I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

by Lowetide
Evan Bouchard photo by Mark Williams

Evan Bouchard dropped his stick and his mark dropped the Oilers into an ocean of misery in the first period last night. The young blue also lost his mark on the second goal and tipped a backhand shot that found its way to the net later in the first. Growing pains. You’d like your goalie to stop one of them, but blaming the goalie when you don’t get anything done at the other end doesn’t capture the event completely.

Focus on the important things. In this case, Bouchard is far too talented to sit for 10 games, so he’ll be out there again soon and one day, not long from now, he’ll be playing the big minutes in the biggest games. Consider also Kailer Yamamoto, who brilliantly played keep-away with the puck for an extended period down low against a strong and forceful blue. Last night was game No. 77 for Yamamoto, game No. 330 for William Nylander. It takes time. Or Jesse Puljujarvi, whose back check when down 3-0 saved a sure goal. It was game No. 162 for the big Finn.

This is still a young team in lots of important places. That’s some of what we saw last night. Some day, not so very long from now, Bouchard, Yamamoto and Puljujarvi will be playing big minutes in big games together. I don’t think the current goalies will he here, though.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.


  • Oilers in 2015-16: 8-14-2, 18 points; goal differential -13
  • Oilers in 2016-17: 12-10-2, 26 points; goal differential +7
  • Oilers in 2017-18: 9-13-2, 20 points; goal differential -14
  • Oilers in 2018-19: 11-11-2, 24 points; goal differential -11
  • Oilers in 2019-20: 14-7-3, 31 points; goal differential +11
  • Oilers in 2020-21: 14-10-0, 28 points; goal differential +6

We know this team is in the good part of the McDavid cluster, both the 2016-17 and 2019-20 clubs getting post-season games. This is a different year, so we’re not absolutely sure this pace (65 points in 56 games after last night’s loss) will be enough for the postseason. How many times do they have to play the Leafs?


  • At home to: Toronto, Toronto, Calgary (Expected: 1-1-1) (Actual 0-1-0)
  • At home to: Ottawa, Ottawa, Ottawa (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Vancouver, Calgary, Calgary (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • At home to Winnipeg, Winnipeg (Expected: 1-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Montreal, Montreal, Montreal (Expected 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Toronto, Toronto (Expected 1-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • Overall expected result: 9-6-1, 19 points in 16 games
  • Current results: 0-1-0, 0 points in one game

I think we’ll see a better effort from Edmonton on Wednesday but it’s clear there’s a gap between these two teams. That’s not a bad thing you know, Toronto represents the best in the division and therefore the best available test for this Oilers team this season. Edmonton is 2-4-0 against the TML, that is not a tragedy. Honest.


There were a pile of lines last night, so I’m going to list the stats and make general comments. All numbers five on five, NST.

  • Ennis-Khaira-Archibald: 8:13, 2-0 shots, 1-0 HDSC, 2-3 Corsi
  • Nuge-McDavid-Yamamoto: 6:13, 6-1 shots, 5-1 HDSC, 9-2 Corsi
  • Nuge-McDavid-Puljujarvi: 5:15, 1-0 shots, 5-1 Corsi
  • P Russell-Haas-Chiasson: 4:43. 4-2 shots, 0-1 HDSC, 5-3 Corsi
  • Kahun-Draisaitl-Yamamoto: 4:40, 4-4 shots, 3-4 HDSC, 6-5 Corsi
  • Kahun-Draisaitl-Puljujarvi: 3:45. 4-1 shots, 2-0 HDSC, 5-1 Corsi

Tyler Ennis is fantastic in his current role. Honestly he’s such a fun player when he’s up against mid-level talent. Yamamoto performed very well with Nuge and McDavid, put them together Wednesday and I bet they score. I feel the same way about Puljujarvi with Draisaitl and Kahun, by the way.

These are impact centers, they’ll score often with reasonably talented wingers (and Edmonton has more than that) over time. If you’re mad about the forwards, calm your tits. You can give a stern lecture on silly penalties and backpasses to nowhere, but beyond that this is a fine group.

Oilers forwards have scored 66 goals this season in 24 games this year, 69 a year ago. The big difference is last year’s top three scorers after 24 games (McDavid and Draisaitl 16, Neal 13) totaled 45 of the 69 (65 percent) of the goals. This year’s top three (McDavid 14, Draisaitl 10, Nuge 9) totaled 33 of the 66, or 50 percent. Edmonton is getting more balanced scoring, not increased scoring.


  • Nurse-Barrie: 13:49, 9-4 shots, 2-3 HDSC, 14-9 Corsi
  • Jones-Larsson: 13:34, 7-2 shots, 3-0 HDSC, 9-7 Corsi
  • Bouchard-Bear: 8:13, 6-2 shots, 0-2 goals, 0-1 HDSC, 13-2 Corsi
  • Nurse-Bear: 2:43, 0-2 shots, 0-1 HDSC, 1-2 Corsi
  • Nurse-Larsson: 2:25, 1-1 shots, 3-0 HDSC, 4-1 Corsi
  • Nurse-Bouchard: 1:49, 2-0 shots, 4-1 Corsi
  • Nurse-Jones: 0:55, 0-1 Corsi

Have a look at Bouchard-Bear. 13-2 Corsi and we’ll never see them together again because 0-2 goals. Oh well. I liked Jones-Larsson a lot, Nurse-Barrie was good. I’m not sure where Tippett will go from here.

Mikko Koskinen stopped seven of 10 and got pulled, I think it’s a tell that he got pulled and Smith didn’t in a recent similar situation. I’m not calling bias, I’m calling trust. Koskinen isn’t going to be on this team next year. I still think he’s the better goalie.

Mike Smith stopped all 13 shots and looks solid to spectacular. His save percentage is now .938. He’ll play Wednesday.


The Toronto Maple Leafs are a good team, and their general manager Kyle Dubas has made a series of excellent bets since taking over as GM. Jake Muzzin is a rock solid blue, as an example. Several bets made by Lou when he was the manager (Justin Holl, Frederik Andersen) are paying off now.

It takes time. Bouchard, Yamamoto and Puljujarvi, added to McDavid, Draisaitl, Nurse and others are not yet at their peak, are not yet where Toronto is today.

Ken Holland needs to find a goaltender, and a solution needs to emerge (internally or externally) as No. 3 center. I’d love to see a scoring winger or two pop up from the prospect list.

Mostly it’s about time. When will Bouchard be established enough to use his complete arsenal? You can’t go fast enough to get there early when it comes to developing players. He’s arriving now, and he’ll push soon.

Until then, the Oilers will compete most nights and lose to those who are closer to reaching their peak as a a team. That’s Toronto now, today.


