Out Like A Lamb

by Lowetide
Photo by Mark Williams

The Oilers played a game in Montreal but it might have been better to fly home and send the points via Canada Post. People get upset when their favourite team loses, but a game like that one (schedule loss) gives the viewer a chance to move along to something else. And so I did.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.

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  • Oilers in 2015-16: 15-19-3, 33 points; goal differential -18
  • Oilers in 2016-17: 19-12-6, 44 points; goal differential +6
  • Oilers in 2017-18: 17-18-2, 36 points; goal differential -6
  • Oilers in 2018-19: 18-16-3, 39 points; goal differential -3
  • Oilers in 2019-20: 19-14-4, 42 points; goal differential -2
  • Oilers in 2020-21: 22-14-1, 45 points; goal differential +13

As it turns out, the 2016-17 season is a quality match for 2020-21. In the coming days I’ll look at that team, the decisions made by Peter Chiarelli at the deadline and the disaster that was Andrej Sekera’s injury.


  • At home to: Toronto, Toronto, Calgary (Expected: 1-1-1) (Actual 1-2-0)
  • At home to: Ottawa, Ottawa, Ottawa (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 3-0-0)
  • On the road to: Vancouver, Calgary, Calgary (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 1-2-0)
  • At home to Winnipeg, Winnipeg (Expected: 1-1-0) (Actual 2-0-0)
  • On the road to: Montreal, Montreal, Montreal (Expected 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Toronto, Toronto, Montreal (Expected 2-1-0) (Actual 1-1-1)
  • Overall expected result: 8-5-1, 17 points in 14 games
  • Current results: 8-5-1, 17 points in 14 games

Well that’s top dead center as a prediction. Now, two of the games were cancelled but that’s not my fault. I’m going to call this a victory for hard science and blind guesses.


I have a fascination with opening night rosters that goes back to baseball days. In my lifelong effort to adopt nerdy interests with no financial or intellectual value, I have played close attention to hockey’s opening night rosters, too. The 2017-18 season debut for the Bakersfield Condors was especially enjoyable. The Stockton Heat, Calgary’s top affiliate, were the opponent and it was a chance for me to do some background work in my long-term effort to big Kent Wilson who wrote at that time for Flames Nation and later The Athletic.

Kent is a good man and a mensch. He’s one of the people in the world you’re better for knowing. For years I would tease him about the Flames horrible drafting (“Nice pick, Kent, that Hunter Smith is skilled!” and he’d retort with Mitchell Moroz’ latest stats) and we would send zingers back and forth along the QE2.

At some point, and by that I mean 2015’s draft, both organizations would straighten up and fly right (or better) and produce real talent. The 2017-18 opening night was the first chance to see how the young players could shine.

Here are the prospect rosters for each who played NHL games after that day. We begin with the Condors.

  • RW Jesse Puljujarvi: First-round selection in 2016, a year later starting in the minors. Now at 147 NHL games since AHL opening night 2017.
  • RD Ethan Bear was a fifth round pick from 2015 who has been in the NHL for 113 games and counting. A major draft success for a team that rarely saw a player chosen after the first round get an NHL cup of coffee.
  • LD Caleb Jones: A fourth round pick in 2015, he has now played in 77 games and has a chance to enjoy a long and productive career. Always bet on the outstanding skaters.
  • RW Patrick Russell is a college free agent signing who made the NHL and remains there at this time. All of his 58 NHL games came after his opening night appearance in 2017 for the Condors.
  • RW Anton Slepyshev would play his final 50 NHL games (so far) after AHL opening night. He remains a player of interest, although Edmonton’s hold on his rights will expire in the summer.
  • RC Josh Currie was an AHL contract signed to an NHL deal. He played capably in an audition with Edmonton (21 games in 2018-19) and has played one game with the Penguins this season.
  • LD Keegan Lowe: A 2011 pick by the Carolina Hurricanes, he would play 2 games with Edmonton in 2017-18.
  • Edmonton has graduated two players who hold down prominent roster positions (Bear, Puljujarvi) and the NHL GP total sits at 469.

Now let’s look at the Stockton Heat, and how many players have graduated since 2017-18’s opening night.

