I Believe in Marody

by Lowetide
Photo by Mark Williams

This is Cooper Marody. He signed a one-year, two-way deal with the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, a deal that will pay him $750,000 in the NHL and $150,000 in the AHL. It’s a slightly higher total than linemate Tyler Benson received recently, Marody’s AHL deal worth $50,000 more.

What does it mean for Marody? He’ll need to clear waivers in getting sent down and there’s a chance someone (Seattle Kraken?) will pluck him off waivers. Marody’s time in Edmonton has been something less than fruitful and a crossroads appears on the horizon. Can he make the Oilers this fall?



I’m not a scout, and I’m not a coach, and I’m certainly not a math genius working the hockey numbers. None of those things. No sir. I’m an (aging) gentleman who can write a little, talk a lot and has some ability to observe things over a (very) long period of time. Eventually I reach conclusions, and some of them are right.

Since he was acquired by Edmonton in the spring of 2018, you and I have been staring at Marody. He’s a skilled player, a righty center and (when healthy) a point-per-game (or more) AHL talent. In his rookie season with the Bakersfield Condors, he posted over a point-per-game and was an outstanding player at that level. He even made it to the NHL for six games, and looked good.

He was hurt in the spring of 2019 in a playoff series against the Colorado Eagles (by a former Oiler prospect, of course) and it derailed him for the following season. In 2020-21, the old Marody returned, a better scorer this time, and a man who moved to wing in order to push for an NHL job.

Over three years, fans were patient, then impatient and then began making statements as if they were a universal known. “Marody is too slow” went from a statement of opinion to something of a fact. Did you know Teddy Purcell was too slow? Patrick Maroon? Yes. True. Purcell’s first full NHL season (over 40 games) came in 2009-10, and he was traded at the deadline. Purcell was 24 when he began helping NHL teams win games, Maroon was 25. Marody will turn 25 the week before Christmas.

Look, I’m sure that Randy Carlyle wondered openly about Maroon’s speed, and Bruce Boudreau was willing to sacrifice him at the deadline if David Perron could be acquired. Marody played four games for coach Todd McLellan, he spent 12 minutes on the ice in McLellan’s last game. Ken Hitchcock played him for two games, average four+ minutes a night, and he was sent to Bakersfield where he’s remained since.

Bottom line: Marody needs to find a coach who believes in him, will give him a chance to establish himself in the NHL. Once he’s comfortable in the NHL, points should come. That’s my belief. I also believe that most of the time when someone says (or posts) “that player isn’t fast enough” the assertion is a community opinion built sky high through hundreds of posts that have driven the point home. One coach, one man in charge, can turn Marody into Teddy Purcell this September or next one. It isn’t guaranteed, but it’s far more possible than most reading this post believe.

Here’s a different way of looking at it. When I was involved in a roto baseball league, we had a $260 budget for eight pitchers, two catchers, six infielders and four outfielders. The average price was $13, but I spent over $50 on Jeff Bagwell and Barry Bonds every chance I got (it was a keeper league). This meant going cheap in other areas and I went with pitching as the inexpensive spot. I learned from studying Bill James that if you choose a stable team (the Atlanta Braves of the era were an example, LA Dodgers too) and scoped out their rotation there were bargains to be found. Pedro Astacio would go for $4, Darren Dreifort helped me win the league one year for $2 and on it went.

My formula involved six starters (two closers, they were expensive) who would stay in the rotation. I would identify the starters on good teams, divide their strikeouts as starters by the previous season’s wins, and take the pitchers who were due for a regression. I know, pretty silly but it worked. I avoided bad teams and slop pitchers.

So, one day, at the end of the 1993 draft (it was really an auction, you would bid on players) my friend Steve Lane (he was a producer at CTV) asked me for a starting pitcher because his list ran out and he needed a name. I looked at my list (I would never have run out of names, I was more prepared for that draft than I was for anything before or since) and saw one name that had some semblance of value. He was on a bad team (Pittsburgh Pirates) but they had been good recently and even though his strikeout rate wasn’t great he had some potential.

I would never have chosen Denny Neagle, so threw the name to Steve. Neagle would win nine games in 1994, then 13, 16 and finally 20 games. For $1! Dammit! Neagle had been hanging around the majors for a couple of years, finding a way to get hitters out, and then manager Jim Leyland threw him in the rotation and Neagle rewarded him and other MLB managers with a 98-57 won-loss record over the next seven years.

