After the Goldrush

by Lowetide

If you include Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in the conversation, the Edmonton Oilers signed four men to long-term (3+ seasons) over the last month. Joining 93 are Zach Hyman, Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci. In recent days, we’ve talked about the number of roster spots still available on the 50-man list. I expect we’re going to see a bunch of quick signings in the next couple of days, most under $1 million dollars. Here’s my list of candidates.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here’s the latest!


The NHL and AHL teams normally have five goalies, 15+ defensemen and 24+ forwards. Edmonton currently has six goalies, 14 defensemen and 21 forwards, so we should see some forwards added in the days to come.

There are several AHL only contracts who will play in Bakersfield this season; defensemen Vincent Desharnais, Yanni Kaldis and forwards Brad Malone, Adam Cracknell, Devin Brosseau, Luke Esposito, James Hamblin, Matteo Gennaro and Dino Kambeitz. That’s two defensemen and seven (!!!) forwards who will be in the mix at Bakersfield’s camp.


  1. LW Tomas Tatar. I feel like Liam Neeson because the last two days have basically been spent screaming ‘quickly there’s no time!’ to anyone who will listen. This is insane value at this point. This is day three of free agency and he’s a proven 2.00 per 60 five on five scorer. Is he hurt? What’s going on?
  2. LD Ryan Murray. They can’t afford him, but Murray would be a great addition and first-rate partner for Evan Bouchard in his first full season. Also gives Tippett a legit pairing to move in front of Keith-Ceci if it comes to that kind of drastic action.
  3. LD Zdeno Chara. He’s not coming to Edmonton. I don’t care. He makes my list.
  4. LD Slater Koekkoek. He had a tough year but I’m a fan of this player. If they sign Koekkoek today, I’ll be pleased. His numbers heading into last season were solid, 18 games with Edmonton won’t change that for me. Tippett can’t use him too high up the depth chart this time.
  5. RW Alex Chiasson. It would depend on price, but I can see him returning to the Oilers. Edmonton qualified Cooper Marody and it may have indicated genuine interest in seeing him play in the NHL, but Chiasson is a veteran who scored 22 goals with the Oilers a couple of years ago. Hyman’s addition means the power-play minutes are gone, however.
  6. LD Jordie Benn. He won’t cost much and his numbers last year were surprisingly good. As a No. 7D, I think it’s worth contemplating.
  7. LW Ryan Donato. He’s got plenty of skill, but wouldn’t fit on a Tippett fourth line and there’s nowhere else to play him. If the club can find a way, he won’t cost much and can post offense.
  8. LW Evgeni Svechnikov. He’s a former DRW pick (high first round in 2015) who showed signs of being a scorer and was then derailed by injury. I imagine Holland will try to get him, could be inexpensive scoring if things work out.
  9. LW Michael Dal Colle. Another Svechnikov. Slats was great for this game, because he’d bring in one failed first rounder a summer. Miss those days.


I’m staggering these for some reason, the 2015 and 2021 editions ran a few days ago. Here’s 2016.

This draft is heading my way and we’re far enough beyond draft day to make the call. The scouts hammered me senseless in 2015, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but the Debrincat pick is (so far) the best on both lists. I still believe in Puljujarvi, so the race isn’t over yet. I believe he’s a giant Jere Lehtinen, that would represent a golden perfect fit for the Oilers. Here’s 2017.

I think this is a pretty even draft, Edmonton has a slight lead but Tolvanen looks like he’ll be a player. Not much doubt in my mind that the Oilers scouts will win eventually, Samorukov is going to have a career and that will tip the balance.


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This may not be the starting lineup, but I’d like to see this eventually this season, if everything breaks the right way:

LW / C / RW
Hyman / McDavid / Puljujarvi
Holloway / Draisaitl / Yamamoto
Benson / Nugent-Hopkins / Kassian
Archibald / Ryan / Foegele

McLeod / Marody (McELod supplanting Ryan by year’s end?)

Nurse / Barrie
Keith / Ceci
Samorukov / Bouchard




Why do you hate Foegele?

Last season, JP went 55-15-10-25 playing with 97 and Foegele had 53-10-10-20 playing on the third line with the ghost of Jordan Staal.

Holloway passing Foegele next season would be amazing.

I don’t expect Benson will.


Haha, I don’t hate Foegele. Since making that lineup this morning, I’ve seen some of his numbers while playing with elite players and it is promising. As for Benson, I still feel that he has never, ever played with an elite sniper. He deserves to play with some skill. he has elite vision and playmaking, and good puck retrieval down low, which should be capitalized. Marody, Currie, et al were not snipers, although they ended up scoring a lot mor playing with him. I’d like to see him play with someone who was a goal scorer before being his linemate. It didn’t even happen in junior for Benson.

I’m very bullish on Holloway. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a Larkin, Connor, Boeser type of Draft+2 season, which would elevate him to top 6.


Other than that…

I don’t think Keith – Ceci is likely to be good enough to also have a Samorukov – Bouchard pairing.

Sure if we had a healthy Klefbom – Larsson pairing.


Looking back at 5v5 stats over the last 4 seasons, I am liking Ceci more and more. Samorukov is more of a hopeful that he’s good enough kind of thing. I fully expect it to be Russell – Bouchard (a vet with the young player) to start the season. If there is a left-side injury then maybe Samorukov or Broberg get 3rd pair LD, or they force the conversation by playing so well in the AHL. If there is a right-side injury, I think they should sign someone like Michael Stone to play 3rd pair RD.

Ceci’s Rank over last 4 seasons at 5v5:
Points 61st
Goals 57th
Rush Attempts 37th
Hits 34th
TOI 31st
Rebounds Created 265th
Individual High Danger Corsi For 25th
Shots Blocked 18th

That’s solid for a 2nd pair D. A lot better than I expected.


A little on Foegele.

His boxcars over the past 2 seasons project to 82-16-18-34. Unspectacular, but very sold for a 3rd liner.

He’s managed to be 4th on the Canes in 5v5 P/60 over the 2 years though:
Aho ——— 2.29
Teravainen- 2.27
Svechnikov- 2.04
Foegele —- 1.79
Trochek —- 1.78
Neclas —— 1.70
Staal ——– 1.57
Niederreiter 1.49

His main C both years has been Jordan Staal. 19-20 the main other winger was Svechnikov, last season it was McGinn/Martinook.

His P/60 with his main linemates:
Staal — 916min 1.57
Svechnikov 448 2.54
Martinook – 240 1.50
McGinn —- 239 1.00
Aho ——— 219 3.01
Niederriter- 186 2.90
Fast ——– 109 0.00
Wallmark — 102 1.18
Dzingel —- 101 2.37

So we see that Staal, McGinn, Martinook weren’t helping Foegele’s offense much, and he’s done very well in limited minutes with many of the ‘skill players’. Maybe Foegele has a better shot than we realize at playing in the top 6 at some point.


