April She Will Come

by Lowetide

Ken Holland is looking to add at the deadline, so chances are more picks will be heading out of town. However, there’s no reason he can’t also acquire picks at the same time. Are there any players with skills that are duplicated on the roster? Value deals that are expendable? Let’s have a look.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.


Elliotte Friedman mentioned in his most recent 31 Thoughts that the Oilers were looking for a checking center. Sutter in Vancouver, Ryan in Calgary and Glendening in Detroit were mentioned. Those men are likely to get dealt in the coming weeks, for depth picks. Edmonton has its own fourth this year, probably get one or two of those names for that selection.

Edmonton owns (approximately) picks No. 18, 121 (the fourth), 183, 185 and 214. If Holland deals 121 for Glendening, then the draft is basically four picks long and the scouts can watch Godfather 1, 2 and 3 plus the entire Star Wars series between the first and second Edmonton picks.

What to do? First, let’s have a quick look at the three players mentioned by Friedman.

  • RC Derek Ryan Five on five: 1.70 pts-60, 55 pct shots, 60 pct goals. PK: 1:50 5.32 GA-60
  • RC Luke Glendening Five on five: 1.19 pts-60, 46 pct shots, 44 pct goals. PK: 2:24 11.41 GA-60
  • RC Brandon Sutter Five on five: 0.87 pts-60, 46 pct shots, 40 pct goals. PK: 2:39 5.16 GA-60

Ryan looks like the most promising of the lot, Glendening is the most likely to be an Oilers player April 12 based on last year’s deadline. Now, let’s do a list of Oilers who have their skills duplicated elsewhere on the roster:

  • RW Alex Chiasson Five on five: 1.28 pts-60, 45 pct shots, 43 pct goals. PP: 3:21 3.43 pts-60.
  • LC Jujhar Khaira Five on five: 2.17 pts-60, 43 pct shots, 50 pct goals. PK: 2:02 7.93 GA-60
  • LW Dominik Kahun Five on five: 1.32 pts-60, 46 pct shots, 45 pct goals.

Each of these men has some value and a team looking for that specific skill set may be willing to move a pick to acquire the asset. Edmonton doesn’t need another first-round pick and this is a weird draft (scouting is difficult) so a fifth-round selection should have extra value. Ken Holland needs to add a couple of picks.


 I think we can learn a couple of things about the current Oilers by having a long look at this player. Hunter became an Oiler during the WHA days, as the team signed him to a free agent contract on June 1, 1978. Hunter was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens two weeks later but would never play for them (that transaction came a year later as the Oilers entered the NHL: Montreal and Edmonton agreed that the Oilers would take Dave Hunter and Ron Carter in June 9, 1979 NHL Reclaim Draft in exchange for a promise that Edmonton would not take Bill Nyrop, Gilles Lupien or Rod Langway off Montreal’s roster in the NHL Expansion Draft on june 13, 1979. Edmonton completed the deal by drafting Cam Connor).

Hunter entered the WHA in the fall of 1978 (he played a half dozen minor league games before getting called up) and was inserted (by Glen Sather) on a line with young phenom Wayne Gretzky and veteran powerwinger Bill Flett. The big scoring line that fall was Stan Weir at center, with Brett Callighen and Blair MacDonald as his wingers.

Sather was looking for useful players and felt Hunter could fill a role. Quoting the December 8, 1978 Hockey News:

  • The rookie left winger, an accomplished checker despite his inexperience, moved into a position beside Gretzky and Flett and made sound contributions on almost every shift. It was clear that Hunter’s two weeks in Dallas (CHL) had restored his confidence. In that regard, his first pro goal helped too. “I was beginning to think I’d never score,” he said after beating Mike Liut with a high shot. “The longer you go, the harder it seems to get.”

Hunter would score 7 goals that first pro season, and then play an important role on the Stanley teams until he was traded in November 1987 in the Coffey-Simpson deal.

Hunter was a fine NHL player who landed on a great team and found a role that made him useful. He won Stanleys. He was not a burner, he didn’t have a monster shot, he wasn’t 6.04. He had to overcome some things.

You could pile a large number of young players in Edmonton, Bakersfield and Europe who are under the Oilers’ prospect umbrella and include them on a list of hopefuls with skill sets that resemble Hunter. The trick comes in identifying those prospects, which is impossible from here. In five years, we’ll know who is the modern Dave Hunter, the modern Tyler Pitlick and the modern Chris VandeVelde.

