2021 playoffs Game One: Jets at Oilers

by Lowetide

Orr flying through the air in 1970, Orr again spinning at the blue line and beating Gilles Villemure in 1972, Jari Kurri tracking back to get the puck and sending a dart to Gretzky in 1984, Messier snipes against the Islanders, Fuhr stones New York, Craig Simpson taking a crosscheck that probably still hurts, Patrice Bergeron from Brad Marchand 2011 Game 7, Luongo never saw it. Those are my good memories, ones I’ll cherish forever and welcome when they come to me.

For some reason, the heartbreaking memories have more detail around them. Maybe that’s my nature. I can tell you about the Habs in 1969 (with McCurdy’s help), the Habs of 1971, the ridiculous Miracle on Manchester (what the well was Garry Unger doing?), 1983’s sweep (I was busy getting married but Stan Fischler wrote an article I still own, damn it made me mad), 2006 Game One (and Seven) and the Anaheim goal crease goal.

I wouldn’t trade one of them. Whatever I get from hockey, all of it intensifies in the playoffs. The glory and ghosts of the past have gathered again to breathe life into the Stanley Cup experience. The great coach Fred Shero said “win today and we walk together forever” and tonight the journey begins. Miss you Dad, hope they have great reception in heaven.

TODAY’S ARTICLE FROM THE ATHLETIC: Jesse Puljujarvi’s 2020-21 goals per 60 at 5-on-5 ranks him No. 82 across the NHL among F’s. The big man got a push playing with 97, and delivered extreme value. Oilers needs to sign him this summer. $1 a month subscription offer just click on the link!


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here’s the latest!

  • New Lowetide: Jesse Puljujarvi has arrived for the Oilers — again
  • New Jonathan Willis: What the Oilers need to do to beat the Jets
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  • New DNB: ‘The biggest transformation I’ve ever seen in an elite player’: How Connor McDavid took the next step
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Edmonton’s playoff record against the Winnipeg Jets (22-4) isn’t as close as the record indicates. Most of the series were sweeps, with the 1990 clash one of the truly memorable series in Oilers history. The Jets of the 1980’s were a solid team, doomed before the opening game because Edmonton and Calgary were in the same division. Wildly unfair, history recalls, and fans remember too but to the victor goes the spoils.

Playoff numbers rarely become famous, it’s just a thing. The boxcars don’t have time to accumulate gigantic totals, while individual goals and stops are seared into the memory. I can tell you chapter and verse about the first goal in Game 5 1984 SCF, but hell if I know the final scoring numbers that spring. I saw the Oilers play Winnipeg in the Manitoba city (had to peer past a gigantic load-bearing pillar to see the ice) and the Jets many times here.

I’ve never been able to hate on the city that gave me The Guess Who and The Weakerthans. Maybe things change in the next week. All numbers against the Jets in 2020-21.


Connor McDavid (7-15-22 in nine games) leads the way and opens up with Dominik Kahun (9, 0-1-1) and Jesse Puljujarvi (9, 2-5-7). In just over 25 minutes against the Jets, the trio had just a 45 percent shot share but a 3-1 goal advantage. That’s a terrific scoring rate. McDavid faced Mark Scheifele for 84 minutes (everything here is five on five except boxcars) and won 10-2 in goals. Shiza. Top defensemen were Josh Morrissey (9-2 goals in 77 minutes) and Neal Pionk (70 minutes, 6-1). Expect 97-29 to slide in to the situation often. Jets top group (Connor-Scheifele-Wheeler) are built for tight playoff hockey and will undoubtedly see plenty of ice time.


Leon Draisaitl (7-5-12 in nine games) heads up the second line based on yesterday’s practice. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (5-5-10 in 8) and Kailer Yamamoto (7, 2-1-3) begin the series on the wing. This line played 26 minutes against the Jets, going 10-8 shots and 1-0 goals. Solid numbers. Draisaitl faced Kyle Connor (51 minutes, 3-1 goals), Paul Stastny (50 minutes, 1-0). Defensemen faced included Morrissey (63 minutes, 6-2), Pionk (56 minutes, 1-1) and Derek Forbort (54 minutes, 3-1 goals). The projected second line (sans Ehlers) may be Copp-Stastny-Vesalainen and the Oilers would have the edge. Ehlers being out of the series is a big damn deal.