Nice. I was wondering the same thing.

Certainly if he grabs a spot on the second line with Draisatl, the numbers could really pop.

What we’re hoping for is the Burakovsky effect. A really good player buried on the depth chart of a very deep team, both looking for, and not getting opportunity.


76-12-13-25 on the Capitals

82-28-36-64 on the Avs (prorated over 82 games).

His p/60 went 1.76 to 2.55.

However, he also found 2:21 of power play minutes per game


Yeah, we shouldn’t be expecting 65 points, though some of those P/60 numbers sure are pretty gaudy.

The main difference with Burakovsky I guess is he’s been a higher pedigree, more ‘offensive type’ all down the line, while Foegele as been more a checker. Foegele barely managed a point per game in the OHL at age 20, though he’s clearly got some skill too.

Was interesting to see that Foegele won the OHL playoff MVP in his last year despite finishing 5th among Otters forwards in scoring (23-13-13-26, behind DeBrincat, Strome, Cirelli and Raddysh who all had 31-38 points). The boxcars clearly aren’t doing full justice to his game.

In terms of PP time, both he and Hyman seem like pretty good net front options. You never know, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some more PP TOI in his future.

Randle McMurphy

He will be competition for Yamo in the top 6


And Kassian apparently 🙂

The only issue is the number of RWs they already have. Moving Hyman or Foegele to the RW kinda throws off the balance (though I guess Archibald-Ryan/McLeod-Kassian is a fine option for the 4th line, if Puljujarvi, Foegele, Yamamoto were all to play RW).

If Holloway or Benson force themselves into the top 9 then it definitely starts to make more sense.


I am convinced he is in the same mold as Hyman, maybe had even more skill. Really loving how both of them + Shore are working out this summer w/97 & 25.

Foegele’s hilights remind me a lot of Holloway. Lots of high skill goals, whereas Hyman goals are far more will than skill, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of will with Warren.

Harpers Hair

bruce dowbiggin (@dowbboy) Tweeted:
When you come right down to it everything is a Coen Brothers movie. #fargo #raisingarizona #millerscrossing


Bruce was a very good sports journalist. I lost track of him a number of years ago and presumed him retired. The new approach to sports cheerleading probably has little room for investigative, critical journalism.


Wild Bill Laggesson got married today – looked like a very nice occasion.


Tell that to Nuge…..

Harpers Hair

Interesting that Vasili Podkholzin got married earlier this summer at a very young age.

From experience I can tell you these things don’t always work out.🤯


I married my high school sweetheart at 22 years old and we’ve been together happily for 23 years.

From experience I can tell you that every person is unique and has their own story to write.

Very young or not, I’ll choose to be happy for the kid. He’s moving into an exciting new chapter of his life.

Harpers Hair

No argument from me.


You are even turning marriage into a competition with the Canucks.


I can’t wait to hear at what age the LA kings prospects are getting married and how it will give them an advantage over the Oilers prospects


He also believes Vancouver is the prettiest city in North America.
Having lived in numerous places including Vancouver by what I know he as correct about that as most other things he posts!


I can see that. “My mom’s lasagna is way better, and my sister is working on a recipe that’ll knock your socks off, nevermind that she can’t boil water right now.”


Or changes the focus. 😉


I believe the CBA is silent on the number of hours of abstinence required before a game. Coaches (especially Italian soccer coaches) seem to have their own opinions.


An old coach of mine said he would prefer we had a few drinks as he could at least work that out of our system!😉


Can she bake a cherry pie Billy Boy?

Harpers Hair

Scott Wheeler (@scottcwheeler) Tweeted:
The first U20 Red-White game of Hockey Canada’s summer showcase is off. Lines:

Click on the link to see the lineups…a couple of Oiler prospects involved.


Pretty stacked team(s). Bourgault and Tullio both on their respective 4th lines for the game.

Noteworthy though (I think), that Bourgault kept pace with the older Mavrik Bourque (the 2C on Team Rouge) in scoring this season. Kid can play hockey, whether he makes this version of Team Canada or not.


I’m a little surprised they aren’t playing on the same line. You’d think it’d be the obvious instant chemistry move, but I guess they aren’t convinced Bourgault makes the team?


Yeah, playing together would make sense, but your guess is likely the correct one.

Though it’s also more fair/representative to evaluate players without a subset of them playing with their normal linemates.


To confirm what DBO posted earlier, about Friedman saying EDM was close to signing Foegele at $2.75Mx3, the team has confirmed it with a press release.

Oilers sign Foegele to three-year contract

Newly-acquired winger agrees to terms on a multi-year agreement with Edmonton with an AAV of $2.75 million



Does he score 17-20 goals this upcoming campaign.


20 goals and 20 assists would be stellar.


Yes 20 goals Foegele 29 for Nuge 31 for Hyman and Holloway getting 16.


Yes, if stays healthy.

He is like a bigger Josh Archibald with a slightly better set of hands. Good player. He’s been on my radar since our friend VOR identified him as a player of interest in 2017.

If Kassian sticks around I would like to see a Foegele-Ryan-Kassian line, hoping Kass can cash with good linemates VS lesser competition. Foegele being net front presence/garbage collector, Ryan the disher and Kass the triggerman. Could be an exciting line.


I like a crashing and banging 3rd line….saw off…and check them into submission…plus that line can win faceoffs….


Hyman Foegele and Hollaway changes the complexion of our team big time. We have 3 hound dogs that don’t know the word quit no longer are we a one line team. Connor and especially Leon won’t be asked to play ridiculous minutes because Tippett doesn’t trust anyone else in a tight game.


Does he score 17-20 goals this upcoming campaign.

Josh Anderson lite, right?

Over the past 2 years his per 82 line is 82-16-18-34.

It’s damn tough to score 20 from the 3rd line, but maybe. (or maybe he plays higher up a bit).

Edit: €√¥£€^$ with the Anderson comp as well.

Last edited 1 month ago by jp

LT, here is the thing, Blumel would still be subject to the ELC parameters – nothing has changed in that regard. Unless he waits until he’s 28, his first NHL contract will be an ELC.

Nygard, Haas, Persson, Benning, etc. all signed ELC deals.  Benning used as an example of a player that was drafted, unsigned, become a UFA and signed an ELC with a different team.

Does that change any of your thoughts on this?

Harpers Hair

Yes and no.

Dominik Kubalik was drafted by the LAK but never signed by them.

He signed a ONE year ELC with Chicago at the age of 23 and has since since signed a 2 year extension.


