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by Lowetide
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Let’s say that Ken Holland targets Zach Hyman, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Mike Smith and Adam Larsson in free agency. Let’s say he gets all four and pays the low, low price of a little less than $19 million. Let’s say Oilers fans are clamoring for more help (No. 3 center, a 1A goaltender and other things) before training camp. What could he do?


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here’s the latest!


In this scenario, fans would be aghast in finding five-year deals for Nuge and Hyman, a three-year deal for Armia and Larsson, and a one-year contract for Smith.

The real tragedy is the trade: Mikko Koskinen, the 2021 first-round selection and the rights to Matej Blumel sent to the Arizona Coyotes for one year of Darcy Kuemper and one year of Johan Larsson (plus the Coyotes second-round pick).

There’s about $1 million in cap room to start the season, and we’ll see about Klefbom, that may mean another free-agent addition.


That isn’t really the team I’d like to see in the fall. You’ve invested heavily in free agency with money and term, flattened your draft completely for one year of a goalie and No. 3 center. Basically going all-in but will glaring weaknesses that will get exposed over the long season and in the playoffs.

What is the alternative? Staying the course, buying a little higher on the free-agent food chain and adding at the deadline to areas of need.

  • Mike Smith needs a 1A, Chris Dreidger and Linus Ullmark are quality options. I do like the idea (above) of acquiring Darcy Kuemper and offloading Mikko Koskinen in the same deal, but Edmonton’s first-round pick has exceptional value. If Holland is dealing it, the return has to have some term attached.
  • Oscar Klefbom’s injury may mean Holland has to invest in a free-agent defenseman. Ian Cole, Jake McCabe (knee injury a worry) and even Dmitry Kulikov could be options that cost less than Klefbom’s contract and could get Edmonton to the deadline as a playoff team.
  • Hyman and Nuge are fine players, but tying the organization to that kind of term times two is unwise. I think Holland might be wise to shop for names like Alexander Wennberg, Blake Coleman, Mikael Granlund. Good to great players who won’t break the bank and make a team regret the entire summer.
  • Finally, I think Holland can reasonably count on contributions from several young players by the time the deadline arrives. Philip Broberg performed well in his North American audition in the bubble, he might be that rare player who flourishes with more structure. Dmitri Samorukov should be ahead of Broberg in development (he’s older), perhaps he’s an answer by the deadline. The same applies to Dylan Holloway among the forwards.

If I’m Ken Holland, it’s time to buyout James Neal if the money is needed, and trading Mikko Koskinen works if it can be done without bleeding major assets (and retaining money is an option).

My shopping list has the following names in bold: Alex Wennberg, Blake Coleman, Mikael Granlund, Chris Dreidger, Linus Ullmark, Jake McCabe if his rehab is coming along.

Nuge and Hyman? He needs to be in the conversation and can’t get shut out of free agency. However, if Wennberg is available for less term and money, and it means adding Coleman is also possible, then staying away from a $6 million times five contract makes the most sense from here.


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Mike smith was a top 10 +ve open sh Save% goalie. ( part of champ roster core)
Even he could not cover for the collection of Def nightmare Dmen on our playoff team.
with Rusell, Lagesson, Jones mostly sitting in the wing!
holland the Fraud!


Offence, Offence!
2 times we’ve had Champ roster structure since lockout.
05-06 oilers
16-17 Oilers
How has building strong offensive teams gone for us?


What offensive team do you speak of, other than the McDavid Oilers?


My best work “Since” (Not from) this last yrs.
new work is better standard than the NAIT work.

Having the only “Pro sports champ proof” is paltry compared to Naits & this yrs work.

PS. MTL 3gm, 4GA = 1.33 GAA, 3Wins!


I wrote 2 papers at NAIT in mid 90’s that were used for dept recertification: (My best work from this last yr.)
A. Wrote my expected enviro affect of mid 80’s us lobbying push from Glass (unlimited recycling) to plastic ( Short recycle life).
Called it!
B. Germany’s closed cycle Fluidized bed (No pollution) Kiln power plants partnered with Chemical structure based Garbage Recycle sorting centers Carbon based feed stock Solution to the plastic/rubber problems.

Sadly Pressure from low resolution thinking Enviro groups lead to closure and the solution was never presented to the world.
The Ocean Filled!

The off season:
-Trade Nurse & Klefbom
-Do not resign Barrie
-Use those $ for veteran top 60 HD open sh reduction Def Dmen with the best EVA &/or 3rd/4th option Goal count like Benning who was on The Oilers.
-use RNH for $ for an evg Scoring Wingers & Resonable $ open shot reduction def Dmen with elite PKGA standards.

last 3 yrs.
#4 Sekera
#19 Rusell
#32 Benning
would have been nice to have. So we could play them against Winnipeg.

Out of Nill, Yzerman, Holland, we get the fraud GM.
No clue about 30 yrs of Cup final GA def driving EXP FLD & VGK to the final.

-we do have prospects who have shown an ability to be top 60.
Lagesson, Jones.
bring in the other 2 Swed Dmen to develop in NA.
Cannot be worse than Nurse, Klefbom, Barrie, Bear, Bouchard, Kulikov, Koekkoek.
Decide on 1 PP QB that is a poor HD open SH reduction def dman.

Once again Fenwick is the most usuless relevant situation statistic when it comes to identifying Champ roster players!

GO Oilers!

Randle McMurphy

So if Im hearing you right, you want to fill the ocean with the leagues best defensmen.

Just kidding Ricki. Hope your feeling better. You sound feisty.


Material World

Ah, the apple of Woodguy’s eye, a year ago, Johan Larsson, He’s cheap but not much of an upgrade over Jujhar Kahaira.

To be competitive with the Knights and the Avs, Ken Holland needs two goalies, three wingers and a right-shot center. He says he’s bringing Mike Smith back. That’s a mistake. 

Smith played as well as he can in 2021. He was good. It wasn’t good enough. He hasn’t won a playoff game in two seasons with the Oilers. The Oilers are not beating the Knights or the Avs with Smith tending goal no matter who is a partner.

It’s going to take bold, aggressive moves to fix the Oilers roster. July presents a unique opportunity to do it. Exploit the flat cap in free agency and the loopholes in the expansion draft. 

Are the Oilers sufficiently clever enough in their talent identification processes to do that? Have they identified which teams stand to lose players for nothing they would rather not, but if faced with an option of getting a player, might be induced to make a trade? 

The Carolina Hurricanes are such a team. The ‘Canes have fourteen players, plus UFA Dougie Hamilton, eligible for the draft. They are going to lose a good player like the other 30 teams are going to do.

Established teams won’t be giving up draft picks and prospects to keep players, as they did with the Las Vegas draft. It doesn’t make sense to give up two players when the requirement is to give up one.

Can the Oilers scoop out a proven player by offering an asset that is draft exempt or a low draft risk? Only if they have a process to identify the opportunity. Could Dmitri Samorukov return one of Nino Niederreiter, Vincent Trocheck, or Warren Foegele?

