by Lowetide

The Edmonton Oilers have signed defenseman Dillon Simpson, as per Renaud Lavoie. Simpson is likely to start the season in Bakersfield and should be considered a possible callup to Edmonton  along with Mark Fayne and Ryan Stanton.

  • 2016-17: Edmonton Oilers (NHL) 3gp, 0-0-0; Bakersfield (AHL) 53gp, 3-8-11.
  • Simon Boisvert: He has been there (AHL) for awhile now, he is 23. He always makes the safe play, I think if it weren’t for his lack of foot speed he would be in the NHL as a sixth or seventh defenseman. He will never generate much offense but he doesn’t make too many mistakes.
  • Contract is $675,000 NHL and $90,000 AHL as per CapFriendly.


Simpson has outlasted several defensive defensemen and could emerge as a 6-7D option for the Oilers in coming years. He’ll need a little help this winter in order to find NHL work based on the current depth chart.


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Simpson is the first call up and certainly bf Fayne
That’s my 2cents


Looking at the AHL defensive depth chart, I am a little flumoxed by the Lowe and Stanton signings. With Mantha, Bear, Jones and Paigin incoming to a group that already included Betker, Fayne and Simpson, who sits or goes to the ECHL?

Many people over at ON felt that Paigin was nearest to a call up, while Jones had the highest ceiling. Now it seems one is possibly going to the ECHL along with Mantha. Which one, and is that wise?

Richard S.S.

It is sad, if he could skate well he’d be two or thee years into a successful career by now. If he makes the Oilers, it’s probably because bad things have happened.