Irrational hatred and your team’s drafting

by Lowetide

I’ve been reading Montreal Canadiens fans go through the seven stages of grief over the loss of center Jesperi Kotkaniemi to the Carolina Hurricanes via offer sheet. Late last night I read “good riddance” so there’s some miles to go, but the early afternoon “our scouts suck!” seems to have abated.

I think someone has to point out that Montreal’s drafting record is good over the last 20 years, with talents like Carey Price, PK Subban, Ryan McDonagh, Jaroslav Halak, Ron Hainsey, Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty, Brendan Gallagher, Mikhael Sergachev and Cole Caufield procured for les Habitants. Not just first-round picks, either, Montreal’s scouts uncover talent in lots of exotic places like Cretin Derham Hall High, Kladno, Salem, Prince Albert and Guelph. Habs are good. They can’t outrun luck though and that’s true of every team.


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My friend Troy and I spent the Friday night of the 2007 draft’s first round at Schanks in the west end. Troy is normal, so he didn’t care who Edmonton took at No. 6 or No. 15 or No. 30.

Me? I was laser focused on Sam Gagner or Jakub Voracek at No. 6, grabbing David Perron or Ryan McDonagh at #15 and then dealing the pick at 30 with Matt Greene for a veteran blueliner. Don’t believe me? The proof is here.

Others thought Edmonton should take Alexei Cherepanov or Angelo Esposito or even Mikael Backlund. Edmonton stayed the course at No. 6 (Sam Gagner) but Guy Flaming pulled me aside as the pick at No. 15 was getting closer and told me Alex Plante was a player he knew Edmonton valued.

It happened just that way.

Edmonton did trade up, and could have drafted Backlund or Perron, but chose checking center Riley Nash instead. Montreal? That draft weekend, the Habs walked away with Ryan McDonagh, PK Subban and Max Pacioretty.


If you look around the league, most of the scoring leaderboards are populated by top-10 overall selections. Oh sure Brad Marchand beat the odds, but guys like Alex DeBrincat are rare. That’s one reason Kailer Yamamoto represents a draft victory, a change in long held bias, and the season to come is an important one for him.

As was the case with Ethan Bear one year ago, Yamamoto is staring at a contract far less than hoped, and with no good options. I’d say we are a week to 10 days from either side sweating in the least, but we’re in the range now where getting this done is important. Sucks for Yamamoto, but the season just posted does bring some doubt (I have none) into his ability to perform on a skill line and lost offense:

  • First 26 games: 6-7-13, 32 shots, 18.8 shooting percentage, 1.28 pts-60, 32-14 (+8) five on five goal differential
  • Second 26 games: 2-6-8, 37 shots, 5.4 shooting percentage, 0.80 pts-60, 14-10 (+4) five on five goal differential

I was impressed to see his overall game stayed constant despite the shooting woes. If you add four goals to his second half, everything tops up perfectly. Huh. So much for young players allowing goal slumps to impact their game. That second half is going to cost him some coin. I remain a believer in this player.


Lots of media reports about Holloway’s hand/thumb injury and how things might impact. Previous drafts tell us that player and organization have to be careful, there’s a laundry list (led by Doug Lynch) of prospects getting derailed by it.

On the other hand, the Holland Oilers did the same thing with Kailer Yamamoto in the summer/fall of 2019 (he didn’t play any preseason games, first time he dressed came in Bakersfield on October 4, 2019). We could see the same kind of handling with Holloway. Better safe than sorry.


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FAA joins Fernandez in the quarters. Andreescu with her chance to join tomorrow.

With the Blue Jays sweep and Can scoring a goal in their draw with the US, quite a weekend for Canadian sports.

I predict four Canadian football teams winning this long weekend as well!


Tulio scores a late PP goals as the Generals drop the exhibition game 5-3.

He was -3 on the night although seemed to be playing center tonight as he took 13 draws (won 7) – he only took one yesterday.

