Connor McDavid at Toronto Pearson with CIBC

Connor McDavid has partnered with CIBC on another campaign designed to showcase his relationship with his fans and with the bank. I’ve been able to observe this winning combination before, notably during “Skate with McDavid” in the spring of 2017. This time, we see the Edmonton Oilers superstar in another comfortable spot, possibly his second home (after an ice surface with pucks and sticks)—the airport.

Filming was done at Toronto Pearson International Airport—where CIBC just announced a multi-year renewal of their exclusive partnership. Connor, who grew up near Toronto and spends his summers there, helped out arriving Edmontonians with their bags (some of whom are hilariously shocked and in awe, some of whom just aren’t quite sure about what’s going on) and introduced us to his brother Cameron—who makes a great foil and gives Connor a chance to show us another side of himself (an excellent sense of humor).

I was most impressed with the ease both McDavids show in this video, their relationship shines through and I think shows a side of Connor McDavid fans haven’t seen before. I had a chance to talk with Andrew Greenlaw (Vice-President of Sponsorship and Community Investment at CIBC, who leads the bank’s relationship with Connor) about the video, about Connor, and why Oilers fans are important to him:

  • “Connor has always been receptive to teaming up with us – it’s an authentic relationship that dates back to him opening his first account at the CIBC Banking Centre in Newmarket, Ontario. His only ask this – and every – summer was that we work around his training schedule… he’s intensely committed to getting better (side note: that has to be a scary thought for the opposition!) for his teammates, fans and the City of Edmonton.”

I asked Greenlaw about the idea for the video, and he told me with Connor’s travel schedule he was perfect for a campaign that talked about amenities at Toronto Pearson. It includes Oilers fans, spending time in an airport (one can only imagine the number of hours a pro athlete in North America spends per season) and what CIBC can do for Connor (and any client) to aid in traveling with ease. It’s all part of their strategy to demonstrate that they are a client-focused, relationship-oriented bank.

That’s a big deal, as any Canadian traveller knows airports can be problematic. The famous photo with Connor and the adorable older couple at the Edmonton airport a couple of years ago perfectly frames the unexpected and hilarious events that can occur.

In the video, several Edmontonians can be seen in absolute shock that Connor McDavid is helping them, courtesy of CIBC’s complimentary luggage carts. What I enjoyed most about it was the completely natural reactions to the idea that the Oilers’ superstar was going to help with bags. One of my favorite moments in the video is the drag race with a blindfolded McDavid on the luggage cart—that was a sight to see!

Connor McDavid has been a client with CIBC since he was 11, his relationship with the bank is clearly one of trust and authenticity. Another element that can be considered a bonus from the video? Connor and Cameron’s parents loved it, and noted ‘how much fun their boys were having with it !’

My favourite part of the video? The “I don’t care” moment. Greenlaw tells me Connor did it in one take–and that there was very little scripting, so both Cameron and Connor could be their authentic selves. He appears comfortable in front of the camera and to enjoy the experience. As someone who has seen hockey players in similar roles over many decades, I can say with authority that Connor McDavid appears to be a natural. A star is born? Enjoy the video!

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9 Responses to "Connor McDavid at Toronto Pearson with CIBC"

  1. godot10 says:

    My first Wayne Gretzky moment was at the airport. I was leaving on Jan 1, 1988 in the morning to go back to graduate school after Christmas. Wayne was at the same counter seeing Janet off to LA. I politely ignored them.

    Now if I just had that DeLorian from Back To The Future.

  2. jimmers2 says:


    With a little sarcastic caddishness and some onion breath AND the keys to the car one could have changed history.

    Perhaps easier to have kidnapped Peter P. however.

  3. Richard S.S. says:

    That was so much fun watching. Connor McDavid has a huge future outside of hockey.

  4. OriginalPouzar says:

    Kane will be in the lineup tonight.

  5. 106 and 106 says:

    Who wrote this article?

    If it was LT, there would have been a beautifully dictated rambling story of a 1960’s Saskatchewan airplane with a propeller that the pilot had to get started, leading to LT’s dad ejecting them out to instead take an epic holiday in an old car.

    This feels more like copy editor fodder.

  6. Gret99zky says:

    My favorite is when Connor shows up, out of nowhere, to surprise the atom and peewee aged players.

    The look of awe and disbelief as their Super Hero stands right there, with a smile on his face, genuinely just as happen to meet them as they are him. It’s magic. Sometimes they can’t hold it together and are moved to tears. It’s like a visit from Superman.

    “With great power comes great responsibility.”

    Connor McDavid appears to be fully qualified.

    This community is blessed to have him.

  7. mustang says:

    To all the PC and TMac haters do you think it’s possible that either one of them know anything about hockey?

    Is it possible they may know more about hockey then some other people on the internet?

    Is that possible?

  8. mustang says:

    the proof is at the end of the year. Saying that they might not be complete imbeciles. Unlike the internet geniuses

  9. mustang says:

    Sorry to interrupt the usual dialog, go ahead and continue ripping on the POHO and HC. I’m done now.

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