Yes, the point being, Blumel would still have to sign an ELC – LT’s basis for his opinions is that he’d be outside the ELC parameters which isn’t the case. I wonder if the new knowledge will change his opinion at all.

Harpers Hair

A team could easily agree with the players agent to a 3 year contract, the first year of which is an ELC, to entice the player to leave Europe and sign in North America.

This would meet the terms of the CBA while also giving the player some security.

I would guess that’s what happened with Kubalik since he was “re-signed” at the earliest opportunity.


Except that is not true.

Given Blumel is 21, he remains subject to the ELC parameters for 3 years. If he signed, next off-season, with a signing age of 22, he could sign a 2-year ELC.

Harpers Hair

Which is likely why he hasn’t signed with an NHL team.
You can bet he and Kubalik know each other.


They’re thick as thieves.


You are welcome for correcting you after your false facts post.

He’s going to be subject to the ELC requirements whenever he signs, unless he wants to wait half a decade – delaying signing for a year or two isn’t going to speed up when the parameters are lifting. If he signs next year or the year after, either way, he’ll be subject to the ELC parameters for 2 years. If he signs 3 years from now, he’ll still be subject to the ELC parameters for a season.

Harpers Hair

That is EXACTLY what I said.

Is something wrong with you?


Good Grief – I know that.

I said it first, I’ve been saying it for two months, its my initial point – which is why I dont’ understand why you are posting it trying to argue with me. I know its you default but, good grief.

Harpers Hair

Have you ever been to Prague?

My favorite city in the world.

Have you ever been to Bakersfield?

I have…once.

Where would you rather play hockey?

Its interesting that now that the Canucks are playing in Abbotsford, more than a dozen free agents have signed to play there.

That they are less than an hour away from downtown Vancouver is going to be a huge competitive advantage.


The core of Prague is absolutely stunning. The additions made during Soviet rule soul sucking. It is very much a city divided.

Tokyo is my favourite major city.

And, yeah, I drove through Bakersfield. That was enough for me.

Any idea where Seattle is going to put their AHL team once they get around to it?


Palm Springs I think is the locale I heard.

Harpers Hair

Yes…a new arena is under construction.


Thanks. Seems an odd choice to me.

Harpers Hair

Follow the money.

And follow where the guys who have the money likely live.


There is definitely money in Palm Springs but surely there is money in places closer to Seattle that would support an AHL franchise.

Harpers Hair

Pretty much all the Pacific Northwest cities already have thriving junior teams so it’s likely that was a consideration.

Spokane, Portland, Tri Cities and Idaho all have franchises and Palm Springs is close to the California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas teams so it makes some sense.


Fair enough. Palm Springs and hockey just seems odd to me having spent time there in the winter.


Yes…it seems like the team will be “Palm Springs”. The arena, though, is actually being built in “Palm Desert”.

buck yoakam

palm springs has a tonne of retired canadian musicians and ex pats


I like Tokyo as well. So friggin clean!


Clean, safe, great food, beautiful women.


Clean and safe are nice but Great Food and Beautiful women! MMMMM!!


I have been to many a country in this world and Japan is like no other – what a marvel that country is. Personally, I liked Kyoto over Tokyo but but those cities are among my favorite places in the world so far.

I think we were in Tokyo for 5-6 days and I saw two pieces of garbage the entire time…… a culture that is based on grab and go food from the corner store, package food and there are no garbage cans anywhere yet there is no garbage – still mind-boggling to me. What a place.


Yes, I’ve been to Prague.

You don’t even know what. you are arguing now – you are making my point. My point was that Blumel himself didn’t want to sign his ELC at this point and I’ve posited that he may want to keep control of his own development/and life in the short term – stay home, making similar money (likely), etc.

Given that, I have no idea the point of the above post.

LT thinks Holland made a mistake, perhaps didn’t realize the rights were being lost and that its now changed things – such as Blumel not being subject to the ELC parameters if he signed in the NHL – which I’m pointing out is not correct.

Harpers Hair

Both of these things are likely true.

Not sure why you keep going on about this.

The chances of him signing in Edmonton are likely as close to zero as you can get.

The Oilers prospect depth at winger is a major red flag for any responsible agent.

Let it go.


I am having a conversation with another person – you had budded in and argued points that I’ve already made and that have nothing to do with that conversation. My conversation and discussion with LT has nothing to do with the potential for him signing with the Oilers in the future – so please, fuck off.

Harpers Hair

Bud out.


How’s that a competitive advantage? Borders will probably be open for next season

Harpers Hair

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in North America with a tremendous quality of life.

Bakersfield or Stockton are even worse than Milwaukee (and yes I’ve been there) if you can imagine that.


I would put Vancouver way down my list of beautiful cities in North America.


Oh? Do you have a list?

Ice Sage

Vancouver may be sterile, unconfident and irrationally expensive but it is beautiful – few cities in the world (?Geneva, ?Hong Kong) can boast the same ‘ocean, mountain, temperate weather thing’

Last edited 1 month ago by Ice Sage
buck yoakam

mmmm hastings street at midnight…yup…and right next door you have surrey…

Ice Sage

LOL Abbotsford to GM place in an hour? – you’re gonna pay some fines man! 2 hrs most days, even in HOV lane. Point taken though, it would be nice to see the Oil AHL team closer to home.


Evander Kane…..Oh, boy. I hope this goes well for him.

Harpers Hair

NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) Tweeted:
The League was made aware this evening of a post on social media alleging that San Jose Sharks Player Evander Kane bet on NHL games. The integrity of our game is paramount and the League takes these allegations very seriously. (1/2)

Harpers Hair

NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) Tweeted:
We intend to conduct a full investigation and will have no further comment at this time. (2/2)


He better square up his bets or else. I like the photo of him with the $100 bills and the bling bling. I would of traded him with the first reasonable return I could get on him.


hes actually accused by his wife of throwing games!

Harpers Hair



‘Stupid’ doesn’t really seem strong enough to cover this.


Could be what we see for Benson:

NHL News
Memo DONE DEAL: #TBLightning re-sign RFA Boris Katchouk to three-year extension at $758,333 AAV:

2021/22 – $750K / $100K AHL / $125K guaranteed
2022/23 – $750K (one-way)
2023/24 – $775K (one-way)

Identical contract as Taylor Raddysh.

Harpers Hair

And you can’t fix stupid….or, often, addiction.


Judgment: not Evander’s strongest trait.

That guy is just a hot mess of epic proportions. Couldn’t even get being a millionaire right.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Jethro Tull

“The integrity of the league is paramount, which is why whilst we don’t allow referees to bet on games, we allow them to decide the outcomes.”


