90 Minutes with a Bullet

by Lowetide

The Edmonton Oilers had their legs but not their sharpness in the first, looked all world in the second, and were beaten soundly by a better team in the third. Leafs ran a little luck early and late, and a pick on 97 in overtime. That’s the game summary.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.


  • Oilers in 2015-16: 15-18-2, 32 points; goal differential -15
  • Oilers in 2016-17: 18-12-5, 41 points; goal differential +6
  • Oilers in 2017-18: 16-17-2, 34 points; goal differential -7
  • Oilers in 2018-19: 18-14-3, 39 points; goal differential +1
  • Oilers in 2019-20: 18-13-4, 40 points; goal differential -2
  • Oilers in 2020-21: 21-13-1, 43 points; goal differential +16

A point on the road is an acceptable result, although the Oilers were up by two goals going into the third and that’s a concern always. The team projects to post 69 points over the full 56-game schedule that’s a playoff team. I expect Edmonton finishes third in the Canadian division. That’s justice.


  • At home to: Toronto, Toronto, Calgary (Expected: 1-1-1) (Actual 1-2-0)
  • At home to: Ottawa, Ottawa, Ottawa (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 3-0-0)
  • On the road to: Vancouver, Calgary, Calgary (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 1-2-0)
  • At home to Winnipeg, Winnipeg (Expected: 1-1-0) (Actual 2-0-0)
  • On the road to: Montreal, Montreal, Montreal (Expected 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Toronto, Toronto (Expected 1-1-0) (Actual 0-0-1)
  • Overall expected result: 7-5-1, 15 points in 13 games
  • Current results: 7-4-1, 15 points in 12 games

When I ran the numbers before the month began (game-by-game) and looked at the final totals, I thought this was too aggressive. Sometimes I’ll go back and turn a win into a loss, giving a game back to the field to fit the overall feel of the season.

As it turns out, with one game left in March (that we know of today), the Oilers covered my bet top dead center. This Oilers team has some grit, along with the elite talents and the department of youth.


  • McDavid-Draisaitl-Puljujarvi played 16:46, going 8-5 shots, 2-1 goals, 1-1 HDSC and 16-12 Corsi five on five. I think this trio played well, they were up against Muzzin-Holl and the Mathews line most often. McDavid had two assists, Draisaitl wemt 1-2-3 and Jesse Puljujarvi had a couple of great looks. JP is getting his chances, he needs more of them to cash a goal five on five and you can live with that if his five on five on-ice goal differential (23-19) is a positive. I wouldn’t change this line, even though they have to soon.
  • Kahun-Nuge-Yamamoto played 10:58, going 3-8 shots, 0-1 goals, 0-4 HDSC and 5-14 Corsi five on five. This line has to be better, I expect Ken Holland will want to add a LW but that likely won’t happen before the summer. There wasn’t much happening for anyone in this group, beyond going chase mode against the Tavares line and Rielly-Brodie duo. Tippett needs to tweak this line. Yamamoto was the most effective in the group.
  • Kahun received a terrific pass from Ethan Bear on the second GA but failed to get it deep. The puck was turned over with everyone going the wrong way. Kris Russell couldn’t contain his man, Ethan Bear was the victim of a fantastic Alex Galchenyuk pass to John Tavares and that’s all she wrote. The goal came with too much time on the clock and it cost Edmonton a point. Kahun has to be better than that if he wants to keep his job.
  • Kassian-Haas-Archibald played 9:25, going 2-3 shots and 5-5 Corsi five on five. A low-event line, this was clearly the second-best trio on the evening. Kassian was quite effective, I thought he played well enough to get a look on a skill line, and he did get 1:19 with 97-29. Kassian hammered Tavares like the Leafs No. 91 was the last spike and the cameras were rolling and Pierre Berton was there to write it all down. Haas turned the puck over a couple of times but played well otherwise (including PK). Archibald was credited with nine hits (!!!) meaning he chased all night but in theory wore down the opposition. Also solid on the PK.
  • Shore-Khaira-Chiasson played 5:34, going 1-1 shots, 0-1 HDSC and 1-4 Corsi five on five. This was another low-event line, each man making good plays but getting very little done offensively. One play I did notice came when Khaira found the puck along the far boards in his own zone at the end of Edmonton running around for about 25 seconds. He calmed the waters by waiting, allowing the waves back out to sea, and then began the climb north. Effective play at a time when the team needed it.


  • Nurse-Barrie played 18:46, going 9-7 shots, 3-0 goals, 2-1 HDSC and 16-14 Corsi five on five. Nurse’s goal was gorgeous, the big man looks terrifying I’m sure to opponents when he’s gained clearance and is storming down the left side like a modern Frank Mahovlich. Nurse, with 11 goals, is tied with Jeff Petry and Aaron Ekblad for the NHL lead among defensemen. He leads the league in even-strength goals (11) by a defenseman. Barrie is second among blue in points (32). His goal might have been prettier than Nurses’ when you consider Leon’s pass to the slot. Nurse had a couple bounce in off of him, I’d tear him a new one but to me he was right place wrong time on both tallies.
  • Russell-Bear played 14:31, going 5-7 shots, 0-1 goals, 0-2 HDSC and 10-15 Corsi five on five. Russell had one takeaway and a couple of shot blocks, couldn’t contain on the second goal against but that was a jailbreak disaster brought on by the Kahun mistake. He didn’t handle the puck well at all. Bear was sublime in his passing, even though nothing came of it and Kahun wasted one of them by not getting the puck deep. You know, it’s one thing to say Bear isn’t helping with the offense, but honestly if you go back and look at that game, the headman passes are there. The execution from forwards is the culprit. Bear had a rock solid game.
  • Lagesson-Larsson played 13:33, going 1-6 shots, 0-1 goals, 0-3 HDSC and 5-12 Corsi five on five. This pairing had a humbling experience out there in the wild streets of Toronto. Lagesson needs to be quicker in making decisions and better in puck management. I was happy to see the coach use him here, because if you’re going to expose/trade Caleb Jones, better know what you’re getting yourself into with the young Swede. He did not pass the test last night. If the Oilers were all-in this season, Holland might make a move at this spot before the deadline. Larsson was injured (it looked like) on a shot block but didn’t miss a shift. He was not as effective as he has been recently but has been a big reason for Edmonton’s recent success.
  • Mike Smith stopped 27 of 31, .871 but was far better than the numbers show on the night. I think you can point the finger on the first goal against (badly misjudged a fly ball), but after that it was either point blank or severe luck. Is now 11-3-1 with a .918SP on the year.


Last night after the game, I saw lots of takes that had plenty of finality to them. “Lagesson can’t play” was followed by “Kahun stinks!” and “Nuge is a nightmare at five on five” and so on.