At 10 this morning, TSN 1260, we will drill down on last night’s game and examine tweaks we could see by coach Dave Tippett. We’ll also talk with Kaitlyn McGrath from The Athletic about the Toronto Blue Jays. Early spring training news, Vladdy and the rotation will be the topics of discussion. At 11, it’s my extreme pleasure to welcome back Simon Boisvert, the prospect insider who has given TSN1260 listeners such great insight over the last several years. We’ll talk Evan Bouchard, Dylan Holloway, Raphael Lavoie and others, your text questions welcome at 10-1260 or @Lowetide. Talk soon!


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I know we can’t fit him in, but Derek Ryan being on waivers really makes me think about how we can fit him in.


Huh. That’s definitely of interest.


Stauff asked Granato about Holloway and his readiness for pro and if he’ll need AHL time.

Do you think he’s a guy that will need time in minor or can do you think he can play in the NHL right away?


Answer is yes, the question will be at the end of this year will be if the timing is right to make that step or is it time to wait one more year until the end of next season. Kenny Holland is a phenomenal GM, he’s not going to rush the process. On the other hand, Dylan has had such a phenomenal year and he’s such a great kid and player, he’s close. You want to send players out ready so they don’t have to go to the minors – that’s my goal with these kids – that they are ready for the NHL.

He gave a few examples of kids that left a bit earlier and took a few years to make the NHL, a few years in the minors….. Granato thinks it would have been better for those kids to stay in college longer.

Reiterated his goal is, when Holloway leaves, is for him to be ready for the NHL — nothing against the AHL but he feels development is better in his program.


Interesting comments. I think the amount of practice time they have in college hockey does make it a great place to develop, I just wonder what the trade off is between the practice time and the challenge in skill level.

excited to see what happens with young Holloway. He’s had a hell of a year and far surpassed any of my expectations.


If you don’t think Tony wants what will be by a Bragg Creek mile his best player for his job security Tony Montana has you fooled.


I’m sure he would love to have Holloway on his team next year ut I also think Tony Granato developing his players in to plus NHL players is quite beneficial to his coaching future.


To clarify, “yes, Holloway can play in the NHL right away”? Or “yes, he needs time in the AHL at this point”?

It kinda sounds like Granato is arguing he should stay. Or at least he should stay if Holland isn’t going to play him in the NHL directly.

I kind of agree with Reja too (while also agreeing that Granato surely wants Holloway to succeed in the NHL).


Granato’s main point generally was that these kids are better off continuing in college than going to the AHL – his goal is to develop them straight to the NHL.

When he first answered the direct question, it sounded like he meant Holloway was NHL ready right now but, after he babbled for a while, it could also have been interpreted that the should come back to the NCAA for another year and then he’ll be ready to go straight to the NHL. He talked about no disrespect to the AHL while disrespecting the AHL as the world’s top development league to the NHL.


Cool, thanks.



Is this worse than what Roussel did to JP? Also, one has a history, and the other, as mentioned in the video, has no history of malicious behaviour in over 500 games


It was done after the game was over. That is why he was suspended.


I thought it would be a spear the way the Leafs were whining. What a pussy call if that was Marner they would be planning a parade. If the Oilers come out hitting next game the Leafs will turtle without Simmonds there for protection.


Yeah, what Roussel did wasn’t OK.

1 game for this seems fair aside from the Roussel comparison though.


One game suspension for Chiasson.

If Neal is in for Kahun, I anticipate Turris in the Chiasson but would like to see Nygard.

I see no reason for P. Russell to be in the lineup over Nygard, Chiasson or Turris (assuming, upon return, Turris can be passable defensively).


We don’t talk about it because it didn’t lead to a goal but by far the worst play of last night (defensively) was Ethan Bears read that led to Reilly’s breakaway. I’d say the second worst defensive play of the year after Larsson’s Game 1 gaff where he gave up the middle of the ice leading to a goal against.

He’s also getting exploited on the dump and chance. It started with Hyman in the first series but now everyone is dumping it behind him and beating him to the puck. He really is quite slow. And obviously not very big and doesn’t deliver much offence.

His brain is his game.

Something to watch but semi-pleased he didn’t get the Klefbom contract just yet.

Bill Clinternet

Agree completely. He’s been making bad reads a lot this year. Seems to have lost the mobility he brought last year.

Although might be taboo to bring up in these parts as his corsi and xGF are so good relative to the rest of the team


It’s always interesting when the eyes say a player is wanting but all the statistics tell you the player is A++.


Yes, he thinks the game really well and compensates for a lack of speed. I don’t think it’s that he’s lost a step, it is just that the whole league keeps getting faster and he was kind of average to start with.

I also don’t think he is slow in a straight away race. He can move well at top speed.

He is slow pivoting and first step acceleration which is arguably more important than top speed. This is why opponents chip behind him and chase. He takes forever to turn around and get going after the puck.

Bear is has exceptional pivot and acceleration, by contrast. Russell also has incredible agility, quick pivot, and first step acceleration – maybe the best of all the D. But he makes ghastly decisions that get make him look bad in spite of these athletic assets.

I wish we could combine the good things of some of these players to make a super defender. Give Larsson’s big brain Russell’s athletic legs and then we would have a great defender.


It interesting – most of Russell’s detractors seem to label him a poor/mediocre skater. Above, you consider him a plus skater.

For me, he’s a good, not great (not poor) skater.


Russell is pretty quick skating forward and pivots well. However, I think he’s limited in skating backward hence the poor gap control and his propensity to turning forward to defend rush attacks.


KT’s second para is about Bear, not Larsson.



Kahun was “unfit to practice” – no more info

Neal is available for tomorrow.

Lagesson is coming along but probably not available for tomorrow.



 March 2, 2021 2:00 pm

On Kahun, the idea that he’s responsible for the Hyman goals is disproven by the video Munny posted, Godot’s absurd aspersions not withstanding. The forward at fault there is the golden boy who can do no wrong.
Golden boy?
Are you referring to Holloway or Broberg?


Godot’s golden boy is Yamamoto.


It’s all very clear.

There is a good hobbit, and there is a bad hobbit.

Dee Dee

Interesting stat from the ESPN Power Rankings. Connor McDavid points:

  1. 92 games for his first 100 points
  2. 82 games for his second 100 points
  3. 68 games for his third 100 points
  4. 67 games for his fourth 100 points
  5. 64 games to hit 500 points
Fuge Udvar

What happens if Nuge-Draisaitl-Yamamoto aren’t instantly as good as they were last year? It’s like expecting them to repeat their PP performance from last year.. It’s really freaking hard to repeat historically unsustainable performances.

I would prefer to see Puljujarvi with Draisaitl and Yamamoto with McDavid. Draisaitl needs more of a shooting threat on his wing and Puljujarvi likes to bang pucks in from the low slot. McDavid is better at jumping on the loose pucks that Yamamoto is always forcing.


Draisaitl is the shooter you are looking for. He needs a winger who can pass him the puck, particularly in a “half-court” contest and vice versa. Draisaitl is as good a goal scorer as anybody in the league, if he is playing with someone who can set him up.

