2020-21 Game 35: Oilers at Canadiens

by Lowetide

It’s fitting that the Lowdown draft coverage for 2021 begins on a day when the Oilers play the Montreal Canadiens. In the 42 drafts that include both Edmonton and Montreal, the numbers are revealing.


I’m proud to be writing for The Athletic, and pleased to be part of a great team with Daniel Nugent-Bowman and Jonathan Willis. Here is our recent work.


  • Oilers in 2015-16: 15-18-2, 32 points; goal differential -15
  • Oilers in 2016-17: 18-12-5, 41 points; goal differential +6
  • Oilers in 2017-18: 16-17-2, 34 points; goal differential -7
  • Oilers in 2018-19: 18-14-3, 39 points; goal differential +1
  • Oilers in 2019-20: 18-13-4, 40 points; goal differential -2
  • Oilers in 2020-21: 21-13-0, 42 points; goal differential +17

This is a terrific record and could represent the peak of 2020-21. Edmonton has a tough road trip to wind up the month and aren’t out of the woods yet. Look at the goal differential! Holland’s bets are crushing it, from Mike Smith to Tyson Barrie to Jesse Puljujarvi, to Dave Tippett. Music!


  • At home to: Toronto, Toronto, Calgary (Expected: 1-1-1) (Actual 1-2-0)
  • At home to: Ottawa, Ottawa, Ottawa (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 3-0-0)
  • On the road to: Vancouver, Calgary, Calgary (Expected: 2-1-0) (Actual 1-2-0)
  • At home to Winnipeg, Winnipeg (Expected: 1-1-0) (Actual 2-0-0)
  • On the road to: Montreal, Montreal, Montreal (Expected 2-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • On the road to: Toronto, Toronto (Expected 1-1-0) (Actual 0-0-0)
  • Overall expected result: 9-6-1, 19 points in 16 games
  • Current results: 7-4-0, 14 points in 11 games

I have the Oilers going 3-2-0 on this trip, that’s pretty aggressive but we’ll see how they shine. If they hit the mark, Edmonton will end the month of March 24-15-0, 48 points in 39 games. That’s 69 points. That’s a playoff team.


I do this once every year or so, have never published but since you’re special thought I would do it. Here are some cool numbers comparing the Oilers and Canadiens at the draft since 1979 (42 years).

  • Total Picks: 423 (Montreal); 394 (Edmonton).
  • First Round Picks: 46 (Montreal); 49 (Edmonton).
  • Picks who played 1,000+ NHL games: 18 (Montreal); 13 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who scored 400+ NHL goals: 2 (Montreal); 4 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who played 500+ NHL games: 58 (Montreal); 41 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who played 200+ NHL games: 90 (Montreal); 66 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who played 100+ NHL games: 112 (Montreal); 88 (Edmonton)

Edmonton is ahead in 400+ goal scorers and behind by some margin in picks who have played 500, 200 and 100 or more games. A gap like that suggests there have been some holes in the talent evaluation over 42 seasons.

SINCE 2000

  • Total Picks: 160 (Montreal); 171 (Edmonton).
  • First Round Picks: 22 (Montreal); 24 (Edmonton).
  • Picks who played 1,000+ NHL games: 2 (Montreal); 1 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who scored 400+ NHL goals: 2 (Montreal); 0 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who played 500+ NHL games: 14 (Montreal); 13 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who played 200+ NHL games: 29 (Montreal); 28 (Edmonton)
  • Picks who played 100+ NHL games: 33 (Montreal); 41 (Edmonton)

The Oilers will add 1,000+ games players and 400-goal men and eventually pass Montreal in all of these categories. And maybe later in the century, the Habs will pass them back. The two teams are much closer in the various games played categories, part of that is Edmonton’s fantastic draft spots over the last decade. Edmonton had six blown first-round picks, Montreal seven.

Montreal’s 2005-07 cluster (Carey Price, Ryan McDonagh, Max Pacioretty, PK Subban) gave the Habs several years of significant success. Edmonton’s 2013-2015 cluster (Darnell Nurse, Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, hopefully Ethan Bear for many years) appears poised to provide many playoff berths in the future.


