by Lowetide

Sometimes, you have to give a man his due. You may recall the situation Ken Holland and Dave Tippett walked into a couple of years ago. It is better today. It is not perfect, one can point to the Andreas Athanasiou trade as an example of an expensive mistake. To be fair, Holland took those (probably well over $4 million) dollars and applied it to Dominik Kahun and Tyson Barrie and Mike Smith.

He also refrained from trading Jesse Puljujarvi, and coach Dave Tippett recognized his talent and properly deployed JP in a feature role. He found Ethan Bear, Kailer Yamamoto, Caleb Jones and Ryan McLeod, was able to deploy them successfully. We can say ‘that’s the job, he was gifted those talents by the Peter Chiarelli era’ and there’s truth in those words.

In the two seasons before the current regime arrived, the Oilers posted a 71-93 record. Since arriving in Edmonton, Holland-Tippett own a record of 72-55. I think that’s impressive. Don’t you? (I’ve included all OT and shootout losses as losses. Don’t tell Gary).

I’ll remember this team a long time. I’ll remember Connor McDavid going 12-30-42 in 19 games during April and May most of all.


There’s a fabulous subscription offer today from TheAthletic. Click here to join! The article is every major transaction by Ken Holland since he arrived in Edmonton.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.

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  • Oilers in 2015-16: 21-29-5, 47 points; goal differential -31
  • Oilers in 2016-17: 29-18-8, 66 points; goal differential +10
  • Oilers in 2017-18: 23-28-4, 50 points; goal differential -27
  • Oilers in 2018-19: 24-27-5, 53 points; goal differential -21
  • Oilers in 2019-20: 30-20-6, 66 points; goal differential +2
  • Oilers in 2020-21: 35-19-2, 72 points; goal differential +20

To my eye, this is the most successful team of the McDavid era. The 2016-17 team should have had a brighter future, but Andrej Sekera’s injury was devastating and Cam Talbot was overplayed so much he had to be sent away in order to recover. I’ll remember this group for a long time.

Here’s what I wrote the day after the end of the 2016-17 season. You may notice some themes that are familiar.


It was one wild ride and there’s an enormous amount to discuss about the 2016-17 season. One problem: NO TIME! The Edmonton Oilers are playoff bound, and the San Jose Sharks will be flying all that hair into good old our town today or tomorrow. It’s playoffs 2017: Gird your loins!

If there’s one thing this city recognizes its greatness. Connor McDavid is an enormous talent, we know this because he does things no one else can. However, we are an unusual lot in that explaining greatness requires specific examples. Connor McDavid was in a flat out tie in the scoring race and the Calgary Flames had caught (and past) the good ship Oil not so very long ago.

In the final stretch of  games, McDavid went hammer of the Gods and scored 28 points in 18 games. Bye Flames, Bye Crosby, Bye Felicia.