We can’t see them because it’s different shades of grey surrounded by luck and timing. That’s why having dozens of prospects is important. That’s why the Oilers need to add draft picks before the 2021 selection.


The final show of the week is loaded with strong guests. TSN1260 at 10 this morning, we start with Frank Seravalli from TSN and talk trade deadline and Covid-19 in the North Division. Steve Lansky will pop in to talk about opening day baseball and why we value it so much, plus some of the great pbp teams the Expos and Jays provided us over the years. At 11, Kenny Ducey, Draft Kings MLB Writer, talks expectations and emerging stories in baseball this year. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter.


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Due to the results from some SHL games this week Filip Berglund’s season will be over by around 6 pm local time tomorrow unless his team wins by 20+ goals in their last game of the season. Hopefully his visa issues are resolved and he can hop on a plane to Bako asap. Then maybe he can get into game action starting April 16th which would give him a good amount of games to learn the NA game and Manson et al to give him some pointers on what to work on this offseason. Will be very interesting to see what he can do and learn from playing under Manson, maybe more so next season but let’s hope for a quick adaptation.

Philip Broberg and his Skellefteå team are getting ready for playoff action and I would put them in a group of 3-4 teams with a legit chance to win the whole thing. So unlikely he joins before the AHL playoffs if at all.


Thanks as always, How has Broberg been playing the last part of the season? I haven’t heard anything about him for a while. Thanks

Harpers Hair

Top 3 finalists for the Hobey Baker award.


Of note…Shane Pinto signed his ELC with Ottawa today.


One wonders why they even allow voting if they’re going to completely disregard the top vote-getter. I’ve seen them do this before, that’s why I didn’t waste my time. Utterly pointless process.

Last edited 6 months ago by Munny

This was what I said when there was the press to “vote for Dylan” – the fan vote doesn’t matter – nor should it.

Harpers Hair

I assume the voting process is merely a fan engagement process like the NHL has done for the All Star team but is essentially meaningless since the top players will be selected in any event.

Remember when John Scott was voted to be an all star.


I don’t mind the fan vote being meaningless. Otherwise it’s just whichever NHL team has the biggest fan base.

Harpers Hair

Pretty much.


Oilers/Canucks – postponed.

Both Condors games – postponed.

Crazy Pedestrian

Looking at the schedule, April 15 would be the best day to reschedule the game. It would create a b2b for both teams, but both games are in Edmonton


Yup, the re-scheduling of this one is fairly easy.


Nuts to think the Oilers get screwed when other teams get sick.

Already a condensed schedule, its going to do them no good to have to play endless make up games.

I half-expect the NHL to institute a baseball percentage calculation for the teams … with this announced too near to the end of the season for anyone to be able to do anything about it.


Hamonic is added to the Covid-Protocol list.

Hopefully, that is it and the Cancuks can resume their schedule.

Likely find out shortly.

Harpers Hair

Team shut down at least until April 8th.


12 down votes for providing updated news. Wow.


No to more bottom-6 forwards.

We barely have chemistry on this team due to consistent line shuffling by the coach. Another bottom sixer isn’t going to all of a sudden bring stability to the lineup.
I do think this is still a major issue with this team…everybody plays all over the place and cannot get any sort of familiarity with their linemates. But by adding a top-6 forward, you might actually solve more than just one line’s issues by providing consistency throughout the line-up.
I would prefer a big move, or no move at all at the deadline. No reason to waste assets.


I thought we had a 3C in Turris but that was a big swing and miss this team is not going deep until we find one in house or acquire by trade or free agency.


Please. Just a reclamation project that didn’t turn out.

Turris had best saved his money earned playing hockey. He’s probably done in the NHL.


PP1 with Chiasson – 9.82 G/60 – apx 70 minutes

PP1 with Puljujarvi – 8.67 G/60 – apx 20 minutes

PP1 with Neal – 13.86 G/60 – apx 25 minutes


Condors series with Colorado this weekend has been postponed due to “roster constraints” related to Covid.

For crying out lound…..


Per Ben Pope (Hawks beat writer):

Patrick Kane enjoys hearing chatter about himself being in the Hart Trophy race.

But if he got a vote, it wouldn’t be for himself.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to really touch McDavid this year.”


I don’t like Kane at all. This is the coolest thing he’s ever done.