Ryan McLeod (2, 0-0-0) will be joined by James Neal (4, 0-1-1) and Zack Kassian (5, 0-2-2). This line hasn’t played together full stop, so will be new to the Jets. I like the idea of the line, which is different than liking the line. Winnipeg’s third line (Perreault-Lowry-Appleton) has more utility and will likely have a bigger impact on the game.


Josh Archibald (9, 0-0-0) plays left wing on the fourth line with Jujhar Khaira (5, 0-1-1) in the middle and Alex Chiasson on right wing (4-0-4 in 7 games). This configuration played over six minutes against Winnipeg this season. 1-1 shots. The Jets will run Harkins-Thompson-Lewis, a line with some utility.


Darnell Nurse (9, 2-8-10) has averaged over 26 minutes a night against Winnipeg this year and will be paired with Tyson Barrie (2-7-9 in nine games). In 129 minutes against the Jets, the duo helped outscore 11-2. Now, that doesn’t make them superheroes, it just means they play with the McDavid line a bunch at five on five. For instance, Nurse-Barrie played 89 minutes with 97 against Winnipeg, scoring 11-0 according to NST. That means in 40 minutes against Winnipeg without McDavid, the duo was outscored 2-0. Opponents top pairing is Morrissey-DeMelo. Nurse played against the Scheifele line most often (97 minutes) and won the goals 10-2.


Dmitry Kulikov (2, 0-0-0) and Adam Larsson (9, 1-1-2) are the grumpy old men pairing. At some point in every playoff series the coach abandons all pretense about running the third pair and goes with his four most trustworthy men. My guess is these are two of them. In 32 minutes against the Jets, the combo has a 17-11 edge in shots and is 2-0 goals. Larsson has faced the Connor line (No. 1) for 58 minutes, going 1-2 goals.


Slater Koekkoek (3, 0-0-0) and Ethan Bear (7, 0-0-0) will form the third pair opening night. The duo played 18 seconds against Winnipeg together and the Oilers scored a goal. Huh. Bear played 41 minutes against the Scheifele line, going 1-0 goals. Look for Bear to replace Barrie late in tight games if the Oilers have the lead. In the final minute, Nurse-Larsson may win the day. Allan Stanley might take a late own-zone faceoff.


Mike Smith (4-0-0, .936 and 2.06) is the starter in any close game and until this series is no longer in doubt. Gave up goals to Scheifele (3), Ehlers, Connor, Appleton, Pionk, Dubois and Copp. Connor Hellebuyck gave up 26 goals, .877 SP. Don’t be fooled! The Jets aren’t going to hand four wins to the Oilers over the next few days.


A massive morning on the Lowdown, as we get ready for the first Oilers playoff game of 2021. I’ve picked Edmonton to win in 7 games, find out why I don’t think it will be a sweep at 10, TSN 1260. Bruce McCurdy from the Cult of Hockey at the Edmonton Journal will give us his assessment on the series and expectation of the Oilers. Joe Osborne from OddsShark pops by at 11 to talk NHL and NBA and what to do with tonight’s play-in games. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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About the game grades last night,how does Macdavid get a 5. He is our best player and he shit the bed by having probably the worst game of his career and he still gets a five. Huge fan of him but call a spade a spade. He should have gotten a 2/3. This is the playoffs and he is our leader and he didn’t show up. He just came of a 10 game heater and then lays an egg like last night in the first game against a short handed Jets team and does absolutely nothing. Very disappointing for the best player in the game especially after last years choke and fold……angry Oiler fan as they keep letting the fan base down year after year after.year…….🤬🤬🤬


I don’t think this team has the mental fortitude to win this series. I looked at the cult of hockey game grades and Macdavid got a five. I would have to say that was one of the worst games I have seen him play. He did not look engaged at all. After last years debacle you would have thought he would have come out on fire. If our best player doesn’t show up how can we be mad at the third and fourth lines when our best player laid an egg for the second year in a row. Die hard Oilers fan since 72 and I just don’t see this team winning with their mental makeup. Jets in 5……hope I’m wrong!