  • C Connor McDavid (82, 30-70-100). He is the best hockey player on the planet. There’s no real comment to make, beyond Oilers fans can never bitch about luck until the end of time. Seriously. The power and the glory. His 2.89 5×5/60 ranked No. 1 among forwards who played 1,000 or more minutes this season.
  • C Leon Draisaitl (82, 29-48-77). Fantastic season and he won the race to become 97’s wingman. His passing is sublime and his size/strength means possession can be maintained longer. We’re still not sure where he’ll play the heart of his career, but this was a season to remember. Finished 2.05/60 5×5 scoring.
  • R Jordan Eberle (82, 20-31-51). He finished the season with a hat-trick and that allowed him to post another 20 goals (sixth time, including fourth in a row). Eberle recovered handsomely from a poor start and finished the year owning a 1,76/60 number. Impressive down the stretch, he seems to have his quick release back.
  • L Milan Lucic (82, 23-27-50). An unusual first season with the Oilers ended with some reasonable boxcars. He posted impressive power-play totals and was underwater in 5×5/60 scoring for the year. Late in the season, he showed why he is a unique player with several impressive games. Just 1.22 at 5×5 60, but his 7.04/60 at 5×4 meant he was No. 6 among NHL forwards with 100 or more minutes on the power play.
  • C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (82, 18-25-43). His job 5×5 is to play tough opposition to a standstill and chip in offensively. Nuge fell short this season and it could cost him over the summer (trade). For now, we are seeing some nice progress offensively and hope for a strong postseason. He finished 1.45/60 scoring at 5×5, that represents real progress considered where he was not so long ago.
  • L Patrick Maroon (81, 27-15-42). Impressive season and one of the true value contracts in the NHL this season. Edmonton will have to make a decision on paying him in the next 10 months, and at age 28 he’s probably a member of the Brett Callighen family. That said, he is a big part of a very successful line and had a strong season. He finished 1.82/60 at 5×5 and delivered 24 5×5 goals ranked him No. 5 league wide among scorers.
  • C Mark Letestu (76, 16-19-35). A dandy 4C who jumped up as required, Todd McLellan employs Letestu in all manner of ways. Letestu is not a strong 5×5 offensive option (1.33/60) but scored 11 power-play goals plus two shorties. He has chem with Zack Kassian, in case that becomes important.
  • R Zack Kassian (79, 7-17-24). One of the real revelations about this season. Kassian doesn’t look like the player we saw in Vancouver and Montreal, physically and in terms of performance. He drew a penalty last night on speed and determination, and has an offensive story to tell (1.74/60). He could be a successful 3R on this team next season. Seriously.
  • F Drake Caggiula (60, 7-11-18). It took him forever and a day to finally catch a wave, but this young man was a late season delight. Went 3-5-8 in his final 15 games and we’ll see where he lands during the playoffs and in the fall. I still haven’t marked him as an offensive player, but am curious to see him over another full season.
  • L Benoit Pouliot (67, 8-6-14). A dreadful season overall that featured a looney tunes start, he finally got the train moving after a long layoff. I remain suspicious about the extent of his injuries/maladies, but we’ll leave it for now. I have been accused of defending this player past reasonable, guilty as charged. See, here’s the thing: If you believe something, and the things you regard as facts confirm them, why would you back down? As fans, the least we can do is have the courage of our convictions. Good player, poor season.
  • F Anton Slepyshev (41, 4-6-10). I’m not certain he’ll make it, seems the Oilers have a bunch of wingers looking for work and they are obscured by each other. For me, Slepy is the guy who looks to be emerging, but his handling suggests the coach prefers another. These things happen, but there’s a player here. Pretty sure.
  • R Jesse Puljujarvi (28, 1-7-8). Our mannish boy learned the blues during a cold California winter and we’ll see what the fall brings to us. As is the case with Caggiula, I can’t mark JP as an offensive player yet. He was 0.59/60 scoring 5×5 without McDavid (200 minutes) and that’s not a big sample size and he’s 18 and and and. Edmonton needs him to be a legit scorer and there’s a pile of bonus money here too. I don’t think they can send him to the AHL again this fall without admitting the bloom is off the rose. People keep telling me his AHL numbers are fine, and that may be. I am less bullish on this player than on draft day, while remaining hopeful he’ll be a long term answer.
  • L Matt Hendricks (42, 4-3-7). Every once in awhile this season I would get an email complaining that Hendricks was playing too much. He played half the games, folks, while McLellan busied himself auditioning replacements. Hendricks delivered what he could, and remains a game rooster on guile, blood, sweat and tears.
  • C David Desharnais (18, 2-2-4). I expected more, but with veterans sometimes the big moments can save their seasons. If he can ignite some 5×5 offense on his line, the investment will be worth it. Edmonton needs his line to go.
  • R Iiro Pakarinen  (14, 2-2-4). Visually impressive, he hits like he’s a 1975 Philadelphia Flyer and he has scored more than your average callup. His 2.04/60 scoring at 5×5 is also very good, of course in a small sample size. Thing is, he doesn’t have good possession numbers, which could be a reflection of playing on the Hendricks-Letestu line, but we have a bit of evidence on him and it isn’t strong. We’ll see, I think the coach likes him over some others I rank higher.
  • Oscar Klefbom (82, 12-26-38). Impressive numbers across the board, his 22:22 per night might be the most impressive number. We know the Woodmoney tells us he plays against elites almost as often as anyone, and the possession numbers are good. Finished 49.8 Corsi for 5×5 with Adam Larsson, that tandem was exactly what the Oilers needed to see.
  • Andrej Sekera (80, 8-27-35). Underrated by many, Sekera was even better in his second Oilers season. Fire on the four on four, he can capably defend while also moving the puck up smartly by pass or carry. Determined checker, I love this guy’s game.
  • Adam Larsson (79, 4-15-19). I like this player type more than most, and was very pleased to see Larsson’s effectiveness over an entire year. Sadly, he has his detractors, either because of his defensive style or because of the player he was traded for last June. I’m uncertain he will be an Oiler long term (booing hasn’t started yet, but this was a successful year), but I hope he stays.
  • Matt Benning (62, 3-15-18). A tale of two seasons, with the early (larger) portion being sublime play with and without the puck. After his concussion (and recovery) there has been more wobble in his game, but overall this was a terrific addition.
  • Kris Russell (68, 1-12-13). More words have been written about him than Carter has liver pills, but the Woodmoney tells us his pairing was useful against elites. I argued at the beginning (and argue now) that the problem isn’t Russell, the problem is a long-term deal with real money for Russell. That’s your worry, although one suspects he has priced himself out of Edmonton’s market.
  • Darnell Nurse (44, 5-6-11). A strong second season for Nurse has fans in a much better frame of mind about his future. Injury ate a large hole in his season, but the underlying numbers (51.0 Corsi for 5×5 percentage, 0.8 Corsi Rel) and his impressive speed are good arrows.
  • Eric Gryba (40, 2-4-6). He’s a solid 7D, played half the season and did much of the heavy work on his pairing. By this time next year, this job may belong to Griffin Reinhart. Gryba, a veteran, is probably better suited to the 7D role.
  • Cam Talbot (73, 2.39 .919). The big number is 42 wins, a new Oilers record. Overall SP (.919) ranked him No. 10 among goalies with 35 or more games, and his .927 even-strength SP also ranked him No. 10 league wide. His SP against the PP fell during the year, his .877 total good for No. 15 among starters. A quality season, I would suggest he is a top 10 goalie in this year’s NHL.
  • Laurent Brossoit (8, 1.99 .928). Impressive numbers, but he remains untested. The Oilers have to play him 20 games next season to find out about him.

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106 and 106

I Can’t Get No….


we snuck in a character named McDavid in his honor

This is McDavid from our Edmonton operation

Ice Sage

FLames 4 – canucks 1.
This is putrid, absurdist stuff… hard to picture a more humiliating sports situation.

Last edited 4 months ago by Ice Sage

5-1 now. They should really hate each other by the time the season is over.

Harpers Hair

That would require a level of emotion totally lacking in the games.


Humiliation can do it but I have to admit I can’t bring myself to watch these games with playoff games available.

Harpers Hair

I tuned in for a bit but the pace of the game was so slow I quickly lost interest.

Their next game is 1PM on Tuesday…I imagine that one will be even more somnolent.

106 and 106

Good use of somnolent – I had to google that!

Harpers Hair

Vancouver must have lulled the Flames to sleep.

2 PP goals and a shorty make it 5-4 late in the third.


What’s the issue, that they are playing after the playoffs have started?

I can’t agree with the description – Covid happened and has led to this.

Play the games – doesn’t really effect anything.

With the Oilers playing on Sat, a Wed start date is perfect anyways (although Leafs/Habs could start Tuesday, not Thursday – that I don’t get).


Maybe you were talking about Oli Juolevi as putrid and humiliating – or the recent opinion that he has popped and solidified himself.

He is awful and the thought of him being the Edler replacement is heartening.


He is awful and the thought of him being the Edler replacement is heartening.

I’d assumed that was now Rathbone, with the 5 shots and all.

They do need a replacement at 1LD though, that much is clear.

Harpers Hair

Speaking of updates…The Condors win 4-3 in a shoot out.

Goals from Kesselring (1st), Lavoie (5th), Hamblin (7th) and Griffith (ISO winner).

Benson and Marody with a couple of assists each.


This was big comeback as well as they were down 3-0 early.

Rodrigue got the start.

Now on to the playoffs – they play the Gulls in round 1 with home ice.

Will be interesting to see if Holloway is ready/able to play.

Unfortunately the games are on Friday, Sun, Mon – same sched as the Oilers (hopefully the Sunday game is at night as I assume the Oilers/Jets game will be in the afternoon when a start time is annonced.

Harpers Hair

In other news…the Ontario Reign finally put it together today with a 9-4 win over Tucson.

Notable goals by:

Sean Durzi

Lias Andersson

Samuel Fagemo

Rasmus Kupari

Akil Thomas

Andersson with 3 points, Kale Clague with 3 assists and Arthur Kaliyev with 2 helpers.

I seem to recall reading those names recently. 🙂


Its almost comical how one person can put down and derogate the promise of Evan Bouchard, day after day after day, and then pump up Sean Durzi as such a valuable prospect, a player that is almost exactly a year older and having an inferior 2nd season in “a watered-down” AHL to what Bouchard did as a 20 year old rookie in the league.

