The Week Ahead

by Lowetide

Today, I’d like to talk about the weeks to come. In reading your comments, it seems to me Oilers nation is split into three factions today. One group is convinced nothing good will ever happen, another is convinced that things would be fine if the people who think nothing good will ever happen would just shut the hell up, while the rest of us just want to see how this story turns out.

The next two weeks are going to be massive chapters in moving this story forward.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here’s the latest!

2011, 2015 and 2021

Steve Tambellini took over as general manager in July, 2008. Kevin Lowe leaving the job was predictable, he had a crisis of confidence and became (I believe) convinced others could do the job better. Tambellini was not the obvious choice nor really an obscure one, he was merely announced about 50 days after Jordan Eberle was selected in the 2008 draft.

It took Tambellini until 2011 to get control of the purse strings and he didn’t get a lot done. At that point, the Oilers were not close to being competitive, so the free-agent dollars were spent on Eric Belanger, Ben Eager, Darcy Hordichuk, Cam Barker and Corey Potter. Tambellini did not author a successful climb to success. His additions that summer didn’t move the needle enough:

  1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (draft) 62, 18-34-52
  2. Ryan Smyth (trade) 82, 19-27-46
  3. Corey Potter (ufa) 62, 4-17-21
  4. Eric Belanger (ufa) 78, 4-12-16
  5. Ben Eager (ufa) 63, 8-5-13
  6. Andy Sutton (trade) 52, 3-7-10
  7. Lennart Petrell (divine intervention) 50, 4-5-9
  8. Anton Lander (draft) 56, 2-4-6
  9. Darcy Hordichuk (ufa) 43, 1-2-3
  10. Cam Barker (ufa) 25, 2-0-2

In 2015, Peter Chiarelli faced a great deal of urgency in the moments immediately after arrival. He made trades and free-agent signings like there was a quota. He traded for Griffin Reinhart, Cam Talbot, Eric Gryba, Lauri Korpikoski and Anders Nilsson, while signing free agents Andrej Sekera and Mark Letestu. Added to rookies Connor McDavid, Darnell Nurse, Iiro Pakarinen and Brandon Davidson, about half of the 2015-16 team was new. That’s a lot of turnover. His additions did well, but Connor McDavid got hurt and the Oilers would have to wait a year for the playoffs:

  1. Connor McDavid (draft) 45, 16-32-48
  2. Andrej Sekera (ufa) 81, 6-24-30
  3. Mark Letestu (ufa) 82, 10-15-25
  4. Lauri Korpikoski (trade) 71, 10-12-22
  5. Patrick Maroon (in-season trade) 16, 8-6-14
  6. Darnell Nurse (draft) 69, 3-7-10
  7. Zack Kassian (trade) 36, 3-5-8
  8. Adam Clendening (waivers) 20, 1-5-6
  9. Eric Gryba (trade) 53, 1-5-6
  10. Cam Talbot 56, 2.55 .917
  11. Anders Nilsson 26, 3.14 .901

Ken Holland signed short term contracts and made short term trades for two seasons, getting Edmonton into the playoffs with coach Dave Tippett and his staff. Now, heading into year three, the turn north (playoffs) needs wider track and a longer road.

That’s what the next two weeks are all about and honestly I’m not sure if you should be encouraged, troubled or both.


It has been a strange offseason. Ken Holland signed a good deal with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, getting the player and agent to give up $1 million on the cap in exchange for a couple of years at the end of the deal. That’s a nice move on a player Edmonton needed, and needed at a reasonable cap number.

On the other hand, the organization walked a speedy winger with scoring skill in Matej Blumel. This from a team that lacks prospects in this area and doesn’t have many picks this summer. Baffling.

I found the Blumel situation more of a red flag than the signing of Devin Shore, but that was a lightning rod issue for many fans right at the beginning of the offseason.

What to expect

From this spot on the planet on Monday morning July 12, I think the next two weeks could go as the last two weeks have gone. Some good moves mixed in with flummoxing trades and free agent signings.