There’s another expansion draft wrinkle worth noting. The Kraken will have an exclusive window to sign free agents. If they sign Tyson Barrie, the Oilers don’t give up another player. That impacts when free agents are formally signed and which players teams protect.

If the Oilers have a well-researched expansion book, the upcoming Seattle expansion draft is a unique opportunity to fix roster weaknesses quickly. That’s a low probability.


None of the three you mention, Niederereiter, Trocheck, or Foegele is under long term control.

Foegele is an RFA. So you have no idea if one can get him under contract at a reasonable offer, nor whether he will opt for arbitration two years in a row to get to UFA status.

Both Trocheck and Niederreiter have one year left on their contracts and then become UFA’s. Trocheck is now racking up an injury history on his knees.

Tier 1 Oilers prospects (like Samorukov) or draft picks should only be traded for young proven players who are cost-controlled for a minimum of three years.

With Klefbom’s injury, the Oilers should retain multiple bets on a medium term replacement, Samorukov AND Broberg, to de-risk #2LD for the duration of McDrai’s contracts. They should only be traded for a young proven cost-controlled D (example: someone like Sergachev).

I like the players, but do not like the price you are suggesting the OIlers pay.

Unless someone identifies the next JT MIller, young, proven, cost-controlled for four years, I am not trade 1st round draft picks or Samorukov (or Holloway or Broberg).

Sergachev meets my critieria for a D.


Tomorrows news:
HH actually bet on Vegas to win the cup and we are all idiots for not realizing how great Vegas was all along.


The mob knows how to handle fast talking welchers.


Other than the 44 second OT in game 2, the VGK have outshot the mighty Avs in 8 straight periods, 109 – 50. That’s an average of 13.63 shots for and just 6.25 shots against per period. How is it that the Avs mighty offense is suddenly so flaccid? They’ve scored just 3 goals in that 8-period stretch, too (again, not counting the OT goal).

This has got to be the most 1-sided series this year.


Hockey is still a big man sport. Vegas is big fast and skilled. Zack still has a place in my lineup. You know Dutter hockey is about truculence and intimidation. We don’t have enough bigger players for deep playoff runs. I find it difficult at this point to see Kailor being effective in the playoffs


Calendar year 2019 has a place in my lineup.

Calendar years 2020 and 2021 (so far) does not (and that’s without taking in to account contract) – so little positive and often negative impact.


Looking at the 2019 crops they don’t have the intimation factor. Speed skill which is good. Still need a Zack in the lineup to protect them. That part of the NHL hasn’t completely gone away. Especially when down the road they probably will look at bringing it back.


I can’t remember the last time that Kassian initiated in defence of a teammate. I do remember his initiating in defence of himself, multiple times, taking penalties (they helped lose games) and suspensions.


I think Yamo had good moments in the playoffs, but he has to produce and didn’t for a good long time. I don’t think upgrading on Yamo is a priority right now, but he has to prove he belongs next season.

Scungilli Slushy

My issue with Yama is how he plays.

He has enough jam to be in the NHL. The most successful players that are small rely on mobility and skill to get the better of their opponents.

Kane is so fluid and deceptive. Gallagher is a bulldog (being a good Edmonton boy), but he’s an inch taller and 30! pounds heavier. He also gets hurt a lot.

If Yama can learn to elude players, and use his smarts to setup people, and to find soft spots to score, and to use positioning and stick on the boards, I think he can be a positive.

If he keeps trying to be physical and getting knocked around and on his kiester, and getting banged up, I think he won’t be good in playoffs and I’d rather have a big fast winger in his spot that can force the issue when it’s needed.

Last edited 3 months ago by Scungilli Slushy
Bank Shot

I think Yamo plays the right way and there is a spot for him in my lineup even if he’s not scoring at a torrid pace.

Just like the DRY line and ppg Yamo was a mirage, I think last year he was a little snake bit and we just might see a bit of bounce back next year.

Scungilli Slushy

Zach’s best two games of the year were the last two after he got up to speed again.

I think he’s a pain, too enigmatic, but he’s built for the playoffs and he’s still got great boots.


Joe Sakic is punching analytic personnel wondering why no one fucking told him about the great goal post curser.


Is Joe Sakic’s job in jeopardy?

This is 2 full games and 2/3 of 3rd game where the Avs are just getting fed – its amazing that shit-kicking the Knights are giving them.

This will be almost 10 years on the job for Sakic – if his team ends up not being able to. get past the 2nd round – with all the losing during Sakic’s tenure (including generationally bad teams well in to his tenure), one has to ask the question, no?


Thats why I wouldnt even bet HH’s fingers on the Avs to win. Didnt think they could survive the heavies

Scungilli Slushy

Man they are a big team.


I could only dream of having a Alex Tuch on the third line.


Who’s got better team. EDM or COL?



Scungilli Slushy

Col right now, Kenny’s summer pending.


Avs with a breathtaking performance thus far in a Seinfeld kinda way.

Ice Sage

They look to be experiencing shrinkage

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

OP trolling … this is a new look.


And he didn’t even have to go to a Canuck site.


No it’s not

Ice Sage

Wow how could this Avalanche team, the vaunted second coming of 80’s Oilers – Red Army, be made to look so mortal tonight by a hardworking grinding 4 year old team?
Well, looks to me like they’re being ‘Winnipegged’ – top line suffocated, D, now looking ‘small’ on their heels from a hard forecheck… could it be that Grubauer has been covering some weaknesses? Good luck signing him for under 5!!!


So much for that great undersized D. This may end HH’s Bromance.

Scungilli Slushy

Being played heavy is always the worry when you want to ice a lot of undersized skill.

I don’t think there are many undersized players that keep the level up when it gets really heavy.

They will make their plays, but usually end up on their heels or the perimeter or both.

It will be interesting to see if Sakic will stick with so many small and or light skill D. Byram Girard Makar Toews Timmins are all under 191,two are shorter.

True Johnson is hurt. They also have a lot of small forwards.

Joe might also be busy this summer.


HH why do you keep stating that Seattle will be aggressive in free agency?

Ron Francis is extremely methodical and even a riverboat gambler GM wouldn’t blow 6 million on free agents in their inaugural season.

Who did Vegas sign before that first season? I don’t think anyone. They got their marquee name player in Fleury and then went about their business fleecing the other GMs and building assets.

I expect to see similar from Francis. He’ll grab a couple American stars like Tyler Johnson and TJ Oshie. He’ll do an outstanding job uncovering the best assets and leveraging teams as much as possible but I’d guess most teams will just take the gut punch of losing a player rather than get Marchessaulted again.

And if he does catch lightning in a bottle that has them in the hunt for a playoff spot? I STILL think he’ll sell and acquire assets. I see him being very quiet in the UFA race.


Because hes grasping for straws hoping to see any team beat the Oilers

Ice Sage

‘Marchessaulted’? That’s gold, man, well played.

Scungilli Slushy

What I wonder is whether there is an internal cap?

