Jet Airliner

by Lowetide

Planes are landing and hockey players are arriving in the land of the ice and snow. Someone will tell them about the beautiful fall we’ve enjoyed, doubt most will believe it. There’s news today on roster players and roster spots, with one player still unsigned. In the year of Covid-19, we’ll eventually receive a training camp roster but it’s all coming into view.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.

OILERS 2020-21

The confirmations are coming in, as Bob Stauffer and Jim Matheson told Beethoven to roll over and tell Tchaikovsky the news. I’ve also moved Ethan Bear to ‘uncertain’ as we’re within a month of the season and there’s no signed contract. It doesn’t mean anything, I full expect him to sign, but things are happening and one of them isn’t budging.


Barring injuries or opt-outs, I expect these names to make the team. Three scoring lines is something you can ponder with this group. Defensively, signing Bear gets them set for three pairings and we’ll see who wins the No. 7 defense job.


From this group, Ethan Bear is a signature away from being a sure thing. Chiasson, Nygard, Khaira and Haas all have excellent chances, and one of Lagesson, Lennstrom or Bouchard probably wins the No. 7 defense job. Two players who may have a larger impact than expected from this list: Anton Forsberg and Alan Quine.


Ryan McLeod is the name I pick out of this crowd, with Patrick Russell, Joe Gambardella and Adam Cracknell also in photo.

I have 39 men listed, and last I heard the NHL was thinking about 26 roster spots and four men for the taxi squad. I don’t think the Oilers will have cap room for 26 men, but if the taxi squad doesn’t count toward the cap, Ken Holland might be able to run 20 roster players and four extras. If the roster total is 24 (20+4), expect Forsberg, Bear, Nygard, Khaira, Haas and Archibald to land on the final roster. Plus one of Lagesson, Bouchard and Lennstrom as the extra defenseman. You can run with seven blue if the AHL is going to start a month after the NHL season starts, but if there is no AHL and the recalls must come from Wichita, expect Edmonton to keep eight or nine blue.


  • Goalies (3): Mikko Koskinen, Mike Smith, Anton Forsberg
  • Left Defense (5): Darnell Nurse, Caleb Jones, Kris Russell, William Lagesson, Theodore Lennstrom
  • Right Defense (4): Ethan Bear*, Adam Larsson, Tyson Barrie, Evan Bouchard
  • Center (5): Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Kyle Turris, Gaetan Haas, Jujhar Khaira
  • Left Wing (5): Dominik Kahun, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Tyler Ennis, James Neal, Joakim Nygard
  • Right Wing (5): Zack Kassian, Kailer Yamamoto, Jesse Puljujarvi, Josh Archibald, Alex Chiasson


A great show today, because of the guests! We begin at 10 this morning, TSN1260. Jon Abbott from TSN 1040 in Vancouver joins us to talk World Juniors at 10:20. Later in the hour, Chas Wheatley, who is a local pitcher who has committed to Div. 1 baseball Iowa Hawkeyes, will tell us about how he got recruited by a Div. 1 baseball program. At 11, Frank Seravalli will give us the latest on NHL return to play and she some light on what must be a crazy free-agency situation. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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Per LeBrun, as of now, no Board of Governors call scheduled today. NHLPA Executive does have a call tonight to update the 31 reps.

No vote of the NHLPA Exec is expected.

The transition rules are done but the Canadian Team issue is the major block right now.

Great news that the transition rules are done – can’t wait to get in to the nitty gritty.

Lets get those out there so we can get Bear signed.

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Puljujarvi on his way to Edmonton.


I come here daily because most people attempt to add as much value and respectful thought to this blog as lowetide. You two and your egos are absolutely exhausting.

Harpers Hair

Denver ends up losing to Miami 0-3.

Savoie with 0 points, 2 SOG and a -2.


I thought every post had to be presented with context?

First minus – goal a weak drifter from the point.

Second minus – empty net goal.

Harpers Hair



You present as a bored old man with nothing better to do than try to ignite anger. If you were authentic, you would be posting on a Canucks site


Are you new here? This been DSFs schtick for going on 10 yrs or more now


Coach puts the Savoie line right back out there one shift later and Savoie calls for (and receives) a two zone stretch but has to slow down to get it so even with the defenders – uses his body to shield the puck and get a decent shot on net.


