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by Lowetide
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I’ve mentioned this before, but my interest in the NHL draft goes back to 1971 (it was a riot, literally!). My questioning of the draft picks in the order selected began in 1973. Sam Pollock (of course!) chose winger Bob Gainey (a checking forward) over several stunning offensive talents and I just couldn’t figure out the reasoning.

These years later, I still would have chosen Rick Middleton, but that’s the fun of the draft. The Oilers since 2015 have been doing well, are they better than this amateur with a calculator and access to public rankings since 2015? Let’s have a look.

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  • Lowetide: An early look at ideal Oilers’ free-agent targets for the offseason


The Oilers scouts killed at the 2015 draft and should be given mountains of credit for grabbing four NHL players (three after pick 115). I’d love to see Edmonton’s final draft list that season. My list chose two NHL players, a solid effort but Edmonton’s scouts won this by a long mile.

There are 101 players from the 2015 draft who have played in the NHL, that’s about 3.37 per team (Edmonton has four) and 455 NHL games per team from those 3.37 teams (Oilers are at 740 but of course have McDavid). All of 2015’s first-round picks have now played in the NHL. Tkachev is apparently signing with an NHL team this summer (“so you’re saying there’s a chance!”) but this race is over.


The turns table in 2016, with Edmonton drafting one NHL player and possibly more depending on Benson, Niemelainen, Berglund and others. Redemption came for the 2016 draft this season, as Puljujarvi returned and posted a 15-goal campaign.

I had Alex DeBrincat No. 15, mostly because his NHLE (44 points) was better than anyone’s but Matthew Tkachuk. Also notable that Abramov and Vehvilainen have now played in the NHL, so the LT list wins 2016’s draft over the Oilers scouts. No one is shaking in his boots, though.


I’m not sure anyone knows who will win the Kailer Yamamoto versus Eeli Tolvanen race, I had Yamamoto ranked just behind the Finn on my list. Vase vase, I guess. No arguments with the Yamamoto bet, it showed an organizational paradigm shift possibly brought on by the DeBrincat and Barzal misses.

Skinner has played one NHL game and Samorukov is building a terrific resume. Edmonton’s 2017 draft is looking good.

My list has Tolvanen and an early appearance from Chmelveski, who is a promising forward in the San Jose Sharks organization. I think this will be close, but Samorukov looms large on the Edmonton side of the ledger. At this point too close to call.


This is shaping up to be the most interesting draft comparison of the bunch. Edmonton drafted two men who have an excellent chance to occupy important roster positions (RH top 4-D and 3C) for years to come. That’s a big draft summer if those two men deliver.

My list is looking good, too. Smith is progressing as a top-flight NHL player and he’s already fairly established and complete. Olofsson has been hurt a lot, but Hillis and Fagemo are impressive wingers who should be able to equal or better McLeod offensively. The position rarity of the Edmonton kids (Bouchard and McLeod) probably wins the day.


We’re just getting started but there are some good signs for both lists. Broberg and Lavoie are acting more like two picks in the 15-20 range than 8-38, and that’s not all bad. I think Broberg is projecting as another Klefbom-type (wide range of skills) and we’ll see if injuries have the same impact. I’ve mentioned Klefbom as a comparable several times in the last two seasons, most recently at The Athletic in an April article. Lavoie is a first-shot scorer in an organization badly in need of several. I like Konovalov and Blumel too, but it’s early days.

My list also has some risk at the top, the guy I liked at No. 8 didn’t get picked until the second round. I still like him, as he scored in his NHL debut and led his AHL club in points as a teenager. Matthew Robertson is on target for an NHL career as a two-way defender with size and speed. The rest of the list is off the pace, less than ideal to have two players you’re left to count on two years after the draft.


Edmonton did a lot with its first four picks, including Holloway who looks like he could be in the NHL next season. Savoie had a terrific first season in college, Tullio had a second-round ranking on my list and Berezkin is a giant teenager who played in the KHL.

Mercer is a favourite of mine, his scouting report is my ideal player type (strong two-way play with skill) and I think he’s going to be very good. Chromiak is fast and skilled, Miettinen is under the radar but talented, Magnusson is also a skilled player. Both lists are quality, too soon to know.


Edmonton’s scouts have the edge in my opinion owing mostly to the 2015 draft (three defensemen in later rounds) and the 2018 unicorn selection of RHD Bouchard with No. 3 center kicked McLeod. Puljuarvi’s emergence this year allows the scouts to avoid a major gaffe and the list has prospects in every corner. Goaltending is the weak spot but there are three men matriculating. I’m especially impressed the scouts found Bear, Marino and Bouchard (an entire RH side) in an era where those players are so highly regarded.

Finally, a word about talent found outside the top-20 overall. Jones, Bear, Marino, Yamamoto and McLeod, with names like Samorukov and Lavoie on the way.

My list found DeBrincat, Ty Smith and I think Kaliyev and Mercer are going to be quality NHL players.

Does my list win the day because of DeBrincat? Would you trade Caleb Jones, John Marino, Kailer Yamamoto and Ryan McLeod for Alex DeBrincat and Eeli Tolvanen?


A fun morning despite the rain and the forecast (don’t look, Ethyl!) starts at 10 on TSN1260. We’ll talk Oilers at 10:20, and at 10:40 Michael Smith from CanesCast and senior editor for the Hurricanes will join us to talk NHL playoffs. Paul Sir from The Basketball Show is in at 11 to talk NBA play-ins and playoffs. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. Talk soon!


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Not complaining about the reffing since I didn’t see the game between the leafs and canadians. I’m looking at the stats and am shocked at how the game was called. leafs given 6 PP in a row. I have watched many games and don’t ever remember seeing this happen before. So is this game management for the leafs.


Nate Thompson…LOL

Winning puck battles at will.



Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 is here:

follow the link:

Here’s what  you have to do: 

1- predict number of Oilers playoff wins(called points on the home page)

2– predict the tie breaker(explained on the homepage) 

Its easy!


One of the troubles when attempting to understand -2 style Reply votes; not knowing whether they come from former players or not.


Should of called it Life parade


My guess is it is from people who don’t play that don’t like how often you post it.

Not me by the way!


In my looks at this year’s draft I have 4 players surrounded, that I am predicting should be in the range and targets of the Oilers.

1. Cossa – G – I’ve mentioned him a few times, but he will be a very good NHL Goaltender within 2-4 yrs.
2. Oskar Olausson – LW- fast, big, good 2-way player, a guaranteed NHLer in many prospect watchers opinions.
3. Matt Coronato – RS Fwd – 55 goals in 57 games, including playoffs. Plays with D +1 Sean Farrell who has 72 Assists to lead the USHL powerhouse. NCAA bound, so comes with some risk.
4. Scott Morrow – RHD – Played mostly USHS at Shattuck St. Mary, also NCAA-bound and a New Englander (see Adam Fox & John Marino).

But playoffs start tomorrow, whoo hoo!