An example might be trading Caleb Jones for Duncan Keith and sending an asset to a third team for some cap relief, followed by losing Dominik Kahun to the Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft. Edmonton will buy out Mikko Koskinen.

The team will sign Zach Hyman, Adam Larsson, Petr Mrazek and Mike Smith. Sebastian Cossa will be chosen in the entry draft and Derek Ryan will sign when it’s late September and he really should be back at school. The roster will have a little over $1 million in room. It will be a mixed bag, making the playoffs while arriving at the deadline with plenty of work to do.

  1. Zach Hyman (ufa) 77, 23-23-46
  2. Duncan Keith (trade) 78, 5-18-23
  3. Derek Ryan (ufa) 75, 7-15-22
  4. Dylan Holloway (draft) 44, 5-7-12
  5. Tyler Benson (draft) 40, 2-3-5
  6. Dmitri Samorukov (draft) 27, 0-3-3
  7. Philip Broberg (draft) 12, 0-1-1
  8. Markus Niemelainen (draft) 7, 0-0-0
  9. Petr Mrazek (ufa) 40, 2.41 .917

I think this is a reasonable expectation based on what we’ve seen in the days leading up to the watershed procurement summer by Holland. Remember, there are just 32 names on the 50-man list, with the rfa’s likely to see a large cull. There are going to be names flying in at warp speed between now and August 15. Holland is more aggressive than Tambellini, less of a riverboat gambler than Peter Chiarelli, and this is his stand and deliver summer. The prologue has been curious.


At 10 this morning, TSN1260, we’ll hammer the hockey news like we’re Dick Pound at a drug-testing convention. Guests include Julian Edlow from DraftKings to talk NBA final, and Jason Gregor from the Jason Gregor Show to talk Oilers, Elks, Euro and Blue Jays at the break. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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Paddy Morans Jockstrap

I’m disappointed we gave up a pick and could not send another contract back, even Turris would have been useful. But Keith is exactly the kind of bridge we need to get our young dmen into the league. We absolutely must get Bouchard and Sammy into the lineup this year because Broburg is not far behind. We need solid vets to mentor these kids but we can’t give them longterm contracts that block or make resigning a successful young player longterm difficult. It’s a bloody difficult balancing act to both compete and develop the kids at the same time. So I get the move to acquire Keith which makes sense, but still don’t like giving up the pick. That’s my beef.

The same issues exist at LW and in goal. We need solid vets for one of two years until Holloway, Benson and Lavoie are ready and the young goalies develop. We need solid mentors and performers for a couple of years, but not an older guy like Hyman or Hall on a longterm deal that blocks a young guy who actually develops or limits our ability to resign him. We’re already committed longterm to McD, Drai and RNH in the top 6 with JP and Yamo out of their ELCs. We actually don’t have room for another expensive older UFA. This is why I don’t want any more buy-outs as we will need the cap space and team finances are an issue to be dealt with. But if Turris is bought out, it’s a tell (along with this trade) that the owners resources are not unlimited.

So this trade suggests that the team is going draft and develop with the big improvements coming through internal improvement. Fine, but then they better bloody well stay on script and not lose more picks or dump a huge longterm contract on an older UFA like Hyman or Hall.

Last edited 12 days ago by Paddy Morans Jockstrap

Alright Keith, welcome to the Oilers. Hope you have a hell of a season, promise most of us will be rooting for you to.

Eh Team

Oilers happy to dump Lucic and his NMC so they wouldn’t have to protect him in the expansion draft. Then a few days before the draft they pick up another buy-out proof contract and have to protect Keith.

Peak Oilers management move!

And then next year Jones will outplay Keith. Oilers could have spent this year developing Jones rather than playing Russell. Then they would have had cover for Klefboom.


I can’t say I agree with that last statement. There is nothing in Jones’ history that would suggest that he is at the point where he will outplay Keith. Jones at best this past year was a third pairing Dman and he didn’t even perform that well at that position.