For me, the Oilers looked eager but the timing was off coming out of the gate. The stars were splendid in the second period, scoring wonderful goals on stunning setups.

The first goal against was a fluke but you need the goalie to stop that puck. The second goal was the key to the loss, Kahun can’t ponder there, puck had to be gone right away. Blame Russell, Bear and Smith all you want on that play, the skill shown by the Leafs there was fantastic.

Third goal bad bounce, winning goal fluke. Coach is mad because he remembers the first period and guesses (correctly in my opinion) the Oilers had the jump but not the execution and could have been out in front after one.

For me, each of these games is like a chapter in several books. In the book of William Lagesson, now 15 chapters (or games) in, with his five on five goal differential (8-6) running counter to all of his possession indicators in the discipline. He is 0-4 in his last four games, and the club may be ready to either slide Caleb Jones in or make a trade (not likely).

The Dominik Kahun story is 29 chapters in, and the young veteran is under the gun. Based on his brief career to this point, he should have delivered 4.4 five on five goals after 29 games (he has five). He is 13-16 five on five goal differential while he’s on the ice this season, not great but nothing close to a disaster.

In my opinion, the Lagesson audition is worthwhile because it’s informing the coach about what he has in this player. The Kahun bet isn’t close to a failure, in fact I’d suggest bringing him back for at least another year is a good idea.

The Nuge scoring five on five issue is the one area that was discussed last night that has real merit. Without McDavid or Draisaitl, Nuge isn’t as effective. Here, using the line tool at Natural Stat Trick, let me run the numbers with each of the big three solo (all numbers five on five percentage):

  • Draisaitl solo: 358 minutes, 46.29 Corsi, 46.84 Shots, 60.00 Goals (15-10)
  • Nuge solo: 100 minutes, 45.14 Corsi, 42.86 Shots, 42.86 Goals (3-4)
  • McDavid solo: 75 minutes, 47.62 Corsi, 52.86 Shots, 37.50 Goals (3-5)

What to make of this? Well I’m not an expert but understand why Tippett thought running Draisaitl solo was a fine idea. The expected goals (McDavid 52, Nuge 48, Leon 45.8) further confuse. My takeaway is that Nuge at $6.5 times five is too much by plenty, but that’s going to be a very unpopular take. Possibly impossible for Holland to avoid that contract. Honestly.


I didn’t want this morning to pass by without mentioning the two assists from last night. McDavid’s pass to Leon is worthy of a Zapruder breakdown (“back and to the right”) and I’m still convinced it was impossible. Leon’s pass drives home just how talented this big man is with the puck on his stick.

Special players. Giants roam in our town.


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Bobby Ryan can’t pass as a complementary winger in a top 6, can he? Haven’t seen him play this year but I presume he moves like Chiasson?


The definition of a washed up hockey player.


Did Drai and Kassian work well together? I guess the sample would be mixed in with McDavid so tough to separate.


132 minutes together over the last 3 seasons (including this season) without McDavid: possession around 40%-45%, shots at 40% and goals at 50%.

Harpers Hair

The NCAA hockey tournament being devastated by Covid as both Michigan and Notre Dame were forced to withdraw.



Call me sentimental, but I hope they trade for Taylor Hall. The team needs an upgrade, and he’s the perfect candidate to play great for that massive retirement contrat.


Taylor Hall would indeed be quite the add – would have the potential of giving the Oilers the best top 6 in the leauge.

At the same time, in order for the Sabres to retain half of Hall’s cap hit (and salary) and take back another $3M plus is cap would increase the acquisition cost (I would think).

The Oilers were buyers last year and paid futures currency. I presume that they are best positioned to make a true run for the cup over the next few years and they cannot buy year after year after year and I’m not sure this is the year to spend more futures currency. Save the currency.

Re-signing this player without a material discount (< $6M per and for 3 years max) would be a massive risk and one would acquire Hall with the view of being a rental.


This is the type of year that the Oilers could, if they like, go all in and try to bring Hall back.

Sure its going to cost, and the Oilers aren’t exactly set but so long as my fave Oilers GM since Sather Ken Holland does it, I’ll be extremely happy.

Happy because Holland, in my opinion is too experienced and clever to waste this team.


What do you do about 3c then?
if you’re going for it you’re not really going for it without an upgrade at 3c


I don’t run the team. I wouldn’t have an answer for you if i did.

That said, wtf is RNH good for again if he can’t be used as a 3C??

RNH is another one that I honestly don’t have an answer for lol

Last edited 5 months ago by hunter1909

Great 3 C at 4mil but that is not happening


I hope the Oil don’t get him and instead Ken convinces Taylor for a one year $4M show me deal next year like Barrie and a chance for a cup in Oil country!

Last edited 5 months ago by TheGreatBigMac

I am all for Hall at $4M next year for one season:


Turris/Neal (Kahun will get his QO and a contract)

Jones (Lagesson)/Bouchard

Russell (Samorukov/Lennstrom)

Mrazek (Ullmark)


Well whoever had Panthers as a Hall option you can probably cross that off. Ekblad out for rest of season it looks like

Harpers Hair

Is this about the Oilers?

No, it’s not.




Begone troll



 March 28, 2021 6:11 pm


“This is an Oilers blog. Talk about the Oilers or fack off!”

Harsh but fair

That reminds me HH,
How did that Lobster risotto turn out anyway?

Last edited 5 months ago by Pescador

You can ask him at his own blog.
Im sure it wont get burried under the heavy traffic there


Easy big boy,
Certainly an intelligent fellow such as yourself can tell i was being facetious.
I understand though, he does boil the blood like no other


It’s easily as much about the Oilers as 3 quarters of your philosophy 101 approach to this situation.


@ HH: You seem to be running out of things to say.

Last edited 5 months ago by hunter1909

I think being able to get Hall at a discounted price this year is almost the perfect scenario for us. If Buffalo will retain some salary, I say go with:

Ethan Bear + James Neal + 1st round for Taylor Hall (salary retained)

We have to give Buffalo something of value and some people have floated the idea of Jones instead of Bear from above. Jones isn’t enough to push the needle. Bear pays the rental cost, the 1st pays for taking the Neal contract, and we get Hall who makes the second line capable of scoring goals.
Yes, we lose Bear who might become a good defenseman, but I don’t think his ceiling is as high as people think. We should use his value now to obtain what we desperately need…a top line winger.
This also might put some pressure on RNH to sign a more team-friendly deal knowing Hall could resign here in his place.


That’s a good looking top 6.


The last thing the Sabres will be looking for is a dud contract. Kassian perhaps as part of a package with Buffalo retaining 50% would be the likeliest starting point.