  • LC Mark Jankowski has played 239 NHL games in a depth role.
  • RW Garnet Hathaway turned into a solid player and has been in 236 NHL games. He plays a depth position but is a bona fide player.
  • RD Rasmus Andersson is the jewel of that Stockton team, has played in 196 NHL games and plays an important position.
  • RW Andrew Mangiapane has played 159 NHL games and at times plays a substantial role. He was a great draft pick.
  • G David Rittich has played in 128 NHL games and is a backup goalie.
  • LD Oliver Kylington has played 92 NHL games since and does not occupy a vital roster spot at this time.
  • RW Spencer Foo has played 4 games.
  • LW Morgan Klimchuk played 1 NHL game.
  • Calgary has two prominent players (Andersson and Mangiapane) and a total of 1,055 NHL games. Flames with a wide edge in GP

Who drafted and developed better players? Question for the group: Assume you are the Seattle Kraken and all four of the quality names above are available. In what order do you place Jesse Puljujarvi, Ethan Bear, Rasmus Andersson and Andrew Mangiapane?


If you came here for the usual break down of last night’s lines and pairings, I apologize. Sometimes in a season old Lowetide just doesn’t feel like looking through the wreckage when the cause of the fire is so obvious. This was a schedule loss from an exhausted team, that’s a fact.

That doesn’t mean the Oilers should run the same lineup Friday against the Flames. There are three things we can take from last night’s game:

  • Mikko Koskinen has to play more than once every 12 days but he also must be ready for his starts. He was not sharp last night. Alex Stalock is an option.
  • The DRY line played 6:25 last night, won the shot share 3-1 and were 1-0 HDSC (6-3 Corsi five on five). I would expected to see that trio on Friday night. Edmonton needs one line going and McDavid has some nice pieces in Puljujarvi, Ennis and Kassian. It’s also possible Holland makes a trade.
  • William Lagesson needs to see the game from the pressbox for a time. Coach Dave Tippett has been running him out there most nights in March and it’s time for Caleb Jones or Theodor Lennstrom. Lagesson was on the ice for a 3-14 shot thrashing last night five on five. He may well have a long career in the NHL, but he isn’t playing well and it isn’t necessary to continue the experiment at this time.

McDavid and Puljujarvi without Draisaitl have played 256 minutes together this year, 57.4 percent expected goals. In just 26 minutes without Nuge or Leon, 97-13 have an expected goal percentage of 54.46. Small sample, and the trio needs a substantial LW, but it’s a start. Kassian remains available if Puljujarvi continues to slump. I wonder about a Chiasson for LW rental deal.


At 10 this morning, a short week and lots to discuss on TSN1260. Bruce McCurdy from the Cult of Hockey at the Edmonton Journal will discuss schedule losses, Darnell Nurse and his season and the weekend games to come. Joe Osborne from OddsShark will talk March Madness and MLB division winners for 2021. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. Talk soon!


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At the risk of disturbing the echo chamber and criticizing the Oiler brain trust
but Tyler Ennis is 5th in Even Strength PP/60.

Yeah putting him on waivers is pretty fucking stupid.

Flame away.


Dylan Holloway heads Scott Wheeler’s list of risers and fallers from the 2020 NHL draft.

Savoie gets an HM as a riser as well.

Harpers Hair

Well…that was fun.

Colorado beats Arizona 9-3.

An unstoppable force.

The Art Ross race.

Matthews 24 (33GP)

Rantanen 21 (35GP)

McDavid 21 (37GP)

DeBrincat 19 (33GP)

Draisaitl 19(37GP)


The only unstoppable force around here seems to be your endless trolling.

The cool part is, as you ramp up your prophylactic campaign to piss everyone off, you inadvertently show us that indeed the Oilers are now a force to be reckoned with, inside their division. And, as there is zero inter division play each of the 4 divisions mean zero to each other, until the top teams meet in the semi finals.

Therefore, how any of your non-northern division teams are doing means jack. Jack to the Oilers, jack to the fans, and aside from you showing us that you need to find out of divison examples to troll us…jack shit all around.

Keep it up. Your doing great!

Last edited 5 months ago by hunter1909
season not played

Appears as though you have as much trouble figuring out the league leaders for the “Richard” trophy as you did earlier when you told us about the 75 goals the Flyers have given up in the last 7 games.

Don’t let accuracy get in the way of whatever it is you are attempting to accomplish on here.


Enjoyable season to date.

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Victoria Oil

Sabres win! Sabres win! Sabres win!

Harpers Hair

Buffalo with a 4-1 lead over the Flyers at the end of the second…could the streak be over?

Worth noting, Brian Elliot pulled after giving up 4 goals on 16 shots.

Flyers goaltenders can’t stop a beach ball with a peach basket.

Also of note…Taylor Hall with less than 10 minutes ice time in the first two periods and a stat line of 0-0-0-0-0.