That’s what happens when you’re not trying to sell clicks


Asked about Stalock and it really doesn’t sound like he’ll be getting a game any time soon. TIp talked about him still getting up to speed as he hasn’t played in a long time. They’ll be talking to Schwartz about where his game is and maybe he’ll get a start but they are comfortable with the two guys they’ve been going with.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Koski doesn’t look up to speed either. Since neither appear to be up tp speed, why not give the new guy a look. Maybe Stalocks not up to speed is better than Koskis not up to speed.


Mikko has better numbers than Smith since Smith came back.


Here’s some numbers for you Smith 12-3-1 Mike is a winner. Kos 9-11 Mikko might be a nice guy but he’s not a winner.


Only one number is better: save % and that’s it. Smith has a lower GAA. But really you need to dig a little deeper to get a full picture. Following on Reja’s comment below about their records but just since Smith came back, Koskinen is 4-4, and his wins include 2 against Ottawa , one against Calgary and one against Winnipeg He has 3 out of 8 games with below an .875 save % and 5 above .929 so hot or cold. Smith has had 5 games out of 18 with below an .875 percentage, the rest >.909 with 11 at .920 or better. His victories include 2 against Winnipeg, a win and OT loss against Toronto and the teams only win against the Habs this year.

How the team plays in front impacts these numbers, but the fact is the Oilers play overall has been better with Smith in net since December 2019. They give up 10% less shots per game and are on the attack more because of Smith’s handling of the puck. The whole team loves that about him and are fine with the occasional gaff.

Right now the team is better when Smith is in net and his play and effect on the team are why Tippett will continue to ride that horse most games until Smith gives him a reason not to.


But I agree, Koskinen’s numbers are decent enough as a back-up that I doubt Tippett would go with Stalock as you already indicated he mentioned today.


Gregor asked about Kass/McDavid/Jesse and Tip’s answer was that Zack is probably better suited for the right side…… won’t be seeing that combo again.


When asked about Jones, Tip was clear what they are looking for is consistency, both with and without the puck. They really like what he can do but they are looking for him to be more consistent.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Well, he has been consistently sitting on the bench, so I guess that counts for something. And Willy has been, if nothing else, consistent in his play, both with and without the puck. So there is that.


First thing Tip mentioned in the media avail today is a hope that being back in Edmonton provides some mental energy and how tough it was being locked in hotels for so long.


Could Edmonton add some more ltir, like Zetterberg and then have six million more to spend?

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Hard pass on Glendening, Sutter, or Ryan.

The Oilers do not need another mediocre forward.

Trade for a difference-maker at LW or stand pat. No sense in burning more assets on Mendoza forwards.


Luke Glendenning…#KennyLookingForHisJerredSmithson.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan


Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Are we certain Kenny is not still on Detroit’s payroll?


Marody and Benson have been named AHL Players of the month for March.

Top 3 AHL point producers in March were: Marody, Benson, McLeod

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

And they are doing so much good for the Oil permanently stuck in the Bake


Better than being in Edmonton stuck on the taxi squad not playing

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

This is true. I would feel bad if those three got Bouched.

Scungilli Slushy

The AHL is watered down this season.

But this is like when people talk about Gretzy.

It was an easy high goal scoring era, right?.

Yes that’s true, but the point is how outrageously he outscored his peers in that time. He was head and shoulders and waist above, a different level.

They all played in the same circumstances.

And goalies. Yes they seemed not like today’s, but as Schneider demonstrated, their equipment was significantly smaller. How good would today’s be with a 50% reduction in the width and height of their gear?

Things change with the game, but outside of how the league calls penalties and changes rules, the best athletes then would be at the top now.

Elite talent and skill is elite talent and skill.

Scungilli Slushy

I will also add it was far more vicious as well, nothing like it is now.


The AHL may be a bit watered down but I think that’s a bit over-stated.

Most teams, unlike the Oilers, have timely access to their AHL affiliates and have the ability to call players up – many teams have used their AHL team as normal and populate their taxi squad with the “Brad Malones” of the organization.

Not to mention, some of the higher end OHL players (and, prior, from the other CHL leagues) have been in the AHL – the Byfields of the world.

Either way, I’ll take the offensive production from the three Oilers’ prospects.

Harpers Hair

It’s much more than “a bit watered down”.

Due to Covid restrictions, some teams, like the San Diego Gulls have played 24 games while others, like the Utica Comets, have played only 9.

The standings and scoring statistics are essentially meaningless this season.

Yes, it’s nice that a couple of players who have played nearly the maximum number of games are doing well but to extrapolate anything from that performance is fraught with error.


Wait, games played didn’t matter a month ago when the points per game of players that had played 2-3 games were used it discount but now games played matters?