Since everyone is loving this trade so much I’ll just add a short comment on throw in Tim Söderlund, who’s played a couple of seasons with Filip Berglund in Skellefteå, think they even spent some time together with the junior team. He’s a small, speedy forward with good not great hands who’s offense has never really translated to the pro ranks. I don’t think he has the playmaking ability nor the shot to produce at higher levels. Though I think part of the issue was that he left Sweden a season or two too early, before he really “popped”, I think he could have added a layer as a finisher in the style of Joakim Nygård had he stayed but know I have a hard time seeing him figure it out and become an NHL contributer. He doesn’t have near the top speed of Nygård btw, Söderlund’s speed is more about quickness, I mean in terms of figuring out how to be able to use his speed to create a lot of chances rather than a clean shot or great vision to produce.
The hope is that he finds a way to use his speed, skill combo more efficiently, he skates a lot, works hard on the forecheck but it doesn’t really lead to much. That hope is slim though, he’s had a couple of pro coaches trying to help him figure it out already. At least he’s a familiar face for Filip Berglund coming over and he adds some speed to the Condors.


Oiler fans are losing their minds – it is a bad look.

The team gave Jones over 100 NHL games with real NHL partners, he bleed goals. Are we surprised they are moving on?

Did the Oilers really want to protect Jones? I think not, they had a slot to give.

Stop saying Keith is not as good as he once was – no sh*t we only gave up Jones and a 3rd round pick, 10years ago it would have cost significant assets.

CBH and Keith must have a great relationship- the assumption that Bowman completely over the barrel is NOT a proven fact. What is to say CBH don’t take to Christmas to solve Keith’s problem. What is he going to do retire?

Is there a significantly better 2LHD we are certain is coming here with the perfect contract???

Funny Bissonness

I think you meant to say the oilers gave Jones LESS THAN 100 games next to Russell playing his off-side.


Jones played 10 minutes with Russell over the last 3 seasons.

Randle McMurphy

Holland said they hinted to Larsson that a deal might be in the works for Duncan Keith. Then said that Tippett would play Keith and Larsson as a 2nd pair.

Whose the first pair?

Anyway, Holland was choosing his words very carefully when he mentioned Larsson. “I’m not confident, but I’m not not confident”…”we’ve got money set aside….but its up to Larsson to decide” etc.

Sounds like Holland is covering his tracks for when Larsson signs after the expansion draft.


The narrative around Keith is that he just needs a reduction in comp and he’ll be fine… playing him with Larsson is NOT the answer.

Paddy Morans Jockstrap

This deal smells like a financial transaction.

Keith will be paid an average of $1.8 million real dollars for each of the final two years of his contract. Minus the $800,000 that Jones was being paid next year and a similar minimum contract the year after, that makes the real cost of Keith’s employment only $1 million per year. Would not be surprised if we retain Klef’s cap hit, and with his salary paid through insurance plus Keith, that makes our real payroll almost $10 under our cap hit. This summer will give us clues as to the true financial health of the NHL.

Looks to me that our GM is addressing team financial issues which is no surprise in a post-COVID world. Still think including the 3rd rounder stinks.

Randle McMurphy

When asked about all the factors that went into the decision, Holland had a long answer but near the end of it he said he got the analytics from their analytics guy Justin Logge.

Not sure if I’m spelling it right, he pronounced it Low Guy (like Guy Lafleur)

Anyone know who this is?

Last edited 12 days ago by Randle McMurphy

I think he’s the entirety of their analytics department. I wish I were joking.


Bloggers, analytics, insiders and reporters who have followed the Edmonton Oilers for the past 10 years when trying to figure out upper management – “We don’t know shit about fuck”

Last edited 12 days ago by dunterpunter
Eh Team

Holland is using the 1967 Leafs as his Stanley Cup template.

Mike Smith playing the part of Johnny Bauer
Duncan Keith playing the part of Tim Horton


Maybe Duncan could also open up a coffee and doughnut shop.

Could call it Duncan Doughnuts



Material Elvis

Gene is scrambling to write this down.


I wonder if we would be further ahead with Keith Gretzky l thought he would replace Peter but half the city threw a hissy fit because he was related to the OBC. Well you got the furthest thing from the OBC. Watch what you wish for.