Good morning HH.

Glad to see you and your aliases still ridding high.


I actually laughed out loud at this as I have blocked HH because of his hatred for anything Oilers😃


To all the people saying Draisaitl “needs to be better” – really? This was probably the best game of the season for Leon with the exception of finishing.

22:39 TOI at 5v5
72.09 CF% (31-12)
73.33 FF% (22-8)
76.19 SF% (16-5)
0-0 goals
81.94 xGF% (1.28 – 0.28)
80.00 SCF% (16-4)
75.00 HDCF% (6-2)

These are phenomenal numbers – he had a dominant game. To put this into perspective, Draisaitl’s line had more HDCF than the entire Avalanche team last night. The vaunted Nathan MacKinnon was 50% or below in every category last night except goals, where he was 1-0.


only 1 of those things actually counts on the score sheet, and MacK got it.


At times in the second period, the Oilers were surging and on the verge of building on their one goal lead. Then it all fell apart. I liked the Draisaitl line. Hopkins was hopping. Yamamoto was working, but he is just not going to survive the rough going if he keeps getting punished that way. I also liked Puljujarvi a whole lot. He still has more to show us, I think. A true emerging talent. Kassian was awful.


I think the coaches nailed this one in the post-games… The Oilers need more gears if they expect to win in the playoffs.

The good thing is that they’ve shown this year that they have the means. Hopefully they prepare a bit better for the next game. Tippett sounds like he knows what “playoff hockey” is, but he sure seems to have a lot of trouble preparing his teams for the advanced competition.

Khaira, Neal, Koekoek, & Kassian all looked like they shouldn’t have played in this game. Yamamoto didn’t look right either, but he at least brought his lunch pail with him to game one. I’m not sure the others can make that claim.

That’s a good chunk of your lineup that is looking pretty ineffective. Add protecting McLeod to the pile and the problems are becoming pretty clear. The depth players need to be contributing in an impactful way…In every game.

I’ll refrain from saying anything more about the over-reliance of the power play this year. I don’t think this will be a true issue against WPG in these playoffs.

Game 2 is going to be very telling.


Not having a crowd in Edmonton for the playoffs is jarring. I disliked this feeling very much!

Harpers Hair

STL with a spirited comeback but the Avalanche prevail 6-3.

MacKinnon with 3G and 1A giving him 7 points in 2 games.

I’m calling the Conn Smyth Trophy right now.

Bank Shot

You really are a complete loser eh?

Harpers Hair

Not at all.

Won a ton by betting the Avalanche to win the Presidents Trophy and have even more on them to win the cup.

Playing with house money.

Fun times.




Having the only pro sports champ roster proof (Not theory. Thanks VGK) we know that 2GA is often not championship (Final 4) hockey.
You want a 4+ deep top 60 high danger area open Shot reduction def dman.
it is a repetative strong conservative 2D -1G protection of the high danger shot area. What was originally called Rickisbox by posters in this site based on MY introduction of high success density shooting% area on this site. Called Homeplate by MSM.

My father (lead designer: Avro Arrow, Apollo, Area 25, LandSat, First self guided SAM, travelled the world helping set up other countries Space orbit asset programs) taught me complex Multivariable analysis by age 10 thru repetative human machine action and ingrained through complex conversation of human action process.

Agressive abandonment (3F – 1R – 1D -1G) of “Rickisbox” high danger shot area is a direct path to 25 yrs of observed playoff failure in my Champ roster analysis.

K. Russell our top open shot reduction def Dmen not playing is a real bad thing!

Good luck Oilers!
Based on current def roster & play, we are going to need it!
this not even string def final 4 phase!

Now back to your regular offence Dmen wins championship Discussions!


nice to see you back ricki

do uh the jets, leafs, caps, lightning qualify?

Harpers Hair

Kadri takes a stupid hit to the head penalty and STL scores on the 5 minute PP.

Who would like a used idiot?


No thanks, we already have one here.