  1. RW Dylan Guenther, Edmonton Oil Kings. 6.01, 181. Has exceptional hands, very skilled, fast and quick. Great skater, has pure goal-scoring ability. He’s played five WHL games this season and has posted 8-5-13 boxcars. He’s a nightmare for opponents. Incredible on the power play. Shoots right. April 2003.
  2. RC Ryder Korczak, Moose Jaw Warriors. He’s 5.11, 170 and the top play-making center in the WHL this season, counting 1-7-8 through five games. Good speed, elusive, he has a good shot but will make his living as a set-up center. September 2002.
  3. G Sebastian Cossa, Edmonton Oil Kings. 6.06, 207. He’s a giant goaltender with great athleticism and has a .956 save percentage through six games in 2020-21. I have him going in the first round. Nov. 2002
  4. LW Eric Alarie, Moose Jaw Warriors. 6.01, 196. Big strong power winger with plus skill, he can pass well and is a good shooter. I expect Tyler Wright likes him. He’s 4-2-6 in five games this season.
  5. RC Logan Stankoven, Kamloops Blazers. 5.07, 165. He’s my kind of player, a demon on the forecheck with plus skills. Great passer. Oilers have Yamamoto and Savoie, don’t think we’ll see a small forward drafted in the early rounds for some time. It is however, a good idea. This is a great prospect.
  6. LW Conner Roulette, Seattle Thunderbirds. Offensive winger who had a good season in the WHL at 16. He has good hands and speed, can score goals (19 in 54 games) and has a sixth sense for offense. Smart player, a player to watch closely in the games ahead of the draft.
  7. LD Carson Lambos, Winnipeg Ice. A big man already (6.01, 200) he is a fine skater and can be deployed in any situation. He doesn’t project to bring more than a two-way defenseman’s offense with him to pro hockey, that will keep his value down on my list. January 2003.

There were seven men chosen in the first round from the WHL one year ago, I don’t believe we’ll see close to that number chosen this year. In all honesty, the first three names are (in my opinion) first-round quality. We’ll see some players emerge in the coming weeks, but this is a down year in the dub.


Montreal has that great trio (Tatar-Danault-Gallagher) that can run even a brilliant line ragged, so I’m not sure we’ll see 97-29-13 together at the start of the game. What you hope for is a return of Kailer Yamamoto, who adds a lot to the Draisaitl line no matter the LW. This is a massive road trip.

A good signing. He’s a fascinating prospect, raw and talented at both ends. I can’t wait to see him in Bakersfield.


We begin at 10, TSN1260, with a conversation about this Oilers team being on the verge of establishing itself as a strong contender for the top of the Canadian Division. We’ll be joined by Eric Fawcett from NBA Canada will talk March Madness and some NBA. Jason Strudwick from TSN 1260’s Jason Gregor Show will sing some Neil Diamond wearing tight fittin’ jeans and talk about this insane road trip ahead for the Oilers. 10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!


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Confirmed that last night’s game will NOT be tonight. All the Habs players were tested before 9 am (eastern) this morning and the results should be in my the end of the day.


Wonder what they use as a testing system. That is very slow turnaround


Was looking at some stuff and noticed the Oilers PP.

Some people seem to be complaining about it. It’s actually looking pretty damn good, even compared to (last season’s) “the best PP in 40 years”.

I stared out looking at stats over the Oilers last 25 games. Cause you know, they’ve been rather good.

I’ll include : (These are PP stats from NST, per 60 minutes):
1) last season,
2) total numbers for this season, and
3) the past 25 games.

19—20 10.64 1st
20—21 9.79 4th
Last 25 11.3 2nd

19—20 52.5 16th
20—21 60.2 5th
Last 25 64.8 2nd

19—20 7.3 5th
20—21 8.2 2nd
Last 25 8.7 1st (almost a full goal ahead of 2nd)

19—20 58.8 1st
20—21 65.6 2nd
Last 25 68.8 1st (5.8 ahead of 2nd place Leafs)

19—20 23.8 5th
20—21 27.7 2nd
Last 25 26.5 1st

19—20 20.3 1st
20—21 16.3 10th
Last 25 17.4 9th

The PP has been exceptional again this year, and absolutely dominant in the past 25 games. By the underlying numbers it’s been far better than last years PP.

I think you could also argue they’ve been unlucky, based on the SH% lagging behind league-best numbers everywhere else.

FWIW, the Oilers have also improved their PP goals against:

19—20 1.80 29th (10 GA)
20—21 0.65 14th (2 GA)
Last 25 0.00 T-1st

Power play overall results (by goal differential per 60 minutes).
19—20 71 59-10 +49 (+0.69 G/game)
20—21 34 30—2 +28 (+0.82 G/game)
Last 25 25 23—0 +23 (+0.92 G/game)

Food for though, maybe, for the Barrie detractors.


Not sure if it was mentioned but Horvat left the Vancouver game and did not return. Vancouver played without the 4 centers they opened the season with. That’s a tough row to hoe for any team.