Holland may of been in HockeyTown but welcome to the City of Champions a team that was voted the greatest team ever.


I’m glad KH doesn’t feel CAP space is the most important asset.


Actually, I think the argument can be made that he knew cap space was an important asset. How much would it have cost the Oilers to sign a 2nd pairing D and what would the term have been? Would that player have the pedigree or intangibles that Keith has? Would that player be able to mentor the likes of Bouchard or Broberg like Keith will be able to?
Keith’s deal, as bitter as it is, is finite. Holland is banking on two years at a fixed amount for someone who players still respect and wants to be in Edmonton.


Some GM throw boat anchors and Oiler GM throw life jackets.


People will be singing a different tune when Keith retires after 2021/22 and it opens up $9M of cap space for 2022/23

Harpers Hair

Holland will just spend it on Giordano.


What makes you think Keith is retiring after this season?


He moved to Edmonton to avoid that scenario.

Victoria Oil

My dentist, a Maple Leafs fan, told me today “I’m sorry your GM got fleeced by Chicago”.


Richard Roma

At least there’s no suspension of disbelief that the Oilers have competent management. Everybody move along.


Oil fans put up with all this mediocrity in the lineup waiting for bad contracts to expire. Finally get their heads above water and they take on another giant anchor with this contract. There’s no way to rationalize this. This leaves a sick feeling in my belly very similar to the day Taylor Hall was given away.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Honestly, this might be worse. Oilers only have 5 years on the McD contract and 4 years left on the Drai contract. Tick tock.


The deal is not great but giant anchor may be taking the hyperbole a bit too far. It’s 2 years and at a similar number to other 2nd pairing D in the league. I think the expectation that he is an average or better 2nd pairing D is likely pretty low, but whether we like it or not if Connor and Leon wanted Keith in the fold, doing this to make them happy isn’t the worst thing. Now the acquisition cost and not getting Chicago to retain or take back a bad contract are another story.

Richard Roma

Why did this reprehensible trade make me afraid that I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a Mike Tyson face tattoo and a missing central incisor?

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

The 2023-2024 offseason should be interesting for Oilers GM Harrison Katz and AGM Keegan Lowe. They will finally be free from the bloated contracts and buyouts of the Holland and Chia eras. It will be interesting to see who they sign to play on McD’s line and who will be 3C.


Overheard convo between Bowman and Hollans:

-Stan: “Look you getting a Cup winner here. You guys are going to take a run at the Cup, just imagine, let’s do this: I need you to help me look good, so when you go deep, you need to give me a 2nd rounder, please pal

– Holland: “Man your busting my balls here. What about the cap thingy? I ain’t paying no $5.5 MM for Keith

– Stan: “Dutch, you’ve still got it my friend. No worries there, you can tell Katz your only paying a few million: he’s actually saving like $3MM a year: you get this stud, for only a few mill a year of hard dollars

– Holland: What, I get Keith for less than the $5.5MM face: wicked. But what’s the catch?

– Stan: Look, we need some servicable cheap D to help us out, you know a throw in

– Holland: well I’ve got this guy from the old GM, Jones. Coach doens’t like him: he’s got these good analytic numbers, but thats mumbo jumbo: he’s yours

– Stan (puts Holland on mute): Boys, call up Jones agent: we got the cap space, a draft pick, and his brother. If not Jones, we can go after another great D now, Hamilton maybe? (Puts Holland back on): ok, but we need to even out the palyers: how bout I give you this guy who is a Swede: you like swede guys right?

– Holland (puts Stan on mute): Boys, we did it. Were paying only a few mill for a winner. and were going deep, so we have to give up higher picks, and we’ve got to throw in a guy who played top-4 minutes before this thing called regression or something



Great post.


I like the disclaimer at the end


If it’s hard to squeeze people in this league how did Bowman put Holland in a vice?

The Oilers had cap space to add some real pieces. A shame.


But, are you surprised?

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

No one should be surprised. This has been Holland’s game plan for years in Detriot.