Oilers played well. Got beat by a very meh team. McDavid and Drai have to be better if we want to win.


Minimal contributions from all but 5 forwards.

Prevent 97 from accelerating through the neutral and move puck quickly out of your own zone. And bring in a rested and focust Vezina winner.

Of course each game and period will be completely different, but the point is, if you limit 97″s speed and limit 29s space, the Oilers don’t have anyone else that can hurt you. Feels more like the play-ins VS Chicago than the playoffs VS San Jose, unfortunately.

Same as it ever was, get hopes up, start to believe all the hype and then get drop-kicked in the soul….

Yup, this is playoff hockey and the lapbar is feeling very uncomfortable right now…

66 hertz rental

You know I think Puljujarvi can hurt you, maybe even enough to score. We have talent behind the big 2, actual NHL level talent. This game was kick to the dyck but the Oilers are better than this. We need to finish and yes Playfair is gonna have 2 guys watching videos on repeat for a few hours but it’s there guys. This team has it in them to get it done.

Harpers Hair



And remember Winnipeg’s best player will return soon.


You never updated us on your feelings about Benning returning to the Canucks.

Harpers Hair

Yeah I did.
Its a disaster and the announcement on the very same day that the Sedins will be brought in as some sort of advisers is one of the most blatant spin jobs I’ve ever seen.
There will be lots of empty seats next season.


Before the word on Benning staying you said he was a disaster and would almost certainly be gone.

You also mentioned the Sedin’s, but I don’t recall any mention of it being spin-related.

Not a peep since Friedman mentioned Benning was staying IIRC, but perhaps I missed it.

Harpers Hair

You did.

The fan base in Vancouver is incensed.

This won’t end well.

66 hertz rental

Ehlers is a beauty no doubt.

Won’t be enough. Better shot selection (Note to the D, you are allowed to fake, slide and get a shot on net) and this game is 3-1 for the Oil.

I have my bias as do you, let’s see who’s right in the end.


Minimal contributions from all but 5 forwards.

First, step back from the ledge.

Second, I’m actually curious who you count as the 5 forwards who contributed.


13, 29,93,56 & 15


Oilers PTSD imo. Teams even good teams lose games. seemed probable here; series are 7 games for a reason


By Corsi, Fenwick, and scoring chance for %, this was the second most lopsided playoff game thus far after Game 1 of Colorado – St. Louis.


And that’s without peak Connor and Leon.


One mental mistake leading to a GA was all it took to flip the game. #Playoffs


Was that the fumbling of the puck by RNH & Bear leading to the GWG? That would count as 2 mistakes.


And by eye too. Could’ve had some cleaner looks but generally when that much rubber heads to the net, better things happen.


Oilers played ok but not strong enough for the win. I thought they lacked a little emotion. Winnipeg played incredibly conservative and that isn’t a long term recipe for success.

It just didn’t really feel like playoff hockey to me without the crowd.

Whaler Slamamoto

Sadly I agree with the no fans. Felt like regular season.


i would install Shore for Neal. Neal just is always a step or a stick length behind the play alnight


The most effective bottom six guys were the two with wheels: Archibald and McLeod. Both guys had good chances to score.

Neal can give you offence, but his wheels are at the point where he may give it all back on the other end.

Younger Oil

Few of my observations:

1. Even though we outshot them, I really don’t feel like there were many meaningful chances. Lots of perimeter shots, few rebounds, and the rebounds there were weren’t highly contested.

2. Very questionable coaching from Tippett. Assist from the refs aside, putting out Neal, Nuge, and Chiasson, arguably three of your worst 5v5 players with two minutes left, then choosing to pull the goalie when they are on the ice is a really poor decision in my opinion.

3. I say this every playoffs, regardless if the Oilers are in it or not, playoff hockey isn’t hockey. Hockey is a sport with rules. The majority of these rules which balance the game cease to exist in the playoffs, which takes the skill out of the game, and replaces it with a roulette wheel of if your obvious infraction is going to be one of the two called by the referees that game. It takes a sport that is one of the most luck dependent sports out there, and pushes it even further into the realm of chance. It can make for entertaining hockey, but makes it extremely difficult to be invested and to take it seriously (for me at least). It’s really taken away my love and passion for the game in the past five years. Regular season is often great, but what’s the point of caring when it inevitably leads to this?