The Reffing changed after Mr.Peel was fired they let way more go. I would like to know how many calls per game before and after. I would bet the farm way less calls and it’s not even close. I think the non calls was a internal protest by the remaining Refs something like a work to rule for the firing of Mr.Peel


Safe to say the core is now:



Potentially adding Bouchard to the list…

Randle McMurphy

I know I’m splitting hairs, but all the players on the roster are core to the objective for me.

There may be a cluster based on age, but everyone has a job to do and everyone has to do his job if we are to reach the goal.

If I were the captain of the team and someone referred to core and non core players, I’d take that guy aside and ask him to do better.

Not meaning to pick on you GHHT, just a pet peeve of mine.

Last edited 1 month ago by Randle McMurphy

I agree from a team and player perspective. But the jibber-jabberers like us like to ponder and pontificate such things…


Core of the team is the group of players the GM intends to build the team around. Each player is integral to the team and its success. No one player is more important than the team. Thinking that contradicts that, is counterproductive to building a championship team. Building a team requires all the players to buy in. This premise is leadership 101. This is why in many cases the team with the most talent does not always become a champion. The group that plays together as a group with a common goal and desire can be very difficult to defeat. A large part of the Vegas success was the fact that the players as a group wanted to show the teams that didn’t protect them that they had made a mistake.


Ceci has a 4 year contract. He is at least cohabitating with the core. Barrie has a 3-year deal. He is hanging out all weekend for the parties Friday and Saturday night.

Last edited 1 month ago by godot10


Turning Tikkanese

Alternate trade scenario : Detroit.

Koskinen and Kassian for Greiss and one of Berrgren/Namestikiov? What sweeteners and in what direction? Yea or Nay?

Turning Tikkanese

Too much time on my hands…

is there a fit to trade Koskinen to the Rangers? Georgiev is demanding a trade.

To kill two birds with one stone, Koskinen and Kassian for Georgiev and one of Chytil or Kratsov. Is this tenable? What balancing picks/salary would be likely needed in either direction?

Your thoughts?


Rangers have Ryan Reaves now. Whatever potential trade for Kassian there is now gone I think…

Randle McMurphy

Zack Kassian was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres. Just sayin.


I meant with NYR

But I dont think KH trades him unless he underperforms this year. He is one of the “long leash” guys


I think the “balancing” would be the Oiler’s 1st or a Broberg level prospect.

That’s two negative value contracts going out (fine, Kass a “zero value” contract if we want).


Going back over the last 4 seasons. 5v5 D points:
4th Nurse
5th Barrie
34th Keith
61st Ceci
That’s some decent production from the back end.


It will be entertaining!

This where a total stud of a goalie would come in handy.


Or a goalie that can handle the puck like a defenseman. Those four (five with Bouchard) are going to enjoy not getting squished against the glass when they go back to retrieve a dump in.


Of note, Stalock is known for being a high-end handler of the puck!


Most mobile D we’ve had since the glory days.


5v5 TOI during same timespan:
2nd Nurse
15th Keith
22nd Barrie
31st Ceci

Ceci surprised me here. For a much-maligned player, his coaches trusted him with a lot of minutes.


5v5 Hits over 4 seasons:
10th Nurse
34th Ceci
185th Barrie
212th Keith
I thought Keith would be higher in this metric.


Shots blocked 5v5 same timespan:
1st russell
8th Nurse
9th Keith
18th Ceci
69th Barrie
We should still be okay here.


5v5 Goals:
5th Nurse
18th Barrie
57th Ceci
121st Keith
149 Russell


iHDCF (Individual High Danger Corsi For):
4th Nurse
11th Barrie
25th Ceci
111th Russell
124th Keith


Rush Attempts
2nd Nurse
23rd Barrie
37th Ceci
79th Keith
88th Russell


Rebounds Created:
9th Barrie
25th Nurse
26th Ceci
60th Keith
151st Russell


Penatlies Drawn:
16th Nurse
40th Barrie
65th Russell
103rd Ceci
229th Keith


This exercise has shown me:

  1. Nurse deserves to get paid
  2. Ceci is better than I thought
  3. Keith might be worse than I thought
  4. I think the D corp will be solid this season
Victoria Oil

“If you include Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in the conversation, the Edmonton Oilers signed four men to long-term (3+ seasons) over the last month. Joining 93 are Zach Hyman, Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci.” ….and Foegele makes five.

I like the upgrades upfront, but with these signings, I’m concerned about our lack of salary cap flexibility going forward, especially next year when Nurse & Jesse will need ~$3-5 million in raises between the two of them. Besides Nurse, the only other sizeable contract coming due next year will be Koskinen (who will need to be replaced). The next largest are Turris, Archibald and KRusty. If Koskinen isn’t replaced internally, we made need to find a taker for Barrie, Ceci or Kassian (if he is moveable in a year). Next year’s dead cap space will be as bad as this year’s at $4.2 million.


The likes of Archie and Turris could/should be replaced by the likes of Holloway and Lavoie. Perhaps Koskinen is replaced by the likes of Konovalov or Skinner. Maybe Keith retires and opens up $9.5M in fresh beautiful cap space after he’s passed by Sammy and has a new shiny Stanley Cup to add to his collection?


Next year’s problems have a way of working themselves out if this year’s bets result in a winning season.


Yes next year is tight, all growth is internal unless a contract is moved out. (Posted yesterday


How dare Rishaug try to tell me how to spend my weekend?
The hubris on that guy is unbelievable


I would have loved Larsson on this team for the next two years
but I have no doubt in my mind he’s going to David Savard the shit out of his contract


Is Tippett’s contract finished after this upcoming season?
If they stumble early, what are the thoughts of sending him packing?


My preference would be for the team to have success.

Gerta Rauss

Michael Hedges version of After the gold rush

Michael Manring on bass

Aerial Boundaries is one of my favorite albums- easily in my top 5




What does Yamo get?
1.75 and 2.25?


That’s what I think. Bear’s deal was 1.5 + 2.5, basically the same thing as you’re suggesting.


Why wouldn’t Yamamoto get the same deal Puljarjarvi got?


Because Puljujarvi was coming off a year in Finland and had posted NHL totals of 139-17-20-37 to that point (0.27 puts/game).

While Yamamoto has totals of 79-19-28-47 in the last 2 seasons and 105-20-32-52 for his career (0.5 puts/game).


Flat cap; no arb rights; down season; team has cap restraints & player options.

I still think he signs for 2 years at a cap hit under $2M


Yes, I was presenting the why wouldn’t he. I know how you feel about this.

I have no trouble seeing ‘under’ $2M, but I totally don’t see $1.175M.


Treenasoil tweeted this 2 days ago:
Jul 29
Big year for Tippett most of the players he wanted moved are gone he has to prove himself this year…. as per Garfield
I wonder if Bear was on Tippett’s “players to move” list.