There was a really really nice shift by Savoie and the top line.

Savoie and Benning with some AJHL and friendship chemistry on display with a give and go and Savoie sets up Benning for a rush on net. A few seconds later Savoie sets up Guttman for a high danger shot from the slot.


Fairly quiet first period for Savoie – and for both teams, not much offence created either way and not PPs.

He is becoming more physical as the games go on – throwing a solid hit or two per game.

Darth Tu

Well, wouldn’t this be shitty if it played out this way. I love Charting Hockey for stats/graphics etc, but we surely can’t be as bad as shown here. Supposedly at best a 57 point team, at worst a 47 point team, and second bottom in the Canadian group. On the plus side Brogan Rafferty and the Canucks are not much better off.

Harpers Hair

Pretty much the way I see it.




Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg all fighting for the final playoff spot.
Goaltending and injury likely decide the winner.



The Senators will surprise on some nights as there prospects start to make an impact.

Darth Tu

I have it:


But really any of the top 6 teams could win, as you say the goaltending and injuries will be key. No one has a tandem like the Canadiens, and then Winnipeg are probably next best in that department – but the d-corps there worries me a tad.

Harpers Hair

Why do you think the Oilers are superior to Toronto?


Oilers were superior to Toronto last year and arguably improved more.

Harpers Hair


The Leafs played in the best division in hockey.

The Oilers played in the weakest.

Even then, the Leafs finished with1 less point in 1 less GP.

The Leafs had a better goal differential.

The Leafs outscored the Oilers 238-225

The Leafs lost the SO coin flip 1-5. This is not repeatable.

The Oilers added two maybes at forward but lost their #1D

The Leafs added two veteran D to shore up the defence. The Oilers added one.

The Leafs have two D ready to play in Rasmus Sandin and Mikko Lehtonen
who scored at a PPG place in the KHL this season while Evan Bouchard was meandering in the second tier Swedish league.

The Oilers re-signed the worst goaltender in the NHL.

The Leafs have Jack Campbell at backup…he was .915 last season while Smith was .902


Oiler finished with more points that the Leafs last year – fact.

Leafs added Brodie. Oilers added Barrie.

Leafs added Simmonds and Thorton. Oilers added Kahuna and Turris.

Leafs have Sandin. Oilers have Bouchard.

Lehtonen – is he one of those best d-men in Europe guys like Belov? Did he show himself in the NHL “early”?

The Oilers signed Holtby?

Harpers Hair

The Oilers finished ONE point ahead of the Leafs in ONE more GP while playing in the weakest division in hockey. – fact.

The Leafs have a better Barrie in Morgan Reilly…that’s why they dumped Barrie – fact.

Oilers lost Klefbom and haven’t replaced him – fact.

Brodie and Bogosian are veteran D with a long track record and, in fact, Bogosian just won a cup. – fact

Sandin is well ahead of Bouchard with 28 NHL games and 8 points to his credit – fact

Lehtonen is better than any of the Oiler distant bells with 66 points in 77 KHL games…two appearances in the World Championships. – fact

It’s elite players that show themselves early…Lehtonen is very likely not elite but a much better bet than the plethora of mediocre prospects the Oilers keep signing. – fact

When the chips were down in the playoffs..Mike Smith delivered a stunning .783 save percentage. Holtby .906 in 8 games. – fact

P.S. Holtby does not play for the Leafs or the Oilers. – fact.


But do we care?


Its early but it is really great to hear that announcers rave about Savoie, the top goal scorer in the country.

Harpers Hair

You know the best scorers are kind of busy right now, right?


There is literally no way to paint a 4th round draft choice leading the entire NCAA in goals as an 18 year old rookie, as a bad thing.

How many goals does Podkolzin have this year?


That would be two goals in 24 games – 6 points.

What should be concerning for Canucks fans is that he is running in the spot from last year – one would expect improvement in his box-cars.

Harpers Hair

Oh. I think he’s doing very well but OP’s outlandish claims get very tiresome since they always develop in a vacuum.

