What does reasonable look like in Bakersfield?

by Lowetide
Photo by Mark Williams

It’s likely the Edmonton Oilers start the season with one rookie (Ryan McLeod), one almost rookie (Evan Bouchard) and eight men over age 30. One of the things a team that has so many older players will need is replacements, possibly early and often often. Do the Oilers have a full parts department at the Bakersfield plant? Let’s have a look at what things once looked like and then how they look now.



  1. G Jeff Delauriers (23)Last Summer’s Expectation: Reasonable expectations: Keeping the top AHL job and making NHL debut. He improved his SP year over year (.908 to .912) and moved into the top 20 in the AHL in that category (16th). I think you’d have to say this was a successful season for him and he did get called up (but didn’t get into an NHL game). The organization is making noises about him staying up with the big club even if it means rolling with three goalies this year.
  2. G Devan Dubnyk (21)Last Summer’s Expectation: At 21, he should be able to push by JDD this season. His .904SP ranked him 8th among AHL rookies and 33rd overall in 07-08. He got into 33 games and did have periods of time when he was the #1 goalie (10 games in February). Consistency is his problem and this is a pivotal season but I think you can argue he met our expectations.
  3. RD Tom Gilbert (24) Last Summer’s Expectation: If he keeps playing at last year’s level, Oilers will either have to make room or trade him. He looks NHL ready. Gilbert had a terrific season that saw him emerge as one of the most valuable defensemen on the big club. He cashed in with a huge contract and looks to be a big part of the Edmonton Oilers for the next several seasons. Huge gains from last summer.
  4. RD Mathieu Roy (24)- Last Summer’s Expectation: Another season in the AHL and injury callup. Well he played in the AHL and he was indeed an injury callup. Roy’s problem is injuries and although he has a one-way contract with the Oilers for 08-09 I wonder just how much he can be counted on. A question mark due to concussions and being injury prone.
  5. LD Danny Syvret (22) Last Summer’s Expectation: An offensive season in the AHL that reflects what he managed in junior. Despite being a much heralded junior (OHL First All-Star Team-2005; Canadian Major Junior Defenseman of the Year-2005; Canadian Major Junior First All-Star Team-2005; Memorial Cup Tournament All-Star Team-2005) he never really fit in with the Oilers. His numbers were better this past season but the Oilers sent him away (for Potulny) in the spring. If there was a victim of the “no farm team” era the Oilers went through in the last few seasons, it would be Danny Syvret.
  6. LD Allan Rourke (27)- Last Summer’s ExpectationVeteran AHLer plays tough minutes and helps the prospects develop. He did much more than that, in fact playing in the NHL with the Oilers for a time (13 games, he played well enough for David Staples to write about him quite often). I believe he signed in Germany for next season, hopefully for good money.
  7. LD Brian Young (21)- Last Summer’s Expectation: A year in the AHL getting pro experience. Young ran hot and cold this past season but did cover the bet. He had a period where his plus minus was dreadful but recovered nicely and the season would have to be considered a success. Got into a couple of NHL games too.
  8. LD TJ Kemp (26)- Last Summer’s Expectation: Can’t imagine the set of circumstances that would see him in the NHL this season. He had a huge offensive season but didn’t look like he helped much away from the puck based on stats. The Oilers didn’t call him up and with the plethora of puck moving defenders coming on board this season he’ll be on another AHL team in the fall. From the Ralph Keller family of AHL defenders.
  9. LD Theo Peckham (19)- Last Summer’s Expectation: First year pro, and more positive comments from scouts and coaches. Struggled some but once again impressed with calm feet and physical style. Added a skill (bomb from the blueline) and looked composed in his NHL debut. Career path looks NHL worthy.
  10. RD Sebastien Bisaillon (19)- Last Summer’s Expectation: Lots of defenseman lose a ton of offense going from junior to pro, but he’s a player worth watching and the Oilers have had significant success in the Quebec league in the Prendergast procurement era. I should also have mentioned lots of defensemen get hurt going from junior to pro, as his season was dominated by injuries. Having said that, his offense stayed and he’s a quality prospect.
  11. LC Rob Schremp (21)- Last Summer’s Expectation: Suspect Nilsson gets the NHL job out of the gate with Schremp ripping it up in Triple A. Remember, there was a time when Rob Nelson was going to be the first baseman of the future for the Oakland A’s, so it’s not always who goes north with the big club. At this point Schremp has been stepped over by so many prospects he must have athlete’s scalp. He had a quality AHL season and you could argue there isn’t much left to prove in the minors. The Oilers will either have to make room for Schremp or trade him.