If you give a player with plus skills and some flaws a chance, and stick with him, you could land a major league player. Anyway, I believe in Marody.


I believe there are more than 14 legit NHL forwards in an organization’s system at any given time. NHL coaches are looking for specific things, and often foot speed is a hill the coach will die on. NHL equivalencies give us an idea of a player’s offense and how it might convert in a similar NHL job. It doesn’t care about foot speed, it’s math. Here are three players who are/were Oilers prospects at one time, and their NHLE’s. Any total over 30 means they are worthy of a look, anything over 40 (before age 25) and they should be in the NHL.

I mention that an NHL team has more than 14 forwards available for a season, and because of it the coach has options. That’s a good thing, and of course it means that some of the prospects who could have NHL careers in fact play their careers in other leagues because the opportunity wasn’t available, or they didn’t perform well, during their window of audition.

Hartikainen scored 6-7-13 in 52 NHL games, and then shuffled off to the KHL where he has delivered many fine seasons. He could have been in the NHL during those years, but the Oilers went with Jesse Joensuu, Ryan Jones, Luke Gazdic, Matt Fraser, Rob Klinkhammer, Anton Slepyshev, Jujhar Khaira, Mike Cammalleri, Pontus Aberg, Drake Caggiula, Valentin Zykov, Joakim Nygard, Tyler Ennis and Tomas Jurco instead. Some interesting names in there.

Hartikainen would have been a worthy investment, an entire season, the same opportunity given to Drake Caggiula or Ryan Jones. Marody is from the same pile. He’s Hartikainen, he’s Denny Neagle. I wish him well.


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I’ve been posting a few things on the tending for a while now:

1) that Stalock should get a real shot to battle Mikko for 1B and that there are legit on ice benefits due to his puck handling if “making saves” are equal. At the same time, I don’t really see the coach’s putting him ahead of Mikko for game 1.

2) The team may want/need to go with 3 goalies which would be very far from ideal but may be required.

I just realized that Holland was on with Reid Wilkins last week so I listened to that’s the gym this morning.

He was asked about Stalock and mentioned that he spoke to him and his agent a few days prior. Alex is motivated and ready to compete at camp but is aware that could be put on waivers and could be assigned to the Bake (if he clears).

Holland also mentioned that they are planning on only 2 tenders on the roster. It’s not set in stone and they may decide, out of necessity, to go with three but the current plan is two.

I would be surprised if Stalock is not on waivers on the eve of the season, which would be a be disappointing for me.


Looking forward to this story ending in a few weeks or the player finally making the team.


If Holland was as smart as Sakic, he could have signed someone like Dylan Sikura to a 2-way contract with an $800K NHL salary and cap hit instead of Marody……..

Not qualifying Marody, and not signing his to a 2-way deal at NHL minimum would have been just silly.

I know what Nick Petan would bring at the NHL level. I don’t know what Marody could bring now that he’s fully recovered and coming off a season where he led the AHL in goals. The same AHL that housed the 3C and 4C for the NHL team with the best center depth in the NHL (which includes a 2C that is more of a defensive specialist than producer).

Last edited 13 days ago by OriginalPouzar

Gratuitous travel picks – only click if you want off-topic travel photos:


LT delete if you wish.


There are enough young players with high potential ceilings kicking around that I honestly don’t see the point of keeping ones without them around.

I like what I’ve seen of Marody – but his ceiling is extremely low NHL-wise. Spend the spot and the money on someone with one skill area that means they might surge ahead someday. Depth is a dime a dozen in the modern NHL.


So is the current position of the goalposts that the Oilers are dumb for not signing “Granlunds”?


Sea of Granlunds = bad
Horde of Petans = good
comment image

Harpers Hair


The current position is why sign players who aren’t even Granlunds because they may become Granlunds if you wait long enough.


What team doesn’t do this?

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

How much can I get for a bushel of Brogans?

Whaler Slamamoto

LTs point about Marody needing a coach that believes in him……
This rings true for most of our lives. You need a teacher that believes in you, a boss to believe in you. You may go through many that dont see it in you or don’t even look for it. Once a person feels that belief, it can take them to the next level. Let’s hope he finds what he needs.


phlegms have added little skill but lots of truculence and toughness. We may be black and blue from sticks and dirty play from this $hithole of a team.