In my opinion, both Calgary and Vancouver would need ridiculous runs to get into the playoffs. It’s possible, with all divisional games, but it’s going to be tough. The top 4 looks pretty set in the North.


Is Miller injured? He’s their 1C, though he wasn’t in the lineup opening night.


The HH curse is in full effect.

Vancouver loses even though they have the “easiest schedule”

Sutter Flames get stomped by the “freebie Sens”

Oilers who were supposed to lose tonight because of their “toughest schedule” have their game postponed

It’s an incredible talent. It’s the anti-midas touch


Another nail in the dys, phlems coffin. Smilin time


Jets keep hammering the Canucks like they’ve personally met HH…

4-0 three to play


Norris and hall of Famer hughes -3 tonight only


that would explain it


They need to play Borgnine, what happened to Borgnine? He’s supposed to play 60 games this year… we were told to “book it”.


Nice to hear the Flames fans having a meltdown after the loss. If they split before the weekend it’ll be interesting to hear from the expert Flames panel of Cassie Hrudey and Stewart how great the Flames organization is from top to bottom and how this is just a blip on the screen.


They gave the Sens some good motivation for the next one with their puck stunt at the end of the game. Sens are playing loose, nothing to loose. Flames on the other hand look lacking in talent – if you can’t score, you can’t win.


That was the dumbfounding thing.

I mean you know if you do that to a team, they are going to be determined to kick yer asses next game.

That’s not very Lao Sutter, Art of War.


Supposedly the Sens tried to keep the puck when Dube notched a hat-trick earlier this year. I hope someone tunes Rasmus in he’s such a prick.


Jesse Pollock @jpolly22 10h

Jack Eichel
Taylor Hall
Jeff Skinner
Combined salary = $27 million
Total goals = 6

Connor McDavid
Leon Draisaitl
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Combined salary = $27 million
Total goals = 50


The regression to the meat gonna be Guinness record breaking…

Last edited 29 days ago by Munny

Only one more season until Matt Tkachuk is owed a $9M qualifying offer (or becomes a UFA) – his contract was signed before July 10, 2020 so the 120% max of the previous contract’s AAV does not apply.


He is really a waste of talent. He has a lot of ability but his personality ruins him and his team.


Wow!! That is dilemma to say the least. No way he gets $9 mill on the open market. But you can’t just let him walk.


Does he want to stay in Calgary? Or go to a US city? Johny is certainly gone after this year.


Tkachuk played Treliving like a fiddle.


Maybe the NHL will use percentages to calculate the final standings, since teams are cancelling games.


~ et tu, brute? ~


You’re like one of those crazy advanced stat nerds, aren’t you…

Last edited 29 days ago by Munny
Scungilli Slushy

Once you hear ‘swagger’ coming out of dressing room behind the scenes banter, you know Lucic has flushed another group down the toilet.

Having confidence from doing the right things and finding success is not the same as having an unsubstantiated high opinion of yourself.

Or in more simple words being a narcissist prick with psychopathic tendencies.

Last edited 29 days ago by Scungilli Slushy

Who does Lucic think he is….. Mike Smith?


What did Lucic do?

Scungilli Slushy

When he was launched into the Oilers room the talk was about swagger and that is the key to winning

There have been many mentions in articles about tensions in the Oilers room. The one I read that hit home was an issue with maroon, who did Lucic’s job better than Lucic did in Edmonton but we know who went.

Now it seems the Flames room isn’t happy. Can’t handle the losing. To me if you add Lucic who is supposed to be a leader with guys like Giordano Tkachuk and whatever other random Slapshot left overs they have, what should one expect?

A disgruntled bunch of jerk players unhappy because they can’t have their own way just because they want to and they’re ’awesome’?

Victoria Oil

If the Oilers just play fake .500 until the end of the season, they will have 64 points. Assuming that the Oilers don’t go 0-0-22 to get there, the Nucks and Phlegms would need 65 points to overtake them. Calgary would have to go 16-7 (or equivalent) which is a .696 winning percentage. Vancouver would need to go 15-6 or .714.

Ain’t gonna happen.


As I’ve been saying, the Oilers are all but a lock for the playoffs.

Victoria Oil

Before today’s game, Dom had projected Calgary to get 61 points and Vancouver with 59. Calgary would need to go 5 games over ‘.500’ in the last 23 games of the season to get there, which is pretty optimistic. Wouldn’t be surprised if 60-62 points is all it takes to make the playoffs in the Poutine division.