Sorry, #3 turned into a bit of a rant, just very jaded about playoff hockey.


1. Yeah, agreed they need to do a better job getting to those spots. I will say the Oilers didn’t allow to many of those chances either.

2. This one I don’t know about. Neal-Nuge-Chiasson had a really nice little run together last year. Only 120 minutes together as a line, but they were very good (https://tinyurl.com/fhx4fjnv). That plus bigger wingers for Nuge (see your first point) makes me feel OK about the move.

Also, a major contributor to the EN GA was the linesman deflecting a puck (which was in Oilers possession) to the Jets, then they head up ice and score.

3. Generally agree with the penalty stuff, but I won’t complain too much tonight since they were evenly called (uncalled I guess). Oilers had the only PP of the game.

The only one that really bothered me was the uncalled holding the stick on Bear right before the go-ahead goal.

Anyway, they weren’t so bad but they’ve got to be better. And they’ve got to find ways to win.

Just win baby.

Scungilli Slushy

I wasn’t too fond of Piunk’s blatant interference, well past Connor having possession, and roughing on Connor.

I was hoping Kassian would run him, but he was apparently in a trance or something.

Total BS.


McDavid need to find better use of the stick while away from the puck.


In what way?


Yeah for sure. Just can’t get too worked up when the Oilers had more PPs than the other guys.


I can’t agree with #1 at all, and neither does the stat sheet. The Oilers posted phenomenal numbers last night:

2.53 xGF (COL posted 1.48, Canes 1.35)
30 scoring chances (Avs 16, Canes 14)
13 high dangers (Avs & Canes posted 5 each)

Looks to me like this was the games Hellebuyck stole. But we were expecting this to happen, weren’t we? I certainly was, as was LT and others.

The Oilers dominated the Jets and it wasn’t close. I’m very pleased with their game last night even if the outcome was disappointing. It gives me a LOT more confidence in this team in this series.


It is only one game,but history shows winning the first game is pretty important.This will not be good for Macdavid and his legacy if they lose again as the favourite.So much for our record when scoring first.🤬🤬


I think that was a well played game for the most part.

1 – The first GA hurts. Kulikov and Larsson got their signals crossed and Smith can do a better job of smothering the puck. That being said, Kassian’s play on that was just egregious, in my mind. How many times did you see a Jets player, in neutral ice, go to the opposite side board to make a hit? That is a supremely undisciplined play. You are asking for it. The entire sequence becomes much harder on the D because there is no back pressure from the forwards. The third guy back was Neal, a slow train arriving late. Also, note how that play developed in neutral ice at the site where Kassian was *supposed* to be. It’s over and done with and you move on, but personally I don’t stick with Kassian in the lineup.

2 – 97 and 29 have to be better and they will be.

3 – Jesse and KY showed really well.

4 – Need way more from Nuge. His pace is off. Everything needs to be a hair quicker.

5 – Gotta cash. There were enough chances out there to score 2-3 goals.

Unfriendly Regional Arachnid Individual

Good news: Puljujarvi was FLYING, Drai seemed to come on after the 1st, Archibald had some jump, Smith didn’t do what he did last year in the bubble, and the team overall controlled the majority of the shots and chances.

Bad news: McDavid did nadda, Hellebuyck is ON, Kassian still doesn’t play with intensity, Smith had some rebound issues, refs are calling next to nothing, and bad luck is still trying to get even with us after McDavid.

All-in-all, not the worst game but not the result we want and the team needs more from certain key players.

Unfriendly Regional Arachnid Individual

Oh yes, forgot one:

Our boys are STILL afflicted by the curse of no-name defensive Dmen scoring on them in the playoffs.

Scungilli Slushy

The Oilers faux cycle game, well, couldn’t overcome their inability to defend as a team. Or defend the much feared 2 on 2.

Lots of possession, lots of shots, my visual said Jets had more HDSC. And more finish.