Yup. There will be blood on the ice at some point this season.

Scungilli Slushy

We’ll see who has cajones. Hall Eberle and Nuge didn’t at that time. So the ‘brain trust’ went full Lucic.

Flattop said as SJ coach play them hard they give up. And other people in NHL positions as well. This is in the public domain.

Gretzky also whined for a few years and got the program. It’s biased to the point of corrupt, but it is what it is and if you want a Cup, deal or see ya.

McD et al are at that point of choice.

There is no top level sport in the world where it’s a free for all for the talent that I know of.

If you want to play NHL hockey when it counts expect to be hacked, obstructed, and treated poorly by the least professional reffing group in major NA sports.

If you are a top level player, learn how to avoid it, accept it, or learn to be violent as a deterrent as Crosby did. I’m sure his hand hacks are down, especially when goof called whomever and said shit Syd is acting out we better do something bcs he’s in ‘America’.

America is two continents, not a country. Theirs is called USA, The States, The US. Not ‘America’.

So balls up Oilers. Bulk up if you are young and don’t feel strong, as most players that succeed do that don’t have ridiculous skill, to gain the confidence to stand up to a fool who is a shitty player who wants his 950 US in the bank and he’s in your face.

You don’t have to beat that goof up, you have to show gooning you won’t work. No quit, make them pay on the scoreboard.

And even some skill players get strong like Crosby and McKinnon. They don’t need babysitters.

Same as it ever was.


Yup. Same as it ever was.

The degree of violence has lessened since the Broad Street Bullies turned the game into WWE on ice but intimidation has always been part of hockey.

Harpers Hair

Actually makes my point perfectly.

1 year deal…$750K for a player with 180 NHL games to his credit and Seattle is shy on centres.

Harpers Hair

They all look like poor man’s Ryan Spooners from here.

Prague is beautiful in the spring time.


Clearly since it wasn’t Edmonton he will call it a genius move

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Outstanding writeup, LT. I read every word of it and feel better having done so. Rooting for both Marody and Benson. The Oil need skill players on value contracts. Why not these two?

Bank Shot

I have a hard time seeing anyway for Marody to make it onto the roster outside of injury replacement.

Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Kassian and Archibald are all quality NHL wingers.

Benson has the better shot as Shore could be vulnerable. If Holloway gets healthy though he could eat everyone’s lunch on the left side.

It’s a good thing that there are so few spots that could be usurped. The fewer question marks the better. I’d bet that the Oilers are really going to turn the corner this season and their ES play rises to meet their special teams.

Last edited 13 days ago by Bank Shot
Scungilli Slushy

JP Yama Kass Archie – plus skaters. Big or aggressive.

Benson Marody – not plus skaters. Smaller and not aggressive.

Imagine soccer players that are slow runners or don’t challenge the ball. Not happening on a good team. Simple math really.

Harpers Hair

Interesting I suppose that fans follow prospects like Marody for years but at some point any organization has to critically assess if this is the best course of action.

To my mind, it’s easy to lose track of the need assembling the best roster possible each and every season while treating draft and development as sunk costs.

For example, if you have Marody pegged as a prospect who MIGHT perform in a bottom 6 role, does it not behoove the GM to determine if there are other players who are free agents or on waivers who have a better chance of filling that role.

One recent example I can think of is Vancouver signing Nic Petan at a $700K cap hit.

Petan has 136 NHL games under his belt while Marody has 6.

Why would you fret about losing Marody when there are always a horde of “Petan Like” players every offseason or on the waiver wire?

Holland obviously knows this since he brought in so many hopefuls (some pretty poor choices) to fill these depth roles and who ultimately blocked Marody and Benson.

Of course you hope that Marody will get a chance but given where the Oilers are in “win now” mode, I would think it is everyone’s best interests that Marody gets a second opinion with a team still building.

Bank Shot

Yeah but Marody could compete for the Norris one day, just like Brogan Rafferty!


And why would other teams give him a chance since, as you say:

there are always a horde of “Petan Like” players every offseason or on the waiver wire?”

I’m guessing it’s because if the Oilers lose Marody it’s more fuel for your anti-Oilers schtick.

Harpers Hair

Because teams like Detroit need all the help they can get.


Then why don’t they scoop up the horde of Petans with 170+ games?