Perhaps he has already checked out.

Last edited 5 months ago by Harpers Hair
Harpers Hair

comment image


Defeated 6-1, PHI finishes March allowing 75 goals in 7 games (average of 4.41 per). Since 1987-88, only 6 times has a team have given up more in single calendar month: SJS in Dec ’92 & Oct ’91, Jets (78 in Mar 1989), Nordiques (78 in Mar 1990), Leafs (76 in Jan 1988) & HFD in Jan ’93


75 goals in 7 games… I get a much different GPG Avg than 4.41

Harpers Hair

The 4.41 is for the season.


The flyers played 17 games in March, not 7.

Harpers Hair

Check the last 7 games…

Good grief…is this thing on?


The Flyers did not give up 75 goals in the last 7 games.

They gave up 75 goals in 17 games in March.

Last edited 5 months ago by OriginalPouzar
Harpers Hair

Write a letter to the Pope.


You meant to say oops my bad.

Harpers Hair

Nope…it’s like leading a group of blind children across a busy freeway in the dark.

They have a tough time understanding what the NHL posts.


Clearly it was my error and as a result I deserve to be referred to as a blind child. Thank you sir, may I have another?

And thank you for being an honourable gentleman as usual. This is obviously why you are considered one of the cool kids.

Please forgive me.

Last edited 5 months ago by €√¥£€^$

The tweet you originally posted had a typo in it – it’s not 75 goals against in 7 games, but rather in _17_ games. €√¥£€^$ pointed out the math mistake on the GA/60 as stated in the tweet you posted (it would be 10.71 if it was 75 in 7), you then posted a completely incorrect statement that “4.41 is for the season”. In fact, Philly is 129 GA in 35 GP, that’s 3.69 GA/G. Then OriginalPouzar posted that the Flyers played 17 games in March, not 7, again suggesting a simple typo in the tweet. Your response? Call other people blind children. Even though you clearly didn’t bother looking up any stats, just blindly posted and believed @StatsCentre and then insulted others that were just trying to correct the incorrect numbers.

This is the kind of thread that just makes you look obstinate, and suggests to me that you’re just not willing to admit when you’re wrong about something. Hell, in this instance you could’ve just blamed @StatsCentre for posting the wrong numbers, didn’t even have to accept any blame yourself, until you didn’t bother looking up the correct stats and then called others blind children. You’d come across as more of an adult if you 1. didn’t insult people like that, and 2. admitted when you got something wrong.

Last edited 5 months ago by Thorin
Harpers Hair

Frank Seravalli


Sounds like tonight’s Vancouver/Calgary game tonight has been canceled, in light of more information surfacing with #Canuckscomment image tests.

Seismic Source


Remember this fight?..stumbled across it on Youtube.
Dave Brown was the scariest guy in the league.


That’s one of my favourites from the day….Brown knocks him and down and is ready to stop, but Kyte unbelievably keeps throwing punches from his back instead of conceding. So Brown starts the lawnmower on him…rest of the Flames only see that part and are losing their mind thinking he’s hitting a defenceless team mate, not realizing Kyte is the one who kept it going….
You can almost picture Brown saying “Are you for real?” when Kyte kept punching from his back…

Seismic Source


4:15 when he looks at the flames bench…..nightmares.
11:35 the Oilers Kings chaos….it has the commentary from the kings side and its hilarious.

Im in a youtube hole right now.

Last edited 5 months ago by Seismic Source

No moves please. What would it really do for this year. Next year is when they should be more of a threat to do playoff damage.


I don’t disagree.

The org isn’t in the position with picks/prospects where the can be “buyers” year after year after year.

If the deal made sense, I wouldn’t be against a similar type deal to the AA deal – not a rental but a player under control for a period of time – AA was an RFA and under team control, the circumstances where the Oilers ended up walking from the player and “losing him for nothing” were highly unique.

A deal like a Jake DeBrusk (but not for DeBrusk himself as his QO is too high and the team cannot commit to that).


Rumored that Demko will be signing for $5M X 5 shortly…… a tiny bit of risk but I would have to admit that being a good deal for the team.

Harpers Hair

Done deal.


Seems like a bit of a gamble no? 5×5 is a significant commitment.


I did say “bit of risk” but I do think the Demko is legit and, given his age, anticipate he’ll cover that bet.

There is always a bit of extra risk giving tender term because it seems, with the exception of the elite, they can have performance swings from year to year and are team dependant to some degree, but I think this is a good bet.

