True Balance

by Lowetide

I’ve been talking about balance ever since this blog began. People sometimes ask me about what a balanced Oilers roster might look like and I point to the 2005-06 team. That club lacked a true No. 4 center, needed one more defenseman so MacT didn’t have to overplay M-A Bergeron or Matt Greene, and a slightly better backup although Jussi Markkanen played damned well, God love him. However, the 2005-06 club, after the trade deadline, was in fact balanced.

How close is the current team to that balance photo?


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.


This is five on five points-per-60 (forwards), Corsi five on five (defense) and save percentage (goaltenders). I think “balanced” would be the top two lines over 2.00 per 60 (six forwards), third line center 1.75 and two other wingers at 1.50 or more among the bottom six. Defense? Four of six over 50 percent Corsi. Goalie? Starter at .920+. What would that look like?

This is a ridiculous roster, there’s extreme balance backed up by fantastic backup balance. If you stare at these names and numbers a long time, you could quibble with the backup goalie and third pair RH blue. In the cap era, this is an outstanding roster. Something for the Oilers to shoot for in the future.


The Condors play tonight and tomorrow night, you can watch the games for free on AHLTV, two of them involving Edmonton’s top farm team. Here are some names to watch for this weekend and what this season, short as it is, means to them:

Tyler Benson will go as far as his legs take him. He’s great in the corners, is physical, can pass well enough to play on a skill line and has great offensive instincts. This is the kind of player (Tyler Pitlick, etc) Edmonton flushes too soon, so I hope (and believe) Holland will make sure before moving on.

Cooper Marody is at a crossroads, where injury meets opportunity. This is a pressure point for franchise and team, Marody might want to get a second opinion. I will tell you his first AHL season was fantastic but there’s no way to know if he can come all the way back.

Theodor Lennstrom is an intriguing player and a Holland acquisition. I expect he’ll get every opportunity to show he can play and that means a feature role in Bakersfield and a full shot at next year’s training camp. It’s easy to forget about Lennstrom, but he’ll get a full shot at making the NHL while under contract.

Ryan McLeod is the one player in Bakersfield who we can use “when” instead of “if” he makes it to Edmonton. If you sift through quotes from Holland or Woodcroft or any executive on the team, McLeod’s foolscap is all positives and no negatives. They love his speed, his two-way acumen and have worked hard (including time on the wing) to get him going offensively. I expect he is playing his final AHL games this season.

Joe Gambardella has reached the Last Chance Texaco. He looked solid in a 15-game audition at the end of the 2018-19 season, earned after scoring 29 goals for Bakersfield the same season. Since then new management and coaching have moved on from him (Joakim Nygard ate his lunch) and he saw his goal-scoring totals fall to 14 in 2019-20 with the Condors. He looked good in Edmonton, solid on the forecheck and good speed.

Markus Niemelainen gets his chance with the Condors this spring. I’ll be honest with you the range of reports I’ve received on him runs the gamut, from “poor skater” to “impressive shutdown abilities.” So, we’ll see, that’s what the AHL is for, auditioning hopefuls.

Olivier Rodrigue is a fascinating prospect who could emerge from this large group of prospect goalies as the best available. I spoke to Ryan Holt (Condors play-by-play broadcaster) yesterday and he will get to play this weekend. I’m interested to see how well he plays this year.


At 10 this morning, TSN1260, we kickstart the weekend with lots of news and great guests. Steve Lansky from Inside the Truck will discuss the Super Bowl and Oilers-Flames Saturday night HNIC at 10:20. Matt Iwanyk from TSN1260 will chat about the Covid-19 impact on the NHL schedule and what the league might do about it, plus tell us who will win the Super Bowl. Reid Fowler from Draft Kings will do a complete preview of Chiefs-Bucs at 11:25. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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Are we on full “Grosenick waiver clear watch” now?

Bank Shot

Yiesh. Why are you guys subjecting yourself to watching the Condors play? McLeod is the only guy on the roster from tonight that has any kind of chance of having a career.


because I enjoy it.