Harpers Hair



So if I understand you correctly, the Oilers shouldn’t focus so much on players like Marody, because there are always a horde of Petans to select from every year who have more experience.

But, you feel it would be in Marody’s best interests if Detroit were to pick him up (even though you claim that there are always hordes of Petans around who would be better so why would they want Marody?) because “Whoosh”.


Harpers Hair

My point is that losing Marody on waivers would hardly be a calamity for the Oilers since there are always similar or better players available as free agents or on the waiver wire all the time.

In this case, Marody would have a much better chance if he was picked up by a weaker team that might actually have room for him to succeed (or fail).

If those weaker teams aren’t interested, it tells you pretty much everything you need to know and Marody should book a ticket to Europe.


I had a longer reply but the site won’t post it it seems.

So I’ll just ask – do you think Marody deserves a chance on another team because he is better then a Petan Like player? Or do you think his ceiling is a Petan Like or Euro player?


No worries – could be the fault of my browser.

I have noticed that when I make long posts and press ‘Post Comment’, I see the page indicating that it’s posting but it seems to time out. I could press ‘Post’, put my phone down for 10 minutes, come back, and nothing happened.

Sometimes it gives me the impression it’s still posting so I reload the page again, post again, and I see my original post did go through so I have a duplicate.


Because every once in a while you can find a late bloomer you twat
Why did Florida bother with Varhaege Tampa with Yanni Gourde and Florida with Marchessault when the Nic Petans


Were still available

Harpers Hair

Twat is a word that should be more widely used.

The British context covers so many sins.

Harpers Hair

Because all those players are better than Marody.


At some point they were indistinguishable


To the extent that’s true, we’ll see the difference between the Perlini’s and Petan’s of the world this season.

I suspect Petan will be more important to VCR than Perlini to EDM.

Harpers Hair

I would guess (injuries aside) that Petan doesn’t see much action in Vancouver at all.

The Canucks have loaded up the Abbotsford AHL team with local BC boys to attract fans.

Tyler Motte might not be ready for the season opener so I guess there might be a 4th line spot open but there are many candidates.


Even including Podkolzin and the potentially injured Motte, the Canucks only have 10 signed forwards who were NHL regulars last season.

I’d think Petan has a real chance to make the team, and that was likely a key piece in him signing with Vancouver.


Marody would have been a lot better than many of the plugs that were allowed to play for the last few years. How does one show what he can do when allowed to play a few minutes during a few games. Good grief – the players they chose over him!


Marody trade and Benson drafted by previous organizations if they were drafted by Holland they would have received a good push instead Holland went with Hass, Jurco, Nygard, Archibald, Ennis, AA, Chaisson, Yamo and Kahun.


Chiasson and Yamamoto were both brought in by ChiaPete.

Maybe Marody just didn’t show enough game or commitment behind the scenes. Highly likely there’s more to the situation than we’re privy to.


Wasn’t Hitchcock still kicking around and advising Holland during his first year?

Harpers Hair

I recall reading recently that he still is.


He talked such a good game but never really backed it up.

He was so sure he could “fix Jesse” and forced his recall after only 4 AHL games – that was a MASSIVE mistake.

Of note, as we know, he has been consulting for the org that last while but that is over and they are moving on from him (can’t remember where I heard that – maybe Gregor – can’t be sure though – might have been Rishaug, or ever Wilkins).



However, I think it’s fair to say Holland is his own man. If I’m not mistaken his first order of business was to inform Hitchcock he wouldn’t be returning as head coach.

Last edited 13 days ago by BornInAGretzkyJersey

Agreed on Holland being his own man. I just think that it would be very strange if he didn’t ask Hitch for his opinion on the various players he was familiar with in the organization and, of course, Hitchcock did have an opinion on Marody.

Scungilli Slushy

Holland should trade both. They have some value in exchange for picks or in a deal, at this point.

LT is ever hopeful. I would wager neither will see a career in Edmonton. Or more than token games.

Marody is underwhelming to them, Benson is a lot smaller and slower than Perlini and isn’t any more skilled, and wasn’t drafted by Holland.

I put Marody and his comments publicly at not. Even if he’s hard working, I don’t get that impression, and I’m sure when teams vet him they don’t either.

Anyone with no track record of success or brilliance has to put themselves in a good light when starting out, any job. Start as you mean to go, right?