Don’t even need to get in to how the likes of Thomas, Fagemono and Andresson have performed inferior to Benson at the same stages of development.

Its fantastic stuff.

Harpers Hair

This is patent nonsense.

Tyler Benson is 23 years of age and quickly running out of track. He couldn’t get a recall for a team starved for wingers.

Since he is without a contract there’s a pretty good chance he and Marody head overseas to get paid.

Lias Andersson 22 (89 NHL games)

Jaret Anderson-Dolan 21 (43 NHL games)

Gabriel Vilardi 21 (64 NHL games)

Akil Thomas 21

Fagemo 21

Kupari 21

Madden 21

Turcotte 20

Kaliyev 19

Byfield 18

Since, for some deranged reason, you brought up Bouchard I would point you to the young LAK D that were regulars this season.

Mikey Anderson is 21 with 54 NHL games to his credit.

Tobias Bjornfot is only 20 and has 36 NHL games to his credit and was drafted a year AFTER Bouchard who will be 22 next season and has only 21 games to his credit.

While Holloway and Lavoie look promising they are further away and that’s pretty much the bottom of the pile right there.


Tampa wins – what a game…


What a game that was tonight (nope, not talking about VAN/CGY).

Great opening four games of the playoffs


Tampa / Florida started off okay…..but it’s law of the jungle now and we are just in game 1.

Compressed season vs seeing same teams so many times could be very entertaining.


Going to be hard to get excited about the Calgary/Vancouver tilt starting in a couple of minutes. 😉



Talk about awkward.


Tampa is as skilled as Colorado and as filthy as Boston


Amazing what kind of team you can assemble with $99 M in cap space.

Victoria Oil

Didn’t see the game, but I predict that if Tampa goes far on the playoffs and Kucherov plays like tonight, there will be a bunch of GMs pushing for a rule change.


I don’t think this is something the GMs could just change without ratification from the players – this would be a CBA type matter.

The league said outright a few weeks ago that they would be looking at all situations where players that have been out on LTIR for a long time and are ready for the playoffs. Could very well have been lip service, of course.

106 and 106

emoji with crying face tears.


Well put.

Very true.


I picked them last year and again this year


That Bennet is doing well coming from the “weak “ Canadian division. Wonder why he didn’t score as well up here against our poor defencemen.

These Scrums are rediculous.



Taken 2 critical penalties tonight and TB lighting it up on the pp


Two apples tonight (plus scored early on the PP but it was disallowed) and, generally, a playoff warrior type game – like he usually plays.

His charge leading to the PP for the tying goal takes the shine off his plus 2 though

Still the best deadline acquisition so far – Taylor with a dash 2 in the Bruins loss yesterday.


So different to see fans in the area cheering

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

So I sat down and watched all 4 goals against last night as I was pissed at the results.

Goal 1 – Barrie’s matador impression on the pass across makes this a goal against on anyone. Not stoppable and no fault of the goalie unless you think he should play defense as well.

Goal 2 – Highmore’s shot is absolutely perfect, just under the bar and about an inch inside the crossbar. Went frame by frame a few times. Goalie can’t be too aggressive cutting down the angle because of the 2 on 1. Charge out and it’s an easy tap-in goal on the pass. Nobody stops that shot placement on a 2 on 1.

Goal 3 – Boyd has an unopposed shot in the killing floor and goes bar down a couple inches inside the post. Maybe Kos could have been more aggressive, but that’s a hell of a shot from the best shooting position possible. You make that shot from that position and you score almost 100% of the time.

Goal 4 – Highmore takes a wild whack at the puck on a backhand and it bounces and skips right in front of the goalie who stops it, but controlling that crazy shot is not really possible, and he kicks it in himself trying to close up his pads. Technically there is nothing you can do better on crazy shot like this. Shyte happens and always happens more when you are not confident.

So I saw 2 pretty much unstoppable shots, a crazy bounce, and maybe a different approach gets you a small (10%) chance of a save on the 3rd one. But it’s tough to yell at the goalie when you give up an unopposed shot directly in front of the net and the shooter goes bar-down glove-side corner.

When Koskenen is playing well he plays slightly more aggressively and more upright. With his size it frustrates the crap out of shooters because even perfect shots either hit him or just miss the net. You can see shooters muttering to themselves on nights like those when perfect shots don’t go in. But when he’s lost confidence he plays deeper, more slouched, and it opens up a couple of inches over his glove side that a good NHL shooter will hit with a perfect shot.

The GM chasing Markstrom last fall and Tip’s usage this season (even when Koskinen was playing well after Smith returned) pretty much scream “we don’t believe in you”. So I’m not surprised how this has turned out. That’s fine, but the guy is under contract, and it’s in everyones best interest to wring as much out of the asset as possible. Doubt that’s possible now and we are going to be stuck with an under-performing player or an expensive buy-out or retention to get rid of him. EDM has never been known as a place goalies want to play since Salo melted down and it’s something that Holland and Tip have not really changed


Or he could get second opinion from a different goalie coach and work his game back like Smith did last summer.

After all, next year is a new season.


Kucherov not showing rust…..

96 playoff points- in 91 playoff games.

Healthy & well rested.


This is a very enjoyable game



Intensity is really high and it’s game 1

Harpers Hair

Canadiens Montréal (@CanadiensMTL) Tweeted:
The Canadiens have assigned Brendan Gallagher and Carey Price to the Rocket on LTI conditioning loans. They will dress for Laval’s final game of the season on Monday. Price is expected to play half the game. Both will be at the Rocket’s 10:00 a.m. practice


Unlike the majority of the posters here, I really appreciate your updates. Keep ’em coming! Well done sir!


Oh yeah reverse psychology the troll!!


I actually like his update news as well. As I do with OP’s updates.


~ How else would we know they are playing hockey south of the border before Round 3? ~


I think everybody should appreciate the updates & links no matter where they come from.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Overall, what a great season to watch. This team still has significant holes but watching McD and Drai is an absolute dream. This is the most fun I have had watching hockey since the 2001 Avs cup run (full disclosure, I am also an Avs fan).


Going to be an awkward third round…

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Do not look now but Eriksson Ek with the OT winner for Minny.


Eichel would be 3C in Edmonton if they all lined up down the middle. The Kings can get all centers in the league and they’ll still be behind Edmonton.

I think we’ve passed chickens and we’re counting honeyed hams.


I think Jesse and Yamo are the key to our success. We need some production from them to march thru teams.

They play with 2 of the best centers in the World. NEED some Goals from the young men


LT. I LOVE that you LOVE this team so much.


Material Elvis

Well through the first three playoff games, I don’t see anything that the Oilers can’t handle.