Puljujarvi can create far more space for McDavid than Yamamoto can. Yamamoto is an elite player in small spaces. Puljujarvi can be dynamic through the neutral zone. He can occupy a defender driving to the net. He can create chaos in front of the net, wrecking the defense which collapses in front of the net to defend McDavid. He can create space and time for McDavid that Yamamoto cannot.

Nugent-Hopkins and Draisaitl can play and create at distance, both with shots that can score from distance, unclogging the front of the net, for Yamamoto to have space to maneuvre.


On Kahun, the idea that he’s responsible for the Hyman goals is disproven by the video Munny posted, Godot’s absurd aspersions not withstanding. The forward at fault there is the golden boy who can do no wrong.

More interesting has to do with the offense Kahun brings or doesn’t bring. On the one hand, he can’t seem to finish to save his life. And guys playing with Draisatl and McDavid need to finish.

On the other hand, he is getting those scoring chances, and putting yourself in good positions is a real skill. So how much of the credit for those chances are we willing to give to Kahun?

I give him a lot of that credit, he has a good track record of posting offense at 5on5 in the NHL, he’s a way better player overall than someone like Neal or Chiasson.


Rielly made the play. The guy Rielly beat up the ice was Kahun. There is no goal if Kahun covers Rielly back up the ice.


Except Reilly is Yamamoto’s guy. Narrative explodes.


Looking at the play again on the video below and the movement from the Leafs is really exceptional. All four guys involved in the play had great off the puck movement. That’s coaching.

In terms of defensive mistakes, they are pretty easy to identify.

1) Gap control. This is a mistake that happens before we usually identify mistakes. No one to tell on the video how or why it happens, but once the D back off as much as they do, with the Leafs gaining the blueline with speed, they are in big trouble.

2) Engvall makes a nice play to Mikheyev and Mikheyev slows and crosses drawing Draistal and Bouchard to him. Once two guys cover one guy it creates the opening for Hyman to slip into. So Draisatl and Bouchard are to blame here, Bouchard needs to pass Mikheyev to Draisatl except it isn’t obvious that Draisatl has him, I blame them both.

3) Reilly fills as F4. This is Yamamoto’s guy, though Bear collapsing to the net so deeply plays a role. If the gap were tighter there wouldn’t be so much space for Reilly to fill into. Blame them both.

4) Kahun doesn’t do anything, but there isn’t anything for him to do. The fifth guy back is not supposed to backcheck all the way to the net, he needs to stay high to clean up the mess if the puck jumps free. Over backchecking is also a thing.

So basically the goal is everyone’s fault but Kahun, with everyone under threat by excellent play by the Leafs.


When then Kahun isn’t communicating to Yamamoto that Rielly is coming late. Yamamoto had tracked the forward back, and passed him off ot Bear. Kahun allowed the late trailer to become a factor in the play, instead of ensuring that he would always be a non-factor. It is extremely difficult for Yamamoto to stop a late trailer without the lollygagging forward communicating that Rielly is coming.


Much ado about nothing.
The goal is on Bouchard. Everyone is covered, until he dropped his stick.


LT, why don’t you correct your guests when they make incorrect assumptions on your show? I’m thinking of Simon Boisvert this AM talked about Savoie being a late birthday (he isn’t) and should be signed this summer because ‘Canadian juniors are coming into the AHL’ at that point. He’s 19 and fully eligible for Major Junior next year, so his whole assumption about the player is garbage due to this.

Also, “Holloway is already 20”. He’s not – he’s 19 and doesn’t turn 20 until next training camp.

Unless Boisvert is from the future?


Not sure I understand your post.
Are you saying Lavoie is eligible for major junior next year? Or is Boisvet?


Simon opined that Savoie should turn pro next season because those drafted out of junior in his age cohort are turning pro and, its being pointed out that that statement is not correct as, if Savoie was a CHL player, he wouldn’t be eligible for the AHL next year but would be back to junior – he’s not the same age cohort of the players Simon was talking about.


Simon was great but, with respect to him, when he stated that he has watched a bunch of Condors, I’m not sure if he was being totally honest.

He mentioned Rodrigue and that he wasn’t sure he was big enough to play in the NHL – well Rodrigue hasn’t played since opening weekend – they’ve run with Skinner since he arrived. I don’t think he mentioned Skinnner.

Then, he brought up Maksimov who isn’t even with the Condors (and mentioned that he’s given up on Maksimov – I mean, he’s a second year pro that just lit up the VHL and got some KHL time….. he’s a 5th round pick, I believe, he’s developing on pace for his draft pedigree – not sure why a mid round pick would be given up on in the 2nd year of his ELC given the circumstances).

When asked about Sammy, he really glossed over and basically just said, and I’m paraphrasing, that he’s a long shot but got a chance to make the NHL – Nothing with respect to the really really really good season he had as a 21 year old in the KHL this year.

Last edited 1 month ago by OriginalPouzar

Fair enough.


I didn’t listen, but the ‘lots of viewings’ and his take on Maksimov and (especially) Samorukov suggest maybe the viewings were largely last season.


The thought of Kahun playing 1LW is terrifying personally. I really don’t see the attraction of moving Nuge down. Maybe now that things have got a bit stale (which usually actually means “other teams are reading us now”), but still Kahun at 1LW.

I don’t think that ends well.

Last edited 1 month ago by Munny

Less scary than James Neal who’s been irrelevant at 5v5 for several years.


So you agree Nuge is the best option then?

Since Neal wasn’t even mentioned.


Well since we’ve concluded that Nuge practiced on the second line with Draisaitl today, i would assume we need to find a replacement. Today we saw Neal on that line in practice. No beuno.

Nuge is scoring at a fourth line rate on that line, it’s entirely possible that at this moment he isn’t the best option.

I think that Ennis or Kahun are the two most likely candidates to succeed on that line if RNH is playing with Draisaitl.


Less scary than James Neal who’s been irrelevant at 5v5 for several years.

Did you notice that Neal is out scoring Nuge at 5v5 (per 60) this year? 1.65 to 1.23P/60.

If you look back, he also scored well in the play-in (1-1-2 in 37 minutes, 3.22P/60).

And after Jan.1 last season he scored 1.37P/60 (only 13 GP). If you include his Dec. 31st game it was 1.58/60 in 14 games.

Put that all together (only 29 games, to be fair), his P/60 over the past year and a bit is 1.79.

On ice he’s 19GF-13GA (59%GF) too. Almost entirely in bottom 6 minutes.

It might not work, but it’s not batshit crazy (nor scary IMO).

(Ennis would be my first choice there btw (after Nuge), but since he’s key to a decent 3rd line I’d be fine with giving Neal another spin).


Chemistry is a funny thing.

You never know.