I believe this is his last game prior to heading to Edmonton for rookie camp!


ha ha ha love old posts – I was was such as prickly bugger – unfortunately I was also an accurate prickly bugger


Which do you like better?
Voracek, Cherepanov and Backlund
Gagner, Plante and Nash

F***king dolts make me want to heave – have fun watching 3 rookies in the top 6 dmen next year and Toby Petersen in the top 9 while EIG loads their pockets and the old boys continue to show that they took too many shots to head.

Gamma Cassiopeiae

Captured the zeitgeist perfectly…

I recall trusting that the old boys had a clue. Ah, the foolish days of my youth.

Today I keep a good supply of tar and feathers ready, year round.


Are some fans (not on here) really that upset about the mention of McDavid not being the Captain of Team Canada?

To be honest, I’d be shocked if he was and, frankly, I don’t think he should be. Sidney Crosby remains elite and, given his experience in the Olympic Games (not to mention captaining multiple SC championship teams), its pretty much a no-brainer, isn’t it?


I doubt Connor would want it and should definitely go to one of the grey hairs


I agree why would Connor be Captain and he knows it as well that the honours should go to Crosby.


Connor was not a particularly strong captain in Edmonton last year, so why should he be the captain of Team Canada?


I’m not sure anyone on the outside, like us, are really able to evaluate Connor’s captainship, are we?

Harpers Hair

Strong captains don’t humiliate their team mates on national television.


Such an over-blown “incident”.

I wonder if Jesse’s recovered – might need to reach out to all of Michael Jordan’s old teammates for some support and advise.



Please list all of the teammates Connor humiliated on national television since you give the impression there are multiple.

Or is this you humiliating yourself with another

“LA Kings” iced a “very, very young lineup” gaffe.

buck yoakam

sad sad man….but you were you not the captain of the hall monitors?…


What led you to this conclusion that Connor was not a strong captain?

Gerta Rauss

I’m pleased to see a post from the archives being available (including comments..!)

I though a lot of the archived material was lost in the ’87 hurricane

All we needed was a photo of Scarjo or the Oklahoma girl and it was 2007 all over again

Harpers Hair (@NHLdotcom) Tweeted:
Jake Gardiner will have hip and back surgery and the Carolina Hurricanes defenseman is not expected to play this season, general manager Don Waddell said Sunday.

Randle McMurphy

I think that

Nurse – Barrie
Keith – Ceci
Koekoek/Russell – Bouchard

will be be better than

Nurse – Barrie
Kulikov – Larsson
Russell – Bear
Laggs – Jones

Puck movement, zone exits and entries, head man passes. Points from Dmen.

Watch for more breakaways this season.

And a pile of OT wins.

McDavid Draisaitl Nurse (4 minutes of OT)
Hyman Nuge Barrie (1 minute of OT)

Last edited 20 days ago by Randle McMurphy

I think Ceci’s 2-way game last year, including in the 2nd pairing and with the responsibility of covering for a roaming partner, is being a bit under-rated.

He helped prevent goals and he helped score goals (very very good 5 on 5 production).

Now, the question is if that was more of a one-off or a d-man that is finding his role and game in the NHL as he hits his prime years.

I know the fans, bloggers and media in Pit generally did know want him to go.

Bank Shot

I agree. I don’t think we will notice much difference between Ceci and Larsson to be honest. Ceci might even be better. I feel like Larsson was a decent second pairing d-man but far from elite in that role.


Interesting – I think we’ll notice a big difference given the total different style of players but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I think with miss Larsson’s nastiness and his ability to be dirty enough but not dirty enough to take a penalty. On the other hand, if we get the Ceci that Pit had last year, we’ll notice good defending but better transition and offensive/break out instincts.

Randle McMurphy

Is this a make it or break it year for Dave Tippett??

First round playoff loss and he’s gonzo.

Second round loss in 5 games or less and he’s gonzo.


On Holloway, Gregor did confirm to me that he had wrist surgery. I had thought his surgery back in the spring was for his thumb. I’m not sure if this is a different surgery or the same or what.

We know he was dealing with an “upper body injury” at the World Juniors – I wonder if that was the wrist?


