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I’m part of a caravan today, roaming through the streets of Edmonton following Connor McDavid as he answers challenges from fans. CIBC Mobile Investment Consultants will meet you when you want, where you want and Connor is going the extra mile.

Recently, Connor McDavid surprised and delighted unsuspecting CIBC Clients when his Mobile Investment Consultants asked him to stop by during some of his clients meetings at a local Edmonton coffee shop, and even at their homes.

On Monday, Connor invited his Instagram followers to suggest where he and his MIC should show up while they are out and about Edmonton today. We’re rolling and our first stop was Terwilliger Rec centre.

I spent a terrific afternoon with some outstanding people. Shannon Szabados was in the caravan and surprised kids across the city today. Aside from being a brilliant hockey player, Szabados has a great presence and today the kids were wide-eyed and full of Olympic questions. Shannon is telling her story on Instagram tonight, I encourage you to check it out. It’s always fun to meet your Olympic heroes and have them turn out to be quality people, that was my experience today with one damned great goaltender.

Great athletes like Connor McDavid are finding ways to reach their audience through all kinds of social media. Today’s caravan was about a very specific thing (CIBC Mobile Investment Consultants will in fact meet you when you want, where you want), but it was also about reaching out to young people and making an impact.

It was my absolute pleasure to be part of the day.

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5 Responses to "McDavid challenge"

  1. Justthestatsman says:

    I’ve been missing the late afternoon Lowetide posts. Reading this was definitely worth the wait!

  2. BornInAGretzkyJersey says:

    While I wouldn’t ask you to divulge private conversations, can you describe or outline the gist (tone/tempo/demeanor/breadth/depth/context) of the off-the-record conversations you had with 97? And your impressions?

    Thanks, LT.

  3. Professor Q says:

    I came here to jokingly and friendly jostle you about your lovely video of your magnificent finger, but it seems your kids have already. :p

    Great work, sir, and I hope this means greater and grander things for you (and us!) in the future.

    Always love seeing good things for friends (even if they are E-Friends).

  4. OmJo says:

    Professor Q,


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