I’ll take Benson’s 7G/23P in 19 games and plus 11 for what it is and its far from meaningless.


If we could trade James Neil at the cost of a first round pick, I would be on board with doing it. I don’t think it will happen though. Cap space is more valuable than ever and a late first round pick has less value than ever.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Me too. We could pick up a couple of bottom six guys with the Neal money/late round draft picks. Maybe even get a third pairing LD for the playoff run too! Pass. Hard pass.

We are always on the wrong end of this type of deal. I want to be in position where I can take on the contract to gain the 1st round pick.


If you can afford to waste cap space to acquire futures, you’re probably a bad team and on the wrong end of this type of deal. I wouldn’t mind seeing Neals contract gone through buyout or incentivized trade, but only if it’s used to actually improve the roster.


I think it would cost the Oilers the 1st rounder plus a Samorukov or Lavoie level prospect for a team to take Neal and that still might not do it.

He’s got two more years at $5.75M.

I suppose the Sharks would buy him out but means they are taking on four years for a $2M cap hit, plus financial cost to ownership.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Maybe it is time for Tip to go … he seems incapable of seeing things staring him right in the face. I know many of you saw a silver lining when Tip FINALY reconstituted the DRY line the other night, but no, no silver lining, just a beatdown in Montreal after all.

I wonder if Ken is starting to get frustrated. What is Gerard Gallant doing these days? I would love to see what he could do with this team.


Yeah right, Tippett takes over to coach a team that finished 25th with a .482 points % and with a new GM who can only make line up changes with his hands tied due to the cap situation he inherited. In his first season, they jump 13 places in the standings to .585 winning %. He then goes into his second season, minus his top defenseman, and manages to improve team so far to a .608 winning percentage and solidly in a playoff position with a third of a season left. His job to start next season behind the bench is probably 90% secure right now.

Last edited 6 months ago by Redbird62
Decidedly Skeptical Fan

So you’re saying we have a 10% chance of making it out of the first round of the playoffs next year?


Your question makes no sense.


If you were a true skeptic, you would still consider a non-zero possibility that a Tippett coached Oiler team could win a playoff round. That you consider it a zero percent chance indicates you’re instead fully closed minded.

Last edited 6 months ago by Redbird62
Decidedly Skeptical Fan

You doubt my credentials, sir? I have considered the probability. And based on that consideration, I have rejected the possibility that a Tippett coached Oiler team is likely to win a playoff round.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

So many clamoring for small, incremental improvements at the trade deadline. I would argue that small, incremental improvements in coaching and pro scouting would have a much greater impact.


So no point improving unless it’s an improvement on RNH or Barrie/Larsson? I don’t think that philosophy is the path to success.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Works for Vegas. They make trades/signings to get guys like Pietrangelo, Stone, Pacioretty, Martinez and Lehner. While we make trades/signings to rearrange the bottom six and third pair deck chairs.

What … no down arrows for stating the obvious? Come on, you guys can do better than that.

Last edited 6 months ago by Decidedly Skeptical Fan

Comparing the salary structure of an expansion team to an established team with $21M tied up in its 2 top forwards? Come on.

Decidedly Skeptical Fan

That’s just disingenuous bullshit. You can do better than that.

Vegas has been in cap hell for quite some time. They have the most expensive goalie tandem in the league. They had to give up Schmidt and Stastny for almost nothing just to barely squeeze Pietrangelo under the cap.

Last edited 6 months ago by Decidedly Skeptical Fan

I believe goal tender he’ll has Montreal in the lead.


The bullshit is your hundreds of posts over the past view days of complaints on everything Oilers for the players, to the coach to the GM… and now claiming Vegas has been in cap hell for quite some time. They have not been in cap hell for years. They’ve only been in the league for 3 seasons prior to this season.


Have you seen Lehner this year?


This is true. So many Iukers bets have been poor due to poor talent assessment.


Oilers fandom really is something.

The Oilers just finished another successful month (while fighting through adversity within the month), further solidifying themselves as a legit playoff team and legitimizing themselves a full couple tiers above the likes of their main rivals in Vancouver and Calgary.

At the same time, reading through social media and thoughts of the general fanbase, one would think they were an actual dumpster fire like the team 296km south.

Waiving of Tyler Ennis is apparently a colossal management fail – this despite the player having cleared waivers apx a month ago and, since then, putting up 3 points in 12 games in March……. I’m not so sure this is vitriol requiring move.


