays center. Zack Kassian might jump ahead of Slepy and the Finn Jesse Puljujarvi, who (I think) might be in Bakersfield to start the coming year. Those are the players we’ll be discussing for this position come fall unless something changes.
  17. What are his chances? Slepyshev isn’t expensive and there aren’t a lot of competitors in this race. Spencer Foo added may change the equation but currently the Russian is in a good spot. I suspect he’s going to play a lot in 2017-18.
  18. Why hasn’t Edmonton done well with Russians? Well they ignored the entire damned country for a long time, and then jumped in with both feet 2012 and 2013 drafts.
  19. Will he make it? I think he has a very good chance. Size, speed, skill, shot. He also seems to have a good attitude and a work ethic. You hire that profile ten times out of ten.
  20. Why this song? I like the line “it barks at no one else but me” and it kind of fits Slepyshev. This is a guy who arrives at camp, looks around and sees nothing but high draft picks, old and new (Hall, Eberle, Nuge, plus Leon and McDavid) but finds a way to make the team for a time. Oilers draft No. 4, meaning all the impact wingers are off the board, but wait! Jesse Puljujarvi falls to Edmonton! And yet he continues to work at making the NHL team. Ineligible for the NHL expansion draft because of course, he instead pushes to a regular job late in the season and scores some memorable playoff goals. Might not be a tourist this time next year.



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I know Im biased (username checks out) but if we miss out on one or two of the more appealing RW options I would love Hemsky back on a 1 – 2 year deal. I think we could have him at 1×2.5 or 2×2 after he missed most of last season with an injury. The last 3 seasons he is 0.47 PPG (at times playing 4th line on a deep FW Dallas team) and he provides a good alternative for the 2 PP unit. Especially if we move Eberle and dont get a RW coming back I would do this. I would have more faith with Hemmer’s ability to drive a line as 3 RW than any of the young guys we currently have, or Spencer Foo. Having tough and talented depth would be tempting.


Hang on Sleppy, Sleppy hang on! I’ve been cheering for him to succeed since he was drafted, mainly because he looked like a player in the WJHC’s. Loved his playoff performance this year.


Sleppy has to do more than just shoot more, he needs to pick better spots to shoot from. Too many times he is just forcing a shot on net from bad spots or in low danger areas. He needs to learn to take an extra stride, change the angle, use a dman as a screen instead of just a hard shot as soon as he gets possession in the offensive zone and when the goalie can get a clean look.

I think he has the type of shot that could allow him to score 25+ goals if he figures out how to get into the best positions to make those shots count. He has a shot like Andrechuck, hard, quick and relatively accurate, but if you always allow the goalie to see it, you are not gonna score much.

Lloyd B.

GMB3: Why would you presume that? He clearly meant the decade of darkness Oilers.

OK. You win. I’ve tried real hard the past few months to bite my tongue. I’ve never been able to suss out the details based on stats or facts.

I could only add my commentary based on those that could and did.

LT. I’ll continue to read your posts and will read your blog, but will no longer participate in the comments. It is and will always be your blog. Bless you.

Your commitment to the Oilers and your comments to start the conversation is incredible. Your continued effort to be inclusive to all those that want to add their comments was always appreciated.

However, some of the folks that are commenting lately have chased away some of those that have pushed the envelope on making us think on a different level.

We could agree or disagree with alternative opinions with respect.

That is what made your blog so great.

That is not happening any longer. That is unfortunate.



I’m putting a feather in my cap here. I’ve been claiming since his first season in NA that he would make it and become a scoring regular. Still a ways to go, but I think it’s going to happen if he’s given a chance with lucic-drai like in playoffs. That line can grind. Just have to make sure they keep there feet moving.

You can also promptly remove that feather from my cap, because I thought jish winquist was a good player lol

win some lose some

Centre of attention

Wow Mr. Predator there starting the lawn mower on some hapless Penguin.

Refs need to start tossing people from this game. Ugly.

Neal is going to do something ridiculous you just have that feeling.


This is my take on a possible trade for ebs and the Doughty talk.

If Bob Stauff is mentioning Doughty as a possible trade then this would be one of my guesses on how it happens.