The best NCAA players are in Edmonton right now so any conversation about “best” “top” or “leading” has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

For example, Matt Boldy was scoring 2PPG before leaving for the WJHC.

Savoie is just over 1PPG which is great for a freshman.

Not sure what this has to do with Podkolzin who has been playing pro in the second best league in the world and getting very limited ice time as is common with young players in the KHL.

Worth noting, Podkolzin is playing in the WJHC and Savoie isn’t…maybe next year.


Take up the “outlandish claim” with the color commentator that mentioned it.

Leading the country in goals by a Freshman – is that affected by the World Juniors?

Its worth noting the Podkolzin isn’t showing any improvement in the KHL year over year – it should be highly concerning for Canuck fans – he’s on a Puljujarvi path at this point.


Oh. I think he’s doing very well but OP’s outlandish claims get very tiresome since they always develop in a vacuum.

Not nearly as tiresome as your self appointed role as hall monitor.


An outlandish but factual claim. Congratulations OP, that’s hard to do. Though I’d lean to factual considering that Savoie actually is leading all NCAA players in goal scoring, as an 18 year old freshman.

The best NCAA players are in Edmonton? Since most NCAA players are too old to play in the Jrs that seems like a… questionable claim at best.

I do agree with you that Savoie is looking like a strong candidate for next years Jrs. As a 4th round pick 2 months ago it’s not too surprising he’s not at this one. Good arrows though.

And Podkolzin, it’s not just the KHL he can’t scoring in (this season in lower leagues he’s got just 1 goal in 4 games, but maybe he’ll rip the Jrs..). Same thing last year, 2 goals in 30 KHL games and just 5 in 38 games in Junior/VHL/international games. Those arrows are pointing the wrong way.

At least Holland is only throwing away 2nd round picks for NHL players rather than top 10 picks for Valeri Nichushkin (of course Nichushkin had almost 100 NHL games in but Podkolzin’s age).

Anyway, Savoie. It seems he’s pretty good.

Harpers Hair

Well this just absolute horse shit.

19 of the players on the U.S, roster are from the NCAA.

I guess we’ll see how Podkolzin does at the WJHC….he dominated the Kerala Cup against men.


Which part of this is horseshit? All of it?

15 position players from Team USA have played NCAA games this season. 2 of them have scored 1 point per game (Boldy and Caufield). Very few of the best scorers in the NCAA are busy at the World Juniors.

And FWIW Savoie has scored more goals/game and points/game than Caufield.

On Podkolzin, yes we’ll see if he can find his scoring touch at some point. He’ll need to if he’s going to be more than a depth player in the NHL, or KHL for that matter.

What’s the Kerala cup though? I can’t find it on the internet.


You know you can STFU at let Oilers fans discuss Oilers matters, right?

Take it up with the color man who made the statement.

Harpers Hair

Yeah…some random dude minor league dude in Colorado is always my “go to” source for hockey wisdom.


He’s in Omaha and I would posit he knows much more about college hockey than you.

Harpers Hair

Omaha…the hotbed of hockey.

Good Grief.

Last edited 8 months ago by Harpers Hair

You think you know more about college hockey than the paid announcers of college hockey.

You didn’t even know the division is playing in a bubble in Omaha.

Good Grief.


Savoie lines up at 1LW again. Here is hoping that line continues their fairly dynamic play. They only got the one goal last game off the faceoff (Savoie didn’t figure in it) but they were creating all game long and have been since put together.


Summary of Insider Trading:

Provincial Health Authorities have not signed off on protocols

Preference is still to open in home arenas – may not be do-able.

Alternate option is hub cities

Other alternate option is moving the Canadian cities south.


LeBrun says this may be a tactic to put some pressure on the health authorities.

If the teams do move south, the Canadian division would not longer happen.


NHL will NOT make vaccines mandatory. The teams and league can recommend but each player will have the choice.


Not expecting any hard decisions beyond training camps in the next week or so

Last edited 8 months ago by N64

Duclair to the Panthers for $1.7M

Harpers Hair

He turned down $3M x 3 from Ottawa.

i wonder how feels about that now.

Todd Macallan

Dude needs to fire his agent………..


He did. He wanted to act as his own agent and did so it is all on him.