There is always big hype by the writers in their respective divisions of teams in their division. Old saying talk is cheap money buys whiskey.


Popular Popular Popular Popular Popular

Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 

is here:

Please follow the link:

All (+ 0 -)  votes are added up to make sure everyone has a good cry.

Silver Streak

My regular voice says ” Go Oilers ‘ and OMG isn’t great the Oil are actually playing at playoff time…maybe we beat the Jets and advance into the second round….

But my inner voice says don`t get too excited….the East are sooo strong…as are Vegas and Colorado.

It pains me to say so but my long shot to win it all is Florida….Goaltending is everything in the playoffs and they have two of the best…plus, man, they can play anyway you want them to…

The Tampa series begins tonight and will be well worth watching.

Harpers Hair

Vegas also has exceptional goaltending.


You don’t say! Thanks for letting us know, most helpful.


So does Minnesota.


Oilers have the 2 best players in the world together and the rest of the NHL is a hype job since most are going to be getting booted very soon lol



1st place – Balzams 72 points, 46 total goals between McDavid+JP

2nd place – Tapdog 72 points, 51 total goals

3rd place – hags9k 72 points, 39 total goals

Congratulations to all the winners!

Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 

follow the link:

Last edited 4 months ago by hunter1909

Go Oilers Go 😉

Last edited 4 months ago by Tapdog

Anyone expecting play-off beast mode Kassian to magically make an appearance is delusional. It would be in the Oilers’ best interests to take advantage of the Tom Wilson factor and trade him to an Eastern Division team ASAP.

Including the Tkaturtle game, which helped to both expedite his signing and boost his contract value by $500K while adding 1 yr, these were Kassian’s stats:

GP – G – A – PTs -+/- PiM- Shots

45 – 13 – 16 – 29 +5 64 – 72

His production since then, including play-ins:

45 – 4 – 6 – 10 -13 22 – 50

Last edited 4 months ago by €√¥£€^$

I think people hopeful for a crazy eye Kassian to show as he’s the only one on the team, yet fully aware how painfully small the likely hood of this is.

Either way he can’t be traded til summer, and a crazy eye appearance would definitely improve the trade value.

And as next season rolls around and everyone starts playing everyone again.. We’re going to need all the goons to try and contain the God damn mighty Los Angeles Kings! Fucking hell.

106 and 106

He isnt a crazy overpay.

Replacement winger $1.5 mill.

Candidate for bounce back.

Kass needs fans in the stands.


Some people don’t get that you need many different parts to make a winning team. Replacing Kassian is so far down on the need to do list as to be laughable.


I think those assuming an Eastern team like the Rangers (because Wilson) or the Penguins (because Burke) are going to assign value to Kassian and his contract are delusional.

That contract was on the verge of negative value going in to this season (and already there in the minds of some/many) and Kassian has done nothing to change that and has further cratered the value with very very poor play this season and suffering two term injuries.

I don’t see any team taking on 3 years at over $3M let along providing an asset back for that contract. I think he’d slide through waivers.

Sure, if the Oilers retain $1M plus they might dispose of the rest of that contract.

Sure, if Kassian is able to play in the playoffs and does play like he can – fast and aggressive, creating and changing momentum and potting the odd goal – then, that changes things. Of course, there has been zero indication in almost 18 months of his ability to be that guy again.


He was playing good before he got injured again. I for one will be optimistic that he returns for the Habs series because we’re going to need his aggressiveness.

Material Elvis

He was mildly better but still not good. Not many scoring chances or points. His line was getting killed in shot shares, too.


I am going to ignore that it could be taken as you just called me delusional…

Just so you are aware, I’ve defended you a lot over the years…

Peace out


That period lines up pretty nicely to the pandemic no fans in the seats. I will agree we need to temper our expectations but we may see a much more motivated player in the playoffs.


Painful, but true.

Never thought I would see another GM trade for Lucic- so I can assure you your scenario is plausible. ( eastern team looking for muscle)


I didn’t mean to insult. The word “delusional” wasn’t meant for any particular person or in response to any specific post.

Of course, Kassian can be traded in a “Lucic-type deal” where negative value is brought back.

The Lucic trade required: (a) retaining salary, (b) bringing back a massive boat anchor contract and (c) a draft pick.

It was moved for pain – pain that we still feel.


Kass was playing with McD for a lot of those first 45 and in the bottom six for most after. I think Kass is still capable of those same results but not in the bottom six. Jesse took his job.


Seeing Hall fell down after Schulz tripped him with a Julsing move was a nostalgic experience.

Last edited 4 months ago by kelvjn
106 and 106

Hall in the playoffs takes awhile to get used too…

Harpers Hair

Murat Ates (@WPGMurat) Tweeted:
“We’re optimistic they’re all going to play.”

Paul Maurice giving absolutely nothing away re: the Game 1 status of Nik Ehlers, Andrew Copp, Paul Stastny, and Pierre-Luc Dubois. 

No commitment either way, no new info.


I personally hope the Jets ice as many not 100% players as possible. Makes a quick 4 game sweep that much more likely.


I thought Nurse was bulletproof. Anyone remember the injury this was?

Bruce McCurdy

Tore ankle ligaments in early December, missed nearly 3 months. I believe they are the only games missed in his entire career. For sure he has not missed a game since & is now up to 310 straight in the regular season, 327 overall.

this year Nurse not only played all 56 games, he was north of 20:00 TOi in every single one.

Last edited 4 months ago by Bruce McCurdy

Could you repeat that?

Scungilli Slushy

Looking forward to Wednesday!

I’m also really curious as to what Holland is going to do this off season. I guess I don’t have LT’s patience.

This is the idea of what I think needs to happen. The playoffs of course might alter it given what happens and who does what.

Saad (5Mx4) CMD JP
Holloway Drai Rakell (3.789M UFA)
Coleman (2.5Mx3) McLeod Archie
Benson Khaira Kassian
Shore (bcs they seem to like him)

Nurse Hamilton (7.5M x 6)
Klef Larsson (3.75 x4)
Kulikov (1.25M) Bouchard

Smith (1.5)
Driedger (2.5)

I’ve traded Yama for Rakell, Lagesson for a 3rd, Koski retained at 1.5M for a 2nd, Bear for a second, bought out Neal and Turris. I don’t like buyouts, but want this more. Size speed and more finishers.

Lots of Tipp’s PKers and centres. More two way battle winning, blue paint wingers that have a history of scoring goals, more than the current group.

3.56 in cap left for the deadline. Moving forward Nurse signs around what Hamilton did. Bouch gets an RFA bump and still has a few years most likely before he displaces a true top D making a trade necessary, hopefully they can resign Rakell.