I imagine the owners have spent as much money as they want to getting in, not tossing in more if they don’t hit revenue targets.


What would it take to get TJO?

I couldn’t believe STL let him go…


Honest question. How many goals did EDM PP2 get this season?

Bank Shot

I would guess 2-3 tops. Hard to find that data anywhere I imagine, but with how common it was that McDrai played the full two minutes I think the number would be pretty low.

I’m okay with McDrai playing the whole two minutes though. Seems like the bet bang for your buck.


Edmonton had a PP2?


Better question, how much powerplay time outside of garbage time (game already decided) did they get?


1 goal.

231 minutes with Connor and Leon: 46GF-4GA

3.5 min with Connor NO Leon: 1-0

5.5 min with Leon NO Connor: 0-0

30 min with NO Connor NO Leon: 1-0


Hahahaha hahaha


A big chunk of that 30 minutes doesn’t really count cause it is a bunch of 15-20 second shifts at the end of a power play.



You won’t hear me crapping on the Oilers PP2 for their poor production.


The question should be how much time did the pp2 get? PP1 get at least 1:30 time first, and then puck into the oilers zone. PP2 probably get 20 seconds to work after that.

Bank Shot

30 minutes according to JP.


Hard to score from the bench.


Yeah. Kailer. I certainly was one who took some time to understand his potential but more so due to my incorrect assessment of his skating – his straight ahead speed is better than I gave credit for and to go with his edges his skating works. Now, I am worried about his size. Not height but just how tiny he is. Initially this didn’t concern me at all and I thought the size concerns were overblown but man does he take a beating. Not so sure he can last.


I’m glad you’ve seen the light.

It bothered me that you previously slagged him to such a degree. His skating was never a weak point.

His size is always going to be a concern (“bird bones” as they say) but his smarts should help him sustain. I’ve said it before, he should do his best to emulate Martin St. Louis by doing leg day every other day to improve his base and become more stable.

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

A few quick hits…..

You keep Kassian because as soon as you trade him you are looking at obtaining the exact same player type. What we need is a coach who can get him to play up to his potential. We need this type of player in the top six as we are way too soft and small for the playoffs.

No buy-outs. It only pushes the pain back and extends it. You can trade Kos with a retention without losing any picks. If Klef is done you try trade him to ARZ with Kos (50% retained) and Jones. They have the cap space. This also lowers ARZ salary burden as Klef is insured (important to them) Jones is a very cheap dman which they need (important to them) and Kos only has a year left (important to them).

Give Neal a well defined full-time 4th line / PP1 role with speedy C-RW like McLeod and Archie). If he scores close to 20 then the salary is OK. Somebody gets those cherry minutes to inflate their stats and next contract. Might as well be Neal as long as he scores (and I think he will).

RNH get money or term, not both. If he wants $6 million then it’s only 3 years. Otherwise offer 5×5. If he walk, then he walks.

We need a 1RD who compliments Nurse. Doesn’t have to be Seth Jones. It’s not Bear and we need Lars for 2RD. Bouchard needs another year or two. Dumba for Bear+ might be do-able.

Bonino for a year works for me at 3C. I doubt MIN has the cap room with Kaprizov, JEE and Fiala all RFA.

Bank Shot

Yeah I like packaging a 1st with Neal and trading that hit either this year of the next. Having dead cap space for the remainder of Draisaitl’s contract is pretty undesirable.


A 1st round pick for $1.9M of cap space X 4?

I’m not so sure I like that.

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

Yeah no way that makes sense. I’d run the hell out of Neal on PP1 as net-front guy and let him pick up the cheap goals on tips and 3 foot shots. Those cheap goals get awfully expensive at contract time though, but Neal can do the job without it affecting our salary structure. Bringing back Chaser while Neal is still on the roster is senseless. At ES give Neal some fast linemates on the 4th line who also PK (eg McLeod and Archie) and try to break even.


Given what we saw this season, I’m not so sure Neal can pick up those cheap goals on the PP nor take a regular shift at evens.

Of course, he was never 100% this past season – bad Covid and post-Covid issues and, apparently, further non-Covid illness during the season.

To the extent they find a way to build the roster and don’t need to buy Neal out, I anticipate he’s the 14F heading in.

Its tough for me to see him get much PP time next season with the management statements regarding building from within via youth development (partial build).


Weirdest thing, Neal actually had pretty decent results in limited minutes this year (as did Ennis FWIW).

With him on ice (5v5) the team had 47% of the shots and scored 48% of the goals (10GF-11GA). Those are good results for the Oilers bottom 6.

And he scored 0.82G/60, 1.44 P/60 at 5v5. Both numbers better than any top 6 winger aside from Puljujarvi (who was just slightly ahead).

I’m not predicting a resurgence for James Neal or anything, but it’s not at all a stretch that he can be a useful 4th (even 3rd?) line player next season.

I still think Holland will buy him out though.


Long covid LTIR Robidas island for two years?


Of course, the player actually has to be “injured/sick” for that to happen and it doesn’t seem like Neal will be unable to play due to Covid.

Of course, having a $5.75MM player on LTIR for two years is far far far from an ideal situation is one is looking to improve the team, in particular in-season.

Bank Shot

No a first round pick to get rid of the ~6 mil in order to avoid $2 X 4.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bank Shot

That’s the same thing, no?

I’d rather keep the 1st round pick and take the buyout cost.


I wonder who was the last team that has gotten swept after previously sweeping a opponent in the previous series?


Congrats to team Canada. Nick Paul had an excellent game.


Loser tournament.


tournament or comment?

I enjoyed watching the game this morning/afternoon.


This is a stupid comment. What’s the point ?


Quick who won the World Championship 2 years ago. Its where the loser non playoff players and their girlfriends go to party for a couple of weeks. Ask any NHLer Stanley Cup rings and Olympic Gold Medals are all that matter.

Chicken Tikkanen

Finland. Just because it doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.


Quick who won the World Championship 2 years ago. Its where the loser non playoff players and their girlfriends go to party for a couple of weeks. Ask any NHLer Stanley Cup rings and Olympic Gold Medals are all that matter.

Of course, this year, they were in a bubble and not allowed outside of it…..


Ryan Smyth seemed to think it matters, a lot.




3-0 Habs. Honest question. If Montreal makes it to the Cup Finals can the Oilers be considered a cup contender? Maybe with a bit of an upgrade in goaltender (depth for sure)?

Harpers Hair

Is Montreal a cup contender?

No they aren’t. They will get smoked by any of Vegas, Colorado, Tampa, Boston or Carolina.

You’re also assuming the Pacific Division will be a cakewalk next season without knowing what the offseason will bring.

Adding a goaltender and a bit of depth won’t cure the Oilers of being bereft of scoring without McDavid on the ice.

To be a contender, the Oilers first of all have to get by Vegas just for the pleasure of meeting Colorado, Minnesota or St. Louis in the conference final.

We also know its go time for the LAK and with their huge cap space, prime prospect pool and smart management, they should take several steps forward with smart free agent additions. Worth noting, they were very good at the tail end of the season.