The OIlers just got lucky tonight. If they had played the game, perhaps half the team gets Covid like with New Jersey infecting Buffalo.

This season has fat tails, that can obliterate you if you have bad luck.


Phlegms should trade for Hall. If they don’t make the playoffs maybe they can win the draft.

Turning Tikkanese

It’s now official. Calgary is now closer to Ottawa than to Edmonton. I may shed a tear.

It can happen when you laugh too hard…

Wonder Llama

The Vapors were a good band.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

The Sutter hiring reminds me a lot of the Hitchcock hiring.

The reality is that the Phlegms just suck.

Also, suck it Gio. Easily my least favourite player of all time. That play on McDavid was heinous.


I wonder if milan is happy down there. 😉


He’s playing his best hockey in years.


He must be stoked to have veteran leadership in Gio now. Seems to be going well for them.


I hope he is very happy there and demands to play out his contract.


Hitchcock was interim.

Sutter got 3 years.

I’m thinking you will be reminded of this for a while yet and that is a very good thing.

Brogan Rafferty's Uncle Steve

It is absolutely fantastic.

Sutter’s comment about never pulling goalies is all I needed to hear. That kind of shit does not work anymore.


At least Hitchcock started his coaching stint with the Oilers 7-2-1.

Last edited 29 days ago by Side

Has Sutter professed that he’s going to “fix” Bennett (or Kylington)?

Last edited 29 days ago by OriginalPouzar

Sounds like he had been tryin to ‘fix ‘ Dube already:

“Essentially stapled to the bench the last two periods of Saturday’s loss in Toronto, Calgary Flames forward Dillon Dube subsequently had one of those chats with Darryl Sutter aimed to set the youngster straight.
“It was direct, it was honest,” said Dube, who played just six minutes despite starting the night on the first line.”


Last edited 29 days ago by Side

Wow, Rasmus Andersson and Matthew Tkachuk – full on assholes:


Last edited 29 days ago by OriginalPouzar

Classless team.Why I hate them so much.


Taking lessons from sneaky Gio.


Wow, that’s just shameful.


That’s Sutter hockey!

Maybe Sutter will be rewarded with a promotion to GM at the end of the season.

Eh Team

Sutter hockey- try to win 1-0. Which is hard once you give up the first goal.
But the real Sutter plan- get Treviling fired and become GM. Then trade Johnny hockey and Monahan for more Lucic like players


Flamerz lose after tying it up then coughing up the lead close to the end. lol
Not a blowout but…am Happy…👊🏽


2-1 final sens…beauty


Someone who lives under abridge forgot to tell the Flames that Sens are 2 free points


Very, very nice to see.


The flames just need to trade for Rogaine bripprapparty. If the Canucks are just going to let this clear top pairing D prospect rot on the vine its time they let someone tap his talent to foil the Oilers playoff hopes.


Flames are simply done vis-a-vis the Oilers – 9 points back (10 really) with one game in hand and simply not a good team. They are probably 2 tiers below the Oilers. The season has shown that – its reflected in the results and back-end up by the points percentage (not to mention getting blow out twice by the Oilers).


If the dead cat bounce is over and they turn in another few games on current losing streak – that chance for #4 slot is going to be well out of sight in rearview as well.

Last edited 29 days ago by maudite

Phlems beaten by the lowly sens … Again. Woop woop… Sens may found thier tender in gustavsson


He looked really good tonight. The Sens deserve a break when it comes to goaltending.


I was listening to the PbP broadcast on 960 and they said the Flames also didn’t generate a lot tonight. Everything to the outside.


NST has the HD Coris 8-6 in favor of the Sens.


Hogberg would have let in 5 nonetheless. 🙂


Finally the Sens get to the soft spot in the schedule


Tierny gives the Sens the lead back with two and a half to go.


The path of the Sutter men is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the Tierney of evil* Sens.

* – Only evil when playing vs. the Oil.

Chief Inspector

Senators retake the lead late in the third


flames tie it up with apx 5 min to go – blah.

Gamma Cassiopeiae

Greetings Sports Fans!

I have been lurking since the days when Lowetide used to do a top 95 prospects, print it on a fancy printing press, and nail it the church door. We would gather around in our wooden shoes and argue about which prospect would need shoulder surgery first. I had an onion on my belt, if I recall correctly.

I can’t compete with the hardcore people who have watched every game, but I did follow them from afar one year.

At the end of April 1990 I flew from Norway, where I had been working, to Nepal to trek in the Khumbu with the Alpine Club of Canada.  Once on the trail I was given a tent mate from Edmonton. We immediately exchanged secret handshakes. We discussed donairs and other secret things to validate our Oilers fandom. 