Agreed on the slim pickings, but Rodrigues and Niemelainen have a chance. As well it was interesting to watch Lennstrom. But to your point there was, unfortunately, a whole lot of meh going on.


@ Original Pouzar:

Was perusing the Cult of Hockey and have no link but you are mentioned and complemented by David Staples at 7:45 of his podcast with Bruce McCurdy. “Are Oilers headed in the right direction?”

Congrats for the shout out. You’re starting to be noticed.

At this rate, Original Pouzar will be running the Oilers…


Ha – i see a new Cult episode dropped last night – will be listening either during this morning’s workout or tomorrow.

Bulging Twine

Sounds like we have some extra attention on the game tomorrow judging by the media avails today (questions from national/american outlets)


Yeah that is interesting.

Also, Kyle Turris is remarkably upbeat for a guy who’s in danger of losing the job he was signed for, and who much of the fanbase wants shot out of a cannon.

I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.


2nd unit: Malone, Marody, Joe G., McLeod, Jax.


Finally the first PP of the year and we see: Cracknell, Griffith, Quine, Hamline, Lennstorm……….


Niemelainen walking the line and getting a shot off Bouchard style.

Lennstrom and Niemelainen the two players that have really impressed me tonight.




Vinny Deharnais killing the Condors – culpable on both goals against.


Niemelainen looks fantastic. If I didn’t know that he had “no puck skills” and was a distant bell, I’d have a different first impression. Man can skate and he’s been a rock defending so far.


Oh good
I was beginning to worry that the leftorium was only 10 deep


Nice try with the black font on the dark background!

I was able to dust off my secret decoder ring and decipher your first period notes!


Nice notes LT and I generally agree.

Lots of Lennstrom and Niemelainen in that write-up.

Niemelainen continues in the second – almost scored just now sneaking in on the back door.

Lennstrom will take a minus on the goal against but that was a no-win pass Stanton we was given.


I have no idea about “true balance” because the last time they even came remotely near that was the 2006 cup run.

What we see these days is a work in progress, a post-punk Oilers desperate to assert themselves in the post-covid post Gretzky dynasty era lol

Bouchard isn’t going anywhere. Bouchard is set to star in the NHL as of ten games in the future, if not before. Ditto Puljujarvi, for what its worth.

Oilers have 10 games versus Calgary. To any current Oilers who might need reminding that back in the dynasty days the Oilers always beat Calgary badly on the ice, until Calgary loaded up on big players but Oilers were then able to out skill them… meanwhile Oilers like Messier and Anderson particularly liked to physically run riot vs Calgary, for some reason.


It just dawned on me that, in addition to Benson, Safin isn’t in the lineup either.


McLeod makes his presence known picking off an outlet pass just inside the blue line and taking a dangerous shot on net.


Joe G. hits Lennstrom sneaking in back door for a great chance and he almost buries.

Really liking Theodore Lennstrom in this first period – very high offensive IQ and a good skater. He’s an RFA after this season. In 15 minutes, he’s made me take a big interest in how he plays this season.


10 minutes in and I can see what Dave and Bruce from the Cult of Hockey were talking about with Lennstrom. A very good skater that clearly has high offensive instincts and some skill. Very noticeable in a good way so far.

Marody looks good – quick and making plays – that line with Quine is good.

Niemelainen can skate for such a big guy. Has made one nice pass which is good to see given puck skills are his achillies.


Condors take the lead.

Lennstrom with the shot from the point, tipped by D. Brosseau.

Nice quick shot by Lennstrom and a solid tip.


Marody with the Condors’ first scoring chance of the season as he shows some quickness to get in all alone but his stick is whacked as he tried to get the shot away.

I don’t think Benson is in the game – Woody mentioned the other day that he didn’t play in the exhibition games due to a minor injury. Didn’t think it would keep him out of this game.


McLeod was with Hamlin and Cracknell.

Who is Benson playing with?



Guess that means McLeod and Benson are together, probably with Cracknell.