Neal is a dud contract but a 1st round pick to pay for it is pretty decent compensation.
Media has said BUF won’t get a 1st for Hall so maybe this is a way to save face for the GM.


Cap space is even more valuable that it was 2-3 years ago when it cost a 1st rounder to get rid of one year of Marleau.

I don’t know if a first rounder gets a team to take on 2 X $5.75M.

Neal can’t even get in the lineup – of a team that’s biggest need is on the left wing.


I know we don’t want to buy him out, but that doesn’t mean Buffalo wouldn’t.
Maybe that’s an option for them?


Yes, i get that but, again, Marleau with one year left cost the acquiring team a 1st round pick – and they bought Marleau out.

I would think that 2 years of a more negative contract would be more expensive – even if cap wasn’t even’t more valuable now (which it is)


Hilarious. You seem to think the Sabres are run by forward thinking, rational hockey people.

The truth is, they’re run by people who make Lowe+MacT look reasonable.

Sabres are like a single Mom at the nightclub these days. With predatory NHL GM’s licking their chops at the thought of getting another ROR in trade with these shmucks.


You know Hall will be a free agent in a couple of months right?


Yes I do. That’s why I chose Neal going the other way so we also get not just Hall for a couple months, but some much needed cap-space off of our books.


Seems like a lot to me for a couple of months of Hall but I get your point on the cap space. Thanks


I like his thinking actually with that cap dollar gone out in Neal we could maybe sign Hall for another year again anyway possibly

Last edited 5 months ago by Oilerguy

Bear is a nonstarter. First we need depth on D for the playoffs. Second, then we only have bouchard signed for next season. Signing Larsson and Barrie is going to be very expensive, even on team friendly deals. Then Nurse is up for a new contract the year after. I would love to sign Barrie and Larsson but I’m afraid that would make it almost impossible to solve the forward depth issues.

We need Bear in the off-season so Ken at least has a walk away option for Barrie and Larsson if they aren’t feeling friendly and we may need him regardless if we can find value contracts for forwards.


Fun fact from last night. With his 2 assists, McDavid just caught Nathan MacKinnon in career points except McDavid has played 2 less seasons and 168 less games. Leon is now within 25 points of 500 for his career. Very achievable in the Oilers remaining 21 games.


Thats insane


How are we coming along on a block a poster option?


I don’t come to an Oilers blog to read about some random team signing some college player I could care less about. Or about random stats of all the other teams in the North playing other teams in the North…like what the hell am I reading here? Sportsnet East??
Then half the blog ends up talking about stats no one wants to read about and the blog just loses all fun and enjoyment.

This is an Oilers blog. Talk about the Oilers or fack off!


Oilers/ScotchWhiskey/Music/BBQ blog?

Feels like anything hockey counts.


The rubber is about to hit the road – after the Oilers play the Leafs tomorrow they play 7 straight games against inferior teams and 9 out of 10 (this likely becomes 8 straight and 10 out of 11 when a MTL game is added on Tuesday).

6 out of those games against teams more likely to win the 2021 lottery than playoff spot.


Inferior is debateable. If you take away all of the oppositions losses, you will see that they are actually good teams and arguably better than the Oilers.

Harpers Hair

Oilers record against:

MTL – 1W 2L
VCR – 3W 2L
CAL – 3W 2L

Total record 7W 6L…just over .500

Games remaining against OTT


In addition to the 2 extra OTT games, (MTL is 3W 2OTL against OTT) the Habs also have 4 games in hand on the Jets and Oilers and 3 on the Leafs.

Given that Bergevin is actively shoring up his roster with the Staal and Caulfield acquisitions and likely more to come, it’s pretty difficult to see them as an “inferior team”.


The Oilers have a better points perentage that Montreal.

The Oilers have a better goal differential than Montreal.

The Oilers have more wins than Montreal.

The Oilers have more regulation wins than Montreal.

The Oilers have won 21 games and lost 14.

The Habs have won 14 games and lost 17.

The Sens are close to .500 against the rest of the North (other than Edmonton) – that argument holds no water.

Given the actual outcome of games played, its impossible to honestly argue that the Habs are not inferior to the Oilers.


Well and he is just making shit up.

Montreal did not beat Ottawa 3 times.

Harpers Hair

The Oilers have played 7 games against Ottawa.

The Habs have played 5 against Ottawa.

The difference in points percentage is totally driven by the Oilers 2 extra wins against the Senators.

If the Habs were to win those two extra games their points percentage would be .621 compared to the Oilers current .614.

Even if the Habs get only 2-3 points from those games they will close the gap (they’ve taken 8 points in 5 games against Ottawa).

As I am sure you are aware, standings are first decided by points and the first tiebreaker is points percentage.

Should they remain tied, which is highly unlikely, and only then, will the rest of those factors come in to play.

If you want to totally rely on what has happened thus far, please note the Oilers have a 1-2 record (.333) against the Habs this season and that was before the recent moves by Bergevin to shore up his lineup.


The Habs have won 14 games and lost 17 games.

The amount of games they have left against the Sens is meaningless – even if they didn’t have a losing record against the Sens this year (and the Sens are near .500 against all North teams other than the Oilers) the Habs are only ahead of the the bottom tier due to OT/SO loses.

They are an inferior team and are “in the conversation” due to the points system of the NHL.


This man is having a mental gymnastics meltdown.


Spin it any way you want, MTL has a losing record and fewer points/point % than the Oil. Or is the rubber going to hit the road?

By the way, will Caulfield be able to drag the Habs on his back the way Rafferty has for the Nucks?


Montreal is 2W 3L against the Senators.

An inconvenient truth.

just sayin

Edmonton is 4-2 against Calgary. I am not going to check the rest. You don’t even try to be accurate. Just post a bunch of BS to stir the pot.


This man has no recollection of Sutter hockey, all his goal posts took their wagons east. They follow the chicken migration.


Dig dig dig HH, Why you gotta just poo poo all over all the time?

Harpers Hair

The NHL has re-scheduled all the postponed games:



I heard you share a brain with a chicken, one that counts no less.


Lowetide do your whole site a favor and remove HH DSF Dead Cat Bounce permanently. He adds nothing but discord and his reaching is becoming intolerable.


Dang… the Leafs signed Steeves out of Norte Dame
Heard through the grapevine that he’s almost as good as Brogan Rafferty!
Heavens to Murgatroyd, what ever will the Oilers do?

Last edited 5 months ago by Bill
Harpers Hair

Signing undrafted NCAA free agents has been very profitable for teams that are wise enough to exploit the market inefficiency.

How would Tyler Bozak look as the Oilers 3C right now?


