G40 2017-18: Kings at Oilers

One of the weirdest stats involving the Oilers this year surrounds the fact the club is 40 games into the season (halfway!) and has played the Pacific Division only six times:

  • Calgary (2-0-0)
  • Arizona (1-0-0)
  • Las Vegas (1-0-0)
  • San Jose (1-0-0)
  • Los Angeles (0-0-0)
  • Anaheim (0-0-0)
  • Vancouver (0-1-0)
  • Overall: 5-1-0
  • (Source)

Obviously the Oilers aren’t going to win five out of every six games against this bunch, but there are a pile of four-point games on the way in the season’s second half. Can the Oilers win three of five? Will that be enough?


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  • January 2016: 4-5-2, goal differential -5
  • January 2017: 9-4-1, goal differential +8
  • January 2018: 0-0-0, goal differential nil

G1 January 2016 was a 4-3 shootout victory over the Arizona Coyotes, last year a 3-1 loss to Columbus. It’s a good bet, based on the current team’s established levels of ability, Edmonton will come in with a record somewhere between 2016 and 2017 January.


  • Oilers 15-16: 15-21-3, goal differential -24 (33 points)
  • Oilers 16-17: 19-13-7, goal differential +8 (45 points)
  • Oilers 17-18: 17-19-3, goal differential -11 (37 points)

G40 was a 4-3 shootout victory over the Arizona Coyotes and last year it was a 4-3 win over the Boston Bruins. A win tonight and on Thursday would give Edmonton 41 points in 41 games.


  • At home to: Los Angeles, Anaheim (Expected 0-1-1) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, Arizona, Vegas (Expected 2-2-1) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • At home to: Vancouver, Buffalo, Calgary (Expected 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • Overall expected result: 4-4-2, 10 points in 10 games
  • Current results: 0-0-0


The Oilers brought things to January and stayed within spitting distance (seven back of No. 8 Anaheim, with a game in hand) but this race will be over unless Edmonton can post (something like) a 14-point January. The math doesn’t rhyme. Oilers went 6-2-0 but needed to get more than one point from the post-Christmas run. Even four points (two wins) would have gotten the team to four points behind the Ducks, and within one of Colorado. As it is, there are four teams between Edmonton and Anaheim.


For much of this season, we’ve been discussing acquisitions. We know the list (sniper, checking forward who can PK, No. 2 RHD to replace Jeff Petry) but it’s probably fair to say the organization will soon be looking toward next season. The list remains the same but the solutions become long term, which increases the pool of talent. We’ll be talking about targets for future roles in the coming days, with Patrick Maroon, Mark Letestu and others as the possible assets out.


We’re back, baby! Starting at 10 this morning, TSN1260, we’ll use all the words and try to make sure they arrive in the right order. Scheduled to appear:

  • Jonathan Willis, The Athletic. Slepyshev and Caggiula, what’s next?
  • Kent Wilson, The Athletic. A strong farm club is helping the Flames stay in the hunt.
  • Scott Cullen, TSN. NFL playoffs, Canada’s NHL teams and who makes the playoffs.
  • Mike Rodak, ESPN. The Bills are in!

10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!

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615 Responses to "G40 2017-18: Kings at Oilers"

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  1. OriginalPouzar says:

    I’d trade Maroon to Montreal two games after he gets back from his suspension.

    With a loss on THU to ANA, I’d be on board with the sell-off starting.

  2. Professor Q says:

    OmJo: Better chance of Auvitu playing next game than Slepyshev, I think.

    Also, start Brossoit. 10 goals against for Talbot in 2 games, give him a break FGS…

    He won’t Roy us, don’t worry…

  3. Professor Q says:

    Just saw the Maroon hit and Doughty and his comments.

    Why do players insult their own and our intelligences?

    “Yeah, I didn’t even have the puck. Weird. But he was probably just trying to finish a check. Not dirty.”

    “I am not nor ever have been a dirty player.”

    Just admit you were taking one for the team and sending a message about McDavid (which backfired). You’re already in trouble. Admit the truth and quit pretending to protect some fake culture.

  4. Mr. D. says:

    Looked like Doughty was throwing a pick if you look at Maroons line towards puck carrier.