Calgary is pretty much a complete unknown but Treveling has never been shy about swinging for the fences.

And then there is Seattle…with the right moves in the offseason, they could very well be competitive right out of the gate.


The west is a cake walk. Calgary Vancouver Anaheim LA and Seattle are all gonna be in an epic battle for lottery.

Harpers Hair

You have no idea what most of those teams will look like…never mind how they will finish.


But you do??
anyway you cut it there’s only one team with 2 of the best players in the world on it and we know what they can do without a supporting cast.
LA – growing pains even with bringing in multiple defensemen and top 6 players
Calgary – wheels are falling off.
Anaheim – mega growing pains
Vancouver help us Obi-won Podkolzin you’re our only hope and you have desperate Benning flailing for his job.
Seattle – Pressure will be on after Vegas. Still amazing what they did. Doubt anyone will come close to repeating
Vegas they will be so bored


Just the same as you have no idea what the Oilers will look like.

you are fucking hilarious – every day you drone on and on about how much every other team will improve and then make the statement that Leadfarmer has no idea what the other teams will look like. How is it that you know what all those other teams will look like?

Every one of your posts should be ignored by all.


Yes with the right moves every team could be competitive, except the Oilers of course. They don’t get to make improvements.

Harpers Hair

They can…but seldom do.


Actually this is the first time Holland isn’t cap strapped so you have absolutely no idea


The Oilers haven’t improved year-over-year?


OIlers fans are well acquainted with loser teams doing well at the end of the season.

Doughty doesn’t sound like he is interested in breaking in a bunch of rookies, rookies who were routinely handled by the Oilers’ scrubs in Bakersfield.

Harpers Hair

The Reign were a very young team and improved tremendously as the season progressed.

The Condors were led by a group of aged failed draft picks.


The key to stopping Mcdavid and Draisatl is to throw a bunch of rookies at them


Like I said a few days ago, you continually say every other team will improve all the while the Oilers won’t. So are so full of bitter shit.

Last edited 3 months ago by Sierra

I don’t think this is the year we should be all in. We are not a cup contender this coming year, so why buy Neal and Kosi? Save that money, we need pay Nurse a year later.


Never buy out an expiring contract!!
as far as Neal it all depends on who Holland has his eyes set on as you clearly aren’t going to buy out a guy if you don’t the cap


This is why I hope there is an arb filing (Kahun, Khaira) – the risk of a high reward is slim and it opens up a second buyout window which gives management more time to ascertain if more cap is “needed”.

Bank Shot

I wonder if a GM has ever asked a player to file for arb just to help out with team flexibility. Ideally you get a guy like Kahun to go to arb and then just settle before the actual arb.


I believe the first goal for Holland is to fix the goal.
For me, that means signing Smith to 2m+bonuses. Signing Ullmark for 5×5 should be top priority.

Next, dealing with cap:
Buyout Neal.
Trade Koskinen with 1.5 retained for a low pick.
Keep Klefbom on LTIR until playoffs.

Bring back
Larsson 3.5×3
Nuge 5.5×5
Yam 2×2
Kulikov 1.6×1
Kahun, Khaira, Chiasson, Shore

At this point, there’s 14m left in cap space.

Sign some of Granlund, Armia, Wennberg, Tatar or Coleman.
Look for a trade involving Kassian to the NYR, I believe they are about to waaay overvalue him.
You might be able to get
Kassian+1st+Samorukov for Buchnevich
or less for Ryan Strome.

See if you can pull Max Domi off of Columbus.

Basically make a couple of trades for 24-25year old skilled forwards.
Trade with teams that are about to enter a rebuild or something strange like the Rangers and Sabers.


watching the Habs game and it’s like how are we not playing, ooh that’s right we have the 2 best forwards in the league surrounded by hobbits Kahun and Yamo are not top 6 forwards. When the going gets tough you need a couple of assholes ( Perry etc) these players can be found quite easily as Holland has assets on D it’s time to cash in on Bear and Jones.

Scungilli Slushy

I like most of your ideas.

I feel Kassian and Samurokov is enough to get buchnevich. Teams have asked about Samurokov already, there is a reason.

I don’t think I’d use him or Broberg for trade unless it was a big time deal, they with nurse are the future backbone of the D, and soon.

Bouchard will be the play driver, he might develop a strong two way game, but to me that is less certain than the former two being excellent at defending at least. Huge with good D skills already and excellent boots.

I wouldn’t trade the first for anything but an elite level player, or one promising to be one. I don’t think Buch is that, even if a good player with size.

I also don’t know if he’s a strong two way guy.

More scorers that bleed won’t move the dial forward.

They need players that help Connor and Leon score more and win their matchups.

Those players will produce offensive because of that. Assuming Ken doesn’t let his pro scouts lead him to more Chiassons and Kahuns.

5v5 scorers, ideally with strong shooting/ finishing skills. No more no finish playmakers please. You can’t often pass the puck into the net, which is why Connor developed his shot early, he figured it out immediately.


Just a reminder for some – Zach Hyman is only a few months older than RNH.

Is signing Hyman a good idea? Not sure.

Would it be possible for Zach to clear the very, very, very low bar that RNH set playing LW with a GOD?

It think it would be possible.

As both Hyman and RNH approach 30 – and gradually lose half a step- I wonder whose game is more suited to playoffs?


I vote Nuge


Hyman’s career high in points is 41.

Extrapolating for full seasons, he looks to be about a 50 point winger but he’s yet to do that, partially due to injury history and partially due to a later peak.

Nuge is simply a better hockey player, better offensively and better all-around. There is a number of years that provide the evidence for this. I think its clear that this season was a one-off for Nuge and I don’t imagine he’s in regression year. I anticipate he’ll continue to be a better player than Hyman for the next number of years.

Yes, Nuge had a tough year playing with McDavid. I wouldn’t expect Hyman to have a material bump in stats if he came and played with McDavid. His most common icemates this season:


As far as playoff performer goes…… Hyman had 1G in 7 games this year and hasn’t been overly productive in the past. Lets not forget Nuge’s production last year aginst the Hawks.


Hyman is 10 months older. Basically a year.

Hyman’s per 82 games scoring since he’s been a regular:
16-17 82-10-18-28
17-18 82-15-25-40
18-19 82-24-23-47
19-20 82-34-25-59
20-21 82-29-34-63

Nuge’s per 82 games scoring over the same years:
16-17 82-18-25-43
17-18 82-32-32-64
18-19 82-28-41-69
19-20 82-28-49-77
20-21 82-25-30-55

Hyman has missed more time due to injury.

Hyman has spent 72% of his 5v5 TOI Matthews and/or Marner (almost 30% of it with both together).
Nuge has spent 53% of his TOI with McDavid and/or Draisaitl (less than 2% of it with both together).

Hyman has scored 32-5-8-13 in his playoff career.
Nuge has scored 21-3-11-14 in his playoff career.