Ice Sage

Sakic gets lots of deserved credit for astute drafting and developing and a few trades (Duchesne) in Colorado… mind you he was gifted Landeskog and McKinnon, not bad raw materials.
IMO, Bill Guerin (gifted Brodin and Dumba??) has done a bang-up job in Minnesota, too, without the high-first round draft picks – even Kaprizov was a 5th rounder. They’re giving Vegas fits and may come out of that conference.


Sakic has indeed built a hell of a team in Colorado – of course, he’s been the GM for 7 years now (and had final say on player decisions for longer) and has, what, two playoff round wins in that time?

Harpers Hair

The Oilers have been trying to build a Colorado type juggernaut for 31 years.

And they were gifted 4 1st overall picks along the way to assist that effort.

And despite all that time and good fortune they are still a second rate team.

Rome was built in a shorter period of time.

Material Elvis

Every goddamn team is trying to build a winner. What has Vancouver accomplished since they entered the NHL? What has Toronto won in the last 50 years?


Well Rome was probably trolled by Ahl level trolls too


Nothing like Harping on a team built with Lotto picks by comparing them to a team built with lotto picks
you gonna bring up the Pens next?

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

Do you gain some perverse pleasure being an a-hole? I guess you do. Do you enjoy being despised and unwelcome. I guess you do. Who spends their time doing shyte like this? You obviously have no life, you are a troubled human being, plus you are an a-hole. Just crawl back under the rock you live under on the island and seek professional help. You are a pathetic human being.


Haha are you new here? Try having to deal with him here and used to be on Oilersnation for last to 12-13yrs, he told me around that time he had underwear older then me. I’d imagine those same underwear are getting pretty crunchy by now.


No idea what that has to do with Joe Sakic – all the accolades in the world – 8 years of personnel decisions and he’s never been past the 2nd round and only made it there twice.

That will change soon but its taken him the best part of a decade to get to this spot – and he also had many high draft picks – 2nd, 1st, 10th, 10th, 4th…..

Harpers Hair

Yeah 31 years is exactly like 8 years and those picks are exactly like 4 1st overall picks.


This fella is in the middle of a mental breakdown, who’s got the best stats in the league! Oh they’re the best and everything Edmonton does suck!

Does your wife cut the crusts off your peany butta and j samiches lil guy?

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

What a pathetic creature you are. A lonely old fart living in Victoria picking stupid arguments with younger people who still have a life and some optimism. I guess that’s what you hate. Optimism and their future which you so clearly envy having obviously wasted your own life. Are your days so absolutely vacant that this is the only thing that enlivens your boring life? Trolling a hockey board. That is so pathetic. Your future may well involve drooling into your porridge while yelling at kids to get off your lawn. Stop embarrassing yourself.


You accidentally put rate instead of place. No worries I make typos too.


Rome was built in a shorter period of time.


That was quite good actually.

Ice Sage

It’s still early for the McD-Drai-Nurse Oilers.
My post was to give Guerin (ex-Oiler bonus) props for the work he’s done – even winding down Parise, although not his contract, yet – that’ll probably go to Seattle.
Looking forward to your insider posts on the Sedins resurrecting the Dy’s franchise – now there’s a team of historical woe.

Scungilli Slushy

Sakic is a beauty. The rub comes when his cap is gone soon. He’s so good he might keep finding value.

The thing with good horse traders is they get a rep. Sather hammered the league and the longer he went the less he robbed others. I think GMs get gun shy when there is enough track.

Maybe Joe keeps rolling, maybe steals get harder to find, and cap jam slows him down.

Go Oilers!


Under 24 hours left to play…

Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 

Please follow the link:

Here’s all you have to do: 

1 – log in/register

2- predict number of Oilers playoff wins(called points on the home page)

3 – predict the tie breaker(explained on the homepage) 

Its easy!


Dennis is correct, Holland failed to construct any sort of a third line this season.


I read that Holland’s job is to improve the 5 on 5 goal share with McDavid and Drai off the ice.

Now I read is that his job is fix the 3rd line.

I thought his job was to help build a winning hockey team.

Perhaps taking the PK from league worst to a massive asset was more important to winning than ensuring the 3rd line was better at evens.

The 3rd line suffered at evens due to a decision to ensure there were PK player on that line.

The PK has been a massive part of the success of the team.


The lack of a 3rd line production is a problem manifested by the lack of a 2nd/3rd pair of defensemrn. You can only generate so much offense when you are playing with Russell-Bear or Jones-Larsson or Jones-Bear or Russell-Larsson even if your last name is McDavid or Draisaitl.

Dee Dee

Years ago when I was first learning how to repair computer systems a wise old Sage taught me that you never eliminated bottlenecks in speed when optimizing the throughput in the system.

All you did was end up pushing the bottleneck to somewhere else. The hard drive is the slowest component, then replace it! Now something else is the slowest component…

Hockey teams work the same way. Find the single worst functioning piece of the team and upgrade it and now someone else is on the bottom.

The Team was in rough shape before Holland/Tippett showed up, they were underperforming their talent level massively.

And it is all Hollands fault that the team finished second in their division and 11th overall out of 31 teams in the league. In 2019, their first year the Oilers finished 12th in the League.

2020 – 11th Holland/Tippett (10 points back from 1st, 35 points ahead of 31st)
2019 – 12th Holland/Tippett
2018 – 25th Chiarelli-Gretzky/Hitchcock
2017 – 23rd Chiarelli/McLellan

Look what a crappy job those guys did.


2020 – 183/154 +29 (Shortened Season, adjusted to 241/202 +38 across 82 games)
2019 – 225/217 +8
2018 – 232/274 -42
2017 – 243/263 -29

Last edited 3 months ago by Dee Dee

Relatedly, one really tangible thing Holland has done is improve depth. Everywhere. Last year to an extent, but much more so this year.

We can argue about whether Ennis should be in the lineup, or Haas, or Nygard.

Should Jones be playing? Or Russell, or Bouchard, or Lagesson. Pretty much no one called for Koekkoek, but here we are.

And Turris. He’s been a total flop, unmitigated disaster. But it’s OK, it’s covered.
(you pretty much called that btw, you might remember).
Also, he’s an NHL vet sitting, waiting to get back into a game.

And the youngsters too. Tippett’s been really good about working the young guys in, I think. Very different from what we’re used to at least. I guess we won’t know about the misses until they find success on another team.

Anyway, on a team level Holland and Tippett have had great success compared to those that preceded them. There’s no arguing that.

(though Dennis is also correct that Holland failed to construct a quality 3rd line)


It also gave him more time to evaluate his young D that are pushing! We all get impatient now and then but the reality is what he did sets us up much better for the long term!


Great post.


The camera work/tech on the Bally Florida series seems to bring the viewer closer to the play yet a slightly wider angle than ‘normal’. That little bit closer intensifies the game for me. Can anyone enlighten this luddite as to why that might be. The angle seems lower but also different from those low angle small rink or outdoor game broadcasts.