The only thing worse than this trade is Holland’s defence of it.


If you feel bad now, just wait until you see the paltry return on Ryan Graves.


Matty asked Holland if he was confident he can get Larsson signed after the expansion draft…….. “No I’m not confident….. but I’m not non-confident either”.

Lots of talks going on Larsson and his Agent.

I think that was Holland just not saying too much because its technically against the rules to have a deal agreed to but not made official and signed until after the expansion draft.

Harpers Hair

Word in Vancouver is the Canucks will make an offer to Larsson if he hits free agency.


and so will Philly and so will lots of teams.

I’m sure lots of teams will make offers to Landeskog as well.

There is plenty of days between the expansion draft and free agency.

Harpers Hair

Vancouver is full of ex-Canucks Swedes who still live there.

Oh, did I mention the Sedins are now part of management?


Neither – that “source” is just from an internal dialogue in HH’s head that takes pleasure in trolling the actual Oilers fans who frequent this blog.


Holland had a zoom call with Klef.

“The chances of Kelf playing NHL hockey in 2021/22 are very slim…… surgery was just 3 months ago…. he hasn’t been able to do any actual training like players do in the off-season…….. at the 6-month mark in September, he’ll be cleared for stage 2 which is “poking around”, some skating, see how things are and maybe start some training…..”.

Sounds like the timeline won’t allow for a return this season…… but there is 2022/23 if the “poking around” goes well. Ha!


What most have been saying all along


Not exactly – most have been saying he’s done forever – this info is the timeline makes it very unlikely for this season but implies that, if he does progress, he could be ready in the future.

Long time away though.


Tomato Tomahto


I smell a Kucherov ploy.

Funny Bissonness

“I don’t know if this is a numbers decision” – Ken Holland

My man, you should know. It’s kind of you’re job to know. If it’s not a numbers decision, you should be 100% on that.


Which was the intent of the response…..

Material Elvis

The implication was that he needed Stanley Cup pedigree and other intangibles and did not mind that he overpaid for it.


Tom Brady was 38 about to win his 4th super bowl.

Duncan Keith is 38 with 3 rings and about to watch Connor McDavid become Tommer McBrady and win 8 cups.



“Daniel Nugent Bowman thinks I can just it on the sidelines and smoke out Stan Bowman” – Ken Holland in some kind of mood tonight.

Material Elvis

I thought you were supposed to be so patient Ken?!


I wish he did get “smoked out” in the sidelines. I don’t care if he used a volcano, bong, bubbler, Gandalf pipe, anything to slow down his trigger finger.


Rishaug asked Holland what makes him think that Keith can still play at a level worth of $5.5M…… Holland’s response “I looked at the guide and record book!”.

Ken Holland is in a mood tonight – I’ve never seen him like this – he’s getting passive-aggressive critique questions and he’s fighting back – that answer was a passive-aggressive response that he thinks he knows what he’s doing.


Also, Nugent-Bomman asked Holland if he could have squeezed the Hawks more and Holland kind of lost it on him like I’ve never seen – seemed very perturbed by the question, retiring if “should I have got him for free”, and asking Bowman what he thinks he should have paid and done.

Never seen Holland respond to a question like that.


I mean the response was much longer then that with a full explanation.


Yes, and it was more of the same.


Why all the long faces? I’m impressed with Kenny’s work today. It took balls of steel to stare down Stanley and give him everything he wanted. Red herring: McLeod and/or Bear. Brilliant 😄

Last edited 13 days ago by JOFA

Overheard convo between Katz and Holland:

– Katz: “Hey Dutch, just figured I’d check in, I”ve been in LA, so didn’t get the details: Wayner tells me you signed Keith

– Holland: “Yeah, he’s going to change the culture big time, winner, heart, Cups, leader

– Katz: OK, I know almost 25 years ago it worked when you got Chelios, you won a Cup 15 years ago, you know what your doing still: good job. By the way, how is Larsson contract coming along: I know he wants to resign?