Mr. Harper…
I don’t know you from Adam. It seems you take weird pleasure from engaging other posters just to raise their dander. To each their own. You remind me of a weird old uncle that forgets his meds and to put his pants on.
Undrafted free agents are a boon, if the rubber hits the road(big IF) more power to the young man, hope he realizes his dreams.
But if he isn’t entering the Oilers system. Does it really make it newsworthy on an Oiler blog?

Harpers Hair


Are they still a thing?

Who knew?

Real hockey fans are always interested in what their opponents are doing since…you know…they have to play against them and the fate of your beloved team kind of depends on the outcome of how other GM’s finesse the system.

Signing an undrafted NCAA free agent who scored more than a PPG at one of the top schools is just smart thinking.

If you don’t think kind of information is useful, please feel free to ignore my posts. 🙂


You dare call yourself a real hockey fan when you spend your free time on this beautiful earth trolling on a blog of a team you hate?

You realize everyone has immediate access to all these fucking articles you post up on their smart phones and probably 90% of this crowd has already or will be browsing through themselves without you never ending I’m better then you taint you fucking add to everything you post.

This place is full of fantastic hockey minds and real hockey fans.

Don’t ever confuse yourself with being a real hockey fan, if you ever were… you forgot who that person was long ago you out of touch old angry bastard. The only thing not real around here if your fake fucking act, and LT’s balance photo. No pic no proof!

Harpers Hair

TML sign undrafted Notre Dame centre Alex Steeves.



Have you considered your own blog..wait how’d that go again?


Won’t be made official until the Habs get clearance to resume tomorrow but, on the assumption that they do, Oilers will head to MTL for a game on Tuesday and I anticipate they are planning for back to back games.


Would love to see the dump in “heat map” on defenseman. I can’t kid myself that I do in fact see it being driven tactically depending on who is out there…likely just noticeable more when our left side is handling the puck.

I know jones has some clear gaffs when he played that lead to goals but I don’t get Larson and lag as a pairing in general.


For the few of us that were surprised why the heck we didn’t claim Ned from Carolina when they claimed Forsberg
we are seeing why Carolina expected him to get claimed


Does anyone know if Patrick Laine is injured or…just invisible?


Maybe to Torts he is Casper


Perfect place for a young player that likes to score goals but doesn’t like to work in his own end

cowboy bill

Oilers spend too much time in their d zone thinking they’re defending 🙄 .
But eventually they just get scored on .


Dave Tippett is okay with it too. Almost mandated by his choices on the blueline


Damn shame about Dylan, but makes sense why he didn’t get much done in the playoffs. I think he probably got injured early in the Penn State game, because he didn’t get much done and was booted for the NCAA version of a headshot. He took 5 draws and had 3 shots in that game and was booted at 1:44 in the 3rd period.

To illustrate the impact of this injury here are his totals from the preceding 10 games compared to his last 3 games. Note, he normally took the most draws on the team, but in a few blow out games in the 10 preceding games, he did not.

Goals: 6 Assists: 11 Shots: 38 FO:185
Goals: 0 Assists: 1 Shots: 6 FO: 7

Just as a comparison, here are Caufield’s numbers.

Goals:11 Assists: 7 Shots: 45 FO: 0
Goals: 5 Assists: 1 Shots: 21 FO: 2

Last edited 5 months ago by €√¥£€^$

Twitters today echoing my recent thoughts:

Starting to think Tip is an excellent coach (teacher-leader-mentor), a middling strategist, and a weak tactician. Not being a coach of any kind myself, hard put much behind that, but dating back to the play-ins there are games where I *think* I’ve witnessed a real inability to make the needed adjustments in-game, to the point where I *think* I’m watching Tip being out-coached on the ice.

By all means, someone set me straight or clarify. For all that I think Tip is top drawer, more than a couple games I’ve wished it were 2006 Mac T making calls behind the bench (tho Oil will never head-hunt its way to another final).


The roster makeup is very flawed with middling players on almost every line
While some want to re-sign Kahun but how many Kahuns do we need
As good as Mcdavid and Drai are together it’s very hard to put score enough for the rest of the lineup.
Mcdavid and Drai need to be separated against the deep teams

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

This is it. The Oilers forward group is still a dog’s breakfast. Outside of McDavid and Drai, there are no forwards that can consistently score 5v5 on a non-McDrai line.


But he is getting “nothing” out of Nugent-Hopkins and Yamamoto because he refuses to play Nugent-Hopkins with Draisaitl.

That is one of the biggest dumbass coaching decisions which I have ever seen.

But then he’s got Puljujarvi settled in and happy and playing great (except for bad luck on the boxcar front).

So I’m very bipolar on the coach.

Scungilli Slushy

JP will never be a finisher. If he can’t now, he won’t outside of what most players do which is get a hot streak now and again.

He’s a really unique player and really effective, but in the right role on the right line.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

It is strange that Tip has been so hesitant to put the DRY line back together. That being said, line tweaking is lipstick on a pig. The team needs more talented forwards. Fullstop.


Its so strange that its reasonable to believe that there are external forces creating the unwavering reluctance by the head coach.

Scungilli Slushy

Some can’t even on a top 6 line, which really makes the coach’s job hard.

7M x 8 baby!


With this line up – the best strategy, tactic, in game adjust is play 97,29 and 25 more minutes than other players.


Right but with a 2-goal lead and 20 minutes to play, why keep 29-97 instead of splitting them up and going into lockdown? Little things like that have me questioning.


Last night was game-managed into OT once it went 3-1. I think Tip was looking for the back-breaker but it didn’t come. Short of scoring, they earned ~3 PPs but couldn’t get a single one called. Meanwhile, that tripping call on Bear. Same old, same old.


If the players properly managed the game and Kahun dumped the puck in like he should have, the Oilers almost assuredly win in regulation.


What about goal 3 (and 4)?


Probably don’t happen if Kahun makes the smart (and easy) play.


I don’t see how you can possibly draw that conclusion.


The Oilers don’t get scored on 10 seconds later if Kahun makes the simple and smart player – changes everything that happened after it.


I get a chuckle out of some people trying to count posts and crossbars as goals. If you miss the inside of the net it is not a goal.You can miss by ten feet or 1 inch but you still missed. Imagine how pathetic you would have to be to try to down adjust one goalies save percentage saying ” if those didn’t miss…..”


I wish I could mute HH. While 1/100 of his posts are interesting and add value, the other 99 are classic troll level trolly mctrollersons.

The asinine .700 “iF PoStS WeRE goAlS” statement below really shows him for what he is. He’s not a good actor trying to bring balanced and nuanced conversation, he’s a classic troll and should be ignored (or muted if we could do that).


I just don’t bother to engage him. I would rather discuss with real people that are interested in the Oilers. I don’t minus him either BTW. I think it just encourages him. Like a lonely child he craves attention of any kind.

Harpers Hair

I get a chuckle out of some people who don’t have a clue what they’re watching.

