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In 1974 summer, the wait for The Hockey News July edition (it had everything: Draft, trades, firings) was the longest of my young life. I badly wanted to see what the Boston Bruins were up to and of course the two new expansion teams had been drafting players from each team and making trades. You could hear the big news on the radio, and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix brought you lots of good information, but in 1974 if you were a hockey fan, that July edition of The Hockey News was the entire internet. I drove Mrs. Stenmark crazy, she worked at the Rexall Drugs on main street. Honestly it’s a wonder she didn’t club me to death my visits were so frequent. When it finally arrived, I read it cover to cover and back again.

I always wonder if we’re more blessed or less today, getting everything in real time. As fabulous as instant news can be, I’ve never felt the same anticipation over hockey news since the summer of 1974. I bet Mrs. Stenmark is glad about the internet, pretty sure that’s true.


Give The Athletic as a gift or get it yourself and join the fun! Offer is here, less than $5 a month! I find myself reading both the hockey (Willis, Dellow, Pronman, et cetera) and the baseball coverage a lot, it’s a pure pleasure to visit. We’ll sell you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge.

  • New Lowetide: Three prospects on the upswing after orientation camp, free agency
  • New Lowetide: Oilers grab Tobias Rieder in free agency
  • New Jonathan Willis: Oilers hopes rest on players already on the roster
  • New Lowetide: Frugal Oilers grab Kyle Brodziak in free agency
  • Lowetide: Hard Target Search: Tobias Rieder.
  • Lowetide: Oilers still preferred CHL and older prospects in 2018 draft.
  • Jonathan Willis: How will Oilers manage rich collection of goalie prospects?
  • Lowetide: Is Evan Bouchard NHL-ready?
  • Lowetide: Low budget free agents can deliver Oilers big bang
  • Lowetide: The maturation of Daryl Katz, or heading down a dangerous road?
  • Lowetide: Oilers top 10 prospects in front of the 2018 draft.
  • Lowetide: Draft 2018: Oilers scouting directors: A history.


There are countless bright individuals moving hockey analytics forward, and Emmanuel Perry is one of them. He is the brains behind Corica, a brilliant site that I use about 10 percent of because my brain. Manny published a new NHLE (equivalency) on his twitter page yesterday (here) and here are some of the prominent Oilers prospects.

  • Manny’s system treats all NCAA leagues as the same, as Gabriel Desjardins did in his work.
  • AHL players are close to Rob Vollman’s numbers (.47).
  • Junior numbers are halved and that impacts all the prospects from those leagues in a big way.
  • Rattie is the class of this group, Yamamoto is just above 20 points.

  • Manny’s numbers adore the SHL, with all three Oilers men coming in over 10 points NHLE. Persson’s total is off the charts, I wonder if the organization would consider bringing him over now that the plan is to put off pursuing a power-play veteran. Picking Evan Bouchard at the draft might benefit Persson. You never know.
  • Ethan Bear posted good numbers and that is reflected here.
  • Evan Bouchard, like all junior kids, sees much of the air let out of his tires. He posted 87 points in the world’s best junior league though, that counts for something.

I’m not sure how I feel about Manny’s numbers, it’s always best to let things roll around in your mind for a time. He may tweak as well, sometimes there’s a friggin’ in the riggin’. Either way, I commend him for his fine work in all areas and invite your comments on these equivalencies.


  • Kesselring’s size, skating ability, and offensive instincts has certainly intrigued some observers. His lack of attention to detail in the defensive zone and penchant for making mistakes with the puck are areas of concern.
  • Recrutes: USHL games with Des Moines, Kesselring will have four years to add some muscle at Merrimack before turning pro, and will likely need all of it. A decent puck mover with some pop to his game, don’t expect much offence, and a projection as an NHL third-pairing candidate.


  • It wasn’t till, I would say, middle of last week when (Edmonton) started to become a possibility. It just kinda came out of the blue. When my wife and I started hearing that it was a possibility, it started to become pretty exciting, just the opportunity to stay home, for the kids to grow up closer to family.” Jim Thomas, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


The Oilers look set, save for 1R, 2R and 2L. That may be the coming season, the entire campaign. Todd McLellan may be on the hot seat but it doesn’t look like the general manager is going to send him cover. It’s an interesting dynamic. Let’s see how this plays out.


A busy morning with great guests, plus the return of Dave Jamieson who will pop by at 11:40. Scheduled to appear, TSN1260, beginning at 10:

  • Bruce McCurdy, Cult of Hockey at the Edmonton Journal. We’ll talk about Edmonton’s draft and free agency.
  • John Horn, aroundthehornmedia. Milos winning at Wimbledon.
  • Jeff Paulus, FC Edmonton. Eddies new coach is scheduled to appear live at 11:05, we’ll talk about grassroots growth and his vision for the team.

10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!

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  1. ArmchairGM says:

    Daily Faceoff
    ‏ @DailyFaceoff
    3m3 minutes ago

    The Blue Jackets have signed Boone Jenner to a four-year, $15M ($3.75M AAV) extension.

    161 points in 342 games

    Strome has 160 points in 340 games.Same age, both play center, so the Strome camp will be looking at those numbers as comparables


  2. vinotintazo says:

    Woodguy v2.0: Steal centers a line that plays vs the best.

    Drai does not.

    That’s a big deal.

    That said, Drai hasn’t had great line mates either.

    Fair enough.

  3. Andy Dufresne says:

    Blue Jackets sign Anthony Duclair 1 yr deal

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