Last year – Tippett threw together RNH with Drai and Yam and it exploded on the scene and the whole league was talking about them.

I don’t see the harm in having a look at Kahun 1LW for a few games.

Just curious, what do you find so terrifying about Kahun on the first line?

D zone or ?


“We finish practice and go to meetings and deal with other things and leave an hour an half later and Dylan is still on the ice.”

–Tony G

Last edited 1 month ago by Munny

At last, my months of whinging have paid off


4 days ago, the Oilers had won 5 straight and 9 of 11 and were the hottest team in the NHL.

2 games later and the fanbase believe its a dumpster fire and major deployment and personnel changes are required.

The Oilers got shutout twice in a row by a top team in the NHL – its humbling but its not nearly as big a deal as its being made out to be, in my opinion. They didn’t even play all that bad, just got “stymied” – it happens.

Winnipeg, a team lauded to be in the “top tier of the division” got shutout by the terrible Canucks last night – a terrible team, not a top team. Do we now change our view of the Jets due to this.

Of note, the Oilers gut shut out in back to back games in 2017, a year they made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs.


I have not really seen anyone get too upset or seen the term dumpster fire used.

Of course, the top team we were playing has some major key injuries.

I think most of us expect a pretty good bounce game against the 3rd string goaltender tomorrow.


One thing the Oilers are lacking roster wise that the Leafs have plenty of is a Thornton/Spezza quality veteran. Smith and Neal are the closest thing to bringing that kind of presence but they’re not in the same class as those two. Both players played pretty significant roles in these two W’s.

I think that’s the biggest need right now for this roster. A star veteran F (and/or D) that in games such as the last two can take charge and lead, even if they’re a few days past their Meilleur Avant date. McDavid and Draisaitl have never actually had that kind of veteran leadership to learn from in the NHL. I’m sure if you ask Crosby, having Recchi and even Lemieux around early in his career were pivotal to his growth as a player. It’s a massive disservice to the player to not offer McDavid the same kind of thing.

Crosby on Recchi (from 2005): “Sometimes you have questions and sometimes you don’t. But, you know there is someone there to answer them and someone you can really trust because you know that he’s been through it. That helps a lot.”

Who can provide that on this current team?


James neal should handily cover off the whole veteran question angle. Guy has accomplished quite a career.

Last edited 1 month ago by maudite

Neal, Chiasson and Smith are our locker room vets.


Per Rishaug:

Oilers closing practice with a full team shootout – Smith is full of chirps – “Boring!” Yells at Bouchard after he beats him with a snap shot from 15 feet out.  

Larsson is killing it – 2 goals on 2 shots so far.


I’m starting to actually believe that Smith in the room and on the ice with the boys does add something intangible – keeping it light out there when, all of a sudden, there is doom and gloom – that is part of leadership I guess.


Good point. I’m with you on this.


Great! Sign him as an assistant coach this summer!


Lol, beautiful!


Great! Sign him as an assistant coach this summer!

I think everyone knows he’ll be on the ice next year if the Oilers make the playoffs.


You’re getting kind of cynical in your old age there, JP.



Time will tell if it’s cynicism or realism.

Guess it could be both..


Flip Nygard and Neal , with Neal replacing a suspended Chiasson, and it all looks logical. Only took last years playoffs and 1/3 of this year to accept that a line that has chemistry and drives play with all 3 players boosting each other’s performance is gold. Can tinker with McDavid and if nothing works, make a trade.

Last edited 1 month ago by jzed

So (per Rishaug):


I’m hoping that Neal is just keeping Kahun’s spot warm as I don’t like James up there.

I anticipate that Turris will be in for Chiasson who is likely suspended

Nurse Bear
Russell Barrie
Jones Larsson
Lagesson Bouchard

Its great that Lagesson is skating with the main group – I think he should be right in the lineup and to get a shot on LD over Russell. By the looks of the above, I would say Lagesson and Bouchard are not playing tomorrow night and I do not like it.

Bouchard gave up two Corsi events all night last night – both shots on net that went in and he was only really culpable on one and it was a weird play with his stick knocked out by Drai. He should play. Lagesson should play.

Crazy Pedestrian

I would move Patrick Russell (PRussell??) to 4RW seeing as he is a Right shot RW, and then add Nygard to 4LW.

also, as much as we were all hoping for the reunion of the DRY line, I’m expecting it to take a bit (hopefully only a few shifts) before they mesh that well again. Here’s hoping it works!

Last edited 1 month ago by Crazy Pedestrian

Are you playing Bouchard over Bear, Beary, or Bearsson?

Tippett isn’t.


Fuckin love Bearsson!
Easily his best season thus far

Darth Tu

Have we considered running 8 D and 10 F? Asking for a friend.


I thought that the Oilers had a good start to the game.

For the first goal against, there were a few culprits. Kahun was lollygagging and not providing any back pressure on the play… Then he left his Reily completely open to take a pass and set up the play.

Draisaitl was backchecking really hard on the play, but there were so many gaps in coverage from the team, the Leafs were able to move the puck side to side twice to open things up.

Bear and Yamomoto did their jobs.

Draisaitl got a little confused in coverage and knocked Bouchard’s stick out of his hand.
Bouchard lost his stick and then got lost himself then got walked by Hyman.

Koskinen showed a lack of anticipation on the pass to Hyman and some poor lateral movement.

2 goals against the first two shots turned the game.

As Lowetide likes to say, sometimes you have to give the other team their due.


Wow, looks like coach T is indeed going to go to the Nuge/Drai/Yamamoto line – wonder where the idea came from?

I definitely don’t like James Neal with McDavid and Jesse – would rather try Nygard there to be honest but, oh well, one thing at a time.


Won’t get too caught up in putting up 0’s against a team with significant injuries…..

But, surely we expect a bounce back game tomorrow.

It is good to see people not blaming Bouchard. Rookies are going to rookie….especially against good teams.

For the record, I don’t blame Bouchard at all on goal 2 – Nylander came right thru where Ethan Bear was supposed to be. Bouchard was playing LHD.

With Calgary and Vancouver not looking great -it sure looks like we will be gifted a playoff spot here. Let’s be honest Calgary looks like they are imploding.

I am just hoping Holland does not Holland again this year at the trade deadline.

Save it for next year.


Bob just reported Drai on a line with Nuge and Yamo at practice

Todd Macallan

So Tip reads this blog eh? Wonder which poster he is….


I’m guessing he’s not Godot10.

SK Oiler Fan

It took getting shut out twice for Tips to pull this trigger


That’s just crazy enough to work!


Both the first two goals were scored immediately after the first two commercial breaks.

I have no idea of the significance of this datum, if any.


Scotiabank’s market research determined that on the whole, they get most positive engagement with their ads when they are viewed within 2 minutes of a Leafs goal.

Koskinen is a sleeper cell agent. He’s activated by hearing a crappy elevator music version of ‘Ahead By a Century’.