JP the Oilers best player, good on him. Showed up with his mojo at 110%, his workboots on, and had his tiny helmet.

So happy for him that he scored. A proper off the cycle goal.

Hearing the verbal, talking grinder shit, how about put a shot on net that is in the top third of the net, instead of bread basket, straight into glove or 2 feet wide?


13-8 high danger in favor of the Oilers (and it was a wider margin after the 2nd) – per NST

SayItAin'tSo, Gretz, SayItAin'tSo!

The game is still raw but this needs to be repeated.

I think 4 or 5 of the Jets chances came in the first 12 minutes of the game. It was crickets for very long stretches.

The Oilers have been playing “we’re in hockey” for two weeks. They got up to speed in the 1st and were far and away the better team thereafter. They were rolling lines for a while and the Jets had nothing.

I actually think the Jets got a bit tired trying to throw all those hits. McDavid and Draisaitl are fine they were buzzing in the 3rd. JP played well and KY is getting close to his first goal of all time. Defense pushed everything to the outside except those two times they didn’t…

Some yippie plays that cost them but a very solid game overall. Lean up the yips and rinse and repeat please!

Scungilli Slushy

I hear you but what a systematic data aggregator collects and what an experienced hockey viewer sees may not agree. Like plus minus, not the whole story.

The Jets generated little on their own, but their chances were far more dangerous and the Oilers kept offering up gimmies that got dangerous too often.

Maurice the cagey prick buttering up the Oilers post game.

The Oilers had a lot of scrambly net front but as only Connor Leon and occasionally JP can finish helleybuck wasn’t really tested. There weren’t many set ups in good position or attempts at deflections which the Jets managed.

We’ll see what Tipp manages to get them doing past the dynamic duo. Or Gulatzan or whomever.

Harpers Hair

A perfectly played game by the Jets.

Limit time and space for McDavid…there ain’t much else and Hellybucyk can take care of the rest.


Get a life

Harpers Hair

Get a clue.

Bieksa explained in detail after the game how the Jets won the game.

Don’t let McDavid get a head of steam in the neutral zone and you’ll win the game.

At worst, the rest of the Jets lineup can outscore the Oilers and they have the best goaltender in the game.

It will be interesting to see if Tippet has a strategy to counter.

66 hertz rental

there ain’t much else..? Take your garbage comment, your asinine take and shove it where the sun don’t shine. There is nothing unique or more valuable about your comments than the typical Oiler hater. Stay true to yourself and when the Oilers ultimately win this series, which they will, run and hide posting Avalanche score updates.

Harpers Hair

3-1 Avalanche in the second period.

SOG 27-17.

MacKinnon with 2 points..now 5 in the playoffs.

66 hertz rental

The Oilers haven’t won this series yet. That’s when the rubber meets the road and you’ll pull a Houdini. You come here to piss on the Oilers and their fans we get that. You don’t have the fortitude to take your shots when the Oilers win. That’s who you are so enjoy this loss and let’s get on with the series.


Crap effort by the Oilers. This is playoff hockey. There could have been 10 penalties called but not in the playoffs.
You can’t make mistakes.
You need to earn your goals by paying a price. I didn’t see a lot of guys paying the price.
We need to wake up and realize this series is win in the trenches.
Learn from this or go home.

SayItAin'tSo, Gretz, SayItAin'tSo!

This isn’t true.

the Jets had 9 shots after the 12 minute mark of the first until the empty netter.

The Oilers dominated the game.

If they play the same game Friday they will win.

They havent played serious hockey in two weeks, got up to speed in half a period, dominated the rest of the game and lost a close one.

Play the exact same way on Friday

Go Oilers!


I don’t agree. We didn’t muck it up and make life difficult for their goalie. We had chances but he had a clear sight on most. We need to find the killer instinct to put teams away or we could end up losing to a fluke goal like tonight. Bottom line is we didn’t bear down and lost to a fluke goal. We shouldn’t have been in that position. We lost because we didn’t work hard enough and the jests did. We’ve talked all year about the maturity of this team. It’s time to show it.