Todd Macallan

“That’s the joke.” – Rainer Wolfcastle (for all the resident Simpsons fans)


Perhaps he has a great year and signs for an AAV well above $3M after this season….


He has to make up for the lost $1.3 M first


Whoa, Seravelli tweeting about the potential to move all 7 Canadian franchises to the states if they can’t come to agreements with all the local health authorities.


stayed tuned for insider trading.

Dee Dee

Does it REALLY matter where the games are being played if there are no fans in attendance?


I think it matters to the players and coaches and trainers and staff who live and have families in Edmonton and will be forced to re-locate to another country for months. Some may have family come with – for others in may not be an option (kids in school, etc.).

The organization is living out of a hotel for months on end – not their houses.

The organization losing the comforts of their dressing room and their facilities, etc.

For me, watching the game at home, doesn’t make a difference – for the team, I would say it absolutely does.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

The players really have no choice unless they are willing to give up being players earning millions of dollars to become workers like the rest of us. It is hard to feel empathy there when so many people are suffering to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. As for the support staff, they would be in a tough situation for sure, just like tens of millions of other people who have had their lives upended due to the pandemic. Each individual will have to determine if there are better opportunities elsewhere relative to their current situation.


I am not speaking to the hardship on the players (although I won’t discount that either no matter how much money they make).

I was speaking to the situation leading to inferior play on the ice – all those little things I mention add up and very well could lead to reduced effectiveness on the ice.

Also, not all players are millionaires. Tyler Benson, on a 2-way deal potentially making his AHL salary to live out of a hotel in Kansas city (on the taxi squad). Same for Bouchard, Lennstrom, etc..


That would be true if only a few withheld their services unless of course it was two or three of the top players. It will really depend on where the players put their priorities. True riches has more to do with family and friends than size of your bank account when your overall wealth allows you a reasonable life style.


Want to see the consequences of the pandemic and lockdown? Drive through the shopping centre at Christy’s Corner on 137 Ave and St. Albert Trail. Almost everything is gone. It’s very eery and lonely looking. It’s like an episode of the twilight zone. 

Moxies gone (coming back later though)
Tony Roma’s gone
Chucky Cheese gone
Golftown gone

All the restaurants are gone except Beijing House and a new restaurant that just opened.  Out of all the stores, there’s maybe 10 left – and that’s being generous. It’s devastating to see so many empty spaces. The parking lot is virtually empty. It used to always always be full. 

Those businesses are closed, likely never to return. Those employees no longer have jobs. The impact is real and  will have long term consequences. 


matters to the local economy as well


Sure didn’t help us in the play-in maybe if they played out of a suitcase they would band together like Dallas did.

Last edited 8 months ago by Reja

Would possibly change all the division alignments since cross border travel restrictions were the reason for the All Canada division. Also the Canadian teams would get no time at home, where in a – non bubble Canadian division, they would get some time at home with their families. Don’t know what impact, if any, that off ice circumstance could have on their on ice performance over 4 months.

Last edited 8 months ago by Redbird62

I believe, if they do have to locate the Canadian teams to the US, we won’t see a “Canadian Division”. I’m waiting for That’s Hockey and Insider Trading to see what LeBrun and the guys are saying – right now, its a fairly high level tweet that I’m going on.

Harpers Hair

Quebec and Manitoba have said they are likely too allow teams to play there.

Ontario, Alberta and BC could be roadblocks.


I doubt Alberta is a problem. BC is always a problem no matter what the issue. 😉

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

The Canadian California.


The Canadian Texas.


If there is only one team that’s an issue (i.e. BC), maybe they could relocate the one team to the US and have a 6-team division but, if there is more than one….. (Alberta, Ontario or a combo….)


Tippett mentioned by LeBrun as a potential option for Team Canada coach:

Dave Tippett, Edmonton OilersThe veteran coach played in two Olympics for Team Canada (1984 and ’92), and has been behind the bench for three world championships, as head coach in 2014 and as an assistant in 2009 and 2013. His teams are always so well structured, look at the Oilers’ special teams turnaround last season. He’s McDavid’s NHL coach which can only help, plus his NHL GM, Ken Holland, is expected to be one of Armstrong’s assistants for Beijing.