Bulging Twine

Kevin Gravel starting for the Condors.
I liked that guy a couple years ago when he was with the Oilers.
Tall, Good range, decent skater, probably bad with the puck I would guess, don’t recall.


Gravel and Stanton were huge adds given there are only two NHL contracts on the team for now.

Both those two on AHL deals.


Now Savoie scores the Pioneers first goal in the 2nd period.

A quick strike 3 on 1 on the PP and a one-time rocket from Carter Savoie!


Sweet goal by Holloway as well!


So Raptors playing the Nets tonight. Kevin Durant ruled unable to play due to cover protocols. Part way into the half he is cleared to play and enters the game and has immediate impact. Part way through the 3 rd quarter he is REMOVED from the game due to safety protocols! Wow what a wacky year in sports!!!!

Scungilli Slushy

LT the Lightning line up looks great stats wise.

I feel a very big part of that is coaching and management.

Pull many of those players out and stick them on a lesser team and they wouldn’t post those numbers.

Team and system play, significant anchors like Hedman and Vas drive those results.

The Oilers when they play a solid team game are very formidable. The difference is that they don’t play that game consistently.

Cooper fought a hard battle to get them there, his GM had his back.


Caufield is a bum – Holloway sets him at beautifully on a cross-ice pass on the PP (after 1st winning the faceoff) but Caufield can’t bury it for his hatty!

Holloway has won three straight faceoffs on this PP

Last edited 3 months ago by OriginalPouzar

Check that – he just won his fourth straight faceoff on the PP.

Ended up with a blast of a one-timer from the right faceoff dot which was tipped it.

ANOTHER multi-point night for Holloway.


puck went in off a team mates helmet!!!


Holloway scores the insurance goal with six minutes left.

Takes the pass in the neutral zone, accelerates to split the D, loses his balance a bit as he shoots but quick releases one in through the 5-hole.

Last edited 3 months ago by OriginalPouzar

Rodrigue getting the start for the Condors’ tonight.

What a ride he’s been on due to Covid.

Without Covid, he would almost assuredly have been assigned to Wichita for this season but, due to Covid, he was loaned to Austria for a few months, then recalled to hold a spot on the Oilers’ taxi squad and now he’s starting his first North American pro game in the AHL.

If Grosenick clears, he’ll likely be heading to Wichita after Skinner gets assigned but, for tonight, go Olivier!


You still think Wells will be in Bakersfield? I wouldn’t be surprised to see him head to Wichita and Rodrigue stay in Bakersfield.


That’s what I anticipate – could be wrong.


Cool, I could be wrong too obviously. Where is Wells anyway?


the Savoie/Guttman/Brink line getting a ton of ice in the first period – looking dangerous but not cashing yet. Savoie looks a bit quicker tonight to my eye.


I think it’s safe to say the few of us who were against signing Connolly made the right choice as he is healthy scratched again


How much of that is about him being on the market?

FLA seems like a franchise that defaults to acting out of spite.


Well Yandle has been in the lineup
and early results show they were smart moving on from Dadonov and Hoffman is a notorious 5v5 black hole


Savoie with some great puck skills and moves (off the boards, spin move to get some space/separation) on offensive zone cycle on his first shift – looks fresh and engaged early.


Geez, I just realized the Condors’ game doesn’t start for another hour…… that’s bed time. Egregious. Blah.


I’ve seen Holloway’s line hemmed in more tonight than the rest of the season combined.

Not that they are playing bad but the Gophers are a good team – they haven’t really given up too many grade A scoring changes on these shifts.

Holloway and his line have had their share of offensive shifts and chances as well – one really solid shot from the slot by Dylan – thought he was gong to bury it.

12 minutes left in the 2nd period.

Will probably focus on the Condors when they start in a few minutes.

Poor Savoie, can’t show him watch-love when his game start – too much at the same time.

Bulging Twine

Flames coach Geoff Ward after last nights game when asked if we’ll see some new bodies in the lineup soon:
Yeah, we need some energy, we have guys chomping at the bit to get in.