The thing is— we were going to miss the entire playoffs. Gretzky was skating around in a goofy LA uniform, so we both agreed that this was the perfect year to be in the mountains for the month of May. The playoffs would be short and painful anyway.

As we trekked we were able to occasionally pick up newspapers, mostly on the trek back towards our landing strip at Lukla. We would tear open the newspapers to see what teams remained and who had been eliminated. We kept seeing the Oilers hanging around, but the consensus between us was that it was just a matter of time before they were punted.

As the snippets of news added up, we started wondering what was happening. At some point we realized that they had made it to the finals, which had already ended but we had no clue who’d won. Neither of us had the brains to locate a telephone and call North America.

I think it was when we arrived in Kathmandu from Lukla that we realized that the amazing Oilers had won again, without Gretzky which seemed impossible. As a half-aXXed fan I don’t think I’ve ever watched those games, come to think of it. I had several months of back-packing in front of me (I shipped my trekking gear to Edmonton) and by the time I was back in Canada Lowetide was writing his Labour Day special.

Some of these facts may have been slightly mis-remembered. Now, where did I put that onion?

Last edited 29 days ago by Gamma Cassiopeiae

Loved the story. I’ve been an Oilers fan since I remember remembering. Satisfying to hear how the Oilers influence can reach the four corners. Enjoy this ride! I took the first great ride for granted and fully appreciate every single second of our current journey!!!


Great post, welcome fellow lurker


Interesting choice of nick.

A star kinda with no name…

Cue Morricone soundtrack.


So it’s completely impossible to add more than one game to the Habs schedule
anything else cause 4 games in 5 nights or 3 in a row


They may both have to play 4 in 5 nights by playing the game tomorrow – the teams would need to agree to that though I’m sure…….. its either that or at the end of the season, there is time.

Here is hoping, they can play over the next few days…… this could end up being nothing or the Habs could be shut down for a while……. or somewhere in between.


May 10th appears to be last day of regular season at least so far so they could put a game there


Is there a chance that the season could be extended to allow the other division to complete their allotted games? If so I would not mind the makeup game added to the end. To much time between games hasn’t been very kind to us(last play in round as an example). A game while others wait can keep us sharp for the playoffs, imo. Also, if we don’t play tomorrow we can surely benefit from the extra recovery time. A small, but not insignificant, blessing during a very tight schedule.


So is rubber hitting the road delayed yet again?


You have to ask HH as he is the self proclaimed authority on these matters.🙈


Poor Doofustradamus
18-7-0 over the last 25.


Have you looked at the schedule though?


They should just play tomorrow and Thursday. The monster playing well in between the pipes for the Sens tonight.


Kudos to Holand. He signed the Kesselring in less than 12 parsecs



If the game had not already been canceled, they would have to do so now on account of this comment.




Or rather, mired in my obscurity…


Dzingel able to crack the Sutter-Hockey code to give the Sens an early lead.


How do you expect this game to be rescheduled?


Could be at the end of the season.

Could be played tomorrow night – that would lead to 4 games in 5 days for the Oilers though – they may not agree.


Looking at the schedules of both teams I think those are the only two options. Any other dates that both teams have open would result in someone having to play 3 days straight. Playing 4 games in 5 days would be tough, but it may also be nice to have a few days to heal at the end of the season before playoffs start.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t ever recall a team playing 4 games in 5 nights in the modern era.


I expect you’re correct. I’m sure it would only happen in a make-up game situation. Games have had to be postponed in past years, but not nearly to the extent we’ve seen this year.


I don’t think 4 in 5 is permitted under the CBA but that’s not necessarily applicable to this year’s scheduling (as there a few provisions of the CBA being violated in the current schedule to start with).


End of the season makes sense and only needs to be played if the outcome changes the playoff seating and or scenario.


What if it has no impact to seeding but McDavid has 98 points through 55 games?


Well that would prorate to 100 points, let the records show so.


Wouldn’t happen though, see 2019/20.


Won’t matter one iota to the powers to be!


Darren Dreger

Pretty clear there was a late test result. There wasn’t enough time to do contract tracing, so the NHL takes a conservative approach by cancelling the Oilers/Canadiens game. Additional contract tracing and testing tomorrow will determine if isolated or a bigger problem.


This is like Boston turning out the light at the Gardens


Better safe than sorry, I know but 😢 Feels like someone just store my bike from the yard…


The only thing that can take away some of the disappointment would be the flamerz getting blown out by the Sens. Come on, hockey spirits. Send some solace my way, please…


The Senators are my second favourite team in the northern division.😇


No doubt!