Boudreau on Tippett: “Tip is really smart, he’s respected, to me is a long shot, however, he does know everyone in the business. By long shot I mean no disrespect and I do not mean he is not qualified, he certainly is, however there are better, more tendered coaches available that fit the bill better. I think he would make a great assistant.’’

I don’t disagree with Bodreau (and, with Holland as part of the management team, I could see him as an assistant if the Oilers are doing well early in the 2021/22 season).


however there are better, more tendered coaches available

What the heck does a ‘more tendered coach’ look like? Are we talking poached or sous vide?


If the Oilers signed Cory Schneider OR Craig Anderson OR Jimmy Howard for a $1M and then assigned them to an European Team (Swiss Alps are beautiful this time of year), That would keep another line in the water if we need a goalie – but how would that effect the cap?


Assuming their cap hits are below $1.075M, there would be no cap effect.

There would be a 50 contract limit effect.

I think they are comfortable with Forsberg as 3G right now – as am I.

Elgin R

Roster looks good (with Bear signed as I am sure that it gets done). Options for Tippet to play heavy or faster as the competition dictates. With the additions, and assuming Jones covers the bet at 2LD and Kahun covers at 2LW, then this team finishes 1st in the Canadian division.

To try to keep from going crazy over the AA thing. Holland trades 2 x 2nds for Kahun.
Kahun: Corsi = 49.3 (-.3)/Fenwick = 49.5 (-.1)/PDO = 101.7/oZS% = 53.8/Pts per G = .493
AA: Corsi = 50.7 (3.5)/Fenwick = 50.1 (2.8)/PDO = 98.6/oZS% = 61.0/Pts per G = .505
Virtually the same output, but numbers indicate Kahun is the superior defensive player.

Holland has done nice work since the pause. The team is set, now it is up to Tippet and the players. GOG


I have less issue with the Athanasiou trade than many, but I agree we should include what Holland did with the AA money over the summer in the equation.

There’s an asterisk to spending 2 x 2nds then not retaining the player.
And there’s an asterisk to adding Kahun (and Turris, say) for the money earmarked to AA.

Holland certainly came out looking alright in the end.

Harpers Hair

Of course he could have kept the two seconds and signed those players anyway.


Yes, if only Holland alone has predicted the global shutdown.

The pandemic taketh away (AA), and the pandemic giveth (Kahun, Barrie, Turris).

Holland and the Oilers came out of it pretty well in the end, no?

Darth Tu

Hindsight being a wonderful thing and all.

I still think the play for AA (and Green) was the right move at the time. We were rolling towards playoffs and needed a scorer, and some defensive cover. Injuries to both of them early on derailed their impact. Then Green opting out due to pandemic.

Yes this involved sunk cost, but there’s no way Holland could have seen that coming.


I agree. Others do not 🙂


Can say that about every GM that has traded futures for a playoff run that didn’t work out which is every GM but one every season.

You have to take a chance to have a chance.


Agreed, but that is not in the cards.
Hind sight is 20/20
Of course “some” people just look like an a** when they make 20/20 statements

Scungilli Slushy

I would have never have traded for Athathasiou.

Second rounders are slim odds at a solid NHL career of note, let alone top 6.

Given Holland knew the player it wasn’t the worst bet.

Still wouldn’t have done it myself.

Scungilli Slushy

Or even Athanasiou


I have no issue with the original trade. Different circumstances. There are other GM’s who made similar calculations and got caught by the pandemic as well.

I think the rumoured offer to AA that he walked away from and the offer to Markstrom that he declined are more concerning for me since neither of those two moves would have improved the team as much as what was eventually done with the money imo and the tea leaves should have been clearer by then.


That’s definitely fair.

Harpers Hair

Perhaps the best TV commercial of all time.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Agree. Thank you for sharing this.


That’s great HH. Thanks for sharing. Is that an ode to OP by any chance? 🙂


Yeah, that is very good.




I really appreciated that video.
Interestingly enough you have many positive votes for just posting a link
Unlike the other times when you do and all the “little” people down vote you.

Harpers Hair

All WJHC games will be broadcast in 4K by TSN.

