Merry Christmas!

by Lowetide

This is Ziggy. She is now seven. The day we brought her home from Legal, we bought her a hedgehog, it remains her favourite toy. She has dozens of other toys but that one is special. Once, when we were on holidays, we took her to a kennel by Leduc (very well run) and she chewed through wire overnight to try to get out. She’s 15 pounds, ran off with the dice last night, threw a fit when no one would give her ham and sulked when someone used the ottoman (HER ottoman) for an hour or so during the evening. Absolute prima donna, much like the characters in the song she was named after (she could have been one of the Spiders from Mars, no doubt) in the car on the way home.

She barks at the neighbours, expects ear scratches and tummy rubs and has 100 pounds of toilet paper under the bed. She chases rabbits, live and in her dreams, hasn’t caught one yet. She can smell raw meat at 2,000 feet but can’t see a live rabbit two feet away. She loves car rides and going for walks and treats me like a returning king when I get home from work. I’ve grown slightly attached over these years.

It’s been a good year. The gig at TSN1260 continues and I enjoy it so much, easily the most fun in coming up 40 years in the industry. My writing for The Athletic is nothing less than a professional dream come true, wonderful group to work with and great feedback from readers old and new. I receive immediate feedback (most recently about this article) and the comments sections on my pieces are growing in size and intensity. That’s the way I like it. If you haven’t subscribed, and want to, the best available deal is here.

Mrs. Lowetide is doing well, she is the heart and soul of the family and keeps things rolling down the highway. You know, it’ll be 36 years we’ve been married in May, our first date was January 27, 1982 (Oilers tied Chicago, on goals by Pat Hughes, Glenn Anderson and 99, Fuhr stopping 26 of 29). That’s 37 years in January. I think it may just work out. She’s the best.

Our son is planning on heading to NAIT or Pixel Blue in the fall, he’s most interested in sound production (has been writing his own songs for video games for years, so in some ways he’s ideally suited to it). Could have blown me over with a feather when he told me, but it’s one area where I might be able to give him a helping hand.

Our daughter is also planning to head to post-secondary, upgrading in a couple of areas and then diving in. She is a talented writer and animator, but may not head in that direction, the goal now is teacher. Illustrating and creative visual are her strengths, so we’ll see what the year brings.

We’re good, this bunch. We’re healthy and happy, a couple in the group are restless to try new adventures and that’s as is should be. Maybe this year will be the one where the dog will get within two feet of a rabbit and see the damn thing. Merry Christmas to you and yours, God bless you and your family. I’ll have a hockey post noonish.


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Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope your day was spent with those you love. And if not remember that you are in our thoughts.

Here at ol’ Cowboy’s stead we had a wonderful day. The Mother in Law and Brother in Law joined us and I am lucky that my in-lawa are all great. The boy will turn 5 tomorrow so watching Christmas thtough his eyes is just the best. Then my daughter is 8 months so a little overwhelmed. It was a Hockey heavy day for the boys. He got a McDavid jersey, hockey cards & stickers, a passing machine and loved it all. Me i got an Oilers shirt and then just the coolest present imaginable- i got tickets to take my son and dad to the sharks game, will be my sons first and my dads first in likely 20+ years.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year as well. Thank you LT for this corner of the internet!



感谢米切尔先生所做的一切, 你真是一个爱笑的学者, 一个现代的哲学诗人, 油圈的博客父亲和一个100% 的课堂表演! 我们真的很幸运, 因为我们被提供了这个窗口, 进入你的世界和你的心灵。

在中国福建省普田市, 自由放养的加拿大人仍在躲避当局 (如果你能躲过一把管道扳手, 在异国他乡躲过水捕手并非不可能, 至少这是我祖母的邻居的狗曾经告诉我的)。


2 articles on Christmas day. LT you are priceless.

Merry Christmas to all


Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Thanks Lt for the platform, your insights and the Lowetide. Thanks to beeyine for creating a community.

The ghost of dave semenko

Merry Christmas Lowetide and all Lowetideans.