My thoughts too!


I thought it was my old eyes and old macbook. I can see why people felt that first game was intense and nasty. The slightly wider angle catches the cheap follow throughs and nasty bits that the usual camera work has moved past.


Last 47 games:


1Vegas Golden Knights-33
2Colorado Avalanche-33
3Pittsburgh Penguins-32
4Edmonton Oilers-32


Points Percentage:
0-Team-Point %
1Colorado Avalanche0.745
2Vegas Golden Knights0.713
3Edmonton Oilers0.702
4Pittsburgh Penguins0.702
5-Carolina Hurricanes-0.702


Regulation and Overtime Wins (no shootout):
1-Colorado Avalanche-33
2-Edmonton Oilers-32
3-Vegas Golden Knights-32
4-Pittsburgh Penguins-31
5-Florida Panthers-31
6-Minnesota Wild-29
7-Washington Capitals-28
8-Tampa Bay Lightning-28
9-Carolina Hurricanes-27
10-Toronto Maple Leafs-27


Goals For:
1-Pittsburgh Penguins-166
2-Colorado Avalanche-164
3-Florida Panthers-159
4-Vegas Golden Knights-158
5-Edmonton Oilers-157
6-Toronto Maple Leafs-156
7-Minnesota Wild-155
8-Washington Capitals-154
9-New York Rangers-154


Goals Against:
1-Vegas Golden Knights-101
2-New York Islanders-105
3-Carolina Hurricanes-110
4-Colorado Avalanche-113
5-Boston Bruins-114
6-Pittsburgh Penguins-121
7-Edmonton Oilers-121
8-Toronto Maple Leafs-123
9-Winnipeg Jets-124


Goals For Percentage:
1-Vegas Golden Knights-61
2-Colorado Avalanche-59.21
3-Pittsburgh Penguins-57.84
4-Carolina Hurricanes-56.86
5-Edmonton Oilers-56.47
6-New York Islanders-56.43
7-Florida Panthers-55.99
8-Toronto Maple Leafs-55.91
9-Boston Bruins-54.4
10-New York Rangers-54.04 – I can’t believe they’re blowing things up in New York. This is pretty amazing for 3rd year of a full rebuild. Jeff Gorton has terrible luck.


1-New York Islanders-92.36
2-Vegas Golden Knights-92.24
3-Carolina Hurricanes-91.86
4-Nashville Predators-91.64
5-Pittsburgh Penguins-91.56
6-Edmonton Oilers-91.47
7-Winnipeg Jets-91.31
8-Boston Bruins-91.28

Material Elvis

Second rate team apparently.


Just for the history and the links to the past and the handing of the torch, I’d love to see an Oiler final against any one of the Penguins, Islanders, or Bruins. Crosby-Malkin vs McDavid-Draisaitl. Or relive the Finals from ’83 and ’84 with the Isles. Or the finals of ’88 and ’90. Lowetide’s dream final.


This is all awesome


Thanks for this Jaxon
My pick for the SCF is NYI vs CAR and your summary makes it look like a possibility


Interesting the Jordan “Mr. Clutch” Eberle wasn’t out for the last minutes.


Very heartening to read that the Habs have approval for 2500 fans for game 6. A great sign of the direction we are heading.

At the same time, seems a bit “unfair” for this to be permitted when their opposition has to play their home games with zero fans.


Well Panthers had almost 10k for first game and Carolina 12k.
so any way you cut it it’s not going to be fair


I agree and, really, there isn’t anything that can be done (can’t deny ownership the revenue if its permitted) but that’s not really the same.

All the US teams have fans of some number – both teams get home fans.

Even 3000 vs. 12000 is more balanced, in my opinion, than 2500 vs. 0


According to the talking heads Toronto should beat the Canadians in four or five games.


I’m liking Edmonton’s chances:
January 29th to end of season (last 47 to 52 games, Edmonton only played 47 since then so they are at a disadvantage for accumulative stats like wins and still ended up 2nd, 4th, and 7th):

Wins (7th)
Pts% (5th)
Regulation Wins (2nd)
Regulation & Overtime Wins (4th)
GF/GP (4th)
GA/GP (6th)
PP% (1st)
PK% (4th)

How they’re not considered a contender by many is beyond me.

Harpers Hair

During the period, the Oilers lost 4 times to the Leafs.

Thats why.


The team that got 1st place because of Bettman points?

That’s some terrible math by some then.

Harpers Hair

If they can’t beat the Leafs…they’re one and done.


Tampa just lost 3 straight to the Panthers in the regular season – last two by a combined score of 9-1.

Alot more recently than the Leafs beat the Oilers for 3.

Oilers beat the Leafs the last time they played.

Material Elvis

Toronto save percentage in the 3 game sweep: .989.

Toronto power play conversion rate against Oilers for the entire regular season: 39.1%.

We’ll see how it goes when they don’t get crazy, unsustainable, incredibly game-changing numbers.


Nice move of the goal post master goal post mover.


watching Penguins vs Islanders leaves me thinking that the Oilers should be cheering for the East winner to come from the winner of the Pens and Islanders.


Almost forgot how much more fun games are with fans in stands


I don’t know if the numbers show that refs are swallowing their whistles
but it sure looks like it


Elliotte Friedman


Not sure what to expect for a timeline of announcements from the Canucks, but word tonight is Jim Benning was given indication in the last 24 hours that he is to return.

Hahahaha this must be where the rubber meets the road for the Canucks


Anybody bet that Treliving will be back also. Thats great for us in the Pacific.



Jim Benning is back according to Elliott


That is amazing!!!
imagine if he wasn’t gifted Schmidt

Material Elvis

They definitely would have finished last in the division. Ohhh riiiight….never mind!


Lots of heavy hockey being played in the first games of the playoffs. I wonder if tactically it’s a good idea to dress our heaviest line-up early in a series and then insert finesse later as a series wears on?



Theoretically yes, but not for the Jetses they can fly!


I would argue against sitting Yamamoto in the name of size.

This premise would also sit Kahun for Turris or P. Russell, no?


Turris and P.Russell both shoot Right.

Dylan Holloway for Kahun would’ve made sense.


Except Dylan Holloway isn’t under an NHL contract for this season.

Ostap Safin it is.

Scungilli Slushy

I have thought for a while that Kassian playing decently would be a good respite for Leo, as the boys seem to call him.

Because having two small unable to be effectively physical wingers means, to Leo, that he has to be the ‘presence’.

The thing with elite players that are highly motivated, which to say that is actually redundant, is that they will pick up the slack they see. Both Connor and Leo are learning to not try as hard and play the system, it remains that their wingers are less than ideal or set.

If you have Kassian as the forechecker, instead of the sometimes effective (no doubt he’s giving his 124.6% every shift), the world looks different for Leo.

He will start looking for plays more because he’s not trying to be the board presence and the line driver, it’s support.

Like JP has given Connor. The distraction of a fast heavy playing player creates a less favourable situation for the D, and the 5 man defensive unit.