Sad and concerning about his judgment if so.


Number of under 6foot and 200lb d in final 4 .


Tyson Barrie 5`11″ 197lbs. HockeyDB

Scungilli Slushy


Bear can’t do what Barrie does well or he would have


Most…so who didn’t get moved that he doesn’t like? Assuming Koskinen, Yamo too?

Fuge Udvar

If we are sharing completely unsubstantiated rumours.. Bear might not have been as liked in the dressing room as he is outside of it. Jones too. It might not be a coincidence that they had a much shorter leash with mistakes than the rest of the players.


The level of concern over the dressing room “culture” is wildly overstated.
On a winning team no less?
It’s at best a nothing burger

Scungilli Slushy

Anyone who keeps making huge critical errors at key times in a team sport loses trust

The best also make them but show they do well when it counts

Any player can change their arc

Sometimes they don’t get a chance


Holland decides who gets traded, not Tippett though he is consulted. I can say pretty confidently he wanted Bear to succeed. He tapped him in the shoulder and said “knock knock” and played him 21 minutes a night his rookie season and started him on Nurse’s pair this past season. Every player has to keep proving where he belongs in the line up. I like Bear and hope he does well, but I think based on how things went down Holland made the better choices for the club in this instance.


Well it was clear he was not a fan of C. Jones. I would not have thought he had soured on Bear until watching his deployment in the playoffs, of course Bear did not have a very good playoff, even to his own admission.


He had 2 playoffs where he was in the spotlight for untimely mistakes.


Why does every decision have to be so binary, if he sits him he must hate him. Tippett’s job is to put out the 6 defenseman as a group who in his view will give his team the best chance to win. If he thinks defenseman A is 2% better than Defenseman b at filling a particular role on the D at that point in time, defenseman A will get to play ahead of B for now. If A is younger he may pass B, or if he thinks A and B are the very similar (and Holland does too) A can be traded to upgrade another position on the team, that doesn’t mean he all of a sudden thinks that player is worthless.

And Jones was given plenty of opportunity in the last 2 seasons, but in balance Jones was not a good fit in how the 3 pairs were set up by year end. Even if Holland or Tippett think that Jones could be a decent NHL defenseman with 2 or 3 more seasons of increasing responsibility, he will still trade him he believes the return willadavce the cause more for the next 2 seasons, especially if he believes he has solid replacements bubbling up (samorukov, Broberg).

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Randle McMurphy

“After the Goldrush”

“Space Oddity”

Or my favorite “39”

Randle McMurphy

And no, I’m not talking about Dave Taylor /Charlie Simmer / Marcel Dionne

or Bill Lee

or Doug Weight

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If I am Tippett Im starting the year with Unicorns

These are very strong pairings:

Hyman McDavid
Draisaitl Yamamoto
Nuge Jessie

If you add in:

Hyman McDavid Kassian
Foegele Draisaitl Yamamoto
Holloway Nuge Jessie (yes, chose the rookie there just cause)

Shore Ryan Archibald
Benson McLeod Marody

Looking good Tippett

For those that think Nuge is underutilized, if he can bring that line up to 55% goal share with a total line cost of 8M, thats extremely valuable. thoughts?


I think it looks pretty much exactly like the line up I posted a couple of hours ago. 😉


Well you have fine judgement! And maybe I should read more before posting. I will now.




I see your discussion now. All started from Wild saying “Golden Perfect”. Great thread. Not sure how it started from Golden Perfect!


i like that lineup
between pp1 and EV time he’s gonna get plenty of ice time
4th line gets pk duty and some defending starts


We need to find a way to be 3 lines deep. Not load up top 2 lines and hope the bottom 6 survive


I love it you have puck hounds on every line. I think Nuge will play more relaxed after signing the deal he looked like he was gripping his stick way to hard. If there ever was a late bloomer my money is on Nuge could he score more in the back half of his career.

Gerta Rauss

Holland on Oilers Now on Thursday

Discussing the options at C

If the coach decides he wants to kind of you know move…

You could also go Connor,Leon and Nuge now ..if you want to…with the addition of Foegele and Hyman…

There’s just more options now, there’s more options

I think we could see unicorns at times this season

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Randle McMurphy

I’ll see your “may” and raise you a “will”


I wonder how tight the Oilers dressing room is? In some teams( generally speaking) there can be a rift in when you have a group of excellent players and a large drop to not so excellent players.

Its strange that Larson walked. Its strange that Bear seemed to feel relief when traded. Some assume it was due to racial slurs but I don’t think so. Tight locker rooms don’t let outside voices in and rarely fans or media voices bother them.

It could explain this move to bring in leadership.

How much influence does the core group have? This is to be increasing. This started last year when McDavid was skating with Barrie and then he was signed. Might explain Shore and more interest in Hyman over others. This year you can bet they wanted Barrie back.

Jones withdrew before he was traded. Wasn’t there one more who withdrew away from team?

And now Jessie P. He is an easy player to like with his big grin, but is he still a square peg? Obviously it appears that if there were differences last year they were put aside for the benefit of the team, just one little crack formed during the last game of the playoffs. No talk about extensions for JP, that’s a little strange as well. This may be whats behind the comment that we will see Kassian on the top line.

Coach tries it until its obvious that is not what’s best for the team.

Its all speculation of course, and this is what half the summer is about. Im not insinuating rifts by the way, just preferences as all players have them. I hope they do get the mix right as finding chemistry is as important as getting the skill all slotted correctly


Jesse had a real nice comeback season I was all over him after he asked to be moved. Jesse stock has risen from 2nd to substantially more. Could it be that Holland and Jesse (Agent) agreed that if Holland can get what he wants for J.P he’ll grant his wish that he wanted a few years ago. My guess would be Columbus are Carolina with Aho


That outcome that would be shocking of course. Better if the rift was fully healed of course, I was just wondering if its not a whole bunch of band aids on the situation. There is no denying that the team needs Jessie to succeed.


I listened to the Coleman interview and it didn’t sound like any of the players on his new team contacted him. We know that’s not the case with the new Oilers.


and more interest in Hyman over others.

Pretty sure Hyman only started practicing with the Oilers group after deciding to sign (though a few days before actually signing).


I’ll take a tight-knit group for the next 6 years sprinkled with 2 cups.


I think it was a weird year with COVID and the taxi squad. Sure there was a big gap in top players to the rest but really, a lot of players were not in their comfort zones.

I also would not read into Larsson too much. First he had to deal the Hall for Larsson talk (not his fault) then his dad passing. Then the injuries going into the play down vs Chicago and being called out for not being good. Even with a good to great season this past one and being an assist captain, anyone in his situation would be open to a fresh start and the unique situation with the Kraken provided that.

