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by Lowetide

Someone has to get this party started and it might as well be you and me. The Edmonton Oilers don’t have training camp dates or a regular season schedule, but there’s only so much circling an airplane can do before it has to land. So, without further adieu, overture, curtains, lights!


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.


Edmonton should have more ‘certain’ names but the Oscar Klefbom injury means more walking around money than normal at this time of year. Added to the large number of free agents and we’re talking about strange days indeed.

The top three lines appear set, along with the starting six on defense and the goaltender tandem. No. 4 center and an overload on right wing may see a trade and or signing by the time we hit the open road for the 2020-21 season.


I am impressed by this list, there are some impressive futures here. Look I know Chiasson and Archibald and Khaira and Haas are going to be on the team, but are ALL of them going to be on the team? I have 10 of 14 ‘certain’ forwards, so four names are going to move up from this list unless Holland adds someone. Name the four. Are you sure? I have the same four names, but I’m not sure. (Khaira, Haas, Chiasson, Archibald).

Who gets 7D? I’ll name Lagesson, but you may name Bouchard or Lennstrom. Broberg could blow them all out of the water and make Kris Russell No 7D? Plus there’s injuries. Forsberg is slotted correctly and my guess is we see him in Edmonton at some point during the regular season.


Everyone here is a distant bell, but Patrick Russell and Oscar Klefbom have the best chance to be on the team at some point in 2020-21. Russell could make the opening night roster but Ken Holland would have to make a deal in order to make room.

Some of these men will remain in Europe for the season, we’ll have to wait and see what the final list looks like. Expect some PTO’s too, former Red Wings might include Jimmy Howard, Alex Delvecchio and Nick Libett.

Wheeler pops by today in order to discuss Oilers prospects who are in Europe, specifically Raphael Lavoie and Ryan McLeod. We’ll also talk about Dylan Holloway’s chances to make Team Canada.


At 10 this morning we hit the blacktop and put the hammer down, TSN1260. At 10:20 Dom Cosentino from The Score visits and we talk NFL. I’ll try not to make it all about Patrick Mahomes, promise. Wheeler sits down at 10:40 to chat and then at 11:05 Jason Gregor from TSN1260 talks NHL negotiations, NFL weekend and why the CFL must play in 2021. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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 November 23, 2020 11:36 am

Personally, I don’t think that the potential Klefbom LTIR issue provides more “walking around money” as I don’t think Holland will use off-season LTIR to get cap compliant but will sign Bear and make opening day paper transactions to get cap compliant (with a less than 23 man roster) and then use in-season LTIR to maximize the overage cushion and, very importantly, ensure there is a cushion that allows him to make day to day transactions as required – he needs a cushion to be able to add players to the active roster as injury replacements.

If Holland is sure Klefbom isn’t coming back. And if he’s willing to pass veterans like Neal and/or Chiasson through waivers…

I’m pretty sure Holland could:
Sign Bear to a $1.5M X 2 contract
Sign a UFA for as much as ~$1.8M
Get cap compliant for opening day and use in-season LTIR
Still have a $1.5M cushion for day to day transactions/injuries

What does $1.8M buy you in late November of the Covid summer? Could be a fair bit…


I’m not sure that he has the knowledge about Klefbom – I think Klef will likely “make his decision” shortly when actual dates are announced (based on how the shoulder is feeling with his off-season rehab) though. For all we know, Klef will be at camp.

I do think Holland would be willing to waive veterans if he thought it was best for the team – he did it with Gagner last year (and then Granlund).

Does $1.8M buy you Duclair – do we really want/need Duclair and does how bring more than a fresh/healthy Neal when one takes in to account locker room presence (which, from accounts, remains a thing)?


Klefbom being at camp would be the best case scenario by far IMO. But whatever the case, he’ll need to be making a decision pretty soon if he hasn’t already.

In terms of $1.8M, I have no idea about Duclair. I was thinking more of Granlund, Haula, Soderberg, Brassard, possibly even Vatanen. They’d have to see the Oilers as a team they want to join but Barrie, Turris and Kahun seemed to see the team that way.

The money could potentially also be used in a ‘cap dump’ type trade. Say Chiasson for a $4M contract, or Khaira for a $3M player. Who knows, just saying that these things are within the realm of possibility.