Harpers Hair

How much would you pay a 25 year old goaltender who is third in the league in goals saved above average considering the deal buys 2 UFA years?

Harpers Hair

Should be 3 UFA years.


They’re in a great spot right now. Hopefully they climb a bit more in the coming days and put the final nail in the Flames coffin if it isn’t already in.
Edmonton could go 7-11-1 in the final 19 compared to Calgary going 12-6-1 and Edmonton would still beat them. 60 points each with Edmonton having 1 more win. It’ll be hard to screw this up at this point. But being an Oiler fan over the past decade and more we all know it’s possible. If Caglary goes on a 6-0 heater like Nashville just did, then all bets are off, but it’s still looking good right now.

Last edited 5 months ago by Jaxon

Sorry, dude. I am enjoying every second of this ride so I have no time to imagine doom and gloom. Being a fan since 79, I have pretty much seen it all. I regret taking the early cup runs for granted. I had an incredible time in the 06 run and still feel the sting to this day. I will forever hate the legal cheating Ducks til I die. These are the good old days that I will remember and talk to myself about in the nursing home.
I am busy soaking up every minute, brah, and dreaming of going 19-0 to the end.




Well now, similar memories of dynasty days. Loved gretz, kurri. Mess n andy.


Kenny the rat Linseman was a favourite of mine wish we had that type of player who makes the games more intense


As long as we’re not depending on Mikko will be more than fine.


Sorry – wrong respondent

Last edited 5 months ago by jm363561

The loss last night absolutely sucked! But we did get one good things out of it. DRY Line! So happy to see them back. It’s about damn time, too. Sadly it took a “fall flat on your face” game to get Tipps to try it but better than a “down 3 games to 1 playoff game”. Kass, McD and Puljujarvi looked decent. Two giant rambunctious bodies could open up some space for McD and that’s all he really needs. I hope they get a few games together to get some chemistry going. Also, Barrie has really had a rough go, lately. A good time to insert Bouch to give him a few days off of rest. Between now and the playoffs, I think it would be good to work out some type of rotation to get some reps for the depth guys. Mikko looked like crap after not playing for awhile. I think a contributing factor was that he sat for to long of a stretch to be comfortable when called upon. Why take the chance of that happening to our depth when they will likely be needed for a successful run?


Would the Oilers be more comfortable with Fredie Andersson in the net over Mikko?

If anyone answers “yes” and is a person that complains about the “1st shot goals”, then may want to re-evaluate as Fredie A. leads the league in that category over the last few years.

Admiral Ackbar

Wouldn’t wins and save% be more worthy metrics?


Yes, part of the point.


I’d do an Anderson for Koskinen trade to get rid of Koskinen’s contract for next season. I wouldn’t re-sign Koskinen. Stalock covers the expansion exposure requirement for the Oilers. Protect Skinner.


Of course any Oiler fan would make the trade.

Point was simply this “first shot/first goal” verbal is over-stated. Andersen lets in the most first shot goals in the league and he’s a better goalie.


Was that the last game we see Mikko it’s about time they give Stalock a shot. If he play’s well or even steady mikko will be watching from the press box for the remainder of the year unless Smith blows up his groin.


You can’t put that loss on Mikko.


First shot goals are killers Mikko’s not a NHL goalie this year his rebound control is terrible every shot looks like a adventure. Do you actually believe we can win a playoff series with below average goaltending.


When platooned* Mikko is a quality goalie. He’s not a 60-game starter but honestly there aren’t more than about 5 guys in the league that can start ~60% of the games and give you ~60% quality starts year after year. Look it up.

*Here’s what I mean: 2018-19 was an example of not being platooned, as was the first 4 weeks of the 2020-21 campaign. 2019-20 and the past 7 weeks are examples of Koskinen being platooned.

2018-19: .906 sv%
2019-20: .917
Up to Feb 7: .889
Feb 8-today: .923


You can’t let in a softie in game 5 of a 1-1 tie with 7 minutes remaining in a playoff series. After Mikko shit the bed in the first game with Calgary I lost faith and it sure looks like Tippett did as well. No way in hell Mikko sees a playoff game and I say that last nights game was his swam song.


I didn’t understand a word of that. Just sayin.


People complain about Mikko letting in the first shot but, come on, Ethan Bear got beat on the outside and, when he tried to recover, got beat again with the pass through his legs and, while Khaira did a great job to bust his ass back, he had poor communication with Rusty and they covered the same guy.

That was an Uber-Grad A scoring chance and 100% not on Mikko.