Smaller non physical players with skill have to be considered, but they are easy to box out and rough up when the refs allow it.

Players that have some finish that claim space with speed and disrupt things are a big problem to defend.

Which is why the psycho Wilson plays where he does, and why Kassian despite everything is given the first opportunity now.


Lets not forget the other reason Wilson plays where he does – being a consistent 20G, 40-45 point producer.

I understand the premise but Leon did prove last year he doesn’t need that type of player on his wing – producing elite numbers with Nuge and Kailer for 3 months.

Zack was given first opportunities. After a poor start to the 2nd half last year, he was put up on the top line shortly after coming back from suspension. He failed and was removed down the stretch. To start the play-in, once again, first shot at the top line, he failed and was removed. To start this season, first shot at the top line, he failed and was removed.

I think the coach is done trying him first as he’s slated to start down the lineup.

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

Agree with all of that and it’s why RNH probably won’t work on a line with Drai and Yamo in the playoffs. Who is going to crash the boards and net? Yamo? He’s banged up already trying to do that in the regular season and won’t last a series trying to be a net-front presence. You can have small plucky guys the roster but they have to be matched with bigger players who can create room for them. Drai’s line needs a big fast LW if you want Yamo on it. JP allows a smaller player with McDavid, but a bigger guy would be better to provide McDavid even more room.


Nuge-Draisaitl-Yamamoto are only 4GF-5GA this season, but are still 32GF-13GA including last season. No way I would break them up unless they struggle.

Draisaitl and Kassian also haven’t been great together without McDavid.



Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 

follow the link:

you have to: 

1- predict number of Oilers playoff wins(called points on the home page)

2– predict the tie breaker(add up the total goals of McDavid, Draisaitl and Jp in the playoffs)

Scungilli Slushy

I like Tipp’s moves

Kassian can be a far better more impactful player than Shore or Chiasson 5v5 and is a million times faster.

If he’s bad he comes out. If he’s good it’s like a good deadline move.

Jones is more skilled than KooKoo, but unpredictable players that have trouble with reads destabilizes the 5 man defensive group.

Team defense is everything especially in the playoffs. Many good teams have had to learn this, you can’t outscore gimmies and go far.

KooKoo isn’t a fav of mine, but he isn’t puck averse, can move, and has decent size. If he’s good Bear will be better too.

If he’s not there are options.

Last edited 3 months ago by Scungilli Slushy

I would have went with Jones against Winnipeg, but I can see that Dave
is terrified of the costly turnovers from Caleb.

And giving McLeod a winger (Kassian) that can at leas skate I fully endorse.

Kassian has to excel here.


Listening to Tip and he essentially confirmed that lines and pairings we saw today will be what goes tomorrow night.

I think many should be enthused that Kass is in over Shore (and Haas) – Tippett is prioritizing the 5 on 5 play that Kassian could bring over the PK. Shore has been a solid PK guy (and Hass, by the numbers, the best PK guy) but he’s going without both those guys as they are black holes offensively at 5 on 5.

On that note, he was asked if McLeod will pick up some PK slack and Tip started with “He’s a great penalty killer” and was just glowing about his positional play.

With how well Neal has been playing recently (generally), I’m kind of excited to see what that line can do. If Zack can play that fast and aggressive game (and commit to battle and get in lanes), that’s a big line with lots of speed in two of the three spots.


This is the line I’m most excited to see it’s playoff time and with a fresh Kass and Neal this line is going to do some damage. With the speed of McLeod and Zach this will allow Neal to get some good looks and lord knows were going to need secondary scoring if we’re going to do advance to the final.


Yes, I agree and have been pumping Zach’s tires for some time.

Kassian can fully redeem himself with a good playoff here.

I would prefer Ennis over Neal but who knows.

Ennis is terrible in the defensive zone so I am not complaining too hard.


Kassian can also move up if the situation dictates. He has shown that he can play with skill!


Agree, he can but, at this point, we don’t know what we are going to get from this guy. He was meh down the stretch last season, poor in the bubble and poor all year long. His improvement in play after coming back from the hand injury was notable but still not even close to what he can produce.

Here is hoping.

Harpers Hair

Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) Tweeted:
Tocchet has interviews lined up with both expansion Seattle as well as the Rangers, sources confirm. 
Not surprising.


*Be me*

“Hmmm wonder what the ol’Oilogosphere thinks of the CooCoo news”

*Log into LT’s*

*sees 919029848348567347834938292 HH troll posts about random Canucks noise*

HeY gUyS WhAT tHE CanUCKs dO iMpAcTS thE OiLERs

Insert *GIF of Homer disappearing backwards into bushes* or *Grandpa Simpson entering the ol’timey brothel when Bart is working there* (couldn’t decide, both would be applicable right now)

See you tomorrow everyone!

Let’s go Oilers *clap clap clapclapclap*


I’ll sum up the Koekoek news for you:

Tippett is dead to Cassandra because of it. Somewhere, Tippett is clutching his chest and sobbing but he doesn’t even know why. Cassandra now shakes a smudge stick at his tv whenever he sees Tippett on screen to keep the ghost out of his home. Newspapers with Tippetts face in them are littered around Cassandra’s home, but Tippetts face has been blackened with permanent sharpie. Tippetts wife received an anonymous letter with words cut out from a magazine saying “yoUr hUsbAnD iS dead (to ME)”

Crazy, crazy stuff. You are missin out.


Well it is a little more positive then Cassandra’s last big proclamation.


That proclamation was incredible. I don’t know if it can ever be topped on this site.

Victoria Oil

Fifty years ago today, May 18, 1971 (also a Tuesday) is a day I will never forget. I had been watching hockey for about a year and a half and my (at that time) beloved Montreal Canadiens were playing Chicago in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. I believe that this was, at the time, the latest a Stanley Cup had been awarded.

Chicago led 2-0 early before Jacques Lemaire beat Tony Esposito with a slapshot from outside the blueline halfway thru the second period. I was so nervous that I couldn’t watch anymore so I went outside and shot tennis balls into a net on our driveway. I went back inside and turned the TV on with 5 minutes left in the third. In my absence, Henri (the Pocket Rocket) Richard had scored the tying and go-ahead goals. The Canadiens held on the rest of the way and at the buzzer, big Jacques Laperierre threw his gloves up in the air and celebrated with Ken Dryden (at least that is how I remembered it).

As we know, Montreal would win a few more Cups in the 70’s, but they weren’t quite as exciting to me as that first one. Thirteen years and one day later (when I was of drinking age!), the feeling returned when I celebrated the Oilers first Stanley Cup win.


Henri Richard invented the “toe ring”.when he ran out of fingers and thumbs.

Harpers Hair

Eric Engels (@EricEngels) Tweeted:
This report says that as of May 21, with Covid restrictions easing in Quebec, “spectators would be welcome in large numbers in the very large indoor auditoriums and outdoor stadiums.” 
Potential Game 6 for Habs-Leafs scheduled at the Bell Centre May 29

Harpers Hair

Eric Engels (@EricEngels) Tweeted:
Oh, and games 3/4 back to back on 24/25.