– Holland: “Well he wants stupid miney, he wants to get paid like $4.5MM per year, but that’s crazy talk/ We got our stud Keith for only a mill more

– Katz: OK, what about Barrie, he was great last year, I think he’d re-up to play with McD again?

– Holland: “Nah, Keith is wayyyy better. I talked to him and stuff, he was great when they won Cups, but now we want to win Cups, so I get him, and Chicago, they played hard ball, but he is like Chelios, besides we don’t have the cap space for Larsson anymore

– Katz: well that’s ok, at least we’ve got young emerging D who can take his place, like that Jones guy

– Holland: Well actually, we traded him as part of the package, bit don’t worry, we’ve got a bunch of inexperienced guys who I didn’t play last year that are going to be wayyy better than Jones, right away. Plus I wanted Jones to get a fresh start, something about Chicago wanting cap room to go after another D with the same last name: weird, right?

– Katz: OK sounds good, I’m very comfortable with this: I really liked that last D we got, who came in and changed the culture, taught the kids a lesson, you know the guy who dressed up as SpiderMan: he was a good pick-up too


Nugent-Bowman asked if the acquisition impacts the ability to re-sign Larsson:

“I’d like to re-sign Adam. I have money set aside for Adam……… its has no impact. we have cap space available.”.



We’ll have cap space after we buyout Neal.


Just wait until Holly lands UFA Brigadoon Raffleticket for Keith to mentor.

Last edited 13 days ago by N64
Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

Excuse me, Mr. Rafferty will do the mentoring.



Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

How does this trade compare to Chiapet’s masterpieces?

Last edited 13 days ago by Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

This is Larsson all over again. Dumb ass GM gets target lock and can’t say no.


Not even close to giving up Hall for Larsson. It’s bad but it’s a huge step down from the Reinhart trade and a pretty big step down from the Hall trade. Either way we’re splitting hairs here. Other than a short run by Lowe up until the end of 2006, we haven’t had a competent GM since Sather left.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

I hope Chicago included a time machine so we can swap Keith with his 2010 self.

Holland has a real fetish for old players. He must love planning retirement parties.

Harpers Hair

David Staples

Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland on the price he paid for Duncan Keith: “It’s hard to squeeze people in this league”

Harpers Hair

A snippy snippet:

“Daniel Nugent-Bowman thinks I could just sit on the sidelines and smoke out Stan Bowman. I don’t believe you smoke out people. I think I respect that the other 31 managers are very good at what they do. That’s why they got those jobs”

Last edited 13 days ago by Harpers Hair

Oh my Gord. It’s worse than I thought. The Oilers will continue to bleed assets and talent with this mentality at the wheel. There is a need for respect in business negotiations, but any successful team needs to have a desire to WIN as well. The Oilers get squeezed all the time.


Maybe the Oilers need to find another Squeezer.


Hmmm, doesn’t install a lot of confidence. I guess time will tell.


All KH needed to do was say 50% retained and wait. How hard is that to do as a squeeze play. Hawks would have come around before the expansion draft list comes out


Having just listened to the Keith interview, I must say I was very impressed with his answers to questions and the mature tone of his responses. As I listened, I realized that the Oilers really do not have a lot of players with such poise, intelligence, and maturity. Keith is going to make a substantial difference in the dressing room and on the ice. He will be a presence. He will set the tone for others. He has the attitude of a winner. McDavid will have someone to look up to, someone to learn from. Keith will be able to articulate things that no once else on the team can. He will bring the team together. The price was dear, but intangibles are important. Sometimes analytics leave out the most important stuff. Holland went out and got something that the team was missing. I think it is going to help a lot.


He’s 38!


Tom Brady was just entering his prime at 38.


Maturity and poise in your late 30s? Absolutely unheard of.


Best POV I’ve seen all damn day. 👍🏽👍🏽


I’m happy the Oilers got Keith he’s a gamer just like Smith. I’m disappointed they couldn’t dump first shot glove side Mikko in the trade.


Where has Keith stated he’s coming to Edmonton in search of Stanley.

Hes coming to be closer to his son and play out his contract.