Of course, one would love a save and who knows if Mike Smith or Stalock would have made a save but that goal was not not on Mikko.

The coach then makes a poor decision to challenge and the team is short for 2 minutes making it harder to recover from the goal.

After that that guys just couldn’t get the energy to get back in to the game. The one positive play where they scored was kyboshed by a poor read and poor timing from Jesse. That goal could have sparked them from the third.

Nope, that game was NOT on Mikko.

At the same time, Stalock does need to be activated soon and, as per my earlier post today, I do think Mikko may be on waivers in the next few days for roster construction purposes. That doesn’t mean that Stalock would start Saturday over Mikko – although he could.


To me that was not on Jesse, it was on Leon. I was screaming at Leon to hurry and get that puck over the line. He let it move at its own pace and … offside.


Bear didn’t get beat outside. He was helping Russell snuff out the forward driving the middle, and then when his outside guy got the puck, moved over, denied him the shot, and force the pass.

Not Bear’s fault that Russell abandoned covering the guy driving the middle, and went to the 3rd guy whom Khaira was already covering.

The pass Bear allowed from the forward he denied the shot and pushed past the next should have been snuffed out by Russell.

Your analysis of the play is all wrong.


Khaira wasn’t covering anyone until after Bear was beat wide and then the pass was through his legs – Khaira was busting his ass back to arrive essentially as the goal was scored.

Khaira and Russell made a miscommunication mistake covering the same guy but was after Bear was beat wide and then beat trying to recover.

You disagree. I think you are wrong.

Scungilli Slushy

Stats say Bear’s play there was backward.

Cross seam plays are the most effective. Bear needs to to keep the player from crossing in AND ABSOLUTELY not let the pass across.

Stopping a shot means about diddly.

I fear that the Oiler org has no idea about this freely available info.


I posted this last night:

You are overdue for a name change, aren’t you, HH, I mean DSF, I mean Dead Cat Bounce…
I think posters should start providing their suggestions and the highest number of votes should determine the new name, waddayathink?


Gerta Rauss

 Reply to  €√¥£€^$
 March 30, 2021 10:48 pm

I suggest Fake Craig Mactavish




Dallas Eakins hair.


Dashing Silver Fox doesn’t use hair dye like the Dementor.


I suggest, Mark’s Mess


Amber Heard

Fuhr and Lowething in Vegreville

Massengill Disposable.


Godwin’s Lawyer


Under The Bridge

John Chambers

Fredo Corleone


I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and… I like to kiss my own butt.

Crazy Pedestrian

LMAO!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

Ahh Moe… The troll of Simpsons.


Foghorn Leghorn


“Naked Fudgesicle Man”

If you google ‘Nicholas Cage Fudgesicle’ you will see what HH is close to becoming. Hell, if he didn’t have the internet I think he would already be there. Actually i would like to change my suggestion to

“Katz’ Naked Fudgesicle Man”


Do Not Reply


Thank you for giving those of us who are a little fed up with the whole HH obsession a chance to request it be dialled down.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Joe Colborne’s ingrown hair.


Impersonates a Human Being


Ice Ox Dix

Brewha Ha

Customer Service

Last edited 5 months ago by Brewha Ha
Material Elvis

Good Grief


Visually Bitter….

Last edited 5 months ago by VanIsleOil



DYS ass ter

Ken M. Målstolpeskyver
Last edited 5 months ago by €√¥£€^$



The last part is actually 2 words in Norwegian (goalpost pusher)

Norway of course being the home of Trolls….

Last edited 5 months ago by €√¥£€^$

Sunshine Superman


Bo Dingus


The DRY line played 6:25 last night, won the shot share 3-1 and were 1-0 HDSC (6-3 Corsi five on five). I would expected to see that trio on Friday night. 


Tippet is pissed.

Woodguy v2.0

EDM Goal Share after 37 games (21-14-1)

Even strength (5v5,4v4,3v3)
97 w/o 29 (20-23)-47%
29 w/o 97 (19-14)-58%
97 & 29 On (24-7)-77%
Turris (7-17)-29%
Other (15-18)-45%
Net EV +6

Special Teams:32-26
Net ST +6

Empty Net: 5-2
Net EN +3

SO/PS 0-0
Net SO/PS 0

Net Goal Diff +15

Woodguy v2.0

The Sidetrack Cafe North Division standings March 31st using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

TOR +12
WPG +10
MTL +7
EDM + 8
CGY -2
VAN -2
OTT -8

Note: MTL has a pts % of .609, whereas EDM is .608%. Their gp disparity (37 vs 32)makes it looks weird.