Eberle Hills Cop

I have watched nearly every minute of all of the games. I would need some serious convincing not to be terrified of COL, CAR, BOS, FLR, TB. I would usually add Vegas to the list but for some reason they scare me less than the teams I mentioned. I’m not sayin’ the Oil can beat the other teams, I just don’t think we stand half a chance vs. that group. Am I crazy? Thoughts?


It’s really hard to judge this year with no interdivisional play. Those teams would definitely be tough outs, but I think the Oilers have a chance against any team in the league (they had the 4th best record in the NHL once Smith returned from injury). I think Edmonton is very underrated league wide this year for a few reasons.

1) The history of the team and their failure for so long.
2) Playing in the north which is seen as weak (though I would argue that the west is about equal and the central is similar as well, the east looks like a tough division).
3) The 3 game losing streak against Toronto

We will see if I’m right but I believe Toronto and Edmonton are right their with the other top teams. Namely Car, Flr, TB, Wash, Bos, Pit, Col, and Veg.


They’re all good teams with a fair shot, and they’re all going to say the same thing when they go up against McDavid if the time comes. Shit this is going to be a tough out!


Playing Koekoek in game one of the playoffs, having missed a couple of months with an injury and being mediocre to bad before that, tells me everything I need to know about Tippett.

This is a shocking decision. I have long disliked his lineup decisions, but it never occurred to me he would do something this terrible. He is dead to me now.

Choose your favourite stat, Koekoek is terrible:

42% Corsi
42% Fenwick
44% Shots
25% Goals
45% expected goals
38% scoring chances

The only guy on the depth chart he should be ahead of is Lagesson. Tippett really dislikes Jones. There is no turning away from this conclusion.


“He’s dead to you now”? Oh my. Are you going to stop returning his calls and ignore his texts? Will you cross the street if you see him coming the other way. Worst of all, will you simply blank him at parties? Heartbreaking.


Yeah I think Jones is done with this team, I don’t know if Tipp is dead to me, maybe leper outcast unclean, but Russell must not be ready and he doesn’t trust Jones or Lagesson to play soft minutes.


I think Tippett has put a ton of weight on that Chicago series where KK played really well. Hopefully it is justified and history repeats itself. I would have definitely started Jones. I hope Tippett’s hunch pays off though.


Jones plays well until his inexperience causes a gaff of unbelievable proportions that ends with the puck in our net! I really don’t understand why anyone who has watched the games hasn’t seen this. The playoffs is not in my opinion the time to see if this changes.


Slater Koekkoek averaged over 15 minutes at 5 on 5 in 9 playoff games last year and had a GF% of 65% playing with Oli Maatta.

I’m not saying I 100% agree with the decision to play him over Jones (likely) but I have read and heard absolutely condemnation of Tippett for lineup decisions all year long but, all year long, the Oilers continued to win hockey games – top 5 in the league since their starting goaltender returned.

Are they winning in spite of Tippett? I’m sure it will be argued and, hey, maybe its true, but, they are winning with Tippett and his lineup deployment.


KooKoo is in for gritensity, he’s in to push back against the big Winnipeg forecheck if I had a guess.

I don’t think Jones is well suited for a team that likes to board battle.


At least Jones played how would you like to be bench warmer Bouchard for reasons that are still unknown.


The reason is he is the fourth best rhd on the roster right now.


I am thrilled to have Bouch in the org and on the roster – can’t wait for him to play every day never season – his overall game will flourish, of that i am confident.

The Oilers have three legit established RD, all of which have played top 4 in the league, with success. Bouch was 5-8 in goals this season at 5 on 5.


Jesus OP

never season seems a long ways away


That statement is probably false.


Yes, no disguising now what they think of Jones.

I get and acknowledge the cons to Jones’s game.

But above average skating and good passing are hard traits to find.

Hoping they give Jones way more time here to learn.

Nor many at bats yet.

Jones needs time to make better decisions and get a bit stronger.


Have to think Jones has been given the Dubnyk treatment, where the org power sands his self confidence down to a nub. Kid’s basically a rookie not allowed to rook. Can see the Soar On Winterhawk post from here.

Dee Dee

Players generally have an ok game their first game back. It’s game 2 and 3 that they lose their stamina as they are not in game shape.

Harpers Hair

Daniel Nugent-Bowman (@DNBsports) Tweeted:
Koekkoek will play with Bear. McLeod will PK and play with Kassian and Neal.

Big responsibilities for a guy who hasn’t played much lately and for a guy who hasn’t played much in the league.

“Pressure is a privilege,” Dave Tippett says about the team at large.


Your copying and pasting skills are the best!

Harpers Hair

Alex Blair (@thealexblair) Tweeted:
Hearing that change within @Canucks could be coming later today.

Harpers Hair

Chris (@ChrisKFilms) Tweeted:
@AlienPete40 @thealexblair @patersonjeff @Canucks The Rangers fired Davidson and Gorton early so they could have new people brought in in time to conduct the player exit interviews. If the Canucks are making a change, sooner makes more sense than later.


This is important. What happens to the Canucks. Thank you.

Harpers Hair

You may be unaware that what happens with the Canucks has a direct impact on the Oilers in that they play in the same division or like many think the Oilers exist in a vacuum.


Only in your old feeble troll mind!


Quinn is asking out, doesn’t want to be known as trash forever.


I would not be happy if your Canucks sign Gorton. I had him in the upper quartile of NHL GM’s.

Though he did have some wind behind his sails in getting to rob Calgary (Fox through Carolina), and Winnipeg (Trouba), and signing Panera bread due to the New York factor.

He also fleeced a foolish Chiarelli on tilt.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ryan

Though I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that good ol’ Joe really picked his pocket on the Ryan Graves trade.

Harpers Hair

Getting your pocket picked by Joe is pretty much standard operating procedure.

He got Girard and Toews for peanuts on the way to building the best D corp in the league.


Ryan Graves may have been the only bad player for the Avs last night. He was awful.

Harpers Hair

Lol. I actually watched the game. He took two stupid penalties and had two brutal giveaways that led to HDSC. He got lucky the Blues couldn’t cash on any of those.


You should have tweeted it and then maybe HH would have acknowledged it.

He probably would have even reposted it here.

Harpers Hair

Again…you didn’t know what your were watching.

Graves had ONE giveaway.

He also had 5 blocked shots, 3 SOG and was +2 on the night.

Results matter.


Lol. I question whether you actually watched the game. He was very noticeable.

Harpers Hair

LOL…yes I did and he was noticeable in a very good way and the numbers don’t lie.

But don’t let the facts get in the way of your sad little rant.