Is it me are did Joe Blow fan receive a more detailed injury report and time frame expected back when Craig and Pete were running the show. It’s hard to get any information out of the crafty Holland.


Matheson with a note in his article yesterday saying Holloway needs medical clearance from his broken wrist.

So, there we go. Was it ever reported that he had a broken wrist? I recall broken thumb and, if I’m not misremembering, I’m not sure all the info was made public – to noone’s surprise I don’t think.


He injured it during the Conference playoff game vs Penn State, this was just before the NCAA tournament. He went for a hit and injured his wrist on the boards somehow.

He speaks of it about 1:12 and 4:55 in the interview, there is no doubt it either much more serious than most observers probably understood and it is very likely he re-injured it while training. Given the importance of the wrist to a hockey players, this could be very bad for his future…–holloway-041621/c-8088087?q=holloway

Last edited 20 days ago by €√¥£€^$
Harpers Hair

Sounds similar to the wrist injury suffered by Brock Boeser.

It took him more than a year to get his shot back


Are you saying your a expert at limp-wristed injuries

Harpers Hair

Perhaps it’s just a flesh wound.


After reading this, I am a lot more hopeful:

Performance and Return to Sport After Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Fractures in the National Hockey League


I’m still not overly concerned about the Yamamoto contract getting done in time but, as we get closer to mid-September, my concern will start to grow a bit.

If rookie camp starts and its not done, I will start to get concerned.

The deal will get done and he’ll be there for game 1 but if its done “late” and he is showing up in Edmonton a day in to camp, for example, well, that’s not setting himself up for a successful start to the season and, in my opinion, that would be a mistake.

I presume he is pencilled in as Leon’s right winger but, at the same time, he is certainly no lock – he has opportunity and its up to him to use it and make the most of it.

Taking some recent verbal from Gazzola and Matteson, it does seem like there is some real “negotiating” going on here and its not just a matter of taking care of an easy piece of business.

Again, Kailer, your best interests are to not dig in too much and get this deal done, in my opinion.

Randle McMurphy

I don’t think he’s penciled in on Leons right wing at all.

Stauffer has repeatedly stated that Kassian is expected to start the season in the top six. And then there’s Foegle.

Kailer need to have a solid showing at camp and good start to the season to work his way into the top six imo.

I’m hoping he’s a permanent fixture on Leon’s wing by the All-Star/Olympic break.

Last edited 20 days ago by Randle McMurphy

I would think Hyman is more likely to be used on the right side than Foegele. Foegele shoots left and spent most of his time in Carolina on the left side. He did play some right wing with them, largely because Carolina was short of right shot forwards. Svechnikov and Niederreiter are both left shots also who mostly play right wing.

I believe with Hyman and Foegele added, Tippett has a fairly open mind about how he will structure his top 6. He probably has some preliminary thoughts, but I think the only thing he know for sure is that Connor will be his number one center and he is likely leaning that Draisaitl will center the second line, but after that it will take the full camp and mayb a few weeks into the season, if everyone stays healthy, to see his more permanent combinations.

Randle McMurphy

I think Hyman is 1LW no matter what.
That makes Nuge 2LW.
Assuming JP is top 6, that makes Kailers competition, Kassian for sure and possibly Foegle imo.

If Kailer plays up to his potential, he shouldn’t have any worries. Unless Kassian has serious chemistry with Hyman and McDavid.


“Assuming JP is top 6, that makes Kailers competition, Kassian for sure and possibly Foegle imo.”

I do not believe that at all. Yamamoto might work great with McDavid and Hyman. Considering Hyman will do board work and dig pucks. Yamamoto is great at reading the play and pestering which McDavid does an amazing job of reading off of. Draisatl also does well but JP doing the Hyman role allows Nuge to do the reading and pestering role. 2 lines of balance in that regard. 1 banger forechecker that can pester and is bigger. 1 winger that can pass, but also put the puck in the net. The leagues best players as the center.

That right there is beauty.

If only the defense were as good.
Then the 3rd and 4th lines could play around all year until they figured it out for the playoffs.

Last edited 20 days ago by Klam

I believe with Hyman and Foegele added, Tippett has a fairly open mind about how he will structure his top 6.