Oil trade Ebs to the Isles for Hamonic.

The Oil then trade Hamonic JP and Jones/Bear to the Kings for Doughty.

The Oil then sign Eaves Foo and Boyle.

I would be happy with that off season

Nurse Doughty

Klef Larsson

Russell/Sekera Benning.

A cup winning D.

There is a new sherriff in town in LA. I don’t think a deal like this would ever go down with Lombardi.. but now… I think it’s possible.


Lloyd B.: Please identify those players on the old Oilers ( I’m presuming you mean the 80s Oilers) that had soft skill.Serious question.

I can not think of any. Never mind a line up full.

Why would you presume that? He clearly meant the decade of darkness Oilers.


Lloyd B.,

I meant from the decade of darkness. Perron Roy Yak etc etc and the Bigger guys they had were terrible


If deployed properly, he’ll score 25 next year. They have a real player here. The way he was jerked around this season – whatever the basis was because I seriously doubt it was his play – glad to see he made it through and got to show in the playoffs how much better he is than many who were ahead of him.

Can’t wait to see him as a powerplay regular, and in another playoff.

Lloyd B.

The old Oilers had a lineup full of soft skill. Sleppy is a different style of player and the type that is necessary to win. he brings a lot of good things and should be a good 3R or 4R and if you can find some offense possibly a 2R.

I really like the line of DRAI, LUCIC and Sleppy in the playoffs

Please identify those players on the old Oilers ( I’m presuming you mean the 80s Oilers) that had soft skill. Serious question.

I can not think of any. Never mind a line up full.





Lot of options on RW. Given that Nuge appears to be staying, I can’t wait to see how things sort themselves out.

Drai 1RW, UFA 2RW, Slepyshev 3RW, Kassian 4RW.

Sign Derek Ryan for 3C duties and we have tremendous forward depth come playoffs.

Maroon/McDavid/UFA signing

Then you have Puljujarvi and possibly Foo hanging around, Pouliot could be around if you can’t offload that contract. Then there is Pitlick & Pakarinen…

As far as UFAs go, have to imagine one of Vrbata, Vanek, Versteeg, Hemsky, Sharp or Eaves get signed… pretty deep pool + you are guaranteed time on McDavid or Draisaitl’s wing. Assuming they can beat out one of Slepyshev & JP for a top 6 spot.


Lowetide: Agree. LV would have to trade for him though, as he is not eligible for the expansion draft.

Thanks for that . was not aware


If I was LV and was looking at a forward, I would take Slepyshev or Kharia. Anton is a much better skater and a better skill set. JMHO


Love the Radiohead for the Re series. All of your song selections and explanations for why you selected them have been great LT.

You are right, 3rd rounders don’t develop in a straight line, but I have all the time in the world for Sleppy. The numbers don’t match the eye test for me so maybe I should curb my enthusiasm, but he looks great.



– Great post LT: All these Radiohead songs are melancholic, but thoughtful: was there a thematic reason for this choice? Not the most uplifting music. Is there a hidden LT message in there?

– I’ve been a fan of Sheppy for awhile: all last summer, when LT was projecting no Sleppy, I was: I bet he gets some reps”.

– I agree JT: the style difference between Sleppy and say a Hendy circa 2016 is huge. He’s fast, hits, plays, scores a bit: more please on bottom 6.

– More Kassian/Slep/Pitlicks, less DD/Hendy/Pou’s please


All I ever read or hear is:
“In a cap world, you need value contracts”
” drafting & developing in today’s NHL is more important then ever”
” don’t flush promising young players before they establish themselves”
“We value speed & skill, they are paramount”
Ya lets trade him away, and sign Andrew Ladd instead, fuck off Garth Snow!
Should the oilers bank on Slepy producing like a top 6 winger all season?
No, but based on how he is developing so far- he should be given the opportunity.
End Rant


The old Oilers had a lineup full of soft skill. Sleppy is a different style of player and the type that is necessary to win. he brings a lot of good things and should be a good 3R or 4R and if you can find some offense possibly a 2R.

I really like the line of DRAI, LUCIC and Sleppy in the playoffs