I’d want some Cole Sillinger from my soon to be home (and previous home) Sioux Falls stampede. The fighting Vaneks


The presser was a pisser. Lol.

Regardless. Klefbom on LTIR all season minus Jones cap means the Keith cap hit is minimized. Question for cap.folk. if he retires does his cap come off completely?

Yes I feel they could have done better. But ultimately a motivated Keith could do very well. And I certainly hope he does cause if he gets caved its gonna really hurt.

Larsson resigning is huge, but not until after the deadline. It’s exactly what Tippett wanted, a vet second pairing who can shoulder the tough assignments.

Rumour has Jake Allen on block in Montreal so they don’t lose him for nothing. Anyone interested if the cost is minimal. …….. I like beer.


Nurse – Bear
Keith – Bouchard
Russell- Larsson

Like this?

Last edited 13 days ago by MrEd

I think Sammy is either 3LD or starting in Bakersfield.


LT has Samarukov/Broberg playing 39 games as call-ups. That leaves 43 for Russell.

Last edited 13 days ago by MrEd

I would love to hear how everyone on here would address the #2LHD gaping hole next year?
Let Jones and Lagesson fight for it. Didn’t work well this year
Let Sammy and Broberg fight for it? Don’t think ready
who would you choose from FA pool?
Martinez? He’s gonna command a big multi year contract?
Oleksiak?? He’s gonna command a long term and large salary cap hit? Early front runner for the LucicNealOkposo UFA signing you regret along with Hyman.
Goligoski He sucks?
Kulikov? I don’t think I’d try that experiment again.
really not much out there and Seattle is gonna make some teams desperate to replace D


Could have kicked the tires on a guy like Mike Riley as well.

Also could have gone with the same guys that were good enough to get them to 2nd in the division last season and look to upgrade at the deadline, if necessary – Ekhokm could be on the rental market, for example

Cape Breton Oilers 4EVR

Just logged on and see all the venom about the trade, and maybe it’s justified. But really they gave up a piece that likely wasn’t in their plans and a pick for someone that can adequately fill 2LD slot. We might be overthinking it with all the lamenting going on. Holland is making this bet, and he’s definitely not done. Keith is better than the Kulikovs and Koekoes that have been given the spot since Klefbom’s injury. I’m pretty confident he can fill a gaping hole in the lineup. And the team is better now than it was yesterday. Let’s wait until the roster is set before we start checking Amazon for deals on pitchforks and torches.


This issue, for me, isn’t acquisition cost but cap hit – at 50% retained, the deal isn’t egregious.

Holland (and his scouting team) clearly value the player higher than all others.

Cape Breton Oilers 4EVR

We all got hung up on CHI retaining salary. In the end Holland couldn’t get them to. I like the player, and we could have maybe got a yandle or goligoski for a bit less money, but I don’t think those guys will be earning a ton less than Keith next year. Probably a bit less, but they’re gonna be within 2 M or less of Keith’s salary. And those guys can go wherever they want. We got the guy, and I’m not gonna crap on this over a bit of cap space. We could have missed out totally in free agency and scramble to get someone else at an inflated price. This box is now checked off, time for everyone to relax a bit and let Holland continue to do business. Despite Turris, Holland has been pretty good at making bets like this. Just a bigger bet because of the salary. I’m willing to give him lots of rope on these bets.


Well put.


Mmmmmm…that would be acquisition cost no?


No, acquisition cost is Jones plus the pick – that doesn’t concern me if the deal was structure properly cap-wise.


Klefbom’s clunky clavicular connection caused Ken’s conviction concerning Keith. Kulikov couldn’t create consideration; Koekkoek couldn’t create confusion.

Consequently Ken coveted creaky cum competitive Keith, confirming contempt concerning cap.

Crap!!!! Cringe! Criticize ! Quit! Cry?


I disagree that we are a better team today. Cap space is valuable in the league today. The amount of cap space we lost today is equivalent to a much better player tan we added today. The venom comes from the fact that we didn’t have to make this trade. Not today – not for that hit to our cap space.

