Oilers at Flames, Rookie Game 2 2021-22

by Lowetide

The Oilers updated fans yesterday about the injured players from the first prospects game against the Calgary Flames and it was a continuation of some damnable luck for the organization’s youngest soldiers. Dmitri Samorukov, who could be in the NHL as early as later this season, suffered a broken jaw and is out six weeks. Xavier Bourgault was back on the ice and Phil Kemp is good to go if the organization decides to play him tonight.

Some actual good news yesterday as well: Ilya Konovalov will play tonight.




  • Mike Smith, 39. Smith had a great year, he isn’t expensive for what he brings and he is clearly focused on staying in the league. Is signing Smith more reckless than trading a first, Samorukov and Koskinen for Darcy Kuemper? Chances of making team: 95%.
  • Mikko Koskinen, 33. The reason you don’t trade him is that he remains a giant and could deliver a solid season. I don’t see any real evidence that expectations of Smith should be higher than those of Koskinen. Honestly, most of the division is filled with good not great goaltenders. Pretending to know the difference gets general managers in trouble. Chances of making team: 95%.
  • Alex Stalock, 34. He hasn’t played an NHL game since March 7, 2020 but he could be the third man if the NHL goes taxi squad. Chances of making team: 10%.
  • Stuart Skinner, 22. It’s likely to be a crowded crease in preseason, will he get a full game? Chances of making team: 0
  • Ilya Konovalov, 23. He gets the net tonight, and that could be important. Edmonton has six goalies entering camp, they can’t all get a preseason game. Chances of making team: 0.


  • Darnell Nurse, 26Nurse will play major minutes again this season and look to duplicate his 55.9 goal share and 1.19 pts-60 at five on five from a year ago. He gets zoomed by playing with McDavid, but credit him for contributing. His passing improved markedly, this will  Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Duncan Keith, 38. Expectations of him are so low now that for some it’ll be an upset if Keith makes it through the anthem before Game 1. He’s a good passer and his experience will be a positive factor. There are parts of his game (speedy recovery) that are not strong anymore. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Kris Russell, 34. His five on five GA/60 is 2.00 over the last two seasons. He doesn’t help move the puck up the ice and that’s not productive. As a defender, Russell remains useful. I expect he’ll play a lot. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Slater Koekkoek, 27. Koekkoek has the edge going in and it won’t hurt that everyone and his dog remembers he was effective playing his off side while a member of the Chicago Blackhawks in 2019-20. I’ve increased his odds of breaking camp with the team. Chances of making team: 65%.
  • William Lagesson, 25. Lagesson had good possession numbers for the Bakersfield Condors over the entirety of his time there, but struggled in his NHL debut. Where that leaves him? I give him a 50-50 chance of making the team. Chances of making team: 50%.
  • Philip Broberg, 20. Big, fast defenseman played well in the first rookie game and those wheels are terrific. Coverage will improve with time and he’ll lose battles now that will later be won, for the times they are a changin’. Chances of making the team: 5%.


  • Tyson Barrie, 30. He posted a 1.38-60 five on five points total and a goal differential of 52.4 percent. He should be replaced by Bouchard on the ‘McDavid 5’ unit at some point, but that probably doesn’t happen this season. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Cody Ceci, 27. His five on five GA/60 in the last two seasons (2.27, 2.03) are excellent. I suspect his main partners this year will be Keith and Russell. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Evan Bouchard, 21. The Oilers have almost made it through the PTO window without inviting a player who could take minutes away. Have to hand it to Holland and Tippett, they remained true to their word. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Filip Berglund, 24. Added to the list with Samorukov’s injury, Berglund has a fine resume including five years experience in a good league. He should get some preseason games. Chances of making team: 3%.