Yours too?
I look it as Karma given some of the comments made by HH. One of my regular golf foursome is a Canuck fan and a genuinely great guy. HH is just an A hole.


Going into tonight’s action McDavid has 60 pts to Buffalo’s 61 goals total.

Isn’t the taxi squad for Montreal near by? Is it prius when it should of been a econoline 3500?


Rishaug says game has been postponed – ugh.


Better safe than sorry. I don’t want the Oilers to take a chance on getting infected. Just wait and make sure.


Here is hoping its just the one game but who knows at this point.


…to fight another day with another day of rest for the boys! (As I lie here awaiting my COVID test from this morning!)


comment image
Eric Engels

Just so were clear, NHL is deciding on whether or not to postpone tonight’s Canadiens-Oilers game. Initial message from deputy commissioner Bill Daly was game on, but got one seconds later that new information had come to light and that a postponement wasn’t out of the question.

Last edited 29 days ago by Munny

Bah – that would be so very disapointing.


If they cancel the next two I can get you a Tee time at my home golf course. Just giving you an option OP.😉


Pierre LeBrun


Armia and Kotkaniemi on the Covid protocol list. Already without an injured Toffoli.
Short handed Habs face the Oilers tonight.


Whoa – they could be gone for the entire series – see Turris.


This is the type of game the old Oilers would lose with regularity…will be interesting to see if we really have developed a killer instinct


Good point. Big games should be easy to get up for. Do we still have some of that “take supposed easy games for granted” in us? Judging by our play against the Sens, I would say we have moved past that. It makes for a good game to continue to “stay the course” regardless of opposition. No dicking around, no hot dogging and no cheating for offense. Sound 5 man D, solid breakouts and capitalizing on chances is what I expect to see, honestly. Team Maturity is patience in all situations and keeping an even keel while trusting everyone to play the system with effort and determination.
1 hour and 11 mins to go!


You do know that the old Oilers won 5 cups and went to 7 final appearances.


Yeah thanks. I meant the Oilers of the last few years, same players, choked on the winnable games. This group seems to be different this year, and hoping it stays like that


That’s the REALLY OLD Oilers. 🙂


Yes and it was amazing. They won my heart forever! It was the best of times! The three best teams in the NHL were Edmonton Calgary and Montreal.


If it was McDavid and Draisaitl it would be game on. Not saying the league plays favourites. Money talks and the poor get to take walks!


With Chariot injured, Tippett is going to see if Weber and whoever he is partnered with can handle Connor, Leon and Jesse. Weber/Chariot have been matched up against Connor, while Petry spent more time against Leon. Tippett can combine his top 2 forwards, but Weber and Petry spend very little time together as they are both righties. Habs may try to counter with Petry instead, but as good as he is he coughs the puck up a lot (most giveaways per 60 of any regular defenseman in the NHL the last 9 seasons) and Connor/Leon/Jesse would feast on turnovers.


It is also difficult to play physical on that three some. Tippett’s ability to put a second line with Nuge that can hold its own and two well balanced third and fourth lines is fun to watch. Teams can no longer double team Connor and Leon the way they were able to before. This was a great strategy by Tippett when they officials stopped calling interference on Connor.


Montreal must be thinking that they must keep the dynamic duo off the scoresheet for the 1st period lol

Montreal then will be thinking they must keep the dynamic duo off the scoresheet for the 2nd period

Then, only 7 more periods to go…


I apologize if this has been asked but does anyone have any news on Klefbom’s surgery? did it go well, prognosis?


Holland said the surgery was around March 25th – wasn’t sure on the exact date but it probably hasn’t happened quite yet.


It might also be a moving target considering Ohio.


Very successful, so much so he doesn’t have to go into witness protection. 😉


Damn, no Forsberg tonight as the Sens are starting Filip Gustavsson who did take the Nucks to a shootout in his first appearance…..


Congrats to Leon Draisaitl for finally cracking the top-10 on the Oilers all-time scoring list. It took a while, but he finally climbed past the moving target that was Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. He should have #9 sewn up by the weeks end too, as he’s just 5 points back of Ales Hemsky (albeit with 196 games in hand).

Getting to #8 won’t be so easy though – that spot belongs to Connor McDavid.

Elgin R

McDavid and Draisailt will both move up 1 more spot this year and should be approaching Messier by the time their Oilers careers are done.


McDavid has 49 points to go to catch Weight, I don’t think that’s going to happen this season. He has just 22 games left.