Would it be possible for Hyman to clear the low bar Nuge set playing with McDavid. Definitely possible. Not sure it’s a good bet though.

Who’s better suited to the playoffs as they approach 30? Not sure. Nuge has been pretty consistently the better player to this point in their careers though.

Last edited 3 months ago by jp

5v5 TOI with is over the last 3 seasons combined.

Randle McMurphy

Playoffs? Don’t talk about—playoffs?! You kidding me? Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game! Another game!”


Still good with Nugent-Hopkins at $5.25 million a year over 6 years IF the last two years are low salary and minimal to no NTC’s (5 teams max type of thing). Longer term at fewer dollars and still available for trade later on. I may be delusional but I don’t think he will fall off a cliff like the $6 million dollar men did so he will retain more value imo – just maybe not enough for Edmonton to keep him all 6 years.

Do hope Holland is active in the Cap squeeze market and keeps $2-4 million back so he can take full advantage of the trade deadline.

OP’s point re: Kahun and a 2nd buy-out window was very interesting… well worth the thumb’s-up. This will be a wild off-season in my mind so more flex is MUCH better as far as I am concerned.

Between the Skinner contract and the Okposo contract one would think Chiarelli is running that team, just dreadful management really, so if they do reload and trade Reinhart – and Reinhart is interested in a $6 million (or so) per year contract extension – then I would be trying to make that work.

Mike Smith at $2 million and another $1 million in bonuses is fine with me. Devin Shore at $800k or less is also just fine. Would do those earlier than later to tell you the truth.

Hoping the Nurse extension comes in around $7.2 to $7.5 million per year on a 6+ year deal.

Still noting that a Koskinen buy-out is $1.5 million per year over 2 years – meaning Holland can bring in $3 million worth of goalie at no ‘extra’ cost in year 1.

Suspect Bernier and Mrazek are early check-ins for Holland, even if just as a fall-back options. Dreidger is the more interesting/better (imo) option but I have a feeling Bernier or Mrazek could be had for less than $3 million per year on a three year deal ($2.5m or even less is my guess).


Nice post – good read.

Nuge – absolutely, I will take anything below $6MM for any term of 6 years or less. Of course 4 years would be better but Nuge is a prime bounce-back candidate and I, as well, think he will show little regression from his normal game over the next 3-4 years. A contract for term is likely mid-loaded – lower salary to start due to high escrow.

Keeping any cap space will be a tough one given the Klefbom situation. If he is on LTIR it will make it tough as, of course, his $4.1MM will always count against the cap. The ability to “spend more” is vis-a-vis going over the cap which, of course, leads to no acrrual of cap space to bank.

Nurse at below $7.5MM? Sign it on July 28. Anything below $8MM and I’ll be happy.

On Koskinen, I really don’t want that 2nd year of $1.5MM. A trade with 50% retained would be ideal (would open up a bit less cap this year but then the contract is done). I may even prefer burying him in the minors to a buyout – it only saves $1.125MM on the cap (as opposed to $3MM on the buyout) but then there is no dead cap the second season.

I’m somewhat fine with Smith and Stalock for one year (to start). Stalock’s career numbers are a bit better than Mikko’s and he is a plus puck handler which helps the team play the same game every night. It would allow one year extra to asses Skinner and Konovalov to see if there is an internal option going forward (Rodrigue as well – he may have the highest ceiling but is raw).

Victoria Oil

Congrats to Team Canada! Amazing story!


Said this before but I love Canada winning this tournament when the Euros take it more seriously.


Ha….good for the Canadians…well done.

Cape Breton Oilers 4EVR

Watching this Power kid makes me way less open to trading a first round pick.


Why, do you think the Oilers have a shot at him?


Because he drops out of top 20??


Big goal Adam Henrique – game tied at 2 in the 3rd.


Nick Paul scores the OT Winner for Canada.

Good stuff!


LT, I like the “My Preference” suggestions, rather than the mock line-up.
Next year should be a much improved team, but I think they are still at least 1 year from being contenders. So, if they can find 2LW with 4-5.5M/yr with 2-3 yr term max that is my preference. It should not be too hard to lure a few of the players being discussed into the conversation to play with McD or Drai for 2-3 years. Hopefully in 2022-23 Holloway has established himself as a top 6LW option and still 2 years left on his ELC and one of the 2 new contracts can move down or alternating as a top 9 or be traded if the contract is not ugly.

Goaltending is an issue. MK is not as horrible as he appears sometimes, but the vibe from the coach and his use suggests he is done here. I would not buy him out, I would try to trade him with salary retained, at worse some cash is burned this year, better to save that cash for future years when the team is truly ready to contend. As much as Smith had a great and unforeseen performance year, assuming it would happen again is a massive risk that could prevent the team from making the play-offs. Again, a good idea is to buy a bit more time with an upgrade until a TRUE #1 goalie that can make this team a contender for 5 years in row materializes, either through trade, internal development or perhaps this years first round pick (+2-3 years). Ultimately the Oilers need to recognize they cannot skimp in this position and expect to be perennial contenders.


Sorry, a little off topic but when did we learn about our 2 most recent picks Holloway and Broberg before the draft. They were Telegraphed to us quite early. Our draft spot was too early for those guys and for others but if you want them you need to do it. Don’t think that will happen this year. My hope is they grab one of the top 2 goalies but if not available trade down.

Randle McMurphy

Kenny’s summer is like “”Im in Vegas; I just won a pile of cash at the blackjack table; Im headed to the Premium Outlet Mall.”

“Will I buy 3? Will I buy 4?”

Oh what a feelin’, what a rush!
Oh what a feelin’, what a rush!

(Loves me some Crowbar)

Hey, hey I feel alright. Unh, unh, unh!

(Four times, four for being good

Hey, hey I feel alright. Unh, unh, unh, unh!

Bop bada baa, Bop bada baa,
Bop bada baa, Bop bada baa,
Bop bada baa, Bop bada baa,
Bop bada baa, Bop bada baa,

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buck yoakam

absolutely!…my favourite tune from them was “badly bent”….


Kelly Jay and the band were tremendous stage performers as well. RIP KJ. Crowbar put Wawa Ontario on the map…for all the wrong but correct reasons. (Speaking as one who spent an unplanned night there due to a breakdown.)

buck yoakam

what is it about that place?…our family of seven broke down there with our 1958 ford ranch wagon….ha!!

Harpers Hair

CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) Tweeted:
BREAKING: The federal government has approved a travel exemption for the final 2 rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs that would allow NHL teams to cross the Canada-US border without quarantining. Players and club personnel will be subject to enhanced public health measures.

Harpers Hair

CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) Tweeted:
NHL players and team personnel will cross the border using private planes, and will be subject to pre and post-arrival testing in addition to daily COVID-19 tests. The players will have to live in a modified quarantine bubble and there will be no contact with the general public.

Randle McMurphy

“Oscar Klefbom’s injury may mean Holland has to invest in a free-agent defenseman. Ian Cole, Jake McCabe (knee injury a worry) and even Dmitry Kulikov could be options that cost less than Klefbom’s contract and could get Edmonton to the deadline as a playoff team.”