The Leafs controlled 63% of scoring chances last night and you know that leaves only 37% for the Oilers.

Getting a point out of that game can only be described as completely lucky no matter individual events.



And if it was Vancouver who got a point with only 37% scoring chances you would be saying it was because of their superior goal tending.


Although not official, its really sounding like the Oilers will play the Habs on Tuesday and then on May 10th and 11th.


Hall should never have never taken Southside Athletic’s Steve Dykstra’s number in Buffalo.


I couldn’t agree more with you Steve


Steve is a 62 …shees everyone knows that

Harpers Hair

Where the Oilers finish in the standings will likely come down to the remaining 6 games head to head against the Habs which leads to wondering if Bergevin is done adding after the Staal acquisition.

Montreal does have a bit of cap space and also has 12 2021 draft picks to use as currency.

If the speculation that the heat is on in Montreal is true, I could see Bergevin pushing his chips all in and going for broke.

Something to watch in the next 10 days.



Pay these guys a visit, they’re sure to love you.


Is that when the rubber hits the road?

Harpers Hair

Pretty much.


So not like the last 10 roads we passed?

Harpers Hair

Yeah…Covid postponements tend to disrupt the journey.


No…different rubber. Those others are flat.

Harpers Hair

Worth noting that the Habs signed Cole Caulfied to an ELC last night and he is on his way to Montreal. Could be a huge addition down the stretch…he’s the goods.

Much more on Bergevin’s strategy here including the notion of Montreal using a third team as a salary cap broker.


Could the Habs trade for Taylor Hall by getting Buffalo to retain half, then get the broker to retain half before sending him to Montreal?

Bergevin has the assets to pull that off.

Harpers Hair
Harpers Hair

Scott Wheeler


Because I’ve been asked it a few times now: Yes, I think Cole Caufield is ready to go directly to the NHL and have an impact this season.


The coach obviously doesn’t like Nygaard, so why not send him down and bring up Benson or McLeod or perhaps even both. The team needs an injection of skill and it’s worth taking a look at them. The seven day quarantine makes this much more feasible.

Its criminal allowing a young talent like Bouchard to sit for so long on the taxi squad. Unless there are some injury troubles I do not see Tippet playing him down the stretch. Send him down and let him get in some game action and work on the things that are keeping him out of the lineup.

If the plan is to keep Leon and Connor together then Puljujarvi needs to play with Nuge. The second line needs a boost and Jesse’s talents will be better utilized there. The first line will suffer defensively but there has to be some give and take.

The combination ion of Khaira with Ennis and Archibald had some very strong games until Archibald was hurt. It would be a good idea to take a look at that again. Or else drop Haas between the two wingers as he has been skating well.

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If you send Bouch to the AHL what do you do when a RD gets injured?


Lennstrom is already with the team and could play in a pinch and they could bring another vet up. Bouchard would only be seven days away if an injury was serious. He’s just too early on the developmental curve to be sitting so much.


Has Lennstrom played in the NHL?

cowboy bill

Not yet .

cowboy bill

I forgot about Lennstrom . Maybe they should pair him up with Larsson and give it a go .He’s a puck mover which would come in handy against the TML’s .


There was a defenceman called Russell,
Who played hockey with true cowboy hustle.
He could switch to RD,
If case of injury,
Although the breakouts would start to struggle…


I’m not a fan of moving Russel to his off side myself


Obviously the best option would be to play Bouchard in some Oiler games but that doesn’t seem to be happening.


I agree. I’d love to see him playing more. Tough situation but better than having only one RD as it was not long ago.

Fuge Udvar

Who sits so Bouchard can play?


Kudos, you talented hairy wordsmith

cowboy bill

Nuge needs some help if he’s going to center the 2nd line more so than what Draisaitl would . I think Jess might be a good option there . Put him on the LW & Kassian on the RW or visa versa . Reunite the Ennis-JJ-Archibald line . Dress 7 D because Toronto’s forwards pressure the Hell out of them they need help .

Shore & Chiasson

Take Lagesson out for Jones & Bouch and hope they can effectively move the puck up to the forwards , maybe the forwards could make themselves more available . Double shift McDavid & Leo with Shore & Chiasson on occasion . There’s my recipe for success tomorrow night , for what it’s worth .

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At this point of the season I have few question on player deployment.

Bill Lagesson has played more games than Bouchard.

Nuge is not a 2C.

Ennis, Kahun, JJH are good 3LW.

With the separation in the division Koskinen should be playing more.


Those are questions?


Punctuation fail…


Is Nuge a 2C if he had a winger like 29? Or is he then a 1C?


William Lagesson and Evan Bouchard do not play the same position.

Evan Bouchard is competing with Tyson Barrie, Ethan Bear and Adam Larsson for ice.

William Lagesson is competing with Darnell Nurse, Kris Russell and Caleb Jones for ice time.


Lagesson is breaking into the NHL by platooning with Jones. Bouchard and Bear could be platooning on the right side.

Bear has been ok, but not so good he never comes out of the line up, no.

cowboy bill

The Leafs have four solid lines , while the Oilers , after the McDavid / Draisaitl combo struggle to execute at the level that’s required . When the Leaf’s play the Oil they turn things up a notch , more so than they do against other teams in the North . They target certain defensemen ( Barrrie , Bear & Lagesson ) pressuring them into mistakes they wouldn’t normally do and their forwards reap the benefits because they are usually able to out maneuver the Oiler forwards . Consequently the puck is in the Oiler defensive zone entirely too nuch , not to mention how easily the Leaves are able to leave their own defensive zone . It didn’t seen like the Oilers had enough in the tank by the third period to defend their lead as they should have . Then OT was a disaster . That’s pretty much the game .


Agreed on most points. The Leafs definitely get up for playing the Oil/ McDavid. Our team will be facing this issue more often than not moving forward- this is progress!!
I think we need quicker defenders against the Leafs as they are a fast team. Jones should be in over Lagesson at this stage. Even Larsson, who has played amazing for the most of this season, is exposed by the Leafs speed. I think we have more depth than it looked last night- not as much as the Leafs but more than it showed yesterday. I would try a few tweaks to the lineup before splitting up McDavid and Drai. I’d put Yamo up with them.
Move PJ as the driver of the second line. He is THE most defensively responsible forward on the Oilers, hands down, and I think he is capable of driving more play than he does when with McDavid and Drai. Either do Nuge, PJ and Kassian as 2, or try Khaira or Haas at centre with Nuge and PJ. I think that would give us two solid lines and lots of options for 3,4.

Bag of Pucks

The Nuge contract discussion was always going to be moot. He was never going to resign here. Because Oilers and UFAs.

Bag of Pucks

7 negative votes and counting.

