Oilers at 180: Matvey Petrov

by Lowetide

This is a fine pick, Bob McKenzie had him No. 92, I had him No. 70 overall. Big winger (6.02, 178) can score, great shot. He scored 22-20-42 in 58 MHL games, Corey Pronman has him No. 113 and says “Petrov has a chance due to his skill and scoring, but he will have to add elements to play in the NHL.” More to come.


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Is this the 3d Right shot forward drafted by the Oilers this year? Brings some balance to the Leftorium up front in the system. It still rages, as it does league wide in the back.


Any idea if other teams also went walkabout as much as the Oilers this year? It feels like the picks were totally out of order.

Todd Macallan

Oliver Johansson went 74 to the Sens, a fave of Swedishposter but not ranked anywhere. Made Munzenberger look like a 4 star recruit at 90.

Doug McLachlan

6’4″ Shane Lachance, NHL bloodlines. Certainly a 200 hockey men pick but not disappointed for a 6th rounder.