If McDavid plays in Edmonton 20 years, he’ll surpass even Gretzky on that list.


#3 Cossa

A large, athletic, top flight goalie prospect would be one of the best things to get into system sooner than later.

Scungilli Slushy

Perfect year IMO to take a flier on a goalie that is well vetted.

A lot of the top goalies are high draft picks. I don’t see the Oilers as having the system depth to not try to push the needle forward. They need goalers pushing ASAP .

That may be Skinner but it also may not be. Rodrigues and Konvolov have talent but are pretty short for NHL goalers these days.


Hate game day waits. Pure torture. Working from home makes it even worse…sigh. Soooo looking forward to this game, tonight. Another measuring stick contest against a quality team. I know most games left will have a similar feel but the chance for positive reinforcement on our style of play is invaluable. The more we can fine tune our efforts from the last few games and the more success we have with it will greatly increase our confidence is staying the course come playoffs. This is an extremely good thing to take into the playoffs.
I’m extremely excited to see McD, Drai and Jesse play as a line again. I still can’t get over how dominant they were. Crazy good. In my mind, this game is less about that line and more of an audition for Kahun, Nuge and Archie. If their instant chemistry from last game was real, Tips can run DraiMcJarvi and that’s as wicked as wicked gets!
Did I mention the eternal torture of game day waits? Sigh…3 hours and 40 mins to go…
Bring On The Habs!!!!


5pm games are the best – its almost here.


working from home has advantages for early games, that’s for sure. I am honestly super excited to see DraiMcJarvi for a full game. Can’t concentrate worth a damn, today! lol Please, please, please let Nuge, lil Kahuna and Archie keep their heads above water. Just a 1-0 goals for/against is all I ask.
I mean to PVR this game and watch the DraiMcJarvi shifts again. Just cuz I love Beautiful things…2 hours and 6 mins to go…


It’s 10am start for me here which tbh is pretty perfect when I’m “working” from home



Man I live Japan.


Day drinking is frowned up unless we are on holidays…my defence is “Oilers games Are a holiday from the tedium of reality”…still get the eyebrow but absolutely worth it. 😉


Your watching the Oil from Japan? That’s a real fan, right there, everyone. Even if I was working from the moon I would find a way to watch the game! Drinkin ice cold beer from a juice box and straw but still worth it…


Bah – I watched two games from a 20-foot Catamaran in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka – not that its a contest…..


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That’s wicked! Hat off and a bow, brah. Living good is everything to brag about. 👊🏼 Especially when it involves devotion to the Oil!!! lol


….We were out on Cape Scott on Vancouver Island backpacking…took a day trip from our basecamp out to the lighthouse there and low and behold the lighthouse keeper had a satellite TV out on a picnic table watching that epic Canada/US women’s footy match….you know, the one Canada got hosed by the refs….funny site with about 5 other groups of hikers glued to a TV in that spot.! Epic.

Go Oil! 6-2


Very nice.

I watched the famous goalie fight Battle of Alberta last February from my hotel room in Sau Paulo.

Given the 8pm start and Brazil being three hours ahead, it started at 11pm and we had a big day the next day so I promised the wife I’d only watch the first period. I fully intended that to be the case but the game was so epic, of course, there was no shutting it off and I watched the entire thing.

No regrets (and I still made it to the hotel gym for 5am to get the workout in before the day started).


Watched last years first game at the cabin. Took the satellite dish and got that sucker lined up 5 mins to game time. About 30 of us watched that game drinking slushy beers on the deck for the win. Me and the brother in laws still talk about that. Good times.


Back in 2006, before the financial crisis and when law firms used to spend cash like they could just print more, my firm had a national retreat in Aculpoloc – even flew in the lawyers in our London, England office.

This happened to be during the playoffs and, on a call, I mentioned to my national department head, and one of the most prominent lawyers in the country, that I wasn’t going if the Oilers were still in the playoffs…. was just joking of course.

In any event, as it turns out, he arranged to have a special satellite set up so that we could get the games at the resort and I watched game 6 against the Sharks and game 1 against the Ducks from one of the outside pool bars, meters from the ocean.


Back in 1999, I was backpacking through Europe and the Middle East. We got to Amersterdam and found a hostel to stay and then I went to explore. Ended up in this sports bar in the RL District and, while having a drink and watching, I saw a commercial for the Oilers/Stars. I asked the bartender if they can get the game – he said yes but at 3-4 am when it started, you needed to be staying at the attached hostel to be in the bar. We moved right in. Watched two Oilers games – they won them both!