Vince Dunn


Based on his production this past year, Yamamoto is not a second string winger, they need to find another top six winger to fill that spot.


Based on his production the year before, he is.

I agree with what you are saying – perfect world right now is to have Kailer as the 3RD – in my opinion, he is, right now, an elite 3RW with clear ability to play 2RW and legit 2RW upside. We’ve seen him succeed as 2RW in the past and we’ve seen him struggle there.

He’d be an elite 3RW – High energy, tenacious, quick (good edges), great forechecker, draws penalties, kills penalties and has real skill.

Of course, to 6 LW is a bigger hole right now, however, if there is an ability to upgrade at top 6 RW on a reasonable transaction, go for it.

I see Lavoie as a right shot left winger if he makes the NHL so we have two potential top 6 LW options in the next few years in Lavoie and Holloway. That doesn’t help for this year but Benson might…….

Marody is likely not a real option and Savoie is years away as far as RW goes.

Maksimov and the other Russians are pure wild cards right now.


In 2020-21 he was a 3rd line RW (just barely, he was one point off being 2nd line by points scored).

In the last 30 games of 2019-20 he was a 1st line RW (tied for 39th in the league in points).

Shouldn’t we give him a chance to see if he settles in the middle? You know, as a 2RW?

FWIW, since his recall he’s tied for 109th in points among forwards. A high end 2nd line scorer in aggregate.


I really like Yamomoto. Motor that never stops. Strips pucks like a madman. Forechecking demon. That said I still think he is an elite 3rd line RW on a contending team who can provide good offence from that spot while being very strong on the PK. At 2RW he is OK or average. Slotting guys into their strongest role is the most difficult thing to do when you don’t have enough high end parts but it is what wins cups. Losing teams put guys in roles above their skill level and then trade them because they didn’t do a good enough job. A movie Oiler fans are all too familiar with.


Yeah, I think there’s no question that the team would be stronger if they can find someone to slot above and push Yamamoto to the 3rd line.

I do still think he’s got a good chance to be a better than average 2RW though.
(see: his scoring over 2 seasons, 79-19-28-47, most of it at 5v5. He’s 54th in the league in 5v5 scoring since his call-up).

In any case, I think needing to find another top 6 RW to replace Yamamoto is very far down on the list of offseason priorities (to the original post that I replied to).


Agreed that there are much higher priorities. Goal would be the place to start imo.


Yeah. The question is whether the right solution is out there this year for the right price.


One thing we’ve seen other teams do is utilize their cap space to pluck a good player off a team with cap issues. Vegas, Caps, TB, Isles all have major challenges for next year – I’m sure there is others. Perhaps this is the off-season where Edm can acquire a contributor for a pick and/or mid-level prospect and gets a player where salary is being retained by the trade partner or is the benefit of a pure dump. Something wild and wacky like Devon Toews for a second or Alex Tuch for Raphael Lavoie

Last edited 3 months ago by Melman

I like your team, of coarse trading away the only decent pick the team has means this draft is a right off completely, in fact I would suggest if they do this then they should trade the rest of their picks for a higher pick next season. Saves the poor scouts being responsible to find a player in the 4th round that has a chance of being an NHL player.

My only concern with trading the 1st round pick is some team or two will draft a player in the late 1st round that will be a star player. This draft most of the scouts are guessing after pick #10, so a 21st pick is not much different from say pick #12.

The teams drafting has gotten much better, as long as the GM listens to them.

Still don’t buy the all in because of McDavid, you even admitted this team even with the additions will still have holes. Then what, come trade deadline the GM trades away a bunch of very valuable picks as well. Great if the team goes far, if it doesn’t it puts the team back 2-3 years and then we are talking about trading McDavid anyway.

This teams lacks an identity, they are simply a team with 2 super stars that score a lot when they are on the ice, that’s it. After these two players the team is below average to bad in most situations. That’s not a contender, its a pretender.


Does it make sense to not just qualify Kahun but encourage him to file for arbitration even if a contract is agreed to? Don’t have to go to arbitration but the filing will open up a 2nd buyout window. This would provide Holland more time to ascertain if buyouts are necessary.


I agree on requring term (or team control) if that 1st round pick is being moved – Holland agrees to, words from his mouth.

If Keumper would agree to a 2-3 year extension at a reasonable cost, that would be something.

I like the thought of the 1st plus for Reinhart – the plus may be Samorukov or similar. Is that enough. Reinhart would need to agree to a reasonable extension for term. Yes, I know he is RW but I would be fine with Reinhart, Jesse, Kailer and Archie as the 3 right wings – move Kass to the east with $750K retained (stupid dead cap hit again….).

Philip Broberg performed well in his North American audition in the bubble, he might be that rare player who flourishes with more structure. Dmitri Samorukov should be ahead of Broberg in development (he’s older), perhaps he’s an answer by the deadline. The same applies to Dylan Holloway among the forwards.

I agree on Broberg – been saying that he might show better on North American ice and once he gets to the majors with better players and systems. We know that he will start at camp – elite skaters with size and skill always do – Ryan McLeod did twice without being NHL ready. Broberg shining at camp wouldn’t mean he’s NHL ready but he could have a Klefbom type trajectory from here.

I do think Samorukov could impact that NHL lineup, could be well before the deadline as well.

I really have no idea how Holloway’s season will go. I watch almost all his games this past season and, my goodness, what a motor. I do note that he popped in his 2nd season in college, not his first and many pop in their 2nd years of pro, not the first.

He turns 20 during camp – what league does he finish the season in?


Put me down for a

Zack Kassian for Jason Zucker trade. (modulo stuff)


If Pittsburgh is looking for a veteran goaltender to pair with Jarry, perhaps Desmith would become available.

Then Zack Kassian plus for Zucker and Desmith.

Wonder Llama

Kassian + Kahun + prospect
I could mistaken, but I thought I read somewhere that Malkin liked playing with Kahun and would like him back.

Randle McMurphy

Holland needs to concern himself with 3 things in Free Agency.

Term. Term. And Term.

Anyone getting 5 years has to be considered a lock. I dont see any locks in free agency.

Therefore, I like adds like Coleman and Armia with 3 year term (both are playing very well in this years playoffs)

Then shop in the bargin bin for a forward that is willing to take a show me deal on a 1 year term.

Try and buy a goalie and take one in the first round of the entery draft.

Last edited 3 months ago by Randle McMurphy

Firstly, I don’t think that $19MM would be a bargain bin low price for those four players:

Nuge – $6M (that’s on the high end right now)
Larsson – $4M (again, that’s on the high end)
Hyman – $5M
Smith $2M (anything more for a base/cap hit is not bargain bin to me).

That’s $17MM and two are for sure on the high-end and Hyman, well, he may require more but that would be a classic UFA overpay, no?