Harpers Hair

Did you notice this:


Yup. Poor Gorton built Boston’s Cup team but was ousted before they won, and is now largely responsible for any future success the Rangers will have and has been ousted prior to seeing that success. I think he might be one of the top 4 GMs in the NHL. Definitely top 8. If I was a GM and there was a spot on my management team that made sense for him, I’d scoop him up as fast as I could. I wish Holland would pick him up and groom him to take over. Buffalo, Detroit, New Jersey, Ottawa, and Columbus all make sense (without really looking into the current management personnel on those teams).

Harpers Hair

Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) Tweeted:
With the speculation of changes within the Vancouver Canucks, I’m told Canucks ownership is involved in ongoing discussions with Henrik and Daniel Sedin about potential roles within the organization.

Eh Team

Cause nothing better than old players with zero expertise running your organization. It’s the NHL way. It worked out so well with Linden, who hired Benning.

The Canucks are going nowhere with Benning, so they need to fire him ASAP. But the Canucks (like the Senators) have an ownership problem. Hard to see things changing if ownership doesn’t hire good people, give them some resources and stay out of the way. That’s unlikely to happen in Vancouver.

Harpers Hair


Unless the Acqulinis stop micromanaging they won’t solve their issues.

I can’t see the Sedins at the highest levels of the organization although with the brand damage Benning has created, you never know.

Harpers Hair

Ray Ferraro (@rayferrarotsn) Tweeted:
IMO, if the Canucks are looking to overhaul, a prominent role should be discussed with the Sedins. Smart, diligent people – aware to know what they haven’t experienced, deeply respected to talk to anyone they need to. Just my 2 cents


I find it heartening to see how Calgary are managing to keep on playing hockey even though they missed the playoffs.

Even more so that Vancouver and Vancouver Islands finest Canucks are doing the same. Keep on going and one day one of you might make the playoffs properly.


Most folks on the island are transplant and see the Canucks for what they are, hot trash.


Good day Mr or Ms D Lettuce 

I am just one of many readers who will have been concerned with the anger issues demonstrated in your recent posts, including today – for reference a summary of your posts from yesterday is shown below. 

No one cares”; “you’re a relic from the past”; “You’ve shown yourself a fraud”; “Your Hall hate is ridiculous”; “There’s so much wrong with this statement”; “You and the industry source can both suck dusty pipes together”; “What does this have to do with Math?

I think we can both agree these posts do not quite align with the LoweTide tradition of being able to disagree but still share a beer together. And we might also be able to agree that it is a close run thing between yourself and Mr Hair as to whose posts are the more disagreeable.

But not to worry – I am here to help and, accordingly, I am including below the updated Brogan Rafferty Kindergarten Klub FAQ Template on Troll Management. This is based on the program completed by our students and is recognised as best in class:

  • If a troll posts should I respond? No, unless you are an idiot.
  • Why should I not respond to a troll? A: It does not change their behaviour; B: In some cases it encourages them to post more frequently; and C. It pisses off grown up readers, me in particular, who have to read past this drivel. 
  • What should I do if a troll posts? Just ignore it (just like we all ignore most of OP’s posts😀😀.)
  • Why do some posters still respond to a troll? This is one of the mysteries of the universe. Maybe you can tell me.

Congratulations on completing the program. If you show matron this message you can collect a lollipop. 

You are welcome. 


You sir are a self entitled righteous individual! Was Gord busy so you decided to help out. Very thoughtful of you!


I thought it was pretty funny.


This is your second long wall of text in which you complain and insult people while calling yourself smart.

You see the hypocrisy?

Material Elvis

I don’t see anything wrong with Lettuce’s posts. Certainly not enough to be called out for. Your post, however, is quite condescending.


I don’t see anything wrong with Lettuce’s posts. Certainly not enough to be called out for. Your post, however, is quite condescending.

Almost like it was written by (a) troll.


Any idea where Seravalli goes next?

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Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 

Please follow the link:

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Harpers Hair

Jeff Blashill extended in Detroit.


I figured Gallant was a shoe in to take the reins in Motown.

Realllllly hope he doesn’t end up in CGY or VCR.

Bag of Pucks

I would give the scouts the edge LT, because the added advantage of math drafting is you are not as hamstrung by organizational needs. You can just pick the best theoretical offensive producer. Unfortunately we’ve seen the movie where the Oilers draft skill Ws only and it doesn’t end well.

Salary cap analytics are revolutionizing the way teams draft across all sports, placing a greater emphasis on the value scarcity of specific positions. Don’t draft a G in the first round is the mantra in the NHL. In the NFL, they’re saying the same thing about RBs.

This is why some posters are off in their value calculations of a Broberg vs Zegras imo. Your cap permitting, you can always trade for skill Ws or sign them in free agency. You cannot trade for a 5 tool Dman in his prime.

More than anyone, Oiler fans should know how hard it is to fill a Top 2 D hole as Larsson for Hall is burned in our brain. Yet some still insist an Eberle or Yakupov type pick is more valuable than a Kbom or Nurse pick. Shiny toys.


I think this is a great point, but there’s also a consideration that we have the Leftorium set up theoretically for several years (assuming Klefbom’s health was good at the time of the pick, who knows what Holland knew), but the forward prospect cupboard was all but bare of high-end talent.

Zegras and Caufield were high-end forwards available at our pick and getting ELC level wingers also has value.


We don’t know what we don’t know. I agree it seemed strange but my thought was Holland has many knowledgeable people in Sweden. I can imagine a scenario where one of said people who he trusts explicitly gave him a call saying this kid Broberg is the best young D we have seen in Sweden. Sources especially in area’s you have limited viewing are extremely valuable.


I agree it seemed strange but my thought was Holland has many knowledgeable people in Sweden. 

Whoever recommended Nik Lidstrom is probably dead by now, but yeah, Holland clearly has contacts in Sweden and a long history of drafting success there.


It was only that cost because Chiarelli is a fucking lunatic.


It was conventional wisdom that 18 year old Ds(need offense, positioning, size, skating as well as other intangibles) are less predictable than 18 year F(main skill is scoring), so more often than not teams with a lottery pick goes with a F instead of a D.

At one point Adam Larrson, Hanifin, Seth Jones, Johnson were all very highly touted but does not necessarily turn out to be the best D in their draft class.

The “sweet spot” where quality D is being picked is mid to late first round, where the “surer” looking F are off the board and it becomes a crap shot.

Bag of Pucks

Hedman. Doughty. Jones. Pietrangelo. Ekblad. Makar.

None of these cornerstone D were available mid to late round.


Out of the last 10 Norris Trophy winners Drew Doughty, Duncan Keith and Victor Hedman were lottery picks.

Karlsson x2, Subban, Burns, Giordano, and Josi were picked mid first round or later.

Wonder Llama

Listening to Pierre McGuire on CNBC for the Blues/Avs game was a bit surreal and mystified Mrs. Llama a couple of times.

PM: “When MacKinnon, Landeskog and Rantanen are on the ice, don’t even TRY to score, just defend.” This launched Mrs. Llama into her best Bill Paxton a la Aliens impression.