Looking at the taxi squad and scratches, the only new FW’s available to them:

Zac (the Mouth) Rinaldo
Buddy (Giant/Elf) Robinson

#BattleofAlberta lol

Last edited 3 months ago by Bulging Twine

I read somewhere that Rinaldo is likely to play. It may have been E. Francis.

Please do.


I’m not too surprised
they have ultimate shit disturber TkaCooke
but that defense is butter soft

Bulging Twine

“My greatest honour in life will always be that I am Colby Cave’s wife. I love him dearly, I always will and miss him beyond words. He taught me so much. He was genuine, caring, selfless, had a contagious laughter, but most importantly had the biggest heart. Though, our time with him on earth was cut short, I am grateful that the whole world can now see how incredible my husband was and how lucky I am to be his wife. Colby would be humbled by the Colby Cave Memorial Fund, and I am looking forward to continuing his legacy alongside the Edmonton Oilers and the rest of the hockey community.” – Emily Cave

Scungilli Slushy


Beauty in the face of tragedy


Thank you for posting this.


The Wisconsin game (starting now) is on TSN3.


Of note, Benson has been named an assistant captain for the Condors.

Also, both Zegras and Drysdsle will be in the lineup tonight for the Gulls.

Scungilli Slushy

Let ’em have it Tyler

There is nothing to wait for



Hunter’s 1909’s 2020-21 Death March™

You can register and vote here:

Hurry! Regular Season Deadline is Approaching!


Apologies if this has already been posted, but Jomboy (a sports satirist youtuber who very rarely does the hockey clips) has a breakdown of the Puljujarvi evade on Dadonov last game and it is wonderful.\\


~ Nice of him to model with his close that dumb can go with nasty ~

Last edited 3 months ago by N64

None of the regulars (Rishaug, Wilkins, Gregors, etc.) with any info on lines/pairings from practice today and not a single question of Tip post-practice on the pairings so who the heck knows what its going to look like tomorrow.

Asked if Shore was going to play on the 4th line (where he was at practice yesterday) – Tip said they are still mulling all options and a few things they are monitoring and we’ll see where it goes.

So essentially, who the heck knows what the lineup will look like.


He was asked about his conversation with McDavid today (as there were pics of them talking at practice).

Tip responded that he talks to lots of players every day – sometimes on the ice, sometimes in his office, sometimes in the hallway. Nothing special in the conversation and it was mostly about how McDavid thinks the new tighter protocols will effect the team. For example, they have lots of players that like to come to the rink early and now can’t.


Random Stat….Patrick Marleau is 36 games away from leading in all time NHL games played.

Ice Sage

Thanks and wow, that’s come under the radar!
Only a pandemic could stop the stealth Marleau


That is cool. Incredible really.


I am pretty sure that Patrick Marleau is not human. He has played over 80 games in 15 seasons. He also hasn’t missed a game in 11 years.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ryan

They aren’t counting Gordie Howe’s WHA games.


No offense but
sometimes when I read your posts
its like when you’re almost finished eating a delicious ice cream sundae
only to discover there were mouse droppings at the bottom the entire time.


Edit: Nm…still getting used to new thread format

Last edited 3 months ago by kgo

Per Tip, Haas was held out today for precautionary reasons – should be good to go for tomorrow.

Per Tip, Smith can be activated from IR on Sunday.

I guess, if Grosenick does get claimed, Skinner will back-up tomorrow night.

Scungilli Slushy

I know it won’t happen but to Bennett would be a great add.

The main reason is that there is a high chance Nuge isn’t coming back. The cap comes for all.

Bennett has not produced as of yet. He is however a skilled player that can skate, and although not a big player plays with some jam.

To me Connor needs wingers that are more physical IMO. He also needs wingers that can make a play but mostly finish. This to me is why Nuge isn’t a great fit with Connor. He is a better fit with Leon bcs Leon holds the puck in the O zone and is the finisher.