Zveda Moscow eliminated today.

presumably Maksimov is called up to the K but maybe there is a chance he goes straight to Bakersfield.


It’s thought to blame the goalie when the team doesn’t score any goals, however, at the same time, one can acknowledge poor tending, getting out-tended, and it changing the game.

Mimmo needs to stop that second shot – that’s not a scoring chance. It changes the game. The game is played differently, and the Oilers generate more, if they aren’t down two due to poor tending and chasing the game.


I disagree. Smith is and has been a better goalie. If Koskinen wasn’t huge he would be a career minor leaguer


Koskinen has never solved his glove hand problems, that backhand shot should have been a routine save.


Tough look for the Oilers last night. Gloomy.

getting shutout by the second and third string goalers, back to back games. That smarts.

Interesting to see how structured Toronto looks. Feels like Sheldon Keefe had a game plan for the Oilers and has his team executing it. Dave Tippett can’t score the goals himself but it didn’t seem like the Oilers had any kind of answer for Toronto’s system. I was a little disappointed Tip didn’t use his time out prior to the power play despite Edmonton completely bungling the first two.


Solid post.



Dave Tippett has coached several 100 point teams to first round exits in the playoffs. Over half of his playoff teams were bounced in the first round. It’s possible that’s not really an outlier, i haven’t looked at enough coaching records, I just remember how disappointing those Dallas teams were in the playoffs.


You hit the nail on the head IMO. The Leaf roster is not better than many teams in the north, including the Oil. Keefe is the difference. They don’t wander from their game plan and player assignments. This isn’t to crap on Tippett either. Leaf coaching is better than everyone in the north.


I disagree. They have the best roster in the North and it’s not close. Four star players, speed and skill throughout the lineup. I don’t love their D corps and it’s definitely a weak spot, but I think the puck pressure and support game their forwards play covers a bit. there is a reason most analytical projections had them as a top team in the NHL, Dubas has built a solid roster.

Bulging Twine

NHL has Josh Currie getting in a game tonight for Pitt


That is good news. Really liked Currie…


There are no excuses for those 2 pathetic efforts at home.

It’s one thing to lose when you play a game with full effort, and smartly.

They’ve laid 2 eggs because they’ve started out fast and stupid, then given up. That’s pathetic for a measuring stick series with a chance to take the division lead. Stop making excuses for these guys.

And further – the Leafs are not THAT good. Especially with those 2 goalies in.

Acting as thought the Leafs shut them down is incorrect. Everyone from 97 and 29 on down has been flat out not good enough these 2 games. And there’s no salvaging it now. They need to win the next, but it doesn’t get you out of the hole.

Time for the team to wake up.

Unfortunately this has been coming – those 2 wins against the Canucks and one of the Calgary games were not full value wins – the team was slipping, missing execution and making sloppy mistakes in transition and the offensive zone. They haven’t gotten back on track since. They need some practice and a bit of a reboot. I thought they could get themselves up for this series and this chance. They failed. It’s really too bad. Would’ve set them up very nicely for the rest of the year to make this kind of statement. Now, they will be questioning themselves and hesitating.

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Good post. It’s natural to focus on the goals against and the blunders that led up to them, but there were a lot of offensive errors in the last two games. Great opportunities nullified by untimely penalties, weak, unscreened shots from the point, lack of patience, lack of attention to detail, missing an open man in the middle of the ice. A day late and a dollar short.

I think this Oilers team can compete with the Leafs. Not only that, I’ve seen games from the Oilers this season where they would have annihilated the Leafs team we saw the past two games. They need to find a way back to doing the right things with the puck.

And when they do get a great chance, they need to cash. They are making these goalies look better than they are. Kahun and four(!) very good high danger chances last night and, unbelievably, couldn’t cash any of them.

I’d like to see the players show more agony when they miss something like that. Like the soccer players do. It should hurt as bad as an own goal or losing your mark in the Dzone that results in a goal against.


Yeah, absolutely correct. The 10 of 12 run was on the back of .940 goaltending, not dominant play. I know a few people here will argue the .940 goaltending was because of dominant play, but those people are students of the Kevin Lowe era where there were doubts about the veracity of PDO.

its a tough, tough look when the four top 6 wingers are scoring 1.6 5v5 p/60 minutes with plenty of ice time with the two of the most talented offensive players in the NHL. Even moreso when your former first overall pick is in a contract year and is treading water at the Mendoza line in spite of his other worldly linemate.


 I still think he’s the better goalie.

You are stubborn guy LT 😉

I think most goalies let in the first one. Defensive breakdown and spectacular chance.

Goals 2 and 3 are saves that most GK make. The third goal exposes one of Koskinen’s major weaknesses. He struggles to track the puck even when it’s sitting under him for an eternity. He stares off into the abyss. Most GK know exactly where it is less than a second after the deflection. He has no idea. I don’t think that’s fixable.

His other glaring weakness – his glove was exposed on the second goal. The book is out. He faces a lot of high glove side shots and it’s painful to watch.

It may end up being very close, and if this team doesn’t make it to the dance, there are half a dozen games already this season that a lot of the blame can be placed on Koskinen. Winnable games like the one last night. That’s a tragedy in a 50 odd game schedule.

Getting scored in twice in rapid succession to start a game changes the entire tenor of the event. Panic in the first, desperation halfway through the second. The forwards went completely away from their game. McDavid, Draisaitl, and Nurse each had multiple attempts where they were trying to do too much, to do it themselves. That’s not their game, and they wouldn’t do that if the score was 0-0.

Unfortunately, sometimes the fault does lie with the GK, and last night was such a night.

This feels like another Mark Fayne situation. An arguably non-NHL player struggling appropriately given his skillset, yet getting a lot of love from a corner of the internet.

I don’t think he finishes the season on the main roster and I doubt he finds an NHL job after this. The story for so many Oilers over the past 12 years.

It’s a shame this is happening in McDavid’s prime. What a waste. Thank God for Smith otherwise we would be long out of this race.


Getting scored in twice in rapid succession to start a game changes the entire tenor of the event. Panic in the first, desperation halfway through the second. The forwards went completely away from their game. McDavid, Draisaitl, and Nurse each had multiple attempts where they were trying to do too much, to do it themselves. That’s not their game, and they wouldn’t do that if the score was 0-0.

That’s exactly the way it looked to me. Both games.


Yup, the Oilers were the better team through 10 minutes of play. The first goal against wasn’t on Koski and, really, if Bouch’s stick isn’t knocked free by Drai, it probably doesn’t happen – bad break.

The 2nd goal, notwithstanding Kahun making a weak play on the draw, Bear with a bad read and Bouch being a split second late, that is a HORRID goal on the tender, just awful – it can’t go in.

All of a sudden, the Oilers, playing well and likely being the better team, are down 2-0 – they are deflated, the Leafs are inflated and the total structure of the game changes.