The truth hurts.


Personally I have read enough comments from random people with no insider knowledge who make claims such as

“Player X will never sign with team Y!”

Only for them to be proven wrong, year after year, time after time.

It would only be a moot discussion if Nuge came out and said he wasn’t going to ever resign with the Oilers.

Were you one of the ones who were saying Jagr would never sign in western canada so that discussion was moot, too?

Bag of Pucks

Insider knowledge is not required when the Oilers history with pending UFAs is already well documented.

Even Ryan Smyth left.

Katz’s money doesn’t change the fact that living in the hinterlands is a tough sell for young stars in their prime keen to test the market, especially when the athlete longs for consistent Cup competition.


Didn’t Montreal offer Lucic more money to sign with them? But he signed with Edmonton?

Barrie signed with Edmonton.

Nuge is 27, is this supposed to be his prime like you say?

And in this cap tight season, if Nuge signs an 7×7 or 8×7 or whatever, good for him – I hope it’s not the Oilers.

Doesn’t seem like a lot of teams would be willing to sign Nuge for that given his performance this year, though.

Especially since Nuge has already said he would like to sign here. And I’m sure him and his agent are well aware of the Hall situation. The one where Hall, a historically better player than Nuge, may have a hard time being moved because his 8 million contract is hard one to swallow.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nuge will be willing to sign for less with the Oilers for security and to play for the team he seems to like playing for. Or if him and his agent will be able to find a team who is willing to sign him for a huge, risky contract. If it’s the latter, it’s not because of “Oilers” or their “history” with UFAs.

In other words, far from a moot discussion, imo.

Bag of Pucks

So if a player throws a hit now, he’s chasing the play?

Wow, I knew the NHL was becoming a ticky tack league officating wise, but I had no idea that we’re going full blown “hitting=bad” with the narrative.

I actually enjoyed hockey when it was a contact sport.


24 hours ago I think most would “take” 3 points out of these two games. I’m optimistic we will get just that. The way they lost last night, giving up the lead in the 3rd, stings but, at the end of the day, they still got a point and have a chance to get 2 more tomorrow.

Lets do this!

Harpers Hair

Counting chickens…

The Oilers were outshot, out chanced, won 35% of faceoffs and Mike Smith was cleanly beaten by 3 shots that hit iron and would have had a save percentage in the 700s had they gone in.

Play that game again 10 times and the Leafs would win 9 times.

The brilliance of McDavid and Draisaitl can mask a lot of pain but the pain remains…same as it ever was.


No one believes you.


This can be said of many Oiler losses this season and I am certain applies to most, if not every team in the NHL. Your point is moot.

Now where in the HELL is that non-existent mute button?


You should look up score effects.

Harpers Hair

Toronto lead in SOG and scoring chances from beginning to end.


Desperation is such an ugly look for you.

Counting pucks hitting posts.

Implying this is the “same as it ever was” when you had always underestimated the Oilers in general who have made you look completely pathetic in your predictions.

Ahh, this is the good stuff.


HH’s posts and negatively feel as if we had any of the Calgary broadcasters come over to the Oilers local broadcasting team for home games. Through the off season and start of the season all we heard from him was how Vancouver and Calgary were such superior teams and we were foolish to be optimistic as fans of the Oilers on an Oilers blog. Now since that narrative is clearly dead and both those teams are struggling he moves to the next thing to be negative about. As an actual fan of the Oilers I’ll remain excited about the progress the Oilers have had this season but I do agree that it would be awesome to have a mute button for him. There isn’t a mute button so instead I’ll just keep reading with optimism towards the Oilers while hoping one day Cindy loo who can help the Grinch to grow his heart 3 sizes and become less of a Debbie Downer.


Hopefully the team finds out today if they are going to play a game in Montreal on Tuesday before they come back west (the MTL/OTT game would be moved).

To the extent they don’t, and the team plays Monday and then has three days off, this would be a rare opportunity to play 7D if the coaches so choose.

I think Jones coming in for Lagesson or Russell is a no-brainer and its time to get Bouchard in a game. Jones and Bouchard for Lagesson and Russell could be a thing but leftie/rightie is important and they won’t be putting Bouch on the left side again (nor should they). So, really, need 7D to get Bouch in (none of Bear, Larsson or Barrie are coming out).

If they get three full days off coming up, 7D/11F can be a thing.

Victoria Oil

LT, you are absolutely right about the assists on the Oilers 2nd and 3rd goals. They were real and they were spectacular. Gretzky-like vision on both.

Scungilli Slushy

As a team changes roles that fit the roster change.

On the Oilers Nuggie is a 3C. That’s where he can help most especially using him to carry rookie skill wingers like Holloway.

Get some skill in the bottom 6.

On this team Nuge isn’t a good winger except for Drai and they won’t use him there. I doubt he wants to be 3C or get paid like one.

I don’t see the fit for him despite liking him and the team I’m sure wanting to be loyal, but it is what it is, and team success has to be paramount.


Pretty sure Nuge is a 3rd defenceman more then a winger when paired with McDavid. He’s always 1st man back and typically last in on any forecheck, as the coaches want him clearly hanging back a bit as cover 🤷‍♂️


Problem with Nuge on the third line is his minutes at evens will drop, unless the plan is to play McDavid and/or Drai less at evens.

Scungilli Slushy

That’s why I would think he’s not wanting that scenario. Plus pay drop.


Doesn’t seem so long again people were talking 8 years 7-8 mil per for Nuge
even resident troll was saying Seattle can offer him 8 mil plus
to which my response was if they do they deserve the contract and a sign they won’t be very competitive
Nuge should be paid like a good complementary player

Harpers Hair

I said nothing of the sort.

My expectation was, and is, $7MX7.

A players value is variable depending on which team he is playing since their needs are widely different.

Nuge is likely not worth that to the Oilers but Seattle is going to have to build down the middle and they won’t be finding top 6 centres in the expansion draft so they will be in the free agent market.

It is possible that other centres hit the UFA market but there will be competition for their services.

If Seattle signed Nuge to that contract without any trade protection they should be fine.


So you’re admitting that you’re a troll….noted.


He still will be paid, Leon doesn’t look too hot shit when he’s stuck between Kahun and Yams. He looks about 2 million more then Nuge in the role 🤷‍♂️


As soon as I saw the lineup last night, I thought Ennis instead of Kahun. Ennis has been terrific this season on any line he has played on


The Ennis option is definitely a better option, also think Kassian needs to take Yamamoto’s place on the Nuge line, he has no help with two Smurf’s for wingers. Kass’s physicality is needed.


Like Ennis made a difference in the three Leaf games in Edmonton. Kahun and Ennis are basically interchangeable. Ennis is better offensively. Kahun marginally better defensively.