I do not fault the player or blame the Oilers.


A couple of rambling thoughts

If Calgary paid a third for potential backup Dan Vladar, what would Stalock be worth?

Team in Oilers shoes for the past few years will be scouring AHL stats and must come across Benson and Marody. Maybe there has been some interest and that will give these two a little push to see what they can do?

Maybe Keith should have come across with his partner Zadorov. That would have made sense for the third rounder sent back.

Or that same third rounder sent to Vancouver for Schmidt would have been better spent

Good to see Chris Wideman get a shot in Montreal

Tyler Wright stating how he “stands by his list” but then is rated the worst team in the 2021 draft. That has to hurt. Not sure its fair though, still sounds like a lot of anti Edmonton bias.


Schmidt at $5.95 M made that impossible for Edmonton imo.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

What are the post-free agency power rankings for the Pacific?

1. Vegas- Obvious favourites.
2. Edmonton- Huge upgrades at F, best two players in the division (maybe the league), huge questions on D and in G.

3. Vancouver- Improvements at F, questions on D with potential for significant improvement, good young G.
4. LA- Improvements at F, lots of young talent, mediocre D, mediocre G.
5. Calgary- They suck.
6. Seattle- Light at F, decent D, good/great goalies.

7. Anaheim- The Dementor and poor forward depth should keep the Ducks at the bottom of the Pacific.

8. San Jose- Burns is 36 and will make 8M for 4 more seasons. Vlasic is 34 and will make 7M for 5 more seasons. Karlsson is 31 and will make 11.5 for 6 more seasons. Things got ugly quickly in San Jose.

I am not really sure how to separate 3-6. All the teams seem pretty close. Vancouver seems like the best of the bunch. Especially if OEL has a pulse this season and Pettersson stays healthy.


5. Calgary- They suck.

And they will outwork every team they play most nights until Sutter runs them into the ground.

Hard work is the only skill Sutter has respect for.


Not if they tune him out. I think there’s a rift between the Tkachuk crowd and the Johnny gang I think one of them will be traded to start the year.


I would have said the rift was between the Giordano/Lucic gang and the Tkachuk crowd but I agree that dressing room is not a happy place.

Funny how Lucic seems to be a constant in that.


He’s been on 4 teams so far.


I believe I heard around Calgary that the rift was between Tkachuk and everyone else, that his teammates were sick of his antics.


One could imagine Lucic, being an “old time” hockey guy, would not be impressed with the Tkachuk show


From Friedman on Twitter

Hearing Warren Foegele and EDM getting close on a 3-year, $2.75M extension


That would be a nice contract. I have him pencilled in at $3M on my spreadsheet.


That’s really good.


Give him 3×3 a happy Foegele is a productive Foegele this is going to be his breakout year.


Nice numbers, be even better if the kid could pop 20 goals and 20-25 assists.


That they are closer to signing Foegele than Yamo makes me think he is getting squeezed a little by Holland.

I have said several times that I think his number comes in closer to Jesse’s than to $2M but we will see.

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Like that deal. Bargain compared to Kassian.


Excellent signing.



That they are closer to signing Foegele than Yamo makes me think he is getting squeezed a little by Holland.

I have said several times that I think his number comes in closer to Jesse’s than to $2M but we will see.

Foegele’s deal had much more urgency – he’s got arb rights and the deadline for filing is tomorrow (maybe Monday).

Yup, coming off his ELC with no rights or leverage, Kailer will get squeezed – just hope it doesn’t go as long as it did with Bear – signing on the eve of camp (or after its started) is just not good.

Death By Misadventure

I don’t follow. How is 10 goals worth $2.75m? Seems like another, though on the smaller side, overpay by Holland.


The game is more than just looking at goal totals. Look at what Barclay Goodrow just signed for, with a career high of 8 goals. From everything I’ve seen, read and heard, this player’s will likely make that contract a value contract during its term.

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Ben Hutton is our man! 6D, 3LD

Scungilli Slushy

I don’t see how they sign another forward. Benson and Marody have graduated the A, and Holloway is coming soon.

Unless they trade Benson and or Marody. The bus is full.


Agree. They’ve got enough in the top 9 now and various options for the 4th line.
PP and PK are very well covered for Fs.
Now lets get a good look at the players that have been in development for 4+ years. Then make a decision on them.


Ryan Murray is the only d-man on that list that really interests me as he is the only one that is a legit 2LD/3LD that undoubtably makes the team better.

I would prefer not to sign a Benn, Koekkoek type player – if that’s the “level” of player, I’d rather Samorukov have a “clearer path” vis-a-vis Lagesson and Russell than sign an, essentially, replacement level veteran.

Listened to yesterday’s DFO Rundown at the gym this morning and Seravelli says that 5 teams have offers out to Murray including the Oilers.

He’s likely to get a few million at least which prices himself out of Edmonton unless there is a Kassian (or other) move out.


I don’t mind Chiasson in isolation, however, of course, there are already 4 right wings plus Marody and 3 lefts wings plus Shore, Benson and Holloway. A couple of those left wings can play right wing as well.

I’m not so sure I see the need for Alex.

I would love Tatar if it was one year but, again, he would require a contract out and, from accounts (Friedman) he wants term – don’t see a fit any longer.


After last year’s less than great season, Broberg should spend the year in Bakersfield.

Samorukov seems close to me. Murray would block him. I would be okay with Sami being injury cover for a season but two years+ seems like we end up with a Bouchard situation at LD with either Broberg, Samorukov, or both blocked and waisted. Pretty sure Murray wants more than one year. It feels like we are toying with the idea of trading Samorukov. I’ve been hoping he’ll be an impact player for some time, would be disappointed to see him go.

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Trading Samorukov would be a huge disappointment for me.


With Barrie and Ceci on the roster, Samorukov and Broberg are not blocked. Their route to the NHL is likely easier on the right side.


unless there is a Kassian (or other) move out.

I wonder if there’s a Kassian trade (as was rumored) available if Holland can make another move.

Maybe Kassian would have been moved IF the Kuemper trade went through, likewise a Murray signing.

Chiasson returning could also make sense in the scenario.



After last year’s less than great season, Broberg should spend the year in Bakersfield.

Samorukov seems close to me. Murray would block him. I would be okay with Sami being injury cover for a season but two years+ seems like we end up with a Bouchard situation at LD with either Broberg, Samorukov, or both blocked and waisted. Pretty sure Murray wants more than one year. It feels like we are toying with the idea of trading Samorukov. I’ve been hoping he’ll be an impact player for some time, would be disappointed to see him go.

Yes, Murray would somewhat “block” Sammy but Murray is a legit upgrade to the lineup, unlike the likes of Koekkoek and Benn.