  • Connor McDavid, 24. At five on five last season he posted 3.58 pts-60 and had a goal differential of 57.1 percent. On the power play, he delivered 9.47 pts-60. McDavid is the hockey dragon slayer. He’s impossible. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Leon Draisaitl, 25. I’ve been thinking about how much Draisaitl will play away from McDavid this year. In 2020-21, at five on five, Draisaitl scored 4-12-16 in 567 minutes (1.69). Maybe Hyman lands on his wing. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Derek Ryan, 34. A bunch of established NHL players came to Edmonton in order to play No. 3 center, beginning with Eric Belanger in 2011. Ryan has a splendid resume, will he solve the mystery of 3C? Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Ryan McLeod, 21. His speed is a weapon, and Ryan isn’t an elite third-line center. McLeod’s biggest challenge will be posted offensive numbers. If he can do that, Ryan will be on the fourth line. Chances of making team: 90%.
  • Devin Shore, 27. A strong penalty killer, Shore is death valley in five on five possession. Chances of making team: 90%.


  • Zach Hyman, 29. Tippett will likely play Hyman with McDavid from the start, giving the two men a chance to create some chemistry. McDavid once said it takes five or six games to get a feel for a linemates tendencies, I think we’ll see them together that many times during the preseason.  Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 28. His expected goals last year (55.5 percent) was miles from his goal differential (48.4) so one hopes regression has him above level. Nuge seemed to lose confidence with the puck last year, might have been contract worry. Oilers need 20+ goals from him. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Warren Foegele, 25. His five on five pts-60 last season (1.60) and expected goals (55.6 percent) suggest he is well suited to an outscoring third line. There will be a temptation to move him to a skill line, but three outscoring lines has major appeal. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Brendan Perlini, 25. Perlini is big, fast and can score goals but he’ll be applying for two-way work on the third or fourth line. I have him making the team, but it’s going to be close. He might get lucky if Tippett moves Nuge to center and Foegele slides to the 2line. Chances of making team: 52%.
  • Tyler Benson, 23Benson has terrific skills and has proven himself to be worth a full NHL season. The AHL numbers suggest he’ll post enough offense and the injury concerns are a distant bell. I think he makes the team. Chances of making team: 50%.


  • Jesse Puljujarvi, 23. This is a big season for JP, his scoring rates had him at 22 goals per 82 games. That’s a significant total and if he can reach of exceed, we’re talking about a player who can help a team win the Stanley Cup. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Kailer Yamamoto, 22. Finally signed, now the young man will need to deliver on promise. He’s a solid young winger, but his 2020-21 season (projected to 82 games, 13-20-33) won’t be enough for him to keep the job on RW with Draisaitl. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Josh Archibald, 28. Utility forward. His GA/60 at five on five last season (2.65) was among the better bottom-six F totals and his goal differential in this discipline (43 percent) trailed only Jujhar Khaira among depth forwards. King of the empty-net goals. Chances of making team: 90%
  • Zack Kassian, 30. There is a real buzz about him moving up to a skill line now that fans are coming back. I’m all for it, Edmonton is better when he’s scoring 15 goals a year. Thing is, he is now 30 and players lose goal-scoring ability around this point. He’s also unreliable as a checker. I like Kassian, wish him well on a skill line, it would really help increase balance and depth. Chances of making team: 100%.
  • Kyle Turris, 32. Turris is older than Kassian with the same erosion having an impact. The signing of Yamamoto impacts him, and he’ll have to earn his spot. The veteran with the most on the line during training camp and preseason. Chances of making team: 70%.
  • Cooper Marody, 24. He has skill and can play center, and this would appear to be his last chance Texaco. He has a shot. Chances of making team: 25%.
  • Colton Sceviour, 32. A curious PTO unless there’s an injury we don’t know about, the only roster spot likely available is the one Josh Archibald owns. Chances of making team: 10%.


At this point, getting out of the game healthy would be job one for Oilers rookies. Players I’ll be watching (if they play) include Konovalov, Broberg and Berglund. The losses of Dylan Holloway and Dmitri Samorukov have cast a pall over this camp, but there are jobs to be won and players pushing up the depth chart and tonight is another opportunity.