  12. RC Kyle Brodziak (23)- Last Summer’s Expectation: Another quality run in the AHL and plenty of time in the show. Like Tom Gilbert, Brodziak arrived at training camp and made it impossible for the team to send him down. He was dominant, not just in practice or intra-squad games, but in exhibition games and then into the regular season. Textbook example of how to win an NHL job.
  13. LC Andrew Cogliano (20)- Last Summer’s Expectation: A solid year in the AHL posting good offensive numbers and earning rave reviews for how well he plays the game in all areas. He did all of that, except it was in the NHL. Cogliano made it obvious early on that he didn’t belong in the minor leagues and that his college training had him well prepared for the pro game. A quality talent and a fine rookie season.
  14. RC Ryan O’Marra (20)- Last Summer’s Expectation: A healthy AHL season. It was a ghastly year, in fact it was so bad I think it’s completely reasonable to wonder if he’ll ever recover with this organization. Made the ECHL all-star team which would be terrific except what the hell was he doing there? In a season when Oil prospects enjoyed tremendous highs, this was a devastating low.
  15. LC Tyler Spurgeon (21)- Last Summer’s Expectation: A full season in the AHL (he split time between AHL and Stockton last season). Injured again, didn’t play much. Very likely to join the long list of good prospects who never got off the ground at the pro level due to injuries.
  16. LC Jonas Almtorp (23)- Last Summer’s Expectation: He’s arriving in North America after 150 games in the Swedish Elite League (11-14-25 career totals) so he should hit the ground running. Based on age and level of experience, a very disappointing season. He is gone.
  17. LC Fredrik Johansson (23)- Last Summer’s Expectation: Hard to say. If he doesn’t get an AHL job, he might end up going back to the SEL. He played some in the AHL, even more in the ECHL. Joined Almtorp in not being qualified by the Oilers.
  18. LW JF Jacques (22): Last Summer’s Expectation: No matter how many games he plays in the show this year, he needs to be better every shift. And it wouldn’t kill him to get a freaking point, either. Played another 9 games in the show without a point and the organization began to speak openly about the gap between AHL and NHL performance for this player. Injuries became a factor (back) and put his future in some doubt, but the most recent reports are positive. Apparently there’s nothing he can do to deter the faith Dennis, Tyler and I have in him. God knows he’s tried.
  19. LW Slava Trukhno (20): Last Summer’s Expectation: He’s a longshot to make the big club, but I think he’ll have a better offensive season as a 20-year old in the AHL than any Oiler prospect (at the same age) in recent history. He didn’t perform at a level close to expectation. He did play well on the powerplay and would appear to be somewhat one dimensional when compared to his draft day scouting report.
  20. LW Liam Reddox (21): Last Summer’s Expectation: He needs to be a lot better offensively, but he’s an interesting prospect who might be able to play the disturber role. Reddox was a revelation in Springfield and then played well in the big leagues. He’s put himself in a position to possibly make the big club in training camp this fall, an impossible dream one year ago.
  21. LW Tim Sestito (23): Last Summer’s Expectation: Role player in AHL. The organization loves the guy. He was the first prospect they signed this spring (signed to a two-year deal in March) and I bet he plays some in the NHL in the next two seasons.
  22. RW Zack Stortini (22): Last Summer’s Expectation: He’s a guy who could split his season between Springfield and the Oilers. He did better than that, playing almost the entire year in the NHL and playing at a level no one but MacTavish thought possible.
  23. RW Colin McDonald (23): Last Summer’s Expectation: A strong work ethic and an idea about how to play the game, plus a full 650 plate appearances in the AHL. -21 and 12 goals is not what anyone was expecting. The Oilers are saying things like he’ll be stronger and score more goals in 08-09 but we’ve heard that before. A very poor first pro season, I think he probably would have been better off coming out of college earlier. The new Brock Radunske. 169 shots on goal only positive I can find from his season.
  24. RW Stephane Goulet (21): Last Summer’s Expectation: Spending the entire season in the AHL and showing offense similar to his ECHL season. Interesting prospect. He scored 6 EV goals in 36 games and I don’t think he was on a high-skill line. Could be a hidden gem. I’d say he covered the bet despite some ECHL time.
  25. RW Troy Bodie (22): Last Summer’s Expectation: He should be able to grab a fulltime AHL job. Bodie did that and played fairly well, but not well enough to be qualified. Recently signed by Anaheim.
  26. RW David Rohlfs (23): Last Summer’s Expectation: At least half the season in the AHL. He managed only 2 games in the AHL and spent the entire year in the ECHL (16-16-32). Somewhat curious they would keep him and let the younger (and better) Bodie go, but it probably has to do with 50 contracts, Rohlfs still being under contract, and the fact that they’d made the decision on Bodie and wanted to give Rohlfs a full season at Triple A.