P.S. McDavid isn’t in his prime yet – his offensive prime, sure, but not his prime as an overall hockey player. He’s got 5-7 years left of offensive prime but will be a better player next year and when he’s 28.


Wonder if the Bruins would look at moving Krejci for relatively cheap? Last year of his deal, could he be our 3C for this year?

Was hoping Florida would stink it up this year so Oilers could make a play at Driedger, but might have to be next season given they’re…*checks notes*….leading the division?


I thought the Oilers played hard both games, but not smart. Tippett was outcoached by Keefe.

Barrie’s mistakes on 2GA in game 1 were worse than Bouchard’s “mistakes” on 2GA in game 2.

Kahun lollygagged back on the first goal against, leading to an outnumbered situation that got magnified when Bouchard lost his stick.

On the 2nd goal against, Kahun gave Nylander a free release off the faceoff. Bouchard angled Nylander off well for a guy given a free release. I don’t really see how one can blame Bouchard for that goal against.

If this is the effort Kahun is going to give in the playoffs, he is useless.

Tippett sat Koskinen for too long for the stupid reason of a shutout. In this shorted season, you cannot do that. Now he has only one goaltender going into the busiest part of the schedule. Why do coaches do this? We have sports science now.

The best configuration of this team is with Nugent-Hopkins and Draisaitl together. And Yamamoto is more suited as the 3rd guy for that line than anyone else.

Nugent-Hopkins and Draisaitl have a much bigger impact this way.

If I am GM, I try getting Lindholm or Ekholm for Samorukov (and Barrie to make the salary work)

Nurse Bear
Ekholm Larsson
Jones Bouchard


The bias is very strong in this one. There is no way someone can so consistently blame Barrie and then give Bouchard and Bear a free pass, all the while blaming the other favourite whipping boy.


The Leaf D beat Kahun up the ice by a country mile. So it became a 3 on 2 on Bouchard’s side of the ice, becoming a 3 on 1 when Bouchard lost his stick.

Yamamoto got back.


3 on 2 then 3 on 1 on Bouchard’s side of the ice? What are you talking about?

edit: how does one post a photo?

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I didn’t give Bouchard a free pass. I said his mistakes were far less bad than the one’s made the previous game by Barrie. Bouchard was on Nylander trying to make a play. Barrie did a flyby of Thornton on the wall while defending, and his looping turn meant he was late on Tavares.

Nurse was already on the rush with McDavid and Nugent-Hopkins when Barrie decided as the last man back (and the other forward on a line change, with two Leafs behind him), to join it.


You’ve twice posted that Kahun lollygagged back, but let’s be sure we are giving it proper context – it was a 3 on 4 without Kahun busting his ass back. And when he did arrive back it was a 4 on 5. Both Drai and Yamo were back. What did either accomplish?

Drai swung his stick at two puck carries, did a fly-by and then didn’t pick up the eventual scorer.

Bouchard was a pylon without a stick. He stepped up to take 65, but didn’t, somehow lost his stick and was caught flat footed resulting in the net front wide open for Hymen to barrel in at full speed.

Mikko had little chance.

We also shouldn’t ignore the failure to get the puck safely into the offensive zone, either with possession or in deep.

Lot’s of coaching opportunity on this goal against.


But muh narratives…


Here’s the tale of the tape:


comment image



Rielly is Kahun’s guy. He beat Kahun up the ice.


Watch the tape again, Reilly is F4, Yamamota is the fourth guy back, ergo Yamamoto is the one who should have found Reilly.

I know he’s your bastard love child, but he didn’t pick anyone up, blaming that on Kahun is just your never ending narrative spinning.

The Leafs movement makes this a difficult play to defend, lots of blame to go around, pinning it on Kahun is absurd.

Bouchard really makes a mess of it even without losing the stick.


Without question and it’s not really even debatable.


Then what is Yamo doing? Guess he must be the rover.


Watching this video it sure looks like Leon kicked Bouchard’s stick out of his hand. How is EB to blame for that?


The original angle with a little of the play before:


comment image



Larsson with another strong showing. Really loving his game lately.

Lowetide, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the perspective you bring to this hockey team. It has changed how I watch the Oilers and it’s changed my hockey fandom invariably for the better.


Win the game Wednesday and salvage the series. The nice thing about these series is the team gets another instant redemption shot.

I really didn’t like Bouchard on the left side. I think it takes away motion in his game. Sure- he’s ready for the one timer but he struggled over there last night.

I get it – Bear, Larsson and Barrie all can’t play the LHS, Bouchard is the up and comer so if he wants to get in the lineup he has to adapt. One of Barrie or Larsson likely will not be resigned next year, so he’s going to get his shot. He can’t play the left side. Injuries are a thing too – it’s just a matter of time before someone else gets hurt with this schedule. My bet is Larsson since he’s dealt with injuries throughout his career.

I also don’t think Larsson will resign in Edmonton. He’s forever tied to that Hall trade and I think he’ll jump at the chance to get away from that for the rest of his career in a new city.

Bear, Barrie, Bouchard isn’t spectacular but if you’re running Nurse, Klefbom, Lagesson, Russell down the left next year maybe it works. Fingers crossed Klef will be back playing hockey again at some point.

If not, there are still others to fill in, Broberg, Jones, Samarukov.

The leftorium still lives on. Next year is Bouchard’s time to be an everyday NHLer.


Actually pretty sure there was a report a while back that Larsson wants to stay in Edmonton???


The Oilers lack of experience on the backend is exposed when playing a team like the Leafs.


Here is the list of teams that have 7 wins in their last 10 games:


Tampa Bay


Six teams, and three of them are bonafide Cup Contenders with no discernible holes on their respective rosters.

If your reaction to two tough losses in a row to one of the teams on that list is:

1) DYN line DYN line DYN line
2) Tippett is stubborn and doesn’t know anything
3) Must trade for goalie

Please go take a nap.


its not the two tough losses that is bothersome. It’s being shut out in your own building two games in a row while owning some of the best offensive firepower in the league.


Hard second to this.

Ideally a lot of game tape is watched. I still swear the power play, once setup is exposed. Like yeah, they still get some scoring because talent but when its fully setup its not working like it was. The pk units seem like they aren’t working very hard and breaking it.

Which might be part of reason why there has been a bit more of the utterly scrambling PP2 last couple games (hard to cold start in games, with little practice time)?

In the long run and going into playoffs integrating the other unit is a good thing IMO. Growing pains and gamesmanship.

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For sure the sky is not falling, but for those that are complacent without looking for possible improvements, please take a seat.


100%, don’t get complacent and always look for possible improvements (of course, balancing the near term with the medium and long term implications).

At the same time, the general reaction, from what I’ve seen is “sky is falling” – pictures of dumpster fires on twitter, general vitriot towards the coach for various deployments and decisions and a general sense of doom and gloom.