This is my hope & expectation as well. Failure to try out different options would be disappointing to me.

Especially this season when I think the margin for making the playoffs shouldn’t be so thin that the team can afford to experiment a bit in order to see if ‘good’ can be made even better.


Yes, I hope that Tippett has an open mind, is versatile and tries out a few different things. With so many players that can play up and down the lineup and different positions (Hyman, Nuge, Foegele), he has many options.

At the same time, what will he be looking to do in camp? Try out a bunch of things to get a sense of what might and might not work or will he be focussed on trying to get certain players used to playing with who they are likely to start with?

Of course, there should/needs to be a mix but I think Tip will be leaning towards option 2.


I think he’s pencilled in. As is said “pencilled” and no lock.

I know Stauffer has been speculating about Kass in the top 6 and I have no doubt he’ll get a look there early. If he outplays Kailer in the role, good on Kass but, for me, Kailer is in pole position.

i believe Foegele will get spotted up the lineup (ans surely looks there preseason) but, to me, he’s being tasked with helping drive a third line that’s a pain in the ass to play against and they at least saws off.

Yes, Foegele has some top six potential, I believe, but I’d prefer to slot him in at his established level of ability (as described above) prior to asking him and putting pressure on him to play a larger role than he has to date.

Thats just me though.


What about Perlini Tippett will give him a look can he run with it?


Perlini will get a look in camp (along with Benson, etc.). He’s probably a long shot to make the team and a long shot to play up the lineup if he does make the team.

He’s big and fast but, from what I’ve read and heard about him, he does not play the style of game like Hyman, Foegele, Holloway – if he did, he wouldn’t have washed out of the NHL.


To continue my Sunday morning rambling.

If we see Leon – Connor pairing, please do not put Yamamoto on with them. We seen this last year, whoever is the third wheel on this line gets the netfront presence spot. Yamamoto is game and hell get in there, but he will be injured and then we are down a player. Silly decision. Yamamoto can play the game at his size, hes good, but dont intentionally set him up to fail.

Holloway – I was confident we would see a lot of him in camp and likely make the team. I thought there is no way he makes it now. However, there are more hacks in the AHL and Oilers may want him close for medical staff to watch him and they will rest him. hard to say

If Tippett gives Marody and Benson the same amount of attention in camp as he did the previous 2 years, well, they may as well stay home. With the window opening and the need for these players, you would think Edmonton is very careful to keep them ready to be in the line up or ready to be called up.

Whatever the decision though, dont discard them. Play them, get them icetime, support them with good players and if they do not see a player, they can still be traded. Sending them down because they are getting in the way is not good management.

Randle McMurphy

Ramble on

And now’s the time, the time is now


I was actually thinking the opposite with Yamamoto. Other than perhaps Hyman, he may be the most suited to playing with McDavid and Draisaitl. Because he doesn’t need the puck on his stick much to be a good offensive player. I think he makes quicker and better decisions than JP in the ozone. I would really like to see JP as the primary puck transporter on a line. This will never happen with McDavid and Draisaitl.
Yamamoto is probably not big enough to be a permanent net front presence, but I’m not sure that’s a role anyone needs to fill at 5×5. I see that as more of a powerplay role. 5×5 is a much more fluid game state.


The McDavid/Drai combo was better with Yamamoto than without him last year. The GF% was over 85% with Kailer (in apx 134 minutes) and about 58% without Kailer (in apx 200 minutes).

The line scored at magnificent rates with and without Kailer (a bit higher without him) but the key is that they barely got scored on with Kailer and got scored on plenty without.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Yamamoto is an important defensive conscious in any top 6 role. This player simply does not get scored against even when put with offensive players that are known to leak goals against a bit from time to time.

Kailer is turning in to an elite 2-way middle sixer.


I agree with all of this post.


I am of the opinion that we are starting to see the leadership core have influence on the roster.

Because of this I see the #1 right wing position being filled by Zack Kassian. He starts there and its his to lose. Which is likely to happen of course. I see few have Zack in that spot, but unless Conner sees another winger he likes there, he goes with Kassian. On the left is Hyman.