Merry Christmas LT and all! Thanks for all you do! Oilers fandom would deeply suck without this blog.

Keep on!


Merry Christmas, Allan! All the best to you and yours.
Thanks for all the optimism, insight and perspective over the year.

Woodguy v2.0

jtblack: WG Don’t know you but wanted Thank You.

I have loved hockey since I was 3.Played hockey.Been in drafts.Loved the Oilers since 1980.

In the last 2 years (following Lowetide), YOU and some other members have changed the way I view and analyze hockey.

Old Dogs (43) can learn new tricks.

Thanks.Merry Christmas

High praise sir.

Thank you.

I enjoy your posts as well.


Hi there. Frequent reader, infrequent poster here.

Many thanks to Señor Mitchell for the gift of this blog. (Incidentally, I’m in St. Albert for the holidays, and so we passed through the erstwhile Lowetide Acres in Maidstone along the way. The Town is doing well, though it wonders why you never call or write them anymore.)

And to everyone else who dwells within this blog, Season’s Greetings from the management and staff of Tarkus Enterprises (a subsidiary of Hyperglobal Compu-Mega-Net). May you be well and in the company of loved ones, and may you additionally have a 2019 that will make 1990 look like 1351.


Merry Christmas to the Lowetide family, thank you all for making it the most merry place to peruse daily across the entire Al Gore.

Thank you Mr. Mitchell for all that you do, and for carrying on so well.


Merry Xmas to you and the family Lowetide.

All the readers/commentators as well.


Since the long gone Eatons department store in downtown Saskatoon featured a magnificient HO scale train layout on the main stage in the toy department throughout the holiday season, I’ve hankered for my own train setup.

After decades of waiting, Santa finally saw fit to drop off the dream. Now I can watch it going round and round instead of heading to the nearest coin op laundry. Or watching the Oilers. The latter truly inspirational in creating a couple hundred square feet of dystopian, nightmarish, steam punk fiction derived environment for those trains to run around in.

Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! From my basement;-)

106 and 106


Well put Dessert,

I’ve moved from Edmonton onto four different continents, had 12 different jobs, married and divorced and through it all, is where my one of my anchors are.

Everyday at 330pm London time, I always make time.

Well put Dessert. Huge love LT.


Merry Christmas everyone! Next few months are going to be a blast watching the Oilers and tuning in here ! LETS GO OILERS!! Pace yourselves!!


Merry Christmas to all !! … especially to our host! I’ve been an Oiler fan since 1972 – ghosting Lowetide since about 2007 (?) and post-he-who-shall-not-be-named LT you and your community helped bring light to the darkness along with edumacating me on things culinary and alcoholic! Wishing you continued happiness and success.


Merry Christmas LT! And happy holidays everyone!

Thankful for the community you provide, Allan.


Merry Christmas lowtide and all the other oiler faithful


My gift to the lowetide community.


Merry Christmas to LT and all the rest here from the Peace Country!


Merry Christmas, may all our conflicting, contentious, crazy Oilers dreams come true!


Merry Christmas LT,and your family. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas to all fellow readers.

Bag of Pucks

Merry Christmas everyone. Best of the holiday season and safe travels to all.

Hitchcock couldn’t fit down the chimney but he remains the gift that keeps on giving.


Merry Christmas to all.

I hope for a happy and prosperous 2019 for all of us, including the Edmonton Oilers.

Our dogs had a Bark Box arrive on the 24th so they had Xmas gifts to enjoy along with the family.

Scungilli Slushy

NYC-Back-to-Tokyo Oil (Gentleman Backpacker):
Merry Christmas Mr. Mitchell. Congratulations on the latest with your beautiful family and your career.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone else as well, near or far. Wishing you all the best, and if it’s a difficult time of year for you, know that you aren’t alone and you are in our thoughts. Remember to love yourself, too.

Take care, everyone.

Nicely said.

Merry Christmas to you LT and everyone in this great place!


Woodguy v2.0:
Merry Christmas LT.

Merry Christmas everyone.