  1. G Stuart Skinner (22): Solidifying his status as a legit AHL goalie with NHL potential.
  2. G Ilya Konovalov (23): He should emerge as the AHL starter and be the first recall.
  3. G Olivier Rodrigue (21): A strong ECHL season and quality play if he gets AHL time.
  4. LD Dmitri Samorukov (22): Dominating shutdown play, same as last season.
  5. RD Filip Berglund (24): Solid two-way play in the AHL with good offense.
  6. LD Philip Broberg (20): Deliver in all areas, impress with skill set.
  7. LD William Lagesson (25): A shutdown and mentor role and lots of PK minutes.
  8. RD Phil Kemp (22): More of his solid play, calm feet and good coverage.
  9. LD Markus Niemelainen (23): More of the same things we saw in Bakersfield.
  10. RD Mike Kesselring (21): He should grab a regular job and post solid numbers.
  11. RD Vincent Desharnais (25): AHL contract, he’ll play top-four much of the year.
  12. LD Yanni Kaldis: AHL contract, undersized, he is effective in support role.
  13. LC Dylan Holloway (20): A healthy year, point-per-game if he is at 100 percent.
  14. LC Ryan McLeod (21): Most of the year in the NHL.
  15. LC Tim Soderlund (23): Support role, penalty kill. I don’t see him as a feature player.
  16. LW Tyler Benson (23): If he’s in Bakersfield, he is an impact player and forcing a recall.
  17. LW Raphael Lavoie (21): 20+ goals and an enormous shot total.
  18. LW Brendan Perlini (25): If he’s in the AHL, Perlini should be one of the top scorers.
  19. LW Ostap Safin (22): A healthy season, 12-15 goals.
  20. LW James Hamblin (22): AHL contract, he can score and has utility.
  21. RW Cooper Marody (24): Productive scorer, same pressure to get a recall as Benson.
  22. RW Kirill Maksimov (22): A feature role, points-game around .65-.70
  23. RW Seth Griffith (28): Pure offense and power-play production, mentor the prospects.

Tom Gilbert, Kyle Brodziak, Andrew Cogliano, Liam Reddox, Zack Stortini, Theo Peckham and Jeff Deslauriers all played significant NHL games. Each NHL position, including right and left defense, was covered in the recall operation. To my knowledge, it’s the last time.

How many Oilers will be recalled from this assumed list? One of the goalies, Samorukov and or Broberg, McLeod, Benson, Marody, Perlini, maybe Lavoie? McLeod may spend the entire season in Edmonton and he’s the only center, so it’s a stretch from here.


A busy morning kicks of at 10, TSN1260. The Oilers will take control of the daily news likely starting today, as rookie camp, PTO’s and the Kailer Yamamoto story move to top of mind for Oilers fans. We’ll have it covered like a glove, working on some interesting guests in this area. I can’t promise guests yet, but we’re working on some interesting names, 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!

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On my work computer, Safari just prompted me to switch to “Dark mode.”