Some good talk above about Cracknell and McLeod and their potential roster implications this year and that makes me wonder what people have as the depth chart for the Oilers – I mean as far as potentially being on the NHL active roster at some point in the year.

I have:

the top 12 (in no particular order – McDavid, Drail, Nuge, Yamamoto, Kahun, Kassian, Ennis, Turris, Puljujarvi, Neal, Chiasson, Archie)

13- Khaira
14- Haas
15- Nygard
16- P. Russel
17- Benson
18- Quine
19- McLeod
20- Cracknell
21- Lavoie


I expect that’s likely fairly close. It’s hard to quibble over a placing or two that low on the depth chart. Last year they used 19 different forwards, not including Gagner who was part of the trade for Athanasiou. How comfortable are we with getting down to #19 on this list?


I’m actually fairly comfortable with that. Alot better than the Will Acton and Brad Malone days…..

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Do not speak ill of the worst smelling player in Oiler history.


A lot more Hail Mary’s on last year’s roster though. Not a criticism – Holland walked into a mess – but I expect more certainty from this line up.


I wonder what the plan will be for Rodrigue once Wichita starts up. I would expect, in normal times, he would have been assigned to the ECHL and Wichita starts, I believe second week of December. I wonder if they’ll bring him back over or if he’ll stay in Austria.


Tyler Benson dominating special teams today – a PP assist to go along with his earlier PK assist – the Lions lose 5-2.

Harpers Hair


Benson is playing in what amounts to a beer league in Switzerland.

(The NHLe calculators don’t even bother)

While it is certainly good that he’s getting reps, he’s certainly not setting that league on fire.

The league’s leading scorer is Guillaume Asselin a 28 year old whose major claim to fame was 21 games in the ECHL.
Asselin has 23 points in 12 games.

Benson has 7 points in 8 games.


Last edited 2 months ago by Harpers Hair

My god – read the post.

Harpers Hair

Read it…saw “dominating” based on two special teams assists in a 3 goal loss.

Sagely assumed that was silly and did a little digging and confirmed that it was abundantly silly.

You would have much more street cred if you didn’t try to pump up abject mediocrity.


My god, read the post – every word.

Perhaps also acknowledge the platform you are on.

Last edited 2 months ago by OriginalPouzar
Harpers Hair

And here I thought you wanted to talk about Benson. You brought him up.

He will turn 23 in a few months and will be a RFA at the end of next season.

Very small chance he makes the NHL roster so his salary for 20/21 is only $70K.

If you were his agent would you not advise him to stay in Europe for more money tax free, a free apartment and car rather than wander the Streets of Bakersfield?


He’s not at liberty to stay in Europe if the Oilers re-call him – he’s on loan from the Oilers.

As an Alberta boy, my assumption is that Tyler Benson’s goal remains the NHL. Considering he played 7 NHL games last year, in the 2nd year of his ELC, it seems his goal remains in reach.

He will very likely be assigned to the AHL to start the season but also reasonably likely to play NHL games this year.

Of course, every Oiler player where you have posited your opinion on if they should or should not sign and if they should or should not stay in Europe have decided its best to sign with the Oilers and continue to work for a career in the NHL with the Oilers.


DeBrusk finally signs – 2 X $3.675M.

He’ll be great value for the Burins over the course of that bridge.


A rare minus game for Sammy as he ends up -1 in a 5-1 loss – Over 18 minutes of ice, third highest on the team. Couple of shots on net.

Benson in the lineup today for the Lions – got himself a second period assist as they trail 3-2 in the 3rd. Of note, the assist was shorthanded – maybe he’s getting some PK time.


Looking at the uncertain list, this year’s roster truly is an improvement over last season’s “Sea of Granlunds, which was itself an improvement of rosters of recent years past. We’ve gone from having bubble players compete for spots in the bottom-six to having legit NHL players facing press box time.

Feels strange.

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Last edited 2 months ago by BornInAGretzkyJersey

We may even be at the stage where legit NHL players are being assigned to the minor leagues – if one considers Nygard or P. Russell legit NHL players (or even Quine or Benson).


I’d consider those guys you listed legit bubble players, but ones who are likely to pass through waivers. Perhaps Benson will be legit, but we don’t know yet.


New restrictions for Alberta will be announced tomorrow.