Benson may have a career ahead of him. But for whatever reasons he hasn’t yet grasped the chalice.

Shore can play C and is the illegitimate child of Dinah Shore, Holland’s fav.

Red wolf

I believe in Marody too!

Funny Bissonness

We believe in nothing, Lebowski! Nothing!


Do you believe in life after love?

Dee Dee

Ah, that must be exhausting.


Funny…I came for the hockey but got baseball instead. Will Tippett allow a Marody play enough to prove himself?


Learn to live with it! Around here you get words of wisdom derived from many aspects of life and sports. There is true beauty and truth in these words.


I’m cheering for both Marody and Benson to have a good camp. It feels like they have been putting in the work and haven’t really had much chance to move to the next level. Hopefully Tippet is the right coach to see what their potential might be. The Oilers badly need some cheap contracts that aren’t just capable of fourth line duty.


Timing is key for the opportunity and a combination of a coaching change and then Covid conspired against Marody and Benson. Marody’s injury was the bad icing on the cake for him so to speak. I will continue to cheer for both of them!


Covid leading to a short and compressed season, with a one-week training camp and no exhibition games and a border crossing that required a two-week quarantine robbed those two of any chance.

The GM, likely in conjunction with the coach’s request, ensured there were experienced “pros” as there was simply no time to have any pre-season comp to see if the prospects looked ready. Kahun, Ennis, etc. were acquired to ensure the roster was filled with “NHL players”.

I was adamant prior to the season that Benson needed to stay on the taxi squad to start the season because, once off to California, he was gone for the season.

It didn’t happen.

This preseason should be different – while there are established pros blocking, there is a spot or two and a normal camp and exhibition season allowing for competition and players to earn/win jobs.

The coach’s play a role via deployment – here is hoping the opportunities are real.

buck yoakam

I like both marody and benson also and I really hope they get a fair chance at a roster spot…not only for their futures but that of kids following them in the cue…I think we (oilers) need to show that we are willing to work with our prospects and give them every opportunity…this will lead to younger players having faith that the club wants them to succeed…that leads to loyalty and is the foundation of a champion organization in my opinion


Unless there’s a whole whack of injuries Marody isn’t getting a chance and Benson may get a small look in a exhibition game or two. I hope both catch on with other teams and can scratch out a journeyman career. The window was open for these two last year I hope I’m wrong and they both receive a fair opportunity.

Randle McMurphy

Was Bill James an expert on drafting?

I wonder if James would have built a roster by keeping all first, second and third round picks (based almost solely on statistical probability) and then simply augmenting with waiver additions from the top 6 teams in the league, or trading picks 4 through 7 for “under-valued role players”.

Would save a pile of cash, which was one of the main tenets of Billy Bean / Oakland A’s; competent players for less money

I think of Billy Bean like Warren Buffet; Buffett built an empire utilizing analytics, doing deep dives on the financials of under-valued companies. He never built a company from the ground up. ( except perhaps Berkshire/Hathaway)

Last edited 13 days ago by Randle McMurphy

BH was a textile company that Buffett bought decades ago.


“Marody is too slow” went from a statement of opinion to something of a fact.

Substitute Benson and the statement applies equally (in my opinion).

I’ve watched ALOT of the Condors to that means ALOT of Marody and, for me, he doesn’t look slow in the AHL at all. He has always been a good transporter of the puck through the neutral zone and in to the offensive zone at the AHL level and never looks slow doing it.

I wonder if the verbal on his skating comes mostly from the one quote a few years ago from, if I remember correctly, a spot on the Gregor show, where he was asked about his skating and if he’s working on it and responded with “my skating has never been an issue in the past” (or words to that effect)?

In any event, I do think he’s a long-shot to make the team out of camp – one reason being he’s fighting with quite a few candidates for a 12th to 14th spot and I think the team may only be able to keep 13 forwards (3G if not 8D).

With that said, if this Yamamoto thing drags, there is a spot at 2RW and, for me, in addition to Kass, I think that Turris and Marody could both potentially have some success in that spot. Yes, Turris (and I did say potentially – he could be totally done but I think he might be better with not having Covid leading up to the season – presumably).