Bennett is also a natural C. I believe he would score with Connor, gives the 3 centres in the top 6 thing injury cover.

It would mean Nuge can go to Leon’s line, Kahun to the third where he should be. It increases the production in the forward group getting closer to what LT mentioned.

You can’t have 3 of the top 6 wingers not producing enough and also be shallow in the bottom 6 everywhere.

I can’t see it happening or know what the Flames might want, but I think it could be a winner move.


Hollaway will be on Connors wing to open the season next year. Book it!


Should we go ahead & book his inevitable shoulder surgery now?


Staring a just turned 20 year old (less than a month) against the top defenders and players in the world isn’t something that I would expect Tippett to do.

I really have no idea if Holloway starts 2021/22 as a Badger, Condor or Oiler.


To me Connor needs wingers that are more physical IMO. He also needs wingers that can make a play but mostly finish. This to me is why Nuge isn’t a great fit with Connor. He is a better fit with Leon bcs Leon holds the puck in the O zone and is the finisher.

The final 29 games of last season when the DRY line was mostly intact, Nuge and Leon scored like this at 5v5:
Nuge 11G 14A 25PT (also 8 A1, 6 A2)
Draisaitl 9G 16A 25PT (and 6A1, 10A2).

Nuge was more the finisher than Draisaitl, and if you look at primary assists, Nuge was also the more important setup man. Huh.

I agree that Bennett would be a nice add though.

Scungilli Slushy

Yes I know, but Nuge’s goals came from that they had to respect Drai.

Connor is obviously a good finisher, but he’s not a shooter naturally.

Connor will benefit from a first shot scoring threat, or a player that is a significant threat to score on his line, or a more significant threat, because it draws coverage.

Fine threads I know, but I hope the point gets across.

I think the numbers for both show that, it’s not a shortage of points, but imagine if the threat against for both elite players was spread around more on their lines.

Nuge makes Leon more dangerous it seems.

I think, but nobody knows, that if a more aggressive player on a wing that can finish more also bumps Connor.

JP is doing a lot, but I’m convinced he’s not a natural goal scorer. I like him on Connor’s wing if they can mesh, and then the ideal LW is a buzzsaw that will pop enough chances.

Right now the top six wingers aren’t doing that outside of Yamo.

So to me Bennett now being on the market and probably resigning at far less than Nuge is a cap and fit opportunity.

The Oilers rarely cash on these. Sakic does, and Yzerman did.


I don’t buy that Nuge’s goals came from other teams respecting Draisaitl, or that Nuge-McDavid don’t work together because they aren’t scoring much so far this season.

At the same time, I have no objection to Nuge being re-united with Draisaitl-Yamamoto to see if they can pick up where they left off.

I also agree that other players could be as good a match (maybe even better) for McDavid than Nuge is. Though whether Sam Bennett is that player I have no idea.

It’s possible, but I’ve been thinking of Bennet as more like Ryan Strome at 3C (when he was an Oiler). Like Strome at the time, there might be upside, but it’s no sure thing to surface.

I see Nuge-Draisaitl vs Nuge-McDavid as two good combinations, one of which ran hot and the other cold.

Nuge-Draisaitl last season (without McDavid)
70% GF
55% xGF
1.069 PDO

Nuge-McDavid this season (without Draisaitl)
36% GF
63% xGF
.932 PDO

I think the realty for both combos is somewhere between the actual and ‘expected’ results.

I think Nuge-McDavid will be better going forward if they stay together. And I think Nuge-Draisaitl would be good if they were put back together, but likely not approaching as good as they were last season. Anyway, JMO.

Harpers Hair

Blumel back to scoring goals, a nice one:

Lavoie scored two of Vasby’s three goals, he’s heating up again:

I thought that Maksimov might be in the lineup for CSKA today as he wasn’t for Zveda Moscow yesterday but he wasn’t, neither was Samorukov for some reason….

Bulging Twine

Thanks for posting those. Man Blumel has a sweet shot hey?!