Anyways, here is hoping the Oilers get to play two games this weekend. With some rest, some normality in their lives back at home and a good practice today, I think the stench of last game will be a distant memory after another thrashing of the flames tomorrow.

The real question is if they’ll be able to put up 7 against the flames for a 3rd time this season.

Go Oilers!


Like a few years ago with 7th defencemen….we have TONS and TONS of bottom 6 players.

No need to add to the trash heap here.

Yes, we need a C that can win a draw. But not at the expense of adding to our
massive pile of bottom 6 forwards.


Agree – Khaira, Haas and, if required, Shore are the bottom 6 centers right now.

Yes, an upgrade on 3C would be nice but Luke Glandening is not that.


If a new bottom 6 player improved the bottom 6 then pursue it. If it doesn’t then don’t.


Maybe Ryan but he’s from Calgary. No to the others. Yes to all 3 leaving. Don’t think any make the team next year.


Kahun has been disappointing for some, yet he is on pace for 14 even strength goals.

That’s fine for a 2nd line LW, and I would argue a tremendous value at his cap hit.

If a Holloway or Lavoie did that next season, we’d be ecstatic.

No Kahun can’t push the river, but you’re not paying him for that.

I like the player and would bring him back. Suspect there is some upside with him.


Like Ennis – Kahun has been proven to be a big liability in the D zone.

Hence the healthy scratches for a player that is putting some offence.

Foege Foegele Torpe

Kahun struggles playing against the other teams top 6.
Maybe he would be better suited playing against the soft parade,
Me personally I would rather see if I could a pick back from Pittsburgh.
Can you retain 50% on a league minimum salary? Lol


I am against giving up picks/prospects for an addition to the bottom six.

Haas and Khaira are having great years and both guys are elite on the PK. Why take away minutes from those guys?

Hard to imagine any bottom six C acquisition being as productive at evens as Khaira has been.

Hopefully Ennis clears. Good player.


It’s time to do something with Bouchard. He needs to play. Either get him into the lineup or send him down. With the quarantine reduced to seven days, there’s no reason to keep him here.



And how long is Caleb Jones going to ‘develop’ while Laggeson plays.


Decisions this team is making are beginning to frustrate me again.


Why isn’t Bouchard playing this is not the way you develop a D of his pedigree. Why the hell doesn’t Tippett go with Nuge Yamo and Leon and why hasn’t Stalock played yet.


Tip spoke to Stalock today – he hasn’t played in a LONG time and isn’t ready.

There are likely strong voices other than the coach that don’t permit Nuge/Drai/Yamo to be a thing for more than a period or two.

Diamond Dick

Would you care to share your theory as to why?


At least one of Nuge or Leon need to play with McDavid



Kahun back in top 6 white at Oilers skate

11:04 AM · Apr 1, 2021·Twitter for iPad

Is anyone surprised at this point?


I think you try and run 4 lines

so RNH – McDream – Puljujarvi
Kahun – Drai – Yamo
Ennis – Khaira – Archibald
Shore – Haas – Kassian

but if need to shorten the bench you run
Draisaitl – McDavid – Kassian
Yamamoto – RNH – Puljujarvi

I think Kassian might be the better option for Drai and McDavid because he can bang and create space but he also surprisingly can pot a couple goals and make a couple decent passes, can be complimentary where Puljujarvi is more a feature. This opens up RNH and Yamo to play off the big Finn. As they can compliment using their smarts.


Absolutely true.

playing Yamamoto with Connor and Leon is horrible. He is good at puckretrieval yes, but he usually finds himself taking a beating In front of the net while the other two do their thing.

Jessue with the big two, not enough puck to go around.

Kassian is not perfect but he fits the best.


Of course, starting games with McDavid and Drai as linemates shouldn’t really be an option.


“Is anyone surprised at this point?”


Seems to me stubbornness is a common trait in coaches. Maybe one cannot be a good coach without being stubborn, but it can really snap fans’ crayons.


If it was your pay check on the line I think you like almost everyone would go with what they believe gives the team the best chance to win! I don’t think the coach claiming the fan base wanted this lineup would cut him any slack when the team didn’t improve. I think we all want what gets us success with the team. There is however much that as fans we don’t know.


I am sharing this instructional video to aid those in the community who, like me, may need some guidance in the proper procedures that you should be following:


Last edited 6 months ago by €√¥£€^$
Cape Breton Oilers 4EVR

I feel like this trade deadline is gonna be wild. Flat cap, basically no scouting of draft eligible players, expansion draft, the new division alignment for playoffs…….