No real word on what they might be but I query if they will effect the current Team Canada camp and, more importantly, the tournament itself including potentially the ability of teams from Europe getting in to the country/province and getting their quarantine periods started, etc. Presumably these teams would be planning to arrive sometime within the next few weeks (or even less).


I am impressed by this list, there are some impressive futures here. Look I know Chiasson and Archibald and Khaira and Haas are going to be on the team, but are ALL of them going to be on the team? I have 10 of 14 ‘certain’ forwards, so four names are going to move up from this list unless Holland adds someone. Name the four. Are you sure? I have the same four names, but I’m not sure. (Khaira, Haas, Chiasson, Archibald).

Who gets 7D? I’ll name Lagesson, but you may name Bouchard or Lennstrom. Broberg could blow them all out of the water and make Kris Russell No 7D? Plus there’s injuries. Forsberg is slotted correctly and my guess is we see him in Edmonton at some point during the regular season.

Camp performance and injuries change things but, as of now:

1) I have Nygard as 15F and assigned. Khaira’s job could be in jeopardy but his ability to play center and PK likely means he’s safe. I guess Nygard could beat out Haas but, again, ability to play center and more of a PK pedigree in Europe (although Nygard is killing penalties for Farjestad). Archie, Chiasson and Neal are on the roster

2) I see Lagesson as 4LD and Bouchard as 4RD and, given waiver exemptions, Bouchard starts off the roster but he could be 7D depending on “who gets injured”. I have Lennstrom as 5LD and do think he could impact the lineup at some point this year.


It really is something that legit NHLers than can help the team, guys like Archie and Chiasson, aren’t guaranteed a lineup spot. They are certain to be on the roster (assuming no trades out) but they aren’t guaranteed an opening night lineup spot.

I think Neal has a chance to play up this lineup for stints at the beginning of the season. He showed he has some 5 on 5 game left when healthy (and fresh). if Puljujarvi or Kassian struggle early, I could see one of them scratched and Neal up the lineup and Archie/Chiasson filling in at the bottom.

Coach T. has alot of options and this team has legit depth that means legit NHL players will be healthy scratched (when the roster is healthy which, realistically, won’t be for long or often).


Personally, I don’t think that the potential Klefbom LTIR issue provides more “walking around money” as I don’t think Holland will use off-season LTIR to get cap compliant but will sign Bear and make opening day paper transactions to get cap compliant (with a less than 23 man roster) and then use in-season LTIR to maximize the overage cushion and, very importantly, ensure there is a cushion that allows him to make day to day transactions as required – he needs a cushion to be able to add players to the active roster as injury replacements.

I think the “team building” is effectively done, however, there are still many many balls to drop in the NHL. Once dates are finalized, there are numerous teams that will need to start scrambling in order to get cap compliant or make transactions to sign important RFAs and be able to get cap compliant – teams like WSH, VEG, TBL, NYI – they need to make moves. Tampa needs to get a couple important RFAs under contract and will eventually have to bite the bullet to pay large sweeteners for teams to take on their current cap commitments. Time will start to be a factor for these teams.

I don’t think the Oilers will be in play with these moves but I guess you never know.


We’ll know more once details of the Bear signing are made public.

I don’t think anybody expects to see any signings with the Oilers over, say, $1.2 M. Nothing that would impact the cap itself. Just Katz’s cheque book.

A trade? Maybe, but difficult.

A waiver wire pick up? There will be teams forced to expose guys they would really rather not just to try and sneak them through to get compliant for day 1.

And I do expect to see a couple of PTO’s at TC if just because Holland is experienced enough to know that doing an agent a favour here and there is smart business.

All long shots, maybe, but this is a very unusual year so precedent isn’t really worth much in terms of prediction. This really is the year where we wait.

Just need the league & the PA to find a compromise that works from both sides.


Yup, there could be some tweaks in the lower end range but, personally, I’m very comfortable with the NHL depth at the bottom of the roster – 15/16 forwards deep with varying skill sets. Sure, always look to improve and there could be some more Kahun type value deals out there but, at the same time, signing guys like Nygard and then cutting them probably isn’t an ideal look and Kenny is known as a GM that gives his signings a real chance.


I’m surprised you listed Lavoie as a centre. I thought his path was pretty much certain to be on RW.