A big show this morning on the Lowdown, TSN 1260 and we start at 10. Jason Gregor from TSN 1260’s Jason Gregor Show will pop in at 11 to talk about the Elks, NFL and Oilers camp this week. We’ll also have an NFL guest to review Week 2 and the pile of injuries that could impact several teams for the rest of the season. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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I have been looking forward to watching Ilya Konovalov play in Oil silks for 2 years

Last edited 25 days ago by GordieHoweHatTrick
Bank Shot

The Oilers have had zero success with Russian draft picks over the entire history of their franchise. The Semenovs are the only two that did anything at all.

Sure would be nice if a Russian finally pans out. They have been going to Russians regularly lately with 6 taken in the last 5 drafts.

Here’s hoping they finally find some traction.

Victoria Oil

“…most of the division is filled with good not great goaltenders. Pretending to know the difference is what gets general managers in trouble”.

That’s gold Jerry, gold.





Randle McMurphy

I would really enjoy seeing a line of Benson McLeod Marody in the pre-season games.

Cause were not going to see it in the regular seasono imo.


Woody on OilersNow right now – confirms that Borgault is in and on the same line – no real surprise given he was at practice after the hit but still good to get confirmation.


Training camp is important – we all know that. This opens the door a bit wider for Seattle to get the upper hand on 3rd place:

Rick Dhaliwal
Elliotte Friedman on Pettersson and Hughes : The 2 sides are talking everyday. It is all over the map. I don’t think the pressure point is training camp. I think the real pressure point is the start of the season.

Donni and Dhali



Rick Dhaliwal
Freidman : They have rarely talked term with Pettersson, kinda all over the place with Hughes. 
Kaprizov is Pettersson comparable. They are trying to figure it out, find common ground.

Donnie and Dhali


Harpers Hair

Awesome…now you’re being repetitive in the same post.

And, no, training camp is not all that important for established players who are already familiar with team systems and line mates.


William Nylander says otherwise.

Spinning two “star players” missing camp as no big deal – good grief.

Last edited 25 days ago by OriginalPouzar

Johnny Hockey says hi as well. As do virtually all the posters here over the last month when it comes to Yamamoto. Missing training camp is a big damn deal.


Whats the over under for number of games until you blame their slow start on missing training camp? I could have sworn you were constantly saying the Canucks have enough money to sign their RFAs btw, I must have been halucinating /s.

I think 10 games.

Darth Tu

I’m not a Canucks fan so take this comment as you will.

Have the Canucks not just had a major turnover in player personnel in the offseason? And were coming off an absolute dumpster fire of a year too? Quinn Hughes wasn’t exactly Mr Stellar last season, you’d think he at least would want a good pre-season to make sure he’s firing on all cylinders in the new year.

Last edited 25 days ago by Side
Material Elvis

My favorite line from Jack Hughes re: Quinn:

 “People questioned his defence this year but at the end of the day, when you’re on a bad team, you don’t score as much as you’d like and you give up more goals than you should.”

The Canucks are a bad team.


Yeah the Hughes brothers seem very close, especially if Jack is so casual and open about Vancouver being a bad team. Have to wonder how committed Quinn is to signing with Vancouver long term.


Not according to Benning:

“I’d like to try to figure it out because I feel like they’re still young players, they’re still developing and I think training camp is important for them,” Benning elaborated.”


But, personally, I think Benning only threw that in because he thinks it will help him in negotiations.

“I can’t sign you guys to those expensive contracts you want, you are still developing and you still need development!”

Either way, I realize this puts you in a difficult position as you usually homer for Benning but.. it seems you 2 have a bit of a disagreement, here.

But unfortunately for you, Benning is the one who signs the contracts.

Last edited 25 days ago by Side

You’re so full of crap one of your parents must have been a porta potty!


Most players that hold out end up having a below average season, vets or otherwise.

Bank Shot

Said the Iraqi Minister of Information.

Rafferty for Prez!

Harpers Hair

The addition error in the first column didn’t help but didn’t you find some of the numbers a little peculiar in terms of assessing improvement or decline as applied to the team as a whole? I mean some of those guys hardly played or played most of the season for other teams.


GAR, about as useful as the JFresh charts and the models Evolving Wild used to show Nikushkin as a top Hart candidate – that is, not at all.