Man I loved the Sidetrack.


I was lucky enough to see Eric Burdon and listen to those amazing pipes at the Sidetrack.


At one of the last shows at the Sidetrack before it closed, I got to see Gogol Bordello. The crowd was half Ukrainians (Gogol being a famous Ukrainian writer) and the other half punks. Some of us were Ukrainian punks.

An instant classic, one of the top 5 shows I have ever seen, having the backup singer crowd surf on a bass drum was pretty great.

I think Eugene was visibly sweating about 30 seconds in, what a performer.

What a venue. 🙁


That show was a blast.


I follow a team 4000 miles away, and you guys still hold local boy Eric Burdon is such esteem. A little an aside, as a kid I used to be able to see Chas Chandler’s house from my bedroom window. I had no idea who he was, but my dad used to chunter on about him and something called ‘The Animals’.

John Chambers

I shook George Laraque’s hand at the sidetrack about a week after he pounded Rob Ray in a fight in Buffalo.

Thanked him for his work and if he’d heard the Rod Phillips call of the fight. He hadn’t yet but it was … well you know.


I was at the Sidetrack ca. 2004 with a girl I quite fancied. After a couple of drinks and a decent comedy act, she suggested we play a game of pool. So we gathered our coins – she placed them upright in the slots, then pushed the flat metal ball release to start our game – but it didn’t budge!

Being a manly man attempting to woo this young woman, I leaned into it – but the ball release wouldn’t budge. This thing was stuck. Then I did something incredibly brave. Using the heal of my hand I very quickly (and precisely) jammed the release as hard as I could. This time the tray slid quickly in and out – releasing the balls WITH THE COINS STILL IN THE SLOTS. Legendary date move.

This remains *the* high point in my life.


Wow I always used the back of the pool cue with a hard sharp hit. You must have tough mitts are she must of been a real dish.


The Sidetrack was awesome!! Saw KD Lang there back in the day. Weird fact: somehow ended up playing mini basketball at the Track with Kurt Browning one night – kicked his figure skating ass…:)

Last edited 5 months ago by VanIsleOil

I was hoping Holloway would get an opportunity but it looks like his broken thumb will put him out until the playoffs.

Looking at upcoming UFAs on selling teams (Central is really up in the air with NSH, CHI, CBJ, and DAL all fighting for 4th so maybe none of them are sellers) and considering a need for a 3rd line C or a top 6 LW, I’d trade for a C/W who is good on the dot, has some speed, and PK experience, and a history of scoring, not too old as they may want to sign them in the summer.

Who is out there that plays at least 14.5 minutes a night right now?
NSH – Granlund – 29y, 33GP-8G-7A, 19:14TOI, 47.64FO%
ANA – Getzlaf – 36y, 35GO-3G-12A, 17:15TOI, 50.97FO%
CHI – Janmark – 28y, 37GP-10G-8A, 16:57TOI, 42.97FO% (doesn’t take many draws so mostly W)
NJD – Zajac – 36y, 30GP-5G-10A, 16:49TOI, 49.5FO%
NSH – Haula – 30y, 33GP-3G-8A, 15:36TOI, 53.23FO%
CHI – Soderberg – 35y, 32GP-6G-8A, 15:12TOI, 51.08FO%
VAN – Sutter – 32y, 35GP-6G-2A, 15:05TOI, 55.47FO%
ARI – Brassard – 33y, 35GP-7G-8A, 15:03TOI, 47.8FO%
OTT – Stepan – 31y, 20GP-1G-5A, 15:03TOI, 50FO%
DET – Gagner – 31y, 28GP-4G-5A, 14:56TOI, 43.6FO%
DET – Filpulla – 37y, 20GP-2G-3A, 14:38TOI, 44.6FO%
DET – Glendening – 32y, 35GP-3G-6A, 14:30TOI, 64.33FO%

Glendening is clearly the FO star of the group, but he hasn’t played a lot of minutes and has never scored very much, thus limiting his versatility.

A week ago I was sure Nashville, Chicago, and Arizona were going to be sellers, but now it’s less certain.

Not just bad, but awful FO numbers for Janmark, Gagner, and Filpulla would eliminate them.

Getzlaf, Zajac, and Filpulla are all a bit long in the tooth and might slow down a bit in a long playoff run after a hectic game every 2nd-day regular season. Concerns for Soderberg and Brassard but less so. Brassard is also not great on the dot.

