Oilers at 212: Max Wanner

by Lowetide

Oilers final pick of the 2021 draft was another righty, this time a defenseman. Wanner didn’t play much in the WHL (17 games, 0-4-4) this season for the Moose Jaw Warriors this season and has played just 22 WHL games in total.

So, we’re dealing with an obscure player. There’s a brief video on him online and he looks as rangy as his 6.03, 185 vitals imply.

I’ll have my Harvest Moon post up later today, and one of the subjects will be ‘draft and follow.’ More to come.


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Causing Corsi:
-To be from greater angle/distance (Lower SH success density)
-Path to be non scoreable ( Blocks, forced misses, Closed shots)
are elite Championship winning Skills.
30 yrs of That skill depth (4+ of 60) on final 4 teams proved that!
Many on here fail to understand that?
Maybe obsession with offence clouds thinking?

Munzenberger & Warner show potential signs of those translatable elite Skills.


Savoie is our third best age NHLE prospect.
Behind Holloway & Borgoudt


That’s nice but I’m not a huge fan of NHLE. I watched almost every minute of hockey Holloway played last year and about 75% of Savoie’s so I will base my thoughts on what I saw. I have never seen the new guy play but, trust me, I’ll be tuning in to games this coming season.


Moose Jaw was a def dman goal diff shit show except for:
Wanner 17 yr old March birth
Brenton 17 yr old April Birth.
Both were +ve goal dif Dmen.


Hey Lowetide:
What happened to Eric Alaire?

Why didnt the oilers pick him?
I dont get it


32 teams passed. It’s in his hands now to change their minds


If there was any year I’d just home run on pure skill picks, this was the year. Petrov clearly the best pick.

Essentially a wasted year so why not give the franchise the opportunity to draft a franchise goaltender?

We’d better hope Godot is correct that there’s something behind the scenes with Wallstedt otherwise this screams Smartest Man in the Red Wine Summit to grab a 3rd when we all know it’s very rare for anybody past the first round to develop and contribute.

Holland continues to puzzle me and I am not sure what his vision is .


I would have had zero qualms about Wallstedt. That said, I do like The Bourg pick.

I wonder if part of the reason they passed on Wallstedt was him having a subpar second half, as noted by Wheeler and Pronman in their respective rankings (despite both having him in their top dozen). Seems like the Oilers prefer spending high picks on players who finish their season strongly (e.g., Holloway and Bourgault).


How does a Godot know that the Wings and Oilers are so much more tapped into Sweden that the rest of the organizations? Is there any evidence of this?


The Oilers’ last 3 third round picks were Konovalov, Samorukov and Skinner. Sammy looks like close to a lock for the NHL and very reasonably projects to the top 4. The book is out on the other two but they are legit prospects that could be in the NHL in a year or so (or even less).

Last year’s third round pick was turned in to Savoie and Tulio – way too early to tell on them but the Oilers are realizing tremendous value with 3rd round picks.

I’ll take the two assets.


Over a potential franchise goalie. Sure, that’s the bet.


This is not a Cary P. or Andrei V. level prospect – if he was, he would not have been passed over 22 times.


Some draft notes:

  • After largely ignoring the CHL the past two years (only 1 of 6 picks each time), the Oilers picked 3 players from the CHL this weekend.
  • In each of the two previous years, the Oilers drafted two players under 6′. None this year, with The Bourg the shortest at exactly 6′.
  • In all 3 years Holland / Wright have run the Oilers draft, they’ve selected at least one Russian (2019 Konovalov & Denezhkin, 2020 Berezkin, 2021 Petrov).
  • The selection of Munzenberger ended a run of 12 consecutive Oilers non-D picks since Broberg.
  • The Oilers are at 15 picks–and counting–since their last goalie pick, Konovalov.
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The Oilers spent most of the day going walkabout, hardly surprising given yesterday’s disaster. When you have everything but a franchise goalie and a franchise goalie drops to you in the draft, you make the damn pick.

Holland might be an improvement on Chiarelli, but Oilers management remains a clown show.


I support the players drafted but, yeah, a LOT of walk-about and almost all long-term horizon types (which means… why not draft the goalie then?).

Best ‘floor’ belongs to Munzenberger imo, will play 3rd pair at the very least, just don’t know if its as a solid 3rd pair type or the cup-of-coffee/tweener type.


Always bet on the German intelligence! The man will adjust as required.


Just because they didn’t follow LTs draft list or yours to the number, does not mean they “went walkabout”. Especially this year, drafting after 60 is at best a crapshoot. Trust your scouts, and if you no longer trust them bring in new ones you do.

As every year, thanks for the hard work Lowetide. This year’s second day was spent making good time on the #1 (wherefore art though blackdoghatesskunks, you’d be proud) so the wife had to feed me broken pronunciations of German teenagers while the toddler (born on Broberg’s draft day) thankfully napped.


Where did I mention LT’s list, or my own?


You didn’t, and you’re right. Enjoy your opinion.

Last edited 2 months ago by doritogrande

I’m not sure what walkabout means when the only real consensus was that there was no consensus after, what, the 1st round (or even starting after the top 10 or so).

Of note, Tyler Wright spent most of the season flying in to the US during an active pandemic and then driving around the US to see as many players as he could – dealing with traveling between Canada and US and among states. He worked his ass off to do his job to the best of his ability and did so while putting his health at risk.

I would endeavour that, except for McKenzie’s list (which is an aggregate of lists of scouts who, presumably, were doing what Wright was dong), Wright was able to see more of these kids than anyone else doing rankings.

Not taking “the” goalie is far from a disaster – no sure thing on this guy, he’s not Price or similar and there are many elite tenders drafted outside the 1st round.


Bottom line not a hill to die on! We as fans just don’t have the requisite information.


That doesn’t line up with what public scouting reports were saying at all. Did you scout him yourself?


No, I didn’t scout him but I did listen to his pre-draft media avails. I trust he wasn’t lying.


This is what I believe. Every team should be evaluating their scouts on an annual basis.The job is a results occupation hence the lowest exits and new blood comes in. Seems cold but the occupation is similar to sales except the results affect the quality of the team and these people’s competence is the teams life blood. Caveat the compensation should reflect the same!


Holland/Edmonton and Detroit are two of the most wired organizations into Sweden.

Detroit trades up and take the other guy.
Edmonton trades down to avoid picking him.

Things that make you go hmmm….


I don’t at all but that 2 organizations are more “wired” into Sweden than all the others. This isn’t the 80s and 90s.


The Edmonton Oilers have everything but a franchise goalie?


Just to update Randle McMurphy & jp’s contribution from earlier today:

“Wanner Chiasson your Munzenberger with a fine Bourgault?”

“Sure, but first I wanna take Lachance to fill some Petrov in my car.”




That’s an all-timer, well done.

Randle McMurphy

Amazing work today, as usual LT. Thank You!

Now don’t forget to walk the dog.

Randle McMurphy

Maximus Wanner.
Man, if that second “n” was a “g”

Play by Play men and Color Analysts across the league would be giggling like Drew Remenda on nitrous oxide.

Last edited 2 months ago by Randle McMurphy

And Pierre Maguire asking embarrassing questions…


Flames drafted Cameron Whynot. So … ya.


Geno is going to be quite happy with Max Winner.