This is what needs to happen, get the best roster you can, and juggle what is hopefully a cap bump when fans are back and the expansion, and new deals as they come up. If Klef is done find a solid 2 LD with the money and assets available. Some players getting walked, traded, whatever as needed.

Wheel and deal and make the best roster each season around the core that is possible.

We see contending teams do this and pull cap stunts, find deals as needed, to stay on top. Our turn.


You’ve got a lot going on here. I think your UFA signings are generally low, except for Coleman, who will easily get more than $2.5 mill. I find it highly unlikely that Hamilton signs for less than $8 mill. I have zero desire signing a big-ticket dman this year, knowing Nurse will get at least $8 mill next year. Saad is probably in the ballpark at $5 mill. Dreidger will get more than $2.5, based on the goalie signings last summer. 

I’m also not trading Lagesson for a third and Bear for a second. These guys should be worth substantially more than that. If you trade players like this, it should be part of a package for proven players – not picks. 


Agreed, but Lagesson is worth much less than a third. He’s a fringe NHL player at 25 years old.

Harpers Hair

I find it somewhat amusing the some are already counting next year’s chickens despite the object lesson provided by Lowetide’s 2017 summation above.

How one gets to the conclusion that Vegas and Edmonton will be the only good teams in the Pacific Division next season is perplexing.

Due to the flat cap, Seattle is uniquely positioned to assemble at the very least a competitive team but given the cap issues of the best teams could very well come out of the offseason as a powerhouse…we’ll see.

The LAK have one of the best prospect pools I have ever seen and are about to add to it in a major way at the draft.
They also go into the offseason with $30 million in cap space and I expect this is the offseason they will use it especially after Drew Doughty’s year end call on management to pull the trigger.

No one at this point can make a call on Calgary but I expect they are about to get a major make over with results unknown.

Vancouver has one more season of dealing with Benning’s bottom six blunders but the tea leaves portend a total shakeup of team management which may or may not be a positive.
On the other hand, this season has shown that the Benning/Brackett drafting era produced some real quality with Hoglander spiking and Jack Rathbone looking like the goods. With Podkolzin about to arrive in the top six and a high lottery pick upcoming, new management will have lots to work with.

To my eye, both SJS and ANA still have lots of work to do so likely won’t be an imminent threat.


And why would we care what you think?


We don’t,
he knows.
That’s what makes him such a chicken


You really spread sunshine wherever you go, dontcha.


*chastises fanbase for counting next year’s chickens*

*begins to swoon over other teams non-existent chickens or the prospect of them buying hypothetical chickens*

106 and 106

Did someone say chicken?


Do you think Draisaitl will finally be as good as Colborne next season?


This is not wrong.


I see where all the problems are folks!

Harper’s only got one eye! At best he’s only ever seeing half the picture and that lense he’s using is shit covered.


Of course no one knows what will happen next year. Maybe LA trades for Eichel and they are instantly better. Seattle may or may not be good. But based on the recent track record, the Pacific division will be a tire fire. There will be movement up and down, but it will be shocking if the pacific isn’t the worst division in the league.


Why would won speculate that Vegas and Edmonton will be the cream of the Pacific next year?

That would be because they are the top 2 teams this season and both have the major part of their core intact for next season. In the case of the Oilers, their core is still young and improving and not even priming yet.

Seattle has an opportunity but, of course, their team consists of one player right now – an undrafted CHL signing. They have an opportunity but its though to cite them as a better team than legit NHL playoff teams.

LA has many prospects, yup. Prospects take time, even the Byfield’s of the world – I’m not discounting their future potential but I don’t think Byfield, Kaliyev, Durzi, etc. are going to take them to great heights next season.

Calgary knows they suck and need an overhaul – yes, I agree. Until they actually make major moves and improve I won’t mark them as much improved next season.

Ditto with Vancouver – they know they need an overhaul – come talk to me when they’ve made the moves and show improvement. Of note, their “two young studs”, will both be off their ELCs and taking up a much higher percentage of their cap next season and Jack Rathborne having 5 shots on net in a game means nothing to me.

Harpers Hair

How typical of you to downplay the very real and spectacular potential of a rival.

Not all of these players will end up at centre but that doesn’t diminish the stunning depth LA has at their disposal.

I expect LA will likely be in on Eichel but they may settle on Sam Reinhart because the price will not be as high.

Anze Kopitar
Quinton Byfield
Gabriel Vilardi
Alex Turcotte
Jaret Anderson-Dolan
Tyler Madden
Akil Thomas
Lias Anderson

While you’re pimping an AHL level player like McLeod who has 1 point in 10 games there are several LA centre prospects who have much higher upside.

And, it’s not like LA doesn’t have young wingers who will be part of the future. (and a few of those centres will be converted to wing.)

You mentioned Kaliyev who is a blue chip scorer but there are others.

Would you believe that 24 year old former first round pick Adrian Kempe outscored every Oiler winger not named Nugent-Hopkins this season including your boys Puljujaarvi and Yamamoto despite playing on a poor (for now) team.

Samuel Fagemo at the age of 21 is also in the mix after a short stint in the AHL.

I’m not sure they will bring back AA next season given the options but he too outscored Yamamoto never mind Kahun who both got to play in the top 6 while scoring at third line rates.

Their D prospects are thinner but Mikey Anderson had a very good season in the NHL at 21 and and former first round pick Tobias Bjornfot has made the NHL at the age of 20 and showed a ton of potential.

Of course, LA currently has the 8th pick in the upcoming draft (as well as 4 other picks in the first 3 rounds) and are very likely to walk away with one of the stud D available .

Owen Power, Simon Edvisson, Luke Hughes and Brandt Clarke all project as top pairing D and, as we’ve seen, the elite ones arrive early.

In goal…Cal Peterson has been more than adequate while Jonathan Quick fades but he has only 2 years left and would be an easy buyout should Blake decide to do so and is easily upgraded when you have as much cap space as LA does.

In all of this, other than your wilful blindness about LA’s massive prospect pool, is your myopia about how valuable cap space is going to be this offseason and how much the teams who have it will be able to capitalize on the misery of others.

The LA Wave ™ is coming…whether you like it or not.

Material Elvis

LOL. The Oilers have the top two centers in the west. How long is McDavid going to put up 120+ points per season? A long time Harper, a long time. Kopitar would be our 3C. And if they land Eichel, it will be at the expense of their prospect depth. Plus #flattop. Better get used to the Oilers on top.


You slag OP for pumping the tires of McLeod who you call an AHL player and then you proceed to pump the tire of a whole bunch of nameless AHL players. No wonder so few posters converse with you.