But OP if I’m not mistaken you were kind of pushing that narrative too no? I’ve seen you use that Gregor quote multiple times and usually included with something along the lines of ‘Cooper needs to put the guitar down this summer and focus on getting to the NHL’


I was disappointed in the quote as he (and most players) should be working on their skating every off-season. Shit, apparently Nurse put in a ton of work on his skating last off-season.

At the same time, I never ragged on his skating (I don’t think) given I’ve always seen him pretty quick at the AHL level and i KNOW I never said the “put down the guitar” stuff as I took Marody’s word at face value (in the same interview he talked about being in Nashville and how much training he was doing in addition to his guitar player – two and days, etc)

Randle McMurphy

I could just sit around watching Marody making music all day long
As long as he’s making music he ain’t gonna do nobody no harm
And who knows maybe he’ll come up with a song
To make people want to stop all this fussing and fighting
Long enough to sing along


You were doing good but lost me at Turris.

Randle McMurphy

How do we assess which goalies are worthy?

Dee Dee

Magic 8-Ball, Chicken Bones and Voodoo.


Wow, Matty with a great article out last night (I think last night, time change is messing me up).

Lots of quotes from Holland on the Yamamoto contract.

They are looking at comparables, not just one or two but up to like 10 and that he’s not signed yet so obviously there is still a difference of opinion. There is a bit more urgency as they got closer to camp and  that its never good for any player to miss any of camp, especially young players. Holland mentioned he’s a “good young player” but then that he went out and got some “established players”also listed off all the right wingers they have…….

The hold-up on the Marody contract was the AHL salary (which is $150K).

Camp tryouts are possible but nothing on the horizon right now. Mentioned that he spoke to Chiasson’s camp recently but also “but if you look at our team…..” – doesn’t sound like Alex will be getting a PTO with the Oilers.


Hitchcock was a horrible attempt at relevance.


Dusty old relic was terrible


He talked such a good game but never really backed it up.

He was so sure he could “fix Jesse” and forced his recall after only 4 AHL games – that was a MASSIVE mistake.

Of note, as we know, he has been consulting for the org that last while but that is over and they are moving on from him (can’t remember where I heard that – maybe Gregor – can’t be sure though – might have been Rishaug, or ever Wilkins).

Randle McMurphy

I’m not sure how you define “worthy investment”

Personally, I’m not sure Drake Caggiula or Ryan Jones were worthy investments.

Last edited 13 days ago by Randle McMurphy
Randle McMurphy

By this I mean, weren’t they basically replacement level players who could be replaced by trading a 3rd round pick or even by waiver pick ups. Or more specifically, replaced by role players with a more narrowly defined role/skill set?

Last edited 13 days ago by Randle McMurphy

Ryan Jones had seasons of 17 goals and 18 goals as an Oiler – I remember him being a plus PK guy and a solid physical presence.

He was like a better Josh Archibald.

Randle McMurphy


We got Josh Archibald for nothing.

No development costs and pretty low salary.

Last edited 13 days ago by Randle McMurphy
Randle McMurphy

Would it be more accurate to say, anything “consistently” over 40 by age 25 and they should be in the NHL?

Randle McMurphy

That makes sense. But looking at the 3 examples, Hartikainen came into clear view only after 3 consecutive 40+ seasons ( age 23-25)

Marody, has shown us what he is with only one 40+ season at age 23-24

Benson, has us still wondering (based on jr pedigree) and flirting with 40 two out of three years age 20-22

It seems that, with quote unquote “prospects”, age is the prime data set. The ability to “project” the player becomes exponentially greater with each additional year of age. In the AHL “potential” carries a lot of weight. It’s the main reason Benson is favored over Marody.

Whereas in the NHL, veteran skill/proven consistency carries more weight than “potential”

Last edited 13 days ago by Randle McMurphy

Marody’s age 20 season was in college and then he had that monster rookie AHL season (granted, a year old then most AHL prospects graduating from the CHL). His 3rd season is pretty much meaningless as he was clearly still not right from the playoff attack by Kessy and suffered other injuries in addition – bounce back last season.

I’m not sure he’ll ever get the chance (in this org) but, if he was given the opportunity on Leon’s right wing, I think he could produce – better than Kahun last year and at least as well as Yamamoto last year – maybe he could be a late blooming sniper given his goal scoring from the wing this past season?

Temmu H., in my opinion, was (and is) a legit NHL player. I can’t remember the exact circumstances around him leaving for the KHL but he’s a legit KHL player.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x