This bumps JP down into Yamamoto’s spot. Doubt it. Leon is happy with his right winger.

This bumps JP, a legitimate #1RW down to third line. Not a good spot unless you bring Nuge there as well. I absolutely think pairs of Connor-Hyman, Drai-Yamamoto and Nuge-JP would be an unmatched top 9 force.

I have read a few posters with this line up and love it.


Yup. Kassian is less than perfect in that role but when you have $12.5 in the middle you are going to have less than perfect somewhere else on the line. Shuffle as needed depending on the game situation.

This team is RW heavy imo. Not a strong negotiating place for Yamamoto.

I know everybody has Hyman playing LW but he shoots right. Everybody has Nuge playing LW because the team needed wingers but he has played centre for 90% of his career. I think the lack of top six left wingers probably does have both Hyman and Nuge playing there this season but this team “sure does have a lot of” right wingers.


compared to LW


Just saying.


My lines are:
Foegelle/ Drai/ Yamomoto

Randle McMurphy

This ^ or something like this, is the next step in the progression towards becoming a contender IF the approach is to spread the scoring across four lines and be more difficult to play against.

Tenacity on the forecheck and backcheck. A more balanced offensive attack with a heaping helping of defensive responsibility.

I believe we are going to see more defense from our forward group and more offense from our defensemen group.

I think that Tippett and the Leadership Group, McDavid, Draisaitl, Nuge, Nurse, Keith and Barrie, know that this is what is required to win Stanley. That and a .940 save percentage. 🙂

Last edited 20 days ago by Randle McMurphy

Why do we think that McDavid prefers Kassian at 1RW over Puljujarvi?

Is this based on “the yell” or more than that?

If calendar year 2019 appears and we see that player nightly, sure, I am fine with Kassian at 1RW for as long as he plays that way.

I have no problem with Jesse on the 3rd line even without Nuge – frankly, I think that Jesse can help “drive” a 3rd line as he can transport the puck through the middle and I think he can be a primary player on that line, even with the likes of McLeod/Ryan and Foegele as his linemates. That’s a big and fast line and aggressive on the wings.


If McDavid wants to have a great season, he could do no better than having Puljujarvi as his right winger. Puljujarvi is a wizard at retrieving pucks and backstopping McDavid’s offensive thrusts.


I don’t disagree and I think JP will start the season as Connor’s right winger. At the same time, Kassian somehow reviving calendar year 2019 Kassian allows Connor a 1RW that can help that line and would allow Puljujarvi to provide his great assets on another line.

I don’t see Kass regaining that form although, if he did, there are options available – they may not be best for Connor but what’s best for Connor isn’t necessarily what’s best for the team, right?


Yamamoto may make Cogliano a column.


That would be a VERY good player to have in this lineup for the next decade – cost controlled middle six/3rd line player.


The Yamamoto contract talks seem predictable to me.

Kailer played injured through the second part of last season. This was reflected in his production stats. Holland is saying “look, here are your contributions to last years team and your comparables”

Kailer’s camp is saying “why don’t you thank me for playing injured, not hold it against me” “that production does not represent me as a healthy player”

Veterans learn that you dont rush back from an injury, if you do, you may lose your roster spot to a younger player. Or you may lose thousands in contract value.

As a fan I cant see, confirm, or measure if Kailer had an injury or how severe. But the team can (so can his team-mates) and should be reasonable if they dont want discontent creeping into the locker room.


4 straight losses to the Jets happened. Playoffs are the mirror.


For years Edmonton couldn’t get the free agents or players with NTC to consider Edmonton (Remember Lowe’s video about Edmonton). So I think one lens they put draft pick through was – would they play in Edmonton? Then a slew of northern Alberta players moved higher on the lists.

just a point of view


I think this bias against Edmonton also came into play on the Ceci signing. Holland is high and dry after Larson leaves and out of nowhere Ceci actually calls him wants the position. Has to be a great way to start negotiations.