WG Don’t know you but wanted Thank You.

I have loved hockey since I was 3. Played hockey. Been in drafts. Loved the Oilers since 1980.

In the last 2 years (following Lowetide), YOU and some other members have changed the way I view and analyze hockey.

Old Dogs (43) can learn new tricks.

Thanks. Merry Christmas

Craig Zonit

Merry Christmas all, may you enjoy your day.


Sorry should have been “specially to”


Merry Christmas to all and aprécialos ti Lowetide!

Wonderful read every morning at 830am.


Merry Christmas and God bless us every one.

God Bless Connor McDavid ?


Merry Christmas and God bless us every one.

Woodguy v2.0

Merry Christmas LT.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Thanks to all in this community, keeps me going in the dead of winter and the harsh glow of summer! Stay safe one and all Merry Christmas


LT: Wondeful Post. Happy Holidays to All!

Congrats on 36 years. An amazing accomplishment. Sounds like the kids are Great People That’s all a parent can hope for!


Merry Christmas To Allan and your family.

Merry Christmas to all fellow Lowetidians

Brantford Boy

Merry Christmas LT…

Thanks for the daily post, wouldn’t miss a day ever… cheers!

Hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the family time!


Merry Christmas LT! Thanks for all of your work here, on the radio, and at the Athletic. Best wishes and good health in 2019.
To the rest of the contributers…thanks for your comments on the Oil and life in general.
Happy and Healthy 2019!!!


Merry Christmas everyone! Time to go rip open some upper deck with my son, doesn’t get much better.


Merry Christmas LT and everyone here

What I want from Santa is Oilers make the playoffs. Round 1 versus phlegms. Oilers take it in 4 🙂

Turning Tikkanese

Merry Christmas, good host. After reading your posts for years now, hearing about you and our family feels like hearing from old friends. I hope the very best for you and yours for the New Year, may your bounty increase!


Merry Christmas Lowetide and the rest of you lot! I hope the new year is whatever you want it to be!


Happy Xmas LT! All the best to dogs, friends, families and Oiler fans!


Merry Christmas Allan. Eat well.


Merry Christmas LT to you and your wonderful family. I read every day, have for years. I rarely comment but this is my go to for all things Oilers. Growing up in Ottawa where everyone was either a Leafs or a Habs fan, I took to enjoying the Oilers exciting style of hockey. All those late nights watching Gretzky et al due to the time difference. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a game in Edmonton however I go see them everytime they are in Ottawa and this year I will be sporting my new McDavid jersey that I got for Christmas ?. I had the luck and pleasure of meeting the 85-86 team when they were in Ottawa for a charity preseason game against Montreal back at the old Civic Center. I was also fortunate to have played Paul Coffey’s defense partner when I was at the Eddie Shack hockey school back when I was 9, what an experience that was. I Iove reading everyone’s comments and I hope you all realize how lucky that you are to be able to watch this team live on the regular. Merry Christmas to everyone and a prosperous New Year.


Merry Christmas LT and friends, thanks for continuing to be my favourite morning stop for about as long as you’ve had Ziggy.

It’s funny that a hockey blog can be one of the only constants in one’s life in a sea of other changes, adding some stability over cross-country moves, career changes, and relationship endings and beginnings.

Digital or not, this place is one of the good ones.


Happy holidays LT and thank you for the gift that is your writing and how you bring us all together here.

Happy holidays to everyone here and thank you for your interesting contributions over the year.

It hasn’t been the greatest year on my end, but that is OK, that is life. Like being an Oiler fan, you have to enjoy the journey and try to endure the rough patches and perhaps learn and grow from them.

Have a great day everyone!

Merry Christmas Mr. Mitchell. Congratulations on the latest with your beautiful family and your career.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone else as well, near or far. Wishing you all the best, and if it’s a difficult time of year for you, know that you aren’t alone and you are in our thoughts. Remember to love yourself, too.

Take care, everyone.

chrisco stu

Merry Christmas Lowetide! Thanks for everything!


Merry Xmas LT and all!!!