There’s really a ton of different playbooks for all the tiers of teams this year!

Silver Streak

If the Oilers are serious about a long term solution to our current goalie situation they might look to Florida for the answer.

Bobowski @ 10 million X 6 yrs blocks the position for light years in goalie speak.
Florida have two excellent possibilities confined to backup roles, Driedger, and my choice
Spencer Knight. Driedger is a UFA after this year, Knight is younger, just signed, and is in his first year of his ELC.

Either guy would be an upgrade for us. Knight brings a stellar history with both
USA World Junior and Boston College programs.

Florida just lost their stud RD man Ekblad

The Oilers have two puck movers at RD, with the future riding the pine…Bouchard.

Opportunity knocks. Move Barrie.


I’m not sure if we want more players in the future to sign Barrie deals with us that we can trade Barrie.


Not to HH you here, but Florida has it mapped out pretty well despite the ghastly contract to Bob. If anything Driedger will be the casualty to give Knight opportunity ala Bishop in Tampa. That’s not happening this year. If they think they are a contender then Florida is more likely to trade futures than a goalie. From a strictly goalie perspective, only Nashville has a comparable/better high end succession plan and they will not rush him (Hart).

Harpers Hair

Knight isn’t going anywhere.

Harpers Hair

I doubt they move Knight.

But love your thinking – I bet Barrie could ( not saying 100% ) get a *Kings Ransom* here.


UFA acquisition, don’t need to expend assets. Why would Florida move their cheap, excellent insurance plan when they a in a position to be a contender in the playoffs?

Barrie has had a couple of bad games recently and took a boot to the face and has been rocked by a few huge hits while playing big minutes during a stretch of 3 games in 4 days.

He is a big part of the teams success this season. There is no reason to move him.

Harpers Hair

Pat Steinberg (@Fan960Steinberg) Tweeted:
#Flames are in the air and on their way to Edmonton after last night’s game in Vancouver was postponed.

Calgary and Edmonton meet Friday night at 7 pm. We’re expecting more info on schedule adjustments later today.


Cape Breton Oilers 4EVR

I thought a Gusev claim might be a possibility until I saw his cap hit. I’d bet Ennis gets claimed though.


I do understand the limitations but Why must we always wait for next year?


Other teams are capped or limited yet they seem to manage trades and Incremental improvements, but much of the Oilers fan base always wants to “get em next year”

Even with the two best players in the league passing through their prime, we want to wait.

it doesn’t have to be a “go for it” all out silliness, it has to be a measured approach, more building blocks in place. But to do nothing is not acceptable.

The best way to improve depth and bottom 6 is to improve your top 6 and bump everybody down.
As Elgin points out, a fourth line Center is not likely to make a difference.

The problem in my opinion is trust. Very few trust the Oilers to get it right. It’s not a matter of trade or not to trade, the issue is getting it right.

I think the team team is doing great, awesome hockey to watch. I just want to see them make the next step.


This is exactly what Holland did last deadline. How well did that turn out? It is also difficult to do it year after year, we simply don’t have the pieces unless you really want to start sacrificing the future. I for one don’t want us to have 3-5 strong years, I want us to be a top team in the west for the next 10-15.

in my opinion, rentals are a fools game. If you can make a trade for a player under contract for a while that improves the team then fill your boots. But keep in mind that large contracts restrict team building and the number one way to keep flexibility is to keep a strong pipeline of prospects flowing in year over year. This is why I’m against trading 1st round picks and am against trading 2nd’s and 3rd’s year after year. Also because I have more faith in our amateur scouting than our pro scouting.


Holland’s bet on Green was Ennis was good.

He completely missed with Greene.

With AA he had a chance and the thinking was correct , this was not a pure rental.

What let us down (besides Covid) was talent assessment. This needs to be an area of improvement, there is little faith.

Does anyone have faith Ken will pull of a good trade this deadline?



Holland just blew his brains out last year.

Forget the embarrassing Blackhawks for a second…did you think we stood
a chance against Tampa?


In fairness to Holland the pandemic was a game changer and to the best of my knowledge no team has a fortune teller. The deals that Holland made at the time were reasonable. Yes there was a slight overpay on a couple of contracts but they would have been easily handled by normal year to year cap increases. It is unfair to judge moves prior to COVID through post COVID lenses.


I don’t criticize Holland for his deadline deals last year. But they do illustrate, along with 99% of deadline trades (especially rentals), that “going for it” does not equate to playoff success. A better way to have playoff success is to build a strong team over years of astute moves.