Nice wall of text – of course, its a straw man argument as I didn’t discount the future potential of the LA Kings and specifically stated as such.

I am talking about next year season and will stand by my position that the LA Kings will not be able to compete with the Edmonton Oilers next season.

You clearly are just spouting off when you say things like I am pimping Ryan McLeod – read my thoughts on his from the last few days expressly questioning if he’ll bring enough offence to play above the fourth line.

Material Elvis

Even if LA added Eichel, they’re Buffalo west. Turning around those abysmal goal differentials season over season is exceedingly difficult. Took the Oilers some time….with McDavid and Draisaitl.

Harpers Hair

The Oilers went from -42 to +8 in one season.

I don’t think that’s much of an issue.

Material Elvis

LA Kings don’t have a McDavid-Draisatl duo to pull that off. It’s not happening for them.

Bank Shot

The only thing we know for certain is that HH will still be a terrible judge of talent.


Did you guys see the size of that chicken?


It might be risky to write off San Jose and Anaheim so early in Vancouver’s all out assault on 6th place in the Pacific next year. The rubber will hit the road at some point.

Material Elvis

But just imagine how great their prospect pools will be in five years…..


Purely in terms of available off-season cap space the Oilers are in a really good position.

From CapFriendly, signed players, projected available cap (for next season)
Seattle ——– ?? ??
Anaheim —- 13 $22.6M
Edmonton — 16 $22.2M
Los Angeles 18 $20.5M (not sure where you got $30M)
Vancouver — 16 $15.0M
Calgary —– 14 $13.7M
San Jose — 15 $11.2M
Vegas ——– 21 $3.3M

And of course, Vegas and the Oilers were the only 2 clearly good teams this season.

I agree one shouldn’t count their chickens too early. But room to grow, plus starting from a good place, seem like sensible reasons for optimism.


Cap Hit is $61 M on $50 M of salary. I suspect he went to that number instead of the cap hit. Big difference but they do have room to make a splash.


Yes, absolutely.

Just putting the numbers out there, and noting they aren’t the only team with cap to make a splash.


Yup. Holland has some decisions to make as to how he wants to spend. I think we could be looking at as many as 3 buyouts this summer – Neal, Koskinen & Turris.


He sure does.

And agreed on the buyouts except that I *think* burying Turris costs less (cap hit) than buying him out. Even just for next season, ~$450k X 1 buried, ~$550k X 2 bought out. And I don’t expect Holland will do him a solid like Chiarelli did for Gryba.

1) I’m hoping Koskinen can be traded with salary retained. But I agree it’s hard to imagine him returning next year as the Oilers 1G or 2G.

2) I’m ‘worried’ that Neal is going to have a good enough playoff that Holland doesn’t buy him out. Obviously I’d also enjoy that, but…

Last edited 4 months ago by jp

You are right on Turris, of course. This is what I thought as well and then I got confused reading CapFriendly’s buyout calculator.

I doubt Koskinen has any trade value at this point but we can hope. I guess we could also hope that Neal chooses to retire and take a cushy job in one of Katz’s companies but that seems unlikely as well.


Back on the west coast (I’m LA based) after shooting a movie in Barrie, ON (couple clicks away from Newmarket) and am relieved to finally get my Lowetide fix at a reasonable hour. The movie was just a holiday hallmark style deal, but my wife and I wrote it as well and we snuck in a character named McDavid in his honor. I therefore take full credit for how he ended the season.


I knew there had to be at least one more film guy on this blog.

I’m Vancouver based, but was in LA often before covid. I usually stay near the Silverlake area. Any good hockey/Oilers bars you know of around there?


Very cool!

I remember watching Cheers and there was mention of a character by the name of Semenko. I liked to think it was an homage to Dave, but I could have been wrong.

My son graduated from the film production program at SAIT last year. I think he is talented, but he is not a very social person, although he has developed a bit of an amateur voice actor/writer social network through his Anime Abridging exploits over a 4-5 year period.

His “plan” is to move to Vancouver to pursue this, but he thinks going to school there will get him into a more favourable position. It doesn’t matter what I suggest, his ears don’t seem to work when I talk to him about the subject, so he will have to follow his path according to his plan.

If you have any advice how he might be able to get into the field, I’d love to hear it. His aspiration and greatest talent is writing, although he really likes sound editing, as well.

Here is last years’ SAIT production festival. He wrote and directed “Cold Feet”, it’s at the 33:10 mark, it’s around 10 minutes long, if you are interested. OF course I am biased, but FWIW I think it is by far the best of the bunch.

On another note, my brother’s wife’s niece’s BF graduated from the NAIT film production program 2 years ago and is apparently doing well for himself in Edmonton shooting Rap videos and advertisements. He is originally from Red Deer and he also happens to have the McDavid surname, his first name happens to be Conner.

When my brother told me I thought he was pulling my leg too.

Last edited 4 months ago by €√¥£€^$
Harpers Hair

My oldest son has worked in the Vancouver film industry for more than 20 years….and its a cool story.

He graduated from NAIT with a diploma in business and immediately moved to Vancouver but quickly tired of working for HSBC (just like dad told him he would) and decided to get into the film industry.

He started by parking cars on film sets, then got a job working in the Panavision rental office where he made a ton of contacts that eventually paid off with more significant jobs.

He eventually ended up as a steady cam operator working on many projects from the XFiles to Altered Carbon.

He’s currently working on a major project in Europe and Jordan.

From my perspective, networking and persistence seem to have been the major factors in his ongoing success.


Sometimes, you have to give a man his due. You may recall the situation Ken Holland and Dave Tippett walked into a couple of years ago. It is better today.

Everybody who has never been in charge always thinks those who are in charge are not very bright or that they would have done better if it had been left up to them.

As you get older, though, you acquire more and more evidence of how much easier it is to make things worse than it it is to make things better – especially if you try to improve things more quickly than circumstances or human nature normally allows.

Holland may very well be Harry Potter who inherited immense talent but lacking both structure and discipline.

He may have been exactly the right man for the job.


As the highest paid GM in the league, there should be at least some expectations to “do something “


Not sure what you are getting at. He has done something. He has brought structure, stability and improved winning % to the team while dealing with a cap situation that was less than ideal.

Or are you referring to trades?


I read on Twitter (and on various other Oiler social media platforms), repeatedly, that Holland’s primary job is to improve the goal share at 5 on 5 with McDavid and Drai off that ice and, because that hasn’t improved in two years, he is an abject failure.

To me, Holland’s primary job is not to improve the isolated game state chosen by these “smartest men on Oilers social media” but to improve the team’s win/loss record and ability to win games.