If we cross our fingers that a few teams start to lose and become sellers we can narrow it down to Granlund, Haula, Sutter, Stepan, and Glendening.

I’m not sure what happened to Stepan’s offense. Never known for his overall game, I would worry about him as Turris 2.0. Granlund has been playing big minutes and scoring at an okay pace. He can play up and down the lineup. Not great on the dot, though.

The problem with Sutter is that his salary is $4.5M.

That leaves Erik Haula as possibly the best fit with a cap hit of only $1.75M

You could also hope for some return of the chemistry he had with James Neal in Vegas in 2017-18 where he scored 29 goals in 76 games and Neal scored 25 goals in 71 games while playing on the same line together. That’s only 3 years ago. Try them with a creative player like Ennis or bring up Tyler Benson to see if he can feed them and unlock their scoring again.

Haula is a fast train and can PK and take important faceoffs. He can also play LW.

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This is a great list -thanks.

I was pumping Stepan earlier in the year..but he done for the season with surgery on his shoulder.

Harpers Hair

Highly unlikely Nashville is a seller now so you’re down to Sutter and Glendenning.

Vancouver would retain half but what would the Oilers send back given their dearth of draft picks?


Filip Forsberg is now “week to week” (I think I read that earlier today) – that could effect the team’s decisions.

In any event, unless the Preds move off their refusal to retain any salary when selling a pending UFA (from accounts), I would think the Oilers are out vis-a-vis the Preds.


Your phone number. It would hold great value given your self professed list of knowledgeable people.


Nashville winning 6 in a row really messes with things. But Forsberg and Saros both had injuries this week. But Saros played last night and is .971 in his last 6 games. Woah.

Harpers Hair

Pierre LeBrun on how Seattle is affecting the trade deadline.


Worth noting how San Jose is willing to rent out its $6 million in cap space.


How much to rent it for two seasons left on Neal’s contract…Holland at least has to ask.

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Gotta cost a first and a significant prospect (Samorukov level at least).


That’s probably worth more than the buyout and 3.8 million the next 2 years…


Yup, would agree.

Elgin R

So after these many long days (365+), Tippet has finally put the DRY line back together – about time.

Although Barrie was in the picture for the 2nd goal, that one was on Nurse. The 3rd goal was on Barrie as he was way out of position. I would sit Barrie and bring in the Bouch-Bomb. Also sit Wild Bill and bring in Jones.

The lineup as OP put forth (below) looks very solid with the exception of Kahun as 4LW. This guy has not brought a lot to the team this year, but maybe try him there and see.


I think we have seen snippets of it before last night ( could be wrong)

We will wait to see if logic comes back to Edmonton.

Elgin R

Nuge’s agent is watching this closely and hoping beyond hope that it works like last time.


Good point.

Admiral Ackbar

Having not spent even a second watching last night’s game, ima pat myself on the back for the win of not wasting time or throwing things at the TV. I win!


As I’ve been speculating, I do think that we’ll see Koskinen on waivers at some point over the next few days. This has absolutely nothing to do with last night’s performance (or his performance overall and in general).

Its simply a roster construction and flexibility matters.

They are going to need to activate Stalock fairly soon and I will need room on the 23 man active roster for him. They aren’t going to try and slip him through waivers and risk losing him. I can’t imagine anyone claims Koskinen at $4M for next season so he will clear and this will give the ability to move Koskinen to the taxi squad on days off and on games where Smith is starting.

This wouldn’t even mean that Stalock is ahead of Koskinen on the depth chart but simply so they don’t have 3 goalies on the roster every day – they need the flexibility given so many D with the team.


Is there any fear about a suspension for Connor?

Harpers Hair

NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety) Tweeted:
Edmonton’s Connor McDavid has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Elbowing Montreal’s Jesperi Kotkaniemi.



Thank you.


I wonder if their fines or prorated like the salaries are?


Frustrated by the fact the zebras didn’t call the slash to his hands on entry with the puck. He takes so much uncalled shit, it really gets annoying.


Tippett is costing this team games.

Yes, a schedule loss. So why the fuck have a taxi squad if you’re not going to use it?

He could have given one or both of 97 and 29 the night off, give Larsson the night off, Russell, etc. Get some rested players in.

Call up the Bakersfield boys in a week where there were days between games.

Load management should be an ongoing concept in any season, but particularly in this season, for better physical or mental health.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Agreed. I don’t mind Tip but he uses old-timey coach logic a bit too often. Load management (for goalies and skaters) has been particularly frustrating.