” Better safe than sorry. ”
So true. There is no need to rush Holloway. Let him recover from his injury appropriately. When he is ready to play, give him lots of reps in the Bake. Will they play him at C or LW? Where do they see him playing with the Oil? Maybe a bit of both??

The news that “the hand injury” is more substantial than we were aware of in the Spring (granted the the thumb and wrist injury may be separate events), the acquisition of Hyman AND Foegele this summer make a little more sense. I generally forecast Holloway as a “similar player type” to the new guys. While many were penciling/hoping Holloway into the line-up this fall, Kenny knew he was going through a more substantive hand injury/recovery and would not likely be ready to shoot for the line-up in October.

The addition of all 3 to the roster at some point is going to add a fantastic new dimension to the forward group sometime later this year (probably/maybe), but most definitely by Fall 2022. If JP continues even a modest incremental improvement from last year (reasonable probability of this occurring) AND the Oilers can keep him, the team will have the best Top-9 in the league 2022-2023…


I can see Yamo or J.P maybe both traded by this time next year.


I’m not sure many were pencilling Holloway on to the team. On here, one poster had him in the lineup, and top 6, in pen but I believe that almost all had him in Bakersfield to start and likely called up at some point – a chance to make the team out of camp but more likely starting in the AHL.

Prior to signing Hyman, for me, I had some hesitation in signing Hyman for big money and term on the premise that they’ve got Nuge locked in and, within a few years, Holloway will pass Hyman on the depth chart (similar type player but higher ceiling).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with the move and having Hyman on the 2nd/3rd line when passed by Holloway (or Nuge moved to 3C) is going to be amazing – I’m just agreeing with you on the “style of player”.

Hyman in his prime for the next few years.

Foegele is where Hyman was 5 years ago and has a chance to be “the next Hyman”.

Holloway in the same realm of player but the highest potential of them all (best skater, highest pedigree, most skill, etc.).

Randle McMurphy

When constucting the roster, Cnada needs to focus on beating this

USA projection from the Hockey Writers:

Johnny Gaudreau Auston Matthews Patrick Kane
Kyle Connor Jack Eichel Brock Boeser
Jake Guentzel Dylan Larkin Max Pacioretty
Brady Tkachuk J.T. Miller Matthew Tkachuk
Alex DeBrincat Jack Hughes

Zach Werenski Seth Jones
Quinn Hughes John Carlson
Jaccob Slavin Charlie McAvoy
Torey Krug Ryan Suter

Connor Hellebuyck
John Gibson
Thatcher Demko


Hell of a team


Yup, US will be strong and tough to beat.

1) How is Matthew’s wrist?
2) Will Eichel be recovered from surgery in time?
3) That defence could struggle defensively

That tending though….. although, depth at tending isn’t really the most important thing. In a 2-week tournament, presumably, only one guy is needed so a “hot Price”, for example, takes away that advantage.

Randle McMurphy

I sincerely hope Canada ices a balanced roster with 4 strong lines but also great PK’ers and strong Dmen. If so, Nurse has a chance to be the 3rd pairing RD. But with guys like Ryan O’Rielly on the fringe, I believe Hyman is a bridge too far.

Brantford Boy


Last edited 21 days ago by Brantford Boy
Randle McMurphy

Edit: LD

Sunday morning comin down


Yup, ROR, Bergeron, Couturier, etc.

There are enough forwards that can PK just fine – I see a guy like Hyman as a massive long shot.

Randle McMurphy

Things are lining up well for us to get Kailer signed to an extreme value contract. 🙂

I hope it’s a 2 year deal.


Last edited 21 days ago by Randle McMurphy
Randle McMurphy

Injuries aside, I would have expected Dylan Holloway to start the season in the AHL even if he blew the doors off in camp.


Yup and it seems highly unlikely that his addition to the Oilers’ roster in June would have changed a 4-game sweep in to a series win but we will never know for sure.

What we do know is that, if he would have played, it would have burned a year of his ELC.