Holland is a dinosaur now because he fails to recognize the value of cap space. If he hasn’t recognized it by now he never will. It is time to move on before he does any more damage.


Holland’s M-O has always been veteran D in his top 3-4


LT your website sucks


I presume that you’re referring to the Godaddy website hosting?


Yes, what’s going on??
Database errors galore


I don’t have access to the hosting/Godaddy side of things.

I only have access to WordPress admin.

I presume that the server load is way too high (traffic spikes)

Lt and I have discussed the issue.

The crux of the problem is that the Godaddy hosting is very reasonably priced and works most of the time.

To upgrade the hosting, it could cost a significant amount of money with uncertain benefits.

Maybe someone like Daryl Katz could pound the PayPal donate button and solve the website hosting issues.


Fair enough I’ll quit complaining
seems like it really got bad in last week or so which seems odd for offseason hockey traffic


Not the content.
The database errors
im sure I’m not the only one


Just wait until tomorrow.

You’ve done an amazing job maintaining the sanity of Oilers fans (and interest in the team) over the years (despite incredibly incompetent management).

Tomorrow, you and Godaddy have your work cut out for you. 🙂

If anyone in the world deserves a seven figure cheque, with an Oilers logo on it, it is you sir!


The Keith trade broke the site!


The site has been performing much better today, with the crazy traffic, than any other day over the last while – at least from when I’ve been on it.


I’m happy to see you’re getting more traffic LT. If there is a number that regular visitors can aspire to give over the course of a year to mitigate costs to increase the load the site can handle, let us know. With this team, the number of future days where hoards of people want to vent in your comment section could be plentiful!


Am I the only one that thinks we got a guy who will play well in a smaller role and fill the single biggest hole on the roster and other than the unfortunate cap hit we literally gave up nothing.
We can surmise the following
Keith wanted to play in Edmonton and someone outbid the Oilers but Bowman wanted to fulfill his wishes
Holland and Bowman we’re gonna make this work
im betting someone put in a larger offer and were told To back off.
Klef is dunzo
There was no internal fix to that gaping 2LD hole for next season and be patient on Sammy and Broberg
With Klef and Jones out we added 1/2 mil in cap


Even OP thinks the trade is terrible.


My issue is we are taking on all the risk, there is even a provision for if Keith outperforms. Where is the provision for if he underperforms?


You’re all over the map. Maybe take the night to sleep on it. I expect a report on my desk first thing in the morning😉


To me it is all about the cap hit. I think this was an extremely poor use of it! I would have kept my powder dry as our host likes to say😄. I think there are better and bigger trade options to try and acquire over the next couple of weeks.


And I see we picked up another small forward that won’t help either. WTH Ken?



I get the acquisition. Keith is a veteran D with three Stanley Cup rings. There is value in that. And I’m not ready to write him off just yet based on age and his last season (Mike Smith says hello). I like the acquired player.

But I don’t get the cost. Jones, fine. That I can swallow. I figured he wasn’t in this teams plans anyway. But a conditional third that becomes a second if the Oilers do what they acquired Keith to accomplish… Less palatable. Starting to leave a gross taste in my mouth. All of this, with no cap retention AND an NMC forcing us to protect him in the expansion draft is downright nauseating…

But I will say this… I think people are looking at this move the wrong way. If this is the only move Holland makes this summer – then it’s a big problem cap wise. But I have to assume this isn’t all he’s going to do. So maybe we need a little bit of patience to see what comes next. Scary words for Oilers fans, I know. But what other choice do we really have? I can only assume that Holland is aware of the cap situation and has some plans to fix it. Or maybe he’s been drinking too much Edmonton water and is going to go full Chiarelli on his way out. Only time will really tell.

Caleb Jones is going to be a good NHL hockey player for years to come. Too bad it won’t be here. But nice to see the Oilers are retaining their role as the NHL’s development team. Sigh.

But yeah, welcome to Edmonton, Duncan Keith. And let’s pause for a moment and consider that players are actually wanting to come – and stay – here for once. That’s kinda nice, not gonna lie.

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