4 days ago this team had won 5 in a row and 9 of 11. Tough and demoralizing losses, for sure, however they are being catastrophized in my opinion. Any two games against any team at any time only means so much. The 2017 playoff team got shutout twice in a row. The darling Jets just got shutout by a terrible team – should we read a lot in to that?


There’s peaks and valleys as I indicated yesterday, but holy hell getting back-to-back shutouts by Toronto with 2 of the top 5 offensive talents in the game AND Matthews is sitting for both is not a good look for the Oilers.


Against the 2nd and 3rd string goalies to boot. The gap between us and the center of the universe is real and unpleasant. Here’s hoping we salvage some dignity in round 3 and then hammer inferior opposition for the next 7.

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Currently the TML backups have better numbers than the starter. Small sample sizes I realize, and I have no idea about the relative quality of the opponents. The Oilers could have used a bit more traffic in front sometimes, but it’s not like they were just lobbing muffins at the crest. Those backups were making 5 bell saves in both games.


What disturbs me the most is that it happened in Edmonton while having last change. If the Oilers can’t score a goal in this circumstance, then personnel changes or changes to offensive structure need to be considered in order for playoff success to happen. Having last change is supposed to give advantage to home team. Either this advantage is not being used properly (coaching) or the team does not have the horses…or both. From my angle it feels like both.

Doug McLachlan

Seriously Dustin, the Leafs were checking so tenaciously these last two games. Don’t recall seeing them do that before and it looked…really impressive. Teams will often up the effort level for the back-up (or the Zamboni driver) but this was really something to watch. Tip your hat, we got out worked and then frustrated and finally beat, twice. Get up and try again on Wednesday. Score a goal and see how the game goes at that point.


65 points in 56 games, is that the goal this year?


Mid season dredging are valuable;

Watching the Flames go quietly into the Ottawa night is telling…

Watching the Oilers get in the face of the TML at the end of the game is telling …

cowboy bill

The Oilers need to get into the TML faces for 60 minutes , not just at the end of the game , kind of like how the TML got into the Oilers face for a full 60 .


Coaches need to put players in situations where they can succeed. Tipp has done this sometimes, but is failing in other instances.

Over the past two years he has pretty much scorched MK much the same way that previous coaches scorched Yakupov and JP1.0. He has not shown much competence at managing his goalies. They work best as a tandem when they alternate and play regularly.

Putting a rookie D on his off-side and expecting things to go perfectly well is completely foolish. If he is going to put him in that position, coach and team need to take the lumps and growing pains ALONG with the player. Bouch “looked bad” on those first too, but he was not alone. Kahun, Barrie and MK also had significant roles in the GAs.

The stubbornness on NOT going back to what works is INSANE

JP is not a good fit the Drai, KY is very good with Drai. JPs chaos creates space for McD.
Nyg-McD-JP1.0 showed very good numbers in the past and JP2.0 is new and improved.

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Koskinen letting in some howlers, but yes, one would expect the team’s ostensible starter to play more than once in 3 weeks. Madness by Tippett.

Agreed on Bouchard. Let’s set our rookie d-man up for success by playing him against the top team in the division on the wrong side!

And the DRY line question is going to be the question of the season. It’s beyond questionable at this point and it goes back to the play-in series against Chicago.

Even when he’s shuffled, he’s refused to go back to the DRY line.

If only someone in the media would hammer him on these points.

Doug McLachlan

Apparently there was a DRY line sighting at practice today. Sukah, his eyes uncovered!


I disagree with every element of this post.

1 – I’m not sure how Tipp has “scorched” MK. Should he have played Skinner more while Smith was injured? Koskinen could have been better, but his .897 save percentage is not tragic.

Carey Price is at .888. Andersen is at .905. Gibson is at .905. Lots of good goalies with not so great seasons thus far. Let’s also cut MK some slack for the workload he’s had to deal with.

2 – As per LT’s numbers above, 13-2 CF-CA for Bouchard-Bear. Yes they got burned and could have defended better, but how many times this year have we said that about Larsson, Barrie, Russell, Koekkoek, and everyone not named Nurse?

One of the guys they got dinged on, Nylander, skated the perfect seam at high speed and made an incredible top corner back hand shot. If anything, Tippett and the staff should be applauded for thinking outside the box. Just because you don’t get the right result doesn’t mean you were wrong in your process.

3 – The hand-wringing over forward lines is not justified based on the production we’ve had. Nuge has underperformed by his own standard at evens, but he was extremely snake-bitten at the beginning of the season, and that was born out on the 97 line’s PDO.

Tipp has succeeded in fashioning two lines that can outscore reliably and a third line that is getting there. The team went on a 9-2 run recently. I don’t know why he has to bear the cross of this DYN line obsession when he has pushed so many of the right buttons.


I agree with most of what you say. It does seem strange, though, when they are struggling offensively not to at least try the DRY line again. I understood the logic during the play in round and things have been going well on the McDavid line since JP joined it. Leon is obviously struggling now and trying what worked so well before seems like something worth trying again.

I also wonder why Tippet doesn’t try Bouchard more on the power play. That would seem to be the best place to utilize his strengths. That rocket shot would add a whole new dimension as well.


Nuge has like 4 points 5v5 since January 24th. It’s been a consistent problem. His scoring with Drai last year is more than double his scoring rates with McDavid.

LT keeps talking correctly about a reversion to the meat, but 93 & 13 need to finish some of their damn chances at some point.


I don’t think you should include #13 in that last sentence. He’s been pretty good, even thought there’s room for improvement. Since moving to the McDavid line January 24th, Puljujarvi has scored 1.37 G/60 – good for 15th in the league in that span. His 1.20 ixG/60 in those 16 games is 3rd in the league.


1 I am cutting MK some slack. I think the coaching staff has treated him unfairly for the past 2 years. I think that treatment has eroded his confidence, lowered his potential for success based on Tips decisions.
2 I am supportive of Bouch playing, I am hoping he does not get “unfairly penalized” for the 2 goals, e.g., as per LT coach thinking maybe “Have a look at Bouchard-Bear. 13-2 Corsi and we’ll never see them together again because 0-2 goals” (emphasis added)
3 Nothing breeds success, like success. This was one of the best lines in hockey the past two years and it is absurd that it is not used more often. But YMMV…


Koskinen’s inconsistent play has not instilled any confidence in the coaching staff, so it’s not realistic to say he has been treated unfairly. He had the opportunity to show he was the man at the beginning of the season, and failed the test.

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Darth Tu

I’ve seen more than a few people suggesting this in a few different places now. What would the cost of acquiring Quick be? And is it worth it?

I’m not saying I think it’s a good idea – I’ve not watched any LA games this year. Numbers wise he’s 5-3-2, 0.903 Sv%, 2.85 GAA – so not super stellar. Cap hit is $5.8 mill for another 2 seasons after this one (interestingly he’s only $3 mill and $2.5 mill in actual dollars to be paid for those next few years), you’d probably want the Kings retaining $1.8 to $2 mill if this was to happen.