Last edited 20 days ago by OriginalPouzar

What a drag about Holloway I thought he had a chance to be our un-scouted secret hound dog weapon against the evil Jets, 6-7 months later he still has issues. Although it’s very hazy from what I remember of my youth and especially being 20 years-old was that I was invincible and if I did get hurt I healed fast and bounced right back at it physically. What could possibly be wrong with him after all these months?


*Reja shaking fist at cloud*

“Damn kids don’t heal fast enough these days!!”

Randle McMurphy

In the category of “Way Too Early”

I can’t wait to see your Olympic Roster Projection LT.


Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been rotting in a Chinese prison for 1000 days.


Yes, and the NHL players are going to the Olympics and I am very excited to watch the Olympics and the Olympic hockey and discuss the same on this hockey-related website (and with full knowledge that the NHL players in or not in the Olympics has zero impact on the “non-sports matters” and, shit, a full Canada/US boycott of the Olympics would have the same zero impact).

I would think the community of this sports/hockey forum could discuss Olympic hockey matters without your expressing your judgement.


I didn’t express a judgement. I stated a fact.


A fact that is irrelevant without judgement and, given this is not the first time you’ve stated the fact directly to me, their is implied judgement.


Lawyers got to Lawyer


Not sure what that even means – my profession has nothing to do with the clear judgement for those that might want to talk about Olympic hockey and be excited for it notwithstanding, non-sport related issues in the area of the world.

Harpers Hair

Sport in China is based on demonstrating their political system is superior to all others.

Suggesting the two are not inextricably linked is wilful naïveté.


Never suggested anything except that I look forward to the Olympics, an stoked about NHL player playing in the hockey tournament, will definitely be watching and absolutely discussing it, on this platform and others.

This platform seems like an odd place to place judgement on that but it is what it is.

Randle McMurphy

“Me? I was laser focused on Sam Gagner or Jakub Voracek at No. 6, grabbing David Perron or Ryan McDonagh at #15 and then dealing the pick at 30 with Matt Greene for a veteran blueliner.”

That is extremely impressive. Kudos.

“Montreal’s drafting record is good over the last 20 years, with talents like Carey Price, PK Subban, Ryan McDonagh, Jaroslav Halak, Ron Hainsey, Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty, Brendan Gallagher, Mikhael Sergachev and Cole Caufield ”

This highlights two things for me. Montreal’s relatively strong performance in drafting but also there willingness to move on from obvious talent when said talent still has significant value. That is VERY hard to do.

60% of these drafted players were moved at or before their prime. It’s the reason Montreal had 23 draft picks in a 2 year span (2021 and 2022) which they used both to draft players and to procure players via trade.

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Randle McMurphy

I would offer bigger kudos if you had come up with a song that contains the lyric ” Irrational hatred and your teams drafting”. 🙂


I believe it came from a Bob Dylan song that was never released:

“These things of yours that you’ve been crafting,
Sleepless nights and white-water rafting,
Irrational hatred and your team’s drafting,
Curse that Peter Chiarelli’s shafting”




EDM also does this but makes sure to tank the player’s value first.


The winners of the Kotkaniemi offer sheet are the Coyotes
somehow they convinced a GM that Dvorak is worth a first and a second rounder


You would think Bergevin could have got a better player for a 1st & 2nd.

Add a few more pieces and grab Eichel 🥸


Not without a top prospect or young player like Suzuki or Caufield


The price always goes up when your trading partner knows you have few options.

Bergevin had two options. Do nothing or meet Armstrong’s price.


Maybe not quite worth a first and third but Dvorak is a very solid player that is signed for four years through his prime. He is a very good 2-way player that could/should slot in very well behind Suzuki.


I remember watching the Cherepanov draft. That was almost as upsetting as passing on Debrincat.

Never thought they may have saved a life by picking him – but definitely knew he’d be a better pick than Alex Plante.

NHL scouts have blind spots. Almost universally. They’re convinced large defencemen with no NHL puck skill and no physical room to grow will somehow make it. They’re convinced that many offensive talents somehow don’t translate. They confuse speed for skating ability. It’s all very weird and very frustrating.


This was certainly the case 10-15 years ago. Seems less common today in the first round.