I’ve never seen him play except on these highlights I’m able to find – he’s sure potted a few beauties with his shot. Tough to say where it really is given league but loving the arrows on this pick.

John Chambers

Ten points in twelve games is close to a 70-point pace over 82.
He’s executing on the power play and is a penalty kill leader.
Some bad puck luck and poor shooting, and a few bad choices in tight are causing some people to make rather bold assertions about the player.
Ill make a 50 dollar bet with anyone that 5×5 number is over 2 by season’s end.


It’s truly bizarre how the knives are coming out for Nuge.


Such a small sample to gripe about — if he cashes on one of those setups from JP it’s a totally different story.

Lots of road ahead.

Just feels odd that people are complaining about him when we know what the player is capable of and there’s so much blacktop ahead. Seeing posts equivocating his production 13 games into the season for a contract extension below current salary.


John Chambers

I’m a bit passionate about RNH because I think it’s key that the Oilers sign this player.

Perhaps we’ll be well served in the long run if Nuge has bad puck luck to start the season, and Holland gains a bit more leverage for a brief period.

Could you imagine what his agent’s demands would look like if Nuge was on a PDO heater?


Probably better than 1.39/60, yes, to me the biggest question is if Nuge and McDavid don’t improve each other’s stats when playing together, why not put him back with Drai?


Well, exactly.

This club has dressed and changed lines a million different ways already this season.

But Tipp just can’t try RNH somewhere else.


That question should be asked of the captain (speculation).


Sometimes there is a misconception of knives coming out. I want Nuge to if possible retire as an Oiler. There is however the reality of what the team can pay Nuge in a flat cap era that may last anywhere from three to five more years. Nuge owes it to his family to get the best compensation he can however the team has to look at team must come first. I am hopeful that the two sides can come to a compromise as I am a huge Nuge fan. The reality is no matter what we think or want as fans, hockey is first and foremost a business. Regardless of how it turns out I will remain both an Oiler fan and also a Nuge fan.


If I’m Holland I offer him 6 million for 7 years he received a pretty good deal on the first contract. He gets to play with either Connor or Leon that’ll be close to 90 million dollars in total and a legit shot at 2 or 3 cups.


I agree with the general premise here. If Nuge wants to see where he can get the most dollars, 100% that is his right and would have no negative feelings towards the player for doing so.

At the same time, I’m not sure about “owes it to his family to get the best comp” – i mean, if he accepts $42M in Edmonton as opposed to $49M in, say, Columbus (or Calgary or Seattle) over 7 years (i.e. AAV of $6M vs. $7M) is the lower comp really going to negatively effect his family in any way?


RNH loves horses,
maybe he likes betting on them as well
Gotta have a big bankroll if you’re going to lay it all on the line


So.. Kentucky?


Where’s his wife from? I tried to google it but all I found is they started dating in 2012 (after he joined the Oilers). Anyone know?


Nuge met his wife when he was playing for the Rebels.

Her family is from the area and is big into horses.


Thank you, that explains the Red Deer connection I’ve heard about.


People being puzzled about breaking up a top 5 line in hockey in Nuge Drai and Yamamoto to put him in a place where results are far inferior is hardly knives coming out


Not saying I agree with the notion of breaking up the best line in hockey, but seeing people calling for a reduced AAV on a contract extension and citing points/60 after 13 games is bizarre.


There has been no Knives.

Just possible different line combos re: RNH with McDavid
( I know heresy)

Pretty innocuous stuff for a hockey forum


Count me among the masses who want the DRY line back together.

But seeing suggestions that Nuge should sign for less than his current contract because of his production so far this season, often based on one metric (P/60), is pretty ridiculous.


As far as his 5 on 5 P/60, lets not forget that Nuge had like one even-strength point in the first 20 games last year (apx). He was producing worse at evens than he is now.

He was top 5 in the NHL in P/60 after the lineup shift in 2021.