Kahun made a major mistake in the neutral zone – if he doesn’t make that mistake, the Oilers probably win the game in regulation (if all else is even).


Ennis made one of the game costing defensive blunders in the previous 3 game set vs the Leafs. Ennis makes more defensive mistakes than Kahun, but brings more offensively.


Is Neal done?



Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Neal was done three years ago.


He scored 19 last year didn’t he?


Like the man said, he was done 3 years ago. You could see the wheels had fallen off in his playoff series with Vegas.
People who keep saying he’s a 2nd line winger because he scored 19 goals a year ago aren’t really watching the games.


Indulge those people. What’s a “2nd line winger”?


Someone who can drive play, or at least contribute on a line with higher skilled players. Yamamoto is a 2nd line winger, JP is a 2nd line winger.
Neal can’t keep up anymore. He is done.


Resting him for the playoffs where we need size on the forecheck and is also a threat to score on a turnover.


So I’ve been looking at it this morning and it’s amazing how similar RNH and Turris are. Career stats and physique are super close. (Even place of birth is in the same vicinity). More subjectively their temperaments seem to be alike…

4 years difference in age.

It’s making me uncomfortable.

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Turris has been known as a terrible player in his own zone which has followed him around his entire career
Nuge is far different


I know +/- is an antiquated stat but… Over their careers RNH is -45. Turris is -2.

Harpers Hair

Turris played on much better teams than the DOD Oilers.


Yeah but being -12 on some of those Oiler teams is actually very good


i see you’re back again to lobby for Turris as 2C…with Neal and Kassian.


Couple bad bad bounces
Blown call on kassian interference which takes the one goal out of picture minutes later
Goalie played well enough to sneak win
2nd line can’t carry water as constructed matching vs one of deeper top 4 and top 6 in league

Got a loser point and were well positioned for more…life can and has been plenty worse in oilerville.

Saw russel bad a bit more than accustomed to of late. Higher blind up and out off boards/60 increased back to previous season levels. But that team is a handful top down.

Still hoping before deadline that they try to see if internal size/good boardwork/above average off awareness and playmaker skills prospect might have some traction in 2nd line LW.

Might not be perfect but not a high bar to clear for better and think he deserves at least a limited shot given influx of guys soon to be in Bakersfield

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The Oilers have two of the five best centres in the league, if not the two very best. Their defence is better than average, with plenty of pieces percolating. What they need are one or two legit top six wingers and this team can be a Stanley Cup contender. It will be a massive fail if Holland can’t fill these spots, certainly for the start of next season. Finding wingers should not be this hard. 


I enjoyed the brief cameo Jessie had with Nuge at centre a few weeks back

Jessie appeared more confident and willing to transport

Can Yamo play left wing? Doesn’t matter
too much on the forecheck. But does hamper dzone wall work.

Run McD, Drais and Kassian. Nuge, Jess and Yamo (off wing).

Worth a look as Nuge can’t carry a line. Never has.


Reflecting back to the three losses to the Leafs and everyone was asking “what did the Oil learn from this?”

The players played hard as they did last night so not much learning there.

i thought Tippet learned a great deal. Toronto showed him how nice it is to be up by 2 goals in the first then you can switch your game plan and wait to jump on opportunities.

Next game he puts his big guns together. Jumping ahead using one super line works so long as the rest of your team can hold the Fort defensively. It did work for most teams. It allows Tippet to rest his big guns during a tough schedule.

It almost wirked with Toronto but they could not hold the fort, Toronto has too much firepower.

what did the organization learn? They need to build a better roster and Toronto sets a good example. They cleared contracts and they built around their core. They brought in talent. Think of how many players they brought in compared to Edmonton! Edmonton deserves some credit
For achieved success given limitations but they need to do better.

The difference being they had assets to trade. And when they pulled the trigger they generally got it right.

To me it shows Edmonton must be better at assessing and bringing in talent. Barrie doesn’t count as he volunteered to come here.

Number one need in Edmonton? Pro scouting. They have gathered some assets, have few picks remaining so hyper valuable. They must get it right.

As much as LT fans love first rounders and prospects they need to be used as currency.

this team played fast and they do so much right, I believe they are close.


Having guys like Thornton and Spezza is a valuable thing. Neither guy has a lot left in the tank, but against soft competition (which the Leafs depth allows them to play against), their experience and skill can make a difference. It beats playing guys that are never going to be a threat to score.


I’m also a fan of idea starting game with nuclear option but splitting if a lead can be established .


Really feeling conflicted about Nuggy, especially during this recent stretch where he’s centering his own line. He just doesn’t look very effective, particularly at generating any kind of offense. I’m beginning to wonder if a $6mill AAV is too rich over 4-6 years.

Relatedly, though, I thought Yamo struggled last night. If those two stay together I expect Yamo will be able to help the line more next game.


His number NEEDS to start with a 5. His term 4-5 years max. This is getting old. Do not overpay him Kenny. If he doesn’t like it, have fun playing with a shit team for the rest of your career.


I am assuming Dougie Hamilton is going to re-sign in Carolina but if there’s someone I’m breaking the bank for, it’s him.

Do you think you could sign Hamilton and Larsson for the same money as Nuge & Barrie?

Hamilton-Larsson-Bouchard, trade Bear for a LW?


We need to add to the forward Corp and not shuffle the deck


 “Kassian hammered Tavares like the Leafs No. 91 was the last spike and the cameras were rolling”

Lowetide, this is just pure poetry.
I’m not sure what I like more, the hit or this description of it.

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I believe it was Kassian’s 2nd last shift where he was blatantly held by the last defender or else he’s walking in scot-free you could hear him and the bench screaming as the Ref looked downward. His next shift he knew the Refs owned him and that’s when he blew up Tavares.


Yamamoto took a beating playing with Connor and Leon. Those two passed the puck and he took the front of the net, not a good fit.

Jessie can handle the front of the net but is also under utilized on that line.

Kassian can handle the front of the net and the corners freeing up Yamo and Jessie for second line.

its a better distribution of talent.


Kassian, however, is not as good as Jesse on the forecheck or as hard to move in front of the net. On the other hand if he plays like he has recently I would like to see Jesse off hand with Nuge and Yamo tried


You don’t get the goals against with Puljujarvi on McDavid’s line that you do with Kassian on it. Kassian also isn’t willing to receive punishment setting up in front of the net like Puljujarvi.

Kassian also doesn’t have the agility Puljujarvi has in tight spaces to quickly go behind the net and then return to the front.


It’s not a perfect solution but having a useless second line can’t continue.


Lavoie and Hollaway can’t get here soon enough it’s to bad about Hollaway I believe Hollaway was Holland’s asset free ace in the hole for the playoffs.