The game winning goal was not a fluke goal. The Jets out-muscled RNH and Bear for the puck, cycled it back to the point for a big shot with a nice tip. Where’s the fluke part?

SayItAin'tSo, Gretz, SayItAin'tSo!

Yea the numbers tell a different tale

Up over 64% in all situations and at 5v5 in the big four fancies.

After the first 12 minutes the Oilers owned them.

First serious game in more than two weeks and by the end of it the juices were flowing and so were the plays and chances.

HH is going to troll and the media will be talking about McDavids trade request.

luckily Tippet will have walked into the room, reminded everyone that mistakes can cost you but overall talk about the very good game they just finished playing.

Block out the noise, look at the stats, rewatch the 2nd and 3rd tomorrow and remember that 99 times out of 100 Smith takes that muffin of a wrist shot cleanly and the whistle blows before Poolman gets within 6 ft of the net.

Defenseman Tucker Poolman (ye of zero goals) splits Larsson and Kulikov clean but it’s Kassians fault. Man you gotta have a different level of hatred to make sense of that.

Its only one game and the Oilers we’re far and away the better team. Repeat on Friday.


How many 10 bell or even 5 bell chances did people see?

Hellebuck was good…..if a team holds McDavid to 0 shots for most of the game…..I think the Jets will take that on the road all day.

Granted, Draisaitl had a decent chance in the third.

Lots of perimeter stuff for sure…


That quick whistle for Hellybuck was bullshit.


I thought Oilers were a bit better, but the Jets had really good goaltending, where Smith was just ok. Made some saves but looked shaky at times. I still like the Oilers chances to win the series but they’ll need to show more if they dont want it to be a coin flip.

Unfriendly Regional Arachnid Individual

Agreed. Shots, attempts, chances, and high-danger chances all favoured the Oilers. Not going to say there isn’t room for improvement but, aside from Connor not showing up and the mistake by the two defensive D, I don’t really have that much to complain about. Puljujarvi was flying!


I don’t really have that much to complain about

The loss.

Unfriendly Regional Arachnid Individual

Sure, but that’s self-evident 😛



I mostly agree with you btw.

Ice Sage

Jets full credit for doing exactly what everyone said they should – trap hockey, be physical, leave the rest to Connor (Hellebuyck) and rely on no whistle playoff rules.
Oilers had no rush game, Jets just laid back and waited.
Does Tippet have a countermeasure? DO the Oilers have the personnel or ‘will’ to meet this challenge?
…this was so predictable!!!…

Scungilli Slushy

If Tippet has them crap out this round, this time, with that BS game plan and zombie perimeter play, fire the lot and get Woody and Huddy on the bridge.

Before a smart team does.


The difference in this game. A momentum shifting mental mistake where a player chooses to make a selfish play instead of doing his job.


And hey. It was the same guy who was doing that over and over in the play-in last summer.

Gerta Rauss

Are you going to tell us WHO..???… or are you just gonna leave us hanging…


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SayItAin'tSo, Gretz, SayItAin'tSo!

Your being goofy.

that’s a routine 1-2 that Larrson and Kulikov failed to switch on. It was a weak wristlet that Smith failed to swallow up.

Tucker Poolman blew by for the uncontested rebound.

give your head a shake man lol


Kassian didn’t need to go and throw that hit but that is something he is encouraged to do and a reason he’s in the lineup. It wasn’t the best spot but all it did was create a 3 on 3. The Oilers were in fine position.

The Oilers were in fine position but pure plays by Smith and Larsson were more egregious than Kass.




good’ole Godot. Ignore everyone else’s short comings except Barrie and Kassian. Pathetic.

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The difference in this game.

If that was your defining play of the game… well I’ll just say I’m really glad you’re not running the team.


One would think the difference maker would be the go-ahead goal. Tell us your analysis of the play of Bear in the corner and then in front of the net at the time of the tip.

Scungilli Slushy

For me it’s the BS obsession with shot blocking which is really playing second goalie.

Larsson stood straight up trying to block a shot that has to left for the goalie to save, to do his job.