Currently LA is just outside the playoff spots, but have played more games than the Wild and Avalanche. They do have a chance at making it, so maybe this is a non-starter from the Kings’ end.

I appreciate Quick as a goalie, and it is the kind of guy I could see Holland going for, but I’m not sure it would be the right play. Still, I’ve seen it mentioned as a possible move in a few places by a few different people now. Discuss.


He’s no better than Koskinen and his contract is worse. No thanks.

I would have time for a rental goalie like Linus Ullmark in Buffalo – he’s a prime off season target and I wouldn’t mind test driving him if the cost was reasonable.

Darth Tu

Man, that’s a lot of downvotes. I feel like HH.

I think he’s better than Koskinen at this point, but I also wouldn’t trade for him. I think ride Smith for the year – he’s the hot hand, and hope that Stalock can provide more cover than Koskinen.


Haha. I didn’t minus you FWIW.

Looking at Quick and Koskinen from the past 1.5 years:

All situations sv%
JQ: .904

5v5 sv%
JQ: .910

5v5 HDsv%
JQ: .816

I’m not seeing an upgrade. And he wasn’t playing harder minutes either:

5v5 SA/60
MK: 32.85
JQ: 28.73

5v5 HDSA/60
MK: 8.82
JQ: 7.50


And you didn’t even include his .888 SV% (overall) from 18-19 in there!


I think they’ll juggle the forward lines a little for next game, but I’m really curious about what they are going to do with the d pairings.
I see 2 options for the rest of this season.
1. Just accept that Bouchard is your 4RD for this year, and that he’ll only get in games due to injury or someone needing a rest.
Now this may anger a lot of posters, but I think it’s unfair to Bouchard when you try to fit him into an NHL lineup on his offside I’m betting the only LD he played in junior was on the PP.
2. Trade Tyson Barrie and install Bouchard as your 3RD and PP option.
Obviously your depth takes a hit, but if this is what you want to get to eventually, you might as well start now. Tippett can shelter Bouchard at 5×5, while giving him opportunities on the PP. Is this not the role he was drafted to fill? Seems like this would play to Bouchards current strengths, and would be the easiest way to settle him into the regular NHL lineup.


If the oilers can find a trade partner to move Barrie for a “2 way” 5/6 RSD they should do it. They need some coverage at RD. Bouch and Barrie are duplicative. Bouch is the future/cheaper


Might even need some coverage at LHD, otherwise (I can’t believe I”m saying this) I’d prefer Nurse-Russell-Jones.


Bouchard moved over to LD when Boqvist was added to the Knights, in a pretty well-publicized move.


Also, was Bouchard poor as LD last night?

He and Bear were 0-2 goals, but 13-2 Corsi, as LT pointed out. I really don’t know since I missed most of the game.

But there are more options than the 2 listed above.

Harpers Hair

Ryan Rishaug (@TSNRyanRishaug) Tweeted:
After all the players had left the ice last night, refs took a look at the replay and made the call on Chiasson. Leafs players were furious and imploring the refs to look at it as they left the ice. Hearing today for Chiasson. https://t.co/ebIrjZNIoq



So the Leafs are getting calls their way even when the game clock has run out??

I swear if McDavid did this some eastern media person would start questioning character or leadership or it would just prove he’s demanding a trade to Toronto..

But seriously though, isn’t that kinda weird? Like, they wouldn’t stop during the game to check video if something was a penalty..

Harpers Hair

It happened at the final whistle.
Chiasson cross checked a Leaf in the head.


Holland has to trade for a goalie. He can’t sit around waiting to overpay some crappy UFA next year. How many of those goalie signings worked out for any of the teams overpaying UFA goalies this year? Maybe one in Talbot, on a Minnesota team that always seems to protect goalies.

cowboy bill

Leaf’s seem to be able to get the job done with their back up goalies . What they should do is waive Mikko Koskinen , use Wells to back up Smith and wait for Stalock to clear quarantine . In the mean time look closely at video of the Leaf’s defensive structure , how they give no time & space for the opposition to operate offensively . And look closely at their own defensive structure how they back off and give their opponents plenty of time & space to operate . There were large lessons learned . But Kosky needs to make some saves . Is he not getting enough practice time ?

Woodguy v2.0

The Commercial Hotel NHL North Division standings March 2nd using points percentage shown as points over/under fake Bettman .500

TOR +13
WPG +6
EDM +4
MTL +3
CGY -1
VAN -5
OTT -7


*Corona Hotel


Ahh fond memories of peanut-beer races on those lovely tables

buck yoakam

Ah…the commie…blues on whyte…then royal pizza…then home …love it


Is the Commercial gone?

Why does no one tell me these things lol?

Woodguy v2.0

Commerical and Blues on Whyte are still open as far as I know


Whew. I thought you were only doing the nearly-forgotten long-gone businesses of River City…

And being down here in Cochrane….

Woodguy v2.0

EDM Goal Share after 24 games (14-10-0)

Even strength (5v5,4v4,3v3)
97 w/o 29 (15-19)-44%
29 w/o 97 (16-9)-64%
97 & 29 On (7-0)-100%
Turris (6-13)-32%
Other (7-10)-41%
Net EV 0

Special Teams: 24-19
Net ST +5

Empty Net:4-2
Net EN +2

SO & PS 0-0
Net SO & PS 0

Net Goal Diff +7


I know you’re a big proponent of John Gibson so I thought I’d share this:

Gibson’s stats and rank among the NHL’s top-62 goalies for the period since January 1, 2019 and the 1.5 years before that.

Save percentage all situations
Oct 2017 to Dec 2018: .925 sv% (4th)
Jan 2019 to Mar 2021: .905 sv% (47th)

Save percentage at 5v5
Oct 2017 to Dec 2018: .932 sv% (9th)
Jan 2019 to Mar 2021: .915 sv% (43rd)

High Danger save percentage at 5v5
Oct 2017 to Dec 2018: .856 HDsv% (12th)
Jan 2019 to Mar 2021: .816 HDsv% (39th)

One sample is 94 games and the other is 93 I believe.

Craig Zonit

Appreciate the level take LT. Still think it’s two games of Toronto burying their dangerous chances and the Oilers levelling off in that department at the worst time. Take a breath, say a prayer. Stay the course.

Brantford Boy

Thanks for the reminder LT… calm your tits…

“Edmonton is 2-4-0 against the TML, that is not a tragedy”… what is, TML not losing a game in Rogers in regulation EVER! Basically, the opposite of Carey Price in Edmonton.

Oh those backpasses to nowhere… serenity now.

Just listened to my favorite player of all time, Paul Coffey over on SportsNet, who says “I need to see more from this team”, me too Paul, me too.

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