I’ve asked LT about this before as he always seems to list Lavoie as a center. He did play some center in the Q i believe but mostly wing and I anticipate the organization sees him as a winger.


With his one way contract and the coach’s love for him, I’d move Patrick Russell up to that uncertain list. Might prefer him sitting over some others as an extra guy.

McLeod could be on the uncertain list too I think. You got Berglund listed twice, I’d have him as a distant bell, I think he’s locked into the SHL for the full year anyway.

Everything else I’d agree with – probably another year away from Neal not being a lock.


With Berglund out through injury into December, I imagine his only chance is if camp is pushed until January.


I have Russell as the 16F on the depth chart, behind Nygard at 15. I may even put Benson ahead of him but I haven’t.

Quine also got a one-way contract, i don’t think that is a factor on his depth chart replacement.

Berglund isn’t “locked in to the SHL” – like Broberg, he could come over but the plan on the day he signed was to play this last season in the SHL and then come over for 2021/22 – as I understand it.


Alex Delvecchio and Nick Libett.would be good adds, but I’d really love to see what Mickey Redmond could do on 97’s wing. That slapshot from the top of the circle…Ovie-esque!


Don’t forget Vaclav Nedomansky. Big centre. Might have lost a step, but has the hockey IQ to play up and down the lineup!


According to CapFriendly there are 40 UFA’s and 19 RFA’s who played at least 30 games in the NHL last season.

Hard to know exactly how many chairs there are left to be filled by the various teams since some rosters over at CapFriendly have guys slotted in who won’t make the team for various reasons.

It is also quite possible that rosters will be expanded if the AHL can’t operate as usual or that teams will go with 20 player rosters for cap reasons but the odds seem to indicate we will see PTO’s at camp.

I would hope Holland has been staying in contact with those he thinks could help.


Oilers have found another Allsvenskan team for Lagesson to keep fresh on – he’s in loan again.

Good to have him back on the ice but I’m a bit surprised as I would think these guys are within a few weeks of making their way to Canada.


It IS nice to get the ball rolling LT. 🙂

Nice depth on this team. And agreed there could be some more roster movement affecting the obvious 14F.

Also, I wonder should Adam Cracknell be in the ‘uncertain Oilers’ group and in the mix for 4C? I feel like he’s a real option but just a hunch.


Cracknell was brought on board for veteran presence on the AHL team. This actually is a very important ingredient for a successful AHL franchise as while the coaching is most important young players also need the example of a veteran pro.


Yes, these things are true. But why wouldn’t he also be in the conversation for Oilers 4C?

IIRC his NHLE from the KHL last season was around 30. It’s not like Khaira and Haas blew the doors off last year. I’d expect that if Cracknell outplays them (and the other uncertain Cs) in camp he’ll earn an NHL job.


As the stars of the team have taken on the leadership role the intangibles that a veteran pro bring to the table are not as required and sometimes can be disruptive. We are approaching the skill level in the top nine forwards to the point where we can now afford to bring in some younger and or unproven talent to gain the requisite experience at the NHL for their future development. If we look at the past success of the franchise we were able to have youth on the fourth line apprenticing.


If you’re talking about bringing in youth you’re basically talking about McLeod (or Marody I guess?). Khaira is 26, Haas is 28, Quine is 27, did you mean them?

I don’t see Tippett going the McLeod direction myself… Not yet. I think Khaira/Haas/Quine are the ones ‘ahead’ of Cracknell today.

And I’m not thinking Cracknell has a chance at an Oilers spot specifically due to leadership. I think he may be an equivalent hockey player to Khaira/Haas/Quine (at least in Tippett/Holland’s eyes, and considering the role being applied for).

He’s a big, sound defensive player. By reports he’s been playing C and penalty killing. His NHLE from Russia was 30. He was basically a point per game player in the AHL the season or two before that. I don’t see much argument that Khaira or Haas are more “skilled” based on their actual production in any league at any point.

And to be clear, I don’t *want* Cracknell to be on the Oilers roster, I just think he actually is as much the mix for 4C/5C as the others that LT lists.