Also, 2LD is 28 years old and signed for two years and, of course, injuries do, and will happen. I’m OK with a Murray add if they can’t fit him in – no term (i.e. two years max).

I don’t think they are looking to trade Sammy, I think teams keep asking about him -and that has been going on for a couple of years now.

I think Holland knows what he has in that player.


I really like the additions up front of Hyman, Foegele and Hollaway changes our identity. All of a sudden we become a hard team possession wise to play against add in Yamo, J.P, Leon and Connor and our top 9 is styling.


This team got a lot bigger and harder to play against


If Kassian can pull the thumb out of his ass he will help as well. Leon and Connor should see more open ice. I smell a huge year scoring wise for Leon and Connor fasten your seat belts


And faster to boot


I’m still out here waiting for them to sign Yakupov.

A man can dream, can he not?


The team that I’m worried the most about is Toronto
they gonna have trouble affording Reilly and if he walks in a year that team is imploding

Scungilli Slushy

Suits me just fine!


Im not sure why you are worried? Isnt this a good thing?


NHL writing staff has Oilers as second most improved team after draft and free agency:


Three of the five teams they list all play in the Pacific division.


We’re all excited for Tucker Poolman!


Yeah, but they lost Rafferty to Anaheim.

A loss like that takes time to recover from.

Harpers Hair

I’ve watched in bemusement how the Oilers and Canucks almost exactly mirrored each other in offseason moves.

Will wait for rosters to clarify, but they’ve made similar bets on players up and down the lineup except in goal where Holland seems determined to tempt fate again.


Goal definitely remains a concern for the Oilers. Benning has big bets this summer for sure. If OEL returns to form he comes out smelling like a rose.

Harpers Hair

Cody Ceci promises to temper your enthusiasm.


I think I’ll wait and see on that one.


Just need a Goalie I’ll be surprised if Smith can play X amount of games without aggravating his groin. They need to find out if Stalock can play because myself has lost faith in Mikko and I think the organization has also.


Or ‘always apoplectic’ to quote Shannon. 😉


Oilers fans. Mad at everything.”
I’m ready to turn my anger into rage!
Just need the Nurse contract details to drop.

Randle McMurphy

I’m very happy with the Oilers Amatuer Scouting over the past few seasons.
I’m reasonably happy with the Pro Scouts this year.

I give the organization a score of A- overall for 2021

I don’t care if they don’t add anyone else. I’m excited to see the season get underway.

In season or future adds will be a Goalie and our own prospects.

This train is pulling out of the station. All aboard whose coming aboard!

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Randle McMurphy

I think most Pacific Division teams and all the Canadian teams are very nervous about what is happening in Edmonton.

Our Edmonton Operation

Thanks for the link. But I don’t think they said the Oilers were second most improved, but they were listed second, since they said it was in alphabetical order? Anyway, point taken that they listed Edmonton among the most improved teams after the draft and free agency.


Sportslogiq staff gives Oilers beat grade among Canadian teams on day 1 in free agency:

Brantford Boy

LT “Edmonton Oilers signed four men to long-term (3+ seasons) over the last month”:

I don’t believe I recall ever reading or debating what long-term actually means on this blog before, interesting. I will respectfully disagree at the 3 number.

When Smith signs for “term” it was 2 years. No debate Nuge and Hyman are long-term contracts. Barrie gets 3 years, Ceci gets 4 years and that is what I would consider the line in the sand for the Smith “term” contracts to end and move into the long-term conversation. I feel there’s no question 5 years is long-term.

What does everyone else feel like the line is to differentiate between a term and long-term contract?


Five years is long term for me.


If the player is underperforming, it is long-term.
If the player is over performing, the term isn’t long enough.


This is the most “Edmonton Oilers Fan” answer anyone could’ve possibly given.

Clap… Clap. . . Clap. . .


The millennials and zoomers are waiting for Neil’s sequel “After the Halvening”.


I would be super excited about a Dal Colle addition!!

cowboy bill

Of that list there’s just one , Ryan Murray. Apparently he has 5 teams offering for his services.
Holland has to find a way . But we’ll probably have to settle for Slater Koekoek. Which will be fine to a lesser degree.

Scungilli Slushy

I don’t see KK as a great fit for Bouchard.

KK is a slim fella, gets pushed around. Bouch is no banger.

Somebody has defend the front of the net and he able to battle in the corners.

I guess to me KK is a third pair puck moving type. That’s Bouch’s gig this season.

Russell is too small, Lags unfortunately too slow, but if he took a step (which he hasn’t) would be ok.

This isn’t shaping up well. I say they need to move Lagesson and get J Benn or the like. Someone with decent mobility and decent puck skills and physical.

Rusty is 7 D cover, and there are Bro Samu and Berglund in Bake that all have pro experience if need be.


Bouch and Lags have some history playing together and it could be a go to to see how it works for bit, but I don’t see it as a long-term solution.

If Sammy’s professional experience in the KHL translates well to NHL it is not implausible to see Sammy-Bouch EXCEPT the coach would probably not do that. I think it would be worth a few games….cause if they get their game on they could individually move up the ladder relatively quickly allowing for some “rookie-vet” pairs


In no particular order.

Does anyone know if Sammy has PK experience in the KHL??

Scungilli Slushy

That works giving K – B the O zone and on the fly push. No better mentor to speed Bouch’s progress along.



I agree with the entirety of this post.

Yes, I would love to add Ryan Murray but don’t see the value of adding a Benn of Koekkoek level player – would prefer to keep a clean path for Sammy in that case.

Fuhr and Lowething in Vegreville

Man, Tatar would be an amazing add IMHO,
Then we could slot Nuge at 3C.

Hyman McD Pulju
Tatar Drai Yamo
Foegele Nuge Kass
McLeod Ryan Archie


Trade Nuge.


You sir, have smoked far too much of your namesake…

Randle McMurphy

Bob Stauffer not just doing his normal, throw spaghetti at the fridge door and see what sticks, makes an outright claim. “Zach Kassian will be starting the season in the top six”

So everybody go reconfigure your roster charts accordingly.

Mine is

Hyman McDavid Kassian
RNH Draisaitl JP
Foegele Ryan Yamamoto
Shore McLeod Archibald
Benson Holloway Turris



contract year for JP – he wants to play on the top line.

Kassian will add speed and bite to second line.

Yamamoto – if Yamamoto plays like two years ago – up he goes

McLeod will play on the wing for 30 games


McLeod won’t play on the wing. Tippett had him at center every game, and even had him up at 2C when he loaded up the 1st line – with Nuge at 2LW. That’s right, he played McLeod at center over Nuge on the same line.


If they go Kassian in the top 6, I won’t be surprised if Nuge is 3C.