Their disrespect to Drai was the nail in the coffin.


Agreed. Starting off a math based article with a math based mistake on the first team really lets out the hot air.

There are some Oilers players that feel quite interesting. But you’re spot on about players in minor roles somehow having a (non existent) big impact.

  • Perlini is a -6.6 (from 2 years ago) this guy might not even play a single game but of course he gets added into the fold.
  • Neal being a +4.1, in what world?
  • Ceci being 2.2 ABOVE Larsson.

Also fun to see OEL at -0.1, only 6 more years boys and girls.

Bank Shot

The Yamamoto/Puljujarvi expiring contracts is a double edged sword. We all want to see these young men break out and spur the Oilers on to glory, but the Oilers won’t be able to pay them if they do.

I think the setup of the team will help to keep their next contracts in check though. The Oilers have a very well established 1PP and it seems likely that Hyman is going to get first crack at the only remaining spot there. Since the 1PP takes all the icetime, it will be very difficult for both Puljujarvi and Yamamoto to pad their scoring with PP time.

A season where one or both score between 30-35 ES points would be very nice, and still keep their next contracts fairly reasonable.


Not to mention all the talk of Kassian getting a shot in the top six. The first week of TC has all sorts of story lines shaping up.

I am continually amazed at LT’s ability to find an angle for an interesting take on this team in the depths of the summer doldrums but TC columns practically write themselves as they say in the biz.

I wrote a weekly column for years during my working life (a side gig) and finding the topic was always the most difficult part for me.


One does not have to worry about Kassian getting a shot in the top six. That will last about 30 seconds…okay…30 minutes…I’ll be kind.


If they go top six I agree. If they go top nine the combinations become murkier.


I’m interested in how you expect Kassian’s season to go. What is your ‘Reasonable Expectations’, godot?


If the rest of the lineup is reasonably healthy, my reasonable expectation would be that the OIlers would be better with Kassian in the pressbox (preferably traded somewhere).

Kassian is a warm body (to fill take a space in the lineup if the Oilers run out of actually useful players.)

My position. #sameasiteverwas


Don’t disagree but I would note that the success both have had in the NHL as far as production, has come at 5 on 5 – Jesse last season and, the year, before, Yamamoto’s 26 in 27 was almost all at evens. He was right up there with Drai and Nuge, near the top of the league, in P/60 in that period.

I think that Jesse has earned the PP1 opportunity but don’t disagree – that will go to Hyman most likely.

Bank Shot

Yeah I don’t expect Yamamoto to score like he did in his rookie season. 25% shooting percentage seldom comes back. Pretty much the outer limit for ungodly NHL forwards is 50 ES points in a full season. If either of Pul/Yams hits that it will be difficult to find money but a great problem as that is elite first line production.


Carolina used an offer sheet on Kotkaniemi. There is currently a mismatch between compenation value in draft picks and the value of a player signed via an offer sheet.

This will be a risk next summer.

They are also eligible for arbitration.


And are Lavoie and/or Holloway close with Hymen moving to RW?

Is one of them moved as part of a goalie trade?

Lots of things in motion before we get there but I agree the compensation on offer sheets is way out of whack.

Bank Shot

Offer sheets are always a risk for sure.

At least nearly all the good teams have their own major cap issues.


Derek Ryan turns 35 years old in a few weeks.

Is is he going to centre a 3rd line that will *outscore* the opposition?

Derek had 2 goals last year.

If McLeod cannot take that 3C job – we are in trouble, imo

I see Ryan as a 4C/ PK – face off guy.

Yes, we know McLeod is not perfect. But elite skating can take you
very far in the NHL.


Well, he did have an 18/11 goal differential with his most common linemates being Leivo, Nordstrom and Lucic.

I think he’s is best suited to play some reduced minutes as 4C with PK and am hopeful that McLeod can take a few steps early this season and move up the depth chart.

In the interim, history shows that he outscores in bottom 6 minutes and he should be an upgrade over the likes of the Turris of last year, Khaira, Haas, Sheahan, Shore, etc.