Also, I was pointing out that Holland did “go for it last year” and it isn’t something that really can be done every single year.


Both your last statements resonate with me and is exactly how I feel. I’m not sure Holland was actually going for it as much as trying to show that he would try to make the team better within reason to give the team a better chance at success. Even the two seconds for AA gave Holland the opportunity to re-sign and any pending UFA’s were not of the high cost variety in acquisition cost.


The trade for AA, in premise, was on sound reason. The acquisition cost for a 25 year old player with a reasonable possibility of filling an area of need, that was under team control for a reasonable QO of $3M.

Two second rounders wasn’t cheap but it was a reasonable price to pay for a player that was not a rental. A QO of $3M not being reasonable wasn’t even a thought in the hockey world (even with the player having a poor season production wise).


So, Ennis on waivers.

This will upset the masses.

I presume this is related to Stalcok activation. I’ve been suggesting that it would be Koskinen on waivers to provide flexibility so they don’t need to carry three tenders on the roster. Koskinen would clear and would go to the taxi squad for Smith starts to provide roster flexibility. Oh well.


Ennis maybe the only Oiler depth player that may get picked up for a playoff run. Experience, UFA and cheap. Surely Holland knows that, and doesn’t care. Rolled the dice earlier in the year with this move, but closer to playoffs is more tricky.


In so far as we don’t have access to Holland’s plan it seems logical to use a wait and see. This could have been done for a couple of reasons. We wait!


Waivers for million dollar players means nothing this year. It is just roster management. One needs a certain number of players who have cleared waivers in the last 30 days, to facilitate moving players to and from the taxi squad.

Koskinen won’t/can’t go on waivers until the Oilers see Stalock actually play.


Koskinen would fly through waivers. The risk of losing Mikko on waivers is similar to the risk of losing James Neal on waivers.

Given Ennis has 3 points in 12 games since he last cleared waivers, its unlikely he’ll get claimed now but I would have still gone the Mikko route.


Just for giggles say the team did as you suggested and Koskinen did get claimed and Smith pulls a groin in the Calgary game. You could ostensibly sewer the season. As I recall it didn’t work to well the last time Edmonton waved a goalie.


We can always propose scenarios and discuss but, in my opinion, there is essentially zero chance Koskinen gets claimed so I don’t see the point.


All I am saying is that nobody really felt or Goalie acquisition was going to be claimed either. I agree with you that chances are slim that he would get claimed and the added flexibility would be nice


I don’t think that’s true – there was always a reasonable risk when they put Forsberg on waivers.

I don’t think there is even the smallest of all chances Mikko gets claimed.


Doesn’t Koskinen have a NMC? Not sure if that would affect it all just spitballing


M-NTC (modified no-trade clause). He can be waived, although I don’t see why the Oilers would consider that.


Clearly Holland didn’t read lowetide this morning. Since IMO there’s almost no chance Ennis clears, Holland should have traded him for a mid-round pick.


Smith has been playing very well, but he is playing above his head. He will come back to reality he is 39. Consistency makes you great and Smith is not consistent.


Makes no sense, Ennis is a very reliable forward, Koskinen’s salary would pretty much guarantee he wouldn’t be claimed, if he was, that would free up some valuable cap space, and clear the deck to pursue a viable goalie next season,a win win proposition.


Pitter patter let’s get at her sign Holloway and waive goodbye to Mikko.


Holloway had surgery on Friday and is out for 6 weeks.

Elgin R

The players listed as possible acquisition (Ryan, Glendening, Sutter) are all bottom 6 six players and will probably not add much, if anything, to the current team. No need to trade for one of these player types.

If there is a trade made at all, then it should include Neal and if it costs the 2021 1st so be it. This could happen now for a true top-6 LW or after the season to the Kraken (preferable).

If Holland conserves his ammo, which for him will be hard as he has shown a penchant for blowing away assets for little return, then the Oilers could be set-up well for the coming years.

To the Kraken: 2021 1st / James Neal / Jones (Is that enough for Francis?). If Holland can pull this off then he should be able to get a really good LW from a team that wants to go 4-4-1 but will lose that player for nothing.

Keep your powder dry Kenny and build to challenge for the cup next year.

Harpers Hair

The value of those players is on the PK and winning face offs.

The Oilers rank in the bottom half of the league in that discipline.