Now every time I Google something, I feel like Lowetide has taken over the Al Gore.


Fascinating to me how many people will think “I bet my doctor is lying to me about this vaccine” when you just know they would be so happy and thankful to be rushed to that same doctor if they were unconscious. Weird how the human brain “works”.


Reading through Nugent-Boman’s column at The Athletic and I’m reminded that the league is planning on cutting down on cross-checking with an emphasis on those in front of the net but also “forceful shit shoves” along the boards.

Putting on my Oilers’ goggles, I wonder if Adam Larsson will be taking more minors – he has been VERY good at playing on the line in that regard, without getting called.

Also, some quote from both Holland and McDavid on the refs needing to call in the infractions no matter how many – essentially, stop managing the game (they didn’t use that phrase).

Wonder how long that might last.


I’ll just leave this here on a slow day. Omark had the skill to stick, just needed a better fit.

To many more future routs of the Canucks:



Some good news – per Gregor, Samorukov continues to skate – probably won’t be cleared for contact for about a week so won’t play in either rookie game but he’s close.

Sounds like he should be good to go for main camp.

Harpers Hair

Eric Francis (@EricFrancis) Tweeted:
Flames will open camp next Wednesday 100% vaccinated. Good news, as there are bound to be vaccination holdouts around the league.



Yep, unfortunately will still be some spread and quarantines as it’s not a magic cure (just an enormous immune system boost that is incredibly effective at weakening the virus’s effects).


Marody > Benson


Marody’s age > Benson’s.

Is Marody’s skating better than Benson’s?


I believe it is. You?


I think Marody may be a bit faster but Benson is stronger on his skates which helps him on the boards and in battle.


I could see that; however, I think Marody’s edge work is better.


Marody could score 2 Hat-tricks in the preseason while simultaneously pulling a jackrabbit out of his ass but he’s still not making the team. Only way Marody makes it if there’s a bushel full of injuries.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Sad but probably true. And one of the reasons why this org can’t ever seem to get over the hump. Asset and cap mismanagement … it’s a thing.


Exactly! Now ask yourself why people have Benson penciled into the lineup, and Marody is an after thought.


Hyman, Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Kassian, Archibald (RW)


Hyman, Nuge, Foegele, Benson/Perlini (LW)

would be my guess.

Skill is one thing, opportunity is another – especially in bottom roster battles.


Injuries are inevitable. A bottom six right handed center/winger as the 13/14 forward is more valuable than a LW.


Turris is ahead of Marody in case of injury imo. I just don’t see the opportunity based upon players ahead of him. Benson’s path doesn’t have the same number of hurdles.

This is not me arguing who is the better player – I don’t know.

It is answering your question as to why people see Benson having a better chance to make the team.


Agreed. He would be ahead in the organization’s eyes. Maybe Shore would be ahead of Benson as well.


Yeah, but there are 3 LW ahead of Shore/Benson and 4 RW ahead of Turris/Marody.

And back to your original comment… I guess you didn’t actually say it, but I feel like Marody has much more of a Schremp vibe than Benson, myself.


Holland decided to give some scrub Europeans opportunities and more importantly money over homegrown talent. How’s that for a slap in the face because he’s not a Holland pick. Then you hear through the social media he can’t skate what the fuk is that suppose to mean when you visibly seen him skate. You know why Bear got traded and why Benson and Marody aren’t in the Oilers future plans. I’ll tell you exactly what their told. Mr. Bear. Mr. Marody. Mr. Benson it’s nothing personal you know as well I do it’s just a numbers game.


Good to hear from you Reja. You’re already in mid-season form.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Reja’s delivery might use some refinement but his message is spot on.


Say what you like. Oilers got bounced like complete losers going 0-4 and for the 2nd season in a row are absolute tools. Good luck with McDavid sticking for another 5 seasons of this shiteshow.

Holland shed the team of players – some who are going to be good for other teams. So what? These players and others like them did nothing to help the Oilers win jack shit for the past 2 seasons.




Marody’s was not a RH C the last season in the AHL – don’t imagine he plays center at the NHL level.