This is why I keep talking about Nuge as 3C and three lines built for offence because there is no 3C on the team and I consider that position at least as important as second line wingers.

McLeod might be able to use his speed to hold the spot but it is, for me, the one forward position that is still circled in red as not having been addressed to contender status.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

I mean, RNH can be put at 3C.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

What defmn said.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see this to start:



Sceviour aside (he can’t be considered any more than replacement level at this point – no contract worth), assuming a good camp from Benson, I would love to see that.

Don’t imagine for a second Coach T, even contemplates it.

I know there are Archie-issues, potentially, but, until I am told otherwise, I expect him to be ready to play 82 NHL games this year.


I can’t remember if this has been discussed before, but it is a number-centric blog. If you consider that the Oilers start the year with 7D, shouldn’t the expected percentages add up to 700%? It seems to add to 723%. Does that mean, LT, that you think that there is a chance of carrying 8D as the season starts?


7.23 D to start the season. Russell is only 5’10, 170lbs.


and even 13/7/3

Welcome to the dark side. 😉

I am hoping the battle between Koskinen and Stalock will be a prominent one during TC.


While watching a few clips of Broberg, I kept thinking of Larry Robinson. I wonder why?


David Staples has been making that (general) comparison for a while – he watched quite a few of Broberg’s games in Skelefteea last season.

Elgin R


5v5 (NHL Career)

  • CF% rel and FF% rel 5v5 < 0
  • Goal differential < 0 (except 2015-16 when he played 3 games for Dallas)

Oilers 5v5

  • 363.5 TOI / 9:34 per game / CF% rel = -11.2 / FF% rel = -9.7 / GF-GA = -6

Oilers PK

  • 56 game season / 38 games played / 45:10 TOI / 1:11 TOI per game
  • #5 in TOI
  • Tied for #1 in Goal Differential (with Leon)

Shore is a proven and successful PK man and the Oilers have lost Hass, Khaira and possibly Archie from the top of the PK TOI list from last year.

However, is Shore’s value to the PK worth having a roster player that brings down his line-mates and bleeds goals at 5v5? No room for specialists (fighters, PK or PP) in today’s game. Time to say goodbye to Shore and send him to Bakersfield.

Brantford Boy

LT: RE Nurse “He gets zoomed by playing with McDavid, but credit him for contributing. His passing improved markedly, this will…” drive Brantford Boy nuts not knowing the end of the sentence…


I would suggest that McDavid gets zoomed by playing with guys like Nurse and Puljujarvi.


Leavins dropped some hints/speculation re: the Sceviour PTO yesterday in his column. Doesn’t name Archibald directly but the implications of what he’s suggesting are pretty clear. See #3-1:



That would be disappointing if Archie is an anti vaxer and the reason he hasn’t shown up yet. I guess we will have that answer soon enough.


Yeah, I think you nailed it, looks like that’s what he’s suggesting. Hate to see a guy lose something as awesome as an NHL career because of this.

Can you imagine having to sit down with your kid to tell them you quit because of a vaccine 15 years from now? After all the popularity of pseudoscience of this vax on Facebook has faded into the past and the vaccine is nothing to the kid other than a common and safe medicine? “Hey Dad, did you really quit your dream because you thought a stethoscope was going to steal your soul?”


“Son, don’t be ridiculous. I quit the NHL because Bill Gates, Soros and Epstein had a plan to implant a microchip in the vaccine working off of a 5G frequency to track your every movement. Now, did you finish your apple flavored horse paste from this morning like I had asked you?”


The “information” on Archie was out there last week and I made a few posts about it but need to be careful as there is no official account of Archie not being vaccinated. It seems likely but not official.

Archie is in Edmonton but he hasn’t been seen. A few options:

1) he’s in quarantine after crossing the border

2) perhaps vaccinated players are not permitted to be at team facilities prior to camp

3) perhaps he’s in the vaccination process

4) perhaps he’s just getting ready for the season on his own.