You could be 100% correct but given they are looking for speed I can’t see them going for Cracknell. Depending on injuries he may be given a chance but I would think he would be behind Haas and McLeod. I would guess getting closer to home would be of importance to some players given their family situations and the Corona virus. You may be correct given his penalty killing acumen.Regardless of where he plays I think he is a good insurance depth signing.


I think it might be germane to the conversation to remember Holland’s idea of speed from his days in Detroit.

I forget where I read this but it was back in the heyday of Detroit as a top team in the league and the guy doing the interview brought up the idea of speed.

Holland’s response was along the lines that how fast a guy could skate wasn’t the most important part of playing a speed game because he was never going to be as fast as a puck could be moved. That was what he meant by speed. Moving the puck fast. Quick hands and even quicker mind. The legs were the least important part of the equation for him.

None of that impacts on the Cracknell conversation, of course. I just thought it was interesting to remember that Holland thought of speed as puck movement rather than skating speed.


Yeah, I just don’t see McLeod as a legitimate option coming out of camp myself. Later in the year if he shows well in the AHL, sure, but not yet. That’s based on my own opinion of the player but also on what I think Holland and Tippett would do. I think McLeod still has lots to learn and can/should continue to grow his game outside the NHL.

So I see Khaira, Haas, Quine (and Marody) as the guys Cracknell is in competition with for 4C/5C to start the season. Khaira played what, 7 games at C all year? He took less than 100 face-offs total on the season plus play-in. Haas was 42% or something on the season. I don’t expect Cracknell will win the day but I do think there’s an opening there for him since the competition isn’t particularly strong or established.

We’ll see. And yes, a good depth signing regardless.


Going by faceoffs, I think Cracknell had only two years where he played any center.

I don’t think he’s an option for the NHL roster as a winger let alone a center.


He was a full time C in the KHL last year. Not sure he was any good (and checking now his FO% wasn’t great).


but never in the NHL and he’s 35.

I simply don’t see the Oilers vertren management and coaching staff thinking he’s going to compete for a center job at the NHL level.


If Cracknell plays NHL games this season, I fear that is a sign of a disastrous year.

I have him behind Haas, Khaira, Nygard, P. Russell, Benson and Quine.

I also don’t think he’s an NHL center.


IF he’s a C (he was in the KHL) then the only guys that matter are Haas, Khaira and Quine. The others would be applying for different jobs. I do think Cracknell would have a harder time making the team if he was applying as winger, since IMO Khaira and Haas are the two weakest players of the presumed starting 14 (I’d have Nygard fully equal with them, but it doesn’t matter since they’re applying for different jobs).

And yes, Cracknell is not a guy you’re hoping is in the starting lineup. 100% agree with that. I’m really not sure he’s any worse a player than Haas or Khaira though. And Quine I really don’t know since I haven’t watched him. Quine has great AHL scoring numbers but hasn’t been able to translate those to the NHL or stick in an NHL lineup.

Cracknell had an NHLE of 30 in the KHL. He was 5th on a low scoring team with only 24 points, but the the top scorer had just 31. His most recent AHL season he scored 0.84 points per game, better than Khaira has ever scored (best was 0.74). Haas never managed a point per game in the Swiss league and I believe his NHLE was in range of 30 points as well. Khaira and Haas both scored 10 points in ~60 NHL games last season. Potentially none of them is an NHL center.

Both Khaira and Haas have shown some promise to cover that bet but I don’t think the gap between them and Cracknell is large.

They have strength in numbers because there’s a bunch of players who *could* or *should* be able to cover that lineup spot. But I’d be very happy if Holland can convince one of the UFAs still out there (who are clearly better than all of them) they want to play for the Edmonton Oilers. That would be nice. (I’m also /fine/ with Khaira, Haas and the others, it certainly isn’t a glaring hole).


If Cracknell vastly outperforms Haas and/or Khaira at camp as a center then, sure, go for it but, personally, I don’t think that is a reasonable projection. He may be playing center in the KHL but, of course, he’s never really been a center at the NHL level and, at 35 year’s old I don’t think Holland and Tippett will be looking at him as a center in the NHL.

Hass had the best (I believe) defensive metrics among the forwards last year – he’s got speed, he’s got PK pedigree in Europe and he may have drawing penalties as a skill.

Perhaps Cracknell can compete with Khaira for a center position given Khaira has struggled at times defensively but I come back to the fact that Cracknell is not an NHL center.