The fact still remains he’s a natural center that’s played that position for the majority of his professional career.


46 G > 34 G

Randle McMurphy

Bummer….Norm MacDonald passes away at 61

Legendary “Canadian” Comedian

Last edited 1 month ago by Randle McMurphy

The best to ever do it.


One of the most enjoyable personalities of all time


On a very short list of funniest human beings that have ever lived.


Some nice tributes on twitter.

His appearances on talkshows are incredible. When the joke is just a misdirection.

His courage is incredible. The Espys, the white house press conference dinner.

The roasting of Bob Saget.

There will never be another like him.


It’s a sad day.

Bank Shot

Damn that’s way to young for an absolute gem.


Tom Gazzola
Darnell Nurse and Zach Hyman are back from the NHL’s media tour and have joined the group today.

Mikko Koskinen and Mike Smith out early putting in a little extra work.


I hope Mikko’s working on his rebound control his glove hand his tracking of the puck with his eyeballs his going side to side in his net also his not being so deep in the net and challenging the shooters instead of looking so small in his net even though he’s a giant. Mikko’s in a contract year if he plays half decent I think another team will pick him up as a backup next year it just won’t be the Oilers. If he plays like he did last year he’ll find himself playing back-up in the ECHL in some redneck banjo picking city.

Randle McMurphy

I believe Mikko Koskinen is an above average back-up tender.

If we didn’t have a 39 yr old starter, and if Mikko’s contract was $1.5m or less, we’d probably be singing a different tune.

But alas, unless something unforeseen happens, Mike Smith will be playing for the Oilers at age 41, and the team needs Mikko’s contract space to sign a legit starter.


They should have a stat for goalies based on the first 5 or 10 shots they face per game. It might provide astonishing insight.

Koskinen has lost the confidence of the team…which feeds his poor play…which loses the confidence of the team…

buck yoakam



Sutter did alright on the last Finn goaltender he had. I wonder where our team would be if we had Kiprusoff.


Rexall Place?

Bank Shot

I heard Koskinen is going to play well this year.


Was it a little fairy who told you so?



back and ready to go!



you suckers can hate this all you like but its going to be on mostly every fucking day until the clock on the website stops ticking.

Last edited 1 month ago by hunter1909

McLeod may spend the entire season in Edmonton and he’s the only center, so it’s a stretch from here.

Holloway should be considered a recall option if he’s healthy and playing well – and especially after Christmas.

Last edited 1 month ago by ArmchairGM
Litke 94

I agree that McLeod very well may spend the entire year in the NHL. According to Bob or Tom, one of them, he has been absolutely flying in these informal skates.

Yeah, he needs to finish a few more chances, but a 4th line centre that can skate like the wind and keep the puck moving North is fine, even if he can’t score a ton. Essentially Gaetan Haas with more speed and less falling around, at that point.

Anyone else catch that little Foegele/Drai goal in the Oilers clips yesterday? If Yamo doesn’t hurry, Foegele might just take that top 6 spot from him.


Man, Sebastien Bisaillon. There’s an underdog favourite of mine who never missed an opportunity to injure themselves.


This team has some fairly obvious question marks and no cap room so I think “the time is now” is more slogan and rah rah if applied to being a true contender but I agree with Holland if it was his meaning that it is time to start the climb to true contender.


If we had Goaltender that was younger and in his prime I think we would have a shot at running the table. As I say this Smith arguably had his best year at 38. I’m glad Holland sacked the older softy perimeter European experiment and brought in the likes of Hyman ,Foegele, Perlini and soon to be Holloway. If we can get a Roloson at the trade deadline then Bob’s are Uncle.


Yup. Goalie is the big question without a doubt. I also have a question about Ceci just because I don’t know anything about him other than his numbers and I don’t really trust the numbers to give a full description. I want to see him on the ice against real NHL players first.

Ryan at 3C is also a question mark in my mind. An upgrade but I don’t know think that is his ideal spot.

So there are questions. As there are on 31 other teams this time of year. But the question list is getting shorter imo. It is time to push into the top 8 where true contenders tend to be found.

Harpers Hair

Agree with those but I think there are a few more.