PM: “You can see just how engaged Binnington is tonight. He’s so engaged with his eyes!”
Mrs. Llama: “You mean he’s looking?”


I really hope that ESPN/Disney and Turner Sports stay away from him. His almost psychophant like adulation of star players is truly nauseating. Maybe he can get a job in local market like Columbus and we rarely hear from him again.

Wonder Llama

NBC is flogging the Indy 500 and PM kept comparing MacKinnon to an Indy car. When he found out there’s a number 29 car this year driven or owned by a Canadian he sounded positively unhinged.

106 and 106

Mrs. Llama is a great name.

Wonder Llama

Yeah, I just stole the idea from our host’s references to “Mrs. Lowetide.”


HIs welcome has worn off…Ferarro secured as ESPNs lead color analyst, Olczyk for TNT


Players taken after Alex Debrincat (39th) who may end up being even better draft picks than Debrincat: Sam Girard (47th), Carter Hart (48th) and Adam Fox (66th).


Koekkoek paired with Bear again at practice today – I think we can be fairly confident that pairing will be deployed tomorrow night.

Of interest, Kass playing with McLeod and Neal…….. wonder if he gets the start in game 1 in place of Chiasson?

Check that, looks like Shore may be the odd man out, as per Gregor:

Oilers lines…and only 12 forwards on ice…

Looks like Kassian will be ready for game one.


Interesting that Shore comes out for Kass (if they go with this) – just for the PK – puts more pressure on a guy like Drai (in particular without Hass in).

Last edited 3 months ago by OriginalPouzar
106 and 106

Ennis, with his good 5v5, could be the ticket to an out scoring third line.

Too bad he doesn’t PK.

Harpers Hair

Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) Tweeted:
It’s “widely believed” that the NBA will expand past 30 teams “to recoup losses from the pandemic,” reports @michaelgrange.

Seattle and Las Vegas are the frontrunners to add a team, per Grange. The NBA’s last expansion was 2004 when they added Charlotte.


comment image

Harpers Hair

You have to wonder if Bettman will also see an opportunity for the league to recoup some of the massive losses experienced by the NHL.

A second team in the GTA and perhaps another in Houston.

Harpers Hair

Ryan Rishaug (@TSNRyanRishaug) Tweeted:
Only 12 forwards on the ice right now as practice about to start. Would seem Tippett has widdled the group down from Yesterday. Kassian is among them, Shore is not as of this point. Looks like Kassian may be ready. Koekkiekk, Bouchard, Russell all on the ice.


Which meaning do you think Rishaug had in mind?

  • To play guitar fast. This is generally in reference to electric guitar.
Harpers Hair

He has nice hair though.


He means it was a big group of forwards before but now it’s just a widdle group.


Congratulations, you beat OP to the punch, go pour yourself a shelties point.


Harper’s Hair is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest Oilers fan currently living.


Not super high on Kassian but would rather see him there over Shore (but not over Ennis). This could have the added benefit of destroying the MSM narrative that Kassian is a “playoff performer” OR Kassian could positively benefit the outcome and then most of the posters here would also be happy.

I would think this playoff run will be a major determining factor for whether or not Kassian remains an Oiler going forward, either by expansion draft selection, trade to dump salary or some sort of acknowledgement of what he can bring to the Oilers when it really counts.

At least it should be high-event one way or another vs. Shore.


DeBrincat would cost an arm and a leg, but Dylan Strome might be available out of Chicago. Any interest?


VOR was pimping a JP for Strome trade during the former’s sabbatical (prior to the trade from ARI to CHI).


It wouldn’t cost that much, fortunately.

Brantford Boy

No I would not make that trade.

Interesting you started todays piece with Bob Gainey. I heard on the Blues-Avs game that in 2019 when O’Reilly (and Blues) won the cup, he was the first player since Bob Gainey (1979) to win Selke Trophy, Conn Smythe Trophy, and Stanley Cup in the same year. Impressive. LT, just curious where you had O’Reilly on draft day (2009), if its not much trouble.


I’ve never tried the Nando Eggenburger but I do like their chicken.


Caleb Jones is in the good job scouts identifying an interesting prospect but the player himself isn’t worth much.
Probably wouldn’t fetch more than a pick in his original draft position


That’s probably fair. Off the top of my head, Gryba was traded for a fourth. He was a “steady” bottom pairing defenseman. Jones is sort of a tweener bottom pairing defenseman. I think that’s what Marincin fetched and he was in a similar role in the lineup.


Except times changed and PTO are a lot more common now than it was 5 years ago.

When you cna sign a Koekkoek or Benning for ~1M who wants to pony up the 4th rounder?


I’m not sure what value Jones has, but if I can get him for a fourth or a fifth, I’m running not walking. There’s many many miles left for this prospect.


This is why I don’t like the 200 games played line in sand as success of draft pick analysis
Drafting bottom 6 f and depth D while looks good can actually be easily acquired through other means.
Every draft choice should be a shot at the moon.
something like
<200 gp. 0 points
200 gp in bottom 6 role and 3rd D. 1 point (except 3c)
400 gp in same role + 1 point
400 gp in 2nd line role 2nd pair D 3c +2 points
400 gp in top line role top pair D +2 points
All star caliber player + 3 points
Hall of Fame caliber player + 3 points
Bonuses for outside top 10 and first round.

All points additive so drafting a Drai is 12 points versus drafting a benson if he plays 200 games 1 point.

heavy heavy points for irreplaceable caliber players
none of this “he played 200 games for a relegation caliber team so it’s a successful pick” nonsense.


25% multiplier outside of top half of first round
50% multiplier 2nd and 3rd round
100% multiplier beyond


400 gp in 2nd line role 2nd pair D 3c +2 points

400 gp in top line role top pair D +2 points



all Points additive
so top line gets an additional 2 points over 2nd line


So an all star caliber player like Debrincat would get 9 points
and team drafting gets 9 points +50%
13.5 points


So while Rantanen is worth more as a player the Blackhawks get slightly more points for Picking Debrincat than the Avs get for picking Rantanen


The 2016 draft still rankles. As LT pointed out yesterday, the Debrincat pick was screaming out on so many levels.

This leads to my next critique – as said at the time – the 2018 draft was likely the last time a team of McDavid, Drai and Nurse would be picking that high. #8 overall is a high pick.

Then a team or two ahead goes off the sidewalk ….

But I think Trevor Zegras is going to be an *Elite* forward in this league.

This is in no way an indictment on Broberg. ( refrain from defences of Broberg please)

21 points in 17 games in the AHL for Zegras.

Came on strong for the ducks at the end.


I had Zegras > Caufield > Broberg and haven’t seen anything to change my mind yet.
But this is also a warning to anyone that has Holloway pegged on opening night roster in NHL next season


Zegras was my choice at #8 as well. It was an opportunity missed, and made more head-scratching based on the LHD depth chart at the time.