Al, you keep putting $3MM for Smith but acknowledge you are thinking $2MM plus bonuses – in that scenario, cap hit for this season is $2MM (vested bonuses will hit at the end and could cause overages for next season but they don’t limit cap space this season).

Last edited 3 months ago by OriginalPouzar
Randle McMurphy

ha! wry smile

(its like you’ve got one long nose hair and OP is lurking with a pair of scissors)

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Randle McMurphy

Or you’re wearing running shoes with a Tuxedo on. Hey LT……You’re wearing sneakers.


Tweezers to make his eyes water!😉


I just don’t understand why – his cap number in that scenario is $2MM.


OK, fair enough but the bonuses don’t limit the cap space in the current season – they could provide a penalty for next season but, when discussing the amount of cap space for this season and building a team for this season, they aren’t a factor.

Anyways, you have your reasons and I guess I just don’t understand them. That’s OK, there is plenty I don’t understand.

Randle McMurphy

OK. Now that thats settled. How about that Center RW LW thing?

John Chambers

In Free Agency Holland needs to avoid the Day 1 and 2 bidding wars.

Someone wants Hyman at 5.5 x 6? Let them live with it. Understandably Nuge and his agent want to explore the open market to see if someone offers $6.5 – $7M. My guess is that someone does and it’s “sail on Red Deer Rebel”.

Day 3 and 4 Tomas Tatar and Wennberg remain unsigned and both can be had for two years at a combined $8M per – go for it. Later Mike Hoffman takes a 1 year “Tyson Barrie” deal, as does Ryan Murray.

Other than perhaps Hamilton there isn’t a single player who can meaningfully improve the team on their own, but adding 4 guys, all with warts but useful nonetheless, for the available cap is the shrewd way to proceed, IMO.

Last edited 3 months ago by John Chambers
Harpers Hair

Some smart GMs will be well ahead of that process by identifying other teams that are in danger of losing good players in the expansion draft for nothing.

For example, it’s highly likely Colorado will lose Ryan Graves to Seattle unless Joe can swap him for an asset that doesn’t need protection.

In this scenario, I could see Sakic contacting old friend and team mate Rob Blake and sending Graves to LAK in return for one of his dozen high end prospects.

Colorado has Bo Byram ready to replace Graves, frees up cap space and gets a great young asset in return while LA significantly upgrades its D Corp.

The question then arises, does Holland have the assets to get out in front of this opportunity?


That’s what the expansion draft does. It increases the liquidity while also decreasing trade value of top four defensemen.

Imagine, Bob Murray couldn’t put together a trade for Theodore.

Now is the time to shop for one.

It’s too bad Ken doesn’t read or play the trade market well.


Getting a top four D is not the difficulty! Fitting him into the flat cap world when two of your players take up almost 25% and you have Nurse toner-sign is. There is cheap help either ready this year or next in Samorukov and Broberg.

Harpers Hair

Also…I don’t think this is the year for a passive approach in free agency.

Seattle will be fishing in these waters with a ton of cap space and will skim off the cream while the other teams who also have cap and are willing to spend it like LAK will have a tremendous advantage.

You can hope for them to make some mistakes and they might but I wouldn’t count on it due to their commitment to analytics informing their decisions.


The reality is you can’t compete with a team with cap such as Seattle so if you try you will overpay!


A regular year would see the cap increase by 5m. 155m over 31 teams so the 60ish million that Seattle bring this year is less than normal. (20ish will go to the additional league spots. Which will be filled by replacement level players.)

Seattle will negate 1/3 to 1/2 of the effect of the flat cap.

Compared to last year, I expect this one to be a lot more normal.

Last edited 3 months ago by Dac189

I’m glad you pulled back from that first lineup because watching these playoffs, that team would be run out of the rink. After watching The 2 Tampa Bay rounds this year, those games have been extremely fast paced and hard as nails hockey. Colorado, Florida, Vegas, Boston, NYI and even Carolina would bully themselves past the Oilers. I think the Oilers need to build a playoff team. This team should make the playoffs with relative ease, especially with the pacific being not as strong as in the past. Bringing back players who won’t push back when pushed need to left out of the lineup. Instead of shopping in the $6M, isle for players, spend money on players in the $4M range that play with grit and speed, the players who end up being so important in a team game that when the game matters, they show up.


LT, what about the RFA market? I don’t know other teams well enough to know who might be available?


Time for a hard targets article !

Harpers Hair

Here ya go.

Obvioulsy many of these will be signed by their current teams.


Can the Islanders afford Anthony Beauvillier?

Nick Ritchie would look good in the Oil drop.


Pittsburgh is always tight to the cap.

Blueger Bleuger anyone?

Harpers Hair

A great target.

Randle McMurphy

And would allow you to move Kassian

Harpers Hair

The RFA I would target is Andrew Copp.

He would be an ideal 3C.

Winnipeg has cap issues and desperately needs defensemen.

Which Oiler D prospect would it take?


Winnipeg doesn’t have cap problems. Nor does it really have a desperate need for defense. Heinola is ready to play. Stastny has made a fortune in his career and re-sign for cheap. He probably will even come to camp on a tryout and wait to sign on Day 1 whe Little goes on LTIR.

Harpers Hair

Stastny, Perrault, Copp, Pionk, Poolman, Stanley And Broissoit all need new contracts.

They have cap issues.


Sam Reinhart.

1st, Samorukov, Kassian (with $750K retained).

I think the $750K retained takes the negative value out of the Kass contract so that’s a move to open up the right wing spot.

Right wing depth chart of:


I presume Reinhart will sign 4-5 years around $5.5M.

Last edited 3 months ago by OriginalPouzar
Harpers Hair

Buffalo will get much better offers than a washed up tough guy and a B level prospect who has never played in the league.


I think they are going to save 4.1 million and walk away from Perrault. Many wanted him bought out here….but Jets don’t roll that way. Perrault’s next birthday will be his

I believe some Jets fans feel they will lose Copp to expansion. Not 100% sure on that

Harpers Hair

Yep…I’ve seen Copp mentioned often as an expansion draft casualty.

Someone might swoop in first.


If KH comes back with a forward group like that he has

1 – marginally improved the Top 6
2 – has a bottom 6 that still can’t score

Look at Teams Still playing hockey right now and see who they have on their 3rd lines.

Tuch, Ritchie, Coyle, Gourde, niedereitter, cirelli, nishuskin, jost … etc etc ….

KH needs to add 3 legit Forwards. 1 for each of the Top 3 lines.


I keep seeing Bear as the 1RHD on this team. This is craziness IMO, Nurse and the first defense pair are going to play with Connor and against the other teams best players. Bear has played 139 NHL games, he showed promise in his first audition, last year he played lots of third pair minutes and did …ok, but I think we can all agree he did not knock those minutes out of the park and maybe regressed???

IF Bear is in our top 4 next year I like;


unless Klefbolm is fully back to health this is group is not that impactful next year.


I somewhat agree with you on Bear, but Larsson as 1RD is not the answer.