Yes, improved the “McDavid and Drai off ice at 5 on 5” would be great and would help the win/loss record but its one game state and there are many game states that, at the end of the day, lead to wins an losses.

Yes, this team relies on McDavid a lot. Of course, he has the highest cap hit in the NHL which leads to less cap available effect “non-McDavid game states”. I fully acknowledge that some of this is self-inflicted “bad cap” in Kassian but much of it was inherited in Russell, Koskinen and Neal (which is the Lucic cap hit).

There are various areas of the team that are much improved with Holland and Tippett including, off the top of my head, the PK which is massively improved in the Holland/Tippett area (and was a targeted game state of each).


What else would there be for Holland?

He inherited a God on ice and Leon Draisaitl.

Set aside Twitter, what else is there but to improve the McDavid/ Drai off?

This is why so many of us are eager to see McLeod, Holloway and Benson.

It is politically incorrect now, but we played a very insular season this year. Unsure, how this translates outside of Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary.

If Holland got hit by a truck last summer – McDavid would still destroy the competition.


Special teams for one – both of them. The PP went to the top in the league under Holland/Tippett – it wasn’t there prior – do not discount the GM’s coaching hire in that.

The PK went from dreadful to top of the league – huge personnel and systems changes.

The ability to lock down games – big bump in that this season

The ability to shut down losing streaks before they become streaks – once this season they lost more than 2 in a row.


What else would there be for Holland?

He inherited a God on ice and Leon Draisaitl.

Set aside Twitter, what else is there but to improve the McDavid/ Drai off?

It’s so easy to say this. But there was also McDavid/Draisaitl ‘on’ to improve.

5v5?McDavid and/or Draisaitl ‘on’:
17-18 109GF-99GA
18-19 94GF-104GA
19-20 97GF-84GA (71 games)
20-21 86GF-64GA (56 games)

2 years pre-Holland: even goal differential
2 years with Holland: +35 goal differential

I guess you don’t have to give Holland/Tippett any of the credit, but God and Leon improved lots under new management.

106 and 106

No salary cap for GM’s, not our money and Holland gives the team street cred.


There is an old saying paralysis by analysis. That being said knee jerk over reactions and moving players in what is basically a sidewise move is a fools errand!

Turning Tikkanese

I really like our chances next season when we return to the Pacific Division. Only Vegas and the Oil are keeping their heads above water, based on current standings. If we have a productive offseason I can see us dethroning Vegas as top in the division.

VEG +26 EDM +16 ARI -2 (and off to the Central re Kraken) CAL -2 VAN -6 SJ -7 LA -7 ANA -13 and add in the Kraken.

If the Kraken have any kind of success (don’t think they can match Vegas catching lightning in a bottle in their expansion draft), we could see the birth of a great rivalry between the Oilers and the two expansion teams, Vegas and Seattle. This should be very fun!

Turning Tikkanese

How’s this for gits and shiggles?

If the teams were aligned in their usual Divisions, the playoff matchups would be :




So, assuming we would prevail against Arizona, It would be likely Vegas in second round, probably one of Minnesota or Colorado for Western Final, and a possible Toronto matchup for the Final? An all Canadian Final? Whaaat?

Bruce McCurdy

St. Louis has never been in the Pacific Division.

Crazy Pedestrian

He’s not bracketing them as division match ups. Arizona would literally have been 3rd in the pacific division. And because the top three teams in each division were locked into the western conference playoff spots 1-6, it would have caused St. Louis to crossover to play Arizona. That’s how shitty the (original) pacific teams were compared to the rest.

Edit: actually looking at it again, St. Louis and Winnipeg would have been swapped as Winnipeg had more Reg. Wins than St. Louis. So Colorado would be playing St. Louis and Vegas play Winnipeg.

Last edited 4 months ago by Crazy Pedestrian

Curious as to how your projecting next season already Lowetide. My reasonable expectation is 105 points.


I anticipate we’ll see the following on Wed night:




Kass is skating with the taxi squad. I don’t think we’ll see him for game 1. If he gets 100% and the team needs an energy and/or physical boost, I guess it would depend on how everyone is playing but the potential would be to insert for Shore (likely move Archie to the left side).

Ennis would probably be the first top 6 sub – I don’t think the coach trusts his 2-way/defensive game right now.

Nygard and Hass waiting to inject some quickness as required.


Stalock looked pretty good in the backup roll yesterday, just sayin


Lol, sitting up straight, good positioning, rockin the N95 mask, yeah he looked good.


And at times it looked like he was dishing out some trash talk. Got to like that.


Ennis would probably be the first top 6 sub – I don’t think the coach trusts his 2-way/defensive game right now.

It’s a little strange how he got that rap since he’s 5th among semi-regular forwards in SA rates and 1st in GA rates. Also the only bottom 6 forward who’s a + at 5v5.


I think its somewhat similar to Jones whereas he may look good via some of the metrics some of the mistakes, that don’t move the needle metric wise, are 5-alarm mistakes that lead to goals against and memories.


Jones got outscored this year though (pretty badly). Ennis is even for his Oiler career. 🤷


It was a very nice regular season – if I’m not mistaken, only once did the team lose more than two in a row (the three game set to Toronto) – that’s how you milk those points.

The season success was based on regulation wins (notwithstanding the two garbage time OT wins)….. this team was finishing teams off in regulation, night after night after night. I’d like to think that means something heading in to the post-season but we will see.

Wed night – I’m ready!


WOW. I am old enough to Remember ’88-’89 Mario. And he was unstoppable …

Praise Be Sir Conner

106 and 106

Words about Nuge in 2017:

He finished 1.45/60 scoring at 5×5, that represents real progress considered where he was not so long ago.

Words about Nuge in 2021:

He finished 1.10/60 scoring at 5×5, that represents real progress considered where he was not so long ago.

I have Nuge-tinted glasses on, and I’m hoping for a playoff Witch type postseason…

Otherwise, maybe $6 MM could be spent elsewhere?


Thing is, everything that happened between those 2 statements = $6M+ player.

(1st line P/60, 55% of his TOI with neither of McDavid or Draisaitl, 52nd in points overall)


By this time next year, this job may belong to Griffin Reinhart”



Great season.

Up and down the organization it’s been good news. As good as the team is, it is scary to think that in some ways the best is yet to come, with Holloway, Bouchard, McLeod, Broberg, and others on the cusp of being legit contributors.

There is light at the end of the cap hell tunnel, which means another source of talent injection.

And McDrai — they keep getting better. Just what is reasonable for those two? The moon? Pluto? Both spectacular players and both very lucky to have each other as teammates, though less so than us, who get to watch them every couple nights.