Is Keith capable as a 2LD?

Can Bouchard play D at an NHL level?

What will be the impact of losing the solid shutdown capabilities of Adam Larsson?

Agree with LT that there will be more scoring at both ends of the ice and success or failure is likely in the hands of what could be the worst goaltending among the contenders in the Pacific.

Bank Shot

Oilers can always pick up Brogan Rafferty to shore up the arse end.


These would not even be a problem area for you if you were talking about any team other than the Oilers! You are predictably myopic!

Harpers Hair

I await your detailed analysis of Colorado’s defense and goaltending.


I don’t think that you get to have questions about Keith because of his numbers last year and then claim that the team will have the worst goal tending of the contenders in the Pacific when that was not even close to true last season.

I don’t mind that you seem to have endless faith in numbers that I lack but once you pick that lane I think it is incumbent upon you to maintain a level of consistency in your position such that you don’t deviate back and forth based upon preferred conclusions rather than your predictive model.

The comment on Bouchard is just nonsense. He is a high draft pick who has succeeded at every step. If you want to torture OP with this crap for entertainment value I have no objection – he probably deserves it – but I have no interest in conversations of that sort.


Harpers Hair

Lots to unpack here.

Since Keith and goaltending are only tangentially related, I would suggest the most important number when discussing goaltending is 39.

Should that number come into play, Koskinen is not someone I would have much confidence in.

My comment on Bouchard is a sentiment shared by many hockey analysts although you most often suggest none of them are worth listening to.

Even today, Pronman spells out the issue in his Athletic piece.

 He’s an excellent puck mover with a big point shot, but the questions for the NHL have always been on his pace and whether he can skate with top forwards.”

Pronman is far from alone in that sentiment and watching him play I see the same thing. YMMV.


This is also disingenuous on your part. Bouchard is being projected as a 3rd pairing dman to start the season. There has never been anybody question his ability to play at that level as far as I know.

You are right that I have little to no faith in Pronman’s abilities as a scout, though.

39 is no different than 38 for an athlete. By every normal metric Smith is too old to play professional hockey in the NHL. Same as he was last year when he had one of the best seasons of his career. Yes, he will fall off the cliff at some point. There is no new evidence to suggest that this is the year.

The problem I have with this both of these posts is that you always go to ‘worst case scenario’ based upon some weird grudge you harbour against a history that has no current relevance.

It makes discussions of this sort tiresome & pointless and that role is already occupied on this board by another poster so I think I will have to move along.

Harpers Hair


”Goalie is the big question without a doubt.”

Until it isn’t.


Has the two knuckleheads signed yet for you?


Has the two knuckleheads signed yet for you?

Not relevant.

This thread was about the contenders.


The nice thing about deficiencies in defence is the team has young D with talent matriculating with Nurse to build around! In as little as two to three years it could become a team strength!

Randle McMurphy

Ryan McLeod

1st yr OHL 62gms 20 pts
2nd yr OHL 68gms 42pts
3rd yr OHL 68gms 70pts

1st yr AHL 56gms 23pts
2nd yr AHL/Zug 45gms 42pts

That’s the kind of continuous progression that separates him from some of our other prospects.

Not big numbers, but continuous progress.

In 10 gms played as an Oiler, he has a FO% of 50.6 and a CF% of 49.3.
Small sample size but those are outstanding numbers for a 21yr old.

He’s going to learn a ton from Derek Ryan.


A different way to establish prospect depth.


Impact THIS year
Has played less than 50 NHL games

Could the player contribute for +25 games?
Could the goalie play 20/5/backup games

A+ prospect – 1st line/1st pairing/20 starts

A prospect – 2nd/3rd line/2nd pairing/5 starts
Benson, Bouchard, Holloway, McLeod
Samorukov, Skinner

B prospect – 4th line/3rd paring/backup
Marody, Lavoie, Savoie, Lagesson, Broberg, Bougault, Rodrigues

Randle McMurphy

Please ask Willie Ramirez his opinion of John Gruden and Mike Mayock. Are they doing it right. Are they on the right track? or do they have “smartest guys in the room syndrome”

Because their drafting seems suspect, and Gruden seems more “caricature” than “character”.