Harpers Hair

Great to see Holloway is slated to be on the PK as well as a shutdown line to start the tournament. It will be interesting to see how his usage develops over the tournament.


“Holly’s got speed and strength and he uses those really well, wins a lot of battles,” Newhook said of his linemate.

I like that.


He was physically dominating older players in the NCAA this year (and last year at times – as was shown in Wheelers’ piece).

I expect him to be a force at the World Juniors – no, not point-producing, etc. but a beast on the forecheck and in battle and a bitch for the other countries to play against.

Harpers Hair

I’m too cynical to believe this is actually desperate ownership and not opportunistic ownership. The pandemic has softened the stance on uniform advertising out of sympathy.

It’s a bit sad that someday there will an iconic photo of Connor lifting the Stanley Cup with a shoulder or helmet patch Tim Hortons logo photobombing the moment.


I would have agreed with your second paragraph once upon a time. But if McDavid is hoisting the Stanley Cup, I don’t care if it’s sponsored by Jose Cuervo (and I haven’t been on speaking terms with tequila since my 19th birthday. That’s a story for another day. 😉 )

Someone had said a few days ago that once a new revenue stream is in place, the creators / beneficiaries thereof would be loath to do without it. Truer words were never written.

As a wise man once said: the only constant in life is change.


A small ad on the helmet. A little shoulder patch ad.

Wouldn’t bother me at all – go for it.


I was surprised there wasn’t some sort of equipment advertising during the play-in. The fact it’s going to happen now is unsurprising.


Carter Savoie and Denver in action today (and, finally, a night game during the week).

Only the 1 PP assist last game but, as he has every game since being moved to the top line, he was dynamic offensively at 5 on 5 throughout the game.


LT, on that 27 men roster, which 4 are on the taxi squad:

Bouchard – no need for waivers
Lennstrom – no need for waivers
Forsberg – subject to waivers
Nygard – subject to waivers

I suspect that the inclusion of Nygard could be discussed but the other 3 are no-brainers to me.


Have we heard yet how the waiver rule will work for the taxi squad or is this based upon how the current rule works?

There is a maximum number of games before waivers kicks in as of the last CBA is there not?


Nothing official on how the mechanics of expanded rosters and taxi squads is going to work but I think we have a pretty good idea (expanded roster must fit within the cap – they are on the active roster – taxi squad assignment akin to assignment to the AHL).

As far as if a player is exempt from waivers, that mechanics is provided for within the CBA and its a function of signing age and professional seasons/games accrued.

I think we know who will be exempt from waivers:

Bouchard, Benson, Yamamoto, Lennstrom, McLeod – that’s it I think (as far as players that will be at camp).


Yeah, I know that is how it is in the CBA but it is my understanding that the mechanics of how that will work this season is one of the things still being discussed that is holding up the Jan. 13 start date.


I expect Lagesson to win the #7D job (1) he’s earned it and his time is now, (2) there is a bit more “up in the air” with the top 3 on the left side than the right side and (3) both Bouchard and Lennstrom can be on the taxi squad without being exposed to waivers.


Seravelli and Lowtide talking about teams potentially going with a 20 man active roster and stashing players on the taxi squad – helps bank some cap space daily.

Great idea in premise but lets not forget, the logistics around a player on the taxi squad is akin to an AHL assignment and, unless the player assiged is exempt from waivers (Benson, Bouchard, Yamamoto, Lennstrom, they would need to be exposed in order to place on the taxi squad.


Can we call Neal and Chiasson (at least) ‘exempt’ too? Good chance they’ll be in the actual lineup though.


I could see one of them getting a night off on any particular night – load management for sure and, also, other players chomping at the bit.

With that said, moving them off the active roster in order to find the cap space to activate someone off the taxi squad is a different story.

I agree with you about them being “exempt” and, if they were claimed, I don’t think Holland would be all that upset (although it would hurt to team a bit, I mean both have a role and a place on the team but not for their cap hits, in particular Neal).

With that said, would Holland “do that to a veteran”? Even on the premise and with the player knowing that its really just paper? Clearing waivers for any player, especially a vet, is probably a hit to the ego…..


Yeah, we can’t answer that until it happens.