In any event, I don’t see how a team can have an unvaccinated player on their roster. They essentially can’t go on road trips. They can’t full participate in day to day team events. Its pretty much unmanageable.


Yeah having an unvaccinated player on the team sounds like it would be a nightmare.

As Fuhrious suggests, it would be a shame for an NHL player to drop out of the league over something like this.

Johnny skid

Is this type of foolishness condoned on this blog?


I have been a fool on this blog for years now, thank you very much.

Not the horse paste eating kind of fool, or fool who thinks 5G microchips are in vaccines, though. Those people are crazy.

Johnny skid

Look in the mirror you might find crazy


We don’t know what Archie’s deal is, he may have a heart issue from childhood, he may have had adverse reactions to vacs in the past…I remember a time when someone’s personal medical history was private and respected. Maybe he’s not comfortable with the lack of long term data on the vacs. We used to respect people’s decisions surrounding personal bodily autonomy. Not everyone who remains unvaxxed is a Qanon conspiracy theorist.


I am not sure at what point vaccination statuses became a private and personal issue sometime between childhood to adulthood.

When I was a kid, we were all vaccinated, had vaccine cards, and schools had to be aware of our vaccination statuses. Us kids even knew who were vaccinated since we all got the shots together. I’m guessing the same thing happened to you as well.


Sure, Archie may have those medical issues – they would have absolutely nothing to do with his publicly provided statements on Twitter in May 2020.

I would encourage you to read those tweets of his which would provide important background on the speculation – nothing to do with personal body autonomy and privacy.


The Vultures are circling the carcass.

Material Elvis

When would you consider the data to be ‘long term’? The existing data has shown that vaccines are safe and effective; that is a global scientific consensus. The number of medical issues that prevent a person from getting a vaccine are exceedingly rare. Avoidance is mostly caused by needle phobia and internet/social misinformation.


5 years to 10 years is long term. Both Pfizer and Moderna ended their doubleblinded long-term trials on their vaccines. So we will never know.the long term effects.

Randle McMurphy

We know one long term affect, 10’s of thousands of people will be alive who would otherwise have been dead.


The long term hasn’t arrived yet.

It is looking very good so far, with a very high probability that you are correct, but technically it is still to early to have a determination whether there are any antibody dependent enhancements from the vaccines. There is a teensy-weensy bit of tail risk still TBD.

I am sixtyish. (And fully vaxxed. And encourage others to do so.) So the risk benefit of the vaccine in the short and medium term was well worth the risk of any ADE effects that might show up later. (for example…Dengue vaccine Phillipiines).


we will never know the long term effects”

You keep saying this as if it’s clever.

Please explain to me a specific adverse outcome that could be caused by the vaccine where we would “never know the long term effects” are connected to the shot?

Remember that what for what you propose to matter for a medical decision, it must occur very often for it to rise anywhere near the level of danger posed by COVID itself, yet still be so rare that we can’t tell it was caused by the vaccine when we know exactly who was vaccinated and who was not.

I’m very curious to see what kind of biochemical pathway you’re suggesting.


If one knew the specific adverse outcomes beforehand, one wouldn’t have to do any doubleblinded short or long term clinical trials at all, for any drug.

And you are conflating the pure science aspect of finding the answer, as it may be relevant for future scientific research, and whether it is relevant for a public health decision.


“If one knew the specific adverse outcomes beforehand, one wouldn’t have to do any doubleblinded short or long term clinical trials at all, for any drug.” -> I mean… obviously, nobody has advocated for stopping doing double blind studies.

“And you are conflating the pure science aspect of finding the answer, as it may be relevant for future scientific research, and whether it is relevant for a public health decision.” Wow, you’ve gotten it exactly backwards as it’s you trying to conflate the two. You’re trying to ominously post scary-sounding messages like “we’ll never know the long term effects” implying medical impact, but now that you’re called on it, you’re saying “well, I just mean we may never know all pure science aspects of a drug’s biochemical pathway.”

I am glad now though, because you admit that there isn’t a single significant (bad) outcome that anybody should worry about when you keep repeating the ominous phrase “So we will never know.the long term effects.”