Of course, this is fodder to put him back with Drai but the point is that he’s had streaks of low production at 5 on 5 and insane heaters at 5 on 5. I don’t think he needs Drai and Kailer to go on a heater.

The current Drai line has a better GF% than the Nuge/Drai/Kailer line from last year – much lower event but still.


That’s basically my point… Nuge has a history of fairly consistent production. A couple games where he’s not lighting the world on fire is hardly cause to ask the guy to take a pay cut.

RNH has 10 points in 12 games.

Much ado about nothing.


Nuge is also 4th in the NHL (forwards) in TOI/G and first on the Oilers.

He is likely playing too much. Haas played apx 3 minutes on the PK more than Nuge last game and, if that can continue, that could/should/might be a material factor in reducing Nuge’s overall ice and, likely, helping his 5 on 5 production.

Harpers Hair

By eye, I had been thinking Nuge was shooting more often this season and that appears to be the case.

He’s averaging 3.33 shots per game this season which would equate to 273 shots over an 82 game season.

His career high is 208 so it’s a very significant increase and I have to wonder if that’s a function of team strategy or if it’s related to him being in a contract year.


Its in a persons DNA to play harder in a contract year that is unless the ex-wife gets it all then you don’t really give a fuk.

Harpers Hair

I don’t think it’s “playing harder” more than changing the way he plays by taking more shots.

Goal scorers almost always get paid more than playmakers.


Excited for the Condors to start the season.

Out of the group listed, I will be keeping my eye on the following:

Tyler Benson – with Marody or McLeod as his center, he should dominate offensively and be at a PPG – I think there is a chance he earns a recall back up North and that should be his goal (quarantine requirements notwithstanding)

Ryan McLeod – lots of 2nd tier prospects “pop” in their second AHL season and I anticipate we’ll see this with McLeod. He will be a top 6 center and play both special teams. I expect him to be closer to 0.75 P/G and provide strong 2-way play in all game areas. I don’t anticipate a call-up this year but he should set himself up for a great chance to make the Oilers in September

Cooper Maroda – I anticipate he’ll be the other top 6 center and I agree this is “last chance Texaco”. If he’s 100% healthy, and can stay that way, he can re-establish himself as a potential NHL candidate. His only issue (if healthy) is skating – he has NHL level skill.

Olivier Rodrigue – His first pro North Amerian start will come this weekend. If Grosenick clears, Skinner will be assigned and Rodrigue may head to Wichita.

Ostap Safin – Is there a “real prospect” here? Its not looking like it but maybe he pops. Still think it was super weird that he was not playing in Europe the last few months.


Dom has the numbers for top 2 players in the league
and to no ones surprise here Mackinnon and Matthews are in neither position


Dom’s target audience are mouth breathers.


Man you guys sure hate Dom. He said the only thing stopping McDavid and Draisaitl from being even better was their defensive stats. They’ve tightened that up this year and so their effects on his model, along with their stunning offence, is putting them into a different tier. They are playing as well as prime Crosby/Malkin was really the point of the article.


Have Pettersson and Hughes moved up into their own tier yet?


I like it but it’s a lot like shooting fish in a barrel.😉👏👏


Wow. That’s just shocking.

Those numbers are Turris bad.

Hard to fathom what they look like against teams other than Ottawa…

New Improved Darkness

I have decided: human genitalia as a social construct does not pass a simple sniff test. Around these parts, no-one hums “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”. It’s almost always “Does Your Ear Hang Low?”

And you know what the problem is?

That giant McDavid brass ring hanging right beside the giant Draisaitl brass ring—both dangling for Jesus from the same ear. Meanwhile, the supporting-cast ear—if left outside on the lawn overnight—is so tilted toward God in the heavens above—by the combined McDavid–Draisaitl tidal force emanating opposite noggin—that it risks becoming a bathing cistern for unwashed song birds. Not that I have anything against song birds.

Moral of the story: For every auction, there is an equal and opposite auction.


Awesome! Thank you. 👏👏👏


Haas not on ice at practice today. Not ideal if he’s hurt/sick.