Yikes, hadn’t watched a full Avalanche game all year until yesterday, and I am officially scared of them. What a skilled team.

Might be a hot take, but is Cale Makar currently the 3rd most valuable asset in the NHL? (McDavid, Matthews being 1 and 2, IMO). 22 years old, under team control, so many miles of elite play ahead of him. How many other players wouldn’t you trade for him?


Makar is awesome, and under team control, but it’s going to cost them. Do you think he takes anything less than Chabot’s $8mill x 8 years?
macKinnon’s contract remains the crown jewel of the league, but there are no more discounts coming Sakic’s way despite flat cap. He had to give Rantanen $9.25 AAV, does Landeskog ask for less? Girard already makes $5 AAV and Makar is more valuable.
Will really see what Burnaby Joe is made of (I actually think he has the smarts to find a way)


Undeniably most skilled team in the league
I do wonder what happens when they get tackled by a east team every time they touch the puck though

Harpers Hair

STL tried last night…Colorado just blew them off and then trotted out their 4th line to settle the matter.

Harpers Hair

Joe is on the record as saying this team has the best shot at winning a cup before losing a couple of good players but the hockey gods have intervened to help him out.

I expect they will lose Kadri in the expansion draft but Tyson Jost has emerged just in time as a replacement, centering the first line when MacKinnon missed 5 games down the stretch and of course Newhook has already made the team.

Not bringing back Saad bumps the cap space over $10 million to provide some wiggle room for Makar and Landeskog extensions.

It will take another move or two but when is the last time Joe lost a trade?


McDavid, Draisaitl, Heiskanen, Makar, MacKinnon are the top five. Then Panarin, Kane, Rantanen, Hedman, Josi, Crosby, and Kucherov. Captain Underpants is not in the top ten.

Last edited 3 months ago by godot10

That is your opinion. If I was Toronto I would not trade Matthews for Kane, Crosby, Heiskanen or Rantanen.

Harpers Hair

Agree with this with the possible exception of Rantanen.

Heiskanen in particular had a down year while Crosby and Kane are on the back nine.

Scoring goals is the hardest thing in hockey and no one is even close to Matthews.


No Seguin, No Radulov, No Bishop Hintz playing with a significant injury. One of the Covid riddled teams, leading to a compressed schedule. Heiskanen’s year has to be put in context.

Draisaitl is a better goalscorer than Matthews, but the Oilers do not optimize Draisaitl’s deployment to win the Rocket Richard like Toronto does with Matthews.

If McDavid focused on his personal goalscoring over maximizing team offense, he too, would blow Matthews goalscoring away.

Arguably, McKinnon also.

Crosby, if he were in his twenties.

But the above all have complete games and don’t have to specialize on just scoring goals. They can make their teams better in more than one way. Matthews is mostly a one trick pony.

Underpants Central in Toronto overhypes Matthews.

Last edited 3 months ago by godot10
Harpers Hair

Matthews is a complete 200 foot player.

He cheats for offense far less than Draisaitl.


Draisaitl won the Hart “cheating” for offense

Both of the Oilers superstars can score goal for goal with Austy, then also completely make him look like a amateur with their play making and ability to set up their teammates to score the goals.

Matthews has neither reached 50 goals in a season, nor has he even reached a meager 40 assists in a season. Austy 1st, Austy’s team 2nd.

Leon hasn’t been below 45 assists in a season in the last 5 years.

Just this shortened season Draisaitl hit 53 assists and a mere 13 total points behind Austy Matthews. Not including Leon’s goals, Draisaitl is in a completely different realm then 90ft player Austy Matthews the one trick brony.


Go home, you are drunk.


As much as I love Drai, I cannot agree with him being a better goal-scorer than Auston Matthews – better player, sure I can argue that, but as far as goal-scoring, Matthews is the current NHL top guy.


If one inserted Draisaitl into Matthews spot with Marner, and if he chose to focus on scoring goals, rather than be an five tool beast, he would score more goals than Matthews, and Marner would probably score more goals too.


Draisaitl and Matthews, ironically, have the identical shooting percentage this year. 18.5%. The difference is only number of shots. If Draisaitl focused on shooting, he would be right up with Matthews in terms of number of goals. Draisaitl is both a shooter and a playmaker.

Ditto McDavid pretty much.


Matthews led the league in 5 on 5 goals by 9 over second place and had 15 more 5 on 5 goals than Leon. Ya, ya, hobbits but Matthews is on top of the pack.

Put Matthews on the PP with McDavid…..


No arguing that Matthews has had a banner season, but today Draisaitl is the better player. Just look at the last 3 seasons.


2018-19… 37G 36A 73 points
2019-20… 47G 33A 80 points
2020-21… 41G 25A 66 points


2018-19… 50G 55A 105 points
2019-20… 43G 67A 110 points
2020-21… 31G 53A 84 points

Too bad we were robbed of a full season. I would have loved to see this one play out all the way. As far as being 200ft players this year, Matthews was +21 and Draisaitl was +29.

I don’t know about Matthews but Draisaitl is an important key PKer as well

Both spectacular players, but Draisaitl has the edge as being the better player right now. Its worth noting Matthews is 23 and Draisaitl is 25. So I guess we would have to consider Matthews play in the next 2 years to really compare who the better is overall.

If you take their contacts into consideration, it is Draisaitl hands down, no question. He wins on salary and term.

Personally, if the impossible happened and Matthews was traded for Draisaitl straight across, I would likely be indifferent from a purely player point of view. Both guys are superstars and we are lucky to have them.


100% I would agree that Drai is the better player but that’s not what was posited or what I was responding to.

I was simply responding to the position that Drai is a better goal scorer than Matthews – that’s it, goal scorer, not player.


Actually that’s Assistant Captain Underpants, thank-you very much.

106 and 106

A competent 3C in Jeff Carter cost a 3rd and a 4th.

A decent 2LD came in Kulikov for a fifth.

After seeing all the 0GP’s in most of the later rounds, the mantra feels like (except 2015):

Keep early picks.

Trade later ones for immediate help.



Hunter1909’s Death March Playoff 2021 

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Rick Middleton was a very very good star NHL player, but Bob Gainey contributed significantly to winning 5 Stanley Cups (1-Conn Smythe), the NHL created a trophy to honor what he brought to the game (Selke), rated by the Russians as the best player in the world in his prime, is in the Hall of Fame and ranked in the top 100 players of all time.

Over their careers, the Canadiens and the Bruins played around 70+ games against each other in the regular season and 30+ games in the playoffs. Given their roles, I’m pretty sure Gainey was assigned to go up against Middleton for most of them. Not including Gainey’s games before the start of Middleton’s career or after, at even strength in those 100+ games, Gainey had 42 points and Middleton had 38 points. Gainey was also plus 17 and Middleton was minus 40. I think Sam Pollock overwhelmingly made the right choice.

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106 and 106

Anybody else think of Marty McFly when they read this title?


I thought of a log cabin made of earth and wood


100% make the trade for DeBrincat