I don’t think it is possible for Zach to play, the way that he needs to play to be effective, for long periods of time. I can see Benson and Holloway both working their way into the lineup and it should be a very strong group.


I don’t think it is possible for Zach to play, the way that he needs to play to be effective, for long periods of time. I can see Benson and Holloway both working their way into the lineup and it should be a very strong group.

He’s done it for a full calendar year though. It was 2019, so somewhat removed, but he can do it.

Kassian’s 2019
82-26-24-50 overall (#100 in the league)
82-23-22-45 at 5v5 (#18 in the league)
2.16 5v5 P/60 (#56 in the league)
On ice 74GF-68GA (52%) (the best Oiler in that span, better than McDavid-49% or Draisaitl-45%).

Since then he’s only played 47 games, interrupted by suspensions, injuries, stoppages.

Kassian 2020 and 2021.
47-4-8-12 overall (all at 5v5)
1.23 5v5 P/60
On ice 19GF-24GA (44%)

I dunno, I think he can be a lot better than these last 47 games, at least. I really don’t think him sticking again in the top 6 is so unlikely.

And agreed on Holloway and Benson btw.


It won’t last. It can’t last. Kassian’s coverage is not good. They may WANT this, but my bet is that we see it in pre-season and then not at all.

This is probably the correct take.

But maybe Hyman is a guy who’s able to cover for McDavid and Kassian a bit more, and a good style match?

Also, if the team is going to use Kassian regularly on one of the top 3 lines, how much does it matter which one?

Finally, McDavid without Draisaitl was 50% GF this past season. McDavid-Kassian without Draisaitl were 51% GF the previous 2 seasons. I’ve argued consistently that Kassian wasn’t a drag on McDavid when they played together, not that I’ve convinced a lot of people.

But Kassian is capable of bringing positives along with his negatives to a top 6 line. Having him return to playing the way he was with McDavid would be a huge boost to the team (whatever line he’s on). And I don’t think it’s so unlikely he could stick again with McDavid or Draisaitl, though I do agree your take it more likely.

Randle McMurphy

You’ve convinced me. But then, I wanted to be convinced.


I’m not saying it WILL work, but I definitely think there’s a chance 🙂

Randle McMurphy

(Taber) “I’ll bet a buck” he’s in the top 6 on day one of the season.

I think he gets his shot (in the top 6) on and off through to Christmas. If he fails, he may be on the move at the deadline.

Randle McMurphy

Martini, “I’ll bet 50cents”…..breaks cigarette in half and pushes it into the pot.

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Randle McMurphy

It won’t last; It can’t last

That’s what they said about Rock n Roll 🙂

Funny Bissonness

If the plan is to showcase him for a few games, show he can still play up the line, and then trade him to clear cap. I am on board.

If the plan is just to play him in the top 6 because that’s where they think he’s best, this is just a continuation of the strangest off season I’ve witnessed.


Playing off of the Lowetide/Wild discussion on Puljujarvi –

Hyman – McDavid – Yamamoto
Foegele – Draisaitl – Kassian
Turris/Holloway/Benson – Nuge – Puljujarvi
McLeod – Ryan – Archibald

Nuge gets lots of minutes on the PP & some on the PK. Puljujarvi gets to emerge as the driver on that line.

Swap Yamamoto and Kassian maybe.

Don’t know if it has sustain but there is pretty good balance for the fore check & back check.

Last edited 1 month ago by defmn

… and easily the best 3rd line in the league.


It looks balanced to me.

And I have been opposed to Nuge as 3C forever but I happen to agree with Lowetide/Wilde. Puljujarvi is ready to drive his own line.


Turris/Holloway/Benson – Nuge – Puljujarvi

Even Foegele-Ryan-Puljujarvi could make sense.

In any case, it is pretty clear that Puljujarvi is the best among the RWs to be able to drive offense on a 3rd line.


Not sure Ryan can handle 3rd line and PK. I read somewhere he averaged 12 minutes a game last year in Calgary. That sounds like 4th line and PK to me.


Yeah he played 11:53 all situations so it could be a concern.

He played 14:32 the previous year though.

He’s had pretty exceptional on ice results too FWIW.


Ryan is a 4C/PK guy at this point (and that lines up with his price point).

He’ll likely start at 3C which he probably can cover for a short period as he can provide offence but the hope/need is for McLeod to take a step or two and cover that position.


Yes, the plan is for McLeod to take the 3C job at some point.

We’ll see though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan does well there and holds McLeod off for a year or more.


Not sure Ryan can handle 3rd line and PK. I read somewhere he averaged 12 minutes a game last year in Calgary. That sounds like 4th line and PK to me.

Just noticed this when looking at something else.

Oilers bottom 6 Cs last season:
Turris 12:19 TOI/game (all situations)
Khaira 12:02
Haas 11:20

Sheahan 12:47
Haas 9:41

Brodziak 11:41
Cave 11:46

With McDavid and Leon playing big minutes, Ryan or whoever is Oilers 3C doesn’t have to play much more than 12 minutes a night.

My guess is he gets a bit more TOI than the guys above because of his RH faceoff ability (and general ability), but it isn’t a necessity of the job.

Last edited 1 month ago by jp

I think the hope would be to reduce the minutes of McDavid/Drai a bit in connection with a 3rd line that isn’t getting caved (and maybe can even outscore and help get a goal when needed or extend a lead).


Yes, that’s fair.

Khaira and Haas were both under 10 min at 5v5 though (not quite 19 min per game between them). Even 11 min each for the 3rd and 4th would bring McDavid and Draisaitl’s TOI down a little.

Not playing them together would probably help too.

I also don’t see why Ryan couldn’t play a minute or two more than he did last season, assuming he’s playing well (that would still be less than he played in 19-20).

Last edited 1 month ago by jp

Don’t disagree – given the Oilers don’t have a legit 3C still but, really two 4Cs, each of which may be able to cover at 3C and one of which may become a legit 4C, I anticipate Ryan starts there and will play a bit more than he did as 4C in Calgary.

I anticipate he’ll be better than the likes of Sheahan, Khaira, Haas, etc., each of which have spent time at 3C in recent years. Ultimately, if McLeod could take a step, learn to engage and battle, he’ll pass Ryan and some balance will come in to view.

Or, Holloway…… he could be that guy as well.


Edit: replying to OP here.

Yes, agreed on all counts pretty much.

I do think Ryan and McLeod are better bets to break even at 3/4C than the others who’ve come through town in recent years. And they should have a bit better support too.

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Bob doubling down this morning.


Could easily foresee a scenario where Zack Kassian plays full-time in the top 9…and potentially gets significant time in the Edmonton Oilers top 6 at the start of the season.

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Randle McMurphy