Khaira isn’t an NHL centre either though…

And I don’t think age plays into this much at all. We know Holland doesn’t care about age generally. All of these players are free agents after the season. I don’t see Khaira or Haas as players who project as important parts of the future unless they take a notable step forward. A first step towards that would be being better than Adam Cracknell at camp.

If Cracknell were to be the better player though, I’d have no issue giving him a job. Recall also he has a lower cap hit which doesn’t hurt. And he checks a lot of boxes.

On Haas, yes he had good “against’ metrics, but also really low ‘for’ metrics. He and those he was on the ice with suppressed offense and defence. He was only -3 at 5v5 though, and if he (or one of the others) could replicate that you won’t hear me complain.


Khaira showed to be much better at center than the wing down the stretch and in the play-ins last year. It wasn’t all that much of an accomplishment to be “much better” given how poor his season was at evens, that I acknowledge.

I would posit that Khaira is more of an NHL center than Cracknell. Cracknell has never been an NHL center (save for what looks like a could short stretches) and I don’t imagine that changing at 35 nor the organization asking him to change positions at that age.

Haas being only -3 in the Oilers bottom 6 is a fantastic stats given how they got caved last year. I think the Oilers will take a “saw off” from their 4th line next year – in paticular if they are special teams players and draw PPs (which Haas did last year).

Haas should also be much better earlier this year given he now knows what it takes to play in this physical league with smaller dimension. Should.


Yeah we’ll see. All I’ve said is that IMO Cracknell is in the conversation. I do agree that Haas and Khaira are most likely to win the 4C and 5C jobs, and also that the team is probably in a better spot if they do.

cowboy bill

Ryan Macleod is eventually going to surpass Jujhar Khaira . Maybe we see him on the fourth line this season on the wing along with JJ & Arch to learn the ropes . That leaves Neal & Chiasson on the side lines which would be unpopular with some . But they are both slow boats . If Haas is a better option than Khaira being a RHC . Then why not ? MacLeod-Haas-Archibald . Speed , Speed & Speed .
I guess I don’t see Neal as such a sure thing , especially as a fourth liner .

Last edited 2 months ago by cowboy bill
McDavey Jones' Lockeroom

Id just as soon go Nygard/Haas/Archie if u wanted speed. MacLeod needs more icetime then 4th line minutes


I am fine with prospects starting lower in the lineup with less icetime if that’s what roster deployment mandates (McLeod will undoubtably be starting in the bottom six when he does get his first shot) but I think the Ryan McLeod needs considerable more development time.

The skills that he still need to work on (staying in the battle on the boards, going to the dirty areas on front of the net) are likely not best developed in Switzerland with their ice size and style of game.

I would like to see him with considerable more AHL time this year (fingers crossed) and would likely have him slotted in there to start 2021/22 (of course, with every opportunity to win a spot at camp in the fall).

With only Khaira and Haas as potential 4C/5C in the 12th – 14th forward range and Nygard, Russell, Benson and even Quine in behind them, I see no reason to rush McLeod’s development.

Harpers Hair

Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) Tweeted:
The #Oilers have reassigned defenceman William Lagesson to Kristianstads IK of Sweden’s @HockeyAllsvensk.

The 24-year-old scored 3 goals & 6 assists in 11 games with HC Vita Hästen of the same league earlier this season. Lagesson signed a two-year contract extension on Nov. 4. https://t.co/ynB4h5Qlte



Rishaug thinks Canada will make like 10 or so cuts after Tuesday’s intrasquad game. Holloway in no danger of being cut.


Holliday’s a lock to make the squad and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s No1 PP and on either the 1st or 2nd line.


Button and some others think he’s a lock so I would suspect there is a very good chance he’s on the team.

Top 6 and PP1 seems aggressive to me – he dominated in that role for Wisconsin that other weekend but there is alot of offensive talent available and he does have a skill set that would be very effective in the middle/bottom 6 plus PK time.

Hope you are right but I think its unlikely at this point. Of course, he hasn’t skated with the team yet so he may come out flying and forcing more ice.


As per Friedman – McDavid is skating with Matthews (partially a Movember promotion). I guess this makes sense as McDavid is from out east but I think it precludes him from skating with any of the Edmonton group until camp officially starts. I assume.