What’s missing in that front office and what can they do about it?

The natural lead in to this question is “What a crazy finish to the Monday Night Game”

Last edited 1 month ago by Randle McMurphy
Randle McMurphy

Thank You.

Very good guest. Strong content. Going to listen to it again on the podcast.

Something I don’t pay enough attention to is Coaches:

Defensive Line coach
Linebacker coach
Offensive line coach
Quarterback coach
Running backs coach
Secondary coach.
Special teams coach.
Tight ends coach
Wide receivers coach

Last edited 1 month ago by Randle McMurphy
Randle McMurphy

Las Vegas Sea Raiders??

Gus Bradley:

With the Seahawks, in a four-year span from 2009-13, he improves the Seattle defense from 25th in points allowed to the top of the rankings.

Tom Cable:

From 2011-17, Cable helped the Seattle Seahawks win three NFC West titles, two NFC Championships and the Super Bowl XLVIII title. During his seven seasons as the Seahawks’ assistant head coach/offensive line coach, his line helped Seattle’s running game rank second in the NFL with 131.9 yards per game over that span.

Now back to hockey. 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by Randle McMurphy

Definitely about Tullio’s experience in Slovakia and if he can compare the OHL to pro hockey in Slovakia and what its like to go from junior to pro and back to junior.

Also, what he learned from being around the Condors for about a month and if he took anything away that he used this off-season and/or will use during his OHL season.

Randle McMurphy

Who does Tyler Tullio fashion his game after/comparables both in the NHL and among recently drafted players/prospects?


Do you normally get prospects/current players on your show? Congrats if this is a new thing!


So many “real” options for call-ups this year.

On forward:

– I think Benson, Marody and Perlini are both legit call-up options if they don’t make the opening night roster.

– Health aside, I think Holloway likely establishes himself as a call-up option at some point in the year (not a lock).

– If the Oilers go with 14F (and they may not be able to if the have to keep 3 goalies, and they might want to go with 8D so that’s not a given), then only 2 of Benson/Marody/Perlini/Turris can be on the roster – that leave two real call-up options, in my opinion (not including Holloway). If they go with 14F, add another legit call-up option (subject to being claimed on waivers).

– I don’t consider Lavoie a real option – maybe late in the year but its fully dependent on how much progress he’s made. He’s got quite a bit of work to do, it could happen fast but it may take some time (i.e. 2022/23). Similar with Maksimov, etc.

On defence:

– Samorukov is in my opinion a legit call-up option pretty much from the start

– Unless they go with 8D, Lagesson (likely) is assigned if he clear and, of course, legit call-up option

– I would think that Broberg could probably tween in the NHL in an emergency but he likely could really use some AHL time so I’m not sure that Holland would bring up such an important prospect before he feels he’s ready, subject to an emergency.

– I’m not convinced that Berglund couldn’t be a real legit/serviceable 3RD after the acclimation period. Of course, that is far from a sure bet.

– I know many talk about Niemelainen and, to me, while he put himself back on the map as a “real prospect” last season, I don’t think he’s a real option this season based on last year.

– Kemp and Kesselring are not real options


– Of course, if one of Stalock or Mikko are in the AHL, that’s a phenomenal 3G call-up option.

– Skinner had a great season, he could be used for a few weeks (and a couple games) in an injury emergency and there is every chance that Konovaolov, with four years in the KHL is ready for NHL work in short order (of course, he may never be ready – we just don’t know).


If I’m not mistaken, you need to be double-vaxxed + negative test within 72 hours of entering Canada – or you need to isolate for 14 days?

I mean CBJ just let go of a minor league assistant coach. I don’t know if NHL players will get a special travel exemption or what.


What if I read a study that suggested eating a hot dog could take 36 minutes off of your life. Based on this, am I allowed to speculate when Phil Kessel’s date and time of death will be?

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Randle McMurphy

Based on this, I died 6 years ago.


Sorry, that was me I guess – I consider the source fairly legit but, of course, its FAR from official. I guess I didn’t think it through so I apologize – was just thinking that its a potential big deal for this club.