  5. OriginalPouzar says:

    I know this might be irrational but I’m starting to panic about chia making a big deal to shake things up, like trading RNH for Hoffman or Barrie. Worse yet, maybe he even trades Drai in some super deal and sewers the team for years.

    Nah – even Chia will realize that we are past that point for this season.

    Its almost time to see if Chia knows how to work a deadline as a pure seller. Last time, he did take advantage of the Ducks in the Maroon trade.

  6. NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker) says:


    Well that sort of makes it an even worse scenario, doesn’t it? I did not want to be too harsh.

  7. OriginalPouzar says:

    Gret99zky: One off?

    History tells a different story.

    Year – Win %
    2006 – 39%
    2007 – 50%
    2008 – 46%
    2009 – 33%
    2010 – 30%
    2011 – 39%
    2012 – 40%
    2013 – 35%
    2014 – 29%
    2015 – 38%
    2016 – 57%
    2017 – 43% pace

    Can you spot the “one off” season?

    I don’t think the 2006 to 2015 teams have anything to do with the current Oiler team.

    I don’t believe they were as good as they played last year (and was express that I didn’t think they were cup contenders and could be fighting for a wild card spot). I also don’t think they are as bad as their record indicates this year.

    I expect a bounce-back season next year with their penalty kill not at historic low levels and the goaltending stabalizing.

    So, yes, one-off.

    What’s going to be great is this one-off year will help stock the prospect cupboard.

    Shit, if we do end up drafting top 5, the pick could make an immediate impact to the top 6 – not by rushing but by the fact that young forwards can make an impact right out of junior – this is a young forward’s league now.

  8. NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker) says:

    I know +/- is a horribly flawed stat. But if you sort by it this year, it yields interesting results.


  9. €v¥£€us says:

    NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker),

    Yes it is, but it does have a story to tell, especially with a team as strong as this one is 5 on 5.

    It tells me that Nurse is a beast and has mostly been very good at even strenghth, Klefbom has not outplayed his early struggles, Seksy is far from ready for prime time and OV2 moves the puck in the right direction and is extremely undervalued by this staff, Letestu and Cagguila are over-used by this staff and that the Special Teams must be brutal.

    Next year, or even at the deadline he’ll be picked up by a savvy GM, like MacPhee, and be used on the PP and I bet he excels and I’ll be cheering like hell for him.

    I’ve only been saying this all year, but


  10. OriginalPouzar says:

    I wonder if Pakarinan gets a recall soon – he was one of our more effective penalty killers (via the fancies) earlier in the year.

    Maybe they could put Kassian on IR – I think he’s hurt, he was actively turning away from contact last night.

  11. russ99 says:

    I’m sure we’ll bounce back on the upcoming road trip, then blow three stinkers at home before the all star break.

    I just don’t get why we are so poor at our own rink.

  12. PhrankLee says:

    Holy shitsnacks, boys.

    This constant flagging of effective effort at home is systemic and likely institutional.

    If somebody tries to rationalize that they played well for 2 periods again I will snap.

  13. npanciroli says:

    NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker),

    McLellan’s player usage is frustrating at the best of times.

    I think at this point in the year I would be comfortable in seeing:
    Special Teams staff turfed -> McLellan turfed -> Chiarelli turfed in that order, or all at once.

    It would be really interesting to see how this team performs under another head coach but also I have concerns of Chia blowing a Nuge/Klefbom trade. Need to win a trade bad.

  14. Mr. D. says:

    NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker):
    I know +/- is a horribly flawed stat. But if you sort by it this year, it yields interesting results.


    +- is only horribly flawed for those who TRY And individualize ever move a player makes. These are usually for the guys who dont unDer stand the totality of the game. They use shots at the net when what really counts are goals that make it in the net.
    Defense counts as a unit and it’s good defense when the puck stays out.
    Laugh as you may but Hendricks Gryba and Pouliot were all replaced with more offensive players at the expense of defense.

  15. ArmchairGM says:

    NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker):
    I know +/- is a horribly flawed stat. But if you sort by it this year, it yields interesting results.


    Interesting. My projections for next year’s roster show both Letestu and Klefbom gone – Letestu to free agency and Klefbom in a trade, with a good young winger or RD coming back. My hope is that he can be packaged with a pick and/or prospect for Trouba, who will then hopefully sign a Lindholm-like contract. And I don’t dislike Klefbom.

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