In doing so he let a crap offensive player walk him and score. You cannot be more concerned with the puck and a BS pointless block and let a guy walk straight up the slot uncontested to the net.

Are they paying spiffs for shot blocks? Please Oilers, enough of the token over efforts and pointless priorities for players.

Good teams don’t have to try too hard, they do their damn jobs and don’t get out of position and into trouble. Bodies first then puck, like minor hockey.

SK Oiler Fan

Nuge fairly ineffectual. Going to be some lineup changes


Nuge, Kahun, And Yamamoto…..

Playoffs are tough sledding

Scungilli Slushy

Nuge Yama Kahun outplayed by Neal. James Neal.

Connor and Leon outplayed by Jesse.


I thought Kahun was very good.


As I was worried
hellebyuck can steal a series
despite the score the Jets really were hanging on for dear life


Almost no good shots on net.

He had an easy night. Very easy.

Scungilli Slushy

Bang on. Very few high danger chances for. At least 10 against.


That doesn’t meat my personal eye test nor the NST count.


hellebuck can win this series on his own. RIP Oilers 2021


One of the very few times you can say this – Connor laid an egg out there. Easily one of his worst games.

And no – the Jets didn’t do anything fancy that “shut him down”. He didn’t show up locked and loaded for some reason. Didn’t expect that.

Scungilli Slushy

Connor and Leon don’t know how to play in traffic. They get hit in awkward positions a lot, worries me.

Yama isn’t going to have a long career if he doesn’t he doesn’t figure it out, way to many hard hits against.

Maybe the former two will learn quick.

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In their close to 900 combined NHL games, I don’t think either has been hurt due to a hit in traffic.


Your Stanley Cup playoffs game review;

Smith was good, Helybuck was great.

Admiral Ackbar

What’s sad is that this game wasn’t surprising in any way.


Feels too much like last year…what do we do if we lose two playoff series two years in a row as the favored team?

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Finally fix the bottom-6, hopefully.


Get a couple of shooters for 97 and 29


Better goaltending.



That happened.


Here we go again!


Well that one is just bad luck. But off the linesman and to the Jets.


Some good things tonight but not enough.

Younger Oil

Great assist from the ref there


Was that the worst goalie pull if all time?


Wow…what in the blue hell was that??

You leave when they have the puck???

SK Oiler Fan

Not sure how Chaison flubbed that retrieval. Went right to him

Admiral Ackbar

Hands of stone. And the linesman deflected the puck


Anything can happen in the playoffs. Hope this team will learn…..


Jets winning the goalie battle even though Smith has played pretty well. Game over.


Smith made one mistake (on the first goal) – Connor H. didn’t make any (although the goal on him wasn’t amazing).

Crazy Pedestrian

puck hit the ref… right before smith was pulled.

that’s some shit luck right there


thanks to the ref’s skate


I thought Macdavid would come out flying, very disappointed in his game tonight.


Couldn’t agree more. Pains me to say it


Hellebuyck .970 at time of empty net goal

Gerta Rauss

LoL…and did you see the broadcast set up the stat….ADVANCED ANALYTICS provided by (insert sponsor here)……goalie save percentage .970

woah, woah, woah..where are you getting THAT number from…..???….LoL

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Fucking referee with the assist.

Gerta Rauss

puck goes off the ref’s skate….ffs


Also on a side note,I miss Jack Michaels! This gentleman brings absolutely no excitement to the broadcast in my opinion.




Agree to disagree but it is really just a different style that we each prefer😄


Absolutely 👍


Go watch wrestling.

Screaming at the audience isn’t needed in hockey.


So your saying JackMichaels screams at the audience?I should go watch wrestling because I commented that I wasn’t a fa n of this announcer. Maybe you should watch yoga!

Admiral Ackbar

Yep. Not a lot of charisma in his cadence.


He doesn’t really have the voice for it. But with Winnipeg playing how can SN justify Michaels?

Lol, yet… after this round, if we make it, it’s all Toronto announcers, all the time. So it could be worse.


No forecheck from the Jets and it nearly costs them as 97 and 29 go to town,

Crazy Pedestrian

Hellebuck appears to have found his game.

not good…