Someone make the case that our coach put us in the best possible position to win last night.

I’ll wait.


I believe there could have been some lineup changes – namely Jones in for Lagesson and maybe Kahun in for Shore, however, with respect to the above:

1) healthy scratching McDavid or Drai – simply not an option for any coach I’m sure (except maybe in the last game of the season type or deal).

2) Russell was one of the better players last night – playing him was not the wrong call

3) Tippett doesn’t control call-ups.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

The third point is bullshit. If Tip wants someone called up, he knows exactly who to talk to to get it done.


The decision is on Holland.

If Tip wanted Ryan McLeod, Holland could very well say no on the premise or prioritizing the player’s development.

This isn’t Chiarelli calling up Jesse because Hitch told everyone he could “fix him”.


Sorry, but with all the games in hand Montreal has there was no intention to gift them a win. The whole team came out totally flat. They were just playing their third game off after a week off, this was not expected.

Brantford Boy

If I’m Seattle I’d take:
Jesse Puljujarvi, Rasmus Andersson, Andrew Mangiapane, Ethan Bear.

I say this without bias, but also must admit I don’t watch many Flames (*spits) games.

Totals from yesterdays playoff round poll:
35 votes Jets
12 votes Leafs (I assume the wrong button was clicked)

I’m not overly surprised with the results, however I don’t feel the Jets are a pushover in any way whatsoever. Yes, the Oilers record is better. Vezina goalies do terrible things to opponents come playoff time. Let’s just hope Mike Smith is up to the task.

Material Elvis

None of the players you listed will be exposed in the expansion draft. Especially Bear, Andersson, and JP.

Brantford Boy

Read the blog Elvis, there’s some Material you missed…

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Material Elvis

Ha ha. Yes, serves me right for not reading it first. Downvoted like HH for good measure.


Not saying we’re favored – just think Oil-Jets would be epic.


Edmonton has never won the Cup without beating Winnipeg in the playoffs.


We should be cheering gor the Coyotes just in case then?


The Jets allow the most HDCA/60 at 5v5 in the league. The Leafs are above average and the Canadiens are a top-5 team.

Jets all day.


Of the list of four, I have to think that Rasmus Andersson would be the first pick and without much thought by Francis.

No offence to Jesse, and I do NOT like Rasums Andersson, but he is the most established of the players and has room to grow as a young d-man. Jesse also has room to grow but Andersson is a legit top 4 RD.


Let’s say Bouchard was on the list as well who would go first? I know the answer already so why isn’t Bouchard playing is he hurt is he in the doghouse. Barrie almost gets decapitated perfect time to rest him Bear and Larsson could also use a rest. Bouchard should be at worst platooning instead he’s a bench warmer getting no experience for when the real season starts.


Up and till the last 48 hours, there has been no reasonable argument to take any of Barrie, Larsson or Bear out of the lineup.


Boys probably got home late late last night (early this morning) and were super happy to kiss their wives/girlfriends, pet their dogs and sleep in their beds. Today, they’ve got a day off and I’m sure, they’ll be excited to be permitted to be “part of society” – go put some gas in the range rover, feel some fresh air, play with their kids, go to the park, eat some vegetables cooked in a home kitchen, etc.

I encourage anyone that doesn’t think this trip was a struggle mentally as they were in fancy hotel rooms to listen/watch the post-game and listen to Rishagu with Nielson this morning.

Anyways, back to practice tomorrow reinvigorated, and I hope to see the following:




I’m not one that “healthy scratches” a top producing guy like Barrie but he’s taken an absolute beating the last few games and maybe he could use a day off.


Did Bouchard suffer some sort of back injury the beginning of the year? I wonder if this is hampering his return to the lineup.


Yes, he tweaked his back early but he’s played 12 games (I think) since then and I think he hasn’t been in the lineup because there are three established right shot NHL d-men ahead of him – each with top 4 pedigree (shit, each with top pairing success in their resume) that have been playing well and part of huge team success.

Lets not forget, despite the loss last night, which was a bad one, the team did VERY well in March and are in a great spot.


Assuming other teams watch game film it will be show where the Oilers achillies heel is. I am still finding it difficult to believe the number of people that wanted to lay the blame on Nurse.


I like it… I think I’d try Kassian in Archibald’s spot.


You need penalty killers. Archie does, Kass doesn’t.


Of the 9 periods on the Eastern Front how many periods did the Oilers win lose and draw. I would say we were lucky to grab 3 points.