I’ll say this, if they’re at a point where they’re outside the starting lineup on merit (or lack of), then I don’t think Holland would hesitate to pass them through waivers. But that’s just a guess obviously.


II would hope you are right but I’m not positive he would (not positive he wouldn’t either mind you).


I have difficulty understanding what the point would be to expand rosters to 26 and not make any cap implication adjustments since the results would seem to be that less than half the teams in the league are in a cap situation right now would be able to add any players. Not saying they would increase the number, but the owners are already paying salaries (though differing amounts on the 2-way contracts) They probably need some sort of hybrid solution where 24-26 are still getting paid their AHL salary (if they have 2-way contracts) except if they get in a game and they probably can’t get in a game unless a player on the 23 player roster is unavailable due to injury or COVID as opposed to just having a 26 man roster with complete discretion. They just avoid the whole waiver wire transaction for moving them back and forth. Probably one of the more complex things they are trying to work out here beyond all the health related protocols issues. No matter what they do, some team staff will likely find loopholes to game it.


Yeah. This is exactly what I think is holding up the final agreement. They know they need extra players because of the possibility of losing guys to the pandemic but the teams don’t want to increase their player costs and the PA doesn’t want to incur future escrow and they haven’t figured out how to make it work.

Harpers Hair

Henrik Lundqvist announces he will not play this coming season due to a heart condition.


How long until he ends up in the front office on Broadway?


Where does that leave Washington?

Darth Tu

Vegas need to shed some cap, maybe a Fleury deal could work? Give them a solid veteran to pair with Samsonov.


How much of his salary will Vegas have to eat to get that deal done?


The Caps were only paying Lundqvist $1.5M and with him they were already $1M over the cap for 21 players. I expect it would be pretty tough to fit Fleury in even with 50% retained (still $3.5M).

Darth Tu

Enter Jimmy Howard, or Craig Anderson I guess.


Yup, far more likely.

They Caps do have Pheonix Copley on a 1-way deal too. He was their backup (27GP, .905) in 18-19. And a meh .905 in the AHL last season. Not ideal but they’re not totally desperate for another goalie.


Vitek Vanecek might be the better option than Copley. He had better numbers behind the same team last year than Copley. He’s been in the AHL for 4 years already, so they may think he’s ready to go now that option A is not available.


Nice catch, he definitely could win the day over Copley by the looks of it.

Though the Caps clearly weren’t hoping to elevate either of the two, so they probably don’t actually think Vanacek is fully ready for prime time.

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Yeah, I didn’t word that correctly. They had plan A, but he was plan B if need be. They have a choice, but do they feel confident enough he’s an option over plan C, D, E etc? I’m not sure if they think he’s a better option than Howard/Anderson/other UFAs or not. Guess we’ll see soon enough


“Planes are going up, planes are coming down
Better get to Rome and have a look at younger sister of my dad”

Wonder Llama

Bells around here about enough to drive a poor boy mad.

When I was a kid I thought it was “younger sister of Baghdad.”


Kassian, Nurse and Larsson are going to need some help in the truculent department.
I don’t see to many board battle wins with that winger and defenseman group.


Lots of ways to win board battles. Yamamoto does lose some of course but he wins more than his share through quickness, smarts and commitment. Technique and heart can take you a long way. Plus systems designed to outman others with smarts and vision can make a difference.


True, but, smart big aggressive players vs. smart smaller players – I think the former wins more pucks


That’s true of course but we need the mix to make a team and I’m looking forward to a team where every player battles. That constant compete level wears down the opposition even if we aren’t hurting them. The constant pressure can tire opponents mentally as well


Chiasson, Neal, Khaira are no shrinking violets. I think Tippett has choices with his bottom six depending on who they are playing against. He has a speed game and a heavy game that he can send out or a mix.


Chara is still available.

Just sayin’.


I’m still thanking Chiarelli for going out and getting all those nasty players that scare the rest of the entire NHL from taking too many liberties with Oilers players.

For example, when has the Calgary Flames 1st line rat named T—— ever truly been able to get under the skin of the Oilers? Never?

It’s kind of like how the outgoing US President that cannot be named didn’t start a single new war – meanwhile the Deep State is returning with war already openly being talked about.

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