As OP says below the conjecture on Archibald isn’t rooted in the current talking points of bodily autonomy or medical history or adverse reactions.

It is rooted in his public voicing of conspiracy theories at the beginning of the pandemic.

We don’t know whether he was vaccinated. We do know he has publicly repeated Qanon conspiracies.

As for the rest, vaccines have been mandatory numerous times in our history. There is not, and never has been, a right to autonomy as it relates to vaccines.


The Vultures are circling the Carcass


When we were little, my brother and I spent so much time trying to sneak in bad words by saying things like Carac-ass for Caracas, which your capitalized “Carcass” reminded me of. Good times.


I was pretty careful not to mention specifics or get into politics or even my views in my original post, just wanted to share the news as it related to the team and it’s impacts on the team – not sure why your speculative response was directed to me or if there is some context I’m missing.

I hope Archie does what’s right for him and the team does what’s right for them. Above all I’m very happy we’re not having the same conversation about McDavid or Draisailt.


Nobody gives a crap about actually private decisions (nose jobs or whatever), they only care about decisions that are definitionally NOT private in that they affect other people. You can stick a hair brush up your backside at home and nobody gets to know or care, but if you go drunk driving and risk hurting others, you get chucked in the slammer.


Should we be surprised that there were no additional consequences for the illegal check (from behind) that planted Samorukov’s face into the wall? Will there ever be an NHL that has a rule book that isn’t applied differently from one game to another? Unlikely.

Bruce McCurdy

Sounds like you’re describing the hit on Bourgault late in the third period, which was filthy & dangerous by #65 red but only drew a two minute minor.
Samorukov could hardly have been further from the boards when he collided heavily with big Walker Duehr on his first & only shift of the game. Sammy stepped up for the hit but took the worst of it.


You mean Bourgault?

I’m not sure what kind of discipline can come from a pre-camp rookie game. I don’t know anything about the perpetrator but does he even have an NHL contract?

Randle McMurphy


And no. Not surprised. In fact this is exactly what we should expect from the Flames this year.

Prepare yourselves. They know they can’t beat us on talent; They are pro’s who hate to lose; They are coached by Darryl Sutter; the NHL is not going to enforce the rules.

And as sure as Bruce wears nothing under his kilt, they are going to exact a toll on us this season physically. Lets hope the damage is contained.

If you disliked them before, you’re going to despise them very soon.

Last edited 25 days ago by Randle McMurphy

True that Shore has played alot of center in the NHL, however, subject to injuries, I think that ship has sailed for him and he’s really fighting for a LW spot.

I think he’s almost locked in at 4LW and, assuming 14F are carried (which may not be the case), Benson, Perlini, Turris and Marody are fighting for those spots.

Perlini’s history with the coach may provide an upper hand, however, at the same time, the things he doesn’t do well (historically) are things that Coach T. requires from his bottom of the roster players (and I don’t see him being tried in the top 6 to start).

Will Benson and Marody get a real shot to make this team? I mean, if they continue to get line rushes and games lined up with the likes of Hamlin, Esposito, Cracknell, Shore, etc., they aren’t really getting a shot. I really hope they get some chances with established NHL players, even the likes of Ryan, Kass, Archie, etc., let alone with Nuge, Kailer, etc., some real skill.


True that Shore has played alot of center in the NHL, however, subject to injuries, I think that ship has sailed for him and he’s really fighting for a LW spot.

I agree that Shore is unlikely to play C if Ryan and McLeod are in the lineup (which they should be).

If there’s an injury or if one of them struggles however, I’d think Shore is next in line at 4C. I think Shore at C in an Oilers lineup is more likely than Nuge, Turris or Marody at C myself (maybe Turris if he’s actually been reborn, I guess).


I don’t disagree and I did say “subject to injuries”. Unless there is a big bounce-back from Turris (and maybe there is without him having Covid while getting ready for the season, presumably), Shore is ahead of him for the center spot.

I wouldn’t discount Nuge shifting over though.


IMO there’s next to no chance we see Nuge at 3C unless the bottom totally falls out for Ryan and McLeod.