106 and 106

That quote from Holland: “Some years you don’t go all in” really irked people but I think a few years is still what it takes to fix the Chia mess.



or maybe the team is oh so close and those words come back to haunt him.

Connorand Leon can almost do it themselves. They just need a little more help shutting things down when they are off the ice.

106 and 106

As Tipp said, the goal is to consistently make the playoffs and then take the next step.

Holland spent too much last year and it will lead to less prospects in a few years where the window is really open.

I know the fanbase wants it today, but this team still ain’t no Colorado.


I will add Samorukov to the list of talented prospects on the cusp – I think he is much closer than Broberg and should impact the lineup in 2021/22.

I am just fine with Holland’s deadline this year.

He made a move to improve an area of weakness – 2LD – no Kulikov is not Klefbom or a high end 2nd pairing guy but he’s more reliable and experienced in that role than any of Russell/Jones/Lagesson/Koekkoek and plays the “type of hockey” that should help in the playoffs.

I agree with Holland in that you “can’t go all in every year” – not in the respect that you don’t try and win and get better at every opportunity but in the respect that you can’t spend major “futures capital” every season as, once you spend it, its gone.

The Oilers didn’t have much capital this season with no first or second rounder or even 3rd rounder and, given the cap situation, they would have needed to spend additional capital to create the cap space.

If they would have traded a Samorukov or a Broberg and 2022 1st rounder, for example, those assets are gone and there would be nothing to trade with next season when they presumably are a more “legit contender” with more cap capital to work with.

Stability is part of Holland’s plan and making the playoffs year after year – this team should make the playoffs every season for a while and he will have deadline bullets to spend when he thinks its the right time.

Woodguy v2.0

EDM Goal Share after 56 games (35-19-2)

Even strength (5v5,4v4,3v3)
97 w/o 29 (31-32)-49%
29 w/o 97 (24-16)-60%
97 & 29 On (37-19)-66%
Other (22-36)-38%
Net EV +1

Special Teams:50-31
Net ST +19

Empty Net:12-3
Net EN +9

SO/PS 0-0
Net SO/PS 0

Net Goal Diff +29

Woodguy v2.0

The Pa Peterson’s North Division standings May 16th using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

TOR +21
WPG +7
MTL + 3
CGY -2
OTT -5
VAN -6

106 and 106

Makes the Pacific division next season look pretty…. fun 🙂

Only VGK and just a bunch of crap.


Are you dissing Joe?

106 and 106

Oh yeah… haha. They are scary good. But goalie issues.


Is Colorado moving to the Pacific? I assumed they’d be back in the Central?


I watched more (complete) Oil games this year than I have in many… maybe 15… years and it was a treat most nights. Having said that after watching the intensity of BOS/WSH last night I don’t think anybody in the North Div. has what it takes to compete deep into the playoffs. Oil certainly aren’t build for that. BUT the end of this regular season brings us closer to the day when we can replace some of our bottom 6 with players that will be able to compete. Next year will be better but I think in two years there is no reason this team can’t go deep… as long as Holland makes the right moves.


It’s gonna be a wake up call to whoever makes it out of the north and west that’s for sure
just a different brand of hockey

cowboy bill

That was the first game. They will beat each other up and have nothing left for the later rounds .


This is how they play.
Once again everyone is focused on a winner from the West (normal conference year) and missing the strength of the East


There is nothing in an sports like the first round of the NHL playoffs. The intensity and physicality is so demanding teams can’t maintain that level in the second round. That’s why I didn’t want Montreal in the first round.

Harpers Hair

Vegas plays that brand of hockey.

cowboy bill

That’s where a guy like Kassian will step in and a guy like Yamamoto will step out .


Somebody drinking the spiked Tang this morning, I see.


Yup. Yamamoto is Eberle 2021 model.


did you find it any more intense than the Habs Oiler games we’ve witnessed this season? I didn’t think so


I didn’t see anything in the Vegas/Wild game this afternoon to make me think the current Oilers team couldn’t beat either in a 7-game series.




Way too much talk of our demise if we get to third round. We are a better team than last year and we were pushing Vegas before the pause. Big bad east – bullshit. They play hockey, we play hockey. Let’s have at it. Plus, we will be even better next year.


This has been a great few months to be an oilers fan. Jesse has blown way past my expectations. Not only is he scoring but he is skating miles and must be a major pain in the ass to play against with that stick. Holland deserves a ton of credit on this. This move and the Lucic trade has really changed my mind on KH.

Bouchard had a couple of blips last night but that one strech pass he made was just great vision. This player is gonna be a real treat. He has the size to be physical and is a good skater, good passser, and really knows how to get his shot through. I am convinced he will step in and take over Barrie’s spot on the PP but beyond that will become one of the best D in the league. Optimistic for sure and is JMO.

Really looking forward to the playoffs !!


He may be sharing that PP time with Klefbom next season…… I am bullish on Klefbom’s return at some point during next season. That is his goal and he’s working towards it.

John Chambers

Man, if we had 2017-vintage Klefbom right now …

106 and 106

I don’t understand the logistics behind his decision on the shoulder, but it took him a long time to get the surgery… we could have Kucherov’d (new word) him!


He made the decision to get the surgery months before he had it – this was logistics due to Covid and getting from Sweden to North America to have the surgergy.


Live in the Present


Blue for blue. Nice.


Also was enjoying the sun and not watching yesterday, other than what I heard was a bad TO, how was Bouchard?


He played well, offensively, as usual – a couple of dynamic passes and a bomb on net.

He was dash 2…. the first one only the mildest of culpability – he may have been a bit late to the player out wide but the shop was a Grade B and the goalie didn’t do his job.

Definitely part of the issue on his second minus – fumbled the puck a tiny bit in the defensive corner and then had to rush a flip out clear attempt – Khaira made a poor play knocking it down and, boom, it was in the net – not a great play by Bouch nor Khaira.

Overall, he played close to 18 minutes and was fine given the intensity of the game.

I would be 100% comfortable if he had to be inserted in to the lineup in the playoffs as 3RD……. who knows how he would fair against fast/big/strong/aggresive forecheck teams but probably no worse than the likes of Jones and Barrie and, of course, he would add to the attack.

Going to be great to see him nightly in 2021/22 (if not in the next 6-8 weeks if there is that opportunity).


Fun season indeed, especially the run for the McCentury.

Finally won my hockey pool for the first time in 16 years, helped very much by my having 97. 😀

I feel better about this team than I did against the Hawks this year, but continue to worry about goalering.

Let’s gooooooooooo

106 and 106

Craig Anderson won in relief for their #1. Ride Mike Smith into the sunset.