A+ for the devotion, brah. I haven’t missed a game in probably a decade. I start every season believing we are gonna go 82-0. 🤙🏼 Live and die, duder. Live and die.


A+ right back at ya.


Oh it’s a contest alright. I watched game 6 vs Anaheim In 2006 from a 3rd world hotel at the edge of the Ngoro Ngoro crater in africa….I was basically getting one frame every second at the best of times….I’ll never forget seeing a frame of Roli about to baseball bat the puck up Ice, then a frame of Peca pushing wide on a dman near the benches, then a frame of Peca celebrating in the corner….I had to wait a week to see the actual video it was torture….flew home early to be back for game 1 of the finals


Nope, no contest, just reminiscing and having fun.

That is awesome.

FYI, love the Ngorongoro Crater – although the drive up to our lodge was SKETCHY with the fog.

As an aside, it was on that trip, on our way home that EVERYTHING HAPPENED – I was sitting in the lounge in Nairobi, waiting for my flight, when the Stamkos signing, Weber/Subban trade and Hall/Larsson trade happened.

Hall/Larsson happened and I was going to be off line for the next 10 hours – I was floored.


As an aside, my Uganda, Rwanda, DRC trip, originally scheduled for July 2019 is now officially in early October so I may be streaming Oiler games with my new Gorilla friends.


Great stories, guys. What strange, globetrotting, mysterious live many of you have led. Adventures like these are my favorite part of this blog. It’s way cool that Oilers fans are world wide yet their hearts remain in Edmonton. Keep em coming! You’ll get atleast one + from this guy. 👊🏽

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Scungilli Slushy

The Oilers don’t have a true log jam at RD. The only top prospect is Bouchard.

Viking and One Way are free agents.

Its actually currently a position that lacks depth. Kesselring Kemp and Berglund are long shots for third pair as it stands. At least Kesselring can skate as far as I remember.


Well they have a top 10 pick that’s going to be 22 in October that should be playing instead he’s watching reruns of the Brady Bunch. Depth defenceman or a dime a dozen instead of Bouchard developing as a 5-6 with limited PP2 time and if capable at 5-6 moving on up to the more expensive part of town he sits and twiddles his thumbs.


Tip: Yamamoto is day to day – he skated today and we’ll see where he is tomorrow


I am very surprised by the Kesselring signing, but I am extremely pleased. However I am surprised because that puts the Oilers at 49 contracts and Holloway would put them at 50. I have no doubt Holloway gets signed by at least mid-April.

I suspect we see some players moved out for picks, not sure who. Maybe a guy like Safin. This adds a bit more intrigue to the TDL from my standpoint. I wonder if there is any possibility of Turris getting moved to Ottawa…


Kesselring doesn’t count till next season. He signed an AHL deal for this season.


Well, dang ADHD strikes again, just when I thought I had it somewhat conquered, but I honestly appreciate the correction!

Still, I figure that Holloway will more likely be signed to his ELC this season and given his massive skill set it is around an 80% chance that he will come to the big club so he can be assessed to see if he is an immediate fit.

But it being Ken Holland he will lean towards the same deal he did with MK to preserve contract space and to maintain team/cost control for a longer period.

I will go out on a limb and predict that what he decides will signal whether or not he will make a move for a LW at TDL. Bob Stauffer thinks that Tomas Tatar could end in E-Town, for example.

I guess we shall see.

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I don’t think Holloway would be amenable to that type of scenario and will expressly want to burn the first year of that ELC this season (which will happen if he plays in the AHL or NHL).

There are also potential benefits to burning the first year of that ELC as it should make the second contract cheaper as it comes a year earlier with the player less established.

The key is to not vest a season towards UFA status – which requires 40 games on the NHL roster (which will be pro-rated down this season) and that’s not an issue.


JesSelke Puljujarvi?

Scungilli Slushy

I’ve been a fan of Bournes’s for a while. Mainly because he sees it like I do and he used to break systems down which me like.


Watching Connor and Leon play makes me smile, shake my head and mutter “wow”.

Watching Jesse play makes me laugh, as he looks like a competitive adult playing keepaway with children who are helplessly throwing themselves at him and falling down because he just puts his ass in the way. Or the way Jesse effortlessly bulldozes over someone just because they were in his way and then looks genuinely confused as to why the player is angry.

“I am sorry you are small.” Seems like something Jesse would say on the ice.

At this rate he may become my new favourite Oiler.


Given his size, maybe we should be calling him Pulju-RV?


Awesome article – thanks.