Drai by Shooting

All 3 of those players are below 50% on the dot while on pk. They actually don’t help in that discipline. AT ALL

Drai by Shooting

Career year. Otherwise horrible

Harpers Hair

Glendening has been over 50% on the PK for 3 of the last four season.

Drai by Shooting

Again. Career under 50% 2nd best year. I dont trust either

Harpers Hair

Sutter’s 5 year average is 50%.

What is faceoff percentage for the Oilers PK centres?


The Oilers are in the bottom half of the league on the PK and the posited fix is to acquire a 4th line player from the 31st ranked PK team.


The Oilers pk face off percentage is actually slightly higher this year than last year. That’s not the reason their PK is worse this season. I’d take Gaetan Haas’ 46% SH faceooff % and 2.57% GA/60 while shorthanded over Glendening’s 52% SH faceoff % and 11.41 GA/60 while shorthanded. Khaira’s having an off year on the PK but his 7.93 GA/60 is still well ahead of Glendening and this is the first year he has taken meaningful PK faceoffs.

Harpers Hair

George Richards (@GeorgeRichards) Tweeted:
The #FlaPanthers have landed the big prize from the collegiate free agent ranks, sign @UNDHockey All-American defenseman Matt Kiersted. Nice, nice move here for Florida.


Harpers Hair

Many NCAA player signings today including Alex Newhook with Colorado and Cam York with Philadelphia.

Wonder If Holloway is next.


Incredibly trite info there, Kemo Sabe.


Kierstead is a very successful and experienced Dman. I wonder if this will make it easier for the Oilers to acquire Max Gildon, who is the best Dman in Bakersfield….

I predict that Gildon will be a 2nd pairing (or higher) NHL defenseman in 3 years, while Kierstead might be a 7th D on an NHL roster.


Gildon has been very impressive in the AHL this year.


Is it possible with this nutty year and the inability to effectively scout that teams might consider anything outside of the first round a total crapshot, and not think twice about trading away picks?


The opposite. If you believe in your scouting department, this is a better year to have picks. The variance will be larger, but one should be able to pick better players (or worse players) if you scouting department is good (or bad).

A team with a good scouting department and a lot of draft picks should be able to have a historic draft.

i.e. Compared to a normal year, the chance of picking a better player than normal, or a worse player than normal at any given pick is higher.


I think you will see more teams draft players closer to home. I like the Oilers chances of getting at least one good player and wish they had more picks. It is obvious to me that Holland has some great contacts in Sweden



Came across this on twitter the other day and being a lifelong Oilers fan it resonated with me. While this era of the Oilers with Tippett and Holland has been a vast improvement over previous ones they still seem to have some blind spots. They are by no means a dumb team but the specific handling of Caleb Jones this year by every measure has been dumb and failure of player development. There is still some time to right the ship with Jones this season and I hope when he gets his opportunity he proves everyone wrong.


Caleb Jones was not mishandled if the object of the exercise is to win games. He showed early a propensity for high risk defensive errors and an unwillingness or inability to get into shooting lanes. Coach sat him after said mistake and on his first game back makes the exact same mistake. Jones has value and is still young enough to have a solid career as a top four D. It would be nice if the Oilers could get him more playing time but the same can be said for Bouchard.


So the few of us that were all aboard the Holloway train before the draft
Wheeler has him as the first riser in his 200 days post draft review.

Fuge Udvar

Very curious to see what the lines at practice will be.

I hope to see:



I think this is worth trying with one change.
As little as Chiasson has brought to the lineup, its more than Turris has (despite his lucky bounce goal in T.O.). Chiasson seems to play hard against Calgary too, so would rather see him in…or Shore…anyone but Turris


I still think Chiasson does a hell of a job as the front net presence on the PP.


Chanson is also much more physical which is going to be important when playing the Flames. Turris has been playing better of late.


I really like Chiasson on the PP. It’s overlooked but super-helpful if your net-front player is also good at puck retrieval on missed shots/tips. I find Chiasson really good at getting to the boards and retrieving cleanly (because he has good enough touch) or tying up a D (because he has good enough size and is smart with his body positioning) until Connor or Leon can come dig it out. I think he prevents a lot of icings, allows for that second or third sequence, the sustained pressure on the PP.

A bit harder to value this when the team is only getting ~1 PP per game though.

Nailer Yakumoto

Tom Brady trolling Lowetide hard on Twitter.


Spending today listening to Ramones demos from 1974 and 1975.

Drai by Shooting

Many moons ago i met my wife wearing my favorite Ramones shirt. Still have it


The shirt or the wife?