Randle McMurphy


Randle McMurphy



Nurse/Larsson played over 800 minutes together in 2017/18 and were very very good – positive possession metrics and a GF% of almost 57%. I know they’ve struggled together after that time (not this year, didn’t play together much at all) but they have a history of success and, of course, Nurse is a better player now.

With that said, I would like to start the season with Bear paired with Nurse and the hope that, by season’s end, Bouchard may be ready for the additional minutes – i do think Nurse/Bouchard could be very good in the long run (Klef/Bouchard as well).

As far as Nurse/Bear together with McDavid, the trip played over 500 minutes together last season and essentially sawed off. That’s not good enough but, of course, Nurse is a better player now.

Of note, in 2019/20, McDavid did better with each of Bear and Nurse separately than together (as far as goal share) – not a big sample though for each.


GRANLUND(29) – $3,750,000
WENNBERG(26) – $2,250,000
COLEMAN (29) – $1,800,000

I push hard for Wennberg. He is 2 -3 yrs younger; those years can matter. Has solid fancy stats. On pace this yr for 25 G in full season.

Wennberg has already been bought out once, so I think that would give KH some leverage.

What kind of contract would he want? No idea? Can’t pay him more than $3 mil per. If Wennberg is willing to keep AAV low; I would throw 4 -5 term at him (based on age).

Granlund has solid fancies. Worth a Look.

I only sign Coleman IF LESS THAN 3 year deal.


Just wondering how realistic acquiring Seth Jones would be. If you could get him for something like bear, samorukov/ Bromberg and a pick would you do it? Shore up your top defence pair for the future and still have the room to add to the middle six and goalie 1b.

Randle McMurphy


(I know you dont want him…..just wanted to get a “Triple Barrie” in the comments section)


Jones is an $8 million something defensemen after next year, when one has Evan Bouchard, Ethan Bear, Philip Broberg, and Dmitri Samorukov, all young with highly probable top 4 potential, who can likely play the right side at value rates for the short to medium term.

Last edited 3 months ago by godot10

A top pairing Dman now vs some level of potential down the road…but in reality the Oil can’t afford S. Jones in their cap management.


I don’t think the Oilers could trade for Seth Jones. Never mind that he has a modified NTC, he has stated that he wants to explore free agency.

What would be the acquisition price for 1-year of Seth Jones if we’re not on his 10 team no trade list?

After that, either he walks or you’re paying free agent prices to extend him.

I don’t think it makes sense to spend the significant assets it would require to obtain Jones just for the chance to pay free agent prices to extend him.

What makes more sense is for a team that’s a serious cup contender next year to acquire him at the deadline, particularly if he might fit in their cap structure going forward.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ryan
Wonder Llama

Has Seth Jones really “poisoned the well” in Columbus with his talk of exploring free agency? Because I wonder if something could be worked out in the opposite direction. Instead of leaving Caleb exposed for Seattle, perhaps he’s someone the Jackets might be interested in. Gets an asset for the Oilers and helps the Jackets retain one of their stars. Might even be a nice marketing point for Columbus: have two African-American brothers ever played for the same NHL team before?


It’s worth a few phone calls at least. Ask Brothers Jones how they would feel about this. If they are jazzed, I am pretty sure CBJ could think of a few options that could get KHs attention.

Randle McMurphy

Im pretty sure lots of players serve as a back-channel for GM’s


Someone is going to look at Hyman’s 5v5 scoring and think he’s worth the price. These are definitely the contracts you later regret. Really think most non-star forwards should be given 2-3 year contracts to keep them motivated (Kassian). Too many guys play it up in UFA years only to disappear once the contract is signed for it to be a coincidence.


The best summer for me would be:
Nuge $5.4 x 4
Coleman $4.2 x 3 or Tatar $5.0 x 2
Larsson $3.8 x 4
Ullmark $4.5 x 4
Trade Koskinen & 2022 3rd
Buyout Neal


Arguably the most successful wingman for Connor was Pat Maroon, and even Looch had a pretty good Year 1. Yet, when discussing who to get to play on the top line, being able to skate at warp speed seems a mandatory requirement. Maybe we are shopping in the wrong aisle.

I agree with a comment LT made a few days ago that KH has set things up to make big moves this off season (and considering the heap of garbage Chia left I believe he has done well to get two post seasons in two years). Flat cap and Klefbom have complicated things but now is the time when he will earn his money.


Yeah, if it’s McDavid on the rush, it’s probably McDavid scoring the goal, unless Draisaitl is on the ice.

Maroon just parked his big butt in front of the net and that’s the kind of winger I think McDavid needs.


Puljujarvi does that and more. McDavid needs a left wing who is quick and can pass on the rush, can battle in the corners, along the boards, and forecheck and backcheck like a demon.

Tampa has Maroon perfectly slotted, as an offensive only 4th line left winger with physicality who can play up the roster in a pinch and in tactical situations when the physicality dimension is required. And he is paid appropriately (less than $2 million and short duration) for that role.

Kassian is a comparable player (who is worse at all of those things than Maroon) is paid over $3 million with duration.


“Tampa has Maroon perfectly slotted, as an offensive only 4th line left winger with physicality who can play up the roster in a pinch and in tactical situations when the physicality dimension is required. And he is paid appropriately (less than $2 million and short duration) for that role.”

Much like 2 days ago where you think anyone talking about trading this years first is talking about trading it for a garbage like G. Reinhart, I don’t understand what point you are trying to make as nobody is suggesting obtaining Pat Maroon.

Last edited 3 months ago by Sierra

That a Maroon-like player is not the prototype for a McDavid winger.that the Oilers should be looking for.

Mainly because Puljujarvi already covers offe Maroon’s skill set and more.

And that a Maroon-type player is useful if they are on the 4th line with the ability to play up the roster in a pinch. And that the value for that is $2 million or less.


Maroon just parked his big butt in front of the net and that’s the kind of winger I think McDavid needs.

I think it was a bit more than that. For me, Maroon had a high end ability to arrive at the right time. He would be great on the offensive zone boards, digging the puck out, but the key was that he would arrive in the scoring area at the right time to receive the pass or bang in the rebound.

Its not always about getting there first or fast, it can be about getting there at the right time.


Arguably the most successful wingman for Connor was Pat Maroon, and even Looch had a pretty good Year 1. Yet, when discussing who to get to play on the top line, being able to skate at warp speed seems a mandatory requirement. Maybe we are shopping in the wrong aisle.

Very good point


Can we stop with this Zack Hyman is a good idea stuff. An aging right shot left wing for a generational left shot rush centre is pretty much lunacy.

I have never heard anyone argue that Zack Hyman’s strength is giving and receiving a backhand passes while skating faster than he has ever had to in his life.

Zack Hyman is a AWFUL idea….(whispers) David Clarkson. Milan Lucic, James Neal, Kyle Okposo, Louie Eriksson.


Agree. Hyman 2 years ago would have been palatable.


Dylan Holloway is the “next Hyman” with better wheels, higher upside, etc.

He’s just not likely to fully arrive for a bit.

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