Woodguy v2.0

Here’s the other 3 divisions if you’re interested:

The Underdog Hot Chicken NHL East Division standings March 28th using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

WSH +15
NYI +13
PIT +11
BOS +9
PHI +3
NYR +1
NJD -4
BUF -17

The Sunny’s Chicken and Fish NHL West Division standings March 28th using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

VGK +15
COL +13
MIN +11
STL +3
ARI +2
SJS -3
ANA -9

The Al’s Finger Licking Good Soul Food NHL Central Division standings March 28th using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

CAR +16
TBL +16
FLA +12
CHI +2
CBJ -1
DET -9


Joe Sakic has to get himself goaltender insurance, but he is laughing for the next five years at those ridiculous contracts St. Louis gave to Faulk and Krug. Vegas won’t be permanently in his division.

The owner in Carolina is going to have to open his pocketbook for Brind’Amour and Hamilton.


My read on capfriendly’s numbers is that very few teams can add Taylor Hall even with 50% retention without also trading a bad contract.

There is opportunity there to both add a player and get rid of a contract by paying a higher premium.

Neal’s contract is a giant albatross. A first round pick, Caleb Jones and James Neal for Hall would be some great dealing.

First round pick is a small price for getting rid of Neal, and Jones, who the coach refuses to play anyway is a small price for Hall.

Adams saves faces and adds three players.

Though, the player that would really help is Ekholm, but the Predators aren’t out of the race, and I don’t see Poile taking on Neal.


The Islanders can trade for Hall with Lee on LTIR for the rest of the season.
The Blues can trade for Hall if Parayko is out for the rest of the season.
The Panthers can trade for Hall.
For some reason Tyler Seguin is not on LTIR, but I think the Stars can trade for Hall.

That is it. The Sabres are not going to get a big return. There has been no indication that the Panthers or Stars even want Hall.

The Sabres are already facing a public relations disaster, this is a rare opportunity for them to take the worse deal (anything involving Neal) so they can save face with the first round pick.

[Edit] What the Oilers really need is a LHD, but the only one who makes a difference is Ekholm and I am not convinced he’ll be traded at all, and if he is I don’t think it will be cheap.

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Hampus Lindholm, if he gets healthy before the trade deadline, which will be close, would be a great acquisition. Wrist injury at the moment.

Too bad Rakell isn’t a left shot, but he has played left wing.

There might be a bold and risky deal to be made for Lindholm and Rakell together. but it would probably involve both Bouchard and the 1st round pick and Neal.

Say, for Lindholm and Rakell, Neal, Bouchard, the 1st, Chiasson, and another contract or two.

I’m not trading Bouchard. I would not make the deal. But Holland is going to sign Barrie, so free Evan.

One might try a version of the deal with Samorukov instead of Bouchard, but I doubt that would work.


Is a first round pick and Jones worth 12 mil dollars in this environment ? Probably could get a 2nd round pick plus B prospect without taking back Neal


Jones is more valuable than Lagesson, he is a much better skater, and Laggy is too slow, it was quite obvious last night.


I agree with your thinking, but I think you are going to have to pay more to get rid of Neal. If it cost the Leafs a 1st rounder to get rid of 1 year of Marleau’s contract, before the flat cap world, then I’m going to guess it will take the 1st rounder and a quality prospect to dump 2 years of Neal. Caleb Jones might be that player, but Buffalo may prefer an expansion exempt asset.
You also need to include something for the Hall rental.
Soooo, would you be willing to pay Neal, 2021 1st, Samorukov and Lavoie for Hall with Buffalo retaining 2.25 million?
I think that’s probably the cost to add Hall and dump Neal.
I’d be tempted. I’ve improved this years team, and I haven’t hurt next years. It may sting 2 or 3 years down the road, but we have a surplus of lefty dmen and right wingers. I’d prefer to substitute Jones for Samarukov.
Either way, its a lot of assets to trade in a cap dump. Might be better off just buying out Neal this summer.


They can’t give up their 1st round pick, due to the lack of picks already dealt away. Maybe the Kraken would take Neal to help them get to the cap floor.


And maybe I’ll start shitting 100 dollar bills.
Odds would be about the same.

Gerta Rauss

I think the key to a deal like this may be retaining on the Neal contract

BUF retains 50% on the Hall contract so the Oilers have $4M incoming(prorated of course)

EDM retains $1.75M on Neal, so EDM has $4M outgoing

EDM would carry $1.75M on Neal for ’22 and ’23, which is still cheaper than buying him out

And maybe BUF would take the 1st round pick in ’22 instead of this year, they may even prefer that given the uncertainty of this years draft


This is not a bad idea.
How much of price to we have to pay for a Hall rental and a 2 year 4 million dollar cap dump?
2021 1st and Samarukov?
I still wonder if it’s not better just to buy Neal out. And save the assets.

Gerta Rauss

That’s about all I would pay

I’d offer a 1st and Benson, but would probably do a 1st and Samarukov or Jones

Broberg or Holloway are simply non starters for me

I think BUF is going to be hard pressed to get a 1st round pick for Hall, and a deal at the 11th hour with a package resembling the above may carry the day

And like I mentioned, BUF may prefer the 1st round pick in ’22


I suggested this same notion a few days ago – the Oil retain on Neal up to his buyout amount for 2 years. Get it done Holland.


LT; You have been a supporter of RNH. Surprised you wouldnt sign him $6.5 x 5.

.if not signed what would you do with the $$?


Go all in for Dougie Hamilton. I use Barrie AND Nuge money for that. He might be the one #1D available who only costs money.


Hamilton isn’t going to a crazy hockey market.


And the Oilers can seal the deal by throwing in some museum passes!

(Not slagging you or museums, but rather the Flames.)


Hamilton is aging out, he not worth that much.

Woodguy v2.0

EDM Goal Share after 35 games (21-13-1)

Even strength (5v5,4v4,3v3)
97 w/o 29 (20-23)-47%
29 w/o 97 (19-14)-58%
97 & 29 On (23-4)-85%
Turris (6-16)-27%
Other (14-16)-47%
Net EV +9

Special Teams:32-26
Net ST +6

Empty Net: 5-2
Net EN +3

SO/PS 0-0
Net SO/PS 0

Net Goal Diff +18

Woodguy v2.0

The Power Plant North Division standings March 28th using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

TOR +12
WPG +9
EDM +8
MTL + 6
CGY -1
VAN -2
OTT -8


Nice. I loved the Power Plant. Quintessential university bar for live music and general debauchery.

We “invented” a shooter there call the Iron Lung. 50:50 tequila and jack daniels. I think that’s what it was. Haven’t had one in about 30 years.

EDIT: Actually maybe it was vodka and JD. Might have to dig up the ole recipe book….

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