IMO there’s next to no chance we see Nuge at 3C unless the bottom totally falls out for Ryan and McLeod.

I don’t disagree with that but my original post said “subject to injuries” and then, the subsequent conversation was related to injury situations when one of the “starting 4” is not available.

Eh Team

How does Turris have anything more than a remote chance of making the team? He got a long look last year and has basically played himself out of the NHL.


Just my opinion but I think there is the thought that his coming down with covid just before last season started had a lasting effect on his health – specifically his lungs – which might have had a greater impact than his age on his performance.

We should know for sure within a week.


How does Turris have anything more than a remote chance of making the team? He got a long look last year and has basically played himself out of the NHL.

I don’t disagree and I think he’s on the outside looking in to start but I also think he’ll get a real chance to compete and show that he’s ready for a bounce-back season.

He very well may be done. On the other hand, lots of players have poor seasons and bounce back, even at his age (he’s not that old). He had Covid leading up to the season – we have no idea how that effected his training and his fitness to start the year or even during the year.

He is far from a lock but he will be in the competition unless he shows that last year was not a one-off – which very well could be the case.

cowboy bill

Honestly , on this team there is no way either are playing in the top six . If Benson & Marody aren’t suitable for bottom six work they are out of luck . Same goes for Perlini , that’s why we may see guy’s like Shore & Scevoiur make this team .


I don’t agree with that premise but I do agree that its likely the case with Coach Tippett.


It will be interesting to see who starts at 3LD for game 1. If I recall correctly, Koekkoek got the first few games over Russell last season and Rusty didn’t see the ice until Jones was healthy scratched semi-early.

Lagesson is in that conversation – I recall Playfair being asked about Koekkoek vs. Russell two or three weeks back and the first thing Jimmy P. said was that Lagesson is in the fold as well.

Broberg’s size and speed will sparkle at camp and early exhibition – he must be in Bakersfield notwithstanding (we know what camp performances mean for these types of players as far as NHL readiness is concerned).

The right side is locked, of course. I am looking for Berglund to be a very high end 2-way AHL D to start the season – he’s played many seasons as a top 4 in a very good league for developing d-men and I think he can put himself in the conversation for the right side injury fill in (which has to be Russell or Kokekkoek on their off-side as of now).


In addition to splendid GA/60 numbers (including covering for a roaming Matheson in Pit’s second pair), Ceci has very nice 5 on 5 production last season – tied for 16th ahead of the likes of Gio, Hedman and similar other players.

He could be a very very good pickup as a solid 2-way 2nd pairing guy – he’s heading in to his prime years and he may have simply found who he is at this level.

It could, of course, go the other way but I’m cautiously optimistic on Ceci for sure.


Larry Robinson played for the Nova Scotia Voyageurs and then, “boom”! Something similar is going to happen with Broberg. He is going to be a dominant player when he arrives. He will be an offensive driver even if he does not get as many points as other elite defensemen.


I’m not sure about 95%/10% as it relates to Koskinen/Stalock but I agree with the premise that, subject to something unexpected, Mikko will be 1G.

The issue with that is that Stalock could be claimed on waivers and we can be sure that Mikko will not be claimed so, the most risk-adverse way forward is to waive Mikko and keep Stalock on the active roster (which provides a bit more cap space as well).

Even if there is a goalie-taxi squad for a 3rd goalie, unless they change from what they did last year, waivers would still be required.

I do think that Mikko is likely to bounce back to 2019/20 levels if Smith is healthy and there is a reasonable start split. At the same time, Stalocks 2019/20 was very good so there is every reason to believe that he can fill the 2G role just as well as Mikko.

It should be a real battle between these two. Stalock’s plus puck handling, which would help the team play a similar puck retrieval and breakout game nightly, should be a factor. I do not see a real battle being provided by the coach and GM.


I look forward to Konovalov playing his first game in North America. With that said, the other day, Samorukov mentioned that about 70% of the rinks in the KHL are close to NHL dimensions (I don’t think that’s the case in Sweden).